The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 14, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1900
Page 4
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TTO59DAY. AUODST H. 1J0 THE DAILY PIONBBK TfMES, DHADVfOOD 8. D. Assay 50 Cents Gold and Silver The Only High Crd Baking Powder Offered at a Mod erate Prloe. The Union assay Office Established 188J. CAlUf.JETRiB & wo J7 Lee Street Deadwood. v in wiv. v,orreci rtesuits 01 jjotn Gold anc Silver For 50 Cents. f NONESOCOOD. NOT MADE BY TRUST. J ON ALL SA.vxiM.Eti UROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. Seebick announces an expose of Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seehick. The foremost feature of M. H. Lyona Co. B Agents for the Blickensdorfer 135.00 Typewriter, ing or tomorrow on the passenger train for Dener in order to be there and receive his valuable shipment when it arrives. 0 United States Jurors. -T V ft MINES AND MINING, ! A VALUABLE TREATISE Deputy Clerk of Courts, C. A. Coe. is in receipt of the list of jurors for the September term to be held in Deadwood. They are as follows: GRAND JURORS. E. P. Fowler. Whitewood: J E Ford. George V. Ayres, L. C. Miller, S. V. Noble, Deadwood; M. J. Bailey, W. V. Olds, V. H. Harrison. Custer; W. L. Gardner, George Bennett, Hugh McMahon. Dan Furgeson, James Woods, Rapid Frank Bartoff. A. H. Fell. Walter Smead, Henry Harwood, Lead: Miers Burton. Centennial; George H. Casler, Hill City; Ed Blake-. De&dwood's mllllDur merchandising thla week will be an attractive arrray of "first hats" end small hats for streets and looping at popular price. it was closed down, and knows whereof he speaks. The Dakota Maid and Gilt Edge zone is exposed and developed quite extensively at the Dakota Maid and Gilt Edge mines lying side by side in Strawberry gulch, and in the early stages of development seemed to consist of a of parallel veins existing in a v. ry extensne ami well defined plio Upon the Geology and Depositions of Ore in Ruby, Strawberry and .. Butcher Gulches. Editor Pioneer Times. Dear Sir: I highly appreciate the estimate placed upon my judgment ami experience as a mininu man !y Hie Pio-necr-Tinies in a de.sci i j t i w article PRICES FOR oivtesidyI II ONLY. il JMlbll-ll .--lit ....On Saturday August 18. Special.... in your i.-Mie of August d to tin- inaiiai incur and of I l.e lii M i.-li Ann ricaii 1 I. hi iiw op ral ions oiiin porpnyry uyKe. inn more i development i cm Uele ah' t lial OIK- immen.-e eill o oh'. The I I'l ne ipally :i hard pin lit n pur. "le witli i-ti"-ak.-i o! haid and t:il.K 1:kv ''iirt;tin- 1 1 ivt I id!" "lit" cut i iv I : He ' ' li.-r leinpiinv iipini its 1 1 I 1 1 in lint " arlional' , mjih" ol i ly. Hot Springs: A. I.. Sharroek. I'Mi-'elHOnt. ALTERNATE GltAND .11 RORS. .1 E Sexton. Sturgis. Neil McDon-cm -1, II P. I'll, airs ) advvoo,l: P A. i.ihhur-t Lead . II T. Cool er, White-W c o 1 PKTI I' .11 "ROUS V C H eel, ell". lial.el-V il),.; ( lie Aiev.ainl' i V II Mai .iolil! I'l it' Moid. Ti i ry: R .Want. lli-nno-sa : II P. And. son. Charles !: kin-sen. Asa Davis, Oscar Silver. Theo. G.-skey. Lead; Walter Foster. C. orgo lieiinett. Rapid; C. II. Hyman. Dead-wood: Charles McCachran, Hill City; Kllleh. Imt as the 1 'lii ini " 1 1 1 -1 : 1 1 icade to work now Im iiil; p'Ttoniiel by nr. self, uriv be misle.elini: to some ill' h a a-, ion. 'I Ins on "'d b lhe Kill, 1 bigh in mi'iI l"'l 1.25 i;uv 2. no i:i, t 4. ci i ,u , 5.1 11 i.uv ."V tabu-.25 table .5" n;ik n;til i.tiiK- iiiuii 35c t a 1 il 1 1 inn 4 orj table- 1 i in n 42C table Iiiu ii - SC ti rtam-i ui taiit' . iii tam in tain- . 85c $1 4) $2.5o $3.5) 55C 85c $1.10 51-75 I il lc (5v 7i V i al.