The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 14, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1900
Page 5
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I- SSDAY. ACQUST 11 19N, TDE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DOADWOOO S. 0. There's the man with the frjwn, and the man with the sigh. And the man of perpetual ;rief. But just make up your mi a !. '.hat no Ir an ad has the slightest !-'n f man of that kind. Wilful Waste Makes Woeful Want" uenxiemen.. r. B is as -jMstcfu! tut you need and tnur-.t : , dcr Vi'u .! . ,v prL-e.'css , o-.s, . ... ; Jii kc.-p ;; , lu'i.v'l ;i.T:; ':,-.: ; , j. OT'ViWr.iiVv : -v , .u Sure tvhdf ' sjtun- tu-.iUh is THE THREE POINTS YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. - Wesley port were Sheriff A St nan and J up from Stursi.s .J. Daven-yesterday. style I'lnnkett was out to hprar- tiah erossiiiB yesterday on official hu.ii-ncw. Supt. Hughes of the Cleopatra was in town yesterday on his way to Spear-fish t W. R Irwin of Newcastle Wyo spent Sunday m the city W. S. Warner, receiver of the lT. S. l;:ud office, was up from Rapid K. Hriglit and daughter of shopping in Deadwood yes- Mrs. A. Lead wen terday. The Missionary concert that was to have been given this evening at the baptist church has been postponed one week. It brings to the little ones that priceless gift of healthy tlesh. solid hone and muscle. That's what Rocky Mountain Tea does. Ask your druggist. The Philadelphia Tin company has s cured by purchase, twelve claims on l'e;ir gulch and thirty live claims by laiiid. The company is getting ready to invest considerable money in de V ' lopmelltn. A CALCULATION. ) I' cra HEN VOU are rcj.iv t- U,... ,-i . uuc, iiup ana oy Hlanchard Carpenter is up from his Nebraska cattle ranch for a few days' aration. C R Price. V. T. Price and J. V. C. Rumsey of Rapid, accompanied bv their wives, spent Sunday in Dead-wood. John VanCent. who has been employed with the Klkhoru engineer 'up-- left Saturday for hi liuine in 1 r. ...w ui uic soap usej household in a day, a week or and for the slight i ' ' i:i f orcn e.v i.i'e ... surest will I., -b". nil's a l:iuie Tuesday full to l.ear night Tin v t ;"i t J vi:i never I SO-ip 5 I b The,, the ( 1 aw In I! ' 'ii under training for Hilt I'.oiv 'i'ui OF OUR $3.50 SHOL. 'h for a tour i'1-al I l:i ii .mi.'h row i but M. r t!. Zipp Shoe Co. i u OSS OVJEeviriSt. . The lal l-i .T- ;: LXT,uiin.ii iinnru i;u: n.iamn inmuinj.n i uuuirLruvru uu r state m will build and that lines in so Goes to China. ' 1 1 'i . a ( ';i inc..,. ii, ! i i . ,i 1 . i i Chinatown, want- i , . ;,, a a isit. Aci-ordini; 1 , ' i,.-the I'nited States, no .'lnn.i ll w. Chii.i i a I t '.el I . a ; Ig.c 1 hi. . oi ,M 1 1 t li a r. in tile at tty the 'h. 'end, s th. 'ti th built will 111.1 laws of da v an I cox Pha definitely lis exti'U- cinnoi Hiaok 1 C. H- ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Carrie-, a lull lnu' l utskrls. v'ul'titiN, nilics. wri-atlps and 111 lavt I'voryt liitiH pi-rtdiiiiiiy ti futU'ial iralia. Telephone 134 Harrison. Parlors 114 Sherman Street. many pl;n . promise vh .von will !,. nan! i producei now mil, .1 lut.lle ., ul. a man in go there land i. um.-e 'ban bill I - to I iran m leaves this country back, except lie lie a storek" then great care is taken to an ' iiinj p,'i . ai, d i tint. foolhardy, lb lor.- White, c Harry banion For Sale at a Bargain. sidenie on Forest Hill Dei met .Johnny Manning Iy Mellugli. Ceo. Jones Partuelee, Crofitdd Mv ul IIS Ml U'leell ol ll. Ill, e .Old ('apt. I'lslli'l' of ( liadloll Wele 111 lull II Sllll- day. ('apt Fisher was a member of liryans regiment, and is at present the republican nominee for the state legislature. linger Wilkinson, an attorney who came to Central in 1S8S anil who re wood. Also some furniture August 1 1 . 1!