The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 12, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

SfUNDAT, AUGUST THE DAILY FIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. 12. Harris Sand and wife to Asa C. Davis, quitclaim deed, lot in block 9, ( ity of head; consideration, $3uu. Seebick 1 Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver Joseph . Landguth and wife to THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE is. qu;t claim deoil oast hall 2 and 8, in block 11, Den- j an expose of announces er Addition t(i; consideration. Established 1889. ?."iOI). I Asa John V. Falloure and wife to ( . Iavi.. quit claim deed to lols No 10 n mi 1 1 . lilorl; H. west ot eeim tery. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. :: g Will (liv- Correct Results of Both g I Gold ana Silver For 50 Cents. 8 ON AM. S-A.ui i.ES WROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. g 1 M. H. Lyona Co. R Ageuta for the Bllckensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, j City of Lead; consideration. $000. ('hailo.-, Landguth to Joseph W Landguth. quit claim deed to east half ot lots ;; and 8. block 11, Denver Addi (ion to Iead. C. G. Leidman et al. to Harry Sand, quit claim deed south end of lot 2, in Llock 9. East Lead: consideration. $12:.. o PROPOSED AMENDMENT. Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Deadwood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of r t MINES AND MINING. I To the Constitution of the State of I. I Deadwood's milllay marchaadlamc this week will be an attractlra arrray of "Brit bats" aad small hats tor streets and ahoplng at popular prices. four old mica mines from which large books of first class mica is being taken. From all appearances the market for the mica will remain good for a good many years to come. Mica is easily mined and it is really a poor mans proposition. Here is a chance for outside capital to make good investments in this line of AT THE CHURCHES. . Bismarck: yon wedelstaedi, Geo.S. m Wedelstaedt, ST. Johns. Morning prayer 11 South Dakota. To the People of the State of South Dakota: The Sixth legislature of the State of South Dakota at the session thereof begun and held at Pierre the capital, on January 3, 1899. and concluded on March ?, A. D. 1899, proposed the following amendment to the Constitution of the state, viz: A Joint Resolution Proposing and Agreeing to an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota and Submitting such Amendment to a vote of the People. He it Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate Concurring: SEC. 1. QUESTION SUBMITTED" Tie City Dray Line "Heard the oice of Jessus hay. Miss Myrtle Grimshaw. Surdav Mhool 10 DRS.vonWEDELSTAEDT o'clock. Mrs S. W. Kusso.l. supt. GEO. G. WAKE. Rector JNO. FELDHAUSEN, Pfop. makes a specialty of moving all kind! of heavy machinery. Congregational Mornlnt, service at Cffices Olympic Block, Opposite B & fvl. Depot. II o'chx k. topic of sermon- I he Uridgeless Gulf or Service for others Tel., B. H. 202... Res., 21, City Creek. as the Essence of Christ. inity." Soio ....ALSO.... Ia prepared to do all kinds of moTiog of household goods, pianos, safes, etc, with safety and dispatch. flffltA Dlinn 110 n..l l by Mrs. F V. Mower Sunday echoed at 12:1.") i. m., Mr Van Cise. supt V P. S. C. A. at 7 o'clo k. led bv Miss That New Strike. A party was in town yesterday from Lead with samples of the new strike of -free milling ore, found on the south bide of Gold Kun, whore the Home-stake ryanide plant is being Tjuilt. The ore runs from $1H to $20 per ton. and the ledge, which is not so wide as at first reported, seems to widen out ' ery rapidly, indicating an immense body. There is little doubt but what it will be worked at an early day by the company, it being much richer than the ore now finding its way to the htamp mills. The strike is certainly encouraging to those owning property along the hill toward Kirk, and ought to put new life into the Colorado syndicate which has long figured on building a second Homestake plant near Kirk, but never got beyond the figuring stage of the proposition. The Colorado company holds a large block of the Kirk ground under bond, and we believe has had one extension of time. - The owners of the ground are .aid ta feel so elated over the strike that no more extensions will be given. The Colorado syndicate of which Dr. D. H. Moffltt, the millionaire, Is a conspicuous member, must now develop or throw up the sponge. The Home-stake company recorded the purchase of several calms today near Pluma, and property In tnat vicinity seems to lo on the move. '" uvuo no. neamence rnone 1 Leona Zipp. Prayer meeting on i nursciay nignt at s o clock. A cor You Should Go to. dial invitation is given to all to attend Tel. B. H. 201. THEcx Old King Brewer.. HENRY ROSENKRANTZ. Who was the first brewer in the Black Hills, is yet at the same old stand in Central. Came there In ..76, and you couldn't chase him away with a club. When In his town, Just drop In and see him. He's a bird. the morning service. J. W. BARRON. Pastor. Anna A. Leuhrs No. 74 Sherman street r our dressmaking, a line of ruse ni. r.. nev. rt. ti. Dolliver, a brother of Hon. J. P. Dolliver. w!U preach at 11 today. Mr. Dolliver was ready made ladles' garmenti kept con. known as the "boy preacher" in Dead That at the next general election in this state the following proposed amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota which is hereby agreed to. shall be submitted to the electors of the state for their approval, which amendment when approved and ratified shall become a part of the Constitution as Article twenty-eight (28) thereof. ARTICLE