The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 23, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23, 1899. LADIES CAN WEAR SHOESIflpfno pnwrpr On One aize srj.a.ller after using Allen's Foot- flU lllU I UlffUOl 3Ml One aize sn.aller after using Allen's Foot assaying 50; Cold anil Silver The Union Assay Office Can You Get Soli Awav HI 37 LEE STREET, DEADW10D, S. D. Will ' Cj.vo Corned Results of Cold and Silver for 5Cc. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPANY Mantle Warner MacPketriilne Will receive PUPILS In Vocal and Instrujental Music at her No. 20 Denver Ave., Deadwood, & IX F ?OM Tllh one. VT v 1 i 1 ' On UL Samples Jjrought to lte OJJice 1 i I LI ft Established In 1889. Agents for the Blickenderfer Machine S(ii(L'c (Leal , )r exactly w-hctt you u? e try to rruize an .so tluit the buyei to as. I'S imlr. We tell Lr8tprn4 J eome bad ...;. , 'turni'a, a liui MINES AND MINING, a powder to be shaken into the hcx-s It makes tight or nr shoes feel eaey. given iiiBtaiiL relief in cunts aDd I iiiiiinis. It's the greatest iiniif'irt discov-iry of the K'e. Cures swoll.-n feet, blis-leis and culluiis spots All'-i:'-! l-"oot-K;iHC i a eermin rure for ingrowiiit: toe naiN. '.ii-aini!, h(, iiihmg feet. At all iltiis-vits and .shoe Mores. 2.c. T: ial ria ka; e l'l:i:i-; by mail. Address, Allen S. Lh Ituy, N. Y. Tin' ' In el (if mol t inorie'. l!tl v hieli lo llliiVH crop '; 1 he ue.: h. aiguiiieiit . Mllg uf tll" - year. TV annii.'tlly lilted fur the tu'i money market falls flat ill hanks of the ut si .ire aid - funds reiilired uilhout e.t .t liiintyi I .ie i .i.-sislanee. m. bnwever. The crop moving bugbear 1 servcl a-s the tlilnsy exeus or a new issue li s The eel - of goveriimenf gold eertit tittcatcs art' ilouf.iless a sua! aecommo- flation to holders of gold who don ot wih to store It, ami who do not wish lo part llh its ownershlp.To the tet;t. howev er, that tUe eertillcates pr' vent tne rrce circulation of gold currenej, and to the extent that under eertai.i ' .reurustanees they facilitate the exhaustion of the treasury reserve, the resumption of I heir isnue must tie deemed a nnstal en poiny. B. M. AIKINS, ATTORNEY M LAW Room 1 Syndicate Block. - - SOUTH DAKOTA DEADWOOD, ZO - CKLER t,-o LEADINC MEAT MARK T. Black Hills TelephoneNo 69 Harrison Tele' hone No. 3. NO. 654 MAIN STREET. DEADWOoi J j c Our Prices Are All Right liiy trices. values u noc s mi , . , , '-'-i-OfJ if to wa u im, .. , " " ' 'uu an i.ftfouin. our u nsiu-,nss o Men's and Boy's Clothing Hats and Gents Furnishings, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. 0 The Pioneers of 1876. - I'HK ALADDIN COAL MINE. F. V. Smith and wife anil daughter. Miss Fern, of ttiiu ctly. mid Asa Davis, mana- fer ot ihi) I!;uley Iximlr company cf Lead, acconipimld by hi.i wife, went out Itailey to Aladdin, Wyoming, Saturday, and spent Sund.iy there, looking live' th': coal mines feeing Uie country. 'I h- y returned lo Deadwood Monday on 'lie train. Mr. Miiltn has liivn handling the Black Hills "oal rrinpany's praluct In Deadwood, and Mr. Duvl-t has Ijeen selling It In Lead, and their trip to Hie mine was principally to ee wli.u eoncesMoiiH th -y ceiild net lliij year in the ir-.r- Manager Ci nrne M Nix was exli-i :nrl i iniitiiiH with Ihem, ami the result is, the Hay cre-k coal will to Bold In Hie lll.ii k Hills tills winter fer Just what the Sheridan coal hai been bringing five dollars a tm. Mr. Smith announces hi" poifect surprise at tho improvements that