The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 24, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. LyEAR. DEADWOOD, 8. I)., (BLACK HILLS,) TIIl'KSDAY JInKNIMi, ArclT2l, i Sir.. FIVE CENTS. TAKE AGUINALDO ,500000 iiy, aft(r Ju-.k' VU,v, in;i!i h.i-1 a pp. -ilM h la rase Ut'ruhitiK'ou Th.' same statute T'Viilii hi hi -5 i xs.' thaf .l-. rai--i.l in tV cast of Ual Klk. Mu Miiinit v to lian at Sioux K.iII.s -rritih' fr niunlfr. ( INDIAN POLICE SYSTEM Pine Rldgre and Rosebud Corps Among the Most Efficient Known. American Troops Will That statin-- is &nnu old, and 1' is In suhbi a dtnii bu!l nnt Ih- han-ot hff on th-1 ri's.M vi! , mi ir y -live j fiirp Unit one In-f.n- killiiiK 1. 1 Klk's cas- in jaii ai lorto Capture tne child, and Wilson was placed under arrest. He was take before his victim and identified posljry, and was then placed In jail ' The entire town was In a fever of excitement, and threat of lynching were heard on the streets last night, but another and more horrible course was adopted as punishment. Karl this morning a mob battered down the doors of the jail and broke Into the cell in which Wilson was confined A physb ian was with the party, and Wilson was foned to submit to a surgical opi ration The prisoner was i1m-ii reloaded lo the authoritl.t, and the mob ik-parteil in quiet. : n I Rebel Leader. is still pci li ig Sioux Falls "t ln.1! hi the rcservat ion I Rosebud raise and some of theui "Many of 'Ii around Pile-small bunch rai-e g-ardeti- I. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. OH'ter the Following Unheard ol' reductions in prices for this week, all new and i Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 16caDd26c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and thnt is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder of our New stock we have made a still greater reduction. Bui Faithful and Efficient, Well, Organized,' Trained and Competent. : V t e is not nun h ell-'teliaa to raise a gar-may raise a natch of colli .lectin nt f : ai (HI Soon End with ,t Accomolished. den Due of then t an 1 bis friends an. I relatives hint and sia as long as ill the potatoes !i S.lllit t I Ilie- a whole fulll. il will go 'i in ' niaiiner and Slav I.Mtorlll'ei ,mi is I III i raising stock "The Indian ..,ne sjnm ,n Hosebin and I'm,. Ridge agencies is th,. ui ..m clal ln.vrro.s-. -' "i" dlld j of the iiiinini.iiraiiitn nays -I . i dtilerenl Nil w.itK reiiutt ju.-i sun . the Indian " Li .mterilay at a conference cient I ever saw, said lieputy United Slates Marshal John Helling of I lead w oo I , in speaking of affairs on Hie reuervaiion after his return from his last trip down j there. It is surprising what interest ' those Indians take in their work Thev 1 Uiat the first step to be taken ... .. i , A Victim ot a Conspiracy, ItKNNICS France. ug. zXi Special The witnesses at the court martial today were all against iHcyfus Itealziujc the strong sine-tis scored by the defense yesterday, the conspirators today played their strongeMt cards, but the existence of a pre-arrang-l plot is more apparent tluu ever. Schnci'Sr. ilie Vistriiin military nl-tache, arriviMl today. In a letter to t tie Klgaro he utterly denies any connection with Dreyfus This annihilate.' one of Mereier h pet charges Dreyf is is iKiguiing to shim 'be efTi-cts of the terrible mental strain to whit be has been submit od since the trial bet;an, atid hit fai e wiirs a haggard expression thai ip ; i t la'.oe jtrtcan army upon utc raieniu ui , In the Philippine inlands, will j the apprehension anil capture of AI Go For T5c ATTEMPTS SUICIDE, Michael Suilivan a Familier Character Around Town Wanted to Die. Mtihael SiiIIiwii. ncl'ei' kniwc ils " P. it sy Holnar." .ho has l,ve, in ih Hl.f '.. HilN fir iiui' twentv ihre- yeat--. aiii'iiuit- i'il i'llelde l:l-t nighl by ad III I II I st . I I n g mor- $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Wais fte toler of the Insurr-cUon- LnJ OUs i" instructed to i itone unt'Jrn. 1 u accomplish that are regularly organized, wii.h their captains, lieutenants and sergeants, and their ambition is remarkable When one of them gix-s arter n man he is going to bring htm in The agent always tells them to protect themselves when trying to lake a mac rind if t,e fellow they !Ue after has ie will be provided with every ph t- M cany out Hi" plan W th As-prisoner, the president believeH i" attempt II" U .Us jn t il lo .mil I I' e and . i l.idy ' k. Ile'llv'- . . i. l Mi I . 