-o I n i I develop"' Cobl M mill.; i iniip.i n land laims in Kuby x at I he i'. ; ih h. and whil ik-w NOT Sun P-to-ilate - JJfOOlU. till sec th cm. ply trvino- to vidM1 cut eld sliclf-wcrn -Will be pleased to have veil eome and ol vour readers, I 1 i i . to say t I am now ami hao I - -n lor some ft time .onlininK all my work and development upon tin- Portland mining jJclaiuiH, owned by the Hnby Cold 4, Mining and Milling company of Dead wood. This property is situated in J Ruby jrulch, anil not in llutcher gulch, as stated in the article referred to, and the developments now being made thereon pre very gratfylng to - mvnelf nriH thnflp 1 nt(vtut&t with m MAIN STREET DEADWOOD. S. D. CHASE'S WHERE THEY SELL CMEAP. ib The mistake of the Pioneer Times in Moving Heavy MACHIMEK It My Specialty. J GEO BENNER I Best of Attention I given to lioardior I Horses. (ietPricM nsfer.... ... .Feed, Livery and Tra inent to the constitution in relation to the investment of the Permanent School and Endowment Funds be approved and ratified?'' Immediately to the left of which shall be printed the Words "Yes" and "No." each preceded by a square in which the elector can place a cross to indicate his vote. Electors desiring to its reference to my work, no doubt re-wilted from the fact that I own the National group of claims at the head '" 'aoi Butcher gulch, and which joins sty the British-American property on the jJI north. As indjcated by the Pioneer-Times a I have devoted a great deal oX .time Sam Moll. Galena; John Gilroy, W. J. McMackin. Terraville; IL V. Ellington. Portland; Ernest Mitchell, T. B. Rollins, Belle Fourche; A. Sanson, Four Mile; Charles Upham, Keystone; George Tarbell. G. W. Bond. F. With-erbe. Custer; D. B. Ingram. Spearfish; John Scollard. Sturgis; H. K. Snive-ley. Edgemont; J. W. Jensen, Hot Springs; John Bates, Central. o LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a power to be shaken into the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel easy; gives instant relief to corns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Cures and prevents swolen feet, blisters, callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-aching feet. At all druggists and shoe store's, 25c. Trial package FREE by mall. Address Allen S. Olmstead, Le Roy, N. Y. I have the best roadsters in the city and furnish ris or saddle horses on the sht am prepared to rtest notice. Old Phone 171 539 Main St. Harrison Phone 151 tin' development of this leopertc l-yet in its inf.mcv. enough has In i n done to prove that this is rally as rich and extensive, where It crosses Ruby gulch as it is in Strawberry. Continuing in this northeast erly course along this zone into Butcher gulch and we find the well-known property of James Broady, which conclusively proves the continuity of this particular ore zone. The Anchor zone also exisits in oi consists of a very large phonolitic porphyry dyke, and is chiefly known on account of the rich ore that was taken from the Anchor mine on Anchor hill at the head of Strawberry In the early days. This zone also continues in a northeasterly direction -thru the old Pennsylvania ground, passing thru just above the head of Ruby gulch and crossing the head of Butcher gulch thru the National group of claims owned by the wirter. The between these ore zenes varies from twelve hundred to over two thousand feet, seeming to get wider apart on their course to the northeast, which is evidenty the result of an intrusion of an immense wedge-shaped ryolite porphyry dyke, which can he clearly traced from where it crosses Butcher gulch just above its mouth and tapering to the smaller edge in crossing Ruby. There is no rale in mining or in the deposit inn of ore that is infallible. i.nd there may be large deposits of i vote "Yes" will place a cross before the word "Yes" and those desiring to vote "No" will place a cross before the word "No." DOUBLE YFLLOW HEADS S5.75 Dated at Pierre, the capital this 1st day of August, 1900. WILLIAM If. RODDLE, Secretary of State. Thl. Weak Aufru.t 13 to 20 we will upon reoelpt or Eleven Dollar, oro. O.D li.n frep.ld 1 Mexican Doable Tollow H.aad ot $5 75 1 Large haxrot Oor. . 