The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 23, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23, 1899. Mrs. Bryant ia having an addition built to her home on South Main street. Miss EHIh of Dead woo I was iu !.a1, with her friends, Mr ate! Mrs,. It II LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S , mv. LEAD 1899. AUGUST 23, I and Si nut Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Scocks fdV3 now compl te and m l in all Department Sivile of lies Moine-. Iowa, uhoare 11. K ill litadwood at the home of Mi L. U. t ton is re- Iving oods dai! has Ihe fin.'st a.-iosi liiient of Jewelry city. Pon't forget him when in re floods in his line. 1 Mr I' !: S;, ark, of Sin 1 . ,,.., llnlii 1!:. : ,iioi daiili:. : of S. 1 . il.NVKNTKiN T Dr Z.rliiiK r I., ml iii li.- The tii-v. AV. C. ''. I K M v - -n I ion I ,s l"-in I. I. nal.': Ui.l ..' i i 1 1 i ,-nliiy Pry Goods, l !!. Iuld f rum II , Mil- il. ifier- Or Clotl in ; I 1 O e terd.l) I'.ijaaiii l'aii,-r of the i' Has a I a a ! isi I or r.jloii. 1 W. 1 li ,.f 1 he linii 1 lilt: 1 ai. ire - - III I .eel J.e k la II left y. -i.H.iy In. Ha III I'm ' I. mil. Hie I II. k HlllliK k lei ill 11, .1 .. S..rfnll, Ti it; - in :ti r i .-. ,ih hi'I'l in l In Jturid, Ki'j slcmr. Springs a 1 1 1 Slili' Vtbill Hi" i i I II" Groceries, rJccits and Fish, ay aud Grain, Hardware, fctoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, . . r, - la. a li a I 1 1 ' A ( i iistiiirsi .11 S 1 'I,, ik How. ol with her -.i.-ti-r. i.i- !, an. h : il., low 11 iii Kapi 1 l'i h her daiinhier Dowi. a hi i t; s and Suits, ll ,,! !o v., :,mIi I I mill, hy II Mis .1 C a! Spt all:-h . ollu h e I. I a Mil will l:o evelllllK n il (flKSS.lKC !,uml-r wri' rf-rlit. Tin In M at. the Methodist par- I r mi ts, and Valcsea Tru huimk'-. alii a well ul U'lldt-d hy di gull's frmu nii uf town innl ly many I.. . I lieople. , Tim t-Ytiiing -t'-itiwi 1 unveii'-d at the Methodist cliuri'li at i-iRfit o'i-Jim k, and Hits 0'4-!-l liy devotional exeniwe. and miiBlc. M.iyiir Cin-hurttt, in behalf of tut city, i:avn a ronlial welnonw to iho delegates f 1 1 1 1 abroad. - ' He " a -i follow 1 by Miss K. Deujamin. whonioki- fir ill.- lixi W. C. T. TJ. Hhv. Is'. 11. m I:, ni fur Ilia churches and Mrs. tilislnei trip to I'ledomilf Hi.ifi VeMenlay iiii.iiiiiih. to the wife of Mali Kli.i'jr a daughter. W. K JiIin of Ilelle l-'mirehe is in Lead, the mieft of Hairy Marshall. W. L. MrUlllKhlill of I lead w iiihI. wits UaiiHtir'tillK bujilU',H3 iu head. Miyd .Maude l-'au-it aud .Mia l.illie (JleSli tfre diivin about the 'hdt. llurdette Mimdy of Ix'ad, was calling in Dcadwoud yealelday afteliHioli. A n'Irt-w f ii'iy is boiust tu i s n ; . fintT. aurtl by ait ai'rtnitt i nnn hilr. Mr. Uray ouht ! r 'ili.c Hi. littlf1 jiracticc is lun-essary n skill, 1 ;ive tho !k -rolling to nun .' ex;-w hanfln and House Furnishings. j Mine and Mill Suppiies With unequalled facilities for buvins and selling we ask your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Qualify, lul w a.s Ju'lt! last rr:mu at ih-jr nmii d in Ih1 Ifailor blinh. ami .i niimhti uf ii v ineinhrrs ;tliiiii ttl Tlu- cln1' is prei-.i. um to Rivt- a r- M'lniini nf ' -i-ulai .:(!-l Mis. Iko While of (Vnual was dlitipj. is j yesterday aftcaoou 111 I iradvv uod and .Lowest Prices. TB.Li The Ctii:i!. .uid h v I Wuthan'a club, follow id and graceful rcinaikt. I'l'tllkTll 0; Speul'tijl) re-ni. I liai'y niacin r to the Hindu. Afur the. W. C. 11. III. ;l . i . n 1 lufimillliM'd . i1 arii-r u roll, t' I loll Was ! i 11. .'II! j'Ml' Med u ilh suit - 11 ! fri. OP 1 Ol X .rtllandy . : 'I ' 1 . ' I I ' M.i'il: , Ma. W. !.". Lowo of I h .ih -Hjti. smi, W al:i r, wt.-io vi.-i.iii' i: I.. J-ni .lu-s. In, an uf K ) (,. . j.!i''iiu uuipiiny, vas in tt,il W- I! ! i'I,ins(jn of Lra 1 h.l.I 111S.S ,n In ti'lwood yi'stt "..' I l api I y a .1 li;'-- e , ' fhclil 1 o ; el in 11 I JlUKs.-tl for llli- with aj.pi .rial. Al 18. Nlll.L l ppoii'l. ,1 III ? Hi Bpeirlit al.rly " 1'. Syn.p.