The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 26, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

H5AILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 26, 1899. of manufactures. Mechanical Ingenuity WORK WANTED Competent woman, by the day. No. 8 Water street , rear of THE DEADW000 PIONEER (R. P. Crawford Martll A Mason, Att'ys) State of South Dakota. Eighth Judicial financial power and commercial genius WATChesTdumo Fish ft Hunter's Planing Mill. count for more than cheap labor. China'i FOR SALE. circuit, as. In the Circuit Court wlclin and for Law rence County. Lillie M. Cossey. Plaintif. vs. Prank X. Cossey, Defemant The State of South Daktla Sends Greet ing: To the Above Named Defendant: turn may come a few hundred years hence, but nobody now living la worrying about that ' FOR SALE 4-room house, and three lots ESTABLISH ED JTJNB t, 17. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL T. U7T. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. .. Fine,' r2 Dewey St., Deadwood. Enquire of J. T. Garvey, Deadwood. 8-1'3-lm You are hereby summoied and required FOR SALE Furniture and lease of a to answer the complalit of tlie above William Ooebel, democratic candidate for Solid Gold jeJ named plaintiff, which wil be tiled in the office of the Clerk of tn above entitled good rooming house. Enquire of Mis Holzner. governor of Kentucky, Thursday publiclv Court, at Deadwood, S. V , and to serve PI0NEER-TTME8 PUBLI8HINQ CO expressed his gratitude for the Indorse i it a copy of your answer upm the subscrib era. at their office. In thi Martin & Ma LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition ment of Rev. W. T. Tlbba. of Mount Stir B1ck Hills Gol Soling Silver son Block. Deadwood, S. within thirty ling who as he put it, was brave enough to say a good word for him when other His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley spring, In the First ward, is now open for settlement; see plat and prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. TERM8 or SUBSCRIPTION: AILT Eriry Morning, Except Monday One Tmt 110.00 WU Months IN Dm Meat LN WIIKLY Issued Erery Thursday. preachers of the stale were l ondemulue At Special Pric, him. When a man who stamis before the days of the service of tils summons on you, exclusive of the day of service, and if .m fail to answer the oiuiilnlnt with In that time, the plaintiff ill apply to the Court for the relief denianled in the complaint. Hated at I lead wood. H 1) this 17th day of August. A I).. 1SW It. K. PBAWKOKH. MARTIN MASON Plain'.iffs Aliorneys To above Defendant j Take Notice. That the omnlaim here One Yser 1.00 U Mentha L00 1 TR SAL3 Desirable residence lots. people of an American common wealth for the most distinguished office within their Next 2o Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's at the gift finds it necessary to direct popular DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln v. starea as Second-Class Mattsr Dead wood Postomce. enue, Ingleside; lumber furnished to : AT attention to the support of a single miuia- in was filed In the office of he Clerk of it build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) ter of the Gospel, the fact would appear to above entitled Court, at Dcadwixxt A. F. SN FOR SALE A 3V& H. P. Otto GasollDe engine, lank and reservoir complete. Pioneer-Times. be chiefly valuable as directing attention to the antagonism of the pulpit as a whole. Goebel doee not seem to have been I on Aug. L'4th. IH!i!i MARTIN MASON Attorney iKIrst I'uh Aug 21 lvei.i (Martin & Mason, 1 1 ' v s i MORTCrAGR SA:.K. WHEREAS, Default has been made REPUBLICAN TICKET. kpnmi Court Judges. DIOHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANET. Main street FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine and particularly happy in this the payment of the mocv secured by reference. blower, nearly new, In perfect condition, no further use for same, will cell aymortgagp dated the nth day of Janu 'eTJ ary. A. I).. 