The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 22, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1900
Page 3
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3 a n WEDNESIAV. AUGt'ST 22, 1900. Till: DAILY PIONEpK-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. TII1C BILL () FA KMC . . A T . . . ONE GENT A WORD j HQ TTMETARl Ri II M 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II a .aW Special Sale John Jennack, TIk- well Knu ii ii.ii Km ti. v. ho.-e lam is that imposing structure on lue lorucr of Carney and l'ine .street.'?, is prepared to furnish the Itnest rigs in the city for, funerals, i ailing parties, pi. nie cr owds, etc. Residence 'phoro. ST Harrison AUGUST. THROUGH AC Just Lii ill New Fir Always Bargains in Second Hand Goods DEMOUTH'S ARK Nos. 70-72 Sherman st. De&dwood. Is compute Their table merits I he pioronase of the puL.i.-. No. V.' Lee Street. Calhoun Bros. Proprietors of the Deadwood Transfer Li Are Prepared to Do All kinds of transfer work ou very short notice. To try tbem is to have work done promptly and as ordered. PIANO TRUCK ! The latest and most complete piano truck for the safe and careful moving of pianos. I 656 Main St., Dead wood ' I " 11. I Tfi'l. fTTT,T! Forrest Hill The mt doirahlo location in the Citv. Its attractions are finely F U R X I S 1 1 F D R OD Ms , KUXXIXd WATKR. STIC AM II FAT. FLFCTKIC LICHT. No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable Aetna Powder So; :DJ"le and Black Tor- : 1 Fuse end Caps, Electric Batteries, THE CLIFTON HOUSE. Hot Sprlnss. S. D. Is now thoroughly cleaaed and renoaieil and open to the public patronage, with pleasant, cool, airy rooms In close cmuec tton with the Mlnnekahta bath bouse, the best of accommodations, reasonable rates Terms one dollar a day or five dollars a week. , MRS. HENRIETTE CLOUSF. Proprietor. Tlio arcade 'i:ti:k i,r 'Mi Kt 1 i re no g. t that delicious drink 1 1 li roimhic 1 he con titry as von .,11. w tie. r. l:n er . l.-e Liu, a ce-ri a 11 1 iy .in the bar. I ; Praii'l. ef'.liliil ari'l cigars always n hand I ,"e Bt re. I i.m K 1 Wagner Cafe Hl'VC McaU Xi I5et Ca!c oht aii'l in Citv. av. W. C SPINDLER. Frop QUILT FACTORY MRS. N. J. TUPLIN, Manufacturer of all kinds ! ef quilLs from the cheap- est to the very finest to j he found In any country. Also recovering of quli'.s and make sofa pillows to orJer. DOWN QUILTS 1 flown quilts of the finest make a speciality, j 14 Carney St. old phone. 170 your order Is respectfully solicited. "!W. ADAMS COMPANY DEADW0OD LltlCOlfl I Denver 1 Helena, Butte Portland Salt Lake Citv, San Francisco and all points west Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Louisand all points east and south Trains leave an follows: No. 44, Vesiibuled Express, daily, Hot Springs, Lln-i'iiln. Omaha, Chicago, and all poinl3 East. South and West 2:30 p. m. I No. 210, Loral daily except Sun day, Raid Mountain ami Spearflsh 4:10 p. m. No. L''4, Frieght, dailr except Punday, Hill City, Custer and Edgemont ,., 9:42 a. m. Sundays this freight loaves at. . .6:00 m 'r 1 ii . vr. 4, Pnc, p!1(I ntTO,. j,.,,..,- m. No. 209, Spearflsh Train, dally except Sundaj 11:55 a.m. Nc 2i3. Freight 11:00 a m Sundays this train arrives.. 