The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 23, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1899
Page 1
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I m mm Daily Pioneer-Times. ,ACK 111U,S.) WEDNESDAY MolININC, Al lil ST ::!. lS'.tit FIVE CENTS. l.EAl.WOOD, fl i " v m m i s TO RECEIVE THE BOYS -0 -0--0-- -00- ;MAN GETS HOME (i San Kian U'llS to ki.-p h. time aal r- will be ab!.- umph If a con, cisco it will be Deadwood in fie manlier in whb It the boys home approached al !. 1! Ite. IM .i'h insirL in d io h- ol iiii ; ,:dv -I l;lnhl - d i.f on i :5 ll-l W .Us Hut I : 3 a I L of the Philippine I took up the- managrnent of the defense, and scored a brilliant BtKct-SB He took charge of the crosa-ex.uu'nailonfl. and showed the. weakness of the prosecution with telling effect. Ho called Mercier onto the stand, and drove t.iat witness Into the. corner immediately h'. nharp .in.! ion ing Mercier waa unahle to extricate himself La hurt created a Impression in the couri room, and Dreyfu catching the seemed like a new; man '.: han been a.ripht day for t'i- prisoner 5! - iission Returns from 1 T . '. I. a;ra o , i (r. in. it had been la!.,. inp: the day. Satle Senator I ood. r.'.-( ivtnl a ton Gazette ''-'. a.s.-tTtain ihe si i f the Black ll'l! of ((innnlng Hi. .'I ii, k. aUho irtii'its dur- r. nf Whue-lu rhr Vank - I '. ii u hi in ' a .- i ' .iil Ii. ans .i l In- matt, I of Mi. stale p..' .if inak he r.'i: im. ii' the Orient.. 23 Deadwood Takes Preliminary Steps to Welcome the Volunteers. The Intention is to Recieve and Banquet them in Deadwood Style. i.. i,t r.-l.r M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following Unheani tl reductions in prices fur this week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 15c and26c each, worth from 25c to 1 each, and thbt is what you have to pay tor the eame things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder of our New stock we have made a still greater reduction, president will Settle n for lie p ...! ii. I.i H I ti am It in a sp.H'ial i'i inn an api'ropi biitne in a spc 1 Hilippine Question is s. i 5i 0 Destructive Fire in Vtctor, rKM'I'LE CltKKK. AilK 2?. Special A fire in the, hiisine-t district of 'ictur yesterday destroyed prop. it value.! .it two ami a half million dollaia Almotit the entire li'isineB jiortlon of (be town ws wiped out Satisfactorily .1 that , .ii i(ii'- Illis II That n PrinoMii up in ,i:id l ;,n el nor I..' i,l Ibis 1 1 ii 1 1 ...I inti r' r. a i it V Auk 2'!. - Special lro- I be iii.iiii i ha.- I . i part i of ihe st. ii. under coll-odel ii '. however would !( (hm! s plan to t- would ni.iin a I ii; . . ...n i tf Gould Si-Iiurnian. president of c a a s ( ie ihe lunlts'i's ll the sub lie's uwrny .ui.l .ri-?:l.-nt of the i i n,l t tent t'v IT. i.l.-n t NKKiulev ?5 O 0 ill the mailer ot i ranspon allon . and mo.t of them would able l.i start into the winfVr with comfortable sums of mom - Rosebud Indians Held Over. I ll.iidvt.K),! ii planning a reception foi ih llla.k HilN ineiiilH'it. i.l ibe 1'iit.i South Dakota volutinw. ukii ih.-n return from tin. Philippine island.-, alter tin ir im.-tcr out. and lliu biihllie men "f 'he city hell a U1.-..MI1I? Ill tile .11 V ball niht for tlnj puriK..,. of f.n unilatiiiK a plan ol pro.-cdui c .iu.le Ihou M liu-ns v mad.- the pr.- Slijinn otlicel. an. I 'lie Ul.-IIIIK 'III. -I'd ha nJ&eJ home, aft r lii mouths in tlie lalwtds. He o o 5 the people t" t patient, and All Go For T5c $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Wais lidi-nt will si-nIi- lbf Philippine Morn N'iisv owl and four lies- bud Indians mi,, ihe iiiv oMnd-.y U. 22 jmtne to the l'hilippln Third Cavalry Rebels. .SAN FRANCISCO. Au ;' -Special The offleers of the Third . avalrv have inspected tho transport St I'aul, and de clare the vcsiel unfit, for us. They hav. deelin.d to go to the I'hi'iipln.M r Hi. ship, as they say it is unsafe and noi .sun able fV'r the troop-". The lenluiein ion; prises T.Vi num. and shnul 1 have muI- 1 in day . o Penasylvania Troops Discharged SN FRANCISi'o. Aui! '-- Shm l i! 'I'he I', uii'.ylvania vnliin' (! -. were "imi Join. Swift. I."" I'relli Kagle ite who wel.' broeilhl b ''...puty I'm', "I II1K w re Kiv. n thei Sin',". Conini' i. 