18!:t, executes! by Rudolph Kroll cheap. Exactly suited to ' ventilating and George W I). Taylor. Mortgagors A CHICAGO BULL, HUNT. HUMORS OF PBACE IN LUZON. I small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood to Thomas Jefferson. Mortgagee and which mortgage was recordesl in tie office of the I Jtfw much a hint from the war depart The open season for bull hunting has Register of Deeds, of the County of I FOR SALE A 4 room house in Hidden rence, S. I) , in Hook H'A. on Page r.'i. on meat that there has been a rerival of Treasure Gulch. Cheap for cash or In begun In Chicago. The bull does th the 18 day of January. 1SH3 at !i o'clock - stalmenls. Enquire of the owner, James peace prospects at Manila may be worth, A. M . and hunting, not the Chicago man who is WHEREAS, No action or proceedings Dahl. it la difficult to gay, but such a pleasant A Big Cut on party to the sport. It is hunting so lo at law or otherwise have been Instituted Kto recover the debt secured by said mort speak, of the bull, by the bull and for tb FOR SALE Household furniture, cheap gage or any part thereof ull, the Chicago man simply being th WHEREAS, The amount claimesl lo be Insinuation Is reported from Washington. The negotiations have been going en with certain of the insurgent leaders, is definitely stated, and upon these pre due upon said mortgage at the date of for cash. Enquire at No. 13 Fllmore Stt FOR RENT, untee. The bull doubtless enjoys the this notice, is the sum of Fifteen Hun Cook Stoves dred Dollars ($1,600,) with Interest from exercise first-rate; while the Chicago man Jan. 13. 1893, at 10 per cecnt. Amount FOR RENT 5-room new house, No i'j ing to ail to this date to $2,417.50. r 3 fe I ! possibly enters Into it with less enthu siasm, , . NOW, THEREFORE, Notice is hereby Tylor avenue. Enquire of M. Stem, at Bloom's. given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and in pur Anyone who is disposed to doubt the liminaries Is based the expectation of an early close of hostilities. One thing appears to be reasonably well established that there is pronounced lack ( harmony among the followers of Aguin- Why Buy a Second Han ainnA tt tha tttAlnlM in mich map made and provided, the said mortgage will be I F0R RENT . Two nice newly furnished assertion that Chicago is the home of the foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged I rooms, with bath, in private family Stove when You can get nig game and that the season for bull premises inereiu uuuenuwi, m puuitc at Reasonable rates. No. 12 Washington auction, at the front door of the Court sMo. Much has been said tn criticism of hunting has opened promisingly that is, House. In Deadwood. Lawrencec County. avenue, Ingleside. a n nn the 4th dav of October. 1899. at I New one for the samemonejr promisingly for the bulls would do well 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. I r VK nn.Ni I room nouse, wun an moa- -the management of the war. It Is certain that the dealings of the government wfth Tha mortgaged premises are situated in I ern Improvements, furnished or unfur- to communicate with Mr. William Hoyne the county or LJiwrence, in me siaie ot i the people of the Philippines have been sVM.ihDakr.ia and are described as follows. I nisneu. Apply to noneer-nmes ui micago. Mr. Hoyne took part in a I r" r ii ti m.m . . i , . v. bull bunt last Sunday in response to such as toinaplre them with a respect to , nl r. : Rl.l Tui.nlv.nnp fUfl dCN 1 O TOOHl QOUSO WIIU IMllU COUi- W i j lyres in the original Townslle or Spearnsn. in i plete. new naoar and Daint. $12 Der mo. ,ihe United States and to convince them c"ius n. h. v. r. invitation rrotn CON AND SEE US. & Wardman Harflware Go the City of Spearflsh accorting to the plat 57 Centennla, Aye that they are in conflict with a power Oi HItlu lownaiie, irtumcu iu iuc vi.n.t 01 me tiegisier ui iwros, 01 c. ..uuu.j.i Pu , h room .r thA Whiia Hnnaa hei the in. nrnnertv conveyed to the urnisnea rooms at the White House, said Mortgagors by Thomas Jefferson and I Bath ana Electric lights. Rent $10 per wife, by deed dated January 13th. 1R93 month Der room. Fine view from everr -j ,... .1 . 1 an..Kr.,im,.. thiol - - bull. He was riding along viewing the landscape o'er and doubtless thinking proud thoughts of Chicago's ever-expanding versatile greatness, and drawing comparisons distinctly unfavorable lo Ht. Louis and Cincinnati, when a bull who was giving the day to relaxation, caught which has far different aims und olijocts than the Spaniards ever exhibited. We Vave fought with an energy that thflHpan-lards never displayed and we have treated Spanish prisoners with a fairness and imieu hi uraimuwu, nuuiii iyai'i. mud, Ih dnv of Aliens! A D. . 