The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 25, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. . Al-crST 23. 1300. 1 " I nnnr,r,.T...-rLruxruixu nnnrLTLrvTA . arm uu LArtruuu xn.-iu u u u u c 5 Food Prepared Witl "Calumet- il Free from Rocndlo Salts. Alum, Lime and Ammonia. "Glu-mef is the nouaowite'B Friend. Gentleman -THE THREE POINTS W.-ut litT to lay Fair. Quite an ele-jtric storm was rasing Thursday night down in t Ii . vicinity or Omaha .t was so la.l that the telegraph :!' - almost refuse. 1 to work Owing to abs.-n. of the pas- t.,: th.-t will I- "o M K Sunday 1 at Ten. ville tomorrow. There .Ml! I..- Sund v." s. Iiool a' Cntra! at :: ' in. The m-w store room of S:iin Swartz- Baking Powder CALM I III 1 ! r rri lL-T i FT. '--. I III i I i jr ar I I 1 J NONE SO COPD.j NOT MADE BY I THE TRUST. y :,M i, !. .ii -in-: oomph-lion and is , 1 t. l.and.-on..- The m.-ial .eihng is I ( TT : i . l i - Z i I -A H n p i FITSI M MON 3 I.-, tar tla- handsome-' in town .a , 1. an hw.iv about tw.-niv feet wide . , Ml.Ileet.S the Ii. "A ''" '' ''' ''"' j I ';ul '!':. liters. j S S,i. : I - wolfed '! '!-.- J i ,,!. , i.t.-.l ii.e.s of Slnris in'o pass- J A WINNER. 111- I'M I i. .t i -i ! 1 1 1 1 hi i ' idurship Tin- as hold mi tl d..ld e.,,X St urn!? 1 U ' - . 1 1 1 . i . ; Kiutii ' 1 1 j". , T... ,;,.'',. loMi. ! lie- 1 n-h , i !., . i nn .1 st an t" l a .tie- 1,ii ,:,!! Sh.e K.- ,h tilled up in I.; . , her .illd r- i ' ' 'I ' ;' '' I-".-. . in... s lo Hi.- Sailor .- ...rn.-r and : - i,aii-i- : nd I. 11- SliarK.- he ( a L-re n l.aitle. Shai k.-y nods ,. Hilly and tle n leaves lie- rinu. ! X, -I,,., man !.r.- a mark of th.- enn i .in,- a reran h on Shark. -, s , . . ..II I i;ii,,: ,!- who are npl'lh ai.t- fo: ap ;.iil!,i 111. -Ill lo I lie plaee A I i Snuw il,.- a"iiaiii yaidiuas :, i i,,r ... lIuvhiiuliMi. an Tv ed hone- .1 ,-!:,-. 1.1-',' will" lin'1' T1"'V ...... ,,i...i ii Vinni-.-ota. ami i" A LESSON IN VALUES. IOLLAR for dollar, pound for pound, there is r more in Ivory Soap than in my household 5 soap. It is easyivJ.iind a cheap s v.p; but . -S J (o jind purity and low price in a single sor.p .; ..' th. !r fir horn- Ml n.-a.lwood. ! .e ,h ilHIl -'.I 1. Il Ihe o, M l. Lie,, ( 1 - : . i:o- . Ollll'lelli ' , , .eoe.i,- r o1' friends .-pri-ss ,:,.-l-t wi-li- I"1'.!',.. Kit .-i m in. n : - will -j . 'e- 11. e l.;,.i!!ies- . .f Hie V0!-Ill "'ipie. ,1.. (ililll of ll- lif--w!i-ll HmV lll.el , , I1 ,, 1 II '' - ! '.I 'I. ill ' ;i- . He. I Mil r I ' il i ,,, . v nil- m-A' 1 i n.. ,, .'.i ..n , v., 1 II ' 1 I ' ' N i r :i - a! i ' ' " - ' ' " j j3 n.-vt easy. 1 r.ey .uii;uua. m ivuif w..F. I use, it in the laundry; v,u can r.ot i .1,. .i 1 1. el,.- .1.0 OF OUR $3-50 SH0L- in-.i i.ii ii lxl no: to 'z it cszvYAZic. v..uc-, u . ... Yi:- cheapest i xiv. in w nicn it can Le p; o- i : . r -a ' r.. ': u -.' i-' a : wrapper Z-V -- Zipp Shoe Co. j .he I: Ll': GS5 MainSt. 5 ;L-inu Lnj uvruxnrLTLru nn uvrfa tuu ifL-u La .iruu urn; uiaiiru in ram.' an u u THE RLP.CLICAN PRIWARILb ! "... emummimiiiiiii.mi. ,Mi1ui1u.i..ii..iMi.iiiinmi'''''iiiiiM'"''...u.ii..M..u..ii.iii"iinnmHU. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIilllinillMlllllliiimin V. - ' I , a i la-. !,,::,. ll i - a . .t;, :, ,,-, - ,,! I., ., , in tie- ll'-'l-- We! Attt-ncJrJ Meetings ntia . ... - ,. s. : Ci.ii!!.. l-a s of !o I'm I ia nd Hu n : and The Delmonico T!:. '1 i. :i : -a a- -i i.n,' .. i: 1 l.i i . -. I'm out the County to Select De eyates. fi,. . , ; ; ; i - from I !'' o ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ... . . i I.. .... of Wi low a Chnion . oiiipaiiies ai I in-d. ;o com- ; ....... I I,. 1,1 . ,i It he . W ll'e 11 lid tWO ,:. imp I- I , :n! alio: i S. , I HI' I w .i:. U i!e- l,rl am I,-,! lei I . i'. I HPls an.: in.- .nv's ' "" far as we km-. Im-.-ii ah.- i u.ule I NDKli Till: MANAGEMENT OF , - l a . ' .-o , 1 llMOHch He ,,'wiiod ve a id : V Spun Ii-!c, when he w.i: a.- -I" a ' h , ,,. i ,. hi w ilh 1 In- 11 .V M ' on I'i" : " . ... o iii, o.un , ,,, :h,,- ,nu .ual int.-r.-st, aliho in ;,,, , and 'c ill 1' in am M'lio- lime, j M , .lame - I ali:.-iia n. w if.- of I In- 1 1 1 . i -d . a si oil in-pe lor I1"!'- this city if 'oi.t.-sl was ii.ui ... N. G ,i, u The ote . asl nmh r f 'It I..I i i.aoe - err.wille. .1. il. ii Giay John C. Wan 1 1. ,n-i n Alternate- l'aid I'amp! Pah-. Thoma, Goodman , '' ..I'l'idf.-ar Uii Moil., r to ' ui. I politician ... not,-, arm a I u. th" h l.cll- ( ' G S Lauiliear. the popular y -;tu Irani ;, ,i,.l, mr ...,,.-. , -" " - . i. ..,. .-,'TI,,-; Were n,;n.el I c-1 d r 1 1 1 - of - o in In r lor lin- o n e,,-. - r - -' i (diadii'ii- : ,,.im!,k-r. while pliiMii indoor J Edwin Van Cise ami family .nude , MESDAMES SMITH AND GREATHOUSE Will open for husiness at noon on nvionxci-fv August 20tn I The ladies have both had n.any years of experience in lUa hob-l and restaurant business, ami will spare no pains to serve g the public with the very best the market affords. S COME and try tlt-ir opening d.nm r MONDAY NOON. MEALS AT ALL HOURS FROM 6 A. M. 8:30 P. M. ttt A r-r Tlie Post Office- i ,,,-, lul. yesterday af- c.epartin.- .o. ....... , U , was.-.-vrrrlv inmn-d in a cul- me, ,'! -re w as a la rg. - row ,1 g was,-,,,, into in -e,a-way Jot fi.em.s a, toe station b s.-e ,.,... ; ; ru, seii: and si.stain.-l a hudl j off and many could not restrain he Ui ll.'- the lit. uiiiskii'e os was unit.- hirue. In the First w.ii-1 -'! voles were .asl pecond ward ITU. Third ward llv Fourth waul i... At T.-rraville more ,otPs we,-,- . ;i t than at any time he l,llvm ,,. v.,:.s. niunheriiiK .".'k I'.-n-trat City had a hot contest over tin-cnilovsemetit of a candidate for county siipcrinteiiifiit. this preciurt hcin:: the home of hofh Miss Coldhloom and Miss Ileckw ilh. The vote stood I to 23 in favor of the l!ci kwilh d. ion 'Ibis means a 1 epnhlican oie ot s. U repulili. an ains like this exist n'l over the count-.', Lawrence w ill continue the hanner repnlilh an comity of tin- state v. nil a majority for tin I. -n-w w ool , I oil lien . '- ... ne Central. Titus Corkh 11 - William Gray. John I f int.iii. Alt -..-nates. William Thom- ( 'i ere o. I a id Nov. -s. Mountain Ranch. Thro Kiiul.eii. William Vrdder. Gsyville. i: flaw John Staiiim- .1 1 Golden Gate. .1 , ill n Munav, Fred Cimb-ll Spearfish. .,,hn Wol.-iiuih. Sam Morn U. Fal NVarren. Jo.- Williams. John Mmiger. . ,i anklo Unit was very painim l,m, , minnmii i ,,,, ,;.) no. be aWe to 1-ave his Mion. ,-, seveial dins as a sprained ankle i sometimes a tedious injury t" ( over' from. say ing of goodbye and fan-w .-11 Mrs. Geo. Hews left over the liurl-iagtm. for Chi. ago. where she will visit with friends for a few days and will the" continue her journey to Wisconsin for a short visit Ii,-. How nia n was breaking a roTt I" ,.i.h of his buggy horses ye. M lieiai. H.