The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 17, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1900
Page 4
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i'RIDAY, Aliil'ST IT. Hiou. daily )moni:ek-times, deadvood s. d Tin: .TALKING. " i bee dick V I 1 Jf A-' J- 0Jt T w -w iiTHE UNION ASSAY OFFICE Imach ims ESo 37 Lee Street I eadwood. Spring MillincM-y Dcputin- the tuh est fashions tR.m the l;,ivnd dcsiu'ners. .mm - i t it ii ilv.-i- For 50 ents. , , K,, ,;1T Id IHIi OI'KICK iiC. UU.iu DO YOU WANT ONE AS A GIFT THEN For nullinerv M. H. Lyona Co. mode ft n idrvnrr. for correct I' A(w.n f,.r ll..- Hl-.rW-ns.inrf.r $.:...' iyi-i.i. j READ THIS and precept. Deadwood's cxclusivists must, as m ior-mer years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. Th foremost feature of 4 WV nr.- giving away 10 i-v.j h"- Fmines and wining. J! ,,, of our store with every lo cent puivliase, one Ticket on Improved Graphophones ry nifivhaiidlsln this week wi I ri;i,ivMio.l'3 millim popular prl- au.l in.all ha for struts and hoplng at i .... ,r.o f "fir-t hats" be an aurac i c ' ; : Not i Flour Chest. .lit. 1,1 "I ' l-'i"" M. iji' i I l'i! II! K A I PRICES FOR To Cleanse the System -; -,. t, ;;,!! .-t -flit 1 " . Wh"n CO.-lil.' , r hiliou. ic. p. rn.ari. nlly ovoionn- j i;1l,,ti:;il . (Histipation, to awaken the K.iln. -.s ami liv.-r to a healthy a.-tiv-,,v. win, out irritating or weakenum ,!;,'.,. to .liM'.-l m-adai-hes, I'oWs i-r fours, um' oyrnp of Figs, mudo by ,1,,. CahKiniia Fis Syrup Co. ;l , ulllh- i if 111. -II Vv In 1,1 J j i n I . ( I I. M'! I ,n 1 1 . nr.- agents th.-ii- heaihUarl'TS IHnnounGemenT: . &MPiPil ,,)! i.-r I' ' ""' fur the I ONLY. 1 lie . ,,, !- "I pilllV. I I " .I'.'- traveling, '.i "'!" '""l""v 1 ....On Saturday August IS. Special. , , i i s, , nr. '.I a miiiiliiT Will II 111.- Im.'kH PROPOSED AMENDMENT. visit. '.I SM-;irti.-li :n .. ,,,-,l..i-, I'.ir I'.'.'K triliK' liih.- ami l;uv curtain. 1,11 elir flltire line" of tlu will lie " l'lK'e- 1 o the Constitution of the State l,a.-t w'-k two of lli.s.- cdlli-i tinx liii. n S:v tali'.e i ; 1 1.2- 1 al .K- met! and have now on hand an assortment of instruments 85. S10 and $25 Also a large Assortment of Late UP-TO-DATE RECORDS. i ontainiiig the late.-t musical novelties. the iii-truments are a sensation, don't fail to hear them. Every family should have one for home amusement. Remember, One Ticket free with. South Dakota. . -,- ,he People of the State of South Dakota: The Sixth Legislature of the State S2.t) ;io 4.'"' la.-. 55c 85c $1.10 51.75 35c 4"C 42C S'C 5".- talilv linen . (.ii.- talile linen (5.- taliK- linen. 7d.- table linen . 85C $1 4 $2.5o .$3.5( .'tirt rt i n .'iirt am 1.5" n.'t il i n-2..-" napkin- of South Dakota at. the session of begun and held at Pierre, the capi 5 I'd la a1 . in t ;i 1 11 r. , ... 1 ..1.1 hclf-Wi!l nt(!-. t!le w,,-.,.i Sp.-arlish.,.ss this til"'' was sliulilly ..liff.Ti-nt from previous prorercliims. 'I'Ik-v -al-I.mI at lie various houses ami untit'u"! the parti. -s that another s.-t of I'o.iks was readv for (lefivery. at the same time pro.locinc a sicn.-.l onler from til,, load of the family. Some may have taken the hait, but there were several who rllden t. One of the men called on V. II. Harlow, told his little story, and procured the order. At first .clHnce Mr. Harlow thought It .. A ' . .tl wj 1 III 1 1 1 ii".-, 1 1 Y 1 1 l no ii . i- '.-. - VYill U- pKascl ti have yu conK- and -c-o them. Up-to-daU'- every 25 cent purchase at the tal, on .January lUO. and concliide.i on March 3. A. D. 1X93, proposed the following amendment to the Constitution of the state, viz: A Joint Resolution Proposing and Agreeing to an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of South WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP. CHASE'S MA1N STREET DEADWOOD. S. D. PalfflPInci Dakota and Submitting sucu Amendment to a vote of the Peo i . ..i.l c. w L. PAUST, Pn. Proprietor. 