The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 27, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAHjY PIONEER-TIMES, SUNDAY MORIN0, AUGUST 27, 1899. at the word and Are. Then they drop THE DEAD WOOD PIONEER ONE GENT A WOROI WZl down In the bfd of the brook. In flftee mlnulcH from the timp they went Into th Sir Charles Tupper proposes to build a railroad in the Yukon country for the ex,-ciusive use of Britishers. If such a road Is ever const-ucted the American miners will be using It for a toboggan slide before the last spike is driven. tiKht they ar-; relieved by three brigades Advertisements under this head ONE and the day is saved by their sacriflce CENT A WORD each insertion, when run ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1871. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL T. 1177. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. And saiTifif in it, fitr only forty-seve less than one month; three lines, 11 00 men are left out if Ibe 202' Nor is that per month; payable in advance. Notwithstanding the vigilance of the Flue... Solid Gold Jewelry Paris police, M Guerrin has evidently man all. riie two conipanincs come in at WANTED HELP. nightfall from their detailed duty else aged to get possession of of a copy of Atkinson's "Hellishness of Things Gem-r WANTKI) A lady operator at the Harri nONEER-TIMKa PUBU8HINO CO where mid next day. w hen I'ii ket s heroic charge was rolled back, the 1st Minnesota ally." Bck Hills Gold RiJ son Telephone office. was in the tbick of it, loosing a captain WANTED Man and wife for a ranch. TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION: A dozen generals have testified against and Hlxteen more men. Sterling Silver Novel) Apply to J. Shoudy. Whltewood, S. D. Some comparisons are instructive. The Captain Dreyfus, and the rest of the Freu h army is lying in wait for him. WANTED A girl for general housework; The ions of '.be rough riders at San Junn small family. Apply at 12. Lincoln ave el AIL T Eriry Moraine Except Monday as Tear tlt.OO atx Month IN M Meat LM VTKEKLT Iuued Every Thursday. 8m Year .M tU MmUu LOO was ninety of four hundred and ninety At Special Prices fortll nue. trifle liss tha:' in per cent; the ions of tile POP RULE EXPENSIVE Light Brigade at Uulaklava was 1!47 out Pierre Stat? Register: The new superi.i- WAN l M two miners with a little cap of ;?!. or not ijuite 7 per cent; the heavi endent of 'he Reform School starts out ital, to do placer mining in Honduras, em loss in 'ho r ranco-1 russian war was t th with a salary list of $765.52 for the first '. A ; a fortune for the right men, A. aa Beoond-Class Hatter Deadwood Pos to flies. that cf the Kih German Infantry at Mars mouth. Of t-!u amount the suoerintend- II. ( haffee, liampton. Iowa. cent. Col. Fox. quoted by Mr. Iodd, gives nt draws Jldti 67. and his wife a matron FURNISH ED front room t(. rei t on Shjr- REPUBLICAN TICKET. eta $S8 .13, or JJ50 to the family, while the A. F. 8NVDR man street; $4.00 per month Call at I a list (jf .sixty-four union regiments, and almost as many confederate, whose losses In single tattles ranged from 50 to !0 per cent. ewly installed brother-in-law gets $50. i Court Judge. this office. nder the former management the super- Main street. ntendent ami wife received t.'iK) per WANTED A girl to do general house DIOHTON CORSON. H. 0. FULLER. DICK HANET. onth As the appropriation for salaries work. Mrs. John Baker, 89 Charles St. is only $5,000 per annum and $3,000 of it Is AHVERSITYS REFIT! K. There are. naturally, exceptions to the WANTED Housework or washing and taken by the superintendent, it would look present rule ol prosperity in business ironing by the day., Enquire at No. 11 LOSSES fTtHK CIVIL WAR as though there would be a good-sued d fliien'V at the end of the year There are who went under in July Fllmore. It Is particularly seasonable, in view of The aggregate of failures falls off this "Young men, our catalogue explains how year. But to be one of the unfortunate the generation growing up without knowl edge of the civil war and with the hard we teach barber trade in two months and I " :l aggregate Is to suffer all the more polgn (R. F. Crawford & Martin & Mason Att'ys) State of South IMkota. Eighth Judicial place you in position to earn $63 monthly. ant chagrin b contrast with the great ma I Special inducements' to applicants from hips and difficulties of that struggle reduced to the standard of tboee In the war Jorlty. There is a sour drop in the cup distance. Mailed free. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. that ordinaril yis not there. It is almost unbearable. The whole man is in danger Circuit, sb. In the Circuit Court within and for rence County. Lillie M. Cossey, Plaintiff, va. Frank N. Cossey. Defendant The State of South Dakota Sends A Big Cut on Cook Stoves with Spain, to call attention to the losses of some of the regiments on both sides, the north and the south, during the '60s. of becoming a misanthrope. He is easily WORK WANTED Competent woman, by the day. No. 8 Water street , rear of marked, for his numbers are few. De prrived of the usual exculpation when ev To the Above Named Defendant: Fish 4 Hunter' Planing Mill. You are hereby summoned and required "erybody Is falling," he can only close his Some of these, unough to serve the purpose here, have recently been published in ibe admirable book of war stories written to answer the complaint of the above MATRIMONIAL. named plaintiff, which will be filed In the NICE looking young lady, very musical office of the Clerk of the above entitled Court, at Deadwood. S. D., and to serve having larg.' income and $10,000 in own name, will Inherit more, would marry a copy of your answer upon the subscribers, at their office. In the Martin a Mason Block. Deadwood, S. D , within thirty days of the service of this summons on you. exclusive of the day of service, and affectionate gentleman. Address "DOR OTHV." 17? E 40th St.. Chicago. Ill mouth in bitterness of soul. His family, even, cannot understand it. Vet everything depends upon sweetness of temper. Manly, cheerful courage is essential to health and to meet the tremendous tax of the struggle to recover. No one but avoids the sour man. His complaints are sharper than a wasp's sting. It may almost be said that no soured man does recover. "Ruin" must Why Buy a Second Hand Stove When You can get a New one for the same money, COME AND SEE US. if ion fall to acswer tlte complaint with FOR SALE. in tbat time, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the by In Seymour Dodd and called from the fjrst of them, "The Song of Ihe Dappa-faannock" (-,ye aj have a conception of the losses of the struggle with Spain and of the outcry which went up all over the land when -he deaths from sickness in the field began to run Into the thousands; but Mr. Dodd, 'n Betting down the losses by death In battle at 200,000 in the civil war, leaves out of account the still larger number who per-1 Dated at Deadwood. S. D . this litrj day of August. A. D.. 1K99. be kept out of the bones and heart. It FOR SALE 4-room house, and three lots, 52 Dewey St., Deadwood. Enquire of J. T. Garvey. Deadwood. 8-23-lm FOR SALE-Furniture and lease of a good rooming house Enquire of MIsb Holzner. can be; and that, too, not alone by persons of naturally exuberant spirits. The brightening sky of confidence in an overruling ProvlJence is no delusion. The Ayres & farflman Hardware Co. R. K. CRAWFORD MARTIN & MASON Plaintiff's Attorneys To above Defendant : Take Notice. That the complaint herein was filed in the office of the Clerk of the above entitled Court, at Deadwood. S I)., on Aug. 24th. 1 !!. MARTIN & MASON. Attorneys (First Pub. Aug. 26, ixv'.'.l ished from disease and exhaustion. Ab4 trust in God which with reflex action. LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley spring. In the First ward, Is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. For Over 50 Yrs. I have Used 1 "R SAL3 Desirable residence lots. Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's . bo and he goes on to show a still more algnlflcant thing that. Bull Run alone excepted, wherj two armies almost wholly unorganized met in battle, and the army of the north was seized with panic, there was never a complete route from one end O fthe hostiVties to the other. Nor wai there a docis ve victory fcon by either aide. Nor there a single occasion when either side was obliged to admit lUelf defeated or felt Itself to be defeated. Tte war stopped when the south became The 'Light Running' StudebaRer DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln v. enue, Ingleside; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) and have found it reliable at all times. For quality sod service Studebiker Wagons and CirritfM FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine and blower, nearly new, In perfect condition, no further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. nave ne equals. SEND FOR ART CATALOflUE. STUDEBAKER BROS. MFQ. CO., SOUTH BEND, IND. For sale by L. C. VERPLAST exhausted, not before. The 1st Minnesota regiment, which Mr. Dodd takes as an example of conspicuous Martin & Mason. Att'ys ) MORTGAGE SALE. WHEREAS. Default has been made iu the payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated the 12th day of January. A. I) . 