The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 28, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1900
Page 1
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Fhe Daily TD lONEER-TlMES. U TEAR- DKADWOOI), S. I). (BLACK HILLS ), TUESDAY, AlHJUST 28, 1900. FIVE CENTS. in An BOERS , FROM CAPE NOME. Interesting Description of An Overdone Camp. GROWING QUIET IN CHINA THE DEADWOOD DENVER LINE ATTACK BRITISH NOME. Alaska, Auk. '. UmO. We inik'.s off anchored in the sea thrt I, Nome day before yesterday, t In- 7th this afternoon, dated Pekin via Twau, August 27th. It is the first since the Pith, and reads: "No important movement since last dispatch, on the Pub. The military is trying to restore order. No representative of the Chinese government is encountered. Several ministers of the tsung Ii yanli'ii are reported to be in the city . and are e'pe. ted to appear soon. The general- have denied to not enter into the imperial palace, bell. in-, it pract it ally empty, anyway. Two ihni-aifl teaman- arrived to- i at ! in the morning, but a strong Hard Struggle: sou caster was blow ,ng. ami the sur- But L iffer a time ipr at least those who see him niostRlimk him sane enough to know all atout what he has been doing. Saturday afternoon his two hoys. Frank ami Fred i aim: to town to see their father, and they were immediately ariestctl on tin- charge of stealing horses and thrown into jail. It is believed hy the officers that they were assistants of their father in the steal niK for whi'h .'!' now awaits tie- at Hon of thi- : . ., jury. Tin' buy are aged re n i t i v. iy II and 17. or thin-ahouts. Tin y . Ill I - :;lve'i a pi lim-iiiary I.' rim; I . ;'"iv .le-ihi- Curly at '' p. ni. "!... n Tl c Olympic Musicnle. Important Branch Line Added to the Burlington System. They are Driven Back. lace was sci hail we could nut bind. It was sai.l ti he t!... worst of the si a. on Several mil, I hoals came alongside, ami one tun. In- Lilian, hut they saiil they ccae off at the peril of t 1c li i s of I he in w. Ye- it May be a Lull Before Greater Storm Sets In Russians Want to Make Conquest of Manchuria , !'!' ill'' v iml hail Mih,iih-1. hut !!ul ... . v.,. .ui ., .,, ,,,, luonnects ihe black Hills Ke- kish Victory Won Though ,, The De.fiwoocl Always to the Front. . I , ... ',!.. , . , I h if A l The I", mi,' , 'i:b h i , hr if Head t to St ;..-. ha.,,,.. ,.,.. I;,,';;,;.;':; 9ion With Nebraska "' ''!' - 'HI' III'' storm .-.! in.' ,H PnlnMHft V ollll.' I" "p ,t a Terrible Loss of Life I 'or W. at is in store a inusi, ai i t.': t.iinn:." day nit'hi and a hue ti a't I IIIU- qiiu uuiui auuc b.:l I ! S. al mo . wmi: 1 1 1 1 1 g t i I i . 1 1 s I I'll.:- '. .-..luid.iy i v u by th. i ' . 1 1 y hall. lie. Vrs. Wan lor t he 1 le id w oo . l'-a;- am.' i'in y . - ti i da and i-i i ii ml Oi.'j. a aid USU I t ! .1 t. the best da m els and a . . - i Ti . . . "111- iuip. Ail'.' L .'. Spe, ial. After 1 1. id'.vei'd la'nc ia tor a .-ha: Tin Mm Mr fouullt bi.iM-ly ail nay um,,i jUthe Hon'-- li-'I'lii'K Hi.'ir own. (Roberts wins from Hellas! : Ii 1 st pi i .e' w a s captiin-'l l. Ml ni.' 1 .a insili'ii of this cil v a m al mi ml hs of el y rapid wm k t lie line ol the Burlington i':'d from u e. Neb., to Brush. Col., i in ar-oiiid. 1 ion. oftiei is of the com-anno'iiK e that the road will he Mil la w Allia inn ' I -any newspaper.-. II .' am ul im ',, t Ian 1 1 1 - 1 1 r at Num.- .a in.; a l.iir 1 . !' ' tl J i ' 1 1 1 1 l. In Hew s stock . Olll' or two pasi imcrs paid eiia to i:.-t ashore, but the captain ami purser. l liad ciiine in to enter and see their ' "in pain s auents, repoit. ! sin h ' rocky lamluii; when' they not back hat the rc-r of us pa sseii uel's ion luded to sta v on board until the cap tain told us to land. This morn inn a tun came out with a lighter. The ('has. Kinghoni of Belle Kotirch. engaged tl"' enemy me. a pei i . .1. 