-iii-v llyi-r. .lolin non tenlav and met will, an unbaked for j with her parents C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carries a ul Mine of caskets, coffins, robes, w.-Mtht and, in fact, everythinj pertaining to funeral regalia. i tL uarriSnn. Parlors 114 Sherman Street. Lieutenant and Mrs. Champion who ,,.,-ident lie had stopped in front o Leaves for South Africa. V M. Hark r has accepted a propo-iti,, ,., , lo South Africa, and I; i protkin's drnu store, and when about , ,1,-ivc away, turned the buggy m s, l, a manner that one wheel caught the curb. The horse gave a sudden ,-,h forward, breaking the double. trees and jerking Dr. Howmnn out ot Iraws tonight lor Chicago where be will sec ure a written ontract for ticket in November of nearly a thousand. The list of delegates and alter nates elected at the different wards and precincts far as we have be.-n able to gather them, is as follows: Deadwood. First ward,- V. H. Anderson. I'hil Atkinson. M. Hartwell. ('.. W. Howes. Al Slig.-r. Alternates. -.1. W- Faryo. Gilbert Parker. K. K. N'etlieway. W. Woods. Thoma; Walton. Second w-ar.T. C.eorge V. Ayr.-s. U. have lieen at Kurt Assinahoiiie. Montana, for some weeks past the guests of relatives and friends, passed thru the city yesterday en route to their homo at Fort Meade. Miss Clara Gilmore. who lias been ti.king a three weeks vii iition an I in the mean time visiting her sister. Mis. Zane. at Perry nluriK-d h en yesterday, and will again enter mum her duties as saleslady at the l.o,.- two vears' i-lay in ihe Park ( onti- , :,s Ihe. aieni of a mining ma . (,li(.ker than one wot.l.l rare Mid5ummer .hinerv ho'.- -. Mi . l!a'K"- will - I , 10ve. He kept a firm hold on tie-, , ,w. $-j,.,i month and all - jn(,s ., s,(,,,.d the horses without puis.-s will n- paid by lb.- I'n no in- f ,-, her da mage. chiding his p-i -if " s"'n'' "f n,- Spencer, cm responding se.-re- operanons. II- will sail for Sou. I, ( ; ,.v f ,,,,,.,,,, uf , hi, nil extension .I,,,.-, (., tub . lir-t. and will rea ' ' .. .i,,,,,!, who was here G. I'hillips. Arthur Simpson. .laim-s i'( pari ineiit store this morning. ....Reduction Ed Mealy went down the line over Munn. C. (',. Hennett. C-org.- W W. A. b-kes. Alt. rnat.-s.- J. M l'isb S. S.hwarzwal 1. R ". Cook. 1- "v ,l: ,,,., , ,lic merry spring ime. I .. hjs f,i(.ds Clouul. ! j (. of the evening to , south Side ,1,.,,11,-nd for Hot n ill- ,r l.oiiu Mrs. M.-alv w bom he i p.-c Is in . , ii a ik an. i ' -I,.... . , ,,,, in ni ... . . ,. iiuator when we a..- .,... ISioim-s and .Milan, e. nr. .-pen. . on tomorrow '., train. Mis Ilealy bus is i-. d siimni- r there. Mr- work for lift ecu yai I has been in tin the friends and i , I i'i All Summer Goods Reduced from keen i sit i , ..... i, ; i.i i , n ,1, -liai ted last ,,,, , ,ing thai lime has traveled J ,rsi.e al maiiv different i. t:.r o r ami , for Montana, wln-re she will tor "ll""1'' that tain . n m: . . nub-- ami in I low. . . .....11 VI i- P.lllker Hies . ....... ...... , I, ,.... . .'o-.t. loiii " 1 1 . ........... ..... ...iiiisit s t .ii . ii'.,. i a , . i as 1 1 1 1 1 .. . i s. . , . . i i So lo . -l i pl letl n- , -oid it salislieu. ..... , ., . f ...i,;.i, in- ' -o 1 1 of which Dr. , , .,, , !. s This boanl new'" CO' l. I lean I el, ... ,,.y will ioin him then' Their ... ., .. -,, i v .