1 If ll lit it. t:iioc ill mi mil come to in end. jwers IU lick the cecutiYe gun and niaKes l preiiv sun-re w dn cr Hi a una o 1..H .t'.II 1-1 II.. I'd' jrry m 'h'' ulr mii't. longer s il! tf started i ul . .illd the All Waists t t at we sold for $2.00 and $2.60 Go at $1.2B Here ia a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. M. J. Werthheimer & -Bro dian pub .'.' pi Ex-Governor Holcomb Nominated. It will be followed Ulili! he .in i ii: awn i Liiiv wn i" i ' 1 1 . ! ii i . 1 1 . i i Hoi bur iih fun'.': of American : : Spi-. mI Ex i ; : r n. i. v ,i - :ioni'ii.iiei toila'. -ii ; r : : i . i..-:.. 'i ai t to " '.' Vol with -it.i'l ling ' ! i c be w.ll be ui ii no n pite. wi v. n 1 1 a- no n- o n o o (r o o n- o o 000 id. o fi r n- cir or 'i n i le tolLMT FROM TRANSVAAL l-k. a 1 ha. bi ' i 1 1 a hit- m v 1 1 1 ! e 1 1 f ! noun I. .it ti 'i J i li tlU na It on-d yeMerda''. thc W' f. 'lilie ;,,. detll opl'i w as for,, him i moirh i Ol ller .IIONhl J. 1. 1 Re. j. l-nouv, them I., u i.. i. mile.. :o a .ii.-. ui tin-, pari l i . l . u . aii. to my in Itosebu.j A Mil ,li.. h t. r sc'ti a- 1 .iv Hi, li e las' Ii.l mei! trili line hut thci by Hryilll dose v:..- .wallowed it ilKilllng lo Grant a Five Year rtiseto the Uitlanders, Ml lie.. i cill.'t el ru .' ol 1., a.-e i W 1 1 I IT II Walkni lit M. un ruxnruuirLr ru uJtjtjtj UTjiruiuxru jArui-nJ"U"UiJ 5 rcpU Aug 2" -Special, '.iwtowii J t"l t he am. FALL PIPEE! WALL PAPER! Shield.-- v mled. fllesney .1 1 i.l i v .is ill I i Ihto: in. I I ' I ir Tin I . ii. II. alv I lot in- of the policiiicti and , 1 idy to go out The th.T. I I'oln ..lie oday say ilini I' Km Trans' nl rcpublie ha loiific.! govprmni'ii! that h" is willuii; told llir.i to g let ., t as buck SCHURMArYS STATEMENT. The Commissioner Gives Out a Statement for Publication. called lii. Su lian wa i ed to momcter was i degrees below z,to at the time, and the mather w.ts furiim. When flve-yu'ir t'niTichisc to the IMt- li to ir.siitute other refonim. on lint Eralainl will nut interfere i oiuii. and t he do. other resl'irn.Mw bard tight for th. heroically for scv ior appln .1 i buttery ami The din tor made a man's life md wurkel ral hours At tune i he i niMij-o ot witk' the polnsinian had to d I said 1 would not take his trip tor a fortune, tor there wa.s no telling how far a man could go on horseback in ths.1 kind of .ml aftiirs in the Transvaal ITHJA. N. V.. Aug 2.1 Special -Cum niissionrr Sihuniutu. who rwa'.hed home ye-steriLay from the Philippine iiilamls. ba '.oilay given nut the foJlowlnf sUilemeut for puMlcatlor Eiions South Africa are ac-Jch more liooeful rpi ration the hue of ould quicken pcrieptihly. an I the face, nisk and the chest weataer wrttimn freeziiiB to death But the policeman was ready within ten min fa EOiter Whitecapped. rlnu t he I luted Mta-tes Having sovereignty over the Philippine utes, ana set out He took tht trail of "Some time her n arrow kitchen wall Stretched away int o stately halla." This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock 1 entitrejy new and up to date. 1 cannot tell you about the handsome designs.. Tou are especially Invited to ae them PAINTS! PAINTS! Now Is the One to paint tout bouse. Remember that my store ia headquarters for all kinds of paints and! painters' supplies, especially for the NEW BRA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and laat longer than any paint made. Com ln and) get color card and atady color effacta. Tha Old RUbW Druggist, Ma in Civiut fTTn Tr " TTTI W WW-vr Walking Snieliit and followed it for over na.. Aug. 23. Spival . Kdi Islands by virtue of a treaty tit jwttice with would change from black oi olurh-ss to a living rtsl. but it would only be for a -short time, and those who wen' assisting thought there was not much how for httn Sullivan has been staying with Mi' Heoly ever tiince he took possisinii of the the fWida Republican, .van Spain, Uie chief executire of the