The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 26, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PI0NEER TI1ES, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 26, 1899. ftssarlng 50; Cold and Silirer MRS. LIEBMANN. Choice Cut Flower, and Potted Planus, always on hand. Orders Tor funerals an! society emblems promptly filled. The Union Assay Office, wife dish The dish You Can't fe SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It cures painful, smarting, nervous fee and :n-KrowtiiB nails, and iintantly takes the ."ting out of corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of th' age. Allen's l"'Kit - Kiisc makes tight or ;rw shot feci easy, l! is a ceraiin cure )r sweating, inllous and hot, tiled achug feef. Try 11 lu.lay. Sold by all d nij-'i sii- and shoe si'iri s. liy mail for J:V U Maiiis. Trial Kane KltKK Address. Mien S. nliiu-ii-a I I." Itoy N Y MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It Is certainly gratfying to the public to Get Away know of one concern in the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The -propritors of Dr. King's New Discovery for coiisumptlon, coughs N3. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWJOD, S. D. Will (live (Correct Tlesults of Jfolli Cold anSHver Jor JCc Oi AIL Samples (Jjrougltt to lie . and colds, have given away over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; and have the satisfaction of knowing It a has absolutely cured thousands of hope FROM THE FCA T th . VV(LV one Trading -vitK vs gets a square, deal, or vc tell y0VL exactly wlicLt you are mying. less cases. Asthma, bronchitis, horseness and all diseases of the throat, chest and K.ubns in m9 M. H. Lyon & Co Agents for the Blickenderfer $36.00 Typewriter the Beat To UATKIt i'O.VSI MKl You are hereby notified that the water supply received from the Ilotnewtike company is becomiug cry short, o.' ing u the hot weather The committee has received information that several consumers who have lawns are- very extraviant in lungs are surely cured by It. Call on Kirk G. Phillips, druggist, and get a frea Machine Made. trial bottle. Regular alze 60 centa and J1.00. Every bottle guaranteed or price refunded. b(lVE P'l I j. porter the use of water, in some instaices per-miltitiK their hose to run night tnd ilny. This uotice is given, urging as eccnomi al U8e of water as possible, and as a naming that in eases where the reckless waste of iinno"1"" qmrmmu .Mii.aililimiaiii 4iiiioiiMiniiMit.lMltlMlliilliniinili Mt'MMtiliiiilfiiiiiiniflli - "T niaiig ; MINES AND MINING .' (&. t'ikYiMiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittaiattiliiiiiiiMaiiiu iiiiimiif iibtMHiii iiiiiiiimiiiiiciii iii.iift Lt lor tb-' water Is continued, it will bo promptly Irtter. n linn Mrs shut off. WATER COMMITTEE. o . 1,1 eodinK CIGARS L,i,.ntion l TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM .tie 'l"h WILL NOT XKlAi THK HOMKSTAKE. The ilisjmtcli lias bwu going the rouoJB Of thf litattrn papers lately to the effect that i hi' llrarsl lulertMl, one-third, of the .great Huuiesliike mine. Is to be Bold Id .Loudon next ljioulh and the details of the Effectually yet gently, w hen costive or bil GIVE A of I1 NO WATER TODAY. Sturgls Record: This morning people will wake up to the fact that there isn't any water to be had from their hydrants. The water will be turned off Just above town, and will be turned off for twenty-four uours. The company notified every Impale -v ious, to permanently overcome habitual L-onstlpatlon, to awaken the kidneys and We