The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 22, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1899
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY MKXIX;, AHiCST 22, 1SW. 1 W S KM. i -'-nii v I NoTi.'i: Tn ' it!:inTiii:s gGAL NOTICES. X. 6s' S I.le. I.i M A I I . i i., Kellar Moody, Attorneys.) SIll-.'Kll'l " .N'tiTlt'K ny SU.K ON EXE- w . K It II ...".vinT ft . . !'.,!' No i: N i a i ti:t '1 i - I,- li'iut S3, pam- IX. A. a UQ- of Law- tSioM IT MAY CONCERN. . . n I'v 111 H 1 have illls ! ii '!' 1. Til l Mitu i(o. ;ui.l ii!i. . tii i .-1 1 1 . HaiulifT, A 1 ' I NOT' Albert i Is Crl I 'ak,. i. '..r a I .'.MM, th.i N.Pi, , I.T-iL'I). Kt.SSell. .. i ! t all said .!-, a!Ar Ml Htn. .- Prv , , ( ' 1 1 rini i roup nr ,,f i, .,,lwood. nl j .n for any d. I , .. I-1 v 0- 1 .' Mil W K , ' KI' I, i). ' a. I'lSKI I.MiC i: I 'Il-I pi Dtrll ls1', ug Guitt,,su Mining Company. Defendant. .N'lll,',; Is h.lehv e.,-n. Mill hy VII'MI"' .if an i'-. mi. in I., m. iln. . .1 .iinl .Ii It v -.'I'.'.l ami now in my li.iinl '--u.d nut of l In- llci k s . .Hi. . ,,f i h, . r , uu I'li'.m. KlKllIll ('it. t. ii. .'.,,' ul 1.,-w-r.'n. .', Slat.' nf S.iiuh i.(ki i.i. unoii a 1,-joiral II . - k'a l M I'l'Il 'K MM : i i ii. I-; KM. .ii F. I.. M .1 lull' IIIel.T i -.,. I tec-A, Oili iou heinti judgment k n i.'ii .1 in suf.l in I he i-l'.v A I lt.,' I lia Mm""-" ; ' .il w nli t Itl'ilM-ll .i.pie llMir i;i i. ' Thorn i : i . h f 1 M' .in l Willi, llfiy i .in...iny. N" 'was 'Inly a.-MKii.-l 10 III.' Kirs! National I tn-h j Hai:k of !. a...... Mal'.li Jul Is'.'... .uil,1"' .ic.i:ii-i Miinni-.Mi Minint; I'mn pn ny mi th.'i'"'ari , r,. si.l.-ly r. 'iiM ils, r i s : i hint r . tool- I thel'l-oli and Heitll- A ' ' 1 1 - v nor I h. stud pi "I" r-- ..irl thereof , , ijiii.n minim; cn v r. v. miller, krks l'.:h .I.i-. r N.iM', i . i iv.T. I Inn,. I. I ii.,m ill.' t.ill.m in; .1. . t 1 1 ..-I I i j i i ,,! s.i l 1 .l.'l.! m u ii I I',. ' . n ii n , ...n ii.l 1 -. hi l-'r.u ' i.m '".i-pim. -ii'i :hf "',,! ,' -it" U,l" . YoaA: v m .tun Ml Hit I i ' i tn n l I lako' .iii.I (. M ' ' TI' .. -"I' I' I' , .a . A . ( ',,.- 'laiulirii; l mirth. II', : 1 'ul, an lo.l-'S oi inin- '. n; i'ri:'r i 1 1 i .i-1 ' i ' i-: .. r 'i I Attorn '.' ) M;i 1. 1 Qn.u iz I."' n'- 1 in Whn. A . w 1,1 t it, -7, ' 'l IL'I ' ! I I ,, mu' , lal'::s, n.i Miiuiil- , in.-: Ink . an. I - I .lay or S. lean- ..!' pi ,, , I,,, I ll inn Hi,- I he It Is .1 n'l'i'Ks I Unit',.. ,ccea--.l. lmm ii ly 'Ii.' 1 1 Ti (1 1 l i.,r (if ill.' Estate ii i I" ill'' creditor h.i , iIil' laini- im'!"" i exhibit I Im-iii a ,t h 'h .liihin four ii;. Mill. !' u: 1 .. I. K .1 1 I , I ( !!..!. I.'.'l ..f ! i, .,1 v ..,.,, 1, I I ,-.! of 1 vol'1 i: 1 :;a:eof K' Jy.M 11 ' all , - '; is1'1 11 ,' !'. wrr ' 1 ,tr the !:-; '' y sac! ' 1 Mi'ti.i ' '' ':' rn A- M " ai in 'I'1 '" riuwii J1 - ; 0 of .aid day at 'In' : ' In nis in 'In i ' 1 1 y 1 , tn 'il in! si a' .-. rii-ln. i i 1 1.- and in-i im-'-l i ;, in in .ul, V ii - i If .ihov, ,. I'.ood nl jii'li;:n.'n ' an 1 Uli. 'lions,, ,,, s im.;:i dollar- m.l ,,f ll ..I his mil n slili-ln In in. M'.llul 1 I w p: pro., n - .'It I. n nr In hi l I lit i r olli, . nf I.a a r. li 1. i',i ! .,',, i . . I Minim: liik,,:.,, n l plat NO. s.nd in 1 1. a,l . S. I). II m-ili.-r uith and i n l oi ,- t , o's anntiinl iiik At linn, Ire. 1 i hil ly -1 i ,i Unity lil.ll .mils iii .ruinir costs of sal,' sain,' l i, uu l he I'M h ,1, al Ihe rale of T p. . ,ll Id ic am Mon , l , , i IIOOII Ii.mIk. dc- TON K Kinily M. II. I ',1 :'tl.' ,.! No . Ill p. hli;lie I' as."