The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 25, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEL JIMES. EKIDAY MOKNINC, AHM'ST 2."., ISM. PERSONAL MENTIONS Mr.- John Trebtr frimi Kan- i.s Cllv RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL. RED ANVIL. THE RED ANMUE RED ANVIL. THB RED AN'V 2 I fl'OM, rr. itKI) ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL.. THI1 RED 53 C J. .in, i: v. I! ll.iv .ill l:l ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL THE RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL. STOVES I.,,ve.-i-a.- is: ihf ' r a L-i 1 ! u i . n, '.ihIi'it. Mis t:,,lll Siu'ai" -V V. J Mrs J II li.K-;iBi ..I i lie Rapi.l City ,1 uinl tin- mi, ill. t. Mrs .1 c Mower, Ranges .Ranges- Ranges 5 !',. v si, 11.. . 1 . f i fur Kii.i.l ''My. utter a L in l..-a.l o z w ,.f l.lll.nlll. loll for '1 h.m -on. .il I i-r a I In , HEATING STOVES i nirks' i.-il with Miss 2 1 Moran is book kef per at I'.'l ,'s.L (ins. Mil-- ,,f ihf i.liiaha llfi i, Hi, f K. L. SLikIc and "iff, Mrs. Slagle's 1 O 5 JO M a v. v. a a Cooking: Stoves. Oil Stoves THE MJESr IC STEEL RANhf Gasoline Store U Big Stoves Little Stoves. Good Stoves. In fact any kind of a Stove except a poor Stove i.-lt. Mhs Itfin.T. Miss (iertie t'oaJ and i-s Sarah llallfy, of Rapid Cily. passed Inn ihf ,ily mi ihi'ir ay home after iiakini; a sho:l Msit at Sjhan Lake. M ,. Wili-ox. of Ti-rry, nunc down last .,:thl. and sflir Ins wife all dfluldreu 10 iii.i,,- i lly, Idaho, where they will spi-nd I,,- winter lie will probably follow them ..; i aliho li. does not mi, i,d to remain r 5 J A IJ IT 'IF NEW V. STOVES COMINT, IN. AND A LOT OF GOOD STOVES IN STOCK TO HE SOLD AT M i.i i M i' ASKS ft T oVKK !ini h. -l in I In . .i.-. s .ik.ihi-sI Sinli I, . - . I ' l.ani a If I I , . lie- ,b ;. ;, -9 a S Cut Prices Afresh from its bath in clean dainty clothes icstion of Ivory Soap. All dainty washable ay be restored to their original freshness injury, by use of Ivory Soap. ID OF WARNING. Thi-re nre m;inv white so.-ips, each repre-"just as RooJ as the 'Ivory';'' they AUl. NOT, hit like all coun-the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Abk f jr ;and insist upon getting it. 0H'QT .868 8V TM PROl-TIR GAMBLt CO CINCINNATI J fur . mhsim; i:.K . i Trm ' " ' ' ' Hrf of I" 1 1 -i . Ii:. 'I-"'' .mill M..ii..i TO MAKE ROOM TOR THE NEW GOODS. NOW RIGHT. DON'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW. IS THE TIME TO UCY COME TODAY. i: , !, ire. I ii...r-pill nv.i by .In It. a u In. h linn 1 hi A. ii.iiiiI.i ! of , , pl.i . in. Iirlin .. He Ad illis K-! I .. !:!, ,111 ft III'-...... b II ' -olb . . ,n ,1 H..;:K ..; , i I -1 . t ...I .1. ..-tii. i ,.: i ii. I ',i i ll,.M. I If, 111..-- J STiiVES HAVE ADVANCED 30 PER CENT. RUT CASH WILL DUY STOVES CHEU'ER Till S WEEK THAN EVER BEFORE, AT Till: RED Till-; RICH ANVIL. ANVIL. fry ro THE RED ANVIL Hill p Tilt: RED. ANVIL, " K THE RED ANVIL ,,-:. re.alled : 1 1 iii'n a tvivn. thr nn ANivir. tup upn awit. i . ii.l- j, i la . :..!. im.:i m d . s.i . ai . in, i . .1 !.'..! nun. THE RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL. THE RED ANVIL THE RED ANVIL. ) i , I ! li,, 1 ' ,! ,lll;si.l; I. , . ,- .ie wa, I'll- L-Tar-nl'l in in ' i -11 i ' - Ml Kilpal- N. e l ham n, n - Ii o in lie iimaale.l the , ,ir h i i i h- n : ii 1 for u 1 1 ' .ri i i In Me .. I ' ! : -,. i ; iei . le, ha I a-H-led I ill'u . makum I lie seal ell of I'.r 11,1 I n si lhed I hal I 'ut nam had J A. .liihnsoii. w ho runs ;,e stori- in t he Kni-t w ar.l. iisappejiie'l Wednesday .if hing ftds -ti n of her un -iock ywierday af'ernoon. . le ili made. ::e wnh him. i She H n idled thai parents, and her for if. I i in .1 l. n a I- i I . a ..n.iid i.i ,ked win. .h ,'ie h.l-l I. ibl a -lol to hi ! ea 1. .1 1 In i would ai 11 1 h cn on I In- Ilia, k Koek -.. i, ay .lid ou till iheni"' Whal kind of a I Musi a lie." 1 r W ai l, n un . ri- hi up anil indii. -! h.