try to maPce an honest profit so tltat the buyer may come back to us. Our Prices Are All Right. Big values hitched to little prices. That's the way yon find all through, our unsurpassoh stock of- Menfs and Boy's Clothing, Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. The Pioneers of 1876. deal are all Made. The mine is valued iti liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. fills ilispaiili ,u about t'J 000,000, aJi'l is uinjumer last Monday by postal card, and at tho same time suggested that gardens OFCOMFOJ and lawns bj thoroughly soaked, so that no more need be used for a few days or until the three reservoirs were fillei with fresh water. -.ijiitalizeil ai 5 IJ,r,no,ooo. It has p.iid div-lili'Uiln of $7 J;:.000 and is underBtood to luve ground oiiened U innure divlden la) tjl ff;,ijtm mi nilily for the next twenty 3'eai-s Tim Ilcarnts gel about $3 5UU,UoU Xr a i lii id iiiIcitmi in llomeelake alone, and H is Hii'iised I hat the name iuteredt in (he I'le.idwuinl-Terra and Highland will o aLso. SMOKERS Nobody need feel uneasy about fire as about six miles of ten-Inch pipe remains TryoN full, and th? upper reservoir is In THE HAIHS OF YOUK HEAD Are all numbered; and every one of ;hem will lay down smoothly or stand up like a lightning rod. a la pompadour, if ycu get it cut by Hirsch in the basement of the Carr & Berry block, then follow it up with a shave, a tub, plunge or Turkish l ath. The swimming pool Is the largest it the country. No need to go to Hjt Springs, when you can get a plunge at home for 25 cents. serve. The ripes alone contain a million Tk., .Iivrvil,!, la . I , . 1 ... I l I l.u, ,1 u , 1 I, ill A.DAVIS'SONSfiCO. MAKERS gallons of water, and the reserve reservoir a, deiii f.'ora the valuation plaeed on hasn't any bottom. mi l upon I he Hearst interest in The water in the system ior two weeks 0HN G WOODWARD 8c C0,:' SALE DISTRIBUTERS. ' the iili lli i It was never sent from fcere. In cotinei'inu iih ihis rumor, another Vras started jisterday in London that the entire mine was to be sold, for $19,000 -00. Superintendent Thomas J. Orier was feen coneernintf these rumors lat niKht, suid he stated that he had no knowledge whatever com ernlnR them. ! It will be set n by the telegraphic report to the I'ioneer-Tiines Ihis morniiiK that 3fra. ITioebe Hearst, of San Krancisct, demies any intention to wll her interest In 8be mine which coutlrms (he belief that tome one not of the Itlack Hills is man-mfBttturinK niiuiuK sensations 10 suit FIRST NATIONAL BANK has lasted bad, altho a man from Chicago said it was like nectar ill comparison with other cities. Tho trouble has been that the company had :oo much water. The difficulty was in the f jeond reservoir. It filled up so that it backed in on the willows around the edge and left a woody taste, altho in reality It was In rc way detericrated in purity o- healtfulness The third or upper rpsertir is as sweet as a nut. The company has emouraged consumers to wa3te water all the. week so as to help empty the dams ate! all hose has been In play day md nie.h' Today the big floodgate at the lower dam will be opened, and a force o( men Is hand wiih brooms, brushes, et ., to clean the two lower reservoirs out as fast a- the water settles, and by the time they are empty every foot of surface sides and bottom will be as clean as a DEMOUTH'S "ART' INCORPORATED. Will sell Goods for Cash CiVaper ihan any House in the Hills. An injm-nse Stock. to select from, both New and ecjud Hand, DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Uniteio States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 SURPLUS $150,000 DIRECTORS: 0. j. salisbury, t. j. orlbr.p. b. sparks. p. a. gushur8t d. a. Mcpherson. No. 70 Sherman Street. - - Dead wood, S. D OFFICERS: whistle. The lower dam will then have a new coat of Cfment put on, aa it ha3 President.... 