The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 25, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FJHDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23, 1899: Assaying 50; Gold anil Silver Aetna Powder Co. The Union Assay Office, SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES. Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It cures painful, smarting, nervous feet and ingrowing nails, and instantly takes the sting out of corns and bunions It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's r.iot Kasc makes tight or new shoe.s (I c.isv I! is a claim cure for sunat-i:ie call. .us .in. I hot tin,! a.hiii' f,.,.f "'i.v it today. Sold by all druggists ami .-hoc stores. Ily mail n.r :'." in .stanijw. Trial package I'liKK. Allen .S., ad. Unv, N. V. , You Get Can't Away Dynamlte-and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY Soil, NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D. Wilt -Vmv Correct Itesult of .''old and Silver for 50c. UOM Till-: FCAT fh i''r. ' ' mral I lakola S "i 'll F J trough! In the Office. 11 ci. in. ;.r.; one JtxuLiixj -ilh Oi All SumjU's Established In 1889. Mi. i k 1 1 . 1 1 . i i '... A I. H. Lyon & Co stiutrc (Leal, jr -r I nti , -slat' lii- you Killel.a dt Mound Cilv Agents for the Blickenderfer $36.00 Typewriter the Best Maude Warner MacFMrito. Will receive PUPILS In Vocal and Instrumental Music at her residence. No. 20 Denver Ave., Deadwood. 8. IX Chamberlain S2H v-ficr ry wwtor you art myiny. We try to ruik.e. an lioncst pr-ofit Machine Made. Webster and Tallman . tuSil L'.nno Canton nhagc t thctt. 280 t e tjttycf 1 7 nay conic Inu-k. III1IIDIIIMISII llllr lobnsiiu I.. & (J. Co to us i Howard Armour. Edgerton Ar E. H. . . MINES AND MINING jyjARY A. DOWNER M. D. 4,41u out hem Minnesota outhcrn liukota l.f.lKj mmii iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiuiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiai ifiiiiiiiiiiiiini . "e .in iimtiaiiiikoiini iiiiiin W. Telcidione Exchange ; T.Tlli Eureka Prorfice Limited to the Helical ami Surii. al Trtiitinnit . jf the 353"5pbE3 AlVD I Glau Fitted. Oface Hours Votii 'J a. tn. to J p m. -A REVIEW OK THE HLACK HILLri. oplcs tail Our Prices Are Ail Right. Big x-aJuc.s hitched to ,, )'ieeH. That' the way you Jind it alt thrx)U(fh. our- u n surHiss." sfocli or Madison Western Electric fil"l fialj He view Speclul Eiiitiun of the Mining Heady for Distribution. landreau Office Olyrrtpic Btix'k Duulwood. Sculh IMkoia. tnui should preserve ii. for it will prove of inestimable value. All of the different mining Keitioiu in the county have been taken up in turn, and they have all re-lciie,l txieeditigly fair treatment. The enterprise shown in the publication of Ibe number lnulil In; appreciated ami em-our- .IK."I. merican Express Company 4 dams Express Company ln.liui m I Tin MM Bisiiirait niled Slates Expio i',, panv 4i;.MKi !reai Northern Express Cumiianv :: 'n illiuan Slceiing Car Company ,ooi Fornierh- tlie Chicajjo The speciul edition of I lie Black Hills Mining Review is cimiplt'le, and will lie distributed todny. To preiiure and juImi it lias been a gigantic Ui.-k. hut n h.i-, Ijrto done, and in a way reiki is inucli redit upon Its promoter-''. The mailer Iris iieen edited by Frank W. Ilower. ami tlie mechanical work bun been iloue in tbe jc'.i Office of the I'loneer Tillies. There are Bet Meals in the City, Wagm i Sleeping Cai Companv .... l.oi. - ZOECKLER BROS I A V ft sll STATE ASSESSMENT. lErnni the State Register. I The state Isiard of assessment nualUui ion which adjourned this Open I)a and Nijjht. ami we"k ' THE BRITISH AMFRC.H COLO lorty-rour pages or solid reailmjr mat t i-r. Men's and Boy's Clothing, Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. The Pioneers of 1876. JD addition to the alvertisenienn an I maile some radical changes in assessment. Lamls were increasil over $li;.inni.inin. rersoiial property of all kinds was raised lUAV ..ii i.i. I,. l-'.ll i .... I . ... I IVItAI IVIAHRt I . AJD CiPPiBMlKIMCCO. Assay Office. CO. above the returns made by county board VII HI Oil I im l"lll U...I - I llll.'U llllfl- BlackHills TelephoneNo 69 ( orporations were also assessed higher LKE O, HOVf, MriMiMr iif ABarr. No. J Urta1wfi7, f mhIwo .!. S. I, lfit Xnt'i iirinU than heretofore. The figures are not yet compiled as to the total valuation but we W ill r Cfrtiilh amount (f rustom M.irk. Harrison Telephone No. 3. NO. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD HpneialtiaH Wet ; try tutting nwjl Mil liwui me vuiieii sioit's, as well all parts of the mining and indiibtrinl The edition more than paragons ai y- 1 I apprehend It will reach lltu.OOU.UOu. A levy of 2.2 mills was made for stale and bond Interest anil 32 mills on telegraph, telephone, express and sleeping car companies. We give a ta,ble contain percentage raises of all classes exoept household furniture ami mules. These classes were also raised. As soon as the slate auditor shall have entered the final figures we will give the percentage raises in each county. The board mcjts August 21dh to hear complaints as lo assessments. r, nmK. nmn inpni m n m,n nr I n.i 1(1:1. -L HIM navA rnntrlhlttml ti maLu thu ..1 - on of Interest, and It contains volumes of tm NATIONAL BANK C 5ARWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. unit ; States Oepository. CASH PAID IN SfOO.OOO - SURPLUS $150,000 DEMOUIH'S "ARK" INCORPORATED. Will :,ell Goods for Cash Cheaper than any House in the Hills. An immense Stock to select from, both New and eeond. Hand. No. 70 Sherman Street. - - Deadwood, S. D ft VID T V 1 IT Of I 1 (LUKril Walor P Jonnov P. VI lh 11 h i-i In oology and Ore Formation of the Illuck Us," la which the writer says he Ivs from Information obtained in ihe DIRECTORS: AL1SBUKY, T. J. ORIEK.P. E. SPAUKS. P. A. GUSHURST d. a. Mcpherson. glnal survey of the Black Hllli in 1ST". np inKtruntions from the denartniem of Assessments of the state railroads w ere as follows : I'er Mile Black Hills & Ft. Pierre H. It t 2.7'nl B. C. R. & S 4.:i..u to ri.r.iio Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul K. H Iowa k lakota Hivision a.'Joo Running Water 4 )') Eden Branch 4,oo0 Sou(ftern Minnesota 4,!"I0 Madison Branch 3.500 J Hastings & Dakota 5.8.ri0 Vhet3lone Branch 3.120 j Fargo Branch 3.2."i0 interior, and from the results of subse- OFFICERS: nt examinations. Prof. Jenney went at President 0. J. PAUSBUUY Vice-president T. J. GRUfiK subject In a thoroughly systematic Cashier D. A. McPHERSOlv Assist. sMer. ..J. 8 DENMAN TOMBSTONES. IRON FENCING l"1 1 ,H. I Faust of Central City, has an cl on "The Conglomera'e or Cement 1 of Whlttwood Mining District." in ch he deals chiefly with the ceraen: MONUMENTS Foreign and American Marble and Granite alt of Blacktail district and along Cook Remedy Co. nvood allien. w 1. 1 . . ....- Una a U' I ' ' , . 1 - 1 1 V . nina nf Punter rnuntv. in Which he HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR Olceat N. Colmau's 660i Main St. J. H. CALE, Agent DEADWOOD, S. S. "HOOD POISON James River Branch 5.070 Edgerly Branch 2,730 Bowdle Branch 3.000 Orient Branch 2,730 Sioux City & Dakota 5.91)0 Armour Branch 3.903 Sioux Falls Branch 5,720 Chicago & Northwestern R. R. Winona & St. Peter Division 3,375 -Dakota Division 5.125 Watertown Branch 4,750 (lakes Branch 4,500 Groton Branch 2,625 Watertown to Gettysburg 3,125 Southeastern Branch 5.000 Yankton Branch 4.250 Chi.. St. Paul. Minneapolis & Omaha 5,000 Illinois Central 6.000 Foreit City & Sioux City 600 Fremont, Klkhorn & Missouri Valley-Narrow Gauge 2.750 Black Hills Division 4,125 PRIMARY. SECONDARY 01 TERTIARY BLOOD POISOM PERMANENTLY CURED D 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can be 0 tereated at home for the i odlee much Information. He treats on the principal mines of that sectio.i, of the progress that has been made 1 year to year. ree Milling and Refractory Ores." is Inject 'that has been handled for the nn "by Frank McLaughlin of thU city, -hlch the .character of oret are de-jted Interestingly. shur Howe-Carpenter, son of Dr. klln R. Carpenter, suerlntenleut ol I lead wood Delaware smelter, con-ttes an article on "Matte Smeli'us," hlch that process is ably descried. rice under same GUARANTY. If you Drefer to come here we will contract to pay raoroarf tare and hotel bills and do charge If we- fall to cure. It MUCUOUS paC.URY' lODINK POTASH, and etiI kav. ach and pains. Bn BtSi mooU' THROAT, PIMPLES, COPPER-COLOR-OOT Tfmr?4JBthbodjr- HAIR m KYBBSOW8 TAUJNO m nnrnJlT."