The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 25, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1899
Page 1
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TV The Daily o lONEER-TlMES. I 24th YEAR. J1:AIU (()I), S. 1)., (15LACK HILLS,) I'IMIAV MOIJN I N( 1, AHM'ST L", lSlMt. FIVE CENTO. st was held, devel-liiore than is berc- 1. and an itiijn. 1 tiiug. how 1 v el SHOT HIMSELF TWICE lUN ACQUIESCENT comprising a large number ot in. tubers cf both huus'.-; of the states general, anil Hie Woinans' 1 lisarnianiriit League, of the Netherlands, is about to al Ires.- a nuni.T- ollslv i!!iil petition to l.lei n Victoria For all these efforts in In half of his gov eriiinenl J i- Leyils. the Tl an-v aal reprc-.dilative, is bestowing otliilal thank-light ami eft. John Tooze Puts a Bullet in L Sultan of Sulu is Willing Plunk, oping 1 in set Of tl know n r-at on' cxpeci. was de w in km, Mr. M aid al- rth . intis ciciii of Tooze. nothing ;s . ' pt t hat he has a broi hi 1 m '-.iliaila lie owns some rnllllli.-; .1' or near ilia, ktail gulch, and ;-l. ll el a deal on fool w heli b . he 'o niil.i- something, altho i,. ippiiiuiiil 111 ibis He was a good .Hid w as highly 1' ought 1 .1 by '. lie regarded Mr Mclliill- the Hf;art and Another in the Head. to Acknowledge American Sovereignty. 1 81 1 . a - a on would a fat her M- Dun. ih.-- -on. Tin ilia.-., ia'c down He is Found Swiminq in Blood Mr M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. OlTe.r the Following Unheard of reductions in prices for this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 1 6c and 25c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and thnt is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder o o ur New stock we have made a still greater reduction. L Return He and His Chiefs d Dewey to Arriva September 22. NKW VultK. Vug .1 Si..... i .1 A. 1 '. . v has abb I That te will pn- ll.l .illlve St plombi 1 - 'ill. I; I I'll 't loll will he hi III 111. Ill V l.l . o - - - Russell Harrison Improving. from I. ter yi charge he heard of ll.' inn -ig and leaiaiticl in -Imp dm 1.1 ; the lay Before Life is Entirely Extinct. ' In ha 1 lie.-.: are to Receive Fat Salaries. The End of Michael Sullivan. Mich,,$ Sullivan, ot " 1 'at sy Hol 1 var. " d ii d A ui; ill. of l i n S TI Cn. u -s. II ll.irn lei has been i tut the pa-. I vim. on hi, back amid sheets saturated lock of itn Maj.. -.. :it w 1 1 . Ill :i Hi , i st 1 t day tin 11 11 i ng from morphine he had taken He had lived almost ten I Lata rciiirni-i I nrai .Mini imiiii.i wrn Willi his own blood, a bullet hob thru his head ami atnlhei tliru his body hi foie. Liking treat ' si u i I the sultan of r In- is! the about o' the el'le. the nig in I hours i.rte somet hi ig amount he vitality sei m 'he legion of the heart, his right arm extended across his breast and a Smith passed, a I he In-ll I lists llH el go fl drug. which is considering Ihe , ami the way his awav. Dr. Tor y. He agree '" ie terms sunmiite.i p.. Lrai Hales in In-half of ihi' I'nii. ) t& govern ini nt. .mil recognizes Atno.- MirpriMiig, 00k at a dost tiled to slip ti. Wesson ::--( alibi c, double action rcv ol M.r i lasne.1 in his hand. John 1 T.mjc was n soverHgn') loiind yesterday mottling, in the bed room Al Go For TSc $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Wais at the tear of Edward McDonald's harm ss in return he ;tn! home 'it. reeeive lixeil salaries Uu a i i.l order on the isl-of all iie other sotiih- -rellflnllv frii'U'lly t 111'- I his rbiffs ;" , maintaining fl The lid! iv .,1 ,o Main si reel. William l'" GENERAL MERCIER IN A CORNER Labori, Chief Advocate for Dreyfus has Him on the Run. liiuuil him. at about 7 '.n. Mr. I' was iilan'ls are rence was wuli him all nighl. applying his battery anil resulting to every known restorative. Soinetitncs it looked as if the doctor's churls would be a success, and the pulse and breathing would quicken perceptibly, then it would drop back suddenly, a-id almost cease. A strong electric ilirrent was kept playing about ihe hreasf. neck and face of the man. and il would i .ssinir ih,. shun and noiioeil that the hernias- Iroi't door had not been openisl. the inori. General ' bas issued an order de .'1 im' naiier beini; found in the latch, where Lini? Ihf ''biiH'sr ev lusion law m cf in. I o til.