The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 19, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Ot'ST I1'. 'UA - Till: DAILY l'KJM'EIMLMES, DEADWOOD D. si Soik,-d the Wheel. O. ('. Jewell expect, to l, I'-Uiuj. fui' Ci!.-ao. atter jiai't of J ul . a iiil.I Cl V"'- c YESTERDAYS PERSONALS. T. I) Cotter 1. ft yesterday afternoon ..I- n.-iivcr. -Hai i is franklin departed last even- il; tor Cliii'Utto. -Mrs. , ixirriiitt.)!. i la uli t . i- , , , Ul'l Miss I'landers Wen- ,.f l.. Calumet fi: I " injurious A i x A I ,S I'll!' 11 1 1 (.'111 lUV iOUl Ul 111 nt'-H ,.,!, it .-t.lll"-'- 1,,, wh" ! I longed tttlic miii of ' ". S. liar.n. It in Lead ,.t..-r.l;i :ti, cs and as if u :t s well Gentiernen THE THREE POINTS , uf ll'.ll 1 1 " I 1 111' I 1 lll'I'Ill Si -1 i "inaii tl. ni.i'i it as muiiKiii nesi NOT MADE BY Hit" tno" ii. U 5 r- TT? PJJW ' a.-lb . ,, . liiii'i- ii, m, i, i U.-Mi-.- in the papers, but , uoola,j t,-i 1 1. .. ii i i ... .1 Slmltz t ,f Chadrou t . i : I ' -1- was in' ' adw ! to. lay. ('apt II. I.-. i,f Sta:;::-. 1. ft last j '. ;.M.:: I'm- ( " 1 1 i . aKo. I 1 1 tlin-f wliu tuit-n k ii: "ii'i'i '"'V.ii, . n it for it. A I. . '' located in iiin of l Hi' ;M , in i' i.UH'l ,'.e-- il'j')EHATr I " ' I - I '-11 1 I , i il 'i ,! ' - i , '" ''-n -' i: i in . 1 1 1 . r, ;,, .. ,,, , , :l v. Al. I In. tun was in t"u i, nl.iv IN Powder ! ; i , i u inil a ml tli" ii'. i , I'l lull-; ' ; i St : inus. fry and ni: I i i . 1 Mm;- .! opi i.Tdi- u th,. Sumn;, ! t liim lul l' it ! ,i 1 ..1 ' AT 7 ri ! CHURCHES. . I 111;: tl 1: I.' 1 1 . tin.: I! ,. i !!. . I . ' I . ' I i : ., lol ' t .11.: 'ii I Ii ! , ill hil-, h.i i . ' ..:i ., I::-, win ; v .: .1 . I ,. 'I'll a MK'I V Ill - : '.!' , : i lim ine hi I'h jiiuii it is l ilit for tin- c WSw.l i . i . lor tin' rrpair ati'l I h I i,. 'A 1 1 1 'I ' i ililriiiK i : in it ,, ,i. he names of pat t ol !i i . been learned and tin' ;n ul .! . : II' V ''1:11.111 r. I ti LLi A !omi w.u ,,, i,y up -ii -p.., j . u ; , -! ill-: Oil I hi' Wl .- ;l ,'A i j i j -. ,x 'in.' poioiio.i, ins,., t and i aim' iioar A :h- 'I'l'" 1 and and arm miuh io a' ! :! r,r.r..l ( ise rl'n' W. V ! I'.l Ol! i "i i -t r..ip' i I'i'.'a- inn:; .ii : i a ni. I. tli" pa-tor. Saliliath s. Iioul at I : I ' . in : I ii." ior I tiion. :; p. m ; it. V. I' I'. iii""ti'ij; at ', p. m ; soim sor-vir" and Ii , ! 'ii-.' at ,s i in, Snlijoi t . "Tli" li-'storati r of lsrai l." All arc lonhally unit -. I. ('. L Kirk. Pastor. First M. K - St niros as lisnal. ulij'ct "Wdru Wo Know. " Sunday M-)iool at U'. l'i p. in.; Kpwiutli I a l; u al 7 p. fir; s.'i 'ia.n at .s p in., hiilijcct. M r. I 'r tl.'int. 1 1 1 1 . 1 son riturni',1 ves-t'iir. 1 1 1 1 1 r i i 1 1 ir from their visit with l.'ip'.l ('it friends. I l Sinilli staitt.'il for Yalanfine. i Ii., last eveiiini;, expeetiiiK to lie absent two or three weeks. 1-Mitor Warner, of the Ppearfish Mail, aeconipanieil liv liis wifo. was in the city between trains yesterday. Mrs. lif. StnnnanI of ltapid who has tieen the jrueKt of Mrs. Sites for a few tictrs will ' found oat foon. ln-n ': u .dlod up and tin- lotion- f t Ii - - l.y . will I... sonic notoriety mvn to v-as awliill) : wollfti I'roinpt nclj there fur tlx- join', if til" ( I'om ' al a.