-iai v ere .1 1 v ' i ;l.i i) Hi-. : is -llilo r.rl T i.i'i. TIlU -,. '. ! .'tlu.-l inti r-lillt in tin ISi.e k II w 01 Kri s a lining in 1 hi i Hi. 1 1,. an II' ! lliinli V.-ttM-ll uf (h.i fair to l) ,f,,i ini;iorlaiit yet held Mai Il conipany of LiiKcin. K Many of the ablest ' 1 '1 her 1 nri" 1 - R. SMITH. THIS l-TV--i:i" AND I.i: i' .!: di: m-v. ! ".'d.A .... - women arc iiili't'esuid 1 tin .glviu li be 1 ally of. lialfr in up ' 1 '.I I I V i D.niv , Daily their lime, lah nt and money, to inako it 6un e-:.ful. Kollaw ing is n list of the ores- em ihliien of Ihe District Union: I X I . Il r.l TliAINS TOG A. It 1 1 M ' M I'M K N 1' UKUl:ir trains for I'll. l hia .! ("hieaifo I'nion Station over T'eiinsyl . .una Sh'nt Lines la ::o a. m. il m) p. in. 1"' p. in. and li ;;u p. m. daily. Excur.-i :i tickets to !. A. K. .National Enranipiiiciit will be sold for them September 1st. 2 1. iid and 4th Kor infoi niai ion about low fare. etc.. address; li H Dering. A G I'. Agt.. South Clark Si . Chicago. p Ml p 111 p IP except Sunday except Sunday Carpets, Crockery, Carriages, wagons Pianos, Organs, nc. President Mrs. J. H. OoKsage, Rapid City. Vice President Mr. K. W. Martin, Lleaduood. Rec. Secretary Mrs. A. I. Ozmun, Keystone. Cor. Secretary Mrs. G. S. Cleveng"?r, Rapid City. Treasurer Mrs. S. hJ I'cUlgrew, Sear-flsh. Organizer Miss Mary J. Dewey, Hot ,8prings. SEWiMG MAnuiMcc - - . . w i ninuvi firtr t 1, I. ..a If l Daily : no m Dailv-, except Sunday lO iinpn, LEAVE LEAD CITY. Daily, except Sunday R:35 a m Dally 9:f;" a n, Dally, except Sunday 11:00 am Dally Vi.bU p w Dally, connects with Eastern passenger 2:25 p ni Dallly, except Sunday 3.40 p m Dally, except Sunday 4:45 p m Dally 5:55 p m Dally, except Sunday 7:22pm Daily, ex"- "unday 8:22 pm Dally 9:22 p in Dally, except Sunday ,10:55 pm u. u.c. ih-m make l sell a 6'd ls ill Lead. Miss I. in ile Hales of Sp,, who i- ii' the i mploy of the Spcarliih Mail, made i brief visit lo Lead. Mrs. Willis Bower of U ml has gotie d.w i. to Rapid and Keystone for a visit with friends and relatives. The l'loneer-Times is or sale at L. D. Jacobs' Ilazaar, where you can also got -be finest smoke in town. (tf Dr. Zerfing reports that Mrs. Elllck, who is very ill at her home on South Mill street, with kidney trouble, is improving. The preliminary hearing of George Smith and James Putnam will come up today at 10 a. m.. before Judge Early of Deadwood. Mr and Mrs. Hymer, uncle aud aunt of J. 1'. Hymer of Deadwood, wefe visiting in lad. They will leave soon for tiielr home iu Kansas, after a meet satisfactory visit. If you don'e believe It. go and see. Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund tbe monoy. I,. P. Jenkins, druggist (tf) The Misses Hough of Hturgiw drove to Lead, where they are guests In tbe family of J. V. Gibbs. They expect to return home today or tomorrow. The justice court was quiet yesterday, Mn-ji.-r lor 2.50. I sell GO0DSEWJ IV' H rtitMi' .-. . I TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, when coetlve or bilious, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken tbe kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening- them, to diBpel headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. mAv,iiiin, like cut rVarrantcf F. fc. M. V. R .R. for ton years for $2.50. Undertaking a Specially. S R. SMITH, LEAD Julnby & Co. have jimt retclved a large and very choice line of r.ew china plates, chocolate sets, cups and saucers in different style, fancy mugs, bon-bon dishes, cracker Jars, sandwich trays, match-safes, -etc. The china Is moatly of Japanese make, in dark blue with geld trimmings, closely resembling the Rotl Worcester ware. Other kinds of ware are variously -decorated and of French and Herman make. Just the thing for presents, and at reasonable prices. What would have been a costly accident was barely averted yesterday by the courage and firmness of a telephone pole. While backing In to unlond'thc large plate -glass windows tor the Tain A MeAllen THE