The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 25, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, Kit IDA Y MORNING, AUGUST 25, 1899. to war and is killed in ution. Mrs Rich niir nriiT h wnvn 11 r ATrHcc them, or at least tried to sell t hero, green goods three years ago? Frankly cconfess ter, the widow, claims that the by-laws ' J T T rr - I HAM mentioned do not act apainst the poli that free silver Is a delusion and a snare' Oh, no All that Bryan does is to exhibit in her hands, as her husband joined the order i i lN'.tl. prior to the enactment of THE DEADW000 PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUKE 8, 187. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. I ESTABLISHED APRIL T. 1877. a superorily to reason, fie shuts his eyes Advertisements under this head ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run shuts them hard, to the fact that the leas than one month; three lines, $1 00 the by-liiws in question . o - - - - The formal announcement by Hon. course of events under Mi Kinley sornplete Fine per month; payable In advance. ly disposes of his arrant pretenses as Thomas B, Reed's private secretary, thai statesman and rahnly proceeds to go cn CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. WANTED HELP. the stH-aker's resignation as a member of Solid Gold Jew! talking in the old strum, whooping it up uncross, will be Heny-tn :h- governor of for lti to I tin though nothing had HONKER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO Maine this week, disposes Imppeni il. FI'HNISHIili front room tc rert on .Sherman street; $100 per month Call at ihis ollice IllOSt pietll!Hpic Mlili..l! Black Hills Gti Sfirlitlrr c:i. icH. a superorlfy reason Is a most TERU8 OF SUBSCRIPTION: ini'l uinnier uiadness th.i' -f one of t he .e illlens :'f ban. .el. Hie ! I . 1 1 1 1 ' lie of II 111 elllier, iiiimistniiii'ii us'-fiil expedient for win h a person ilr. an. Except Monday the present vear. Tb alLY Etmt Morning, $10.00 Mr lieed's purpose to . a. W.NTEI- A girl to do general housework. Mrs. John Baker, S9 Charles St. WANTED Housework or washing and ironing by the day. .Enquire at No. 11 1 o 1. ;i d in combat ing t h LN The democrats nf Ne raska are elilill Ob Tear Mi Months ITDne menta WEEKLY Issued KTery Thursday. Oae Tear U Mentha At Special PriC( al expansion, and to bea-i lo a Kiia' deal of citelit for the oilier ia lit I'.in.v 1.00 1.00 presiileiii nil fight , an 1 1, ! face v hii !i i hey manage to put" on while in.istii (hat the country lannol prosper! Hie free coinage of silver ;it the ratio nf sixt! iii - to- un. 1' must reiiuire 1 AL 20 by n liiied upun tins issu, Ki'olesiiue for the a. Hut it argues a ' Kllmore WORK WANTED--Competent woman, by the day. No. 8 Water street , rear of I'ish At Hunter's 1'lanlng Mill. at ths rder of mammal ion anil ainlacit-. UT ; .i m liar. h sle.ii I I hnse name, jHUiratt an ! t a 1 1 nil iiilnus i 'tort of will jsnM'r 10 .on-ipier tlic dc&ire to lauuh while U'l. ,p: nit; s'l. li a pl.n.k. festered as Beeond-Claas Matter Dead wood Postofflos. i REPUBLICAN TICKET. Aiprsma Court Judges. DIOHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANET. ni.u he ejven hi a w.ptr - A. F. "Voting iiilii, our catalogue explains how we teach barber 1 1 .i !, in .wo mouths anil place you in piw-ition to earn $ij inotit My. Special inducements to ap'dii atr.s from distance. Mail, d free Molei Li lrber College. Minneapolis, Minn. W l-'.MH Main Stre The fusion prri.spect.s in Iowa 'hi-; year are so uiierlj dlscouragiDg that (ieneral1 Weaver lias de. lined to run for i.nythini; I'lIK WAIfXK I'ltc-Minncapolls Tribune i kola regiment vs :u oi this fajl This is a confession of weakness ihai f.iVrs all the starch out of the pi- rno'i THIC IN .!) TIIK DOLLAR, tine ot Itryini's fiivnriip fiiir-sotiniliiirt 'lie ..I fur 111 ., ill. ii-l r-'a:e. u .. k of Ill.l jol filing so fa res into I'l ally i oti'lurtisl H r-j Mil con ve.'itinn at I 'es tiiitf.iNe av-rtiim.s is lh;il "the republicans FOR SALE. f-'tilf SAi.K I r.H mi house, and iluee los. e Denver Si . Dea.lw.xid Enquire of J T (Survey. Dcadwood s-:3-1iii rblll.itlies one 1 )r W'ai ouug Mpllllsl. of Milchell a jiointeii lis sill genu, u 1, 1 W'arne is ail extreme partis as to carry Ins poliiical pi. six-ial and professional lit munity in which he lives. parly places the .lollar before the man The boy nrau,r is nxxl at the fabrication III the colli I there lia of heap libeU if this sort, libels hi.ii Monies Weaver is the last rat one would expert 10 desert the sinking ship. letters recently received in