republ.c by Worto Caps at Hacks mib- is engagisi in establiHhlng that sover elgnty. The issue today Is Dot a eommer remain ed with the blade of his knife i-t I ia postmaster, last nieht. I'Jj appolrted a colored atwn-'t-XttoIBce. and this ia tic sup cial oor althc 'he natural rttrce8 of the Philippine islands are of great value keeoiug him. simply because the old m had no other resources Sullivan has be and wait only American capital for the a hundred mil, He finally lost the trail owing to there being a number Njf trails meeting! at a common center, and he being unable to tell whbJi way Walking Shields had gone He rode back then to an Indian ramp, five miles or such a matter and got a oouple of other Indians to go out with him. He then put them on one trail and he took the other He thon kept on to a place called Ponea, without hearing or seeing anything of his man. At Ponca he heard that there was going to be of the L-e.itipent lie ha-; re-U punched bru.allyr l!s partially iiruJyzed for several years, and development. Nor is the question of po ha-s In-en almost entirely helpless abou ayed an4 oarboiie acid bctue I i Ileal expediency or party polities, altho in its collateral branches there may be Deadwood. S. II. the lower limbs He was absolutely do the wounils. Cram resigned P today. JiuniirtnuiJTnnjvinnrtriri rriinirusiufjxsjin rjjnsusr.rjnnsi particular on which polities may properly pendent UHn his friends, was rather dim cult to care for. and probably felt that h o . divide, bat the question today ia neither waj in the way. About three weeks ago f Governor of Ohio. one of commercial advantage nor parti an Indian dance tha night at a point sev he a-sked Mr. Healy for writing material san politics. It is a purely moral ques Aug. 2J. Special Mx.vor eral miles further on. and he resolved to and he wrote a letter. He sealed it Ln an publi-; suitement an- Hon.- The vital iajue is the honor of the nation, the protee.ion of loyal Filipinos envelope and addressing it to Mr. Healy go over there, suspecting that he would candldacy for governor ol And his man there. Sure enough ther placed it on the back bar Mr Healy saw and the fulfillment of our obligations t it and tore it open Sullivan saw him ne was. wttn a lot of other Indians, and the world. Eicea all parties, and menace He will run it. the policeman placed -aim under arrest and stopped him with "0, you musn't read THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: "Second TJte means and agencies for the That was fully 140 miles from the agen accomplishment of this end must be determined by the president, and It Is well cy. nut the policeman put Walking that That's not for you to read." "I was addressed to me, and I thought should read it." said Mr. Healy. "No.1 said Sullivan. "giv me another envelope. raj in Control, Shields on one horse by tying his lege to- to beac In mind tlutt the president undur Beiner rrom me reel, ana started back to stands the situation better than anyone Koseoua, getting nlm in almost without and be sealed the letter up again. To Aug. a. Special. te conToation will hs s"taw. Senator Quay 1b her. else possibly can do, as he la In receipt humor the old man Mr Healy allowed Ui.- resting. Numerous other cases, equally at information from a variety of sourses, March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 heroic, nave corae to my knowledge on the letter to remain unopened until after Sul P m In civil and military, and has the Judgment llran took his dose of morphine last night, reserratJon, and I have formed a pretty of experts upon the facts reported. I hare good opinion of the Indian policemen. and then he tore the enrelope open, in no doubt tte president will sooon effect a "Old Crow Dog, who killed Spotted Tall the presence of the chief of police. This solution of the Philippine! problem which 11 Dittppojntment, 4 t-flpeclal. FiancU B "M 9t Uw Greet North -Ntilroeil from a trip thru about twenty year sago, and was cleared Is what It contained: will be entirely satisfactory to the Amert "To D. O. Sullivan, in care of ran neon In. To his statesmanship and by Judge Plowman, la still at Rosebud, and is one of the worst old disturbers on the All Branches