-istalii-i- :ai d tlii'l.ttlo iVIIuu's I i io '. lit". pet t'Vl calls it a "Bound Over to the Grand Jury. lavs departed for tier home even-, "-ri,,, ti.,..,,, ti,., u-,.i,.,.,, i!av Mr. Woll... 1 1 1 iopn si nts tli" K i I J I I.--. ill ' :' of 111.' ,'M, I,.-,,.. ,. woik I. "in- pros... lit,-, ,y tt," Ann ri ati M.iiiti " i 1 1 1 pa 1 1 ' . nvor on Siii'iir-liii. al tho lo it ,,f Hanp'd Top is in In p. EJ J 1'ii iy s Kivt'ii a ln'ai iu)4 on (te bms1' stealing charge iodK'-'J jfjjnst him. in JustU-e Kiirly's uni t ... -nr. l o i, it" noon. .lolm K. Wiloiii Colnni'l Aitaur Ij'iin t'onituandatit of OF OUR $3.50 SHOL. Zipp Shoe Co. will ri-iiiler t s, o or three pieces dur-ills: the I'V'iiMK sei vii e. Kvcf lioily .elr(iine. (', !1. Clark. Pastor. e St. .lohns Kniscopal.- M m n i n ser- ice at 1 I a. pi : Sunday school at i o a. in , s n. ! : -el i su p. a a n 1 1 'inl. -ii t ' . . ,i iii-iioinr 'mil 'Vl""lil1-und ill lit inn to Anii'i ii an nvd m Iln' city last i-vi'iiinK on tlio V ,,, i .. a;e.- At'inn -y llayi'.s tor tlio jiium- ' ' pat I nil I G30 nvrtin St. LruxrijnjxruTjuijTnjTja.TJTjij i-n-f (Ution. I ' I ' ' r . . Jiouiwoil, iii-'UIK" Mrs lil.nk. sister-in-law of Mrs 1! pati Ke'jriii' sin i iff l'lunkftt, ami A. n hdi iicon. Cotton, di pa it "d for her home in , i;. i; War 'Un aha y. -o rday after a isit la re of . McClii.n. ta'isy vc.l 'lavs. iiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiitiiHiiiiiiidi'iiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiti .; .eti"i. The Re .torntion of Israel. I 'in I In- . 11 : o! I io. t . .0 Ii I !,.a t 1 . . . i !.. : ; 1 . :; I,, 1 II.Cv 1 1 po a ,1 1 1 Hi" i ,.' i, t"i t i V". f-'avo tln-i r ti s-:. . h . how id til 1 " V as nn a . i-.t ti c : nil' of tin- a. . 'ilili'l' il to li-iii i .nit;, i . p . i " . I on t In? i : ! i . i a and s.ivsi:, :.' . . . i 1.. M'd, .J.i-ti. i .: t . . j . i i f r : . i l ; The Dclraonico 1 0 :i. CJ so i" ' ' to riv.' : 1: . ! .1 -ad-'. " I .r a ! pa ! . i crr..' a 1 i" nn I to J ' : : c I,j Hi If P.-ii-e F.n- will , i r-n-aia uir il '. lah t-na i!i . court . o - - - . a . I hi r ". ! to hop'" 1 . ,:iu In 4 MfSDAMES SMITH AND CaEAT HOUSE 'I !.. la:.' ; i : '. i : ' 1 al 11 .1 n ; a: s :!' c pi 'lien o in iliO 1:0!. I a 11 1 i.- 11. mi C n , la -, . ; : ml v, ; 1 1 : pare no pains t o serve s t ' " pu Co.- v. It '1 l',--.rv In 1 ii . oiaiiot aliolds.' I CO Mi: and try t'.-r op.-rin .Inner MONDAY NOON. I MEALS AT ALL HOURS EROM 6 A. M. 8:30P. M. " 1 Under The Post Of fic e. 7111111 IIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIItMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIinilllMIMIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIlE oil. in- 10 i -i ; I'M r 1; ti : ; m 1 IIS-:', m!- 1 .. I ol h r Fa'.' cr .a".d Seven Sons. Oil til I I .t -' ot tin- 1 iiaal. 1 IA o!.iij: i.f 1 1 : ; 1 1 --1 II, 1 - a Io," I. all' lose 1 i I,., c.i 1 pi-nti r tan.:'. 1 .1 1 i . r LIlil own suns. coiiiiii.