NORTHWESTERN LINK. DEPOT: Between Deadood and Dir. Streets. Arrives. Depart Through trains to Omaha Chicago. St. Paul, Minneapolis, with close connections for all points west and south, at Fremont and Omaha 11a m Cp DEPOT: Lower Main Street, Whltewood. Sturgls, Rap-Id, Chadron and Intermediate points 1(T:45 a m 8:2 a n Belle Fourche M iff, a in 1 1 no a r Whltewood only 7:30am '4:45 ptr Except Sunday. VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS THE HAIRS OF YOl'R HEAD Are all numbered, and every one of thetn will lay down smootrily or stand up like a lightning rod, a la pompadour, if you get it cut by Hirseh in the basemtnt of the Carr & Brrry block, then follow it up with a shave, a tub, plunge or Turkish bath. The swimming pool is the largest it the country. No need to go to Hot Springs, when you can get a plnnge at home for 25 cents. Tlie OiciiQ';Ouliy,FiirDitiire H except for the appearapce and subsequent DEALER IN Furniture, Crockery i GlasswarJ are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob life of loy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve cures them: also Old, Running and Fever Sores, Ulcers, Bolls, Felons. Corns. Warts. Cuts. .- building, the wagon lost Its balance com BruUes, Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Seven Day txcursions. VIA BURLINGTON ROUTE. To Hot Springs and Custer. Tickets so sale every Saturday, good for a wbol week. Only one fare for the round trip. You should, by all means, take tbe l:tn train at It is the only one that arrives at the above resorts before dsrk In time for the evening gaieties- Chilblains; beat cure on earth; drives out pletely, and bad It not bscn for the friendly interest of a neighboring pole, the plate vfflasa would have been ruined. As It was, hc windows were aafely delivered and will " be put In place at once. 11 V. , . Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot be W Pains and Aches. Only 2So a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Phillip A Steensen. druggists. i fining of a number of wop en from Lime Klin and Hogan alleys. Mr. and Mrs. A. McArthui left for the eastern part of the state, where they expect to remain. Tbey have many friends In Lead, who. will regret their departure. There Is more dust in the country at present than wind, and the roads between Lead, Central and Deadwood are most disagreeable. Why not spr'nkle the country roads 7 The new awning in front of W. R. Dickinson's drug store has never tees a good fit, and some changes were being made yesterday that would cause It to be more satisfactory. S. S. Faes. Council Bluffs; '.V. O. Caven. Crawford; O. L. Hoi ton. Omaha; Dr. P. S. Corkin and wife, Chicago, and H. P. Coventry, Chicago, are registered at the Campbell house. v i uiuujii k misuiraersianuiiig an error crept Into the Lead columns yestefduy 'motnlnt. when it was atateu that MUi M Undertakers n Embalmers. m iJoi court had moved to Dead von 1. The fact are that Miss Boicotirt will still live JOHN ELMEHK, House Hover and Repairer. AH Work Done With Promptness and dlapntcb HIAWATHA PARK. - LEAD. S. D. . In Lead and retain her class (hero but win NOTICE. I hereby give notice tnat all school orders issued and registered prior to January 1, 1896, by School District No. 8, will be paid on presentation at my office in Central City. Interest on same will cease 10 days from this notice. C. K. WEEDON. Dfst. Teas. Central City, Lawrence county, S. D , July 19th, 199. (7-20-lm) b at her studio at the Congregational No. 3 Mam St Lead, South DM cnurcn in Ueadwood, for two days In the week. Lead people would not suffer Mis! Bolcourt'i departure without, at least, i "protest. . LrAtiH un.h. . . . . IH THE TABLE MCU I HWIIIKIUI THLHnill rBT0IYM 1 tit egrsm from hia retatires at Victor, Colo.. iilulTfc l nr- THKO. E. GESKKY Real Estate, Loan and Insurance, all kinds of legal writing ; stating that the entire town had bee de V'A li ULAytiUUU, x atroyed by fire, but that tbey -were sale. Games' Rqb and Ore Grus Miss Sarah, Walsh, a alstor of MIm Mod. hep f 1 done. General agent foi tie Union Savings Asa'n. Good live mea wanted aa solicitors. ' (tf Mrs. Fred Shackd'ord entertained last v helm, had Just gone 'to Chicago, to pur- t chase goods for hef mHlinery store,' GREATEST ORE CRUSHER OH EARTH 14 at Hotpestake M Co Llncoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City, St. Loulsandall points oast and south. Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and all points west- Viotor, sad so doubtleas ueaned with less sss 1 1 1 evening at her home In Booth Lead, the - loss than the would haro mnalned at any ,fuuy Described In our No. I, Catalogue. occasion being a birtbday. Ords were the : chief amusement, and a 6491101008 lunch was , other (Umfci 'i f- V 'i-": I'' I'A Oscar SUrar an hia -sleraj rs husy served late la the evening, . uvuui, iiw neuum is Dett R put up IB , w bw iwum in ieq film aICSJi,aa4 SB soon u that Is completed tbe clods win i WttOTsd.. It Is expstrUd bat rrerythlBs Trains Leave as follows: So. JOT Vitlbaled Express, daily, t Hot Springs, Linooln, Omaha Chicago aad all petals Bast, South aad West 1:N p m He. XI 0. Local, dally axospt Suiday Bald Mountain . and Spear-ash i:K a m K. 804. Freight, eaUy exoept Sua-day. Hill City. Custer aad and dgmoctt 7:50 a The last coat of paint Is being added lo the rooms undergoing repair in the old achol house. , When the decorating sad repainting is completed, the rooms will be very pleasant and attractive. The funeral of the late Mrs. Whitney, will b in shape by the 3rt of the week. Special Fine crusher Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- 6atesf improTsi.VasQsrs. Tbey are tits Staniarl. Oates, Shoos ctrLd Xlo0 AdODted bv tiir HnmptaVr M?niW Co W. B. Deer's grocery store will occupy one-half of the building left vacant by 'Mr. Silver's departur. f mother of Richard Whitney of Lead, was 811 kj! Why you nerer heard of such -suss vx incq a pnpet aa yoif asn down at MooheUn's' clean -Vp kals. Of If course he sells everything cheap, but bis eilks to at unheard of prices. Oros fraln silks tor IS. eents,' Chin and India silks Tremalh Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friend. V. .J??. "f- dCSCribe 0-g Machinery. for 0 cents. Satin Rhadaas for 7S cents. taadays this trtght learrt at.t:M a at Trains arrive as fbilowa: Ke. SOL Kaeters Pass'ag'r, Dally.U:!! p as Nk ML Spearisa Train, Miv, . Z , eept Sauaday ..v.. . ,UM No. SO Freight. Dally, except gua- eay 11:00 am Snndsy this freight arrivam.. i:U p 'Sleeping, dining and rsciloiag caalr ears seats free, em all through trains. Rallwa aad steamshlo nekeU sold aad becked to all point. For Infxraaukm. Uio tables, maps and tickets call on or Write to' J. F'RANCIS, General , Passaagr Agent, Otnaba, Neb. - . . . W. t. ROBERTSON. Ticket AgenL 3. L. BENTLKT. Commercial Agent held at f 9'clock yesterday,' from the.Coo-sTsUooal church at 6pearth the Rv. Bker officiating, Interning took 'place la the Spearflsh cemetery. " k Work on the, cyanide - plant i at Central I City ts ) progressing . satisfactorily. Machinery. wlU soon '. be plant will be la operation betveen the Drat and fifteenth of September. , ' A week' from next Monday, September 4, win be Labor day, and preparations are already being made by many people for gala day. If the proverbial rain keeps aloof, there Is no 'reason why the day " day should not te a greet meets. - If you don't believe it. fcan i see. D. k. Connors of the Blark Hills Brewing i I w..u r.rutLL Sole Agt I A n TfA I it .If and Malting company at Central,- is negotiating with several eastern parties for the ORKS For Ihe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel mm iiiuu w sals of the brewery. People in New York, Minneapolis, and Buffalo, are considering buying, and It ia probable that a sale will ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS. -rrKT. rPlSrS te concluded -before Ion. , .

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