The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 22, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 22, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONELR-TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 22. If 99. ON LEXINGTON 0f STABLE SMITH, Manager ie... FEMALE COLLEGE. Old I :r Nov LEXINGTON. MISSOURI. on K:" giro oniITU n IfTfU i Kesfo H FORTYFOURTH SESSION, r N-E WOOD. A. M.. (v. D.. President M tPhnrnhill l!n 1855 Chicago Medical andTiirV'Cai tystitute, 617 LS.-llrf Av" ' i-( Chicago, D 1899 lUlliJl UU.) This Inst! u'.ion is f tlu- oldost .m.l most substantial (or (Jirls or illitliU itfiil aticr? wafts 1 tF.La-lt-lii in ir Tho oldi ai. litrC""l. i lllftlli-ul I II- 1 1 1 til t.Mt I I'rltit't r.iiii I'.ir ljjwtnrer. and J .Doer, ol ... KK'tK'KJ'JXl 1,1 tl,c Stale "! Missouri. Is Alum ii Associati m is the largest ami most :T Jt ! m. Gas ant! Water note-worthy of any School for Y.un Lailies west of the Mississippi River. - . l'tu tllili Tor uny r'oiiM pt-rturiin tl In tho -ti ir ! I .race!, riuti I'r morn. ( 'ai"ir, , - Kuliify. lils-1 . i- - Hint ml Suryn al .. ;i' ir. am i i . i". in , Ji-ar I i curt' very of - if - U It 1 1! t "iin aliii-1' kI iiiiilioo.l , Hnt'rniutor-IiiipiMeiiry -..-. I.-. II tm' )-, -Irlr. (Dili) p ol all Kinds. Ke.-I. . hi :il i I 'a tit i J:r.. I . trr. I. w, I.Jtl . . . r'r..-. I. .-i I..: tin- - -1 1 I I if nii ciif ihi in-Hi ..i - We fcliilulrl imi . i Vnii tilit -i :. 'uid in. Ii- 1 1" i-.i.- .,t m rhm, ciulmtl U nikiii eet. Faculty From iESiEiSSiS! LYOKK DEAN AND RSH STEAM PUMPS taHAand S.uui wii jBS P. WILSON turf, I liliuiilf( rtt--, l (., 4 hitrrcn K iimiiim(IIi- aii-i iK i M ,l . - Jiif ii-. - itMfi' n tiiM.-inv. i in j u i i -u -in--llrliifM I'n-.l - (-in- t -l I'r in - oi u .. l.usin--" N liicurublt--utK ix'tM-ftft-il, -ii.' li iii -i i.t i . ft 1 1 1 1 1 tL I 1 1 1 1 k I r 1 1'.' 1 1 I U - n t Ii - li-H' h - It imil'i 1 I . V . Iirt vt- ten t iioU -it i, I t .-i mi' mil I- I t.-r- i li 1 1 1 1 t if rat tl' 1 1 . nt I in l i-! imm in 'ii 1 1 -li .- I. rtu i. 1mIu . l'rfi'-Mts Ifoiil ti .h-l.'ti..-,- l.fHt.-.: Iv Hi:i tj. , I , ,i s. at fivnir'i. c f,; i , K.. s-f i f ,', I ,t.r, u,i.1 t ..,.,.,,'.,.- - :, - H i 1 -', I (! (tin Ion ami ltrin i ' i it n 1 ! ti ! n! tn I I r- .in -1 ' I .U. i I t4i iiifi It on hII ..r.nlt ui,d url. 1 i tttl li-i of I U juat!uttM rrtMk iutl"ii Mm- .)...-r . 4 GO TO . . . FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. jorney-at-Law, A University Scholarship is given tree each year to the full graduate who has the highest grade, which admits to any of "the leading Universities of the United States. A Prosperous Year The srbuol opened last fa" with a target t'lirollinenl of boarding pupil than It ka4 ever had. Hoo.ns had to be rented In the city to accommodate a Dumber ot UiMa. It was an overflow; a (act of which few rhoole have had the privilege of hoeetlafc Hans were immediately formed for the! enlargement of the building!, and thee plana have had a aucceaaful reault. Twm valuable and capacloua lota have beam purchased and added to the Campua, almost doubling IU alia. AddlUon will ft made to the bolldlngi, which will enaaag them to accommodate over one huatrel board! n pcpUa. Berlin University, Cornell University, Chicago University, Missouri State University, Elmhuist College, Wisconsin State University, William Jewell College, New-York School ot KxpresBion, New York City; Royal Conservatory of Music, Berlin Germany; Royal Conservatory of Music, Prague, Austria; Metropolitan College of Music, New York City; Chicago Art School. Chicago, 111 ; and Other Leading lnpic Cl'ih Huildlng Corner pg aud !eadwood Street I0OD - oouin D&noia. w and et a Ki ii- -. ,. ii. in- - miii -n-- - - - A---t-A-iir'fTii-miiiiii . H. MOORE ksmitli and ney S, The Henshaw . . European Hotel. