The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 20, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 20, 1899
Page 1
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The ' Daily Pioneer-Times. a YEAR- DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SUNDAY MDIIMXIi, A TGI ST 20, 1899. FIVE CENTS. DFWEY IS MISQUOTED 0 FOR DREYFUS Chadvviek was taken to Anaconda by the authorities. "Cullinain was last seen alive Sunday evening, when he was in Washington gulgh, going from tnere-lo- hi hom,l rrravesty en Jastice (in urn Its Slow Grind The Admiral Did Not Say Our Next War Would be With Germany. at Rennes. first-clans grocer usually sells. Tonia-otes head the list to the extent uf ir.0 tons. In the list also are :!,r,n(i cases uf green corn, 200 cases of lobsters, fiioo cases of salmon, Coo case's of fancy soups and canned peaches, pears and apples in larxe quantities. Other Items are L'T.iiiio pounds of chocolate, 2iMM cases of condensed milk, 1,000 cases of condensed cream, li.nuy vases of evaporated trulls and r.ii'in iM of oatmeal. A welcome addition to the riuiiriiiss;iry stores which are placed on sale will lie 3,000 barrels of sinner "le in bottles. All kinds of dainties are provided for tin men. Fifty cases of mushrooms an- in hided, as well as several thousand pounds of candy in half pound boxes. Among the standard articles- of diet Issued in rations are gallons of vla-cRr, IT. "Mil pounds of stepper and several thousand pounds of cheese. Five hundred Cullinam had been a resident of Deer Lodge county for l!4 years, coming to Washington gulch that many years ago. He hail Uen living in his cabin in American gulch :i years. He was well liked by all who knew him. and was noted for his honesty ami industry. Sheriff Cemley arrived at Avon last night and immediately went to the scene, when- Justice of the Peace Glover was holding an inquest Tnadwick. it is said, was approached some time ago by the persons who are suspected of the murder with a proposition to go Into the scheme." M. J.WERTHHEIMER& BRO. Offer the Following Unheard of reductions in prices for uiis wttk, all new and Seasonable Goods. Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 1 Be arid 26c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder of our New stock we have madf a still greater reduction. Officers Give Their Petty r I !X Opinions ana uau it He Simply Said if Such a War Occured Germany Would Start It. Testimony. MS, Aug- ll'. Special. loclay s HOWELL. Mass., Aug. lit. Special. A reporter representing the Citizen of this MOtlnued the villainous testl- Lut Captain Dreyfus. Geneiul L iod General Gonse were the L fitnesses, and the prisoner at jjiltae damnable tales from toe LiippoBed his friends. It was a L for the acouBed, The antls are Black Hiils College- Faculty. We are glad to cadi attention to the splendid faculty of the Hack Hills college. Rev. Pyle, who has recently been elected president of the Institution, is an accomplished scholar, holding the degree B. S. A P. and S. T. B. from Boston university. He has been a citizen of South Dakota for five years, receiving his first appointment at Frst church. Pierre, and Is now not otuly recognized as in the forefront or the scholarity of the state, but also as an educator. Those who know liiin best, know best his fitness for the icsponsibtn position to which he has been All Go For 75c $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Waist ad declare that a conviction Is . Laborl will return next Uhe has served notice that he L (Terr witness again on the Ike President Donates, 1B6T0N, Aug. 1!. Special-Tick's personal donation to aid I he c alled, lie is i he unrelenting foe tf all All Waiste ttat we sold for $2 00 and $2.60 Go at $1. as Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. km Is $L'"ii. Vice President Ho- .1..,, . ,,, t i,, ,i,l.,l and the i.arcnls of iisreury Hoot stave like amounts. Belmont has Kivcn $500. tajjovvn Wiped Out. -n fl 0 0 000 tin. Ida.. Auk. in. Special - fcjtown of Placerville was in- fcnUutby fire last night, Only ki escaped, and a majority of jiu are without shelter. nryrt uxnAJT-TLTtrtju-u- nj-Lyinnj utjvuutjhj u-UT-ruxrmnj tma 5 . . w . nv-m TTT i T Tl I TlTinl 3. Ill THE FUSION CAMP c iiiiii ll I ill ' I I ill I I 1 1 a in.1! 1 1 Uic Hill.