5 T.2 p m Sleeping, dining and recMnlni? chair cars, seats free, on all thru trains. Railway and steamship tickets sold and bag- 00? C! tables, mans and tickets, call on or write to J. FRANC13 Gen"ra 1a3senge T.oBERTSON,h Ticket Agent J. L. BENTLEY, Commercial Agent ANI LEA P LEAVE PE.wmoon. 11, illy, except nuu'lay . a m ..any :e.,'i a re 1 ''",v- cx , 1 1 un lav i" . " a mi' I ' 1 1 . v '.' : luih-, ... Daily 3' 15 p li, p 111 p III ' '.!.-. .'!' .-.1:. !.. 4 m p n. Ii.ii'y p 11. "' Daily 7 I 1 1 : , v . . v. .'. ' v ; :, . --:i r 1 ; . m I aily 9. 00 1, m Daily except Sunday !'.:: n n: l.K vr. Li: : err i'. ' ' o'v ex. . i t .-- 1. iy a 111 ."- 1:: I. iy ii' 1 a y 9 : fi: am, H:' a m i. au p u. , - w :-ii I! i-t. 1 ii . 2 ... p ro ' .u:40 p 11. 1 .4.4.1 p it i .l'i:24 p 111 1 Daily 1 )'aVl y Daily p m PaMv. 'ally ) .1 : ! e ''i-t "aday .V22 p m , -ce,t su,i:,y.... p V E v M. V. R. R I TPi: NORTHWESTERN LINE PEPOT: Hetw. eu 1'ealwood and Plat j Streets. i Arrives. Peparu 1 Trouch trains to oir.aha Chi. ago, St. Paul, Min- ' 11. a polis. with close con- J ne. tious fur ail pomia : ,! and south, at He- j iiont and Omaha 11 a m 8 p a 1 I M.i ' 1 . i,iiei .1lciii 11 rr t, Arrives from bitewood, bturg 'Rapid, Chadron and intermediate ! joints 10:40 a. in. Departs 8:20 a.1 Arrives. Deadwood for Departs Belle Fourche 1:50 p. m. Whitewood only 7:30 a.m. 9:10 a.m 4:35 p. m Except Sunday. Here's An Opportunity. "or sa'e at a uarBain -C- L- Suiwers, the expert bicycle repairer and general machinist who has built up a splendid trade - in Deadwood. will sell his busi- ness n ;ts entiroty toany live mechanic who has a little monev and Is seeking a profitable position. Ill health prompts. the sale. He can make a good .showing : If you are intrestel write for part in-1 If you are inter, "ted writ- for partie-u!;,rs. Address '. L. S.uv. ers Pea.l wood. S. Dak. TO CHICAGO. One Fare for the Rcund Trip vir. the Burlington Route. The iiurlington has offer. .1 on" i.iie for the round trip tj,".1.55t from Dead- wood to Chicago. August L'J, t, 25. 20, on account of the annual encampment of the Grand Army of the lie-public. The return limit on these tickets is September 1, subject to extension to September 30. The nearest agent of the Burlington Koute will be pleased to give you ad ditional information about rates, dates:, taggage and train service, with its to-date wide vestibule cars. The orjly line giving this service. O. E. S. No. 23, DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Mon days at 7:30. All members cordially Invited. ANNIE I. PHILLIPS. W. M. LILLIAN O. HATCH. Sec I -" e,;iM-uinita under thid bead ONE PENT A WORD eacb insertion, when run man UUC muuiu, luicc uu'.a mouth, payable ia advance $1.00 f-r WANTED HELP. i A i'ood meat cook. .p-, .nee ;.i i'loneer-Tinies cilice. WAN - v j i;u. Waiter girl at tue jVui-b-.- hotel: Good wages. Helk '.V!KI' A .niall gasoline engine, our or two horse power. F. Kuowles IXad A'ood, a. D. .yTn'!1"I'. A girl for general nouse-wo:k. Mrs. R- M. Maloney, No. 35, Lino 'In Ave. IVAN'l i:H One or two young lady board. l oorn and board. 4 per Call at -no. o'j- Williams St. , Voi'Mj MEN --Our illustrated catalog j (xil:..n how we teach the barber j trade. Mailci free. Moler Barber College. Minneapolis, Minn. WANTED A gentleman boarder at 592 Williams street, nates very reasonable. Good board and nice room. WiNTKP: Men to sell Singer i-rw- jn2 machines, St re '. I . "'" tf. niiMiiui in. in "i to ' pot.' I'v for iiKUiag' r of our busine.