!. d mi, ,n Julv 3i'. IS'" Kir-1 " H.i ,-11 h w . N,,i ih i, III II 'lift- ' . n I ' , ; in s s'ol'.'. . . c 1 - ; ! ', r - h 'i'l -, ' 1 1 . 1 1 . I ill Will A w.wxl i.i v ,,f I .a a ; , m , ituf.. null ,' of Ul . i in r No. ' ,1 n.n I. Kasi .7 ' I',-, t 1 : f.'. ' . .11 II shall i . n. ItlMIL I I i , i -: Il II l ll. . I ,'in ,ash. l TT I '1.1 N K i :t I' Shel l t't of I ,.t U e. e ( '.tUII Hy lA.MKS H II MtKIS. 1 1, pun an'.'M":: i. i.iik. ii. nimiii, 1 id. mi, al w iih iln- S K i'oi .r i h. NiiTr''K I,, ; . i . v niv, n tliat I have 1. .ts. d ., i Minium: ami MilliiiK .."ill-: In i.,-,l niH'-half int.'icst in il- 'iani,', ininini? ,'lainis The ,, . u. Kia. Iioii. O-Z. Hi'll ii, I Pay Fraction loiles. situat-... n Mountain, in Wliiti-wood Mi I'lain Mil n :.'. i i ht'in .' I . S ..s :: .' W MIV f.'.'l Ifeti'f i-be I M I-jv an f foll;i ii ny. .M'"'' uobscoi ,, Ml Mid irin y s r Se, in, n h. io ,' 'li" N W I'm tin. ar .-i.i I l.-el II! -halt from i lode ' !'' Itl'l 1 veil, : N H W ti.Ts in Cor I I to i ' i Kirn: I'ul. 1 1 n -'I !'' o! Si, nth 1 Mk.,1,,, ,1-1 ,1.' A.'Iiale,' by :l,.' 11. -Id' Intl. ai d olli, nil l.,' ,,li flic ItA llns ottl, e as htl liuoihi r i ' "s ,, 'rornshlrt No. ., noilli H.hik.- ihioe ,,f II!:.. -k Hills-Meridian, said aA No li ini; descrili- .,1 a-, follow- lo wit lletiiniiiK ai rr.ttn r ntitnl""! ' id. ntloaft Mth S TO. ,, finer of the h.o.i'vn an I wjlki ill. 1,, N ii. It :: K li II M i. ears .n I , i jnl ft , III, n, , N 4. I M II M A. N Ml Ul. lo N , , hell, N, I.: is -a An K I ". ,, N.'t ' ,s- "... W : s.t .V K . of l,Kl.' I lie 111 111 .-I-, .l:r.'. i..,ko I'.tui I.a.' vtt niin.i.K .li-irin. Iavr-nr. ,unty Hi p'ikni.i. ami ll'a' n.'ilh.-r th. umli-r-ied nor il'- .saiil propi.-rUi s ill l;e if Soul, Stat, leliee. Has- No No I 11, II- e and pi i iihtiu mil ln , of t..-Kinninn, an e. i ii t,j a an I dire. -i, oiinilier nl f i In' -lis, ,t - I a : f,tlo. s n in' i: Th.' 4 1 fe nl i: t: w i ortier No 4 Wills Karpi No 2 Ind'. sur-., y No. 946 1 S l.tM- M . N , 14 hear S r, 17' K ::.'.7". 7 feet a pi' h iH! -lump JU I li i h i -M ll .1 i.i.nit ' . r I. ,n N V." 'J W t, I'l feet Olid a A h .;i,e stump ' lamv d IN ''UI NTV I'lll HT III the mailer of 111.' , '.stale of Mr- I lln. l. I its eased iikiikk to snmi' i'irsi': on i'i".i,' Older to Sho I'ause on pplnalion -II I run -I I'. la I in .In a- 1 lo 11-. .. -..hi h ..r a i Moll from "V N r iii liieho iu rifrirnitte kni- N jle for iiny ifihor, materials, ma. hin,y, Is. or si,;.lifs in the woikinK of -aid ICS li.i'.'l I it n,hvi,ol. S. H .Inn. 12, i, JOHN H 1.1 i i a in r. NOTICE OF LKASE. all pnrllf-s rf'r'orm'nR labor or fni-shlni! nnl.'riil ilium the Toledo and ,nT(.r l...'.s of the Oniaha ;r.'iip of 1.7 o K I 11 S. (C t, .ml "i" ; f. Ida.-'l alel -- .11.111 for 1 l d. 1 ..1 Sal. of l.'-l. All i !', ci ruiiniiii; n.ti-ih , v -hafi and 4M f. , -A I h fl olll , lis, OA ... . hoi hide 1" :il"J .1, I'l s I., i iE It. nil.'iH'" i.i . .Mill Olf S V ', I,, . I lie N W I 'oi ', K P II l . I- N w p, i f, . I I'll, n, e . : .. . It appealing lo til ion this day pi laei. loial'dtan ,t out I flolll ill'' i' I ...nd hi.'.i l.v I ; pel -Oil- III' I -'-'.I -.u: hoi h TI.. I. ' !) a'. .-!' ' ' I f, is i: ihi- 1 1 1 ho II. A . I V ( fa I' I L i.i w , N II II, ' .- I :h, .,, I No ill i J . 1 .1 . n i s near s,,i.i a i.'. ii il llael n II. II II o i ', rn no i r. of In Ha. r i:r,,i- II , !