??..180? GUARANTEE to cure. We solicit th. ?t?vn? VuSS CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CA8B Wl MOSTEMNBOT maSSt BAFFUEI THE SKILL OF TH. Sereral of u nm-t i, . m a.kU. . iMnAa fc-- " 7 yiMiw miuuf men, ungs ana Kmoeror or Tormsn vmwuw MP um '.f. A. Forsyth, of the State School of 4, tells of "Wolfram Ore at Usd.'He -of lta discovery, by whom and thru ti, of It geological opcurreiicj aad Miiinn the manner In which he Hot Springs Branch 2,500 Minnesela Branch' 2.500 Orand Island & Wyoming Central, B. & M. treatment. VrV by tror MrrnilsBt l success : today set one of taea re- mains in bus!: ;en la extracted, and Its uto. Narrow Qauge Line 2,750 Nebraska line to Wyoming line 3.400 Edgemont to Deadwood 3,400 Spearflsh Branch 1,250 ery readable article Is pn pared by ! ctn.ll rf this city, upon "Black Minerals." Mr. BtHwell also has an Oreat Northern- irfhntlnn In the number, -'Mau- Joseph R. Lehmer 1212 Famam St. Omalid. Neb. Mining g General Supplies ' PACKINQ-Rainbow ad Ml line manufactured by the Peerless Rubber Manufacturing Co. BELTING Rubber and Leather Belt, Dressing and Lace Leather HOSE Rubber, Steam and Water. B 01 LEU AND PIPE COVERING Manvilles, "Magnesia Asbestos, and Shtjep Wool Cement, Hair Felt, Mineral WooL WA8TE-White and Colored Cotton. BOPE "Boeblings" Steel and Iron Wire, Manila and Sisal. POWDER "Laffin & Rands" Black Blasting, Dynamite, Fuse Caps,tc ' NAILSPearsons Cement coatd. . ' . ROOFING TIN "Taylora Old Style" and other guaranteed 'brands. All of Above in Stock at Omaha. RAILS Steel of every desinption. BOILE RS Engines Automatic Stokers. rerree; Bad Lands of South Daaota. Aberdeen to Breckenrldge 4,375 Huron to J .' 4,000 Wllmar Sioux FslU 6,250 Madison Motor Line ............... BOO lee Hoxle treats of the mines of 1 Too: J. M. Baldwin ol to Holy Samuel Cuahmaa of "Amalgamat Slonx at Nocthera .n0 We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and has world-wide reputation tor speedy cure., honeety and Integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. -qATl0t nd ABS0LJTK PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLET us sent seaztu in , . ... on appUosdo,,. N0 BRANCH OFFICXB- ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Mte COOK! REMEDT DOIPiKT. 1928 Iconic iTemple Cliicaifl. fll. air Wills Orm:- 3. P. Hymer. of Bioux Falls transportation 300 Sioux Fails Terminal S.OOt Watertown ft Lake Kunpoeka .... , 100 Minneapolis ft St. Louis IJtOi Wyomn4f ft Missouri River ........ 2,500 ' Entire Line Western Union Telegraph Company $187,575 g Undeveloped Mining Property In atral Hills;" James B. Lswson, tendent of the Detroit A Deadwood company, of T,Copper Mining:" Dr. hne, of Chicago; of "The Pbonollte the Black Htlta." v T " s Cusick, litis Inspector of mines, r two pages upon "The Black HUls i by the Bute Inspector of Mines." arlance of the mines Is rendered ble by "Definitions of Mining Terms," which have , been eom- W. H. Bonham, of the Pioneer J50 SO sa TELEPHONE COMPANIES. Hutchinson County'.....!. Springfield ft Santos Agency ...... Miller CUrk -.. RedOeld ...... Dell Rapids 100 nil,.lVilH.l-H'i .!. I'l -7. 1-1 v lJI 700 TOO !!;L SMmM 0 r eugarette smoking. In use orer 69 yen fSvUtinAJT1 twm wortout men. make. rich. lT radJil t.S?Tm W"UD HI loss-, make, you last-hdr!-2SJfc.S"whDpoU,ejr lort wH-. emissions, loss of memory. Parker -... ' s , MIN ING And shop tools, bolts, Corragated Iron. Etc 1,000, , " - .-! are whole eolumns devoted to facts WgterUMrn For shinments dlrArf fm . i jc : - uuui tauLurv rtns-. 1.050 rouasi raS-- Vl sties, and the number 1 Aberdeen illustrated with half tone tuts of Cap)ul citr (Pierre) scenes and persons of the Hllla. ' pajou ..., a who secures a copy ol the edi- Dakota Central ...... by Bans. Stops au - Quality Guai rante ed -Special Prices-Orderai ud Inriniile- Solicited. ; aers 4.C40 19,900 BISHOP REMEDY nn b. - I7,"". tree circular. AridreMl irUMem fa.-'Jl ."" wT MI. tf N. B. FBANKLin 1 "KWl 14

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