The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 18, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1900
Page 5
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SATURDAY. AUGUST IS. 1906. Till: DAILY FKXSEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. YESTERDAY S PERSONALS. 1 I Fred Doten and wife of Terry were jjr .IHt , . NOTHING J Gentlemen in the city yesterday Allen Hayes, a prominent resident ol Whitewood, was in town yesterday. Miss Flossie Craves returned last JHE THREE POINTS MIT MA0 BY THh r f f -v t-.-l 'moderatl Powder IV M,CE evening from a sojourn at Hot Springs. Mrs. F. W. Bower and daughter arrived home from Custer last evening. Miss Kmma O Brien of Minneapolis, is in the city, ine guest of Miss Graves for a week or two. Miss Glenn and Miss Maud Faust of Lead were puests of Mrs. Seltz yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Tucker departed yesterday for Chicago where she will visit her two sens jfor several weeks. Dr. Marquardt. of Norfolk, after a pleasant tour of the Hills will leave for home this evening. An Election Mix-Up. This story comes from Idaho where women vote: On election day the women were thick about the polls, and two of fhem Mrs. Martinson and Miss Harris, indulged in a heated discussion over the merits of their respective candidates. HOW TO' ECONOMIZE. Jacob Shoudy returned last evening to his ranch on Spring creek, after a bhort stay there with his family. Miss Carrie Candee of Omaha, who has been the guest of Mrs. L. R. Graves left lajt evening for home. H. H. Muggloy went to Chicago yesterday and will return in a few days. He is the chief owner of the Bullion ft 5 t ) f IOME men economize so closely on the number ot words in a telegram that the receiver cannot understand it. This is net sensible economy. Neither is it sensiW. The argument was brought to a close by Mrs. Martinson saying: "If I was running for office and found out a withered-up, shina faced hag like you was working for me, I would not vote for myself." The words had scarcely left her lips when Miss Harris reached over and clawed the veil and a lot of skin from Mrs. Martinson's face. Mrs. Martinson responded by giving her antagonists a resounding slap In the face. 'Each woman had the other arrested, and Mrs. Martinson's trial came on first, a woman's Jury heard the testimony and retired to deliberate. mine at Galena. Mrs. L. A. Dorrington. wife of Lieu tenant Dorrinxton who is now in the Ihilippines, is in the city, the guest of Mrs. Flanders and other friends econo-ny to ruin garments of va!u: with cheap soap or porve-fu' chernica's that eat ino the fabric. Tra. cconony ui?s Ivory Soap in the laundry. It is the rnsr oi oure i-oao tha; can re sold for the rnonev. Crrrnjcally it 's fricrr.t as water. Yet it does eve-vth;n-r " ... ,r,fe 0.r a soap. Try it! OF OUR $3.50 SHOE. Zipp Shoe Co. George V. Mercer and J. W. aBt-tin. after a pleasant sojourn in the Hills for seve.-al days, departed last evening for their homes in Omaha. Chris Kronberg. blacksmith at the Burlington roundhouse, left yesterday to. a short. isit with his family down ci. the i :i ii h mi 111-- new Denver line. .1 ( '. ;,,.eti.-. ' u of Ten y and '. A. V. I!,-: -. ,,; I'i in -tme:i'i . down q OtJtJ IVIttlll Oil P oxruinjjLnjTJTruurnjTJVxr uu uuxi Before a great while the bailiff hear ! screaming inside the jury room. Forcing the door he witnessed a free-for-all mix-up among- the jurors who it developed were strong friends of I le u oriLin iimb-i' arrest The i n-i:'e i pri !i;ili,--, I 1 1.-- iiinli ., !,. Hi -i ' I1, l',i- i ! i - 1 1 1 ' 1 I I- " Another 'Didn't Know It Was Loaded.' I' hi liom li I. mi:i. in h 1. IMT. so I,. ih! Iii, I nuke t in ':'!.! v. ,t!i S j . . i in t,,r Fieri, la. It u - I..;:.. .l,.i.i . i . i-r .-. .1, i.r Mrs A. .1. 1 in ;i ii has 1 n m- llllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllHllli jcyin' 11 i ' 'in ii'T sim.:. mi.. Beach .it: : I daiu-hw r. I o: .i, u I,.. r,si., !. A : y. Neb. -Y , - . i , ,,!.,.. a:- To:- S.i! at n B i rr;, The Dclmonico n . 1 1 1: 1 ; A L, : i n 1 MESDAMES SMITH AND GREATHOUbE W el iECOViar'. : j i- ' i i. or Mossil.ali I - . lie.