-Mv .in 1 lk fl : h, N i iil ,!ai'r,3 nre .in. I that the h, t..n-!M( nnii' i in" .'nr- IKK i.TI'"K Tha' (' I llli'l. '' I'a -rsill!.. '1 "I 11,'I'S Will I ,ny 1 r ': ;-,A f,,riii, ! ., :i; , '- ,,n! l -. mis, , r t SMI 'I II i: .Us Olll - .AiKlUr. Hodge, d jliven !a of th. K.s l-od. to 11 aril "V. hy ;t I'illo . .1, " il A. G. 1 N 1 1 I.II.Ml t IOII I led III ' N , im .1. oinirifc w est. Sill -, t.y 10. 1 Ill,' lo id ail i rsi.ii'.i having . l.ii-v.s aa.nsl iM di rease.l to exhilti; Ih'-.n "Mi :h, sary vouchers, wllhin four months iif-le iirst puLlkatloD of this notice, to aid Administrator, at his residence ntennlal Prairie, or to his attorney!, i & Mason, at their office In Deta I', r pnl.l 1 ha ' i ,..!.'. h hi. '. of'im; in li, a -pap, r pi City of He i inilil v 'I. l'- 1 1, ,,' He I pnl.l! , Il I '.' A I. Sonih 1 aiMoh.-l n ai al.ov ,, , 1 , n, - oil ersely 1 I' I. 1 I . , . , , 1,.., ,,,u inll.f ill ' o ki.NKH la 1 m I I A II. ,11 A, I'ul Ail , . I . , : -Ill'f.O ,nh"i'-,' I t t III Me I ,- W - 1 1 , l a- of . ',ni u i "M. II Hi I VI li . Ml, f-.. ah, m: -oillh- l.ol I he 1 a... f. . ' -.ill ,.n I ' I 1 1 1 1 II I 1 1 e .11 ami u1". ,h-, , t led, I Mill, or No lial.'l a: I i. .".111 I I Ki I si ,,...,. 1 V' i'ul, (Trawley & Laffey. Attorneys ) L'loiiml ai'.. ft.;.iir. a ;o ".. ,r , hum- vuih '.he Ceiri-ier ,tf th-Sin'. - 1 in d i 1111. c lit Rapid City . lotilit' ol I'. nnitllsloli South IlaKo-iiii.' ill.- sinv days' period of pulili -for.',,' , r ill, v "ill he barred by In the Circuit Court, of the Kihlh Jud I II M Kial Circuit of the State of South Da ,., , n .:- w s It fl . fl A '.' ". II t", (C. E Iiavis. Attornev.) SIMMONS. kota. within and ftr Lawrence Oiunty Lizzie Na. e. I'laintiff, vs. EMon Nfl.e. Defendant. 1" E W in . S 1 N Ni ih' is in the County of Lawrence, u. xi July 29, 1899. CON F. HOOD, dnlstretor of Wlllard 0. Dodge. 4e- Iret Publication Julv l.miKhlin M. L.aunhlii . i ' v I l M A I U'.i i UTI.H'AT ION FUR l'ATKNT sITKIi STATUS 1,NH HKKIf'E i ity. South liaJkr'a, AiiKU-a l'lth. iv!t. re is hereby niven ihiil I'.eonKe A. sick and Kjaiik K. lahr itliiifi posi-iildress is Lincoln. Nelj.. by ruinck liih, their nuorney m fac whose nice address is Two Hit. Law rem e , South Dakota, have this Say tiled ipplicaiion rnr 141.0 7 linear feet of ii It I .i H i K lit t nun ii t. ai ileii.nal llll ill"' S W ... lion whence ill" N Cor I THE STATE OK SOLTH DAKOT io T N R :i. K 11. II M . hear- N !' u At fi . then, S sn' us I- 1 1 I r. ... ,,' 'he prni i-ioiis of Hi.- statute A K GARDNER, Register. I- - p. -.1, v i,i,, r. 'l thai ihe foregoing Not ,. ,ln .ilion for Patent lie pub lish. -,l tin lo- ',ii,kI of miy days (ten inn.-.-. -I'm. .'.ki in the Hal l.v f' - a daily n,-ws,iaper puhliahed at,,.l I.a w r.'i,, eoiinli. S ll. A h GARDNER. Register. ' Kir-t I'ul, ug 17. 1 8H!i I SSK.-'MENT NOTICE SEND GREETING: To the atw-ve named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the jn W in ,, rn- I-; ,.m of I n'U'i nn I Ii win Mi a n. i ion L". s t M, .. .heme N ., I and pi... ' f. el alo Ilk- me ouihtilv dir.'. .oiiih.iK trolu te, i rnnniiiK ln.fl Vr.n of Is Hi.'' 2 :: fi i .Him .: us w h, I.i i in 1 1 1 c tt. herU and iuiiuiuh an. I sl : and 1 1 i 'or No 2 l In n, e N l s ,,' r fl lo C,, No 3 I hell, e N Ml 222 5 fl lo Cor. Nn 4 . theme ! above named plaintiff which will be nl The State of South Dakota. Eighth Ju dlcial Circuit, ss. In the Circuit Court n and for Lawrenc county. vj Jacob Goldberg. Plaintiff, vs. A. J. M, I.nin whose Christian name is to plaintiff unknown. Defendant. The State of South Dakota sends greetings to the above uamed defendant: You are hereby summoned and required in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit . I i se,t el -hall t'ortheilv frtffii di-. Court of Lawrence County, South Dako ::s W 2 fi to Cor No. I. and pl.i. of beginning, clainiing ICO.:: f.