-r h '41, th almist had to enin- .iiiiali.',iin in llie'bark pan of In- desk, wh re II would mil have been found ordinal li v fii. mi 'ij . In- i. -: lied . I'l'd 'aril. i;lai ly i I.- , ri al w hen i he nlli. ei .- vvei e looking Una In- m and pilHief nut aU i'ie draw, is, , dd Ihem lo t-'o ahead, as he .. i. no: iiyimr oi l,eb a i lino! Sollle ef il. . , male-am. fie I .!!, d. still r, lamed I in-h,l , ,,f he he in hi. Il I! had ae, Ulllll- Jltel 1 It W LEWIS MOTHER DEAD-i: w. I.i w is re. eived a m. ssiei' yesier-la .nun hi- sisi,:- lellmi; him Ihe A eonieiii .orary reniarks that it is iimprehen-ible vh Jerry Simpson should desire lo go lo so quiet a pla, e as the I oiled Siaies senaie. On the eouirary, ii is th- mosi initiii-al fhiiiL' in the w,,rbl In ihe senate an.v member may talk as Ioiil' a- In- vvanls lo Thai is hiu'lilv al-liarine lo Jerry, after his eperi,-ie-e wnh Tom Iteed. The senatorial term is six years, whieh means $;;n.o'i in salary Thai i- niii.-t sedin live lo .I, rry. after a f MONEY SAVED! she le-pllllib .1. Willi , till. Hike simple ity 1! .ides 111.' pillow Hie l;l!le tiill wa- . ,it-, :, pall ami a l'-a l-o' When Mr .. . I,,, ,! . !, !l, 1 sll'- Il id llandker- ihiels :i,d .iver lor shoes, a, sh. said. !,, !..,-,,, ihe .!i.n.. from M-r.itvhin I hem :!! inloina I Mr Warden thai she hid I i! . inrfli' in a sti. iii- ii.irry m ir the , . ii-, , .-v. '.:'. I' l- bellev , ,1 she had led Men anvlll'lii; -line Ihe previous afi.r- Johns,!!) 1 i , II Ta In!' ilie olil I lead w dihI i , 1 1 i i , 1 1 "le little end ha- i , en .,. ' a luia h ,i j. in M i lay. ami -.he we:ii I.e. ;i iay Alioin J , l... k i'i ran bark home, ui.i ... i 1 newspaper that una her Mrs. Sarah Lewus. at nnii her. Mrs. Sarah Lawfc. . a h of his year 8 experience wan .,,.,,11,. t'ennsvlvania and iniS l hat I eon I ai ns no "a.h " Moreover, then ker iih a un, of n.,, i . lions 111 deposit i! Ill the We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. .. vVtalso Save money in buying goods in large quantities. Ttiis is male possible since we Dad ilnne on iiniiieroii . Wlv. After deposil inn I 1 1 1" ihe funeral wouM le In Id Saturday .Mrs. Lewis was 7" yeal- d an., and llle UHlt'l-. r of five boys and one daiiKhler. all of whom are married She was horn ai Staffordshire. England, hut had been in the Tie- toil nnisi have s.::T. r. d fearfully V. .'nesd.iy niKlit .-b-epinn out in the open i r for r wa- s,, ehillv thai many looked r -inns of frosi yesierday morniiiK She eemed lo In d I ea d f ill I V i n j II red over some- Ming lo an errand at C. E. o, go ilirit-i ly honie. Mr ' in home unt.l late, a'el ' len missed, her niofher, i.,:; Mi Waiden finally persuaded her I'm" d Slates ever sim e she ,, ,,, her h.ene and he a, .-. mi nan led ' X i r I . and had lived under thr nothing else in sight, ll is just as -well to wfsh for a big plum as for a little one vAben all plums are out of reach. -- - o TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. o same roof have six large stares in which to plce them, Ntert that she w as w i'h Ml the other c hildren have Mr. Timlin and Mr. Manielle started tor tiny years he ...:.U ls.. .....I K..r ,..,1, 111 I ll I eirch was iiutituted and ifa vigited where il was. up the hill to meet them, when they saw neen n.niK ".m "f. - that il was reallv the lost Rirl. and when would like to attend the funeral, altho ... t . il- I ... ll- lr.,hld l bve rone to visit . and .,i n..r ,h,, hnuse the irent lemon ' lip w"i De un inie iu. oi..k ,u ...,..... they pioed up all niKht. prose- ! Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and caoh discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big ( Yeiieiday morning the ""t In a frenzy, but they j11 Prhapii she had gone he has heen having of late with his leg. He sent for Dr. Dickinson yesterday as soon as he heard the news, and -l-ked him if he could go to the funeral. The doctor informed him 'hat it would he exceedingly dangerous for him to try to travel with i lee in the condition it is. urt some ai-quaint- Mry was started up "Wag the Rirl however. slopped, allowing her to go down alone. She disappeared behind the corner of the house, and they noilred that she did not go in Ihe door They accordingly went down to the dwelling, and found the lilt!" girl out in the yard, pulling up grass an! wiping the dust off her sh.v; They ihen look her into the house. Denlv.o.l ,.. p'. viv. .i.rei, e. r. re - , , . 1 . , i ' ll , . r I 1 ; ;e:!p;il! " ll' Lotta. Her failure to appear was assigned to all -o:,; r Some suggested old prospect hides while Ihele. THE HAIRS OF VOI R HEAD Are all numbered, and every one of them will lay down smoothly or stand up like a lightning rod, a la pompadour, if you P,-; it cit by Hirsch in the basement of the Carr & ll.rry block, thin follow it up with a shave, a tub, plunge or Turkish bath. The swimmlug pool is the largest 'L the country. No need to go to HJt Springs, when you can get a plunge at MONEY SAVED a teen there. N1 Parties w ere in pr ,- ADDITIONAL CITY NEWS f-'-and a Ki eat iiimiln-i i.: "tofm nun u... nalur-' ; Ed'Lel'Pl" afl Meyer Frank, ef N , lie. were in ihe cily yesierday. having Paal3t under nu h .-n-i-f ""It services. Dut no cm, in. honu for 2". cents. ! ivmii- in from Ihe Iron creek tii Clothing: Shoes, :: Dry Goods and V to go. and ev, ryone might yet appear from were even thing wors i where Mr Leppla's brother. Henry, has a ' large contract for the Hiirlington. Mr. BY BUYING s;,., :. n.- i.f a!i 1 e : mil or seme-and Ihe tow n w a s rio'iuis with ef whnh w.-re proven to b e! PI kxnwe. w here she had BISMARCK'S IRON NERVE Was the result of his splendid health. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of order. If you Wiaber of men were on , ever. Notions at n out when the lafor- M" 4Ucover- ivcs pn- rumor, all gt undlef ! A'e.'i la;' fr he fad lor' reor-' le Kcar should. ,,,bd bho g'rl .'. false. "d. and -h--. i i t taken it V I le 'i le-. ' e I want thee- qualities snd the Mjeress they i ag at his tore Frank i cashier at the Hank of Newcastle, and wa, in Deadwood in the early days. They left for Spearfish in th afternorn, I. nd fre.m Spcarfish they 6rc troing :c Sur.dani . thence back to Newcastle by way of 1 lyan Kara mountain. The noti e, to Mr. and Mrs. liarnard to return table linen to the Gillmore house WHERE THEY time, and he was 1 CHASE'S Wight at the rn- SELL CHEAP J r C&ur & Berry Block, Deadwood. A SOCIAL EVENT. the flrst to aee the 1 ,,oii Sherman itrert I in Thursday s fioneer-. Ve'.te.dav a.'s.rnoon the f eck-Verplast that appeared 4- ... ' 4 .M"I"t"t"I"f "l fillet 11 t i l ! 1U111' how it happened. Mr. Gillmore B1M Rocks, and ie i.oitiiri.i nrrsentid a most charming , just -llm how Lotta John- appearance, tne pocasion being a reception brought the notice to the office Monday 0 H- . ah. ai...