-.- Kll, l,i-e s. I envelope lo i ! .1 'I . and corr-s- t' .--I ! ':"'' M-;!.: v...i: .i n t i 1 , . , ; 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 1 : 1 1 : 1 1 i I y , 1 1 1 1 ! 1., . A oi l A $L'."". ,,. . lilli ll lp. IClklll- ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' - 1 :' 1 ' I 1 ;,, ; 'if .' WO 1 .; .,,.,1 - ;m iix,' , ;;,! ;,! 1" ,;. pai ly. W.M. .1 I ill.. Ml'I . 1 - ' Cle stunt St.. I' "' -I, '.1. FOR SALE. For Sale at a Bargain. My : - .-i 1 1 1 1 1 1 o on Forest Hi',: ! a 1 wood. Al.-o some furniture. AllST'lM 1 I, r.'ito. EDWIN VAN CiSK. (UK s I.E i'reinlses at 55 Lower Mniu street, $tjOU.OO: half ash, balance on time. Apply to R. M. Maloney. Bl li.PINC. LOTS 1 11 Forrest Hill addition at $5 eacb. Look at them. L. F. Babcock. FOR SALE. At a bargain, a well-arranged eight-room bri. k residence with all modern conveniences.. Lot 50-150 feet; go )d cistern, well and barn. No. S5 Charles street. Enquire at Pioneer Times of flee. 8-13-1 m FOR RENT. FOR SALE A thorobred Jersey 1. 11 tin." years obi. Enquire of Calhoun i Pj,,,;, S-'M-tf I j SEYLW ROOM bouse for sale or rent. Inquire of the I'ioneer Tim.-s or Guy street. 1 IOR i.'ENT. -0-rooni (ottucu , onu-r Wa. iliiiictoii and Jackson; also 5-root). cottaye corner Monroe and Jeffer.-on. Apply to 2.) Monroe. 'Uit - t r, --t A store room mi Inquire; of .odi Fi-Ma.Hi;., 11. :,t. 'OR l;i;T. A modern uuut .uem noil-.-, on Ingleside. Apply at Le-Motrh's Ark. Sherman, street. FOR ILL NT. 7 and 8 room Louses, cheap. Apply lo B. Mullen. FOR RENT. The Ong boarding house at Pluma, 18 rooms in good condition. Apply to O. - F. Ong, Pluma. House repairing neatly done. Hang-tog and cleaning wall paper special-ks. Satisfaction guaranteed. W. J. Hclntyre, Harrison 'Phone No 14. LOST. LOST A field book, No. 34, with The Dame of Frank S. IPeck on cover. Please return to this office or to Mr. Peck's residence No. 41 Charles street for sk table reward. TWO DOLLARS TO DENVER, Colorado Springs or Pubelo, and Return. Plus one fare, August 19th and 20th, J1 Korthwestein line. Call at Elk- ,rn Passenger Station for all particulars. 3t Red Men's Band. The Red Men's band has been re-JWnlzed and 1? now prepared to '-ir-luh first class music for a- .11 asions. For terms, et . to tt J. M. UICKLE, a; To Cfease the Si Cfect Ually vpt p-ontlx- .! toouS to permanent, Ritual constlpaUon, to a . reys and liver to a he e me the . '!v- ning Without Irritating .r0 .10 dispel headache. ds cr uge Syrup of Figs, made by ' California rig Syrup Co. ' j ; I ' I ' .. 1 j I I ! 1 up 3NTOT ttLO YOUR FATHER WORE uiit the ring that Is fully up-to-date is what you want. Well, you can't find a better place to get what you want in the line of Than at Butler's, who is familiarly known as BUTLER, The Jeweler, Manufacturer and dealer In Bla. k Hills Gold Jewelry, 6512 Main street, Deadwood. J. P. HYMER COLLECTIONS -ADJUSTMENTS- SOT i FIDELITY BONDS. All klndi or Dondj writ tea: Appe&l t-tachment. replevin, bonds tty executora, administrators. All Judicial bond executed without delay. Don't ask jcu friend to sign for you until you gt our rates Lodge