The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 18, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1900
Page 4
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SATURDAY, AlT,fST u THE AILY ri()NKEJ-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. 1500. Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver ;; IThe Union assay Office! ! resentatives, the Senate Concurring: j SEC. 1. QUESTION SUBMITTED That at the next general election in ! this state the following proposed amendment to the Constitution of t lie I State of South Dakota which is here- by agreed to, shall be submitted to tin electors of the state for tl.eir appiov- al, which amendment when approved Established 1889. ? No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will (.iv- Correct Results of Both I Gold anc Silver For 50 Cents. ON ALL S... -c-S WROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. Seebick announces an expose of Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For rear millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in for-$rier years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. M. H. Lyona Co. AgenU for the BllckenMorfer;. 136.00 Typewriter, MINES AND MINING. The foremost feature of and ratified shall become a part of the Constitution as Article twenty-eight (28) thereof. . , '. ' ARTICLE XX VI II. SEC. 1. The several counties of the state shall invest the moneys of the Permanent School and Endowment Funds in bonds of school corporations, state, county and municipal bonds or in first mortgages upon good Improved farm lands within their limits respectively; under such regulations as the legislature may provide, but no farm loan shall exceed one thousand dollars to any one person, firm or corporation." The above proposed amendment wll. be voted upon by the people at the general election to be held In the state on Tuesday the 6th day of November A. D. 1900. The proposed amendment will be printed upon the ballot followed by the words: "Shall the above amendment to the constitution In relation to the investment of the Permanent School and Endowment Funds be approved and ratified?" Immediately to the left of which shall be printed the words "Yee" and "No," each preceded by a square in which the elector can place a cross to indicate his vote. Electors desiring to vote "Yes" will place a cross before the word "Yes" and those desiring to vote "No" will place a cross before the word "No." beadwood'a millinery merchiudUlac tbi week will be en attractive arrrar of "fin t haU" and imall hata for tret and ehoplag at popular prlcm. I HnnounGrnnT: o I ONLY. the greatest tt ineral discoveries of the world will be made. It is perhaps worth while just no wto examine what basis there ls for this belief. Most everyone moderately familiar with geography has noted the fact that in the eastern hemisphere the mountain ranges have a general east and west course, ,s the Pyranees, Alps, Carpathians, Balkans, Caucasians, At-lais and Himalayas, while in the western hemisphere they have a north and south trend as the Rockies, Sierra Xevadas, Andes and Appalachians. A turther examination of the subject shows that the richest and in fact the only nietalifeioiis mining districts of the old world are situated in the short State School of Mines. Altho the neighborhood of the School of Mines in Rapid City la rather quief at present, the authorities in charge have been active in making changes that arc hoped to increase its n her(e of usefulness. A new department has been established, two new members of :he facultv have be-on engaged, and several changes in thu interior of the buildings are contcmilat-ei before Sep"ember 19th. the (Jf.sHi-ing of the net school year. Charles F. Krlton. the new profes-soi of mining enigineering and metallurgy is a gnduate of the Columbia School of Mini's in New York City, us instructor i i assaying- This position In' resigned to lake i barge of the (ll V -1 1 Jill ' tl t. Hi a Ulll'l IHOpellv in Special.... I ....On Saturday .August 18. !le linens ami napkins I 1 1 Prices will be offered on our entire hue of lace curtains, ta fl.25 2.1 m , 4. in i ace ace uv 50c table Mc table (oc table 7"c table linen 35c linen 4"C linen 42C linen it'C S5c table litlell . ..55q 1 .25 table liti.