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb Wagon Maker, M3EIN5 AN GENERAL RE- V DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. ltd of Carriage and Wafon U Work; also Carriage Fur- Ha II Pino Street, Deadwcod, B. rv J. HOME SCHOOL FOR GrlRLS. Electric Lights, Ste&m Heat, Hot and Cold Water. LEA'DING LADIES' COLLEGE IN THE WEST (iraduatMi are prepared to do advanced work in the great Eastern Universites. DEPARTMENTS Classical, Scientific, English and Business. COUIJSES. Modern, Progressive, Thorough. A substantial Literary Course is emphasized. THIS COLLEGE stands for THOROUGH SCHOLARSHIP, REFINEMENT, and NOBLE WOMANHOOD. HOMH DEPARTMENT UNSURPASSED Missouri Conservatory of Music. ANNEX OF LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE. HE DERBY : CO TO :- Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CH AS. C. BOHL, Prop It Headquarters For Liquors and Cigars, lUlaBtrMt. f . H. CARTER 1T0D SS J. P. HYMER. itions and Adjustments. Notary Public. ! : ; : : h 1 - - '.'- ' ' J ! "'"tlTH Agent In Black HliU for U. B AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to Lincoln Fkotomil Supply Co Lincoln, Neb. 'Ui Guaranty Co. All kind ol and Judicial bond written tdelav. Pleua set my rate before I roar friend to sign your bona. i pill for life lnsuranos pot Idea. ptymplo Block. Deadwcod. 8. D. rlson. 138; Black HUli. 103, '.J. DO WD, es i ntAOTICAL - 4, : f ' trtVAV I 1 ' ' - r 1 tchmaker, Jeweler 1. 1 IM '1!M VI' !,. . ' O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block, DEADWOOD, a D. i a -vi - m w . i"a. a . l - am.wt . .xskM 4SD OPTXCXAR. is J&welerj Made to Order. ' TT ' '! aEiaminer for the F. E. & M. V. ,'lm m a call and I will guar ratuli8faoUon In work and J Made a well STREET DBADWOOD. B. D. Man or FACULTY 0 THE MISSOURI CONSERVATORY OF MU3IO, Facilities are Unsurpassed in the West. European Conservatory Scholarship Awarded Each Session Professors are graduates of the greatest Conservatories of the United States and Europe, and are e pupils of the great- est teachers of the world. Glass AnoreBsen Hardware Company. "TiolesaU frardwar. Bicycle and Sporting' Goods. (a the srumber of Ma mtAa a aeoesssry to mihar iiilsesnr of mssto. FtsC M EAUIT - OKA HA WHiCOX PHARMACT Demawood S. !. NsarMsr. a gradoato of tko .t- mt Praawa. aaC for A commodloui building h been purchased tor the accommodation of the Musical Department It haa teen organised Into a Contermtory. and wUl be known ai the "Xlaaoori Conwrratory of Txkict n College win thua bo It' Voice Culturo 1U be under ts ta-itructloa of a graduate of the MMassuTI tan College of Music, of Now Terk fllka. Hiss Lucy U. Marks. Uun Marks Is a pupil of Herbert W. Green, oao of th world's greatest specialists la me voice. T e efficiency of this department jAlch has been very popular In the past wUl be Increased. Prof. P-dolph RIc-ter a pupil of the famous Theodore Kullak. wUl remain a fourth year as director ot the Conservatory cf atuaie. Ho was formerly director ot the Kansas City Conservatory of Musle. His connection with the Conssrmtory Insure thoroughness and progress. He Is almost without a peer as a manager of a musical department. tor tf the Mnatoal Faealty is taaa W'-Jojaa TJatrerstty, chosen to AD the pbsoo. Ho i 4 Bm. the only female echoo! In the went which PEtlflYriOYArPILLS valuable addition to shs -in have a separately organised conaor- Yttory t a home of 1U owm- W3 iH CARSCl Ann.. MMtM fto Millard, - an J Douglass Sts. AHA. NEBRASKA. I LElDiNO HOTEL OF THE WEST. w Ha-41J per ay aa Haa-tLM per ar - Prominent Dopartmonts. IC- Art and Elocution are AT i . . . For information or for Beautiful niustratel Catalogue, sent free to any addresa, r-rlte to. M wW JAMES A. BEAUCHAMP, President, Lexington.lM Beautifully Situated on u Beautiful Street. TkeM ilnrwvrrrVM nt Om I Health Record Upsnrpawed. 1 2ST: luTxwwprt?. ' ' MABKKL & SON. 1

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