officers, treasurers, axi 1 : 1 . i a 1 bonds specially. Olympic Block, Deadwood. TLones Harrison, 138: tllack H11U, 101 Phon In residence. Harrison S8 Francis C. TucKt, , U. S .Dep. Mir.. J. R. Hickox, City Engineer. ourvrjor, TUCKEn & HICKOX. CIVIL MINING ENGINEERS Surveyor. Rooms 301 and 30k: Adams Block PR. FLORA H STANFORD H omtopat h lr physl clan. Ollire aitd re Idetice. i 4 Williams st reel Mo' . li.pior u:i.J nab) treaty. V. V..V.!i V.VV.V.V.V Dr. Collier OSTEOPATH LEAD AND DEADWOOD. I Doadwood office at Glllmore House, Mon- days, Ved:u s lays, and Frl 'avs , , m ,,. ' Le. d office. 41.. Mam Street Ttiesdayi. Thursdays and Saturday! !,Mn V' ' Yo U ShOLllfJ GO to Anna A. Leuhrs No. 74 Sherman street. Fo your dreMmaKlng. A line of ready made ladles' garments kept constantly in stck, at reasonable prices. Visitors always welcome. Palmer house X.-.' A--,l I Ull. XKW IJFILDIX(i :v vr r xi rr r: xfw i;fii)ixc. It. rut:!. ei Hon with the Restaurant are ten finely furnish.' I ronns with hot and mid writer ntri hath. Open day and n:c:hf. Short order a specialty. simc you Prop. T. J. DOWD, Watchmaker, Optitiop, Jeweler Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. YOU WANT MONEY? Well, we've pot- it. and lot? ef it, bri 11 ir in ymir valuables. I P you want Jewelry I've pot (hat toe. and at price lb at will call-- you m 'winder where pot it. DsadwoaJ Loa?i Office N 3. 2 I Lea Street. treat custom trc h-the I lll'E Received. Club Restauarnt Undet the Management of MRS JULIA WALTER Is beiving the beet ratals ever served in the city for the price, I5c. Delic acies only j procured at the ta-'d.'s of thfv best hos-tel; ieij in the country, are a familiar thing on her tables. A trial will convince our readers tL her table will suit the tastes of the HK.-t fa.-t!.i:.,iis. i'75 Main St., Deadwood. '.. . Tlie City Dray Line JNO. FELDIIAUSEN, Prop. 1 makes a specialty of moving all kind! of heavy machinery. ....ALSO.... Is prepared to do all kinds of moving of household goods, pianos, safes, etc., with safety and dispatch. Office Phone 118. Residence Phone 196. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE, All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwooc. 8. D. SURE CURE FOR PRIMARY, SECONDARY l l'EUTIARY BLOOD POISON 'ERMANENTLY CURED IM 15 TO ;.:. IC.YS. You can ba p.. r.. Kint-s an! Cmpcror of forelcrn landf under the treatment of the he t talent but we have a SKCRfT liWtrtlV knrhw YEARS of our existence no les thai to Imitate our treatment, prointited by oat the remains In business. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM CTfnet ind b-utittt- the hair. Prutnutf a luur ai.t jrri)rtri. Never Pls to Kpstore Gray Haip to its Yo ithfui Color. Prevcnti IHniimtT nn-t hair tailiiif. t:. mini y i at l TULTy HLB. Dyspepsia Cur Digests what you It artificially ciipests the food a Nature in strenpthenitip ani stnictinp t lie exhausted ditre.-t tittns. It t he latest discovert unt and tonic. No other prer ran approach it, in cfliciency. stantlv re'iove and peruianck iypci:i. Indigestion, lie;) Flatulence, Sour StoniacM, T Sick Ueadache.GaPtriilgia.CrirL w al 1 other resti 1 ts of i m perfect d iees jXL Prepared by E C DWltt A Co, C(leogx For Bale by K. O. PHIkUPS, wm OOOK riEMEDY Uo HAS THE ONLY asEi:jBEaaa3xaa-. KKnsrsib9KBKKKai t,,-'::lf,j ;,t i,, rr the sam pri. e under same (il'AltANTY. If you prvlVr t i ome here we will contract to pay railroad fare and hotel Mils aa.l ru cha.