The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 24, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1900
Page 5
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:i. r.t"0. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. rvn UULTLTLTUTU U njyruxnnr.n jin njrLTLruT-ruT. njxnjxruwi Tlie gulden chariot of the Klkhorn, commonly called a pay car. came in esteniay. "".lack, the hugger." who earned a reputation in head wood sometime ago Food prepared With "Calumet" ia Free from Rochella Salts. Alum! Lime and Ammonia. kCalu Gentlemen i met" is the riouscwif a'a I Fnend. R U CALUMETS THE THREE POINTS i 1 1 1 moved out. is hack again. Miss Josephine Shannon, one of the ! teachers, accompanied by her brother, departed for Chicago. Johnny Krvan lost a $' watch 'ibarin but wis greatly lelfeved morni'.m when he found it. Th. 1 1 C ( .tried 1 wo of its largest iiia. he - tn l.f. 1 v -Mei-day in order to , I 1 1 1 . i.- iliiwn :i lot; delegation for the NOT MADE BY THE V TRUST. NONE SO COOD. 2 o a 3 n 5 J 0 E Mr. and Mis. Sam We.ssels of Lincoln after a leasant out mg in the Hills departed for home. KEEPING UP WITH THE PROCESSION We are right ia it now v. . ,,,: They are tellini; us on a!i ,:).. t!i.,-.nir fall an.l -winter lino t .U-- !!: i.i- ,,ft the bmh. or. as tie- I'lt-toa ,. "liminatt'S the dd.ipi hue. 1 i r i . : j f r . :n th, shrubbery." If this is t r-u . oimlit m know i!. We art- ii; ,!;.. r.i . to ;u .uol look to every man !.o , (-Im, t" help 1S clo i!. Sh a happy v. ii. i: -a- And the seen; i ,-!! 1 h.ov a "1'ivas my "swell up ' te--, :,llov-f 'i' My overcout alone. I in not sorry that I bovu'h' i'. Tho' it cost nie neat iy For I'm backing in the sansliitio ( f her lovely smile a: i:n. (intviiing train bound for Chicago and e.lM.-l'll point- If i)iir ( hihl-fii are fretful, peevish, and ( m.-s. tnoiin r the same, ditto the : hos-. It would .-'i lll proper to uive "ill al Ho, l-.v M ". in tit : ti Tea. cents, si. viiia d i ii . -J i-1 Mi-s Amv fial ltoe White, promi-10 lit Sioux City ladies, who have been visiting their m ter, the wife of I'rof. ' Stevens at Kipid. will arrive in town I today, for a v isit with Deailvvood tl i.-nd-. John J Nichols came down from Lead to take the Klkhorn train for ('hna"o He will be absent several Mi (He Matson and daughter de-pail-.l for ii month's visit at Chicago and with relatives in Indiana. Mb- Hi'i'tha Taylor of Hiair. Neb., after a pleasant stay at Hot Springs and I if iidvv ood. left for home. Stipei intf n 1'iit Harmon , after spending two or three days in town, left m his private car for Cliadron. .Miss May Anlcny of Clinton. Iowa, arrived in t nv n Wednesday on a visit with her lather. Perry Ankeny. (is .ar Neil-o.i. an old time smelter employe, dft.iirtfd for Napa. California, where 'f will in the future ie side. wnl.h and expect to visit New York Cil.v alel oiler Atlantic coast towns before returning home. I I a . . ii I w Ii . 1, ( n . 1H lb s iipt i' mi will bf . in, ;, 1 1 l a fur. (j An Important Decision. .Ml.-- Cfl'tiai ii M lll'gl idvvoo ! 1 1 i ' i v ;- t.t- Mill f in it l liat ! " ! - Hi . - :. nil I..;.. I f III- f I Hi"..'! I I 1 oeoi f . .-I" a. ... ' - ' ' sand. r. and w . l-'lti ml if a 1 1 ; t'haiies ( i ; 1 1, v . r and w iff. Ituilalo ( lap; ' ' Vi:.:.!l!i Sni ih. S!.'! C.t - W A. lew .la Tilt cil.-v 1 V. ( ';i t . lit - r et ;,1 mi ft a i . v -. 1 1 1 Si i i , .-, e ii bjC r '' alter III. Is nig t: W. eill, y . . . 1 1 1 : i ; i ; 1 1 : vv ,-i . I i ., i ' : ! lU'Oll'.J -1. ,1 la- i) ivt i She i t Line. I' I'lfa OF OUR $3.50 SHOL. Zipp Shoe Co. t.srC.r.t i - Se.illanl of .-v i.-it with 1 ).', ben n tie : . lal hi- it..., !!!. At I II I . a v i ' ii . in . a (il I 1 1 . .