- lii.-mlier lias i - M.iiosi ,n N. i u ask. i Chroii i, h i, ..put i . . 1 1 -1 - i oil'-, tor on Ih . i i" i' i i .... -. i i in leadwooii . .,, .,,,1 i Sfhwai tzwahl. H. '. Cook. .1 I'. Hv-mer, W. J. Thornhy. K. . Craft. W. H. Parker. 3r.. Ceor-e H roller. Genree 1 . Damon. Third ward. .1. T. C.iH i''- l: : Crimslmw. H. . Alexander. W S. Simpson. l. M. Steams. W. C Hi' " John Hunter. O. V. Mat son. Alt- r nates M. ('. Hayes. John Holding. A ii. Allen. H. A. Cable. Sol Slav. W. II i!oore. riiarles Winn. I. A. Webb. Fourth warl Seth Hullo, k. .bdin Baker. A. Sha George S. Fuller. V. K. Rcmer. J. V. Fowler. A. ! i"1 tnons E. C. Dickev. .1. C. Moody. Al i,i- ni, I t i ill , ,, l,.,l over six million non. us ii, ..... , . ... 11,1 1 , , , ,, I I : 1 i 'I I 111 itl- 'nil',' o- .,!.- reel, t their - Hp. hoi, . ..... t v await 1U ltl'ilK" i-niitio.,111....--- many in Smith Dakota can t.-slify as l,opc nnlimii u i wi:.-. I Iny will remain lo re two or tim e day s and tln n isil Sfe.n (ish and othe,- points of interest in lie- Noitii-ern Mills. to tin- needed assistance they have re- lie m " I , .-i(',l From Play to Work. j Hon E. W. Mainn ami family and j John llariini on.- o. tin- in l " a na i I .- owners of tlo- I'm timid mi.i- at Crip ., . ,.,sts .vho have spent a month Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather i i ' ri - de Creek, and who resides at Ccdo- ternates Joh.-i Treber. Frank Ion: ,he Scott ranch on the Spearhs.,. . .. i ... ih.- citv. Mr. Charles tdo Soring, is ,n .ue - it m mining YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. C. C Polk, the Sti'.rgls attorney, was in town. 11. J Johnson departed for his h--. rain Minneapolis. John IL Wilson ntuim d from a brief I... lin.. business. It is to be hoped that Mr. . I ' 1 1 ..en . . . . to t hi 1 1 Marti" and '.aniny w.o ........... m in st. bonis. Mrs. J. ...nous.,,, , ,.o. m return 1" their noiio- ILirnin may h e-.e the i-wmr of Mime prop.-i t v in the Hills, as in bis hands it would he i ertain of develop-mi nt. Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 1 t llll'li ' o mi I , , ; ' i-.ii no i , . . I , , ,, ,-.n. Mi 11 ,- i 1 i -v - .neml a few days in l.N tls. C. H. Robinson. S. Koenigsb. rg.-r P. L. Rogers. J. (1. Thomas. A. Cleveland, H. nischoff.John H. Hnrns. Lead City. First ward. Richard Dunlap. I- A Fell. R H. Pu -cell, Walter McKay, N W. Treweek, Ccorge Foglesong, C. W Merrill, Victor Jepsen. Alternates -R. Smith, George It. Thompson William Bartlett. Thomas 1) Edwards John Peterson. J. K. Searle. Horac Clark. Frank Lewis. i.. ... 1'iy.e. snporinlen.loiit of some Ling for Faulktou ll.'M weeK ... .iiss Maud J-.nisi oi i.eau ".i-' c... gv.est of Deidwcod friends. Janus Donm lly of Portland was a guest of Sheriff I'lunkett and family. ll. iii v Teer. well known resident minim; prop, ily at L'. nib l-r . Colorado. ue to open IH" campaign uieie .... iurivc-d in town Thursday ( Veiling on That was formerly 1.X) and $2,00 Light weight ,,,,. i. The central conimuo- his li ist vi.-il t tin- Mills. IT is ias dated him for on'" po,nPtin;"s be until the night L(.ail who been up In Hritish . a .lav brolher. O C. Iry.e. has been showing him around and he is greatly . .. o, ,.,,-ik- Columbia for a time returned home. ovo ele. lion, and tie win ... .-, Second nar.