have been made mt the coal mine since t-he company has taken hold of it. They are j complete, -he says, as the Improvement j at the Rock Springs mine, in Wyoming. The Black Hills company is working all ..he miners It can get, and is needing men right now. notwithstanding that aoim seventy-five I men arc employed. Th Elkhcrn railroad is taking all the surplus coal the company can produce, which ranges from one to ten cars a day. The mine has been opened up to such an extent that fully two hundred men could be employed to advantage. There are fully two miles o track in the workings, and everything is strictly modern. A large amount of stock shipping Is b.-done from Aladdin, much to the surprise t,f every one, for It waj not t.ur posed that there-would be anything except some light shipments from a few of the ranchmen liv- - Ing about there. One day liuit week one - outfit loaded ten care, aad smaller shlp-jnent are being made every few days. Mr. Smith say a the coal vein is fully five feet high, and without a seam In It. The coal has given excellent si.isfaction whei flues have been large enough and suitably built for It, as It require a good draught. Th company Is using both slopes, and Is working the mine in a thoroughly practical manner. FIKST NATIONAL BAN DEMOUTH'S "ARK" I - ORI'OKA TED. Will sell Got ds for ah Chapff than any House in th Hills. An immense Stock lo sel' ci from, both New and eond Hand. . ''I stot Cashier ....I). ashler, A. McPHEMOl Assist. PRIMARY, 8BC03ID4 TERT1ART BLOOD PERMANENTLY COEI 15 TO 35 DAYS. Ym tereated at bom fw tW DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Unitl. j States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8(00,000 - SURPLUS $150.00 JARYA. DOWNER M. D. Pructur Limited to thr Mclical nrut Surpi.-al Treatment ij Uie EYE AND EJVXX. GUwtfx FitUit. Office 17'nirg lri.m 'J a. m tn I p m Office Olympic Mock - Ihattwout, Smt'i Dikf 'a. FciiiKilv iht- C'liicayo Bost Mea;s in the City ()H't) I .t .mtl N ilil. HE BRiTISK AMERCE COL'1 AND C PP RM KING CO. Assay Offico. Nn. ft J It -OA wnv, fii'1 !, H. 1 IhI NuMKiiiik Win l' h ctrLiih mU"t -f U"oiu " .rb. Mu -rlfitiaN. A iiyri of ' nrnMy -;jtri y p rc Wrt am I iry t 'tlnn IRON FENCING Am rican ( jRANITt H. CALE, Agent line manufactured by the Peerless DIRECTORS: J. HAIJSBUKY, T. J. ORIftTH, P. B. SPABKS, P. A. 0DSHUM d. a. Mcpherson. OFFICERS: Preeldent... .O. J. FALISBL'UY Vice-president T. J. GKIKH TOMBSTONES A It T T T O f IV I. H. Lyon & Lo $35 00 Typewriter the Best Made. TWENTY YKARS AGO. "I'lnafore" wa9 was rating Telephones were a novelty "Hay Mine" was prevalent. Dennis Kearney was ra;u) t.nt. Hitting Hull was a "liig In.lun " f'ampaninl was the great tenor. Adelaide Nellson was play iiK Juliet Six-day walking matches wire a craze, l'rlnce Loul3 Napoleon wy.s slan hy Zu Ins. General Urant was firishing a tour of (he world. "Wot dyer say"" was the sialic phride of tho day. The sreat Brooklyn biidge was neari'ig mipletion. The I'niteil States arniy na fight'DR with I'te Idnianj. Leadviile wastw o years olJ and had 000 inhabitants. MllllonairH A. T. Stewart 8 body wis stolen for ransom. Sol Kj tinge Jr., Frank Pellew and Thomas Worth were leading humorous artists. Bernhardt created a furore in London and announced an intention of coming to America. The "exodus" of negroes from MlsslF-sippi, Louisiana and Texas to Kansas was in progress-. "She s a daisy, she's a darling, she's a dumpling, she's a lamb." was sung in all circles of society. The