1, i , mill's Tht ellelll V I while the second was awaidcd to Mi- if r Tho-i as. a c lal''od : "t-iViu. I ft I'd ill a he'iut I fl.l Voj' ''. V ill !. !! del' so vi i a I elect ions with the a i oni paniment of Prof. Charles Peterson, on the pc'iai. a mil: deal director from (ima)i i. Mr. Hum: Albert, the well known iolini-t. in company wi'Ii Mr. Wefherell on the piano, will play some fine viol m music, and there is a proa ability of haviip', relations by Mrs. Kvans -in some of her special lines, for whit h she ha-' carped a well tic served ri putat ; a. The entertainment will be of a very hk-h order, and the t lub is to he congratulated on it : alulitv to secure sudi tine tal . nt. I ,pparentl st rcngt liene.i ami op- us stuM'Oi u 1 . We brought Kins ami pnm I""" inU lllav' U'ASI 1 1 CTDN I'. C. Aug 27. Special '1 he leperl that the Cinese j are rallying about Pekin, intending lo I attack it, is can-.iug no uneasiness to fiovoi nment officials, who believe tho army will take care of itself. Th y say the Chinese arc thoroly demoralized, and' tho they readily assemhlo in Ismail bant' they can bo easily rout-id with ei'iicient organization. The I lest of the warfare is likely to bo i f Herri 1 la . Japan, Russia ami Ger-1 many will not make a form : Jeclara-ition of war. A message from Conger ' v. a- r. 'i'iwd by the state department mally opened for luisiness Sept. In. Ihe new mad will mean a vreat al to t he Burlington people. It will t lie fu st line to connect the Black (fed until dark, hot and peisisl- ( is diffi' " " f"ll" thi'ir t.e - Louis 1 Russell of Deadwood ami partner whose name ami residence w.; did not b arn. They all tunic home during the wee sma' hours of Sunday n lining completely fatigued bet jolly and proposed having the best time o! lives, owing to the unlimited am genuine hospitality tendered th. in by tin' St. )tlge people. In this country, i lie gmuim is t , avalry man. t.v . i s FOR THE FILIPINO. IMPERIAL BRYAN'S HEART BLEEDS Hat previoii.dy gone over. ( ol Biddle with --Mi imp' rials, wa ; ited by I' ami two gun. Ltrenchfil hmi"'lf on a farm and The Cryctal Cave Exco sion. The )e of Honor fob Ida .nr. :ii time in i ons iminating their W until ! '"I ''' Hunt''!-. led thirty . a-ua It ies. Kuii.i:. r.' L; the suit- in fes adds, tin riv e to Crystal Cav bv! they made tl delightful .'inc. clans lor a day inornii and had .CLEARING SALE-.! eventual l .- tni 'I In ;. is and team as all i i- ..f i.;:i Ito. rs." P.I lei's W.'l'l' llllM ti I 1 1 1 i- lost ful ly Ma. ha.loi ;.. Con ton defeated 111" Orange lfiver eol Hoer general Oli- tarsfVjvt' Sghting ii' in Bruce II, inn I were late in arranging, for lean suddenly dis. "Overt d that not a in Deadwood .could be hired. it Winbiin-'. rapturing the Three of Oliver's sons w ere also ted. The engagement was pro-Bby the Boers, who attacked the Summer i' ,'i'itk 1 i Ik OB throe sides, anil were heat licit with considerable hss. Russia and Japan Again 5 VI' - - - - . " - - . W YORK, Auk. 27. Special.-iBrowa, the LoBdon representu ((Flint Eddy of New York, lias Stunted from Russia, where he : T ' . Urge amount of American nl- He says: "The Russians are were engagt d. The telt phone was called into service and an effort Made to .-.eciire teams ui Lead, and failed for the same reason. Then the aid of Speartish stables was invoked but not a team or a vehicle could be had there. Most people would have been discouraged and quit, but you know how the women folks are when they make up their minds to go somewhere they generally go. After further efforts a four-horse team was located in Terry belonging to W. A. Pelham, but no suitable vehicle. Load was then ransacked and the old Campbell house 'bus was discovered. The Pel-ham team and the Lead omnibus were combined, and sixteen D. of H. folks including the driver start ,'. at an early hour Sunday with sn. ng faces turned cavewards. They reached their destination without incident, had a sumptuous dinner and walked 'steen miles