-in;; tlio Car I il U'l l.e.'d l.tll II." ,-!:il 'poro m no ' . 1 1 lo : 1 i;ro ; ! - i ' w ., in it t ' -. . 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 ion it ;. 1- a ri'un d 1 Ii is d 1 ' a- . : I la ! -1 0 su M is I Van I; Nailoti w'.o a 1 .ni.-.l to ('nun. il I'.lai'l's on a. . oiint of la r si Ui r lii'in' drowned in tin- Missnuii liel-. .1 111 Hit two weeks alio, is I - peeled home tomorrow. MO HOPE OF RECOVERY. The Doctor Said, But Chamberlain's on. fentii Paper it., whidi is Hi,- largest. 1 nt to v eft'.-, t that Im paper Imuse w.-st of tin- Sli-sissippi xv ;l '' 1 m 1 T 1 j -1 m .-le. t"d ain river. The Ciirpenter liuvs l.-ft the mites at all. Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Cured Him. Miss ('. ISemlixon departed last on a three weeks tour. She noes "My son was suffering with severe (aim 1,1 .Marenmi. Ills., w, ,,t to Chi- M , ,,..,,,., ,,,,, 1 'i't to Denver to visit friends and j .. 1 i.,,,,,..,! ii,,. ..i...r trot., in .. . .. ., - ., ! from there she Ko.-s to ChicaKo to ; era imps and was (liven up as beyond C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. l- ric-, ;t full line of caski-ts, coflins, robes, wreaths and in fact everythinfi,' )ertaininr to funeral regalia. Telephone 134 Harrison. Parlors 114 Sherman Street. hope by my regular physician who stands high in his profession. A neighbor ran in with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and after administering three doses of it niv son re- 1UB ..h i " " 1 i , ..1 ii i 11 n i lie mill 11 rMM ji ( t Mil) '.1 ii , ' I the Chi. a iio paper houses and a dozen v ,, , , he st at ; ol Iowa. .Wlira-ka. ''"'"'t the late styles. lears a.-o consolidated their e;i rn inns Minne-ota, North and South liakota 1 Mrs. Srntt and daughter, mother and' and established a business for them- j ,s jui i. t inn, arrii ed in 1 i.-ad- ! sister of Mrs. KiliK of this city after a '. selves at O111 1 !in . bcicinniii-; in a sin ill Wlll -, ,.,-uii. Mr. .l.-si. r 1- a pleasant visit here departed last even- j ay mi!. I now tliey rover th" .uitiie ( ,,,. business 1 :an. and is well up on inn for Omaha. They w ill stop a few j country wet. if the Mississippi liv.-r. ,),,, ;l,pp,- ,, . ,, ,,.-,-!:, sal"s:i:an days at Mot Springs 011 the way down, j I iobinsi in . who has been Miss Hit-die with laaii' li In uses at. Denver, lies ir w,) ri'iiiai'i in town over Sunday Moines an ! San Frnm-isco. Thov are ;.. u, k,. t .i-ioilai tow ns in t hi-all fi: ; . r-a ; b niorable and eoiisci- .,nu,: Mid5ummer Wle-i: tioa. Thev have earned their sac (ess. Th-y are a sturdy fa mi P. . gaiin d consciousness and recovered! entirelv within twenty-four hours," says Mrs. Mary Halb-r. -f Mt. Craw-! ford. 'a. This remedy is for sale Hy Kirk C. Phillips. ANNOUNCEMENTS. j Notice. .: : ' ni:. 'i n' : a Ii . m-M-i:ti:i MTl-on l.i.,, 1, t 1; . ' . i day n ','t r 1:1 a bout 1 n'. lo, K 1 . wa .-U' in i .1 to lind the I'-.ipi Change of Agent. visit ing fiietids at Sliirgis for the pad wt'k. returned home act onipauied by Miss Pearl Keith who will be li.