3B, GEO. BEHNER EM So. Dak. Deadwood, What's The Use Of hauling your hay and grain so far when you can do just as well, If not better, by buying of cwri Liverv and Transfer.... was fiis signature, hut a closer examination proved it to be a clever forgery. Mr. Harlow Rave the fellow a fatherly talk whirh was more forcible than ele-Kant. and the result was that the fellow admitted that the statures were forgeries. They were ropierl as closely as poeslWe from previous orders, and wonlcT doubtless deceive many people. The Mall has the names of these smooth chaps. DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU ple, j Re it Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate Concurring: SEC. 1. QUESTION SUBMITTED; That at the next general election in this state the following proposed amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota which la hereby agreed to, shall be submitted to the electors of the state for their approval, which amendment when approved the best roadsters in the city and am Vnw to furnish ri's or saddle horses on the shortest nnt.a-. That you could get Jewelry made up JUST AS YOU WANT IT, the same JOE SAVAGE The old reliable dealer in AV AND GRAIN. Old Phone 171 539 Main St. as you could a suit of clothee? Well Harrison Phone 151 . I do that kind of work ; have been in I the business at my present .Jtand 22 1 m nle&sed to refer you to I More Bad Indians. Who has been In Central for so many years. Try him. and if you CANNOT do better with him then go where you hav been going. His store is on r to any merchant or banker in the hills Tdouble yfllow HEADS $5.75 as to my standing. I make a special Thl. Week August 13 to ,80 we , wjl. I. and upon . ly of mall order work, write me Juflt and ratified shall become a part of the Constitution as Article twenty-eight (28) thereof. ARTICLE XXVIII. SEC. 1. The several counties of the state shall invest the moneys of the Permanent I what you want and I will quote you CENTRAL OirY Main Street, nricM bv return mall, or If In this a..ul nnrl Ii" n A c w m e n t h lindS in of Eleven uoi-ri m v. . " - ", 1 Mexican Double Yollow Heaaed Parrot f ft 1 Large arrot Oog-e .......... J ' 1 H x. Zach Parrot, Sea and Food gJJ Express cliantk. i 1 1 .00 Thir."ot It, a rnuln-. hand raieed Mexican d-iulil" ypll 'w he-Tded Babv i-rrot. which k - d fhi b.- and pl.lnr.t lalrs in rhe w rid . w'" J for f 5 75 We.en- on appr.vai, it YOU a.nt llKH "' P,rolYoadot.t need PAY. cent Awrltun mir,.. t with each P.rrot I section, call on me. J. B. LeBEAU j Manufacturer OS IHack Hills Gold Jcwclcry BE SURE OClieiui in... - I bonds of school corporations, state, j county and municipal bonds or in first j Central City, S. D. Deputy U. S. Marshal Fielding la expected home today from the Rosebud reservation with a lot of Indians who have been stealing cattle. It stems the noble red man down that way has learned a few tricks from his white brother, and it is said regularly organized gangs of cattle thieves exist, which the government Is desirous of breaking up. The way they woik is to steal a small bunch of Vittle from off the range, chance the brand ami fell them to unscrupulous white men or half In ceils w ho stand ready to pav th" ca b and. then ship the cattle out of tin- ountry. Mr. Held,!!.' Wii- expected here Weilnes-dav. but l e pr. Inh'v lo'iml it advisa- I ..... Ii:.,l lln,ll,:l I I I omaiiii, Is one of the oldest au.l most I'.oiiular lla-in the city. A f"11 and oinid.-t" sto. k of liCiMcr i.ii'i ,i"i .' - .. .. . . - V c. I , ,1 I S liinl Mine, ., mortgages pt good improved iarm lands withirf lieir limits respectively; under such regulations as the legislature may provide, but no farm I.,.,- i,.,ii ,.v,i.e,l one thousand dol- t(ieilcr's Direct. Impjrtera of Mex.can Pa ret.. 1FZ 9 JNTOT most choi. e W'.nes, l.iiiuuis and Cigars oii.-tantly carried. M. -l:i. e. tie new 1'f.v h iu.i II . . ' I ' ' ' . lars to any one person, firm or corporation." The above proposed amendment be voted upon by the people at the '"-reneral election to be held in the state on Tuis.lav tin1 day of N'"-'-1""" ; V D. IOhO. j Ti:e p e I, .v, -1 a mem! -le nt win YOUR FATHER WORE le ;' 1 r in a' r. i - o i e of I In in who wen b it 1 i assay & 5 i V 1, ti) i in.: that is fully Ii-.t :.i-i want. Y lin. I a belt i r I'.a i'M w.-((t III til" I I 1 1 . i'M i an ! . t v. !-...t The Half Cent. lb: .1 Hlf ballet t -Howes! -v Shall I':" :.:.. e a:,.. ! d- 1 1 i In- , ii.,; itut "l r.i n i :.: 1 nt I- . i.O i - I I". .'I at I'.-it 1 it id'.nr.v. rr.t th: 1ST I.