-Up li ,V M all.: paMf.l fin 1,1- I . w . i : i . il: I III . ,: lid Till.' tl 1 1 1 1' i I' in! .... .Voore II. l. 'I :i .ii t hi- ,vv hi li 0 1 . 1 ; I T I v. h. 11 t lie 1 f v f 1 1 i 1 1 1: . that i ; of i ! mi ")! t a n. f. 1 1 v, .in s t Ii 'ii (if tin- if nr. I that jd lr-n . a i . id hi v . "in l.el.v . .n ! W Stic.i.ij t- ii.iu. -1 1 a,,-1, 1 vv 1 . -i i v . . I and a ii. i - 0 35 Main S, uxru uxtltuij u-LrLnixTLTLrij l uutjt-Tltl'U u u uiaajaj cru urijTxiJxiijTj ixrt ace to t: . i cTUTJ u-LTTj aorp I"-"1 11 am ii" '"i ua- bad b; 1he a Hi; bom. i i I " a - a 1 1 1 I I a i e .' " '.I I'' 1 fa M I! I .i i - I. i . : a . I I l a . i ! I a I ! a I I.. I I, ail., f 1, .l lie Sltirtii- W.i'er Wo; a s f'.n:i:iiiy ill -tin hi I : IlllJIIIUIItlllllll lllIiailllllJIIIIIBllllJflillJlSHIIllllllllflitllfllllllltliJIt'lltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlitlllllL .-M ! I I ....-.!ia i-!a w!.,l 111" 'l I'r $." that tl,,. (I p I'll tl, II 1 1 'a.ii ot '!'. 1 1 y wa in t .avoie 1 giie-i.-. " . M . I hi : I .I. t In- well know n n inii..; can a. id ma hiiiery expert, is in t.-i i , i of a tiattering proposition lo go to South Afro a. Wo should he -on y to see niiu go. as his presence The Dclmonico I" I :' .!..:! lie a I a - at ion O.h . II, 1 If la n i ii i ,!' 'i il t h,ni 1 i in I lie I'la 1 1 .- 1 1 .- will in. i .- 1 1 i vv .-1 k to a t' la- c i a v f 1 bank ie a r l.r. .-r se v i-'i if i ii m ile.- n ii i h of St.-rl in", vv here If will load ballast until thf road is all . i Hi i i j 1 1 t I . w hi. h will be about I NDER THE MANAGEMENT OF I MESDAMES SMITH AND GREATHOUSE 1 Will open for business at noon on E JLoiOLCLxr 20t3l: The ladies have both had n. any y ears of experience in the E E hotel and restaurant business, and will spare no pains to serve E E tho public with the very best the market affords. COME and try their opening dinner MONDAY NOON. MEALS AT ALL HOURS FROM 6 A. M. 8:30 P. M. I Under The Post Office. 5MIII MMIIIMirMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIItlllllllllllllllllliMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIMIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIMIIIIlE Hi.- .Mh of Se 'tfinb'-r. Ile snvs this i line vv ith V", pound steel rail- and ; "liivel ballast I is the best new road ; ever ((instruct 'd in the stale, and that ' but few old lines can equal it. Ho im- ibrstainls the tra.k will all be sur j I'aied up so that the mvv time card' w ill go into i "To. t September 1a. The ; liu ri i imlon does not build the ent ire distance of 1 Vi miles from Alliance 1 to Iti aisli. Col i . as many suppose, it having made ti.'i'k agreements with j C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carries a u Mine of caskets, coffins, robes, wreaths and, in fact, everything pertaining to funeral regalia. the Iniou Pacific whereby twenty-three miles of I'nion Pacific t.'ack out of Sterling is used for the present. No expense lias been spared in the construction of the road all the way thru from Alliance, which would in-indicate that the company expected to make fast time. The Portland and northwest Pacific (oast trade out of Henver and other Colorado points has none over the I'nion Pacific exclusively. The new road of the Burling Telephone 134 Harrison. Parlor 114 Sherman Street. ou.j.5 is : ii'il alPr ill.