(RI F.DW1X VAX CISK Hob i impel, l.d Danielson.Toui Hilde-brainl. Will Tierney. and several CORNWALL COMPANY Successors to Frost Bros, and Dealers in others. All seemed to be doing lair iy wen W'inie some of the boys were ANNOUNCEMENTS. the one who goes is the one ,via comes hack. Wang Chee was brsy yesterday making affidavit as to his occupation and residence in Dead-wood, which had to be swoni to bv two American citizens, and then certified by the postmaster. Whei he gets tc San Francisco his papers ara presented to the collector of the poit. slid Wang must have two photog aphi token, one of which is attached to the papers, and is kept by the ool'ector, and the other s returned to the owner, duly stamped, which must !,e re Hay, Grain l Feed 119 SHERMAN ST., DEADWOOD, 8. D Notice. At the request of a number of my friends among the laboring men of the county I hereby announce myself a candidate for sheriff of Lawrence countv for the term ensuing. CHAS. H. MOYRR. Iead. H. Dak. making themselves well fixed. ,7im Frawley is practicing law. and .1. U Hammond was operating a big dredge. Pete Zoeckler came home with Mr. Hums as far as-oSeattle and then went down into New Mexico Mr Burns talks very entertainingly of what h? saw and at another time he may have more to say about thin remarkable region. sided here until four years ago. when he went to Oklahoma, was in town yesterday shaking hands with old friends. He expects to reside in Denver, and leaves for that city today. Julius Deetkin and family returned home last evening from a pleasant ten days outing in the northwest. They drove over to Belle Fourche then up into the Little Missouri country, thru the Hear Lodge mountains. They We Beg- to aanouno to tha Publlo that w hmv purohaaad tb bul- formerly oonduoted byths rot Brottaaraat th above location and are prepared to aupply the wmh or the people on the shortest notloe. "Oourteay promptness and aoouraoy" will be our motto. YOURS FOR BUSINE8S S.N. AND JOHN CORNWALL. turned bv him when he comes bark. There are several bolts of red tape-to be unwound, but with all precautions, it is said the wily Chinee of'en beats Uncle Sam and lets his cousin FOR SHERIFF. Fred Doten announces himself as a cnadidate for the office of sheriff of Lawrence conn., S. D., subject to the decision of the republican county convention, d&wtf stopped at the Devil s tower. Sundance and returned bv wav of Sand creek return while he stays In China where they camped for a time and en Mid5ummer Black Hills. Members of the Bdack Hills Pioneer association are requested to meet at the City hall in Deadwood at 2 o'clock today, AugustM. to attend the funeral of Brother Henry Newcomer. JAMBS CONZKTT. Pros joyed the fishing. An Able Divine. Rev. R. H. Dolllver left Dead wood , . for Custer on Sunday afteimo i. bav ing an appolntcaent to pretu i ut 'inl Place in the evening. The visit .f Mr. Dolliver in I ead, Deadwood and in ....Reduction The Half Cent. ff) I fSl II A movement is t i foot t" put a fine- fAOa. "A-lf I I il II half lent eoin in ueneral use in tie- VftV' JL' I '--'r v fs. Q mite,, s,.,,., s,,,; m, :, fiMfii tH&F II lher towns in the Hills, has proved a mutual pleasure to himv( If and to , , , , , 1 i 4 I ItfTW tit&MMW. H l .OS ! 1 J, H i :.. the many who knew him a- prea- li. r of Deadwood and tn'y . ars ago. All Summer Goods Reduced from 'ii. I'oiiiver makes ti i n - s ,.-ic , i i i. r . ,i ii is - - f.-,J i r ever h. goes and make., them f " cure, his lectllle Upon , "imrr.t di l.vered both in I i, ''i I.nd. m a masterly . T.iit. 1 ' ms'nirtiv,. and greail; l"'e I !.V . ,,.;. le, 1,1 .,!..) ll-.-'. ' . V y-r-V CuiiL.-:.,.!,,,!, -. ,.(ft X: B to "lose who were privileged to hear it. Ws si rtiion Sunday morning at the M. E. i lunch was able and cdtniin int. ITL . ,. ' ?mw- iy- i :(i - J 'M,..,i. Tin- tne,!:,;e e,,,e- ,,,-:: .;,', -;; . j--- Jf . , 1 ne audience was deenlv moved bv its ,,,;,,,, ;n,1 i,.,.st inn ilvstielpvia hilioiM-' ! H ., , : H eloquent and earnest deliverv. The ness. nervousness .. I wm w.ume friends of Mr. Dolliver an Headaches Why Glasses are Worn. nnd :n;ne. I w ith nor ; r the ne, k i nlsoprevents malaria, fever fie sure to pet the genuine Private Revenue Stamp ovr of the bottle . o I i and Eyestrain Fancy Shirts for Hot Weather S'd to know that he has succeeded k his holy calling, and has made for l'Hself a name among his fellow ministers greatly "creditable to himself, to all who enjoy bis acquaintance. Only One Way For advertisers to cover