-r L-u. st in tliiM city for a couple of weeks. Chillies It. Price, biothei- f the Well know n 111 if k Hills biinlier merchant . V. T. l'lice. who has been her.- on r. isit. iii roiupaiiied by his w ife, b ri vestfidiiy for their home in New York. Mr and Mrs. Hums, v of Kof lu st. r. ....Reduction At the 1-. - ; f I o! a !: ,a ef 71',;. 11. 1 iV'Ii Is a -'ion ' i i. ' 1 ib ,; in.; nan 1 oiinlv I hereby anno'ine,. rn-. 'If a ai dnlate f. r -dai iff of l..,w on.. All Summer Goods Reduced from Yei-t i l,v while in I-.-ad C.-tieral i lilb d wit'i sniok". An in., to Pas.-en.t-r A- i.t .1. It. ISuchanan of . -.a- ,ti : "it. d at on..- I.u the Kl'sboiii ma-le an imp.irliint ; o one bed 'la-ir bead and -" tire fhange in the local niauaKetm-nt, of af- . I; mm w.i no -cl in. li. r :i few fairs tie re. Theodore O-a k.-y re- minntos investigation it wn.-? found dgnd in.- po.;,ion of ,,i n.-- and ilat t s nun, i a me from t ho. bakery 'reght ac nt of the company ami An- ... ti ,- ha . in a' and n a. !i. I 'In- of tone J iri' h Jr. wa: appoin'ed to tho toe on a mt of a sioppa-e in the vacancy. Mr. Jurich is a yet man tin,-. No .latitat:.' "':n ilon.' . . epf to ot good habits and superior business turnitui.' and books in Judge Hen- qualihViitions. His selection to fllll ,i.n ofti. .-. ,k ... .... i m 1 oi 1 1 i . 1 them, also eoiintv for tli" t.-i ni . n-i-;t.- N. Y.. w lu :n ,i,,,:,rt.. for home. Miss Mirinn 1'ri, e b ft with the parte mid will be for a Year in CHAS II MOYFK Lead. S fiak. FOR SHERIFF. Fred Doteti ; liiioum es Inn.-.'lf a; a cnadidatc for (he office of sheriff of Lawrence conn. S. IV. subje- t to the the LIU"-I of her New York City. to 'ue responsible position will gi" gen- We w i-h t" in 'ni in the public und r- t. eral satisfaction to the runny patrons Natlu.n l-'r inklin go1 unl readers of tin publican voter derision of the repuhli. an county con- i o! the Klkhorn company. The offl.-c , .,!n,,.a,.r that Hen. 11. P. Kow b r four, lie today to superintend the ship- j ention. d&vVtf in remain, as formerly, on 1 o ver . ,.. , ,., -.i n.- s,.n. r . nt of foitv . ars or two train load Main street. Chicago or South ,1.. 11, fall Mr I'owlei- lias been "! cattle t) I Philip Kornigsberger Dead. ,,.,,.,! iwi,o ;s a member of the Omaha mark 't. bouse of n-pi 'sentatives and served, (i(1(k;llt of Spearflsh, 1-oiillv and falthfilly. Hon. K I'. , .... , ,,...,..,..1 i)V n. l.oard ol Mr. S. Koenigsbereer received a tele Announcement. At the earnest solicitation ef my many friend.-! and after being emlm s.-.l In the First ward caucus. I .'i:t,0!in-c myself as a candidate for the state legislature, subje. t to tn" aitam of th" populist trinity conv.-nt on Di adwood. S. D . Aug. 1 i anl. CII S. H. Me A i .f .! STKR. , , location of this ( ity as primary n.-uin:; yt ar. lias filed i a- th i Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 Pam from San Francisco informing l-owb r has b "U a r. -iib-iit of Whit. - tint of the death of his bro h.-r. Mr. ' ' '"' ' I'"T""-V " ' ilip Koenigsb ".Rer of that place. haM lor a n i:nb.r of v , n A.uo.- Mr. Krieni.nKo,-,. i,.,.i t,..,- in Snn .-le. Had town man and 'Hi il rotlbl That li -.''