thru the most beautiful and Interesting spot In the Black Hills. They arrived homo a weary lot, but all declared they never had a more enjoyable trip in their lives. i f the Filipino to shoot holes thrr.m'ri the TY" i-.ns'1'iirir.Ti, rlrht mdeavor'mg to annex Manchuria, iling on American bankers for a that hi- .lues, not Wi'iit t" hear the ,appeal "f 1 : Sun. Japan is the only power S- , i:, k'i'.s in tin seathein state who are .Twlng tle-a;..! ill i i c-.nsir.utii.nal iiht lo ole-hJ- hm red shirt Tl HilHI. objects to the Manchuria pro- s Ni'ii Yi f.iii''', 1 1 tt Japan calls a halt. Russia Straw Hats tiiie money in New York, thus Of funds with which to occupy t. p I priti and fight Japan." o- V Immense Crowd in Chicago. PCAGO, Aug. 28. Special. The fclwrth annual G. A. R. reunion Jslthlwnoining by firing of thir- 8 liu at sunrise. Today was set FU naval veteran's, sea fighters. Al Mitt Li Pfices wind was blowing with the shore line very strong, and the waves washed over the deck of our lighter, making us hold onto the railing like rats, and soaking our baggage, hut we got in finally, by catching a surf line about aOO feet from shore and hauling our scow in hand over hand. Then, hy watching the waves, we managed to get onto the beach totally dry. Nome is about two miles long on the beach that is the town proper; tents are strung out on the beach either way as far as a "man can see, probably fifteen or twenty miles. There is some attempt at streets, 'Ut they are narrow and rather irregular. The main streits. of "hih there are Hills district with western Nebraska and eastern Colorado, bringing together the two great gold and silver mln-ing'ilistricts. The territory through which the line runs has been severely let alone by other roads and for this reason the Burlington will have no competition whatever for any traffic in sight. At both ends of the line are the rich mining countries and intermediate is some of the best grazing ground in the west. By thus tapping the latter district much stock business iu expected. In addition to the advantages named the branch will afford an outlet from Denver and the Black Hills to the north Pacific coast. The line will be Wcbed in parade with Spanish- o A Busy Day. Sunday must have been a remarka veterans. Thousands were N to the dedication of the na- bly lively day at Belle Fourche, with cattlemen loading whole trains of R at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Iwwds arrived early thi a morn- stock for the eastern market. During the day fourteen trains of tattle ROSENTHALS PALACE Deadwood, S. D. ; wit is said a quarter of a mill-Wple are here tonight. Tomor- passed Whitewood bound for South Omaha or Chi am. be the gala. day. a Out) vete- H march in parade. Reunions two run Parallel w ith the 1 hty-flve departments take place at h. and ja link in an unbroken system between r. a-oiia Denver and Beadweod and Portland, 9 - - -' .1 '.;: being on I he heai h --and a i tiening. .7-, .- l-": . i. A by passable if you do not mind t'li o i asional an!'- re. mud and w at. r foi Si nttle. T;u oma and other points on the Northern Pacific, the Burlington wment in Maine Politics THE AIV1F.RICAN NATIONAL BANK TOR, Me., Aug. 27. Special. a bio. "ngressnian Botitelle nf the al -tl'ctcll i sine.- i can are ;, ;' flf -In- h !-. -. ; 'I i ci ai if, t inn w ith the latter road at Bill-- i in-'.-. Mont It will also afford fhip-' I pi r in the north Pacific coast otin-' 1 1 v a new route to Montana. Nebraska. district has been in the lio.-pi- lie insano sinc e Decemher, , e'.t o: t'e n t In h'liiini i 5 Oeadwood, South Dakota. ..A DEPOSITORY FOR THE Nltnency will soon re-ele t him. h i tli fad fmttohis loner recn-il unit s.nv V'. d 1 o' 1 - i'"'. j and Colorado. Th" big ship-il.' '.mdra. j men'- betwe. r, the distri.t- t..: hm il is ii.'A ii to the J 1 1 1 n : 1 1 r. This traf'ic now- moves via If the walk , t ii,. f-egon Short Line and the T'nion llOOf. Ho lll'Oila ninne-i-' n -7 - i : i : i '. : -ually Nhim to it." Yht,- llin ilem- P bo'A i , . :. .