the entire i Made in all Styles from Returned From Nome. Johji h. Burnes the well known attorney oi this city, arrived Sunday Many who for years have suffered Intensely from chronic sick headaches, using' druK "ung direct from Cape Nome, where j lad gone .to investigate the new Wd fields ue says tnP 8torips 0f the "ness of the finds there have not tett esagerated. He saw the native PTel where a hat full of it would up a dollars worth of gold. He 7' the gold on the beach where wat- For a long time glasses were used oniy to assist in reading or near work, but with increased knowledge of the eye, we are able to adjust glasses to improve the sight, thereby curing chronic headaches, neuralgia and many nervous afflictions caused by eyestrain. The thousands who wear property adjusted glasses are the living testimonies to thtj truth of it Examination free. Plack Hills, mountain, towns and valleys-put it in the Pioneer Times. Daily and we -kly o What Not to Say. Po not sav. ' can't eat " Take Hood's Sarsaparill.i and sac. 'T am hunery nil the time, and fond never hurts me " Never say to vour friends that you are as tired in the morning as at night If thev happen to be sharp they will tell you Hood's Sarsapa-ilia cures that tired feeling Io not sav. "Mv face is "f P'1"" i.les '' You arc finite likely to be told 50c to $1.00 That was formerly SI, Oil and S2,eM! Lijht weight Underwear 25c to75c a (rarment. STRAW HATS AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. of all kinds without benefit, have found immediate and permanent remedy in properly adjusted glasses, because eye strain was the cause. We remove the cause and our cure is lasting. Satisfaction guaranteed. of course plentiful has all been en out down to the blue rlav which t thp ,l Tl luMl ul lI,p course uni 'jing gravel. Back from the beach 4 flat pairie, running back with je slopes for thirty miles. This Uold bearing, even up in the font nd mountains. The same sort . RraveI a8 found on the beach is P on the side of the mountain If vou have trouble of any kind with vo ir eves, come to me. I will tell you what can be done. If I cannot do you any pood I will tell ou so. and if I can do you some nood. I will proo it to your own satisfaction and lie pleased ti do so. I USE THE LATEST AND MOST SCIENTIFIC METHODS by some one. -There's no need of that. ! for Hood's S.irsaparilhi nres pimples " j It is improper and unner essary to sav. "My health is poor and mv blood. Is bad" Hood's Par saparilla will civ; vmi cofvl blocnl. and cood health will' Mens Fine Suits 'U hundred feet abov ve the low; aiante-? all my work to be No" guesswork I i Come and see me Tn testing the eye absolutely orre t. In Light Weights and Nobby Styles at from $5 to $8 follow- as a natural ronseuuem . FOR PALE At a bargain, a well arranged eight-room brick residence with alt modern conveniences. Lot 50-1 .'n feet: good cis-well and barn. N'o. 85 Charles This season's NECKWEAR NOVELTIES at surprising values. Krerythlns goes at n."l'icca piitri. Come in and convince yoursel that we are offering greater values now for the money than, orcr be- fcre. DR. C. F. V. MARQUARDT GRADUATE in Optometry, from Philadelphia Optical College, Philadelphia P. DOCTOR of Othalmology, McCormick Optical College, Chicago, Ills. Been In Norfolk. Neb., since 187G. i- - v -'V OFFICE, FOftj A FEW DAYS AT " ' 1 Aifllous to show your our goods, we are abligingly yours. Pioneer Times ?-131m j , ,a J'i as ncn in gom .-s ,t'k' "rne bedrock, everywhere same blue clay. But little 18 found and it is of a very low . The deposit of (rravel is a mys-Mysteries that has puzzled the Prospectors. The most tenable yJ.' ,s tnt a peat riyer once flown through the country ,fterwards nad an uplift. The lTtae rreat stream he says may ln tte gap on low places in JnUlnt. The grarel certainly v, lm deposited In a great 0r,.w8n' where from 1s an street. Enquire at office. r - r - - BLOOM The Clothier. .. o Mrs. Sites returned home Saturday evening after several days pleasant-gpent at Hot Springs and Sylran lake. She was accompanied by Mr. THE GILLMORE HOTEL, SUnnard ot RapIJ. m T I .

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