-n 85C 1 .5n napkm- . .JU0 2.5 iiai'!.:- $1.75 , and occasional north and south ranges curtains t;iii- 85c $1 4 $2.5o $3.5) s III ) i ::k v a i- li n i v that exist the Scandinavian Km i. us, I'rals, Ai;ienines, Cervennes and be Shi i a - .-.;.:: :i and l'oi t u.Mt - bile in He' n world, the few ca. t "i.-! ' ' ' m to be a-, lui r. 1 1 I - i IV The tl.e II:.; I'M past SI a 1 1 ! U ll l.nnl Y .1 Populist Primaries. " s tor the : i vera I w a : I to ,, : . ,, ; ,, "!1'1. I I" I- I. i'l at 1 I, : "M -!'!l-V''..n, , ;:, , i. 11 C !!!' 'tll'i - lilt ! I - v, !!! HI ! Yi hn',1 Mm. Colin ,i si nil n V i,n. II, e C. C" I I' .;a ' nd j WK.CIJC THEY r MAIN STREET DEADWOOD. . D. w n m o u- o li ii ' : i si i v . uii. . . ill tin. t :, . u: il1 1: r li . cau.-e I'll"- auntie .- . III tile f .1 . LI 1 1 . ii i I.e: i! 1 I l ,'.i 1 1 in a i effer 1 ! . ' i'..-' 'a i r i . at .1 ' MeCII.I. ; 'A' a rd. at e II i:ki.y. il nil is In Mils Tli et ini;. ' .'iitii ruitteeinn ii. mrt house, ''oiniiiitteeiiian. I'l'lt IV 1 Hi ! 9 :' i 1 I'll I" ll":ll''lili.' C' Mm iu:r He.u m v lim it l My special1. f GEO. mi r llii'ee years' i im people who s for a inisines Wiiai's The ; use '. hriliii-; your ha.v a:c! Ki'ain so far when ou can do ju ;t as well, if t.ut better, by buying ot st ml y tin- wi tit tlli'lllselvi -! ! an T : : T . .lav o! - 1 i ill" l:..i .: i "I lie' ( a - ! all. I ' . . ' class, CXi eptitl. the '0 II I ' a I . I ' v I Im: ' ' ' I!' ! . ' 'Oin I !l' li; ' 1 1 !!! i'li'l I he ne' at i a ,t rane, who,.' .-. 111,1 inits 1 oiistituie the Japanesi; and Philippine islands, and the lnu Ima. ,.r the peninsula 01 Corea. It is well known that bo h Japan and Core.i are rich in metals and it is hoped the same is true of the Philippines - Min ing Reporter. r. Ilk ... .Feed, Livery and Ti ransier.... n 'I ar Pie-re. the capital this 1st Aumist, lrmu. William if. Honnr.i-:. Secretary of State. ANNOUNCEMENTS. liave the best roadsters in tliecit; it ii 1 .mi j.iv.;iivJ : I I (f shnMc-t notice. I I ha furnish ri-s or saddle horsi mi tl JOE SAVAGE The old reliable dealer in HAY AND GRAIN, 539 Main St. Old Phone 171 I I Je Harrison Phone 151 : "Tl Tei -:T'-r-T---&-T -T- T-T-T-T T T--T-T-T-T - I I Who has been In Central for so many years. Try him, and If you CANNOT do better with him then go where you hav been going. His store ls on Main Street, CENTRAL JIT T 75 tf II " V DOUBLE YFLL0W HEADS $5. 3 to 20 we will annd upon receipt or O. O. D Kipf Prepmd m Tht. Week Antra. t 1 P of Eleven Dollar m 1 Mexican Doable L 1 Laree arrot Oc ar. e Co Yollow Headed Parrot $5 73 Notice. At the request of a number of my friends a-notiK the laboring men of the county I hereby announce myself a candidate fur sheriff of Lawrence roiintv for the term ensuing. CHAS. H. MOYER. Lend. S. Oak. FOR SHERIFF. Fred Doten finnounces himself as a cnadidate for the office of sheriff of Lawrence county. S. D., subject to the decision of the republican county convention, d&wtf ire 3 75 I Box. Zach Parrot. Seed and Pood 50 BUY Expre.a Obarak. 