-iml i' i-i. . . 1 i . in front in-', as ; P 'Mdidate, savs he cannot tais nun n i I'-,, if., or is .-!. t over the northern llf the ll..-tof matt, r of i a Ive campaign while Bon- Drafts and Letters of Credit I te-y 'o a :mil I went '-ovioieu. tie savs. however. crowd that w anted lo pass ' routes to St. Paul and then south and j W, "The building of this line of one of i the most important moves mad" by J Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. ? 4 ' m- . lction of Boutelle will prac- into mud over my knees. When franchise the district, there bly passable if you do not mind an hope of Boutelle's recov- "mushing." A man comes into town N Tears. COZiZiSCTZOXTS I Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. f Tk 2. Brooklyn 9. across the tonntry and says he has i been "mushin? " It's "mush'' out to I the postoffice and "mush" over to the market. The town is built princi-' pally of tents and they are packed in until there is just room to walk he- LIOITEY FTJRITISECSD i 4 li-n..n thum There are some good S Tf anv extent warr.intpd In- 1 this company in a long time." said an fflcer of the Burlington road. "The new cut-off connects for the first time the two great mining districts of the Black Hills and the Rocky mountains. In addition it runs through a territory that has been neglected by other transportation companies. It will give us a direct and short through line between Denver and Deadwood to all the Important north Pacific coast points and vice versa." The new cut-off is ISO miles long and runs from Brush. Col., a point on the Burlington's main line about fifty miles east of Denver, to Alliance, Neb. The road has been well built, only the best material having been used. j y v ' v i o names or t( ti-,i 1.. vuua u i ai . .8t. Louis l. He, Or Is HNot? ' Yates, who once had l the business of the Singer MM Ch,De company at thls Muri110 ls now eneaged wit Mercantile companv at jed in the city last even-i'a colonel'8 actions are a 51 iwu 0ne m,Sht conjure ot Weas, from what we SyrufRgs Actrfcasanty axdfivmpty. Cleanses the System Gently and Effectually when bilious or costive. Accounts Soliritnri nnH C frame buildings, however, one and two stories, and rents are out of sight. The streets are crowded night and day. with the strangest human motley Imaginable miners, prospectors, longshoremen, sailors, soldiers, womenmost of them soiled doves, altho some of the miners and business men have their wives with them, anil not a few respectable women are here for S Correspondence Ihvited. Our lpnp- exoerience in the Rlnr-L- TT;iic I 1" "0 is still "one of the j -j x - -a. o i o at uc r ; service ot-intendin investors, Pl!Wlna - -' ll 1!ul- - uui , WIUU 118 lime adventure: there are gamblers galore J - i Presents in the most acceptable form the lajratjve principles of plants An own to act most beneficially. TO GET ITS BENEFICIAL EFFECTS BUY TH- '-JUINE MANFD. BY CALr :a figstrupcq ANCISCO. CAL. 10UISV. HCW YORK. H.Y. for imI b upfists pricr SO per totrAr. 4 DIKSCTOnS i 5 W. E. ADAMS. tntiM TDfocu h Jij ClrculatinS Qnite freely 7 tn effect that he had jWmonial snares, but eorroborate this dame 60,113 b learaed- and Te nnbl conrlnced of the af- Arrested the Boy. It will be remembered that E. J. Perry, who resides somewhere in the vicinity of Whitewood is now in jail to await the action of the grand jury on the charge of horse stealing. He has been feigning insanity for some and the ever present crowd of camp followers, deadbeats. thugs, crooks and pickpockets make up the lot They all look alike on the streets of Nome. It Is difficult to tell a minister fronf a faro dealer; a banker from " (Continued OnFourth Page.) WWAAAV A tkHtWtlllfc r 4 HARRI3 FRAKKtlN, Pre BEN BAKR, Ylc Pnm. If WH. BELBIE, CaihJer. --rsi

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