of Banking Rnmpcc O'Rourke, Butte, Montana, or else to tried abllltr we . may entrust the Issue ayi the wheat crop Mrs. Daniel O'Leary, Brandon. Wisconsin reset ration. He Is always decrying drill Transacted. with perfect confidence." UMjKlntment, toth Mr name is Michael Sullivan. I look 'o xation, and continually trying to Induce the Indians to decline to accept their an die any minute, but I don't want to with SpearfisA Man Missing. out letting my people know of it I don't nuitleo and land allotments. He Is always naipv itfcurn ?ai ii.n. pea f8r Assault know where my listers live ln Boston, or un"r, -", navana, Porfo Rics, SATTXJ5. Aug 23. Special. Very dls- I telling of how the Indian has degenerat- Africa, England, Franca, earmany and all Part of tha World, at would write to them So good-bye to cou raging news cotnes from the Kotxebue I ed since he has come in contact with the P' Aug. 23. Special. Air f entenced todar to Sound region. In a letter written July 21, 1 whites, and attributes all the Ills of his all." lowaat jarkat rata. COLLECTIONS mada Carefully and accounted for promptly. It is not known 'hat the old man has F f penitentiary for an P vult. on the Arctic circle, 600 roles from Ihe I race to civilization The old fellow speaks Kotzebue sound, a story is being told of a I a pretty good smattering of English, and taken ud a pen or pencil since he wrote this note. He has hardly moved away long list of miners, who have perished dur- I after the Yellow Bull murder he entered We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers ing the past winter. Among the number is ni Uwlessness, the agent's office at the agiency and begin tellling of what caused it. according to his responsibility or collaterals, 9 j the name of Charles Deidrich, of Spearflan, Atf. 23. Special. M John JelUon. two whlto Ideas. "There,'" he said, "you see oa South Dakota, who Is reported missing. THIS IS DISTINOTIVELT J more trouble the Indian has learned of the Uhg negroea to set- Mr. Dledrlch left Spearflsh two years ago from Mr. HeaJy's saloon lor months. Occasionally he would walk a few steps up or down the street, but It a painful and difficult for him to walk, and he could more but slowly. He would sometimes be seen standing for hours li front of the saloon, leaning on his cant and smoking. It was hard for him to alsume a sitting Dosture. and still harder fr him to arise whites. Another Indian killed, because i""to lait January. In r.- for the northern country. A year ago Ms white man's clrilixatlon has put it In the Jnching of a number of Indian's mind to kill. Indiana never killed Wed in the court, Accounts of Baaks, Corporations and Individuals' ItttMMj A- A. - wife died at his ranch below Spearflsh. A daughter lur-rlves him. She was married after th death of her mother, and ia H Ting near Spearflsh. . Mr. Dledrlch was each other UI the white men came along." Dr. HcChesney did not pay any atten - uj uim peniten- solicited. Oorrospondoxioe Id. A7-itoci. tion to him at first, but he finally turned from a sitting to standing position. lie was apparently about $0 yeirs of age, and a native of Ireland. Until less than a resident of the Spearflsh ral ley fof yean. around in his chair and said: "Well, Craw F Nebraska Affair, engaging In the raising of stock and farm and garden product for th Black Hill market B was a natlr of Germany. Dog, what caused the death of Spotted Tall, about twenty year ago T" "WoughP and th old fellow went Into th air, and year ago he llred with Harry Dunning at ' 24. gpectal.- DIRECTORS: W. C AOAHS, JOHN TREBER. Boulder Park, Mr. and Mri Dunning car. "owo-nr, raped the lag for him. His wife hasj been dead for -ik ot Albert W. f tliant, jmtarto. Am HARRIS FRANKLIN, PratldaaiL BEN BAER, Vlca PrMlaaat year, and h ha been anJ object for tha out th door, drawing his blanket orer htm, and hs was not seen around the agent' offlea for a week, or mora, "Crow Dog waa cleared oa technical- bounty of his frinada ersii ino h waa Bismarck Ton WsdelstaedJ, Osteopathia. Specialist and Physician. Offlea, 11 City Creek. tf VH. SELBIE, Caaalwr. . uKrwn, n ot- para! ried. obUIned frana in

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