-et along :h la, at the Court House in Doadwood, in Three Star lode .', ''V acre-NNIK I.DliK It.'Kiiiiiini: vein in a norlhea-terly and sou I h w . s' ' i I said County and State; and to serve a copy I'm No ,i of ih. .lit .-.I ion . in" f'.t rilliliitig northeasterly yitle vein. Jasle or inineia.l deposit of your answer upon the subscribers ai from discovery shafi and n;..'i.:t (.-. i ru S," IV I . I. It-lit leal A II h 111.' -until est '"1 , al when,, ill, N W i'oi r -. v u : i- it II M hears N ! Kold. with tuirfaee grnunf nun feet their office in tie Smith blook In the City ning .soul h w i'Aief'1 v from discovery shaf i:: to answer the complaint of Jacob Goldberg, plaintiff, a copy of which Is herebj Madge Mining. Company Deadwood, South luikota N'oti, is hereby given, lhat ai a meeting: of the mo khnhl.Ts and dlrei tors held mi the 17th .lay of August. ls:fi. an as- ih. situated in Whitewooil Mining of Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Da t. Lawrence 'County. Soutti Uakota kota. within 30 days after the serving of Area of c o ll' 2 1S8 acres I.A.ST I.UHE Beginning a! Cm N served upon you. and serve a copy of you? answer thereto upon the subscriber at my office in Ihe Post Office building in the HiKnaled hy ihe field notes and plat in this office as Lot No. V2W. said this summons on you, exclulsive of the day of service; and If you tail to answer I identical with the S W Cor of th location w hence the N. V Cor .nf S- sessni.-rii or two mills per snare was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable on or b, fore September 18th. U'!i9 be tin described ts follow said complaint within that time, the plain ity of Deadwood. Lawrence county. South is T .'. N R. 3. E. H II. M.. bears N. Ui pi" W in Tin : fl ihell. e N 4h ai . 1 Me i ft tn i or No .' . thence S I I K '.II fi lo Cor No :: thence S 4V . W 1 .4 ft in Cor Nn Iheii.e N HA .oi' ". fi m Cor No ' then..- N -"4 nr W 7'J L' ft to Cor No ', thence N ,S' f.C W 254 I fl ' rnr Nn 1 an'1 P'ace . f beginning: claiming l.5oo ft. along the ... . . . . I ...... a V u-.tsl i.rl v till will apply to the Court for the relief Dakota, within thirty days after the aer- 13' 'js" W 9259 17 ft.: thence N 3.' 189ft. nt ihe office of Henry H. Arin- TLE LODK. -BeKiuning at eorne in said complaint demanded. ice of this summons, exclusive of th E. 1518 ft to Cor No 2. i h. nc N 20 stead. Jr.. Galena. South Dakota. Any Dated at Deacirood, South Dakota, the day of service, or the plaintiff will taki thence southwest corner Section 31 lip 5, Nm-rti. Raue 4, East B. H 50' E. 150 8 ft ( Cor No. 3, then. sto. k iip.ui whi.h this assessment shall' judgment against you for the sum of J lemaln unpaid mi the 18th day of Septem rg S. 48 0. 54" V. 2...c;.: leet ais 8th day of July, FRAWLEY atLAFFEY. Attorneys Pot Plaintiff 63' 59' E. 10.1.4 ft. lo Cor. No 4. thence N 20 50' E. 198 1 ft. to 'or No. 5: thence -..,i, in i, nori neasiei i ...... .-.,,.,. 