- I, in I NI. t. i. i an l .It a.l anil ht-M. tin- mi rhinose will 1 it had been left hy the carrier. Mi. I'raz er look the paper out and rattlisl on ih dour III an cmleavol lo arouse Tik.7.1 ,nl lo 'hi ports in Hii' Philippines KH.WKS. I'rame. u; M. I.ahori i ' , i ! I ' 1 i;, m ial .. i I iiess I a i I a i; a 1 1 1 t n-la ii sin h a i m i hat 1 1 In. : - III. ,i " : -ilia I in mill I. lee l.l t w.ili I helll Mel . oi . eil into i i ol uer li All Waists that we sold for $2.00 and $2.50 O-o at$l.Q5 Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro i-'a'line iii ibis he went around to the back . I lot niiiMH in r w.iiil.l i. i ...i- llleiallv ih" si an hint; Butchers Resist the Trusts. door, and finding it unlocked, walked ew vfiiti;. Th.. sau-i racle ui Tooze lying on the bed iu;. larr;.- :i Special astern i ilie: er trust. lil illiaii' a. Km iii .)iiei riK "I i h. hen l.l the In. .ilei tie . i .ik til kuuinn '" occasionally beconn so intense that he would almisi l.i aid double. This was a favorabb indention, ami told the physician that lile was still inta'i. even if it was on the ragged edge The doctor rubbed ihe lulus of Ins baitiry over the neck ami lueasi of the dying man mm! Ihe skin a;i; In okeii ill a 11 umber nf pine", and had Sullivan been a younger and more vigorous man ilnre is a -Hong probability that h- would have recovered. Dr. Tor-renci remained with him almost up to th-- In in 'I e ma N Hi -t I hail i i i . n fi 0 0 0 0 f) Poker Allowed in Chicago. HirAr.ll. Mil'. -. S.e. ial. Inspector k. cbief lit I'ete. tives. has issunl nil n Tile U . HI . 'I lilie ,,f IihI.i. .Veil' It ' ' 1 .V the l.ail'ilv of new i l.l. in e. The I ill i . ..ok is lltill'i. elHOII I 11 i; Hi; li.r ih. iletellse. .riil hrevfii' friemK are feeliut; j 11 1 n l.i n ' n im teasnl i;iiai'. ha., I n ptit ;iUn,' .iih.iii' home, ami ihe lnili'arv i- 1 Tl t 1 V I I V I 1IL I l . J'l e ell I II lllll . t ,'1 t t - III. I prohiliii i ai' gambling in the city. IT ESTABLISHED 1876. disti:n t i i Iv exempts ioki r. All time 1.1 his .bath, and then went home. and iii a dying condition. cause. Mr. l-'raer 10 beat a hasty retreat, to summon a-Mstnnee. II" found I'hnf ol Police Donovan 1 (hey called Dr. Toi.e was still bntii hing when they got back lo the room, and had not breathed his 1 .- T whin Dr Torrence came, a lew minutes later alilio his breath was nun-lug willi 1 i 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 y by thai time. lie lived alio. it 4u minutes from the litne Mr. Kraz-11 f 1 1 s 1 f.Miii.l him l r I " r ,1 . r w a- 111 1 lie ha no -- -Imp with Tiioe al 'lifleicnl tunes .luiinj; th" 'lav Wi .lues, I. iv and last .-aw dim about ii..:i 11: the evening Tooe had lompladied .lining ihe day of not feeling well, and had reii'iesteil Mr I'razer to retnain with hi'll. s. iv mi; lie was aftaid he would l'ali wt gainer, h(- ever, must en. nml the all Inn worn out. Wtivi1 sv--t.Tu is planning tn iir.nK n;i I . ui and IMw.ud Heal 1 1 Sill 1 1 at D p othi f L.i tin tmi ml in i lie i l v ,i ml : i Ut the propi let.HH. as .'i I I .1- I I'll . THE OLD RELIABLE DRUGGIST KIRK G. PHILLIPS v. -tel. I, I Mi. hnel t'hi. ' l teb g in a n. ! nforni n run io :TI . playing j o ! Severed The Achilles Tendon. The pull, e .11, , oinpleleK 1 1 1 V - I li, , ... Montana I asking in of ihe re 'V'li 111 t he s I., ih. ! i.-1 .i i -.-il I! Slliilll came .1 mams. Quay Running the Convention. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. if Ii iniii ui ami t ""k i be f Su KKIS!U'liC. . ug .'I Si ial u II i v a 'i , Dead IS will as the hodv of Tooze. 1 btor Quay frienils an id inniplei- There t hi v will In held until some n ang .1)1 Of the republican stale inn eni ion 1 asleep unless he had some one to talk lo. lie had been out the night before until mcni i- made f.u burial. are m i ii.i t 1 11 1 it to suit ih.-insi r.c i i tile ,.l,l ll' I, n, ni;'iei who w;m h, I up niLlit liefiue la-t atl'l relieve. 1 m . iiHilit ami his' h. tilaier has in i .i oll-i t ,'in "I" ihe men wlio ilni th. ji.h as he sa s ihev wire almost . ompleiely hi'l.len from him he the -haile of the buii l- illi; liefore whieh they were stall'lillK l ue j 1 1 1 tn ii oil to pass them. He is hnahle te say wht-tlit r they were white or hl.n k. fi- tenant ("elnttel Hainet. of the Ten in psylvania volunteers, now returning' Wall Paper' W all 1'a.pei " W all I'.iper' ' ' Ml u. w I up !o-,ilo ,e sign--, in all I am lb. fur Ihe inu-Whii. Lead and Colo, 'o . who make the X, w Era Higd, Cia.le Mive.l l aim. V.