1 00 f 1 1.00 0 tba IM I tnc tj r w ft. oiiiF o I it, m jffinaine, Dana inexiunu mmum C yellow beaded Baby f arrot, whloh kind knewn as (h. h..t mrrti ta llr.Ta 1 r, .Via wafIiI wnrth 1 fS K for 5.7& We aenl on approval. If YOU doDt like tne Parrot Yon dont need PAY a cent. A written truaraii- tee with each Parrot. The Half Cent. A movement is on foot to put a one-half cent coin in general use in the United States. Several suggestions have been made to the government, and a document was presented, signed by the heads of the big department stores in the various large citiec throughont the country, showing the needs for this money In making change. Progress finds many methods of improvement, but for half a century past. In spite of many imitations, nothing has arisen to eqrral Hostet-ter's Stomach Bitters, the greatest benefactor the human rac ehas ever known. This medicine cures consfl-pation, indigestion, dyspepsfa, biliousness, nervousness and sleeplessness, alsoprevents malaria, fever and ague. Be sure to get the genuine with our Private Revenue Stamp over the neck of the bottle. Oeisler's Bird Store. Omaha, VI.t 30:1 X t :th St. Direct Importer, of Mexican Pa rot, r etb'd TH89 The new drop head Singer Sewing machine Because It is the best sewing max hine on the market. FULL STOCK Of Sewiii machine oil. needles and attachments for all kinds of machines. A. N. PARKS. i ! up 1 TO (DATE I GATES IRON WORKS II R I N0 J' ' ICHEAP , LeBEAU i 1 Hills Jeweler Is Headquarters for Th 656 MAIN STREET. REVERE RUBBER CO. Tile work will include book keeping. English co'nposition. typewriting, stenography, methods of rapid calculation, coinni'.'i ical arithmetic and commercial law. The head of this department will he Prof. A. I). Humbert, a graduate of SVymour Eaton's School rf Business in Hoston. Mass. Prof. Humbert has had sixteen years of experience in school work, ten of which were spent n the Business college at Kochford. Illinois. He has made a reputation as an organizer of departments of commercial studies. By the kindness of the Rapid City Library association m lending almost four hundred volumes of standard literary and historical works, the efficiency of the P hool of Mines library vas very much increased during the past year. Five hundred dollars are pvallable for the purchase -of books (luring the coming year. Some of this has alreadv been expended in the purchase of such works as the Century Dictionary, tho Encyclopedia Brittan-ica. with American Supplement, the Warner Llbr.iry of the World's Best Literature. Spofford's Events In United States History, ten volumes Ellis' History of the United States B.X volumes. Webster'-, International and t!f Standard Dictionaries and numerous scientific works. Individual desks for preparatory students will be provided In the reading room. Most of the former' students have signified their intention of returning. There will also be many new students from the Black Hills as well as from Eastern Dakota and all Indications oint to a very prosperous year. o A Rich Strike. The recent rich strike made by the Homeetake in excavating for ;he foundation of the newcyanide plant recalls similar instances. It Is not the first time that bodies of ore have been uncovered when least expected. Gold has been found before when excavating for mill foundations, for buildings, public and private, and when prospecting for other minerals. All this goes to show the extent and accessibility of gold deposits In the Black Hills, and while the streets of our cities may not be of pure gold, their bedrock foundations undoubtedly contains BE SURE DRILL HSOLL ERGEffl I Lldgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists. Is one of the oldest and most popular places in the city. A full and complete stock of 1 the most choice Wines, I Liquors and Cigars ; BLACK HILLS GOLD JEWELRY Made up la any shape or style on the short -st notice. Have been in business in Central since '78. MA.IL ORDERS Write ' e Just what you want, Vt-cw :. i v. ill quote you prices b. ivtuiu mail. , . References: Any bank or 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Da 1 mercantile house in the HUls. A Talked of Change. Word comes from Kdgemont to the effect that T. S Ames has sold, or is about to sell the Hot Springs Times-Herald to a republican of that town, tnd that Goddard of Edgemont will have charge of the paper, which will no onger talk in favor of the pulling down of the flag and will become a staunch supporter of McKinley. This will leave Hot Springs without a demo pop paper and will only leave one la Fall River county. 