0. J. SALISBURY Vice-president T. J. ORLKK Cashier ... .1). A McPHERSW Assist. .Ashler. . .J. 8 DENMAN iAai,ua ha,iiv Irr Kimn timn nn account of A LEASE ON THE MI LLION Dr. H. H. Muggley, of Chicago, and Charles E. Wbfalan, of Madison Wisconsin, have tak. h a bond and lease on the TBiflTlaa proprty 1n Bear Butte district, fldtuatefl near the Two Bears. They Inland i .ttegtn systematic development rork on the around Immediately. The Bullion has been well improved in years Vast, and la favorably regarded by those famlrJar wltr It. There Is considerable mm In sigtot, end It U believed that a H .WfoWj flrjll reveal still more. the great pressure of the Immense body TOMBSTONES IRON FENCING of w iter. By tomorrow everything will be In thape to fill the reservoir with fresh water, and a soon as the fire reserve now In ths big mums has run out, the water MONUMENTS Foreign and American will be as wet as of old Cook Remedy Co. A large number of trout will put In as soon they can oe socurea XOBi a gool sha.- ,h" tlrae for th I .rt k eU in mining TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Marble and Granite HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR , tn a r0naiderble .( He ha. Nollc, i. hereby given that I bae leased .contemplating the Bullion Or some M c. 961, known as the Bullion property. Office at N.Colman's M Main St. T. H. CALE. Agent h. made freouent inpe .i.iiated In Bear Buue alliums " DEAD WOOD, S. D. - o ,iin I . . a iv to Charles B olLOOD poison PRIMARY, SECONDARY TERTIARY BLOOD P0K) PERMANENTLY CURED Dl 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can U t(Ue Hills l"r vf -- -- . - . v Whelan and H. H. Muggley and that me property will not be responsible for' any Mr Whealan Is mayor of Madison. Wis- 0 Joseph R. Lehmer debts contracted by said lessees lor aaiMHM tereated at home for tie mm Hoe under same GUARANTY - If you prefer to come here w will asmaln and U the grand master of the -ai.nic arand lodge of the state. He !s or material. A u mist 26th, 1S99. & youngest r.rand master In the United GEORGE C. HUNT, Trustee. 1212 Farnam St. Omaha. Nei. State. , o o- OARDBN SPOT OF THE HILLS. Coooer ore Is generally believed to be detrimental to the successful operation of oontraot to pay railroad fare and hotel bill, and no charge If wo fall to ew n you hare taken MERCURY, IODINI POTASH, and etW kare achee and P MUCUOC8 PATCHES In month, SORB THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPER -CO L0R-BD SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of taa body, HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLOT OUT. tt la this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to cure. We eollo most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CAU WJ CANNOT CURE. This dtoeaae ha. alwara BAFFLED THE SKILL OF TH1 UeST EMINENT PHTBIOXAJrS. i. JSrr1 r "" Pm"rfn PbB men. Kings and Emperor, of tf wocumbed to thla diaeaae eren when under the treatment iw'J" w"JUl ooold could employ, but we haye a 8BCBJT REMEDY known only to owaalrea. During FOURTEEN TEAM of totenoe bo leaa than twenty dlieraa oonoeraa hare atarted op to Imitate treatment, promptod by m nunil ii i m,.