1899 I room. WILLIAM W PARKER As Executor of the Estate of I NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable Thomas Jefferson. Deceased rates at Noble block, 721 Main street Mortgagee consideration that was wholly unexpected MRS. QARR. MARTIN & MASON. Attorney for Mortgagee. (First I'ub Aug 26. IS9'. i For Over 50 Yrs. I have Used FOR RENT Four nicely furnished rooms Rinma will hivn nrtvilecie of narlor iMurtiM 1'. Mason Morne,'-;. J I SUMMONS MONEY DEM N1 COM I not ana coia Datns ana every conven- PLAINT FILED. I lenco of a home. Apply to No. 7 Fll The light Running' Studebaker State of South Dakota, county or more St. lm WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. and have found it reliable at all timet. Per quality sod service Stndcbaker Wsrsai iss Carr1i WANTED Second Hand Goods at No. 85 rence. ss. In Circuit- Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. Stearns Company. Plaintiff, vs. James Holler. Defendant. The State of South Dakota. Sends Greeting to the above named Defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above nam have oo coasts. SEND FOR ART CATALOGUE. Sherman St. S. L Conant. S rUUcBAKER BROS. MFQ. CO., SOUTH BEND, iNd LIFE INSURANCE policies bought for cash or money loaned on them. II. E ed plaintiff, which will he fi'ed In the of Por Ml by L. C. VERPLAST above I Dewey. Cain Block, Lead. flee of the clerk of the entitled court at Deadwood. South Dakota. and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at I heir offleo In tho Martin & Mason block. LOST AND FOUND. 3Jo. OO "rJliennaii St. in Deadwood. South Dakota, within thirty FOUND Keys all sorts and sixes, snlgly sight of him. and at ones made up his mind to go hunting It is evident from what the Chicago people who witnessd the hunt have to report that it might be said of the bull what Tennyson wrote of a certain angry lady Its manners had not that repose Which stamps the caste of Vere de Sere. In fact, a lees reposeful bull It would be difficult to imagine; but then repose, as Colonel Roosevelt will bear witness never was a characteristic of a mighty hunter. The bull met William on Shields avenue and promptly charged at him and the horse which he was riding. William dismounted somewhat abruptly, it is to be gathered, and temporarily retreated to a contiguous fence. Presently the bull and the horse were rolling in the dust of Shields svenue and William was telephoning for reinforcements. Pretty soon a patrol wagon loaded with policemen arrived on ths scene and proceeded to take a part in the hunt, armed with shotguns. The bull, finding himself overmatched sought safety in flight, the patrol wagon and William' Hoyne In hot pursuit. The shotguns proved more effective weapon than the bull's horns, and the hunt ended in the bull's death. and in bunches in short every old key ,H picked up, Is left for the owner at the Pioneer-Times office. days after the service oi this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take judgment against you for ons hundred and seventy-four dollars and fifty cents, with interest at the rate of 7 per centum per annum, from the 19th day of August. 189ft, besides the costs of this action. Dated at Deadwood. S. D.. this lftth day of August, A. D. 189. by them. Instead of being lined up and allot they have been sent to the'r bonus, from which they had little disposition to Tetifrn to the rebel army. That Agulnaldo is fully aware that a large army is soon to be on the ground to carry on the war with a determination to put down the revolt against the United JJtatea is not a reassuring thing for him to consider In view of his own depleted regiments, and he also understands that less than one-tenth of the peaple of the Philippines have any confidence in him -or in his schemes of government. The remainder of the archipelago is ready to acknowledge the soverignty of this government. Ths war department's disposition to ;e-tain Gen. Otis In his command la evidence that his management as a whole has been aatl (factory, altho there has been good deal of criticism of his military work. 