The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 24, 1899 · Page 3
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August 24, 1899

The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 24, 1899 LEXINGTON j STABLE F L COLLE !d0lH, Wanar Lt XINGTON, MISSOURI. A G j (2S 50U:H 0;KTOA. FORTYFOURTH SESSION. flQQQ . . . .. .. c . i . . . ... i ... ,Jt ,,,'iki Srhools for CiirU ol l Schools im uiih N-1 WOCV, A. M. , ivi - U., president iAicaco Medial aiul Surgical Institute, tl ' La5.-tl Av ;rv t.CtiicO, III. L-UUUai.d in t iifa- : SUj M, IH7h.i ices Thislnstituii..n is op.l- of f.w i.-it .m m r i i . ... . : ... ; tKw larri-it anil most ,1 .1 i) j r ot h .'?(. ItircPAt. in' tillable nod uc,ePul .It. ..I n.titution t,. tti. ' 'rlvit'.- ru.-fti fr pi. I1. ! ltl fivllltle Tor itny ,.,4W,V. Au-fft-'itl .;''TiLiM perturtut-ti In tbe ill H',!lflc iPHDKf mmW, .u.oHhv. of anv School for Yountr Ladies west of the M.ssiss.ppi River. Gas and Wf ) est, r.'et, i mi'. '' i -hi an i, I (., . )'-r,.Hhin I . i, t. I-., 1 1 Htnt fa 'ili ( .. II'. - Jf' fis-flll tv uti .tin .in- ii. ' H "tl "i ' ' e i.ii-l lv ?au u . I .lit) .... 1 '! in rs, ( at"'tr, I y Kidney, hlad-i e , and all Survival ira'us and rtrnedlin i -'t rmi t ilin-ase urr very rae of i-Miiti'ir f"-'" imi- 1 1 Mn.-rrnaliir. 8j of aU Ms. ,Ir,, ,,1 1A. U niveraity S ;h yr ihlp 1 Faculty From 5iIB2525jE- si!IE!sraj!biridhi-: Klveu trew eaCh year to th " full graduate who has the Berlin University, Cornell rr fr highest grade, which admit University, Chicago Umver- , .-ru?r"' '' - ' to any of the leading Univer- nh.'.d, ..I II i.Ilf ll.,Mtlfll'y ..-x,M;n i'- 1 i... r.-..r r.i.jurt- f0KB N AND II I .1 i HI-T. J ' ' n n 'in.- wr.i ' ' i' .I.Sltll.U S'.l.II'tllV ill HI. 1 H5TEAM PUMPS Kitv. MiBsniri State Univer- L P -.,, - ' - siuesoi me umieu 8ities ol tne uniteu . '..1 . T ..iu-i.'-'i omi-oo. A Prosperous Year .! !- .in 11"- fi mi .i Write L. tod . , iy nidi I Jtf- (i.-ii- . ,r i an 1 -t- ."! i : i; l "tf l"t ' "'I -.r.mlo slty, "PUnhuiF College, Wis-p-,::qi.i Stat ) Jniversity, Wll- school opend lut fa" with a lr ! i - -v ...I PaI 1 n.rn WnMr i l lam oowen h,i n.n,n had to b rented In tk mmnku a number ot them. .. ...ri?' i fart ot which trnm fnev-at-Law,G O TO . . . II wno MU . . . -- , b. hoola hate had the privilege of boaatlai. .nh Building Coraer FRANK SCilREYER. L and iwadwood Street ,v.,. f' ' I'laa. were Immedlatelr tonne for Ik K. . v ' " -rt tifiATmi eDlargement of the buildings, and tken , .... nA-.ja SL ' ''iV- plane have had a aucceaaful reaolU T York School ol Exoro f-ion, New York City ; Ro. al ' on-sevvaio. y of . l-Sn-'n. t (3ermany; Royal Conservatory of Vita c, PraU. Aus-triHi Tvletrop j'itan wOilero cf Mu"ic. ?TT7 Yok City; Chicago Art Sciioc'. Ch icago 11: and Ocaer Ltudir; Institu .n . - ojuth Dakota. Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman ..-t. r j vaiuauie auu ' . . . ....... A ... PimBU al - p purcnaeea .uu .uubu w .. w . ' 7j ' '' most doubling It Addition Will made to the buildings, wblih will enakU , . -, -r rr- them to accommodate over one huaare 5 JrlH -i.rlErlStlSiSS bouiiat pupiu. ri. MOORE tions Wli and 3HOME SCHCOi, FOR omX.S. he Hens haw , -European Hotel Late -The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. lagon SViaksr. U a;1cL REDONE ON SHORT NOTICE. T. J. O'BRIEN. Prop lr509 Parnam St. - Omaha, N. b Li of Carriage J) Wnw Work; otto CrrlM 1Pur" Eleciric LiKhs. 