3 75 1 Box. Each Parrot, Seed and Food .50 Expre.a Uharska 1 OO $11,00 xnina or it, a rename. Hand raised W.xloan doable Jj and attention to studying the geology, rf formation and deposition of ore bod-V leg in the Bear Butte Mining district, and of late years particularly to that section embracing Ruby, Strawberry and Butcher gulches. But "as I do not wish to detract any credit that may be due to Mr. Sweeney for any success that may result from, his promoting and operations of the Brit-' ieh American property in Butcher gulch, 1 desire to say that my. judgment was neither expressed, or manifested in any way to Mr. Sweeney as to the purchase and development of that property; therefore, so far as my 'knowledge goen Mr. Sweeney is entitled to the full credit for the dis covery and development of that property. Very briefly I will say. that the result of my observations based upon present developments as to the ore R for M Plac Mr. Mining Re dew Special Edition. The special edition of th Black liills Mining Review will be iss iei vn Monday, Augmt 20, and anyor. waging space in tint issue or cxtr cop- To Cleanse the System Effectually yet gently, when cottive or bilious, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activ C yellow beaded Babv carrot, whloh kit d la known a. the beat and plalne.t tallc.r. In the wr rld, worth (15 K for $9.75. We a.nd on approval, If YOU dant like tne f Parrot Ton dont need FA V a cent. A written ruaran- f tea with each Parrot. LGeisler's Bird Store. Omaha, Xi b., 30:1 N. Uth St. Direct Importer, of Mexican Pa row. Eatb'd 1889 will please leave word at the 'io- ity, without Irritating or weakening I K iic t olfleo th i 'veek. The patx r will untain an ar'i le on the "fjeology of th" P. lack I tills." bv Prof Fi-cmlf them, to dispel headaches, colds r.r ftver, use Syrup of Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. othe a m the pr?a twn Mi ever li'eii. -nm W:d I iv ill: ore outside ol. and between the ore zones herein Mentioned, ami nnvone j PROPOSED AMENDMENT. S33aJiJai8aS3aWa&k! I GATES IRON WORKS j I REVERE RUBBER CO. ; leiiies Smit'i . one oti "' '.. anicle j I roi e.-ses." In- Mr. . w. Merrill; I ' Some Exp. '.'nn. nls in ('. ;ipi.liim." !ly John M. Ib'Titon; a corn r,' ti 0:1 of I tbo "Mack Hid: and Ci in..!.. Cieek liable to stawr upon them, but if , 1 ray general conclusions as to the geol To the Constitution of the State of South Dakota. I r 1 tint the Inve.Molr.s I'oiir. of . of South To the; People of the Stat I'.v o. 1. I'rycc; unities bv Dakota: Dr. Franklin '.I. Carpenter; a.t d. The Sixth Legislature of the State nmi . zones and deposition of ore in the district embracing Kuby. Strawberry . and Butcher giilchers, is that there ere three well denned ore rones running northeast and southwest across these gulches, interspersed with cross fractures in the formation running northerly and southerly, and when- INGERSOLL ot;y. ore zones and deposition of ore in this district are correct, it will be seen that a vast amount of exploration work may be performed between the ore zones mentioned, without obtaining any satisfactory results. My conclusions are based upon careftil observations of the develop oil mining in l.awcrnce. Pennington ! of South Dakota at the session there those His f M.E. The a tloquf UJ i-nd Custer comties by Frank C. Row ers, rrank P. Williams ani Samuel Scott; and other articles of in' crest to men directly or Indrectly Interested Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0. F. PURNELL of begun and held at Pierre, the capital, on January 1899. and concluded on March 3, A. D. 1899, proposed the following amendment to the Constitution of the state, viz: A Joint Resolution Proposing and Agreeing to an Amendment to the ever these cross fractures are well defined and considerably cracked and in mining. It will also contain the blate mine injector's report for the old-tin Slid t k his bimsel uters d to broken, where they Intersect and ments so far made, and from carefully following the trend of the ore zones mentioned, and if anyone thinks my Judgment is of any value. I would advise them to largely con past year, and write-ups of th'j promt cross the ore sones, the deposition of cent mining companies of the Hills ere has invariably taken place at or Constitution of the State of South Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dafc 1 near the intersections,-and the deep Dakota and Submitting such fine their explorations along the lines Bismarck voi f edtlstaedt, Qeo.S. tod fed elstaedt I have Indicated. erosions that have taken' place in Ruby and Strawberry where the ore For the benefit of those who mav .ones cross me guicnes, accounts