Jeannelte Arctic xpi (Mtion, commanded by Lieutenant De Long, sailed from San Kraneiseo. "The bloody shirt" was waving and the "relei brigadiers" in (xjngTess wee terrifying republican orators Rutherford U, Hayes was president, Disraeli was premier of England, and John 1'. St. John governor of Kanpaa. Paul Boynton. in his life Baying suit, floated 2342 miles dowa the Allegheny, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers in eelghty days. Stanley's "Through the Dark Contl nenl" was out-selling any ther book, and Stanley himself had Just returned from Africa. Alice Oates still adorned the stage and Almee was enchanting: American audi ences in " The Little Duke' a id "La Ptsn- cole." . Thomas Nast was the great American caricsturtst and tbe "soldid south was his especial subject. Keprler was oouiiug on. The Anson (46f, feet lon and tin City of Berlin were the largest passenger steamships afloat The Kaiser Wilhelm der firotse of today is 649 ,'eet long. The first great battle letween Ironclad ships was fought in the Chili-PemvUn war, and the Huascar was captured by the Almlrante Cochrane and tUe Blanca Be- meralda. John Sherman was secretary of tUe treasury. William M. Evaris secretary of state, Charles Devensattrrnoy general, R. Schurt secretary of the luurlor, Oeorge W. McCreary secretary of war, and David M. Key postmaster general . Judge aiaaulr was publishing the "Cen tral" at Roc Word. Deadwood had a big tiro. Deadwood had aa active Rel Kibboa club, which tmv semi-monthly dance at the "Checkered Froat," on Sherman etreet Rer.'Atwood and General Atwood war th leading spirits. Deadwood society wa as selecV aa that of any other city In h country. Iter. B. K. Lissri was rector of tt Episcopal church of Deadwood. Jack LangrUh wa writing a book an Western life, which was never published. Boh Neil wa count treasurer, Charley hfcKlnnw wa register, and John Manning wa ahartff. Th Lead City Telegraph was ailva BtSMAROTfl IRON (OERVB Vn th remit ot kla iplasidld kwltk. Indomltebla iH id trstnendooa Brsr ar sot found wharo Btoaucb. Uiw. Kid tri and BotsaU r cat of order. If yw want thaaa snudlUaa ui tko moeoaa they brtai. Or. Klnf Kotr Ufo PUla They deralop evejry pon' hrnin tv hod. Oaif 3 l . l iu-l. . MONUMENTS Cook Remedy C( Fr jjn nd Makbi I ANI at N.Cfttma 's DXAOVOO , 660i MaiB M t. D J. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR u)LO0D POISOtl 0 rice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come V Joseph R. Lehmer 1212 Farnam SU Omatfa. Neb. MmtMn , ... 1, . . . ...... - V it a U IS w vl lunnui nrt) ana mm duis aoa uu tui r . j Vm. k.H . 1 . . i , .rv A . . tlAl I... UHI S MUCUOUS PATCHES In mouth, SORB THROAT. PIMPLES, ED SPOTS. ULCERS on any pari of th body. HAIR or EYEBROWS OUT, It U thU BLOOD POISON tht W GUARANTEE to mr w TJ moat 0B8TINATB OASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOB EVOLUTION OF TriK CHURCH. The evolution of the rhai-ch from the dim, chilly, unattractive looking barn that It was In the Puritan day. to the hand some, edifice that It has tiecnme in our cities has been accomplished by slow stages and In defiance of n strong sentiment among the unco' gin I that anything which ministered to the mc of body an 1 tended to make Sunday .leer than a day of penance was to be discouraged. ' If soma of our granfathers rould arise from their graves and see the tparlous houses we have erected for wo-vnlp, with" the r gilded box o' whustles In :he comer. ;tae lecterns of brass, the