5u-im H.-a , Mot and Cold waier- LEADING LADIES' COLLEGE IN THE WEST ., .. nvn,.,, w,,U in H, Universe.. ,BI'M!TJIKXT.-nil. K-toMi. , . . , iv, T,,.., A Mili-l;nni;il l.itcnipy (.'o.irsc If emphasized. DEPAKT.MIONT UNSlMiPASSED : CO TO : Tpine Btreet, Deadwtod, . D. Pabsi Headquarters DERBY For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in he City. I) Headquarters For Liquors and Cigars, : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop n . u. tun mi " Missouri Conservatory of Music. ..,t-v r.c ICYINP.TftN FFMAIE COLLEGE. J. P. HYMER. PHOTOGRAPHERS AlnEA Ur LUUimiu.' ' :tion and Adjuslmants. . . , ,..yr . "XT 7T- Notary Public. . . nt 1 ffllla n TT fl For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Papers, u Afeni id macs run - j . a tl klnnft Of IDQ UUUmULJ VyV. . - a W.1. wrtl t An ana juaiciiu wu " Mounting cards and photo supplies send to i hiVj . nnae fici jw ineuus tu uifiu b-w . .. . nnlllo male DIaaIt TVclA CTWwl fl. O. Lincoln Mtopaj. Supply Co k-Harrlson, 138; Black HUM, Lincoln, Neb. J. DOWD, PRACTICAL O. C. JEWETT. Stchmaker, jeweler ARCHITECT. iSD OXXXCXkX. New Waite Block, Hiili Jswelery Madfto Order. .''rt' '-'-I.- '' "--V ' DBADWOOD, fl. D. J Eiaminsr for tne F. E. & M. V. I nt ht t call and I will guar FACULTY OF THBMHSOaat -3d ERATORY OF MU3IC, WtaMtltaotloa In work and ITREBT - DBADWOOD, B. D. 55 , !..... nnd are the pupils of the greas- .re d,,,e ,be ,-a.e,. CooBervn.ories.f.ho : ' i. of th world. mftfin Mteei 51 9m Hardware Company. STATEMENTS. - . -r.i.. will hm undr tk ! Th laereaa 1 umb of pl f pita ha a-d It noeary to P Vaoleaale Hardware, Koyolet and Bporttifc'Ooods. 1D VOlCC w .trucUon of graduate of th MetroooU- ,.iitlln ha been Prof. P- dolph Rlc'-Urr PpU of the funoii Theodore Kullak. will remain a . nf th ComrratoiT otbar iiufnr of moaio. nw. n (Imenevaawav I A couuuuu.u". a tii.m nf muaic. ox new v f . . ... NuiTwr. a ?to . omm. lor 1 Mia. Lucy U. JUrU. MU Hark to f11- KAXHBT - OKAHA lounn jw tf Mualc H wa formly director of th m m i. Ula (f Mualc H w formerly director of in WOXJOX PHARMACT - "Zl Into . Conror,.. an4 win be lurherlf OreeD on. of th. Kanaa. City Conrtory o, U .pupil of Herbert IOj-. . tor . r th Ml ralty I TTalTarlltT. Ofrdlean Moek. J. C CARSCH Arent. , ....ailttl I 4 know, a th "Mi-ourl Ommrrtaa ol SL.- n Collet win thu. be tana " " clceen to M th. pU H. thoroughn- and protn-a. H. U al- n ,n pt wi be T:uabl addition to . eon- th only tm J. l WMC' will hare a wparatelr organ I ted Comt- without a peer a. v i Increased. 1 LliUard, I2!h . TmL mo Prominent X5oFrtricLoiats. A.jrt and Elocution or rox I ... r...lo.. ent free to any addr-. -rU. t HA.,t NEBRASKA- For Ir.fortn.tlon oil for buoohu ...u iKADlSa HOTEL JAMES A. BEAUCHAMP, President. Lexington, Mfu tun ii Aaew & Till- tl W NlatHiO tlikltll Aa aa4 n 1 b. MA.ariii"& sow. I L T IreVdMi l fT

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