The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 23, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

TIIE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 23, 1899. pelled, as a matter of political necessity We have thought of muddy trenches and THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ONE GENT k WORD to make concessions to tin conservative WATCHES, D,AM0N Advertisement under this head ONE me long ana muddy tramp. Counting ail the steps the boys have taken. Our love has watched bettlde the cots on w hich the sick ones lay. Thinking of mother, home and dear ones; We have longed to cool the throbbing brow and drive the pain away, Cheering up the spirits of our brave sous. sciiliiiu-ni in order to secure couservatn e support as nn otlset to losses Irom alienation from ihe populist and silver republican vote. The (jui-siion is nios-t pressing, of course,! CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run leea than one month; three Unea, $1 00 ESTABLISHED JUNE g, 1871. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL T. 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. El ' Fine. per month; payable In advance. fell in Ihoee states holding elections this year. WANTED HELP. A tender thought, a silent tear for those w ho w ill not come. Solid Com, In Iowa the democratic and populist par HONKER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO ties have adhered to the fusion nmeram FURNISH HI) front room ti. reel on Sherman street: $-100 per 'iionlh. Call at this office Black Hills Gold nJ In Kentucky, however, the i opulists have But in the grave are resting from life's Borrow, Let us cherish their brave deeds, let us cheer the stricken home. Joiniog them In heaven's glad loiuoirow And soon they will be coming home. auJ God has becu their shield Proudly we shall hail "lib Old 1 1 lory;" a ticket of their own In the field and are TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: AILY Evtry Morning, Except Monday One Tar 110.00 U Month i no iMer""nilrerK)tl lo-operaling with ne ither the Co.-ti, I ilcii.j-crats ncir the op position l; , ex -Gov WANTED A girl to do general housu-work Mrs John Baker. ! Charles St. WANTED Housework or washing and Ironing by the day. .Enquire at No. 11 Filmore. Om Month LOO At Special Price fw They'e faithful In the tented lamp ml llrowi:. In 'h- eighth congressional di WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Tear 1.00 Cflx Months LOO valiant on the to be written up lu st -iy i. hi i.i viHsi.uri. wuere a Micccssor to :v-iV t. --i.-v - Kit hard 1'. Uluml la to be fleeted, fusion ixext 20 D tatered a Second-Class Matter at tne hits been abandoned. The action in tie: -- at WORK WANTKD Competent woman, by tho day. No S Water street , rear of Fiab 4i Iluut.'i's Planing Mill. ' Votiiih' men, our latalogue explains how we teach barber tr.i ' :o .wo months and place you 111 position to earn Jul inoniiil Special Inducements to apple. a:r.s from Dead wood Poatofflee. REPUBLICAN TICKET. prm Court Judges. DIGHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANEY. A. F. 8NYD mst.iic e ir blgnilici nt, (recuse the tiiit hitherto has possessed a fairly heavv populift Mite The .Vtbr.i.ika si: u.ciou 1.-the oic thai i.-, attract iiiik most aiti'iitiin in this res put, because Xt tiraska is Mr. bryan's st.ite. The contest between the v, ,-'.r5?'---;'-- ' f .'' '- '" m.4:. .. ; v iue ' Main street, O.N 10 OF THK WORLD'S WAV.S Some men are bound to fo!l .i, And some arc born to lead. Senile men are horn to order 'And sume are Ikicii to h'cl Hut he that leads his fellows W ho trail along behind, May have a life companion Who makes him meekly- muni nil they that heed direction-. Which other men expound. t home are more than likely To botis their wives around distance Mailed free Moler U.irber I'ul-Ifkp-. Minneapolis. Minn. fusioniKi.s mul those favoring regularity of HKEYFI.'S FOR SALE. THIRD N'KEK (IF THK TRIAL party action in this year's . elect ion grow FOR SALE- Furniture and lease of HeaaJ more S'intcd as the time for deciding -the The hreyfm rnal bits lict-t in pioKrc-ss good rooming Kniiuire of Mis iuesti.ii draws near. The success of fu Holzuor for two weefcs. hut in all (hat had trans- LOTS FOR SALE Howard's Addition pireu in mat time mere nan upon nothing Chicago