carvt.1 fonts, the polished rails and pew back, thr colorid cushions, the Bowers, the stained glass . windows, the carpets and hangings, ths steam pipes and registers, the gas and sdOTtrto llgtiti, the decorat'ona and pic-turss, the holiday dress cf the women. Mining I General Supplies i j iais msiass naa ai w&ys uArritiw MOST EMINENT PHTSIC1AKS. a a m iii i limit dt oar moat pronituOUl ptjbna men. Kings ana . tf utl womlth of mUom Hall could employ, but ' "3 REMEDY known only to onnalraa. Durtns FOURTEEN JLjJ zlatanee no ksn than tmw -wt- hara ttartM P "."llj troatmeot. vrooiDtad hr m - .wm: today H prsaptad by er uocom; today la PACKING Rainbow and full Rubber Manufacturing Co We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Compe BELTING Rubber and Leather Belt, Dressing and Lace Leather HOSE Rubber, Steam and Water. THE COOK REMEDY CO. ana pennanontly cured tfcoww fj ho dead poultry in their hats, the aoft- BOILES AN PIHE COVERING ManviUes, "Magnesia world-wide repautjoa tor cpeadr emrea, benestr aw-HO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR fi O. D. MKTHODS. , ; i, footed ushers and th Tested cholls,' they 'k , arouid eurely believe that they had ewai- ne4 In moat wicked world and had poo . aibly gons to th had place and don with v It. Tet the end Is not yet Churches art dMglnlasc to have kitchen, se please you, Arloe and ABSOLOTB PROOFB OF CURBS AND Si CUES seat ttmM la ,.e oa applkxtloo. NO BRANCH ONE MILLION DwtLABS BEHIND OUR GUARAMTEE lllroi COOEREMEDT COMPOT. 1928 Masonic WH w r n4 lavatories, and UUrV!i r1 r .ctlag rooms, and, altho that I aa invention H33H3 . .... . m A bOOO tO yof t V Asbestos, and Sheep Wool Cement, flair Felt, Mineral WooL WA8TE-Wbite and Colored Cotton. ROPE "Boeblings" Steel and Iron Wire, Manila and Sisal. POWDER LafHn & Rands" Black Blasting, Dynamite, Tuse, Caps, Ktc . NAIL8 "Pearsons" Cement coated. ROOFING TIN Taylors Old Style" and other jruaranteed brands. v , ., All of Above in Stock at Omaha. RAILS Steel of every description. BOILERS Engbes Automatic Stokers. " MINING And shop tools, bolts, Corr .gated Iron, Etc For shipments direct from factory Beat auality Guairanteed-Speciar Prices-Orders &nd Iiiquirie3 Solicited. TOT tinnunu nnmnM mrta for ill d IS" ' about th roof garden, th bowling alley Is a fact And sow w have a church la Columbua, O., and a Baptist chorea at that, which baa retiring rooira and social parlor, and 1 without a steeple, hQ or mortgage, and K has aorer.aa to keep th file out. and a room for bicycle, and a playground for children, and fir sscap", auid a colored maid who checks your hats, coats, cane and umbrella,, and It has pri vat boxes near th pulpit rd there Is do charge for seats. Truly, th church Is be coming a practical affair in the day. If It U to keep It hold It practiral Chrls- tanltr jnut be a obvious a th Chris canity eat !t U i' ttupt. potion, MlfHtboM, ozceeaet or cugaretts sm"n- t mtt. w& Brnga back your manhood, turea depleted. 9tJZ "Xf rod blood an tlnue. Curen wasting and )o lny itrong. ours tm potency, lost power, ,e 2T5 loat power, r:lmUle. dm areama, a Drunken orcana. d eonsllpaUot, adds lustra to tbe Wanrlftoa -aMoo -flaruicf, aDadwood. S. IX ereldla. Ifalraa Hr. aS, H.I BISHOPS JP1LL8 .trenth and rtro.. V2JL htDoD flelft'- Pric- wlUila the Price a htv, SO eenta, 4 for tl.So br "11, BISHOP REMEDY CO.. Bts W riTror n smalL ,&a SSt" reach ol a"- ar. Send for trf ""VfllAJ1 K sale by N.

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