-al's Knainels and i-arriage I'amts Mix.-d I'aint . ,n all Whit, and all raintcr's Supplies. Window Class, staiioncn I nipin tei ,1 and Honiesiii Cutlery. Toilet Utiiles of .very ii. si i i j i n.n I'ei tune s Soaps, Kti. ll is adilmitied thai I carry the larg -i Iii f I in ported and liomcstm Ci divor, e was granted i In plaintiff yes terdav hi the ase ol Jean I'owgill Itenol.l the Philippines, has b.M'n nominated j Ilte treasurer. Siuator Onay 'leliver- vs. Kr.derii k and the care a custody of the minoi child awarded h i short aililress to the eon vent ion, ami I gais. nign cranes ill Smoking an I Chi wing Toba.ios and I i,, l. found in t he Ilbn k Hill-. i I pretty late, and had taken Inn little 1! any rest. When Mr. Kraer left the shop in the 1 veiling he aked Tooze to go out and get supper, but the latter said he was not hungry at the time, but might go out later, altho he had previously informed Mr I'razer that he had eaten nothing hut a "Dutch lunch'' that day. He was not intoxicated at the lime, and was working at the bench. If he went out of the shop after Mr. Krazer left him. no one ob 'S louillv i hefTPil. I The conn also decreed that the .letenilan J In Kive any ilesel Ipt ion of their ilre-is. Tha J vnitnn niati is still at St. Joseph s hospila'. pay tin allowame of ten dollars a w I Mate a Specialty of Spectacles and Eye Glasses Thi- depart -lllenl is in to plaintift foi the care and eduoat ion o Jenator Mason's Nephew Dead. the minor child, payable on the first of SHICTON-. Am? :t -Speelal -- w ii hunt charge, 'hir lens.-s are Ihe io-t of the charge of a eonip.-uiit (ipiician. who will p-m your . if sal isfaet ion is not given I do not wan' your mom the best that money i an buy, all irbi s ranging w fra me. each month Hy the decree of the court ami will he there for some time. The temlu at hillls. or Aehilles teuilott. fot tne'l of the uiiite.l tenilons of the large mus eles in the ealf of the le ami inserted into No C. Mamn, a nepriew of thp 11H- letiator. illeil here last niKht from an served him. all no one gentleman passing the shop about 7 o'clock saw him writing No. 662 Main Street, Nose of morphine. the plaintiff resumes her maiden name o Jean Cowgill. There being no prayer n the complaint for alimony, none wa granted. DEADWCOD, S. D. England is Considering. Bismarck von Wedelstaedt, Osteopathic f'XDOX, A It e. 24 .SiwrJai Thr Brit- a letter. Diligent search has been made for the letter, but it has not been found, and it is possible that he mailed it to some one. Kither of the shots he fired was sufficient to put an end to him. One hall went cleat- Specialist and Physician. Office, 21 City SoverntiH'tit has takpn tiniler advls. - Creek. tf the Transvaal proposition submit VI the lioue of the heel, was eoniplelely sev-ereil on his left leg. apparently with a knife, anil that 1k is Kivverless at pies-wit, lr. Coburu unitis the en. Is of the tetnluii hy stitihiiiK, anil says it will h' useful au;ain as soon as il has haa nine to heal. The wuuntls about th. youtiK man's heail ilo not amount lo mueh, ami seateely show, ami alMiut all that remains of his expetienee is the iliseonneet-eil tendon. He was feeling siek at the stomarh all day yesterday, however. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK o-eildem Kruger, anil reftuses to ili- thru his head, scattering bis brains over ""ke conditions. Meanwhile Ixith si'les the pillow, and the other, entering near wntlnue to prepare for war. the left nipple, went directly thru the o- body, and was found imbedded in the mat pre$ident at Long Branch. tress. It is hard to tell which shot was WTTSBlRr., Aug. 24.