-ce ' u ,. f ,i i,( t-ure If y. u lia- tak. n Mi;i:i'l'i:Y. lolHNi: !'oT''.S--l I Mill !,,-,. :, .... ,.i; paln. MroiUS I'ATl'IIKS In i;i.iiih. S"iKi: Tl'.i;oj.T. i'P.ll'l.!:.' t '1 1 : 'I 'K i; OOLOrt-:! ?l'ilTs. I'l.nfliS ,,n any part of tr t..dv IIM'i ' 1 " V K I! I ;i 1 's FALLING OFT, It In t!m I'l.iiOM POISON' th u e CFAi: WTKF to ."!'.. We solicit the rns; Olts'TI 7"K C.,SKS and rilALI.EN' IUC Till-: AVOF 1.1 1 K-.U A CASK WE CANNOT CI'RF. Thi dle.'ue has always I'. l-'i'LKi T : ! K SKILL OF T Hp' MOST KMIN'KNi PHYSICIANS. money mm ON COLLATERAL ,c,,nt' 01 a lawul riU( (M '"rest.. imsiness strictly connuenuai. mii call at your residence If requested. ; D. JACOBS. j Cigar Storu Opposite Bullock Hotel, ; We Want... You to understand that we are un der small expense and can do better by you on MEATS of all kinds than any of our competitors. Give us a cham e to prove our assertion, by giving us a trial order. JOLITZ & LYNCH 4,.v;s?;v;v".v-.v.v:ivs O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DEADWOOD. 8. D LUXURIES THAT COST LITTLE, I- w bat "i k- ' !: n .n I uv GL'S KFLLAR The poo:- r.. an's I'reind. They all look alike to (ins. and it is one price to all. and it;o best and most ralat-nble: meats to be had in the citv. 642'', Main Street, Deadwood. I " WHO? WHO? WHO.' ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. j 15 LEE STREET. j 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEC STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. 5 CENTS 5 CENTi. 5 CENTS. You Can Bank.. on getting the best in the MEAT lins if you get it of ROGERS & SON They always have a neat fresh stock to select from and you can always get just what you want utLtt niHLtl, - - iji;a t ood. 1 1 J. 1M. CORUM Proprietor of the I fiRRV .l aav KeeP qolet orderly place with man7 different Unes of amnsement and respectfully sollclta a share of your patronage. Several of our most promirjent public have siiccumlied to Ibis disease even when unlimited wealth of nations coull emolov. onlv to ourselves. Diirini? FOURTEEN' twenty different concerns have started up unprecedented success: today not one of We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has per mancntly cured thousands and hail . world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED GES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. mm COOK REMEDY COMPANY1 1928 M?st. Tpuic-e Ctricajro. ID. Tin -on. njirl.t i-e-. nrvoiu l . . 1 1 .-hp i - I ruat-l u:.Ut a ' : :c-ini'Mi'i r siriflly private n ; i . : who ar rjp iri(C af;er 'a r - ioti 1 1 T . -M Curt i M.. fVnrr. Colo. Don't Be Fooledi Xl"K T,ke the renuine- original ffir P0CKY MOUNTAIN TEA V v44i Made only hv Madisnn Medl-lY, -JZZk cine Co.. Madison. Wis. It keeps ytu well. Our trade trark cut nn each package, 'ric. .x.s ccnt.. Noer sold in bulk. Accert no subfti- "codtio ..a lute. Ask3ur druji.t. l!'.tiil- ...! t) .) Customj Ore We are ijov prcnaTcd to vanide process at rea-sonable ratLS. Gil " TVT ' o ; Olden Uate Mining CC Milling C0mpail . , J First Ward, Deadwood S. D, i I'n. - l . ef A l.K I r. v J I t r

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