'ii entlri' satttifaction of ihe Amer-will leave imi.ii"liiU.'ly for ihe Belli. ma1 into all informal diM u.s-i.m ..!' Mi. Slal.-s Marshal .-fille I llttyd 1 1 . ;l 1 1 1 e- I Ijbnin hi'' forma. report to the t l-'raok Oli.rtM-. III.. I I. l- ami l ,.! Mle 'III. .111-1 ..K--,IV A . , , 1 ! I c . . '., It u:ih la. M. l..ii,tMi!,i, .it Mil . M'l' hn- int. Mr S.hnrinar hue were held, t St.lle.- CT'l'ld al beli'l' V 1, 1, ll l '. W 1 1 f my ..ill. ll luv lh- llliU'l i-otll.'lli '11 ri, I li ii'dean . d ,1,. ll I,-' I, id, i I I .o .ite .,l Mic ,.. All Waists t! at we Bold for $2 00 and $2.50 go at $ Here is a chance to iret Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. W. J. Wcrthheimer & Bro i.d ii"- ..r k 0 a iv ,in i l. i ' nh' "ii i 1,111 .Ml II. .ill bv..l l.-fl l'.-i Ii,ih:,l .1 w it b ii- tor tl : 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 i h. in Hill II, I'I N .11 1 r.-pr--- l-"il:p:'i. lil..n ! in J : i -w i-- 'nil- 1 1 i ill..., :lv i;..l.". . !.. . Mil trt-nn -((o"- t- n -d (i 0 O -n o re- n r. on-fi o- Prominent Stock Man Killed. -- SI"M 'a' M. null i ii in in I, i -ii'' i insnrii l Chi.: -.i,. lv :ii. ii c.nHi HOI. .1 to de III- hod ruist; ,,r , ii,- in.,. -i pi .mi I, ! i,. w .' -' ali i t .: ll- I 1 t. i.m ..f : b.' nai'i 111 bet lli-rll, I i v i. l .i via.-- Iinrtibiy I'linl.-.l l h. 111 i ha! I'H oni. III I ll , . w II 1 1 1 rnv :i 11 . , (.1 !hr I . 'i .try .i.l ili.- Irir III.' !.. lieve A .111. I All..-- I miTiiiii idi "f Jii -'i.'.- , .,.' ili" r. '" Hi 'ii II I. .id .1 sll . . killed by ,e- r I 1 1 1 1 l lull 1 and ,-. - ihc l.-i'o; a... I..II..A . nd.-'l " w .lav.- al' I Uilb-s a little dead III- o - INTENDED INJURY TO OTIS. I.iit Horn , ,'.,.- Mle i, lie . 1,11. I Io -.' Hon. .Hid son . illK him. and It kill him He He ..I ',' I I h.-r Im! t ... i . -t Ibr most .islinil..'. . ' i- ' -ut.p llle I 'I -..ll Ii.. lb. ; an. I Mi.- n.iiinii.ii p.'.;. it urn v.cs found .' Irifyl nude'- A Til i' i.; i 1 M d.' ,11 n i few ,1.1V.. Ik I'.'I. to runny 1 i'i' . ., point ab.iin lift.', i .f south Iron i l he n M Kl in mil ibis W OSl kill."! priests or o-ni.' ma. !li.l-..' 'in .- -.intrai alai mil .in I .1 . liugbl in .and M r . isi-o al which Ml. he properlr the b. ImhIv lurch men. or .-hur. Ii property I LrunnJinrntiM iu n i ' iJirLn-nru-LnJ utr.nrj-vj-Lrj WALL PAPER! - WALL PAPER! 'Some times her n arrow kitchen wallt Stretched away iut o stately halla." Thia happened to Maud Muller, but my price on wall paper make it possible for Jt to bappn to everylody. My stock Is entitrely new and up to dale. I cannot tell you about the handsome detffc-ns. You are especially Invited to see tbenk PAINTS! PAINTS! Now le the time to pal at your house, nemember that my store la headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and lat longer than any paint made. Ooms In and get color card ad stwr color effect. The Old Reliable) Dracslet, utterly ilhout fi nndiitioii. tidn is believed 'll the Island io ..Ml inif. ti .c.r.ili. o. hi- having eal h vv ' I tl , lubs ail made t" how thai 'he bath bv I i-iiiK thrown d diagf.l His body bouse, wt.'i'h via, I. it .in.i i' mav Mle.'l U'eu beaten I" .,IUn. an florl w bad i ome to hl-frolli tus bi.r-e . was taken to hi , and 1 think thai he is acting q money matter but eitiie.- Minnesota Volunteers Exceedingly Bitter Toward the General. MINNKAI'OUS. Aug. -- Spi-cial A letter asking that the Minn- sot., volunieers U. relieved from further duty in the Phil Ippnies has been received here It says a plot to do CreneraJ oils bodily injury was discovered just in time to prevent i s exisution. The letter is va-iue. but it is believed that the Mimiisutj voluiiU-ers were In the plot, as the letter says they were feeling very bitter I ecu use of Ihe promise to send them home not being kept at the agreed lime. which any olh. r man. be dispowis! of U rtesmied to he l be m thai, the reiurntn; ill' Fal or poliiical reasons. 1 wrnild While I don't care to discuss the i.Mier should b I'd fet( d in I icid - appcopruuely behind the re'. . .lion at this .dians charged 'bey were i" v lev. tlie I'e- ii-certain how far from where the four I with the murder live an 1 .luoled to walk over and mains, ii lieing desin-d to thev acted They absolute"' wooii and in order to nece.ssaj-y to raise the I'll say that if it were suppressed do tills I Will bf fund.