-Snp,ial-Thn The treatment he reeeived in having the fired first, and it seems baldly possible Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 Nmtial party i1eiani ihiu .v.nin:, that he could have fired the second after tendon of his ck eut was positively fiendish or rather wolfish, for the wolf will Branch. Mrs. MoKlnler Is ma- the first, as they both entered fatal local TO Improved and she has been ereatlv I "hanisirine" an animal to disable and rea ities His right hand, in which he held f by her trip. The president i; the revolver, was about in the position take a western trip soon unit would have held it in firing the shot that Pt unforeseen interfere. entered the breast ders it helpless. Kvidently the iprsons who did the diabolical aet purpose) to make him incapable to Ret to where he could give the alarm before they were out of rech. niaz.tcr say he does not know how long he lay on the walk Hfter h:s assailants lift Mr. McDonald has been In Omaha and Lincoln for about three weeks, and Tooze Verier Shot by a Guard. All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, !JCA00. ' 1 has been in charge of the harness shop A telegram va sent yislerday to Mr. L AuS- 24. Spetial. I'rlvate J. j him, but as soon as he begoti to know a r"0Mlin, Who h hull mnllnJ .. .. . l : u ....I ... "... .... nf "' McDonald, at Lincoln, and he is expected ULVU e'limifi 1 1 T 1 IP SOIlieilllllK lie illH'lll ui 'I " S'l .e- Wan for desertion atremnted in to arrive mdav Tooze has worked for Mr r 'Ml niehi nit ,. i j McDonald at different times for the la-,1 DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana. Porto Rico. Africa, England, Franco, Germany and all Purls ol the World, al He found that his leu would not support him. and he leaned against the side of the: eld building, in whose shadow he was ar saulted. His hands were bloody, and his j fingers left bloMly marks on the l.oaids. In a few second he fell away from ihe j ! I Acts gently on the 1 guard. Hit wound is serious. Mnnot rpeover Brookman Berv.J Cuhan eampaifcn last summer 'Thg to prevent another attempt ' time of peace. . nine or leu years, and was a deputy sher- if! under him at one time. He came o Deadwooil from Newcastle. Wyoming, and is known to have learned his trade in t'hi-I j.fago. He was a man aluiut " vim , of , of iiiiet di position, t i ei dinglv pleas- Kidneys, Liver lowest ..rket rata. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furn'sh money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals. lKiildittg and ifl the sidewalk, nntu '). .licet gi.ide. a f.K-t or two hiKhi-t than h 'U Attend Wtthout Pay. did not know much, except that ant t(, ln,,.t. and alway apparently cheer walk. II and Bowels ClEAn5ES the System nrisEFFECTUALLY and that his leg and that his Iok he had been badly hurt, ! fnl. (mee hi twice curing his ful. (Mice or twice curing his conversation I Aue. 24 Si,.ii siiiiio THIS IS r iSTINCTIVELY rf,8ttwr of this county, and Phii- was giving him intense pain, that shot clear up to his thigh. It was only after he was taken into the hotel that he re- taflley county, today, in an ans- illlorv frmn Vanlrtnn v ith Will Krazer Wednesday hp made allusions In suicide. altho not .1!-lectly. He said it did not make milch ilf-ferem e to i-im whethjTehe or not Coroner Zerflng ramr down from I. ad entire conscious- like d a Bpeclal session of the' Kalned ayMn Accounts of Banks, Corporations and Individuals' fJJ1 without cost to the state i BMin. '. . to i Those who carried him into the hotel siyj about lean, and immediatel made i . to wing troops from solicited. Correspond no Ixd crltoci. he was shivering furiously, and it was tangements for an inquest He lor.k -i thru the effects of Tooze. hut found note- I taken from this that he had lain there per OVERCOMES Lrr& & ' h4B,TUALCSTPAT.0N " PERMANENTLY ,T5Bt;',:EfTs. Buy THE GENUINE - MN F O Blame Great Britian. Auf. 24. Feelln In Holland Ii DIRECTORS! W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. ing thil would throw any particular llgV. upon the matter. A bottle partly filled with whisky and blackberry wine was sticking in the pocket of a coat that hung on the wall at the head of the bed. Thn coroner empaneled a Jury, consisting ol Guy Knowlea, Harry Deleray and John haps half an hour and had tiecome thoroughly chilled. Glazier is perhajis 21 or 23 years- old, strong and healthy, of temperate habits, and brigfct, and be would have proven a match for almost any two thugs in towji, if given any show In the world. 0re "d more Intense affalnst (AIJ&KNIA TG SyRV. v.",OB m South Africa. A MAnms FRAHKUN, Preside t. BEN BAEH, Vice President. mo ik em en an as com- TraiMTaal hat twea formed. wa wu ar.u wmn m mu Xk niMrnt.

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