Englunl from captain Welby show that the explorer has had remarkable success In the remote Somlaii The Abyssinian highlands and the regions between I,ake Rudolph of Mis and lease lOnqulrc of h'"en rumoi-K from lime to lime of strained K U SA EE - Furniture goml rcMitniug house. I !olner. heeajise of their vagueness, it is gome -timos difficult t.o disfle of. But It is relations between himse'f and Col Frost, his superior officer, who i- a strict disciplinarian, and being a Wesi I'oint officer. easy to puncture (his particular false LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition j A Big Cut on Cook Stove and the Sabat, which both Mr Cavendish hood. His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on tbe Park bench, adjoining and Dr. Donaldson laid ooen to Captain The tree of friendship is known by Its Welby. whose observations mav be ex the Dudley spring, in the First ward. frul!. We are guided in determini ig peeled to throw light on the practiblllly of Is now open for settlement; see plat and which of the two parties jilaces the man railway thru this part of Africa. prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. has no interest in politics. These rumors developed into positive facts a few weeks since, when Senator l'et-tigrew. with decidedly questionable taste, gave to the newspapers a private letter from MaJ Warne. making a fierce person il attack UK)ti Col Frost. As the leturu of the South Dakota troops has been dragged into politics by the cou"e of llov. Lee. before rather than after the dollar by Why Buy a Second Hal I TR SAL3 Desirable residence lots. oting the treatment which the dollar I lie jirairie dogs in Texas are being Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's receives at the hands of each. The re destroyed by means of a now device for puoiican party js trie champion m au catching I hem. which has been adopted by DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln 1v. honest dollar of an undipped, loo-cent i large number of the ranchmen and fann Stove when You can get! New one for the same monj and as Col. l-'rsJ has not fallen in "I'D .De enue, Ingleslde; lumber furnished to dollar. The democratic partv, on the ers (in ime large ranch over twelve thou build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) plans o fthe jiopulisi campaign managers. sand were captured and killed last week. the publication of the letter may have been The trap is placed over the animal's mound FOR SALE A 3V. H. P. Otto Gasoline with malice aforethought, wiili a view io engine, tank and reeervolr complete." ether hand, Is the champion of a dlshanest dollar, a short-weight dollar, a 50-cent dollar. The republican party in the campaign of J8H6 successfully fought Bryan's nefarious J6 to 1 proposition. We characterise It M nefarious, since In the last an making it appear that frost mi. thwarting and makes it a prisoner when it emerges from the hole. This pest has been des COME AND SEE US rioneer-Time6. the efforts of I he governor In behalf of th" troying over ,',ii per rent of the growing regiment, the members of whhh will ot FOR. SALE 2 II. P. Kerosene engine aud crops and grass In Texas, annually. in the next campaign. blower, nearly new, in perfect condi 1 Ayres & Warflman Mm I Be that as il may. the fai l ot i lie attack Looking bark over the I wo weeks if tion, no further use for same, will ell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small mine. W. M. Barker. Deadwood. upon ( 'ol Frosl became kno . when Ihe boniev. ar-l bun;., lea. bed N'agusaki Japan. I lo and i lie n. xl i bapier in ' hi . the Mivyrii. court - man nil now past. he average American observer is likely lo tie more than ever convim ed. not only of ih" absobiie i n inn cine of i he accused and llo consequent iiggratatiil guilt of llie prnse-(lltlllg Hill, esses, bill of the iilal influence A 4 room bouse in Hiibb ol. h. ' 'heap for ash or in Ell'I'lile of the owner, .Line. alysis It meant cheating jtitiii out of a large part of his earnings. There is no disputing contention that a political organization which stands an-Vlcted, as the Bryanitcs stand of being the neniy of the dollar, cannot successfully claim to be the friend of man For the dollar Is one of the main stays of man's happiness. To attack Its integrity, to lessen Its purchasing power, Is to make man n 'Vrey (o disaster On mature renVition it may occur to FOR SALE Treasure stalnn nts Dahl. lo him iranspori h.-r d.n sgl.e etui lie folic.