- ctm. nt of l!:e nii.i: ! a:ei Ki'.downi. at I'm:-- a; 1 ami ratified"" ,V Ii ;t w: I-r, I'ni' a by th st on s provi "Ilti'd. i-i'Ml : depart'iic i;. l.iiovn as l!l"n.i:ii. 1 he .Jeweler. Manufacturer and dealer Ida. k Hills "old Jewelry. t 1 in ', ,1'i'ni. Ic in- th of the hi: arin'is , JV1. J. PLACh, Prop. l-iiiii.iliately to the left of wh'uli shall be iirilited the words "Yes" a'al "Xii." eaih preceded bv a sipiare in which the elector can place a cross to Deadwood. large r-: t ' . showing thin making Main street. Deadwood. c:,i' 643 Main Str??t. , 0, F. PURNtli. Deadwood, S. . Agent ' r i m n try. money tliroui-!:oi:t th" neeN for th.S 11' indicate bis vote. Electors desiring to vote "Yes" will place a cross before the word "Yes" nnii those desiring to vote "No" will place a cross before the word "No." change, rrogress finds many method of improvement, but for half a century past, in spite of many imitation, nothing has arisen to equal Hostet-ter's Stomach Hitters, the greatest benefactor the human rac ehas ever known. This medicine cures constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. bilioV-nPSS. nervousness and sleeplessness, alsnprev.-nts malaria, fever and agu-v o o,0 in ?et the cenuin.P with our Dated at Pierre, the capital this 1 "t day of Au cast. 100 wiluam h. uopur.i:. Secretary of Stat CRONWALL COMPANY Successors to Frost Bros, and Dealers in W i j , 119 SHERMAN ST.. Hay, Grain I Feed 1 DEADWo6o, 8. ' ,.;v ShiHv , spared t . uCplv the w.. t- . fthepe. ple. nih shorts. t re. tic.-. .ourtcsv l i , uiptrii Bi ana Mci uracy ' will b'l.ur motto YOURS FOR BUSINESS S- N. AND JOHN CORNWALL, KB estmraSMEEMm BISSlsWBriBSSlB -zr-- z Private Revenue Stamp over the neck I of the bottle. BU RL! NTON ROUTE. O'ficial Linj N,: cral Eii me t: a. A r. mis I. n i i.i: vx.y : nth fiem $1.-" ? ' ' 1 Cut it out ami bi'inf ' : will eiye yoll ANY '1 ' 1 1 s WANT in the way of ('bill..' ' Mining Rent Special id.tion. The special coition of th Black Kills Minins Jt-ifw will be iss f in Monday. Aimast 20. and anyo wat.t-ing spixe in Onl sue or extri eop-ief. will please leave word at tbJ i'io-nrer office thU 'veek. The paocr will ct ntain ac article on the "Oeology of Mi'.u" bv Prof. Frank Department Commander I?eoe u." ' Omaha announce- that the I'rr;ir.ster I'.oute has been spieled a? t!i--j , line to the National Encarri'iuent of, the G. A. R. at Chicago, Aup:.-,t 27-September 1, and that the headquar tors train will leave the Burlington CENT I.KSS than it Chirago. C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carries a full line of caskets, coffins, robes, wreaths and in fact everything- pertaining to funeral regalia. ; Telephone 134 Harrison. Parlors 1H Sherman Street. I HAVE SUITS from 1- Overcoats from $10 to $1. ' i ; i pie is MARKED IN FI-.AIN l " a Chicago price. Yon ran make your seieeti. .. while the line is new. and have LU J- Q E order come at any time. l- T ' to select from. I will fit you. K 3' p CP 0 us not you can not have int. Every garment .will be made goi - slatlon, Omaha, 7:30 p. m., Saturday, August 25. This is the train all the members of the G. A. R, Woman's Relief corps, hidies of the Q. A. R-, wir and daughters of the Veterans and their friends will take. It will hare .6tandard.and tourist sleeping cars and free reclining cars, end will arrive rt Chicago 9:80 a. m, Angnst J6. The lowest rates are always made for the O. A. R Encampment. This ear the rats vfll bs on firs for the round trip to Chicago.' Ticket, will U on sale, August to 21 -i . : - Ji FRANCIS, . m a . mOQHlHr. strong ana 10 T,iirrF of QUICK and BRING THIS PIECK I m , Clemes Smltl. one on "Cyanide Frocesses." by Mr. C. W. Merrill; ' Sorn Experiments in Caniding. tv John M. Honton; a compArison of . -the "Black HiUe and Cripple Creek : Fiom the Inet(otr's Point of Jtw." ' -iyy0 V. Prycf; apeclal articles by opr. Franklin 3t Carpentef; atcl'B ' -STrnTBIfi In Lwerac. Pennington ;' ' irciter connUes hy Frank a Bow-"'.iiwFraBk P.'WlHUnw aai gamuel ' ertCf-'ud Uher artlclei ot Interest to men directly or todrectly IflteresteU "crstw1 - conUln atat. mine tooi' "'"Lf t ait year, and vrttoW f t vnmir .The Origins! WorcestershiS Sauce paper with you as this oner GO WITHOUT IT. BEWARE OF IMITATION'S '"Is adapted for every 'Variety of dish from Turtle tsj Beef, from ftsftTj1 to Steals, to an of wbiea it gives a famous relish."- 'h') ; ' - General .Psjwengw l Omaha, JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS. Aaant, N,. T i Neh. -

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