The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 27, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. PEADWOOD, S. 1)., (BLACK HILLS,) Sl'XIAY M IM N A l ! 1ST L'7, 1! t'l FIVE ('E NTH. 24th YEAR. -000- 0- 0 - 0 0 0 0 0- 0 -00 0 DNSPiRACY MANIFEST of selling, and says she values the property hither than any other she owns far in i t s of the amount fixed in the dis-I at h l'i r ' he purchase. NINE MONTHS IN CUBA First Sergant John Tharp Talks Interestingly of Puerto Principe. on the hole al :1c appl.ia h of Ihe Ma itol a had ),,,: , y bceu' '.I N'l- vi'as fiuui the mt. r-ior or lh( i'". -. nice !'.,i ih'- 1 lupus,, uf being I i ide! I ' , Kitlrh II,,,,;,- w, , ,. mali ll ' : .-:i N ;, .. : , , i; v p... i-i'to I 'i i c- ; along i !n I; f .(. r.ul- road 1 hat M.m, ', the la - ,i nd a large nun,:, i of Sp.unli m,,., w. ie se. ,i "ii i heir i : " .Ve-. i' : - :,,! sh i pnn : . The Spat i i . i't .. in- i.,k. -i ., :!;, I M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. 1 y Offer the Following' Unhtard of re- ductions in prices tlr liiis week, all i new and" gember of the First Court Martial Makes a Bad Illunder. The Black Frag Displayed. I'AIMS A utr .-'I. Special.- The black II, w.ik displayed at the Cuenns l.i. lay. and It i ludli Vi d thai one of the I ged parly has suicided i.iih. ll'iilil bi.e!,.- j::-' btain Freystager Inadver- Says the Natives do not Have a Good Feeling for Americans. scasle ie . h ter li-iinl .nl runs. Ai: : i i cheer. , I t:; . III of Ml.. i heel . d jM.le, Til,' All ,-I M . lo ha.e H,e i soldit rs 1 i 1 1' had been ie tentiy Says Evidence Did not Convict Dreyfus. Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnots at 10c, 16c and25c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and tht is What you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies1 Shirt waists, to close out the remainder oour New stock we have made a still greater reduction. 'i l' , i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . nl i 'and n . iipic! b :i TO POR CLAIM CUBAN FREEDOM Elections to be Held in all the Provience for Officers. U S 1 1 i;t Aug 2 Special -It i-i. lie i :i 1 1 v announced that the president has ile. i led iii isuc a proclamation at an early date il.claimg Cuba a free anil independent sulfl lilnenl Kli'cllons will he i alle.l in alt tin- province.-, as soon as the I I' in I - lime 'he I i. r- illl ialed. ill o, del- lb. it no John Thai p his discharge has i: i-ivcl in w ho ha s i i-i-. 'ill ly I eceu ed horn ihe Kihih cavalry. I'eadwooil, and will leiiuCi JENNES. ug. -Spreia.l - Thi' buicl Wi expel is continue in occupy 1 he .H-iuod of the ''" ri today ''aiit.iin K"rev-gx. a tiieiiitit r o the court martial, tided today, fiid said tbe first i onvlction Kinl the officers i he -ats imniediately. IS US IS i iilli I'l'led, i will take Iheir : based on ih'1 evidence uf handwriting ferts ami on the evidence of Henry and Al Go For 75c t $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Wais Clam. However, lb' final conviction tbe judges ttxs formed aft or the af- docunients hud Ikmti handed to the btf, and not in open court Thi.s .statc- docuriiMius bud been bandied by the jumped to bis feet, and declared th was a liar. fa Repeat the "Porch" Campaign. All Waists tbat we sold for $2 00 and $2.50 GrO ELt $1.QQ Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost W. J. Werthheimer & Bro ANTON. Ohio. Aur. 1'') --Sp'.-ial An tiate friend of the prt-si 1 n t as the r will .spend his varal ion in disor lers nrglit arise ainniic ihe naiives, and Mr. That i says that it was a pnnle'ii move, for he has noi itim h coiilldcnci. in the Cubans hemsehes As long as there is a uffliien: number of American soldiers 1 heie, 'rouble rimy be averied. but the minute our troops are withdrawn, it .3 quite prahle that trouble will start. The Cubans, tovvever, have no affection for tho AraericanH, and they are anxiously waiting for the government to declare lis Intentions win regard to the future government of Je island. Th natives are In a state of turmoil. They are beset by doubts and misgivings, and their sentiments and prejudices are innstaiitly being workt-d iifKin by agitators, aliho Mr. Tharp does not apprehend that there will be any conflict between them and the Americans it least not soon The climate