310.92. with interest at 7 per cent per ber will he sold on the tit h day or lence N. 6' 48' E. 1)80.3 feet; thence direction: 750 feet running northeasterly annum from date hereof, besides costs. S. 50 18 E 132 ft. to Cor No. k; thence I . . i (,. at 10 o'clock a m.. to pay 7' V. 820. feet: tbenee N. 64 2' To tha above named defendant: Take N. 55 40' E 1.064 ft In Cor No 7 theme feet: thenoe S. 6 13' E. H56.9 feet notice that Um plaintiff's complaint in this Dated. June 26th. 1899. C. E. DAVIS, Plaintiff's Attorney. S 80 08' K. 25.6 ft. to Cor. No. 8: thence the delin.tient assessment, together with costs. NORMAN T MASON. Secretary. S. 9 Hi' XV. 542.8 feet: thence 8. action was filed in the office of the Clerk S 48 50' W 1.440 1 ft. lo Cor. No of the above named Court, at Deadwood, W. 319.3 feet to place of beginning, in said County and State, en the 10th day itiK an area of K.894 acres. thence N 80" 08' W 222 5 ft to Cor. No 1. and place of beginning : claiming 1,4'."'. Te the defendant above named: Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) etic variation 14 17' to 14 50' E. of July 1899. You will please take notice, that th long the vein in a northeasterly and I MrTIi'E OK APPLICATION FOR LET ft presumed general course and di-of the lode line of said Myrtle lode southwesterly di reel ion: 'too feet running TERS OK A1MI NIHTKATIDN. from discovery shaft and 750 feet runnmr southwesterly from discovery shaft Ar. i of Annie lode in 2M acres C () 1 No 5 I.ODE Beginning at Cor. No. I. Identical with the S. W. Cor. of the location whence the N W ("oi . ' Sec IS T 5 N Ft 3. E li II M . bears N. tn- 47' 43 W 10.262.76 ft.: thence N. 4K' 50' E. 1.5o0 ft lo Cor No 1'. then e S SO" 08' E 3X5.8 ft to Cor Nn ".:, S 41. 50' V. 1.500 ft to Cor N'o 4 thence N Mi OS' W 3S5 fl u Cor. S' 1. and place of beginning, claiming 1.50.1 ft. nlotig the vein in a northeasterly a: I FRAW LEY LAFFEY, ' Attorneys for Plaintiff. (Frist Publication July 15, 1899) nnnheasterlv from dlscoverv shaft anil In the County Court of the Coun,y or ! number of feet claimed on each summons and complaint (n the above entitled arft were filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court at Deadwood, Lawrence coudcv. South Dakota, at Dead-wood, on the ttb day of July. 1899. 5119 ft running southwesterly from (lis Lawrence, State of South Dakota. discovery shaft is S. 6" 33' W eoverv shaft Area of l-lst lode 4 372 In the Matter of the Estate of Edmund et and S. ti 03' E. 8! feet; claim NOTJCE TO CREJJfTORS. Estate of John Olrarde. Deceased Curuow. deceased. feet soatherly and 1140.7 feet C. E. DAVIS, acres Pfc-AHl. I.OIlK Beginning at Cnr N Notice is hereby given that Henry Cur Notice Is beeeby given by the undersign ly from discovery shaft. Plaintiff's Attorney, Deadwood. South Da now has filed with the clerk of this Court. ed, Minnie Girarde, executrix of the laat of ih kota. a netitlon. urayig for letters of Admin- will and testament of John Girarde, de of ocation and amended location er-of this mine is of record In the the Register of Deeds of Lawrene 1. identical with the N W Cor location whence the N. W Cor. 18 T 5 N R 3 E II II M belli 14' 13" W S. 278 47 ft., then.-e S Iftration nf 'he Estate of Hdmund Curnow. ceased, to the creditors of. and all ' per N" 70 (First Pub. July 7th, 1899.) NOTICE OF LEASE sons having claims againat the said de 20' " deceased, and iha: Tuesday, the 22nd day of August. A. D, lSHfi. at 10 o'clock A. South Ihikota. In Boom 117 n ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary W. .132.9 fl lo or ages 262 and 109 reectlvely. Tb No. 2 thence S. 4 11 No 2. thence M. ..f said dav. h. ing a day of a regular vouchers, within four naonfB- after the nrf southwesterly direction. three hundred f.