liaiiy News ion in Nebraska, apparently would commit Mr Bryan to the fusion policy next year. Kail ur to fuse In that state would S His addition to Doadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining MISS BYRDINA GIBSON, to show whether or not I he prlHonor, at the opening of the third week, holds a stronger or a weaker position than he did at the beginning. A summary of the ses- A Big Cut. on the Dudley spring, in the First ward, probably alienate populists generally from The highly recommended musician, will is now- open for settlement; see plat and Mr. Bryan, hut it may result In strengthen receive scnoiars lor tho piano. Call on prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISE. ing him wiih democrats v ho hitherto have or address No. 68 Denver avenue, or Oitv elona of Ihe first fortnight must leave the I SAL3 Desirable residence lots Cretk. average, observer outside of France, with Quild addition Enquire Baggaley'a . been his opponents. The ixipulist vote In Nebraska is so large, however, that failure to fuse will cause the democrats to JtSC the state Coak Stoves A. Why'Bujr a Second Hand DESIRABLE building lobs on Lincoln : TIIE PACIFIC SHORT LINK. Is the short connecting line Ih-h.tu ihe a sense of dumb bewlldement After reading the reports of the proceiiings, it Is difficult to believe that this' Is the record enue, Ingleslde; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISE (tf.) Black Hills and Sioux City and points in eastern South Dakota. Close .auc or a trial Intended 10 ascertain the gilt or FOR SALE A 3Vis H. P. Otto Casollne tions both ways at O'Neill and Siou.x engine, tank and reservoir complete. I'loueer-Times. City daily, except Sunday, .ivoiliiis all ay overs. Buy lixial ticket to ..! n-oin O'Neill, makes Invest fare X x Stove When You can get a $ New one for the same money, ! COME AND SEE US. I ETTK.itEVV'S SUCCESSOR 'Howard Spirit ; The manner of selm-tlng a successor to the Filipino sfnaior is already occupying the attention of exchanges. The Huronitt, if A guinaldo's organ .quotes ii eorrectlv. favors a sort of free for all race, arguing that liMalitti-. having I'avoriti sons wiij labor more assiduously to elect their let -islativc ticket if there is a chance for tu-'ir Ayres & Yardman Hardware Ci. FOR PA LIC 2 Ii. P. Kerosene engine and blower, nearly new. lu perfect condition, no :uither use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating small mine W. M. Dai kci . Oead .vood. FOR SALE I loom bous. in Hiddi n Tiea.,ui" ( ; 1 1 1 1 i i i'!ii-ap for cash or lr Stttllliei;'. ClOpCI.' Ol lb- OWlier kHI'S J lull I FUR SALE I loiis.-iiobl 1 u i nitui e. i heip for i anil Enquire at No El Elluiore Su FOR RENT. FOR RENT Two nice newly furnished rooms, with bath, in prhate family. Innocense of one man, accused on a s perilled, charge. Anything like a consistent, and intelligent attempt to gel at the truth of the matter does not seen- to have b cn considered. Making all due allowance for the latitude wiih uhich court-martial are conducted, the amount i f childish. Ir-relevalent testimony admitted as "evidence" Is luiUcruos. "Witnesses" have been permitted m speak at length, glv-ing opinions, puesses or accusal ions w ithout hindrance. The live generals who tfok ment of the court were no'htr.g more nor mnnt of the court, were nothing more or lens than accusers nf the priom r. giving arguments for the prosecution In lieu of testimony. To all this, together with the charges and recriminations exchanged among witnesses, th e ji.dp listened gravely. t . ! REMARKABLE RESCU. Mrs. Mithael Curtain. Plalnfleld. 111., makes the statement, that she caught cold, which settled on ber lungs; she was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew worse. He told her she as a hope less victim of consumption nnJ that no medicine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption: she bought a bottfe and cm her delight found herself benefitted frtui first dose. She continued Its use and afte' taking six bottles, found herself sound and well; now dees ber own housework and Is as well as she ever was. Free trlsl bottles of this Great Discovery at Klv. O. 'Ml man. than if the republican choice is made Kvrn on that ground Tin Spirit Is illv-ifis.