al Puerto Principe is de-lightf.o, and the rainy season has proven a myth this year There has not been any more rail than there is in this country in the spring. The weatner seined excessively hot to the Americans at first, but the iiighls were cool, aid Mr Tharp siiys be nidui.Hy bei'ame acc ustnnied to Ihe days The general health of ihe rejt-ilietit wa- geol. allho there was a siege of typhoii fevir. and twelve deaths oc-c.tired from yellow fever This was largely the reul: of inattention to sanitary regulations, however. Where a man lakes the proper care o! himself, then- is linle danger from yeP-iv fever, and Mr Thai-p w is not sick ilur:"g the entire time he was there Hill if :' man dissipates his bowels are lik. ly to g t in a had .state, aud if the yellow fever takes him he will suffer The here for a little while until he has dee'd-ed wli.t he will engage m He had just completed twelve years' SitNlie in the i'.t-my. haviuv; t ulisieii at tile age of "i:h teen, and he (i ncluded that he would try civil I'fe for awhile Tharp bad been first serge. M of i Ircop for a number of years, and was regtrilcd a, one of the btt non-eonimisoned oMieers of the rigimenl. He is well known in i ;-(:. of t ie Illavk H'lls. having aid nded tbe State Normal schitol at Spe tiish. ota le.ri, while on furljugh. He is'ei in and be and h ' ife are both a tst r M r. ,i p w as it. '"uba i. ,s rnooin. He hi-, houi'cr, bei n away from Koi f Meade since a year ago last June, as b:s troip. Captain Kllis. commanding. wis sent to Fort " inbrara al that lime. Wln i Ihe r 'gnneiit as orderisl south (' troop went also. The regiment was taken lo HuntsU)e, alama. and hebi there ninr nine before s. i.diug it t" Cuba. I-'-om Hunts ille 1111 ligil.l'lit was taken by ral to Savannah, .'in' that nip w is ;. iieh-esl . iel ien. i d W Jell 111'' res in 1.1 reached Savannah, a cold ru u was falling. and l'i. i w. re i ulnpi died to si.ind out in II day. I' Ihi're w a. no place li. go. Thi- was i -a I . t alter pay da Hid in. are naiurall.' hind to handle at that time Stand UK "U in Ihe drizzling rain was rhilliir.; the mil. thru and many of them got inl the 'iilooiis and began drinking The r. suit i anie nearly being a mutiny C, tro.p did not suffer In 'hat respect as some of the other troo did. hut it was iis bom e famous will re, teat of ivu;. in this i t y . ami ponh" eampaiKii Albert Pollock Passes Away. After two years' suffering with cancer of the liver and the expenditure of a large sum of money in quest of relief, Alhei ! I'ollix k died yesterday morning at hU home on Charles street, in Iteadwood He had been really bedridden hut about a week, but he had been under medical jt-leniion Pit nearly iwo years. in luded in hi attendaiii-s being a number of I he most inomiiieni specialists of the east. Ile had made several trips to Chicago for the bench' of iiusuliai ion. and had received encouragement, but no -niiani'iil relief. Mm. ut leti days ago llr l K Dickinson was called in. and he jnnnediatc ly recog ni.ed the hopel.'Hsness of the ease, whii n had advanc-d to a stage where medicine was of no avail and an operation certain lo prove fatal Dining the last few wees nl the i;i 1 1 1 11 1 ' s; life he wa-s unable to lake ,iud keep anything on his stomaili. an) in- ma i ' -aid to have almost literallv starwd in death for that reason Sinn linn. In fore hi- ibaih he lapsed inlo un ( onscioiisiu'ss, ami ilie end was therefore devoid of pain Mr. Pollock was a Mason and a incmlier of the Alicieiit Older Tinted Woi kjneti .and he will be buriel today under the auspices of these orders The will be held at the Congregation.. I Trust Among K ansas Farmers. ESTABLISHED 18r6. iWEKA, Kau.s.. Auk -- Special -I promi iieiit b us i nests it j -f i ami fai niers tbis sei iion are rpanian .i eorpora-I ll will start with a eapititl o tweu-JDiIliuns ami its jmrpose is ! ionini I Kansas eorn c rop KIRK G. PHILLIPS THE OLD RELIABLE DRUGGIST WHOL ESALE AND RETAIL. lijlish Correspondents Prosecuted, I'MK, Aug. -'. Sjiw ial -Three En k cwrenpoiideous are being officially eciiied ftr .sending out icjiorts that the i plague had reached Italy An of-Ideiuttl Joaj; bevo Issued by "he govern-t HE GERMANS NOMINATE REED. nevessn-y to have twenty men on kuhiu lo ke -i the tile n within bounds. In so'ne i