-et running northeasterly from .lis, ove. v shaft and twelve Loin':, , I fc t miming southwesterly from discover .Inn A .a of C. O. H No. 5 lode 10 I-' ir-i,. C O 1 No I LODE ---Begin a i. s ..1 Cor No I identical with the S E Cor. of the locatios whence the N. W. Cut. To all psrties performing labor or fur E. 5!l3.5 fl. to g claim to said Myrtle on the it corner Is Survey No. 1261. fbe publication of this notice, te the said Min -,V E 137.1 ft. to Cor No 4 thence nishing material upon the Mormon Chidi term of this Court, to-wlt: of the July term 18!.'.. at the Court Room thereof. N 35 25' E. 151 8 ft lo or No Iode. 139: and Zmc lodes; other boundaries unknown. nie Gerarde, at the office of Rice ft Pol-ley In the Syndicate block, in the City of Deadwood. la the County of Lawrence, TAKE NOTICE: That said claim is tw thence V 20" 50 K I. .11. X tt to cor .-so at the Court llnuse. in Deadwood. In tne ni.l Cnuntv of Lawn-nee, has been set ig worked under lease and that the under s.w is T :, N R 3 E. B H M Lean State of South Dakota. ind all persona claiming adverse-lining ground, vein, lode or pretn,-any portion thereof so described. 6 thence N. 63 59' W 393.8 ft lo Cor No 7: thence N. 43 27' W. 683 6 ft. t. Cor No 1 and place of beginning claiming 1.073 15 feet along ihe vein in . for bearing said petition, when and where any person Interested may appear and) show cause why the said petition should signed owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished N 60'' 47' 13" W. 10 362.76 ft.: thenc v ih- r.O' V. 1 500 ft. to Cor No. 2. thenc Dated at Deadwood, August 5th. 1899. MINNIE GIRARDE, upon said premises. 1; then, e ilred to file their adverse claims Executrix of Hie last will and testament N 80' 08' Y 385.8 ft to Cor No S 48 50' W 1.500 ft to Cor not be granted. - southeasterly uirei .-.....uv - .j No I Il(irUIliri II i,,i . r-, ,con .: 1Q r.r. I, n.nnlna- nnrlhwexterlv from I Dated Aug. 10th, A. V., J83- e Register of the United 8tates Bee, at Rapid City. In the County Hugh McCaffrey, henry sussrnbach. - Ow ners of John Girarde, deceased. (First Pub. Aug. 22. ISPb.) , , i . -- . FRANK I WASHABAUOH, thence S 80'- 08' E 385 8 ft to Cor No I :.nrt nlace of beginning: clainiing ' feci discoverv shaft and t.'!4 6 f.- l running ilngton. State of South oaKota Judge of the County Court First I'uli Aug. 11-99 ) in length along the vein iii i ni -he -u-rly (GranvfUe G. Bennett Atfy.) he period required by law. or they barred by virtue of -the provisions run SUMMONS, FOR RELIEF, COMPLAINT and outhwi-sterly dire lion: I"" shaft FILED nine northeasterly fro n .1 : - " ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Alexandria Mining Company. )ieadvvo,d. McLaughlin " v I.iughlin Ml'vsl SI MMON'S L . L I .. .1 ...... I southeasterly from discovHty shafi Are; of Pearl lle 7 325 acres HLACKTAII. LODE Beginning al Cor No. I. Identical with the S W c,,r of tin location whence the N W ci of s,c 18 T 5 N It :l K B M hears N 7" 14' 13" s. 278. 47 fl thetlee N 20' ..n and 1.400 feet running south ei .rl State of South Dakota, ' Couaty of Law- South Dakota. Slale ,: .-..utri Jiioa f-azmu a, liscovery shaft. Area of " 1 Nl1 senoe. as. I . nil ss Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. Notice is hi reby given, thai at a meet lode 10 329 acres In ih. Cii, nil Couc iii ale! for Lawrence atuta. A. K. OART)NEa. Register, lereby ordered that the foregoing f application for patent be pub-t the period of sixty days In the Times, a daily newspaper publlsh-adwood. South Dakota, which is paper published nearest the above I claim. ing of ihe stockholders and directors, held Florence M. Dasgler. Plaint!. C. O. 1). No. 3 I.OIlE Begin, in - al vs. on the 17th day of August. 