'Possibly the president was better Informed to what he was doing In Philippine eaattere than were those who found fault -with his conduct of the war. The re-'SorU of the adjutant-general 'snow thai while there has been an Intensely acMSs -warfare, ths losses of the American forces kv been camparatlvely light In the i fourteen months, between May 1, 1898, and June 30. 1899, the total losses In Luson uf -fflesrs and men from killed, death by Wounds and by disease have been 725, or bat little more than one-half the losses iELLING gTl ZIPP Aetna Powder Go. Plaiatil''s Attorneys. To defendant above named: Take notice that ths complaint herein was filed In the office of the Clerk of tuc above Court at Deadwood, S. D., on August 22nd. 1899. MARTIN A MASON, Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. Aug. 33, im.) Shoes for Almost Nothing. ZIPP. the pioneer shoe dealer of .Deadwood Is going out of the business. Nevsr before have you bought shoes, "good shoes" at the prices be will sell them out. Nothing will be reserred. eyerything must go Saie commences August 1st and continues until last pair u toC Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, ONE GENT A VM W. E. ADAMS COMPANY Luson snd the other Phrrlpplne Islands are rich In wood, a few of the more Valuable varieties being known as dinglas. batltinan camagon, gulo, narra, antlpoio, Advertisements wider this head ONI CENT A WORD each Insertion, when roe less than one month; three lines, $1 M per month; payable In advance. This is no fake sals, for I wUl surely get out ot ths shoe business this fall, and my loss will yur ,1B' Come early before the stock U broken. C. E. ZIPP, Deadwood, - - South Dakota. Maude Warier MacPletriJae Will recwlrw PUPILS tn VooeJ and Instrumental; Music at bar resideuoe. molave dungons. betis, malabonga, man WANTED HELP. gachapuy. calantrat ipll, anagap, apiton and tlndale. That list of names Is likely in Cuba during the same time. t It Is to be hoped that the hints of com-has; pence, given by the war department, may hare a srabitantlal basis and that Wtllltles may end with the rainy sea- WANTED Girl for general housework at Mrs. Vaughan'i, North Williams St. et . . . aseeH DadnoLia H ""r'r' No. 20 DeilTer Aye., to make a rabid antl-expanaionist out of every schoolboy who must study revised geographies next winter. WANTED Man and wife for a ranch. Apply to J. Sboudy, Whilewood, S. D. WANTED A girl for general housework; small family. Apply at 12, Lincoln uat kjssxstsvsESi sBa sfik AlJBk sl jSbb The opinion of President Schurtnan of Labori's return to his post at the court martial has livened up things a good deal, the Philippine commission that China may ruin the manufacturing Interest of the Occident thru her ability to command un BULLOCK DIAPiGND DRILLS i and it is evident, that the conspirators are FURNISHED front room tf. rent on Shar-' man street; $4.00 per memo. Call at this office. , afraid of him with good reason. It isn't likely that the distinguished advocate will give a sneaking assassin another chance limited' supplies of cheap labor will hot deter any western nation or western man i If you are interested in prospecting send for our WANTED A girl to do general housework. Mrs. John Baker, 89 Charles St ufacturer from introducing all. the goods tff shoot at him and get away. ' WANTED Housework or washing possible Into China and thereby furnishing Ironing by the day ..Enquire at No the Incentive for the ruinous Orientalcom- minora, 3 New Diamond Drill catalogue No 33. It contain Elmore information in this line than any publication yet issued. petitlon. " The Importance of the cost of The aparical session querry sent to members of the legislature was from the Yankton. Gazette and without authority from any party or officials. It was just a piece of craxy noose nee on the part cf the Gaxette which does not represent sny thing but tht Gaxette. ' ' !Young men, our catalogue explains how we teach barber traie in two months and place yon tn position to earn S) monthly. Bpectal Inducements to applicants from distance. Mailed free. Moler Barber College, Minneapolis, Minn. labor in manufactures is very often overestimated. For some years the . United States, with a ; wage scale probably the highest in the world, all.thlngs considered lute been steadily increasing IU ezpofw 5 M. C. BULLOCK MFG, CO., M5 W Lake St, Chicagoj tyyTwVyVVVVVVVVTVVTVVVVVVTVVVV' - r :

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