hureh al 2 o'clock Members of the lodge of Workmen will t-scort the remains from '.he residence lo the church, and (here t;e sermon will lw delivered by Uev. J. W. Ilarron. pa,stor of the church. After tbe funerul service at the church, the Masons Wall l'per! Wall Paper!! Wall rar"! All new nnrf up-io-date de signs, at all prices. I am the agent Tor the Acme White lead and Color Co. who make the New Era High Craie Mixed I'altit, Neal's Enamels and Carriage I'aintit. Mixed Paints at all trices. White lead and all Painter's Supplies. Window Glass, Stationery. IniKilel and Domestic '"ntlery, Toilet Artiiles of every description. Perfumes, Sow, Ktc. It Is addmitted that I carry the largest line of Imported and liomestic Pi-gars, High (irndi; of Smoking .id Chewing Tobaccos iirxi I'lfies to be found lu the Mack Hills. e uf ih,. other Hooiks it was necessary lo in older to mak club many of the men them snbmi. wiU take charge Of the remains and attend Cologne Gazette Says the Ex Speaker Will be President. Then f ro six troois of the regiment them to the cemetery. bowcli refuse to work, and the food taken onto the stomach is not digested It is then usually thrown off in what is called "black voni I " The typhoid is to be dreaded mor; than the yellow fever. Vegetation grows vi ry profusely, and when tbe decay seta In the fever grma begin to breed. There is no frost to kill the germs, and tfce canseqiK nee is the water of all the streams) becor-'ts laden with them. The (Continued on Page 5 ) or about 600 men, and they had to load I Male a Specialty of Spsetacles aui Eye Glasses This department is li ILOQNK, Aug. 26 -Spe. Ial The their stuff wi'hin a given lime. a.s the cap Mr Pollock was M years at age Marc'i 4. ot this year Me was born in Nova lain of the t:ansDOTt that was lo take Scotia, and his mother, two sisters and charge, of a competent Optician, who will test your eyes without charge, if satisfaction is not given I do not want your money. Our lenses are the best that money ran buy, all prices ranging with tbe cost of the frame. them nver. the Manitoba, desired to get a brother live there at the present time away at high t'de. On account of the lim Two other brothers are living at Mel ited time for loading, tbe cargo was poorly itte, tbe famoas (lernian newspaper, ires editorially for Thomas Bracket t I tor the American presidency. Th tte says Reed is the greatest American man, and far superior to McKinley. Us upon all German - Amari cans to rally le support of tbe ex-speaker of the e. No. 662 Main Street, DEADWOOD, S. D, loaded, and the result was it listed to por! bourne. Australia. Mr Pollock came to Dead wood in 1877, and was the proprietor Bismarck von Wedelstaedt, Osteopathic, before the transport got out of theharbor. of tbe first regularly established photo Thm wu n.i time to right it. and the Specialist and Physician. Office, 11 City graph gallery in the town. After he had vessel continti '.: In that condition. Happi ereek. tf ly there was good weather all the way been in business for some time he found hie business so pressing that he could not Tiir AnnrniOAii aiatihiiai nAin over, and no unpleasant experiences. The attend to it alone, and he sent for Mr transport was a large one. 500 feet in leno-th hut it was loaded dswn. There Boyd em It was then Pollock and Boyden mCHMLniUAIl HMMUfmL DMrflV Deadwood. South Dnkntn. Edraontan Trail Victims. ATTLE, Wash.. Aug. X. Special. more Edmonton trail rictlms are They are In a pitiable condition, charity wiU send them home. for a number M years Mr Pollock con were rbout 900 head of horses and mules tinued the gallery for about fifteen years. besides the v.agons, equippages and ra and then moved out onto a ranch, near tiam for ninety davs. The object of the ievil's Tower. In Wyoming He re raAn ih tcmM above the men was mained on the ranch until a year or so that the latter might escape, tbe foul gases ago, when he again took up his residence Mere French Army Corruption. RIS, Aug. 2S. Special. The murder fo officers of the French army by or-)f their colleagues, is reported from RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 On nncnOnt ef the hurry in which the in Dead wood. He leaves a wife and transport was loaded, it was found impos step-son Ben Pollock Calvin. Mrs. Pol gible to