- Mai si'iinlay lelt." . ' n x h ich i oin b. u - politic-miln'ary ;o low ing pal he ic . Wattle lo Senate!' , is. w rn n :i ii abb gran, -' lit I', u igrew . mi ISe j li'Uiud lo case is ilousehcl'l furniture, 'help FOR for SALE cash which :his extraordinary exert upon the immediate future n andihru this upon International in Europe Franc - la I ion - "Arri'sted by Frosl publish.. i mi ri mar l ia 1 will fot luw the niieinpi of ihe I'eingrew I. Enquire at No. 13 Filniore St t drag ' b gallant First South polities will mi FOR RENT. olion i I lakm a Inline. llv For Over 50 Yrs. I egilllelil ill'n tie (hoiouglily o ll red I 'US . No Stern The light Running' Studcbaker i.Mar'in M MONEY m:m ni 1't'it KENT- .".-room nev 'j'av lor avenue. lOmiui. iShiom's. FOR RENT. Two nice rooms, with bath, in Reasonable rates No. avenue, Ingleside. new ly f ut nished LED I'LAINT I private family. 12 Washington A pair of nuns are livilig al Wiihila". Kas They ale Wilbur F and luhn I' Stiles They are fifty four years nlil. 'i:d look so mu. h alike that only intimate friends can tell them apart. They married twin sislirs. Ihe Misses Alice atl.l Carrie Vort h. The two families together in the same house in Wichita and the same old sign. Stiles Bros. Real Estate." tells of the twin business relations between them, which still exisl. St. Paul Dispatch: -The state embalming board, of South Dakota, appears to be sadly in doubt as to what method of pro- and have found it reliable at all times. For quality and sen ice Studcbaker ;jnsandCin have no equals. SEND RH AW I CTM O(iUE. STUDEBAKER BROS. MKi. CO.. S0LTH BESD For .-sailc by FOR RENT 7 room house, with all mod Bryan that he cannot afford lo Introduce the dollar into his speeches, with the inn of injuring the reptiblicacn party and exalting Its own. He asserts that our party has placed the dollar before the man. but he cannot prove It by the dollar. Neither ean he prove it by any other witness. During all Its history the republican partv has laboreed to promote the wellfare of humanity, and it is as faithful today 'o inan as it ever was It does not put the dollar or anything else before him, but It Is determined that the Bryanltei, in their Ignorance and reerklessness, shall rot Inflict Incalculable injury upon man. as they would do if their conspiracy against the dollar was successful. o A SUPERORITY fb REASON, v A character In one of Wilkie Collin's atovels advised his friend to cultivate " ern improvements, furnished or unfur nished. Apply to i'ioneer-Times. FOR RENT 5 room house with bath com L. C. VERPLAS1 plete, new paper and paint. $11' per mo. Stale of South Dakota. Count of La v. -rence, ss. In Circuit i'iiiiii. Figlih .'U'li'ial Circuit. Stearns Compniiv. 1'laintifi. ) James Holier. Defendant The State of South Dakota Sends Greeting to the above named Defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will be fi'.ed in the office of .the clerk of the above entitled court at Deadwood. South Dakota. and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their office In the Martin & Mason block, la Deadwood. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service ot this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or ihe plaintiff will take judgment against you for one hundred and seventy-four dollars and fifty cents, with Interest at the rate of 7 per centum per annum, from the luth day of Auguat, 1899. besides the costs of this 67 Centennial Ave. cedure It shall adopt to eari l"r. QO Qliorman St. its salary. Furnished rooms at the White House, Bath ana Electric light. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine rlew from every room. There should rot be a moment's hesitation. It should proceed instantly to inject the .strongest fluid at its command Into the circulating medium of the populist party, which created it. before it u everlastingly too late. If there is anything in South Dakota that needs embalming, it Is the populist party. NICELY furnished rooms at reasonable yrr, rates at Noble block, 721 Main street MRS. OARR. soperorlty to reaMn," assuring him if he did so he would baffle many an adversary 'Who otherwUe might prove too much fjr him. It looks as tho William J. Bryan had read this novel, had been Impressed vith ths value of the piece of advice re- action. Dated at Deadwood. S. D . this 19th day FOR RENT Four nicely furnished rooms. Rooms will have privilege of parlor. of August. A. D. 1899. Plaintiff s Attorneys. hot and cold baths and every conven - . -. - - - i. FULLER & BROWN, PPOpS (GEDDES OLD BARN) v .1 n.JHi ience of a home. Apply to No. 7 Fll- To defendant above named: Take notice that the complaint herein was filed in the office of