.; i uai i "ii v ith the secretary of . i : p in cid' lit veder-' i !,, l:i I. mention d ;. '. y. -I, bit,. . i f Ca , aps to tl. V 1 . . Mo in . -i a:. 1 1 BUY vv;-!it : II Y ( 1 a rr.H Pranci o to see lis brother ami left '"' '' ''""' '' ' t;m only two weeks ago on tho road ' 1 '' tfrerov- ry as he supposed. : . a The ib censed was formerly in busi- :' ' "" : 1 KC8s this city with his brother and ! ; - "' ' ' '" erho (li.-poseu ot his interests here " ' : " :' Te1t to San F.-uncis- o. lie w;;s ' ' ' " ' ' ' !., ro r.n 1 i nive -sally adu-ire.l i '' m rre.-t-d. He was a good bu.-i- toai, a desirable companion, of '"';' ' ' ' P'ms ng aj ;re-g th lt WO1 f. j0nvi.; cv. i i '" a t- . ' -.::' i. Because FRAW HATS a.Kll la 1 t I f ir- It i ; th : ma: la t. t! ng .b AT 1.1 :s (HAN HALF PRICE. Mens Fine Suits 1 1 : i ' ' k c I Bishop Walden. T florjueat bishop. John W.ilJ.n 01 Cincinnati, who presides at " t'..- Oine Black u ilia nnrtf m- id 1.1 .1 r , Mar: : . 1. : ' . II. II. Mr -C ii. na . .'. T. I . b s. M. C .--CI:;, ago; 0, a. !.. lahard, Fi--1 FI LL STOCK f ' Sewing machine :!, need!.. s : 1 at'a. dir.a nt.-. 1 'r .1.1 I. nls of i hines. Alien's Foot-E.ise In Yojr Cicves. Use . HI"' libe.-g. :. G. W i.i. f "eld at w.a.C v.-.- ...,.. a l..-,,lv writes: "I shake Aliens il. (.an..,,,, .v. rtjuiM, UeglUUCI-i -V O, . - ..... 1 1) I- CI merin C 1' 'm occupy the pulpit at tho M.K.'.aM:,!..: ,-. my gloves and r.i, a Hun and one. H Clanson, C. 1 ftch ia Deudwood next Sunday ; little on my hands. It saves my Schuyler N. d, Jo,. U !B?. and nt Lead In the evening. ' nb.orbing ..respiration. L waukee; AW., st-nn. J-nme Tha.a - - .i-i-i.. ;i,,t TA-i-n.-,ior V. e -ain.tnni-e. o. A. N. PARKS. 656 MAIN STREET. B siarci vweJslsafdt, Geo. T. Yonfjdelstaedt DRS . vonWEDELSTAEDT IS a most udiiu; ijo-t j.....,.. , invite the attention of physicians and. In Light Weights and Nobby Styles at from $5 to $8 Tliis season'3 NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising values. Everything goe3 at leduccd piicoj. Come in and convince yoursel that we are offering great jr values now for the money than OTcr before. Anxious to show your our goods, we are abligingly your, BLOOM The Clothier nurses to the absolute purity of Aliens Foot Ease. Dr. W. C. Abbott, editor j, To Cleanse the System rctnally yet gently, when costive bilious, to permanently overcome Mtnal constipation, to awaken the Jers and Urer to a healthy actlr-without Irritating: or weakening n. to "dlapel headaches, colds or v?? n 8yrpK of Figs, made by U cornU Tit Syrup Ca ' No Qrips PaE Cr fliaror.-fnr , rri irrl'ft'In ef the in-testsiW-ttiu t. ..." . 1 roiupt, tnorouich neuithnil cleansing, wtieii you tai Hood's Piles Bold by all druggists. 25 cent. of the Chicago Clinic says: "It ia a grand preparation; I am using it constantly In my practice." All drug and shoe stores sell It 25c Sample FREE. Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Roy, N. Y. Cffices Qlymiiic Block, Opposite B. & M. Depot. Tel., B. H. 202... Ret., 21, City Creek. Tel. B. H. 201.

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