-d to facer .t clear pronunciation for a senatorial awliilate before the election. There are but two contingies dangerous to the republicans. One is that an attempt to repeat the "boss program" of '98 shi'll bring about as it surely will If attempted -open revolt The other, that a candidate, w ho is "not a candidate" but is more noted for shrewdness than Tor other, and higher, qualities, may succeed in repeating Peltigrew's tactics in 1S94. While iris doubtless true that half a dozen senatorial aspirants would be more enthusiastic if they are allowed to hope for lightning to strike them, it is more certainly that the possibility of a victory be No VI Washing'o Reasonable rates avenue. Ingleside. Phillips Drug Store, large bottles 60 cents and $1.00. For Over 50 Yrs. I have Used FOR RENT 7 room house, with all mod ern improvements, furnished or unfur nlshed. Apply to Pioueer-Times. Th h 1. i .. ,u..t LEGAL N0TIC S CONTINUED. The light Running' StudebaKcr FOR RENT 5 room house with bath com intuiL ui 11 mi in luui, rnr(i aw Jar ae Col. I'lcquart's concise testimony aerves to clear away some of the irrele- (ma plete. new paper aud paint. $1- per mo ST Centenuial Ave. zant and confusing matter, nothing has Mug turned into worse disaster than evn and have found it reliable at all times. For ouality and service Studc baker a; ps aad CirrlifHl Furnished rooms al the White House, Bath ana Electric lights. Rent $10 per month per room. Fine view from every have no eipuals. SEND FOR AkT CATAl.(Xii:E. STUDEBAKER BROS. MFG. CO., S01TH BENHIKll room. For sale by NICELY furnished room at reasonable (Martin & Mason. Attorney-;.) SUMMONS MONEY I K,.vUN I - -COM - PLAINT FILED State of South Dakota, County of Law rence, ss. In Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. Stearns Company, Pleaintiff. vs. Stearns Company, Plalntill'. The State of South Dakota Sendx Greeting to the above named Defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, which will be Died In the office of the above entitled court at Dead-wood, South Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers, at their office in the Martin A Mason block. In Dead-wood, South Dakota, within thlrtv days after the service of this sum1, exclusive of the day of service. r tne rates at Noble block. 7il Main street L. C. VERPLAST MRS. QARR. been accomplished toward establishing the truth, and there Is nothing to indicate with any more certainty, what fate la in tore for the prisoner. Dreyfus is on trial on the definite charge of having attempted to aell French army secrets to Germany, 1 but for all the light the trial throws on the me, he might as well have been accused :' ti an one of a down other offense, in place of evidence to support the origtutl tharge, his enemies are mking up all the wild romon and surmises which were ad FOR RENT Four nicely furnished rooms Rooms will have privilege of parlor, No. SO flbonnan Bt, defeat will tend to make hundreds apathetic as to the legislature. But there is a still better argument In favor of naming the man. It is the optn, honest, manly course. Honesty not only la the best, but it paya the beet. There is not a shadow of doubt who the "non-par-tlaan" candidate will be. Pettlgrew not only owna that aggregation, but he la IT the whole thing In propria persona. No republican need fear to name any clean, loyal man In the state to go against blnV Gamble. Greeley, Van Clse, Olfford. ttck-ler their name Is legion can leave him about enough members to make a "scattering" column. Tho people can be tested. There U no danger in a frank, manly appeal to patriotism, but there is danger In anything savoring of trickery or of boss rule. hot Aid cold baths and every conven ttti unce of a home. Apply to No. 7 Fit more St. lm Dlaintlff will take 1udzmen against you WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. for one hundred and a-r'ty-four dollars and fifty cents, wit i 'ercst at the rate of 7 per centum per annum, from the 19th day of August, 1699, besides the costs of this WANTED Second Hand Goods at No. SS Sherman St 8. L. Conant. action. Dated at Deadwood. S. D.. this linh day LIFE INSURANCE policies bought for FULLER & BROWN, PB0PS.Eh cash or money loaned on them. H. B. Dewey, Cain Block. Lead. Of August. A. D. 1899. Plaintltfs Attorneys. To defendant above named: Take notice that, the vompliint here! waa filed in the office of the (Jerk of fi ( GEDDES OLD BARN.) duced at tne nrsi couri-maruai. nm tingle item of genuine evidence has beta offered since the proceedings at sea commenced. ' ' - Are the members of the court-martial - straining a point to give every advantage 'to the generate of the army, or are they merely guarding themselves a gal net the generals' hostility In case necessities of the future make It unavoidable that Dreyfus LOST lust one bay horse, " -ded 3l above Court at Deadwood, S. I)., Ga Au tj A: uo-o k,. ii. Aoit .pp1c or month a -F01 on left shoulder, stands aboui. 