tor not be p(r80naIly acquainted with John toroey had the placer gold that hasbeen taken out DRS . von WEDELSTAEDT the general course and lay of Ruby, Rtrftwherrv and Rutcher s-iilcheH T of them. These ore cones are well defined and consist of a series of par- m sfl rnnpInalon that thAV , Amendment to a vote of the People. . Be it Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate Concurring: SEC. 1. QUESTION SUBMITTED That at the next general election in this state the following proposed amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota which is hereby agreed to. shall be submitted to the electors of the state for their approv Cffices Olympic lock, Opposite B. allel veins which at times seem to all three nead about s,x mIIeg Mutbeslat. merge into one great vein, and can be fro nwr-vi within a snac of A M. Depot. traced across the country by follow- onA tBOIlaan(, ft. Cfr.-berrv and Tel., B. H. 202... Ret., 21, City Creek, lng float upon the surface which can aWonH., ni r,.ric fold je rlchnes, trarel "thf of at i Tel. B. H. 201. be readily distinguished from the than Ruby which lies in the center. Their general course is then easterly surrounding jwuntry rock, especially al, which amendment when approved that which Is found at or near the T and ratified shall become a part of the BE SURE and southeasterly for about two miles, where they empty into Bear Intersections referred to Constitution as Article twenty-eight These ore tones should be distin Vine Butte creek at the town of Galena. (28) thereof. guished one from the other by desig with a distance of about one and WATCH ARTICLE XXVIII. SEC. 1. The several counties of the state shall In nating them as the Oro Ftno . tone, one-half miles from the mouth of The.: Dakota. Maid and Gilt Edge Strawberry down Bear Butte creek vest the moneys of the Permanent rone, for ttey botn appear to he a part t0 the mouth of Butchei.t wIth Ruby School and Endowment Funds In of the same pre sone, and the Anchor about half way between them, on a di bonds of school corporations, state tle 8 go an, rerai l .Oand bac zone.' THIS SPACE TOMORROW, For what HARRY DELERAY county and municipal bonds or in first rect line the distance would perhaps be not more than three-quarters of a The Oro Flno cone Is exposed In mortgages upon good Improved farm mile. lands within their limits respectively; several places,, but It Is quite extensively . . developed at the Is one of the oldest and most popular places in the city. A full and complete stock of the most choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars constantly carried. M. J. Place, the new proprietor, has secured the sole agency for the celebrated Saratoga Springs water and Is now prepared to serre the public with this most delicious beverage. Yon are always welcome at - - THE DERBY. - Respectfully yours, under such regulations as the leg - v JAMES CONZETT. Oro ..Flno shaft - sunk to the1 SOO-foot . level from which drifts 1 tsiature may provide, but no farm Has to sav to vou about your New loan shall exceed pne thousand dollars to any one person, firm or corpor ' Off for Denver. running . northerly and souther-ly were ran exposing a series of paral- J FALL SUIT. Otto Grants thins thre carloads of ation." Is trade, i "Taj d kfi The above proposed amendment wfL be voted upon by the people si the general election to be held in the state lei yeinaja.late formation, some of cra jnrtTt from the ftidden wbieb-cait!eialmot. exclusively a rortnne mine. . The ore is sacked, and solid pyrite ore and others disclosed a t u Tery Qnlt M breccia ore consisting of A mixture M doubt M hU torm thlpment, oi schist, slate, Quarts and porphyry. ibT99 tar 'nj phably not The writer was permitted to examine brtas 0 a gnm 0t money. "V7. this rrrvrty thru the courtesy of s, Hardlnr roes with the ore to cnard on Tuesday the 6th day of November A. D. 1900. v . The proposed. amendments will be the; Mr J. PLACE, Prop. printed upon the ballot . followed by the words: "Shall the above amend- aj u.h. mi v 1 t a J?YjrjLTrItt.sil i:r. Crar.'i wt:it!art this even- main .uwv . Dsadwoed.

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