The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 26, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. , i 1 FIVE CENTfi thm Mtaouri auu tne mui.u xc.w.,. then Mtwonri aud the Indian lerruoi, been killed on both sides. Special trains CALIFORNIA WELCOME jNCH TRAVESTY have gone to Darien bearing armed troops to suppress further trouble between the whites and the blacks. He remaiii"! m the territory about a year j and thel nt to Hillings, where he has. since mde hu headquarters. ! "Wbi arraigned in a Justices' court iu Am'cond, I'uuoii, Ikusou and l'erdiuger ' each eulen-1 a pica of not. tuilty. Tucyi San Francisco Accords Its j(t0f the Court Martial Cannot Control His Soldiers a Reception at the Landing. were without (ounaii .uu j,. wa mai)e to secure any. Their prtliml-Dfiry hearing was set for August .! at 2 v. iu. ant they were nuwuded to jail w kn Missouri Mine Wrecked. WEBl! CITY. Mo. Aug. 2j -Special A dynamite explosion in the Itii hinond mine at South Cenlerville. last night killed six men. and injured a number of others The mine w;u badly recked by the force of the explosion, and a lam--amount of damage was sustained. Prejudice. out bail. Tiie ec.lic charge uganiil j them is'nn.rdtr. their victim being Ku-j eiio CulIiDam Each of the defendants M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. OfTr the Following Unheard of reductions in prices for this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Childten-a Hats and Bonnets at 10c, lBc and26c each, worth from 26c to $1 each, and that is what yu have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder oou? New stock we have made a still greater reducion, A Fortune Spent in Prora 4 Disagree a? to Wheth- tions for the Celebration of the Event. Hot Dreyfus Wrote the Bordereau. has blue eyes and dr.sses in the garb of an j eastern fanner. Uoifion is less than 5 j years of ag. , iron gray hair, and wore a' beard less than a week old IVrsinger is about 8S yca-s of age or less, about six feet tall, dark hair and light mustache. Benson, the younger man of the trio, Is over 20 yars of age, medium height very slender, haj dark hair, pinched face aoii beardless. None of the three are bad Root Will Test New Guns. WASHINGTON. Aug. 2.". Spec ial -Secretary Root of the war department h;n gone lo ihe tlajitir coajst to inspect the const defenses ami witness a test of new defonao guua He U going lo make a thorough study of that question. o Funston May Retire. KANSAS CITY. Mo , Aug. !!.", - Special A letter to the Star, dated Manila. July 16. aays "General Frederick Funston ha 8 been temporarily relieved from duty at SAN KKASCISt'O, Aug. ..'..-Special.- France, Aug. 15. Special. The California regiment came ashore to Ltd prejudice of Jouast, the pree- looking customers. (4s Dreyfus court martial was lav. and was given a magninceni teitp- La of the session today, wnon tion. The parade was toe granueai cvri Lnt called to order a physician'! seen in the city, and will long be remem- Liu opened, stating that It would 1 1 . .1 Al Go For 75c tHTi-d How of palms and pinei, inieu $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Wais San Fernando and will go to the .Second Cjbla for Du Paly du Clam to he "Dotson is the moet talkative oi lu three. He discussed very freely the witnesses he wauled at his examination and named a certain blacksmith in Helena, also th. proprietor of the Capitol hotel here, who he claims, will prove his presence in Helena on certain datee. He also that a certain woman at Central Ihe streets and the sidewains were cuoa- reserve hospital to receive treatment ue cessltated by the reopening of a Mound in ed with a sea of people. H. Labor), chief advocate for ykfj that an official physician Uliivtstlgate. Joaust bluntly re-kne the order. rnrrl ntille in the Cuban army It is As the soldiers marched along the streets thought that General Finn' mi will not ami boulevards they were bedecked witn .,... Kucht milk, be jraln return to active duty an his term Cueeses examined today were wreaths and flowers until they were al Park, from wnoiu mtj n..i her witness. Benson and Perslnger of service will expire September I. and Ot Uj the basd writing experu, who L their lime to comparing the writ- most lost sight or A great ouuiur. ... k i., inated in the parade and ,ii,i t. ask for any witnesses. It being has requested and been granted pernils- ann 1 1 return f the. I 0 1 States With IXI '" I".", understood that witneeeaes for one will do played the national airs as they marched tie bordereau with the handwrlt-prejftis to ascertain whether or All Waists t at w sold for $2 00 and $2.60 Go at SI. 25 Here is a chance to get shirt waists for less than the Material would cost M. J. Werthheimer & Bro; The regimen; as grwte.1 with cheers ev for all three. Benson appears restlesa aud is either afflicted with sore eyes or else . . : . ..., t times ne the Kansas tegtment o Bad Timber Fires. Litre tfce same. The opinions of i ,i., ih,, line of march, and in I y liri ,.,.,,,r. " - Urti were divided aa to whether some places t He euine.niimiu m y.