1899. an as . 1 1 n I y . Cor No. I. identical with the U Cur of the claim whence the N W Cor o1 In, oh Gold!., i K 1 lain! ifl Clarence S. Dangler, Defendant. Sec 18 T. 5 N. K 3 K. B II M benrs The State of South Dakota te the above sessment of Ave mills per share waj levied upon ihe capital stork of the corporation payable on or before September 18th, 1S9:i. at the office of Henry H Arm- lames II. .11, r. I mian: N. 511 ll'.' 34" W. '.i;::s oi; ft i hence N named Defendant: E 3.-I2.9 fi. lo Oir Nd 2 ihen. . S I.T 27 E 773 7 ft i, i cr No :: . ihen.e S 5o is K 437.1 fi io (oi No 1 iheii.e S 2"' '.!' W I'lS I fl lo Co, No '". Ih, ue, N .;:) :,!.' W C7 2 ft n Cor No Ihence N 43 27 V lis:!..; fi A, Cor No I and place of beginning: clainiing I is).:, f, along the v. in in a nort h w e-lerly ami The State of s,.nh Dakota -ends Greet 48 5"' E. 1.500 ft. tn Cor No 2' then.-. A. K. OARDNER. Register. First Pub. Aug. 17. 19.) ing I" .lame- Hollei -he hf.iulani abovf You are hereby summoned sad required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff S. 80' 08' E 385.8 ft. to Cor. No. 3. thence stead, Jr.. Galena. South Dakota Any stock UHn which this assessment shall na nie.l Von ar. Ii. ieliy -umin. .i...l and i.nulrert at.ver the lornpta nit of the ' remain unpaiH on the 18th day of Septem ber, will be sold on the 6th day of Octo ia the above entitled action, which will be .filed In tha office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, In and for the. County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and to serve soul heasl el ly dil.-clion. 72s ..5 f; .'utiuing norihwesi.-rly from .li.-oer -haft ami lam, il planum a copy ui ii. ber. 18V9, at 10 o'clock a. m.. to pay the delinquent assessment. together w-ith OTICE OF FORFEITURE ps Mix: e notified that the undersigned, , kave .expended in labor and lenta upon the Gen. Sheridan lode laim, situated a little south of 21 ty, bounded on the south by ith sei-M',1 upoii von. ..nn serve oi 1-56.3' ft riiniilng souih. asterlv from i(m- aiiswei oil ' lie ..subscriber aeir covery shaft A lea of Khi. ktail hide . . a copy of your answer to the said com costs. NORMAN T. MASON. Seeretary i. Iliee. ill Ihe I'l-v of I ea. lv 00... . -.u Da acres. S. 48" 50' W. 1.500 ft to Cor. No I. then.-, N. 8ir 08' W 385 8 fl ki Cor No I. and place of beginning: claiming feet along the vein in a .iorth"'ii :erlv and southwesterly direction 7-.i feet minimi, northeasterly from ils.-ov ; sti.u: ..nd KOOfeet running sou'hw.M -iy from discovery shaft. Area of '. O. Ii No J lode 10.329 ai res. C f). D. No 2 LOllE -Beginning t Cor. No t. identical with the S E Cor of the location whence the N W Cor f Sec. 18 T. 5 N. R. 3 E. B H M . bears N. 5')' !' 34" W. 9.638.06 ft: thence N IS kota iihiii tlern .! after the service Totai area of mineral sii,ev No 127'. plaint on the subscriber, at his office in Deadwood, in said County and State, within thirty days after the service of this f inis summons .v. u'siw of the day of It, 1.305 acres. The l.H atiiui crl ihi ales of i h. s,n,I s- -. i i u e or Ih.