-. -M I .; I : ,i l;,-:c ;i as in'er- 1 1- '1 at once a ; she had -1. A' tevcr beard .if .a dyn-imite iap, and ike cone hided to investigate and see nude-of. Holding the ap between the 'bird finger and thumb of Adjudged Insane. l .i 1 1 r, i, h i ho .1.1 taken in Mil-. 1SK. O XI Cl Z ST TULftTJLSt SOtll: E '1 ! i.i,;es have I, , ih had n.aiiv y ars ! experience :n ;lio E hoi, 1 and resl.iuraiit business, and will spare no pains to servo Ihe public with the very best 1 he ma 1 K t affords. S COME and try t';e .- opening dinner MONDAY NOON. I MEALS AT ALL HOURS EROlY! 6 A. M. 8:30P. M. I Under The Post Office. lllll IIIIIIIIIIIMnilllMIIIIUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIMMMIIIIIIIinilllllllllllllMinillllMIIIIIIMIIIIlE the left h ind. : ho took a pin and pro iisiody by l!c -l.eiilt at l.ead 'I'hiiis-iiy ewniiig. had a lii'iiruii! esterday nd was adjudged in -am- by the in-anitv board, composed of In. Ihili- ceeded to pick the, cap to pieces. Hho had not pone far when an explosion occurred that took a large part of tho I!e6h from her thumb and finger and re Doct-T S,d. But Cliamber'a ill's Ccilic. Cliciera and Diarrhoea Remedy Cured Him. Jiy sen w.s sul'leiing with severe cia:ii- rind was given up as beyond hope b- my regular physician who stands high in his profession. A neighbor ran in with a buttle of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and after administering three doses of it my son regained consciousness and recovered entireiv within twenty-four hours," says Mrs. Mary Haller, of Mt. Crawford, Va. This remedy Is for sale by Kirk G. Phillips. i, ii. : i . M i '.i " ' Meii.j.l.: .1 I. :tv.: .i. ' i' ' -l.mJil, I I.e Mai- low;. M Johnson. ie-A!i,im Iowa Anion !..!!, Hot Springs. trade of choices materials by the Anheuser-Busch Blowing Ass ii.. is th-great food drink for the feeble and convalescent, v similable by the weakest stomach. For sale by all drug gists. badly lacerated" her hand, making a tery uiily and painful wound. Dr. Allen was called and ho dressed the mangled hand. He is of the opinion, If no unlooked for trouble sets in, i ( tU. the st at - ;M t oniey and tie- i oil illy judge. .Matrovii b is about thirty five years old. and the testimony showed that his insanity had been caused entirely by cigarette smoking. He became such a fiend for the paper covered cigars that he would have to get up in the night and smoke, inhaling the vile fumes almost constantly. He has performed no labor for some time. Mid5ummer that amputation will not have to bo iworted to and that both tho thumb Ud finger can be saved. Until Saturday Only being a complete physical wreck. More Than They Claim. The Beach & Bowers minstrels, with ....Reduction The necessary notice was sent to Yankton, and within a few days he ! Itelr three special cars, arrived in if will be taken to the asylum whei Deadwood yesterday over the and pat ided the city at ll:::o his body is not too weak lie may I cured. a announced with a parade that n-uld do good justice to a circus. ?be Opera ho ise last evening, w hich fas a seating capacity of better than All Summer Goods Reduced from o- Will Hive An Excursion. 500. was iro.vded to its utmost and, in fact, many v.ere standing on the rawer tlnor. -U 8 "ii the curtain was run up. and from that time until 11:ir the bouse t s kept n p continuous uproar, ''fought on by the side-spiltting pranks and jokes of the well schooled comedians. Their imitation of Soiisa's hnd completely brought down the touse. as did many other climaxes ttruonttho entertainment. In all the &aeh & Bower's minstrels are all nd more than they claim, and should Col. Buchanan of the Klkhoin assiu ed a prominent republican yesterday that, he would sec that satisfactory lates were mule for the Roosevelt train: also fo- special train service into Deadwodil. in order that we might have excursions in to attend a grand rally . This will probably 'bring tho largest crowd ever seen in Dead-wood and Col. Buchanan's kindness will not be for'otten Use Allen's Foot-Ease In Your Gloves. A Lady writes: "I shake Allen's Foot-Ease Into my gloves and rub a little on my hands. It saves my gloves by absorbing prespiratlon. It is a most dainty toilet powder." We invite the attention of physicians and nurses to the absolute purity of Aliens Foot