- lirst $::n ;n lots ,.l sr."") each anil worn jjij 1 1 ("olii-n l ( 'arp liter. I ii'l'niv t!e!a-t !.i,IM were issued a mortuao lis si von to I K. Dickinson of Lead lor $20,000. and in the meant inn' sun-ry judgments wore obtained against lie company hy eastern creditors, uiounting in H i' abrogate to .several iousand iloll irs. Tho Water Works onpany defaulted in their payments mi Colonel Carpenter brought suit in swlosure thr.i his attorney. Charles r. Brown. Est., of Rapid City. Mr-inghlin & Mci.aimlilin and Chaniliers illar Esq., appeared on behalf of ickinson et ah, and Wesley Stuart Sturpis represented the Water 'orks company. Mr. lirown. who Iso represented Carpenter, also ap ared for th-' judgment rreditors. There was hut little eonteiition over claim of the first mortgagee, but i between I)i kinson and the judu-ent creditors some v ery nice ques-)ns arose. Another question enter-I into the matter also which had iver been passed upon hy our su-me court, that of whether the wa-r works, mains, engines, dams, ete., ere personality or realty. Judge Moore, in rendering his dei i-m, held that the first mortgage of irpenter was good, and took piece-nee over all creditors. He further id that the second mortgage held Dickinson was void, on the ground at it was given when the corpora was insolvent, and therefore old not prefer any creditor, and e plaintiffs Dickinson et al. a Sight judgment for tln ir i hum. th no t'Uht ot foreclosure, making inferior to other judgment creditors, giving judgment of foreclosure in i Carpenter i ase. the North lakota cision was cited wherein mixed Jperty simiU: to that of the water opany was held to be personalty, ige Moore took a different view of nd held f at the property being closed was real estate, thus giving ! owner one year under our statutes rwleem. If it were personalty there be no chance for redemption, 1 the owner would have been closed ith no further recourse. The will he taken to the supreme 'rt for a ruling on these two im taut points, which will then be se4 upon tor the first time in "th Dakota. ton gives them tin' shortest line ami in bii-ines- eiriles would be greatly missed. Carl Pay. who has been a temporary mail carrier for some time, was regu-h.ily appointed by the Washington a in horit if s. ;" cording to the dispatches Tiles-lay. Ile has not yet re . eived official notice of the fact by mail. "Hunger is the best sauce." Yet some people are never hungry, and they get weak and siCK. Hood's Sar-saparilla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive power and makes the whole body strong. Siik headache is cured by Hood's Pills. 20c. P. W. Power, who has been over in the eastern part of the state and at DeS' Moines on business and pleasure combined, arrived home after an absence of ovr two weeks. He was glad to get back to the Hills again, tho he found business booming in the old Havvkeye state. The noted Methodist bishop. John Walden of Cincinnati, will arrive in lieadwood this ( veiling and will he the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dennis. Bishop Walden will preside at the Black ilills conference which meets in Spearfish next week, and where, no dount. every Methodist divine in the district will be in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Walrath. the latter a sister of K. M. Thompson, the Adams' Kpress agent, accompanied by Mrs. ltitteiihodse. .mother of Mrs. Tohmp-son. arrived from Arlington, Iowa, for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. .1. H. Butle:'. division superintenil-i nt of the Adams Kxpress company, with headquarters in Omaha, arrived on the Burlington. C.eorgo Holstein and John Caton were talking pretty strong about how-Judge Moore would cany Lawrence county. When they offered to hack their judgment with a. little cash they found Kid Simpson a willing taker. They put tip $."0 each and Snipson promptly cohered it with .: "ii ami it was deposited in the bank. This is the first wager of the campaign t o YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Mid5ummer ....Reduction no doubt will do a big bu-iness to the l'Ol 111 west Matrimonial. j The many Ii 'ends of John Mauss ; Who supposed he Was a (Olltiinieil ha, h' lor will hi surprised to know , t hat he i'-ii v e - I leadw ood Sat iirday , mi New Yo K t 'itv. w here he will in. .I his s vv - .t h. at t from the old , i 1 1 1 1 1 1 v and a wf tiding will im mod i- j at, I y tali .!.i. Ml . .Mauss and j l.t id" after " r la" t : lav in t lie east, j will i ft ui ii to I le.advviiiiil w here t hey ; w ill make th ir home. ! V . I Pugilistic. . Tlo Sha i k-v Fitzsiniinoiis light., who h has atliaiti'il so niiu Ii intention in sjioiting i irdos. will come off at All Summer Goods Reduced from II VV II III llUit llis b I It ll.'l' VVllU I esille- III Pennsylvania, and i- 1 oiiuiig to tin-I i ills mi a v i-il . The lecture and song service last ( veiling at the M. K. church delighted a fair sized audience. The singing was especially line. Mrs. .1. C. Wright departed for the ( ast where sic will have her hand foaled, it hiving been giving her much trouble of late. C. V. IM wards of Omaha, traveling salesman for the Ciidahy Packing ( ompany. is 1. taking the Black Hills with a specia'lv line this week. Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Warren came in from Spearfish, and Mrs. Warren left for Atkin ion. Neb., and Omaha. Mr. Warren returned home on the afternoon train. Charles M ir.-h of the Hotel Bullock is enjoying a vi .it from bis father and brother Prank, who reside in Omaha. They came up from Hot Springs last evening. Elmer Wolzmnth of Spearfish was In town and left on the evening train for Omaha, where he goes to consult an eminent oculist and take treatment for his eyes. Master Clap'tKe Lumsden left yesterday in company with his grandma, Mrs. J. P. Wright, for Atkinson. Neb., where he will be duly entertained by relatives for a few weeks. Jesse B. Osliorn of the popular firm of Wolf Bros.' Shirt Manufacturing company. Kansas City. Mo . is visiting bis many ns'imers in Deadvvood. and will remain i:i th" efty for several lays at the Bullock hot. . O K and P S. Parnhani left for Chicago an d points in Ohio. They were acomparii'-d by their little nieces Wanda Spind'er ami Nona Parnhani. O. E Parnhani will go to Ann Arbor, v. hero he taK"s a course in the law-department. His brother and the girls will return in September. Mrs. Prank I.ockhart. who resided with her husband in this city for four years and for the last fifteen years has been a resident of Rapid, after a short visit here, departed for Alliance. Mr. Lofkhart has moved his store from Rapid to Alliance, and they will make tint town their future place of abode. At the Bullock: T. E. Whiteside, New York: J. L Bostwick. Roi kport, Mo.: William B. Jess. Springfield, Ills.; C.eorge H. Rice. Victor Saul, Alex. Willey. W. A. McCraw. F. W. Robinson. Chicago: P. C. Burghardt and son, F. C Duerr, Omaha; M. Minerach. Madison. Wis.; F. T. Evans, Hot Springs: E. (!. Pryce, Boulder; Mrs. Watkins. Hastings, Neb.; Ed M. Timme. New ork ; F. J. Davis, W. M. McCorkle. Limoln; J. H. Richards and wife, Kansas City; Frank Marsh, Omaha: Pr. R. H. Morton, Lead; Dr. H. MI. Mortotn. Minneapolis: J. B. Osborn. Kansas City; Gus Kehn, New York: L Chapman -and wife. Fort Meade; G C. Fox, Gasgow, N. J. o TR ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A rwl',r to be phaken Into the ehoba. Your feet swollen. nrvoti3 and hot, and get tlrrd easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cures swollen, sweating feet. InsTOwIng nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieve corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try It today;. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25 cents. Trial package FREE. Address Allen 8 Olmsted, Le Roy, N. T. t ( onev Islainl tonight, .lolin I lernev . with his usual liberality and desire to please his patrons, will get a report of the contest by rounds, which will be 1 1 ad at the Bodega I Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Nw Precincts. The utility commissioners will n cot in spe ml session next eunes- lay. as will be seen from the official o- notice in another column, tor tne purpose of forming some mj-vy election preiiints. Some of the new mining camps wher-' a hundred voters are found, do not like the idea of goiDg ten miles to cast their ballots. This ((iinty now a- thirty -seven voting preiiints o'lt-i.le of Deadwooii ana Lead, which make eight more, or for Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 That was formerly SI, CO and $2,00 Lifht weight Underwear 25c to75-- a Garment. STRAW HATS AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits In Light Weights and Nobby Styles at from $5 to $8 This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising yalues. Everything goes at retiticcd prices. Come in and convince yoursel that we are offering great values now for the money than ccr be ty-five in a'l. It certainly looks as if tho board would be doing something nsible if about half the present han Reagan departed on the evening Klkhorn for Chadron. Rev. M. K. Chapin, the evangelist, from Boll?. Koun he. is in town. li. 11 Y;in Sunt has gone on a visit 10 his old home at Wheeling, W. Va. p C. Tucker departed for Denver, expecting to b" absent but a few days. Ri v. Y. M. Richards departed for Hot Springs io rec iperate for a few 'a vs. Mr- Nott an 1 son arrived home af-t. : an ext. n 0 d visit with relatives in Missouri. Miss Nellie Pitts has accepted a position as sale-iady in the Max Fishel book store, Mrs. S. V. Noble has gone to New- county pre' in' ts were consolidated Over in the Himestake timber camps. wher from -! tr) ?,M men used to he employed i.ow less than tw.-nty Will Move Camp. PPla & McLaughlin, who have Wed on Iroi creek for over a year large force of men, cutting ties 1 Uwing timber, in the district we fire had killed the trees, will In a few days. The Iron treek "8 has been a busy one and thous-l of ties Lave been furnished to 1 B- M., which that company 'kd to Edgemont and put thru a process by forcing the sap ' tad a chemical into the wood, the pine ties as lasting as oak. amoutit of heavy bridge tint- nd dimension stuff has also furnished by the Iron creek Bfc All timber of value in the ""t district has now been cut. and LeppU & McLaughlin must ew tJeldo. flne body of timber about five from Iron creek has been killed rt&t by the Insect which has 4 om trees here In Dead wood, ttese dead trees hare been pur-from the goYerament The r win furnish quite a quantl-cf PHd ties. No reen timber of can be found in the entire pre' im t. Tc pay election officers for the a - cemmodation f so few- people de pot seem a C5od plan. To Cleanse the System Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken the fore. kidneys and liver to a healthy actlT- Anxious to show your our goods, we are abligingly yours, BLOOM The Clothier, York state for a visit of two months with relatives. Frank Phillips, after spending the day In Dealwood, returned on the evening train to Sturgis. Ed Friend of Lincoln is in town visiting old friends and enjoying the scenery In this Ticlalty. Ity, without Irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds or ftrers, use Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Co.

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