1S!)2. executed by Rudolph Kroll and George W. I). Taylor. Mortgagors, to Thomas Jefferson. Mortgagee ami which mortgage was recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds, of the County of l-aw -rente. S. D.. in Book K!. on Page 127. on the IS day of January. ISM. at :i o'clock A. M ; and WHEREAS. N'o action or proceedings at law or otherwise have been instituted to recover the debt secured by said mortgage or any part thereof. WHEREAS. The amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage at the date of this notice, is the sum of Fifteen Hundred Dollars ($1,500.) with Interest from Jan. 13. 1893, at 10 per cecnt. .Amounting In all to this date to $2,487.50. NOW. THEREFORE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and in pursuance of the statutes in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises therein described, at public auction, at the front door of the Court House. In Deadwood, Lawrencec County, 8. D., on the 4th day of October, 1899, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of that day. The mortgaged premise are situated in the County of Lawrence. In the State of South Dakota, and are described as follows, to-wit: Lot Seven (7) in Block Twenty-one (21) In the orirlnal Townsite of Spearfish, In FOR RENT. 4 rooms. Water and No. O'O Olxorman St. FOR RENT ."or baths includtd Enquire at this office (Ut) cheers the man was what Reuan pronounced the total good in prayer We would not wish to accept the French metaphysician's limitation. Vet there can be no doubt that the pagan's cry to his dumb idol has in all history been a comfort to the man hitntelf. If. however, as v.' believe, there also comes something from the Great Intelligence cheer, a mental quickening. i beam of light on a darkened way no man need turn misanthrope. No man nee 1 ioee heart. If his lamp is low he can trim the wick by self-assertio i. He can, moreover replenish the oil from that Infinite Spirit who never seems satisfied with giving. The tendency in religious thought Is toward a reverent common sense view of man's relatione to his Maker. Anything that we need, and for which we are making our best efforts, is a proper subject for prayonr. The will of Qod is good will. The wish of the Creator Is the happiness of the creature. The day is the symbol and not the night. To fall In right under, takings must be. then, unnatural. Nothing should bj defeated but an evil, and, as Whittler says, "Love should never lose its own. "A close companionship with the Christ was a continual rebuke to hopelessness. His whole ministry was an exhortation to new and higher resolves. He denied that thore were any obstacles. He even said that mountain cast into the sea was a symbol of what human faith could do to clear man's way. There are a few of his fellows to who.n the discouraged man dare apply for fresh heartening. Fven the whisper of wear! nee Is injuricus to- the credit of the market place. The secret approach to Infinite Power Is not only a privilege, it is a command. It Is the greatest source of true amiability of heart. No other recreation so truly recreates. A sour "Christian" is FOR RENT 6 -room new house. No. 36 'Taylor avenue. Enquire ol M. Stern, at Bloom'. IS SELLING OUTI ZIPP FOR RENT 7 room house, with all modern improvements, furnished or unfurnished. Apply to Pioneer-Times. the City of Spearfish. according to the plat heroism, does not loom above other commands, north and south, by reason of any conspicuous heroism. That no registrant came out of the civil war with such arerwhelmlng popularity as tha rough rider, 1 due to the fact that there were, literally, hundreds of regiments which quailed the lecord of that later organisation in duty done, without fear of complaining, while score surpassed it In the extent and gravity of losses and In in-vottoa to duty under circumstances wholly adverse. Indeed. In bringing up the example of the 1st Minnesota, the author , ' I careful to say that its astonishing sacri-oe can be parallelel several times on both --HUdes. This I it record at Oettyburg: Two companies had been detached from the regiment for other duty and losses on aay former fields of battle had reduced s ... the effective strength of the command to 26J men. Longstreet waa attacking the Jd Furnished room at th White House, Bath and Electrlo light. Rent $10 per month per room. Fin view from every room. of said Townsite. recorded in ine umce of the Register of Deeds, of said County, being the same property conveyed to the aid Mortgagors by Thomas Jefferson and wife, by deed dated January 13th. 1893. Dated at Deadwood, South Dakota, this NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable rate at Noble block, 721 Main street. MRS. GARR. 25th day of August. A. D., 1899. WILLIAM W. PARKER, As Executor of the Estate of Thomas Jefferson. Deceased Mortgagee. MARTIN ft MASON. Attorney for Mortgagee. (First Pub. Aug. 28. 