-,.-became so gr at that it was almost impos lfprDer wrote the borderoao. flen e tiro was burning m the i untie iu Two Hit gulth all day y.-.Herday. and largo K-ope ' f country aa burned oii in tnd Quarter In Gold. haa lately Doeu m neems to be filled wkith suppressed emotion After leaving the court room, the men were taker, to the station. Here they were separated and Dotson and Persing-r taken to De-r Lodge by Deputy Sheriff Koblnaon where they they will be con-.,,. m the oen until the time set for Tt, t triv.luiir from uthwe.t lo M, Aug. '25. Special The northisl an ' was estimate.! to huve c Portland arrived today from St. .,.1 u .li.tnn,..- ,f tieMtlv fiVC llllle.M T'l sible for I he" procession to proceed lep-u-Hiions have been In progress for several weeks, and fortune have been expended by Ihe cily in decorations. Several splendid arches have been erected and the entire city has been resplendent in the colors of the nation The city is thronged with visitors, and Ihe festivities will continue for three days. ttltk two hundred passengers and usi a quarter from the KJon t.-i, ,.f irrimn.1 tnirne.1 over as a milt1 ESTABLISHED 1876. ,he,r hearing while Benson was returned and a half ide on the .ivctage. At , the Anaconda Jail very unexpectedly time -.he tiro evened from Lexington hill for the purpose of putting him thru a more on .hc divide lifH wn Sprui e and T kHomestake Not For Sale. ii:, I' H irnith'. (If the !e THE OLD RELIABLE III i nuiutn, i , ... rigid examination as to what ho Knows 1 1 .nvthinc about the murder. If he haa KIRK G. PHILLIPS FIUNC1SCO, Oal., Aug. 35. Spe . , v. h.,:lu,.J .7iiuiv's irround ind ll. Phoebe H. arst, widow of the DRUGGIST Black Hills Men Arrested. . autlioiities of Montana, it seems thence across to Ihe iiorthea'd to Wngbt Ice h '.lsc Kveiy one living in that b Yntix George Hearst announces been connected with the case, and there la strong circumstantial evidence against him, it Is believed he will make a confes-j . ,i.i.' evidence. He do.'S lebu no intention of Belling her in- been arresting all the macK tuns . ,,i ,K ..,mm. Hghting. but Til havi men uu.J ......... - WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. v.-., fln.1 for comnlicity with 1 much wilh it ii the Homa-itake mine at Lead, Dikott She nays the eto-y recent- II .XI ll'l - a the wind was Wowing a gale and 111 lid HO that effect and published in . at a rl i uiui VII II t aUH. I TO Urf (aftert papers is entirely un- UCllOIS wi-i - aaong'b hr to Oalena. was unable ("Union DoUon and Oliver Henson in the murder of Kugtne Cullinan Tho Helena HeraM. poblishel Thursday. ha (he following lo say of Iho matter Tnere seems lo be but little doubt that .u r, nt Kiirene Cullinau. the old .i tK rn itiH was coniOoJled to Itei niiu ..rn Urh Hi 1 xiiigton hill Mr Jp.hoog sion ami lui" - - not look like a man with a strong will, and If guilty may confess aa easily as he was 11 into the murder. All the men arrested as suspects and witnesses will be held until afer (he examination." The Oliver Dolson referred to In the article is Captain Oliver Dotaon who made his home in Deadwood for a long ,tlme. It was he who closed the saloons in Spear- El OVERRULES OBJECTIONS . i.. ... . .1, ,nnthpr atteniol. and Wall Paper! Wall Paper!! Wall Palter1'1 All nr and up to-d it,- d. eigns at all prices. I am the agent for tin- Acme White I:kI and Color Co., who make the New Era High (Jrade Mix.-d Paint. N.