- wiih which 1 Is proposed Id do luld lie many prominent officials refused to go to llllKt 1fee expenses I occupation." Inked if he considered the reteo- near the remains Wilneas.s tnat Horn, rre'ty Kaile Noisy Owl and John Swift had been seen in the vi- i Phillppluee good policy tl ils country, Mr. Schurman said KIRK G. PHILLIPS. J nnnnnnn n n n rvrLrtj-Ln rij-invruTtn rutrtj-LruiJTnutriJiviJVirirD clnilv of where Yellow Bulls body was I resources of the Islands were found, and they were accordingly arresteA Lfiru i iruxnjTJtru. this by means of a subscription papei . Ih-obably $300 or $W will be r.-uune.i. but there is every .msur.ince thai this amount can be raised H is not exiiecied that any of the volunteers . xcept the members of Company U. of Spearflah. can attend the reception. a.s ' ompany 1 went from Cusujr, and Company M from Rapid City, and it is expected tnat the members of those companies w-lll oe so engrossed with their home affections that they will r.m ,-s.r to come to Deadwood However. iiiramn told how the Tagalos, woo Oppose Holcomb. OMAHA, Neb.. Aug L-' Special. -A convention of the fusion foicea af Nebraska is in session here toda. for the purpose of nominating a candidate for tbi supreme bench. Ex-Oovernor Holcomb is the strongest candidate that has been mentioned so far. and in all probability his nomination will be accot.iplL'bed. A bitter opposition has been developed towards :os ll the other triots In the vi-Manila, kept muiveis of other im showing their friendliness to- by the Indian police Yellow Bull's former wire killed a number of years ago. and it is also suspected that long Horn was also implicated in hT murder Thunder Hawk and Owl Ring were arrested for the crime, and the former committed suicide in the jail in Deadwood while wailing for trial He 71 Cnited StaKee. e.en when It was THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK ile to secure their participation in against us. iey should consent to visit Deadwood him among the democrats, ar.rt if the pop Taalos." he said, lave sent out will be assured of a generous wel ulista insist upon Holcor b thre may ids of men to Che t hief towns of the islands They send seven - . . . . A If Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 5w a Qunured amie i men. nu for them to kes?p the population ni thousand in a passive state, "ciple la the same as when three rmed highwaymen hold up a pas- triin. Bv hw force of nerve and no fusion. Poisoned by Chicken Salad. BLOOM INGTON. III., Aug 22 -Special. - Fifteen thrashing hands were poisoned last night near Deer cr-'ek. hy eating chicken salad. Eight of them are In a critical condition, and it is feared several of them will die. Immense Truck Garden- CHICAC.O . Aug 22. --Special -Agents tor the Chinese Six Companies ate heie and are leasing suburbjji traits of Ian.:. Jley make the passengers all sub- Mng robbed. The Tngals are kigh-handed In their methods. " strangwi himself hy m.aas of a sho' t piece of clo.Vv.-lin. in hi:- ceil, owl King was irled for Ihe "ime convicted, and sentenced to forty years m the peniteti tiary He died in the penitrntiary at Sioux Falls a year or t.vo ago Judge John H Burns is the auor.i.y for Lonj Horn. lYeity Eagle I. hn Swift and Noisy Owl. and it is though. I'k.dy Ih'lr cases will be tried n this .itv at the next term of I'nited Slates court r I. M Hardin, surgeon a' the agency, was one of the witness. in ihe case. and he attended the h :': before court i oiiimissiiV.. r m this ' i o Black Hills College. 1'rewdcnt W t I'yle. of I'l.ul Hills . l lege, is applyiiv: every ei ml in behalf ..I the college, an is awak. i'ii x an interest ihul h.i.s never! t.en fell 1 1 ' 'In- insiit .