- . . .. nnmhrr of night ana was aavisea out iu puu..ou ... . ..Kt,.,- g1Ven oy jirs. civ,. - , - r t .he we-r. ..... hh.r. unknown to social tut s he Jeemed to know what he wanted i J .km.! gni, f riarP W Tift ttlTie 8X thftt IfltC bOUT tO , - uo 8nn, mere Deadwood. The gueeta armw v . f1"-" He had ml- , 0.clocU. &nd from that time the enter- go into the legal and moral aspect. It wa. bring, use Dr. King's New Life PUla. They develop erery powder of brain and body. Only Sfe at Kirk G PhllliDs. A FRIGHTFUL. BLUNDER Will ofeh causa a horrible burn, scald, cut or bruise. Bucklen'a Arnica Salve, the beat In the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal It. Cure old sores, ferer ores, ulcers, bolls, felons, corns, all Ala eruptions. Best pile cure on earth. Only 26 cent a bos. Cnre guaranteed. Sold by K. O. Phllllpa. druggist. MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It is certainly gratfying to the public to know of one concern In the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. Tbs proprltore of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, have given away over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; and have the satisfaction of knowing it has absolutely cured thousands of hopeless cases. Asthma, 'bronchitis, horseness t "-"waeM of hi, kit- talnment wa decidedly unique, each one nung on ia. tka -. . ... . 1.1.' .t, ha left with intent to destroy It C. L. SlEWERS. Gunsmith, Locksmith, , . w (Ukruag eontrtbuttng eomethlng original, irom u.., - - ' W- N. J. Tuplln. J, repertoire, the evenU being a. later on. It wa. neglected for a time and '"ent part wa, to- attracting as the performance of a three-; .hen forgotten altogether until It appeared ja k woull go ring csnyxs. The. kodak flenda were con- m pi...- .u........ ... M owtim. . .. ... ,. .h .n.nned the' piece of copy remained in hlulng from farting the g,rt lth gueaU !n moode both gre and gay. Lat- Monday night until Thursday morning, or tk ... . 8 I.... nhiliiiied s nur- HEADQUARTERS 1J-eew below, and er demand wa made for refresnmen-:. -ii""" - r Wei. k .., .... .... ...v vn..nimpiit 7line to all those whose duty It is to fur BICYCLES, iuui mm which belni compneu wi.u. - -- uish copy. None or them saw jt in inn . FOR t by the aid of reigned until 6 o'clock, when go-carts, rrjlng somethl n tat .r.mhixlators were announced. proof. I'ntll the business will warrant, the employment of a proof reader and censor such things will 'occasionally occur. The of the throat, chest and accusation that either Mr. and Mrs. Bai jand all dl i' " 'o. pall of and the young people departed well pleaaed WTd to walk out with their flrst real party. Those present fifflb iwB aarefullr, were Misses Dorothea Flintermann. Sarab t4(" twrtl home. MofBtt. Antoinette Dorr. Esther Snyder. V rcuitoua ou Fayne DavU and Electa Howe. Master turely cured by It Call on BICYCLE SUNDRIES. . AND nard would retain anything tha-troes nor belong to them is too abeurd to recefve serkms consideration from those who know Kirk O. Phillips, druggist, and gat a tree trial bottle. Regular alse 60 cents and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed or prlot uq Dually Kenneth Walker, isverw "". ier, mhuh ' . . . .' i rinn.u avinrk In t.hft Hill. - Cushinan, Clwk . and Jack them, and lu publication was a piece of at first peck, Roger TnO Mn" unmpiow ftOM" I refunded. I regrettable carelessness. ioa1. and InaJlT CrifflLh.

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