the Clerk of too more St. lm WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. Sei Carries and Bniiies. Best DriTim ana m Boarding Horses by the day week or monina -r- Vice Admiral Richard Dunning White, of the British navy, was engaged In suppressing the slave trade on the west coait of Africa for many years, and- during the Syrian war of 1840, he distinguished himself at' the siege of St. Jean d'Acre. in the Crimea the honor of capturing the first prise of tbe war fell lo the late Admiral White, in command of the Iejeritc. He subsequently took part In the stuck on the forts and batteries at (he entrance to the Dwlna river, near Riga, and In several operations on land. a sots Court st Dead wool. 8. D.. on Au gust 22nd. 1t9. MARTIN A MASON, Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. Aug. 23. 1899.) WANTED Second Hand Goods at No. at Tor certainly if he was not superior to reasoa the stats of things, -which confront him in the west, would absolutely oofound him. Pram ths start to the finish of his canvass) In UM be solemnly warned ths farmers of his section that the success of the republican party would bring the traditional wolf to their door. He pictured IfcKlnley to them, not as the advance scant of prosperity, but as the next friend Sherman Bt 8. L. Conant. LIFE INSURANCE policies bought for cash or uiooey loaned on them. H. B. Dswey, Cain Block, Lead. " o LOST AND FOUND. f famine, and assured them over and over again that free silver was but another The reader need have no humllllation u u Good Cigar for 10P!!! I 2pp ISSELLpJJ : Shoes for Almost Noting- over the fact that he does not know what aama for good llmei for- everybody in ruLKl Keys all sorts and slam, saigly snd in bunches in short erery old key picked up, is left tor the owner at ths I "the ucrt fnalr" 1 Xtm V. . rj - eaaraL hnt for ths fanner In nartleul-ir. ' ,.... . taooa company, u , in fact, almp y a Wlt what, hu t.innn 9 Dnii ra ' Pioneer-Times office. . ' " - . , bundlejrf papers bearing upon tbe Dreyfus beaten: free silver was repudiated: McK'n- F' ' 1 rat. Ar flpf It -raa maa i,n n . I of DeaJwwJ i Jey was elected; and Instead of the west- v . , . I papers, but since ths case has crown In ZIPP, the pioneer shoe dealer bo.l5!', out of the business. Never before bave " out . ... . , , Importance, It hss been added to. until ve enjoyed and are enjoying marvelous . , . . now It. Ii principally a stnass of rubbisB degree of prosperity under the republican ..... . , s . , ithst no self-respeecting court would con- adminutrstlon of republican antl-Rrvan ' in cil tbftn shoes, "good shoes" at the prices he win e' Nothlnr will bs reserrsd. eTerything m"5' g0 Salt GARDEN SPOT OF THE HILLS. A Beautiful Home for Sale. 15 acres, all- under water; 3 acres to fruit; 7 acres to Vegetables; 6 acres to pasturage; U-room house, bow and all modern im-proTsmeata. Located H mile north of . . .... , w ld"r for SB InsUnt. In its commences August 1st and continues until lat Palr sold. .. . ... . . present shspe the celebrated. Bow notor- to site only on of tho many proofs of , . , , , . ... .. . . lous, dossier Is a basket ot trasb. i. this prosperity Inoreased her mortfige . SATISFIES THE MOST debt soms ti, 000,000 la 18SI, while last of tW ' uw ok ine oaa rTancisco .dames puo- 111 surely g oul This is bo faks sals, for I . Mia. Normal school. The trait aad regetabls Ul be rwr shoe business this fall, aad my loss w CRITICAL .' AT ALU DSALtRS ADAYVS'ONi & CO. MAKCR3 - crop pays m profit of $1M per Month. Coma early before tho stock U broken Apply to Plonssr-Tlmes. year She raJsoed tho debt oyer $1,000,000 ,h, a sUtemest that the Endowment and this year Brer a score ot tbe staU's Rank. Knights of Pythias, refuser to ray eoaUoi report that ths sggregste of ean-l cim , on tho death of Captaii esled uorteages Is la exeoas sf those died. Jr. Richter, of the First California regi-Con fronted w'ti these demoastraUoaa ment, who was killed la battle at Maslla of tho absolute ttnsoundnen of tho poal-j Defense Is made oa the grousd that the ftsa which he took la 1M. what does Bryl by-tawa of rks order prehibft the paymect aa do? Rsrem himself? Oo before the t of fs lasurssee noneys upoa a poller annera and frankly eonfees that is sold held by a member who Toluatartly got MISS BTRDINA GIBSON. Tho highly recommended SDBSiciaa. will C. E. ZIPP, Deadwood. - - Soutb Daio (JOHN G.W00DVWRD&CC rooolTa aeboUra tof ths pUao. Can ' am W0LESALE DISTRIBUTERS, COTNaLOLUFFS.IOvVA? r addraaa Ko. a Deavsr areass, or City Creek.

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