-al s Knamels and Carriage I'ainte. Mixed I'alntu Ht all prices White l-cad and all Painter's Supplies. Window Glass, Stationery. Import ,fl and Domestic Cutlery. Toilet Ar'.kdts of every description. Perfume. Soaps. Kic Ilia addmltted that I carry the larg-st line of Imported ami Komesilo cigars. High Grades of Smoking "il ('hewing Tobaccos and l'i-- to bo found in the Black Hills. i -- miifer who was snoi iino kin nei to go up the pruce. gulch divide Jiad it is presumed thai he got thru that My. So 1M Cavtlry Will Start For a var am. and who UOn the Transport St. Paul. nsn some i ii 1 1 w , . . j - waa going to close the saloons In Dead Thi- depart -nn-n' is in I Make a Spalty ofSpAles ail Eye Glasses reports have rome in of any dam.iKe Immpk done 'o proprrU W. H. Harlow telephoned over from Spear'Uh last r.iptit that a fire wis burning on the t sid of ("row I'.wk. six or eight mil-s west ofSpearflsh HUE Aug. 15. Upecial. The wood. The William Cachelln mentioned Is prt Atbenlaz started today for Mi- Hi a part of the Third cavalry. charge of a competent Optician, who will test your eyes ml hum charge, if satisfaction is not given I do not want your money Our 1 en. sea are. the best that money can buy, all prices ranging with the cost of the frame. I tuft.r overrules the objections Cceri of the regiment that the lasi owk. are now behind the bars at leer IxMlge being confined in widely separated" cells at Conley & McTague s bote, or locked up ia the county jail at Anaconda Seven men are under arrest, implicated, so it is claimed, in one way or another, in the cold blooded crime. These men are Clinton Dotson Oliver Benson and Ellis 1'ersicger. who were captured by Deputy Sheriff Robinson of Deer Lodge, who had been tracking the murderers, assisted by Sheriff Fransham and a dep-aty of Oallatin uounty. near Central par some twenty miles from Bozeman; and Oliver Dotson. William Cachelln and William Clover nearby neighbors of the DEADWOOD, S. D. mSl Paid Is not satisfactorily No. 662 Main Street, M, aid the remainder of the regl- Ed Cachelln of Bpearnsb, who Is a son-in-law of Captain Dotaon's. and is said to be in Montana. Everyone who knows Mr. Cachelin feeto satisfied that he is not implicated in the crime. Neither does anyone believe that Captain Dotson had any connection with it. They have simply been unfortunate in bearing the relationship and acquaintance of Clint. Dotson and young Benton. The Moctana authori Ul Mil for the Philippines on the Letter from Dawson Frel Dunham who went to the Klondike from Stvirgia. recently wrote -o Hugh McKiuney telling of the fortunes of a number from the Hills His letter, n part, was aa follows: "All the Scoqptown boys axe well ajid o 7 South American Republic. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK) J0I AYRK8. Aiur. IS. Special. - .Join well, except Walter Wells I hear ties are exceedingly rigid towards a suspect, and they will hold a man guilty un jaathitaata of Acre, a territory clalm- til they know he la innocent. This is par t Bolivia and Brazil, have pro-I Udr Indermndeivre and Instituted ticularly true in (he case of a murder and r hot. American commonwealth. The Way in Kentucky. WC-UWWMJ s a- rw w --. - RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 there is a pronounced bitterness in that slato towards Black Hlllers who cannot produce good bills of clearance. Dotson and Benson have struck a community that will not show them any clemency. Montana people seem to look puXLR, Kjr. Aug. 25. Bpecial.- he is feeling poorly and is going home oon. John Scollard has bought out hi partner and is doing well. H has sejt for Mrs. Scollard and Gertie to come in .with Mrs. Jaooh Keffeler. Arndt is washing dishes for him. Joe Coffer aud Walts? Scott have a lay on Bradley'3 and my claim. All the rost are working for Harry Ash n.i the claims ne bought of Galbnlth and Brown, adjoining ours He pars them 80 cents an hour and board. I thing Joe Borsch La working there also. He went up there last Sunday. Henry Fruth is working for us, Instead of for tt. nnw Ash Just came back from pHoltoa, In Leslie county, yesterday, pnhaai! to pay an old debt and askance at all men from the Black Hills, Pfcrdrew a revolver and fired. and it is a common saying In many pans of the state that a Black Hills man will beer watching. This is the result of conditions In the early days. The moet nat IW of SaJiirrut Slaia. All Branches of Banking Business ural avenue of escape for every renegade Transacted, Tluits rN Aig. 26. Special. Arlcea f"Wi Borneo say that the crew of Saturn as. .captured some time Fernanda, was recently alt in .lUpinos. xiau '- Cape Nome aud says it is a fraud are lull comrare.1 with last year all II It murdered man. The men were all taken to Anaconda for their preliminary examination, the prisoners being separated and divided between the cily