straighten sffalrB out when the t, and has been officially confirmed. lock's brother, Ernest Wilson, of Eotben lr..iin? wax made. A large amount of nmoa-tv was lost, and the officers wno un Chamoine and Captain Volut were Acer who were murdered, and it Is Wyoming, has been with her for tbe past week, and two other brothers Ed and Wal were In charge of it are still trying to lo cats it and making out reports concern ter Wilson, as well as Mr. and Mis. Charles Zummach. of the same place. All Branches of Banking Business lng articles that were not found. lest that the were disposed of in oris conceal corruption in the admla-'n of the army. This ts a severe to the military party, especially while toyfua trial ts in progress. were expected In last night to attend the The regiment landed at Nuevitas, and it Transacted, looked ts if there would be an exciting or- .i.r. at nHH Lime. A rejfiuiem ' ' ' Spanish soldlrrr' was at the dock, and pro tested the landing of the Americans, not DRAFTS ISSUED oa China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rica, Africa, England, Fraaca, Garmany and all Parts of the World, at Acts gently on the withstanding '.i was commonly understood funeral. Mr. Pollock was a man at peane with all the world. His friends knew they could depend on him, and that he would always be the same quiet and unobtrusive In his disposition, steadfast In his business and social relations, loyal to his family and to his friends. No one realized that Ms ailment was as serious as it proved, and but few knew that he was really ill lowaat .jarkal rata. Kidneys, Liver that tie war i-d been over for some time. There were sbcut a thousand of the Spaniards, while there were only six huhdred COLLECTIONS mada carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable f Annexation is Dered. VANA, Aug. 25. Special. Tbe an-Q sentiment is unquestionably lng among the Cubans. . o Help to Receive Soldiers, 10 BRANCH. N. J.. Aug. 26. Spc-The presidential party departed this ng for Pittsburg. President and UcKlnley will take part Monday IB and Bowels Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers J AHAlklll.. AIU. ln of the Amerknn troops. Dut in spire oi this 'h- Amnicans continued preparations to land On troop was sent ashore o receive the animals, which tad to be tak and in bed during his last few days. cspuiiBiuinij ui uviiatciaia. MANSES THE, VSTEM ,.EFfrECTUALLY TTTTS IS DISTI3NTOTI V JJLT -A. en off the transport in lighters, as me water of the harbor would not allow the ves Band Concert. The Red Mn's band, which is becoming iception to tbe Tenth Pennsylvania sel to get up to the dock. But the Span- the most popular band in the Black Hills ers. who are returning from tbe OVERCOMES LrrtJ 1 Pines. Accounts of Banks, Corporations and Individuals has DCt giver, a Sunday afternoon concert for several weeks, but will resume the larda cid not show any fight, and it is supposed they -.inrriy felt called upon to eo-ter a formal rrotest in v.ndication of "SpaniEh hopor." These Spanish soldier, however, said they had "not been whip-j practice tomorrow afternoon at the band solicited. Oorrospond onco JLn7tocL. hABlTUALCONON PERMANENTLY las No Intention ol Selling stand on Lee street. The following pro FRANCISCO, Aug. 16 Special. - ped." and they could not understand under wl at conditions the Americans were DIRECTORS: entering upon 8 pan ten soil. JOHN TREBER. W. E. ADAMS. gram will there be rendered: March. Across the Mountains, R. M. Bond Gboblfas A Phantasy RoIIeaton Ladle Waltse C. W. Dal ley Schott'ache Bra trice J. S. Peekham Flirtation CharmeUaqne Dallsy March Tint South Dakota Infantry .... F. M. HatotwU At the tlaoe the Eighth cavalry landed 'hoe be Hearst says she believes the recently started, to the effect that about to sell her Interest In the take mine, at jLead, was done for irpoaa of affecting the price of tk stock. She emphatically de-vrtog; far snce considered the Me HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrasMaaL BEN BACH. Vlca PraaWeaL at Nutvlta tne Span lab soldiers were be (AUIvPNIA pG SYRV;P(. fat awi sr mi sweePl su so. ustwaa bTBL. SCLBIE. Caahlan. ing deported, and It traneptrea tnai the thousand men who Uaed np ajWMWWajaWraaarasaa if. jreiWe fWWWeW

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