44 Take Time 5y The Fcrelock." Don't tvait until sickness overtakes you. When thai tired feeding, the first rheumatic pain, the first tvamings of impure blood Are manifest, tike Hood" s Sarsapa-rSU. and you wHl rescue ymtr health and probably sane a serious sickness. Be svre constantly carried. M. J. Place, the new proprietor, has secured the sole agency for the celebrated Saratoga Springs water and ls now prepared to serve the public with this most delicious beverage. You are always welcome at THE DERBY. Th-their tends office DRS. von WEDELSTAEDT Cffices Olympic Block, Opposite B. & M. Depot. Tel., B. H. 202... Re.., 21, City Creek. Tel. B. H. 201. Ca- . oo- T. crate Jame ticall fesen list c Lead holdi. Gllcki John eratp, the fl M. J. PLACE, Prop. Main Street, Deadwood. 643 to get Hood" s, because 2 o 1 CRONWALL COMPANY I Ci.......u 1. I- n . oubucssuis iu rrosi Bros, ana ueaiers in PROPOSED AMENDMENT. THIS LITTLK I'lKCK ! I ' ' ; worth from $1.20 to J4.."t to ' ' Cut it out and brin? it to m'' -i: 1 will give you ANY THIN''. Y' WANT in the way of Clothing 1'1 CENT LESS than it sells Chicago. I HAVE SUITS from $1- ' 1 Ji Overcoats from $10 to $!. cv " pie is MARKED IN PLAIN rn:''KI--a Chicago price. You can make your selection ; 'A while the line is new, and have : '-r Homestake possibilities. of To the Constitution of the State Hay, Graim Feed 119 SHERMAN ST. DEADWOOD, 8. -I u Q tt E . .i 5,,' nnJ"",. 1 Pnbl'o Uat we hav. parohaaed th. ba.U n, VT, .1 br tii. ro.t Brother, at the above location and are prepared to .apply the want, of th. people on the .horteat notice. "Ooorte.v promptnea. and aoonracf wtli be oar motto. 1 wonrte.r YOURS FOR BUSINESS S, N, AND JOHN CORNWALL. order come at any time. I-'1'1 P-i-'"--to select from. I will fit you. If 1 not you can not have the dotli Every garment will be made go". I an Edito In ; Hounc give Wstc Had s rtici tata - Ut: Hob, tbe tr 2nd: of rd: ai4i, South Dakota. To the People of the State of South Dakota: The Sixth Legislature of the State on March S, A. D. 1899, proposed the following amendment to the Constl-of South Dakota at the session .thereof begun and held at Pierre, the capital, on January 3, 1899, and concluded tution of the state, vis: A Joint Resolution Proposing and Agreeing to an Amendment to the Constitution of the Stat of South ' Dakota : and ".Submitting v such Amendment to a; vote of the Peo- pie r'-1--". ri'vr'", - , Be it Resolred by the House of Rejv To Cleanse the System Effectually yet gently, when costive " or bilious, to permanently oYercome habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening them, to, dispel headaches, colds at fcrers, use Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Ca ':' '; : Aslatlc'McUl Mines. i. There Is a decided tendency on the ' part of the American prospector to work hlk.way torthWei;yard ' acrosa Bhrinsr Strait toto. JLudiaUaai 4n .. idea afloat lhai'weHthat.vrBgMi:nd China are thrown open for exploration P strong and to your measure. .u..- wuiuk. ana iJKiau imo paper witli you as this offer T0N GO WITHOUT IT. C. H. ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. ICarriesa fall line of caskets, coffins, robes, wreaths and r - 5n fact every thing- pertaining to funeral regalia. , . j; Jtlepbont 134 HarfifwU'.y 'PariprilH Sherman StrnW

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