- planum '. in mse ju'imwui AflSESSMENT NOTICE i mining Claim, at least on I $100.00) dollars per year for the t and 1897, which was done for me of holding said claim under era! lodes ami mining claims ar, recorded igainst you for Th-.t lliindrl Eight ml niiiei v-1 hre, ine-hundnlihs J308.93. Galena treasure Mining in the office of the Register of li.edsin Company, summons upon you exclusive of the day of such service; and if you fail tb answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to the ootirt for the relief demanded loos of Section 2324 Revised J. 8., for the periods ending De- and for . Li w rence County. South Dakota as follows Deadwood. South Dakota. Notice Is hereby given, lhat at a meeting of the stockholders and directors, held ., 189. and December SI, 1897. 50' E. 1,500 ft. to Cor. No 2: thence N Kortuna lode. (km. k 124 page 4!,. Katoila 80 08' W. 885.8 ft. to Cor. No. 3: thene on the 17th day of August, 1899, an as ) further notified that If within )) - days rom the service of this S. 48. 50' W. 1.500 ft. to Cor. No 4. sessment of two mills per share wa lev Ih. liars .M'h inter, si at the rate of seven, ,r cent i.t annum and on $222.00 iince laniiarv 1 lsfiu on J55.43. since June 12. is'e. mid on $31 50 since July 1, 1899. .VfoLA I'GHLIN & McL M'GHLIN. Plaintiffs Attorneys. Dated August ls:'9. To the above nailed ilefendant: You will please take notice that the complaint in the above entitled action.. i fall to contribute your portion ied upon the capital stock of the corpora In the complaint. Dated June 24th. 1899. . GRANVILLE G. BENNETT. Plaintiff's Attorney, Deadwood, So. Dak. The defendant In the above entitled action will please take notice that the complaint in said action was duly 'Hied In the office of the Clerk of said court. In tion payable on or before September 18th, lo'l1. hook 121 page4!6: Dewey lode. Iki-iK 137. page 237. Thre Star lode, hooks 143 117. page 538. 237: Annie lode, nook 11 1. page 257: C. O. D No. 5 lode, book 77. page 288: c o D No. 4 lode, book 77, page 287; C. o D No. 3 lode, book 77, page 287: C. 0. D. No. 2 lode, book 77, page 286; C. O D. No 1 lode, book 77. page 286: Rustler lode, book 77, page 290; Good-enough lode, book 77. page 191; Once More lode, book 77. page 289: Anchor lode, book. 1899, at the offlce of Henry H. Arm-stead. Jr.. Galena. South Dakota. Anv stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 18th day 'of Septem thence S. 80 08' E. 385.8 ft. to Cor. . No. 1. and place of begining: claiming 1.50 1 feet along the vein" In a northeasterly and southwesterly direction: 100 ft running northeasterly from discovery shaft afd 1,400 feet, running southwesterly from discovery shaft. Area of C. O. D. No. 2 lode' 10.329 acres. RUSTLER LODE: Beginning at Cor. No. 1. Identical with the S. W. Cor. -of the location whence the N. W. Cor. Sec. il axpenditures as co-owner wlta signed during each of the years tioned, your interest In said 1 become property of the sub-xordlng to the pro visions of said EBEN W. MARTIN., ' NORMAfl T. MASON, id, S. D.. July 25, 1899. Publication, July XI. MM.) j was filed in office of Clerk of the above-named i-OHirt .on the 21st day of August-. 1899. the City of Deadwood, S. D.. on 'the 2th day of June, 1899.- ber, will be sold on the 6th day of Octo ber." 1899. at 10 o'clock a. m.. to pay jrae GRANVILLE O. BENNETT, Attorney for Plaintiff. I Quent assessment, together with Me LA CO H LIN McLAUGHLi. Plaintiffs Attc-(First Pub Aug. 22, 189.' 83. page 28; 0. A. R. lode, book 83, pace 28; C. 0. D. lode, book 77, paf 292; Lasts (First Pub. Juns 27.1 I costs. !' ", 1 NORMAN T. MASON, Secretary. r

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