Ease. Dr. W. C. Abbott, editor of the Chicago Clinic says: "It is a grand preparation: I am using it con Why Glasses are Worn. Headaches and Eyestrain Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather Made in all Styles from 50c to $1.00 That va formerly ?l.H.i ami S2,Oi Lilit weight rrnk-rwear 2ro t7r a (larmcnt. Many who for years have suffered intensely from chronic sick headaches, using drugs stantly in my practice." All drug and For a long time glasses were used oniy to assist in reading or near work, but with increased knowledge of the eye, we are able to adjust classes to improve the sight, thereoy uafe a large i-udience wherever tVv Mgn to give a performance. o The Populist Caucused. The Second ward populists held tteir caucus last night and a good at-Mance is reported. The sheriffs of1ce seemed to be the only bone of intention and a delegation favoring James Harris was elected with prac-tic&lly no opposition. The following " a list of the delegates who will rep-fttent the Second ward at the popu-j co'itty convention to be held in kad next Saturday, the other wards aiding their meetings tonight : John ckauf, l. M. parkeri D. Jacobs, John Bolton. Henry Bras. h. The del Jfteg present were instructed to . ast he fu" vote of the ward. shoe stores sell It 2-V. Sample FREE. Address Allen S. Oimstead. I.e Roy. N. Y. Henry Waterman, the lumber and tii man of the Burlington, was in Deadwood yesterday transaiting busi- of all kinds without benefit, have found immediate and permanent remedy in properly adjusted glasses, because eye strain was the causae We remove the caus: and our cure is lasting. Satisfaction guaranteed. ! curing chronic headaches, neuralgia i and many nervous afflictions ' caused by eyestrain. j The thousands who wear property adjusted glasses are the living testimonies to the truth of it Examination free. r.i ss with Henry t.eppla. who lias furnished a g'--it many thousand ties STRAW HATS AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. McnsFinc Suits toi the conipa.iy from Iron creek. The Hoy, 1 1 .Wighhots gabe a royal pi. n ic near th city yesterday, and a r.gbt royal time is repored. The Neighbors are not.-d for their liospita1 it v and invit 'd cmsts at the pi, ni, ... . . ...11 A Few Mistakes. Edit-r Pioneer-Times: ,In our issUP of thp lt;th V(, . UId that the next dav von vouhl If you have trouble of any kind with your eyes, come to me. I will tell you what can be done. If I cannot do you any good I will tell you so. and i:" I ...n do you some good. I will prove it to your own satisfa tion and be pleased t do so. I USE THE LATEST AND MOST SCIENTIFIC METHODS In testing ihe eye. No guesswork I guarantee all my work to be sbsolutely . crre. t. Come and se n;- live soon iliscov.-i thai u - "en space to "a somewhat lengthy In Light Weights and Nobby Styles at from $5 to $8 i i n- ,1. Cuv M. -dusk'. got into a sciap This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising values. Everytnins goes at reduced pi icec. Come in and convince yoursel Thursday night and was arrested. , Yesterday he had a hearing befo . ;rvn ( - 1 - T - A I A ROTI A R DT Judge Early and as he is an old of-; ilV 1 Al Y u;llVL 1 that we are offering great-jr values now for the 'money than ccr be fore. Anxious to show your our goods, we are abligingly yours. fender, the judge sent tim to jail tor thirty days, where he will have a chance to meditate and reform. wraai article on expansion. I 7 Ipngthy, but an unhistoric:il fc,e in todays Issue. Now for tin Wstakes: t. it Wa3 jronroe an,j I.ivin.;- d not Franklin, who negotiated in6 'r the Lo,1,sana purchase. : Utah was not a part nor par Kerada was not In the deal, Uaa and Nevada being territory. jZVT4 by the treaty of Guadolupe S nU Mexico. 7 President Madison was prest- GRADUATE in Optometry, from Philadelphia Optical College. Philadelphia. " Pa. DOCTOR of Ophthalmology, McCormick Optical College, Chicago, Ills. Been in Norfolk, Neb., since 1S76. Of F ICE AT BLOOM TheFClothier. Mrs. F. S. Caldwell, sister" of Mrs. Whitford and Mrs. Bentley, arrived last evening from Pawnee City. Neb.. THE GILLMORE HOTEL accompanied by her daughter. She will remain several days .

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