-l V E. Snn ad John rnckrwear 25c to75c a Garment. STRAW HATS ' Wm. Veric k. cashier of he Central . k(. ;v many live-mmcc x 1 .i , nun. Citv. (Neb... state bank, is in this sec . Bartlett. James McQuillan. Antone ph-ased with the mining outlook. He leaves for Chieaso on Men. lay nn wi.l letiirn her, on his way I, a, k to Colorado. l , is "ie passes till ii en' pee. Ik's as n I tion enjoying his mid-summer vaca tion. AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Jurich, Jr.. O'e Danielson. Sam ire cna, Ernest May. Mike McAllen Perry Vicker, Antone Clover. Alter rates Willia.Tt Andrews. Arthur Mr Hose. Genrirp lieemer J. H. Tinker. .1 s-: A. liomzias. the barber who vva P.rigiidier .I Toft, who for vears has been an oftieer in E i- in Will Visit Crystal Csve. a,lv.ood have arram:e,l fm c, taken to the hospital, is convalescing ruder the . ire of Doctors We, lei Mens! Fine Suits a ch-Th.-y omnihus Peters, Rus Hawley. Albert Steele. ,,,,fl outing next Sunday I - ta.-dt i.e,,e. now residing at D'-s Moines. In . .:1 vii't I).idwood on Sunday. A" 1 i.u -t l'n. to rcv.idilct two me.-tin- 'n Hi Salvation Armv hall. One i . , 1 . . 11 John Martin, J. D. Skacgs. .1. W. r i ( has. Stevens, the mason who ,ias r . t v ran. 1 , , engaged at Sturgis. passed thru ,,,.,, ,v,,-,i.i and tw- o, rigs wi'.l drive vut i" Crystal Third nr.l Thomas E. Ilarvi In Light Weights and Nobby Styles at i ', th. city en route to !?ad where he - R. Dickins,on,i Dr. Freeman. Dave in.- wiil be held at 1,'e.i a. m. an-' at 2 : P.rt p. ni. Ensign Aii-i.-:'"ii . omrado-. from Lead v. jl a'. -o le r-nr. Slorran A Vf T imdln P. A. Glishurst (-av(, a disiauc from here o, ... ... on i They st;ii t from ..Uht. n . mile- ,. Pam WesseU and wife ami Ed. M. Rice, J. E. Cooper. John Cor toran. Alto, nates .T. W. Gibbs ,-uis city Sundav moiniug ..c .... ,, the return trip mej .'M-o . This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising values. Everythlns goes at reduced price:;. Come in and convince yoursel tha; we are offering greater values now for the money than 67cr before. Anxious to show your our goods, we are abligingly yours. ' John Onavlo fharlos Coolidge. Georg r i.- si r, ia fUve the cavj ai o v,. The Summers Trial. Judge Mr-Gee held a night s" of. court last evening at whir ITieml. of Lincoln, left for Casper, Wyoming. They will return tome after a short visit In that city. H. E. IVrkiTis, the well known Stur-iis banker, arrived from New York ovi Thev will take their umnvi.-. ,ong and enjoy a sort ot Picm ' . . foi u-oather to have testimony was about conolml. ter a few witnesses havo been Collins. J. P; vVilson, J. C. McLemore. S. E. Crans, Frank boppin, James Halloran. , Fourth ward. R. Bullock. ' W. S. . O'Brien Jr, Alex Cruickshank. A. D. -r . x'lV TrpWPPk on the Burlington, accompanied by BLOOM The Clolhitt are certain wo. - a delightful time. The fare for the ( d on rebuttal, then will fol' t Trtn case will bo eivt .j round trip is only one aoiiar ami ty or thirty of the D. ot H. members his wife, where they have been visiting for a brief period. They will finish their homeward journey on the Elkhorn today. fbe jury before noon today, and a ver dict may be expected this evening. 6uwjn, jonn nese, V John A. Blatt, I. Putnam. Alter-te. w. 8. O'Brien, John Thomas, Barker,' 0. I Smith, William and friends espect to enjoy ua- ,ing. ' ,

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