- may. with roniidenee. commit tin ir yoiiii- pi i.ple to his care We prophecy the building of a grci inMitutii ! learning under bis leadership. I lr. Kdwili Tons, ll has been elected to the chair of languages. Hr. Tousch has been for some t: professor of German. in Hamlin universtiy. and comes wilh high commendations from the president of thai institution and also with the unqunliflid endorsement of Ihe president of the university of Mnnenota. He is a man of a real scholaiship and a noble character. He will teach any of the following languages: Greek. Iatin. Hebrew. German. French. Spanish or Italian, and is also qualified to teach philosophy. Black Hills college is exceedingly fortunate to secure such a scholar. Of the professor of sciences, higher mathematics and music we will have to say later. land Populists at Lexington ai Divided in Convention. MISS FLORENCE PIERCE. ITON, Neb.. Aug. 19. Special. -- Donventlon here to nominite Winner of the Pioneer-Times Free Scholarship at the Lexington, Missouri. Female College. ft (or congress Id the Slxtb. inn the "Sand Hill" district. WALL fflffilt! MLL ntm Some times her n arrow kitchen wallt Stretched away int o stately balls." This happened to Maud Mutler. but my price on wall paper make it possible for it to hawen. Aa yWr. Mr stock emdtrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the handsome dwlgT. You are especially Invited to see them. PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint your bouse. RenMaxbsr that my shore Is xveadQuarters for all kinds of painU and painter,' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last tong-er than any paint made, Ootna In and got color cards ad study eoter 0fe. Th. Old RellaM DragaM. J In a row. The democrats Kit they were entRled to the n, and the populists refused to li The democrats finally acl-"Jwt nominating, and wlthdre v Miration. The populistB then to Nehille of North Platte. fnti ire Indignant, and declare city, met Admiral Dewey at Naples recently and writes his paper as follows: "Dewey is quoted at Trieste as saying that our next war would be with Germany. He did not say that He said if the United Slates ever had a war with Germany It would be started by the Germans themselves, but he did not believe the pleasant relations between the two natlous would ever be disturbed." fits to help elect a republl- .!!?? KIRK G. PHILLIPS. 1 Wheat a Faiiure. cases of baked beans are added to fill out the order of unbaked beans. Rice and sugar are purchased principally In the Philippines, altho some quantities of fine sugar are Included in the order. Freeh beef Is sent from Australia to Manila in refrigerator ships. The meat is frozen and said to be of excellent quality. It will take 130 tons of bacon per month to supply the troops. One of the items of tble big order Is 76,000 pounds of plug tobacco. There will also go with this assignment 11,000 pipes of assorted kinds and severe thousand pounds of fancy smoking tobacco in tin cans and packages. s ueaowoou, a. u. 2 urutuvuviAAJtnjinAAWUtuvu UJ. 19. Special. Private bankers indicate that the After Two Deserters. A non-commissioned officer, with a couple of privates, rode into Deadwood yesterday forenoon from Fort Meade, looking for a couple of deserter from the First cavalry James Day and Albert Preston who had been around Deadwood for a couple of days. After spending a couple of hours in thus city without getting any trace of the men, the "non-com" and his men rode to Lead. They heard of the men having been seen at Pluma, but they were too late to catch them, and at last accounts Preston and Day were still at large. The two latter were Inquiring for work In this city Friday. They were not bad appearing fellows, and evidently did not realise the enormity of the offense they were committing or they would have put a greater distance between them and Fort Meade. crap this year La a fail- ililiord Made a Major, PN, Aug. l.-Special.-Col- THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK lat the First Nebraska vol- ' it San Francisco, has been ' I major, and assigned lo j1" regiments of volunteers. NEBRASKA PROJECT ABANDONED Governor Poynter'a Plan to Bring the Boys Home has Been Given Up, Pi Co-Respondent Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 Bl. Aug. 19. Special tonb. baa oommenced suit f W aamea a daughter by a M a eo-retpt lent In ths 3 FOR THE SOLDIERS. LINCOLN, Aug. 19. Special. The project to bring the First Nebraska volunteers home in special trains at the state expense, has been abandoned. Governor Poynter has issued a public statement condemning the railroads for entering Into an unholy alliance holding up the rates. The roada refuse ta- mHer aaj. reduction from the' full fare, altho over 800 men All Branches of Banking: Business Transacted, District Convention. The eleventh annual Black Hills district convention of the W. C. T. V. will be helld In Lead August 22, 23 and 24. A reception will be held at the M. E church