1899.) Shoes for Almost Nothing. ZIPP, the pioneer shoe dealer of Deadwood is going out ot the business. Never before have you bought shoes, "good shoes" at the prices he will sell them ut- Nothing will be reserved, everything must go. Sale commences August 1st and continues until last pair l ol4. This la no fake sale, for I will surely get out of the shoe business this fall, and my low will be your gain. Come early before the stock la broken. C. E. ZIPP, Deadwood, - - South Dakota. FOR RENT Four nicely furnished rooms. Rooms will have privilege of parlor, hot and cold baths and every convenience of a home, Apply to No. 7 Fllmore St lm (Martin ft Mason, Attorneys.) SUMMONS MONEY DEMAND COM WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. PLAINT FILED. State of South Dakota, County of Law -' ry corps and was beating them backward not what he professes to be. rence, a. In Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Cir WANTED Second Band Good at No. 8t Sherman SL 8. L. Conant The Minnesota men were supporting bat In a few month from now, for the first cuit. 8tearns Company, Plaintiff, tary C. of the 4th United States Artillery, time in history, Cuba will ' have a census which will be worthy of the name. It will LIFE INSURANCE policies bought for cash or money loaned on them. H. B. Dewey, Cain Block, Lead. Tha unoln men war In full retreat, passing the battery and Ita, elisor Una of James Heller, Defendant. The State of South Dakota Sends Greet Ing to the above named Defendant: - be taken under United States auspices, of You are hereby summoned and required course, but the greater part of the work infantry before It. On a sudden two con will ba done by Cubans. This compute federate brigades rushed from the woods tton will, be a basis for the preparation to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will be filed in tbe office . of the clerk of the above entitled court at Deadwood. South Dakota, and to serve a copy of yeur answer upon the subscriber at charging upon a gap In the union' line - Hancock was there and saw the danger. r of the voting list which will be used in tha election which will be held next year f or the year after to settle the question a their office In the Martin ft Mason block, in Deadwood. 8outh Dakota, within thirty He aland beside Coivllle, the Minnesota colonel, points to. the outcoming rank of BULLOCK DIAMOND DRILLS days after the service ot this summons. exclusive of tbe day of service, or the to whether the island shall hare Independence or be annexed to the United States. There Is a natural curiosity to find out the yelling enemy and give the order to plaintiff will take judgment against you far one hundred and sevrntv-fonr dollars charge. and fifty cents, with interest st the rate of the real number of Inhabitants of .Cuba. The command U instantly given and the The coming) census will attract a good deal 7 per centum per annum, from the 19th day of August, 1899. besides the costs of this I f you are interested in prospecting send for our of Interest all over the world. "2B2 go forth to battle with the 1.000.. Both are going down hill,: to the dry bed of a NewDiamond Drill catalogue No. 33. It contains action. Dated at Deadwood. S. D , this 19th day ot August. A. D. 1899. Plaintiff's Attorney:' In that par: of the jwotaloon. where tbe litUa wfook. The enemy reach It first and average ' KenMckytan carries flask Mr ; more information in this line than any p ublica- j their line I disordered a little by the cros OoebeJ conceals a dirk. Intended to assist sing.- At that moment Coivllle give "the him in the removal of superfluous scalps. To defendant abovs named: Take notice that the complaint herein I cation yet issued. j was filed in tha office of the Clerk of too Colonel Paty du Clam is wanted at order ta charge. Wlth-nxed baydotee the Minnesota men come at full run. Tha astonished southerners give war As the above Court at Deadwood, 8. D., on August 22nd, 1899. . Rennes, probably for the purpose of add ing "characteriotic verisimilitude, to an oth- lront line recoils the Minnesota men halt erwise bald abd unconvincing natrative. - , MAKU1.N MASON. . Plaintiffs Attorney.. (First Pub. Aug. 23, 1899.J : - - ': '

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