- ryu. na. ana of them f Mining i General Supplies A Beautiful Home for Sale. ae cyanide procew. Such, however does 15 acres, all under water; not always a-prear to be in caC- 1fed ores cause more trouble than sul 1 acre to fruit; chide ores. Some copper aulphldea -fresh g)IUUV VIM. ; avaaa-w 7 acres to vegetable I w -b- I Q from the mino whloh hare not suffered - ( cret .w; pL fllTTN Q Rainbow and full line manufactured by the Peerles idation give leaa trouble than thoae which u.roonl boua. new and all modera to-1 vr . .. in man&Miral w - u. niia aMtk at I W nVivr M flnuf actunncT Co. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitir, -y partly oxiuikou. wluw proyemenw. "" i r fcp iron and other uiphWea whh are Nonnal .chooi. Tho froit m4 rmftutA I TjTiT mTwg Rubber and Leather Belt, Dressing and Lace Leather . .-vi v. ,mniAm nrooeaa under I . l tlM per mooth. 1 crater to prerent oxldaUon. Apply to Ptoneer-Tlmea. HOSE Rtber, Steam and Water. THE COOK REMEDY CO. ha parmanoatly cured thouemnda aad baa 1 wwJd-wVJa repuuaoa tar apMty own, bonoaty aad totagrltr. TnTV T.l II T W DlUVIIIllf VUISI llM9ninlUl. . a ..Tm , run 1 AU HlMa Oil MJ X- JU V V V MtMM VT 4'K"COlU It U stated that Marrta Welch haa lately .A mm rood ore la a ahaft that NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. D. METHODS. I. Uia ahort connecting line between the 1 . I . to the ehort connecUng Una between the ! i. ha. Deen .Inking Burno gukh U the . Carbonate dtatrtoV Btack Hllto Sioux City and PototijBTE White and Colore! Cotton. AMm A A TK3S1 fWll. A M . - -. .. ,.nrrT"WnJ 1 MM. AMMUU1AI MTIUJLSWVm fl IV I T W ITU .Nil I HMII irfclM tk era. and the lwt eraal to emtmn gouU DakoU. CJoa oooneo-i . aT..,. ci t- w:-,. M n- -J e;i 0ES mm waifxl la . uni oa apUoaOom. NO BRANCH OrTICm ONE MILLION OOLURS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. 11 a toe- The ground m whloh he wmJ uona both waya at VNetU and Blooxl ftUffi- . , " orKn. fornny Mow u ai. brother,! ur, woept Sunday, avoiding ail POWDER-"lffin & w Black Blasting, Dynamite, Fuse, , .s rrred about a year! Bay jooal UckeU to and froml Can. Etc - : ' ' v Ui-i. o-N-n. . KjmtPearS0M Oemen coated. Uirca COOKEEEDT ODIPilT. 1928 Kasoiic ITcmplB CUcafi-1. a!!lTt ' Seven OaybxcurtiSrui. KOOFINQ TIN-TayW" Old Style" and other guaranteed Kirh, ""Sl Sit iwil-t All of Above lk Stock at Omaha. annouacea that wort wui ain Fl . . . VilaliseM the ptmad. u. f- Too mmm rxm ATTiH Steel of every description. -week. I .i- i. i. tv mi. ana Hist aaitrej tt I n. ' . . .' .. r Amy 0 tloool huoo.rrK-a pbrciM, wlU qolctlr cur. To 9JT eJJ, tnsonnilaiPns la the Back, Seminal amieiloin, Ker72iJi!ii5a -Auttnatic Stokers. j W. Dalby ha. lately been taking ti)rn before dark la Um. (or flUlftB ge rimpiM, vaauMas U Marry, KxbaoaUoa irmins, t ' ,. T.TTN TTJ fl And shop tools, lolts, Corrugated Iron, Etc JofMUpmtloa. ItslopaaUloeMebydayorBKbt rTSiod swa of diKiBm. whiek If nitoi Wila to BpennatofTM"22: -ood looking copper ore oat ot u.- "M tJw crenlac galetlea. I ICrORC aaa ArTCR ?J1iL,,,w,-eT- 3 1 i on ua Big iwr srulch. Ha haj Juat brought gome It visa btroina oibson. .1 Tor shiDmenta dreet from fa.of.nrv tem m to be assayed. Thereease. ntrmr, are eo d br DoMen Is km tAtwtf per eeirtere WSJSSSffl- lm ijrl-'f rtTV ?"r' laoBeieaei aiMakoa,sUgr4,a).byaaa. '-it tm nmiiiwiM mm IhiimimHH AiUrese ATeI. JUICIXa CF.ataaaariaealKOhi.i(rMtW rZZZTV; Quality Guarranteelf Special Prices-Orders or adOress No. C -'.a Tii, i-J nd Inauiries Solicited. . - . Two ahlftj of miners are working la the K&r&ANKXlM. PALACS """irrr.raalaaiiL

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