Tuesday afternoon. Addresses of welcome and responses will be given Tuesday evening, with appropriate music, and a W. C, T. U. symposium. Wednesday forenoon and afternoon will he occupied with business, reports of officers, unions and superintendent, a paper, question box and children, hour. In the evening muu sic af4 addresses- will All twrilms The convention will close. Thursday forendon with a business session at "which officers ,.n w ited and fspeciatendents sp- Everything from Beef wty and Pop. Murdered by Black H.lls Men. One of the Deer Lodge PKrs. published last Thursday, contains an account of the murder supposed to have been committed by Clinton Dotson and Oliver Benson, formerly of "the Black Hills. Eugene Cullluam was the man who was murdered, and Dotson and Benson were immediately suspected. Culllnam's body was found buried near his cabin. His head was crushed, and there were other evidences of a violent struggle. At the time th t :a-per was Issued the murderers had not been captured, but the officers were atter them. The account says: "The murder occurred several days ago and the body was burled in a thicket about a half mile from Culllnam's cabin in American gulch. He was missed Wednesday morning of this week, when John Mulhoiland, his cabin mate, who had been putting up hay for a rancher ear . J Washington., guioh, , went ta '.he qabia and heard, Cullinanas horse whlnneying, which was uausual. He took the horse outside the stable and It made a run for the creek, tered for several days. "MulhoUana. then started in search oi the missing an, first going to the cabin, which he found In s disorderly condition. He then notified the neighbors, who continued the search, but without avail. "Thursday evening the sheriff was notified and sent two. deputies from Anaconda, who started the search anew, which resulted la tbe finding of the body buried about halt a mile from the oabin. I'Cullinam sold soma placer claims about even years ago-for I1..000 and bad Wo receiving the payment In Installments, the last being received a short time ago U is presumed that the person or persons who murdered Callinam knew of this and supposed that be d oash to the n , nna am SUSDeOted Of r-i-. awa.ila. Havana. Porto Rice), nflirTI HSULU VWmt " torm - Tber o declined -to-e fT ftntwi I m. i a I- cent a pledge from the governor that the I tlUBIH LI DV" "Ui" Provide food and tubslst- next V&lonjt tbe legislature woul.pas. an appropriation lor me toterlal must be pur- as scat uiuav ara fnr th. trains. .JTMa-PUbllc oriycism fit tne i U-iLi. .'J.i.J ADA .Toadsls-' lowaat -iarnwt rata. COLLECTIONS mm4m ear.fM.1, .ceof.- lor promptly. We are ore pared to Furnish money at Reasonable RatWs of Tnfest to any extent Warranted by borrower, responsibility orcollaterals. THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY nointed. In the afternoon, the sights of i I 1 'mm jurmm 'ii a i. . x I Cwght. SiJZZZ2VrK Rebel LealV C men In the f Philippines, I -a a am uib laaal aSLraui , " puued of lbs quantities I HAVANA, Aug. 19. Speclal.-JimjneBe. f'to,Ul4. tfkff th asflraxit &$dfha Domingan ))resi- i- t tar HF army of W.raeiicr and leader of sue revwui." Account, of Banks. Corporation, and Individual.; the kMfy wUl.bershew; the gursts.l'n-lons- are" urged to send delegate. an J otVUUort'wtlf iefselooma , National EnQamomenf G R- t tA thuscca.Ion irBurllngton'IWnte wlllAeB tickets, .V''W"' bert inf fooTtC il.putn.ber, JO. at on. far. for the roud JtrVTbis Istb-. only train that runs fhto-'th. Union 'Depots s ChlcagortfaerI,!'--"ferl s VT. T. ROBERTSON. , up hy gamnHsMnf . Thla la only preliminary follow, so that .rwmena. .waa. arrested art Clenfuegos today on board the steamer Mendei, destined for ' HayU. , The Washington authorT ltles have 'authorised General Brooks to preserve strict neutrality. f htermlssli don In the sujl- Oorrespondonoo iDVited. DIRECTORS: tot I , : ' -4 : ; ,. ; . . .. ltma on the list j'arm tils go , "Wrd bread. 10,000 pounds 1.08 nmmila dnM. A Large Shortage. 1 UCHI ,m nviawt. BtU BAEIL Vic Pr."- J njarini riw"i MONTREAL, Aug. 18.-8pecUl.f-Ai, tamhjaUoii of yUU Marie bank, suspended retentlr. howaths losses to amooftt ts) ovsr aT ' J SELBIE, Caaac. ("tsMer for eoftee amounts MC eases of eoraed . l Pnatds) of codflsb form i "- Tbs tniMd m1l CabiO. ,Bvr - BIsnMCk vo WeseIsn-. usieo,-. treek. .... An Ln- having knowledge of tbs murder, portapt witness in the person tbousand doilsra Of this amount tneo.- of John If. :. 1 - - I X Tarrttlfig bkhj aJosltorTjrlU M)JX jays t "t' -i T. . 9' - . . . : tZC&l& " I yiiat.r J Jtl V '

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