and county prisons. "Thursday the three men captured in Gallatin county were put thru the "sweat-box" by County Attorney Duffy of Deer lxxlge county. Each of the three men told a different story from the other. On the part of Dotson and Benson there was an effort made to throw the resionslbllity fjr the presence of the murdered man's watch found in their baggage, on Per-singer. Perslnger, on the other hand, asserted that he knew nothing of the timepiece until the officers discovered It in the mattress. IVrsinger made a good impression and did much to show his innocence, but will be held as an Important witness. "John Chadwick. nearest ntlghbor of the murdered man. olaims Clinton Dotson and Oliver Benson soifght to have him enter a conspiracy with them to murder Cullinam. (hat Dotson "had told him of the plot to kill Cullinam; that Dotson had asserted Cullinam always wore a belt containing $15,100, and that DoUson sought to have him enter the conspiracy, saying he would be rewarded by a share of the money. Dotson told him all he would have to do would be to give notice to Dotson and Benson of Mulholland's absence from home. Mulholland waa CulUnam's partner and cabin mate. "OllTer Benson one of the suspects, ad nsim icciirn China. Manila. Havana. Porta Rica. V beats the east. We have bad a niee cool summer until . wek ago and now it Is hot. There is Africa, tngianu, rrww, j .... ... . - - t from the Black Hills waa into or thru Montana, and a number of men of Bill Gay s clasa went from here to help swell the census retorts of Montana. Some of these men have behaved unseemly within that state s boundaries, and they have invariably paid the penalty of the rope. I-'rom these eT-eri-n cs Montana people have como to regard all Black Hills peo- lowast ..laraat rafaa. very little sickness here this summer. I v.on p.,t Flavin struck the river at Fort r 'fugging Too Violently. iBO, Pa., Aug. 25. Special. jlCtapheii was arrested today on the llt of Alice Dale. She aayi Camp-oa her recntly, and hugged her that two rlba were broken, COLLECTIONS mada carefully and accounted for promptly, i Purniah minev at Reasonable Yukoa. aa4 went down to Rampart City. Tom Crowley .who used lo run the Ko-kash saloon in S3, is here. John Mau- noare ui3pai " ' r , . T Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers t r nl a ratals. The truth is. the Black . .. ai. ,jhinir at nresent. Tom E responsibility orconaterais. seeking damages. Hills section has suffered Tully as much If not more at the hands of Montana outlaws than this section has ever inflicted en Il ttttb IS DISTINOTI V -IdHsTT -A- et to the Same Woman. ,U,C, Ind., Aug. 25. Special. Montana. But it la nevertheless a fact that a man s(nnds a betier chance to hang for murder in Montana than ho does In South Dakoti. Cachelln, Captain DoUon, niDg 1J WU".a, ...... r, . Sparks. Bill Tlerney and Fields are .leal-Ins bank. Bill Bradley stays up at the mlnei." o Lawrence Connty's Assessment. THa atate board of equalization haa raUed the Taluatlon of taxable property in Lawrence county $1,017,676, making the total valuation of the county $5,25?.- Individuals1! Accounts of Ba:iks, Corporations and and the othe'., ?poken of aa aearby neigh Oorrospondouoe Txx 7ito3.. "Uders Smltli a prominent far-t "ill lection, who has been divorcsd j from his wife, baa Just remar- BoUi have signed an agreement j Into court again. Trouble in Georgia, SVICK. Oa., Aug. 25.-fipedal.- bom of Culliiiam's, will undoubtedly be released after they have been used as wit neeses. The story young Benson tells of having DIRECTORS: W.E.A0ABS. JOHN TREBER. mitted, that he waa a deserter from the United Statee nayy. He enlisted at Philadelphia In 1895. and wa placed on board (Continued on Pago S.) HARRIS FRANKLIN. PtmMhL BEN BAEH, Vic. PratW charga ot lnclUng oUir i i.u. . . . . . . The following change were made in the different properties of the countyLanda and lot, raised 15 per cent MerenanaMe, ralMd M per cent Manufacture, rataed per eentHerwe. raUed M per cent CatUet raised per cant AH other property, raUed W per cent. th Essex, Captain Strong, from which Teasel he deserted the service at Tampa u Whltea. Warranu nava mm mrt Bir alla. Bismarck too WedsUtaedt. Osteopathia. Specialist and Physician. O flics, II City n. Ancuit 20 187. From there he P0rU4 Urt nlgnt that flarca traveled about rial tin! Psnnsylraala, vektB oat, a4 that tmnX had

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