- otaervation which Mr Schurman come, and may know that the reception is i as much Intended for them as for the members of Company 1.. as they are all Black Hills boys, and are as fully entitled to the city's homage as the .hcr boys from this section It was suggested that a band, or band, be secured lor the o.i-sion. and that the freedomof the city be delivered to the volunteers There Is uo intention on the part of IVedwood to detract in any way from the receptions that may be planned for the boys in any of the other towns in the Black Hills and in this respii-t Deadwood is alisotutely unselfish it is "' the .mention to bring the tioys here to let them spend their money, on the ccnttary. it is proposed that they be not l'rnioted to lose a cent I y visiting this city, as the . itv will pay for everything they get while here There will probably be a parade, and .oHsibly a few speakers will be called up for short addresses, but. II is not intended that the All Branches of Banking: Business J a hooeful nature concerned the J -r- A ran&iittcu, Vft respect which .h- Tawalos have Americans since the IlishtiiiK be- iniendinit to go into the Hink gardening the first battle.' he aid. "tlie next year on an extensive scale teased, tormented and insulted DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila. Havana, Porlo Rico, Africa. England, France, Germany and all Parts of the World, al lowest ..aret rates. COLLECTIONS made carefully and accounteu for promptly. t will, and because there was no in return they thought the Amer- J re all cowards. Since that first .General Hale Arrives. 3XN FRANCISCO. Att . 22 -Special -Brigadier General Hale, of Colorado, arriv ed today on the steamer Donee, from Ma nils ii i.i I .'li. ;. vigorous ion t. forf. 1th one or two -exceptions, there We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable , RatA ftf interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers . ...ilirn f rr J 1 1 A f n I 4 h n I ; 9 r no strong stand-up fights, and elllK wel! annouiic I it 111 I Ml its. " " " " rewarded A (-at Itllle laid. F Wiey have come to have a whole- intt the openind reWt for the A met 'cans. A man if the si ll. ..' year at th. been issii. .1. and large responsibility orcollaterals. THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY college has ju "Wntly came in from the country w that the case now was that the numbers of ihi. are b-ii r Seven ur"es are operand si ; of the best pro over the .-ountn began to fear God right away k! at the col leg !,w he saw an Amend u soldier." soldiers shall be bored bv formality Some months ago Deadwood sent the boys a brief cablegram, offering them Its gratitude for the service they were performing. ao,d assuring them of its hopes of their safe return after their duty had been performed. Foilowirg this cablegram, which cost something like 7 to transmit, the city sent a purse of over 200. which was divided equally between Company U and rompanV 1. ch company feasors that coij.l be hae been I o Jubonic Plaque in Russia. FOW, Aug. 22 Special. The bu- Court Adjourns. The September term of . in nit court has been adjourned and contii. nr.' from. September 12 to October Hi. upon an order issued by Judge Joseph V Moore yesterday. This order was lasucJ in answer to a petition signed by a matority of the attorneys and law nrms p-.aetlcing at the Lawrence county bar. the reason set forth being that the term would conflict with t' term of federal court, which will conveene heft September 5. many or tbn- attorneys hiving oases coming on for trial befo, that court. Judge Moore hai ruled that notices of trial may be served within ten gue has broken out In a town 'n engaged -besidej the presUletn I'rof. Edwin Tausch hal been givfii the " hair of languages. He t s gradual, of the Heidelberg universitl. in Germany and is t professor of sevi languages He has been teaching at Hatilln university until this year Accounts of Ba:iK8' Corporations and Individuals solicited. Oorrospond euce Invited. DIRECTORS: W. E. ADAMS. JOHMTHEBER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, Prwaiaeat. BEN BAEH. Vice Preside.!. p Russia, and tenty-one death WsmNl Thi Io tu firet appearan'-e f1 ectloo a( Europe for years. Uoks. Briahter lor Dreyfus. commander receiving a draft for in local currency. Now it is proposed that th city, having taken the Initiative In that, continue to manifest Us interest 1 n them, and convey Its appreciation of their return, as well as of the valiant duty they bar performed, by receiving them txl- Bismarck voojWedelstaedt, Osteopatnic, 'France. . Aug. 22. Speciala- MM. SELBIE. Cashier. fcysician. Office. 21 City !"ri m ob hand again today, and f -iiinsiirnnniirr'-' iiisV SpedaJist and Creek. mid vigorous 1 days arte me - " ' Am court Wing, Ud chrs. H. .t one. term, or - UU a. ep-mu-r -

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