17 hands high, weighs about 1400 s., with star WHEN OUR BOYS COME MARCHING HOME. Adopted from Prof. Cornell and the Denver Times. (Tune Battle Cry of Freedom.) We are waiting for the coming of tne South Dakota boya, -Waiting for the heroes of Manila; We will welcome them with mualc, we will mako a Joyful noise. Shouting Id. city, town and villa. susi zira, mint. MARTIN (ASON. Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. Aug. 23. 19W.) in forehead, lit le white on hind feet Any information regarding tats horse -k- be acquitted? - ... can be left at the Pioneer-Timea office, and a liberal reward will be paid. Au gust Peterson, Naaby, 8. D. f-HORItS - Oh, the First South Dakota, brave boya are pii u" CIGARS 0 GIVE J I AS TO FUblON - . - " -i , To fuse or not to fuse It one of the prln- . pat queetkms occupying the attention of a era oc rata . ana populists at the present time. The answer of the quest loo must have an luiportnat Influence lr shaping (he goon they'll be coming, coming home tn stay; We will meet them with a welcome, we GARDEN SPOT OF THE HILLS. A Beautiful Home for Sale. IS acres, all under water; 1 acres to fruit; ' 7 acre to vegetable; i acre to pasturage; 12-room house, new and all modern lav will cheer them wun ami, Coming heme with honor from Manila. Shoes for Almost Nothing. They went away from loving friends, with clnl ZIPP, th pioneer shoe dealer of Deadwood l ( hearts to so or -uic. an .i- fniinw-d t tha station. boi.jM' character of the next presidential campaign. ' If the democrats are ' to hold religiously to every' feaure.of the Chicago platform that drew their candidate the With hearts loo full to cheer them, and out of the business. Never before have you v sARREV provement. Located aula north of out. shoes, "good ahoa" at tha prices he will sell then yet too brave to cry. Wo ave them up for service to" our na Normal school. Th trait and . vegetable Salt tion. '.'.. . ' . . '. crof pay a profit of tl6t per month. Nothing will be reserved, everything m"'1 s " populist vote In 18M, naturally they will f , wish to continue thai alliance with '.he Apply to Plonaer-Tlmea. We have waited for their lettere from that I commences August 1st and continues until last P" ' far-off foreign i.. . Kr.v. and loving message. populists. If the purpose Is to make some We have read the daily papera. we have SATURDAY IXCTTRSIOON3 TO HOT : concessions in order to .secure the support . read them o er and o er. Nothing buf the records of their eoor- --of slate that held aloof from the candidate ; 8PRIN08 "NORTHWESTERN LtNa.' TRY ON soldi ' . This U no-take alrfor I wUl surely gt out of t shoe business this tall, and my loss will b TOUr f"' Com early befor the atoek Is broken. e. e. zipp. Our love and prayers have followed theu To Hot Springs and return at on fare. way across the sea, , , tVj.. n th. lanf) of Asuloaldo; tS.2, for tho round trip. Tickets good to AJAVIS'SONS ft Ca We're been anxious for their welfare; they are dear, to you ani me Soldier boys are they of Lakota. .... ...... In 189. the democratic party must ect loose from formal affiliation with organisations of populist and silver republicans. Fusion means, a repetition in campaign of 1?9S. "If, however, the democratic party break! with the populists and the silver republicans. It will be eora- retara seven day from data of sal. Th Elkhora train leaving Deadwood at p. th popular train to Hot Snrbun. JOHN CWOOOVYAR & CqI In our thoughts we have been with them WHOLESALE DISTRl BITERS " leavea after th dose of business Wmrs. as they sat within tne camp. Eating the "hardtack. "boss" and "bacon." " - '"ttti ttt' ---www w -wwvrvw www -

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