XXVIII. SEC. 1. The several counties of the state shall invest the moneys of the Permanent School and Endowment Funds in bonds of school corporations, state, county and municipal bonds or in first mortgages upon good improved farm lands within their limits respectively; under such regulations as the legislature may provide, but no farm loan shall exceed one thousand dol stantly In stck. at reasonable prica wood twenty years ago. Pioneers arc especially invited to hear their old Visitors always welcome. FLOAT. The scene of operations near Calam-itj gulch, where the Spearflsh company is at work, is quite lively. Over ii hundred men are at work on the cyanide plant and mines of this coin-puny at the present time. Mr. Morrissey of the Grand Junc tion property, five miles from Custer, left last evening to spend Sunday at Hot Springs. His company has a large force of men at work, drifting into the hill. They already have a fine lot of ore, but are pushing forward development work to see what the ground contains. A meeting of the stockholders will be held September 14, when it will be decided where and what kind of reduction works shall be built. The Deadwood and Bear Gulch Mining company, thru Mr. Tqmblin, have about concluded a sale of their property to some wealthy Peoria, Illinois, people. The prospective owners have examined the property very thoroly, and the price has been agreed upon. io close the dal. only the signing of proper papers Is necessary. It Is said the new owners will sink a shaft to quartzite without delay. "This property is about fourteen miles west of Deadwood on Bear Gulch creek. In the flat formation, and has considerable ore in sight. The company has plenty of water and will have no trouble to put In any kind of a reduction plant they may desire. time friend and pastor this morning. Sunday school at 12:15. League meet ing ai i p. m. At 8 p. m. the pastor will give a thirty minute talk, subjest: "The future from a Bible Standpoint.' ah are invited to attend. Strangers GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. INGERSOLL-SERGEABT DEL CO. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists n r nnr wrt i are especially welcome. C. B. CLARK. Paslor. First Baptist Preaching 11 a. m. by the pastor. Sabbath school 12 p. m.m. Junior Union 3 p. m. B. Y. P. U. meeting at 7 p. m. Song service and lecture 8 p. m. All are cro-dially Invked to attend these serices. C. L. KIRK, Pastor. lars to any one person, firm or corporation." The above proposed amendment wil. be voted upon by the people at the general election to be held in the state on Tuesday the 6th day of November A. D. 1900. The proposed amendment will be printed upon the ballot followed by the words: "Shall the above amendment to the constitution in relation to The Detroit A. Deadwood. The Detroit & Deadwood's new cya-rdde plant on Annie creek is completed and a trial run was made yesterday. The machinery all worked very satisfactorily and the plant will handle from now on about twenty-five tons of ore per day. The plant Is very complete in all Its details and has a capacity of seventy-five tons per day being one of the largest now ir operation in the Hills. As the ore all has to be hauled by wagon nearly a mile and a half, the full capacity of the works will not be utilized until a Bpur track is put in from the B. & M., Spearflsh line, which no doubt will be done at an early date. The grade 1b an easy one. and the ore body is of 6iich size that the railroad company would be fully justified in making the outlay. o To Cleanse the System Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds or u. r, ruuaiCLL i Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dal. i l by it vers, use syrup of Figs, made the California Fig Syrup Co. the investment of the Permanent School and Endowment Funds be approved and ratified?" Immediately to the left of which shall be printed the words "Yes" and "No." each preceded by a square in which the elector can place a cross to indicate his vote. Electors desiring to vote "Yes" will place a cross before the word "Yes" and those desiring to vote "No" will place a cross before 1 Real Estate Transfers. William B. Frye to Homestake Mining company, warranty deed to an undivided one-half interest In the Baltimore lode situated west of Lead City: consideration, $1300. H. E. Billings et al. to Thomas J. Grier, mining deed to Pine Tree, Klondike fraction. Mastodon. Nomlad. Highland Mary fraction, and Yukon traction lodes, in Whitewood district, southwest of Pluma along H. & M. track. Frank Delehant and William H. Fawcett to the Homestake Mining company, warranty deed to a one-half interest in the Baltimore lode, lying An Optician of Renown. Dr. C. W. F. Marquardt, an optician of no small renown, whose home is at Norfolk, Neb., is in the citv for n few the word "No." Dated at Pierre, the capital this 1st day of August. 1900. WILLIAM H. RODDLE. Secretary of State. days, comfortably located in a neat iUtle office room at the Gillmoro hotel, w here In; will be pleased to have .ill those whos.. eyes are not exactly light, call on him, and he will examine uioin. ami give advice fro- of cliargo. The writer has known Mr. i Mica in Custer County. (Special Correspondence.) Custercounty isawakening to the fact that mica is a valuable product. Mica talk Is heard everywhere. Years ago there was a mica boom on In this county, whic h made fortunes for many and gave this part of the Black Hills west of Lead; consideration, $2.r.00 We Will Offer. Extraordinary bargains through month of July on our entire line of Household Goods Special Crockery Sale every Saturday John Walsh to John Walsh Jr., min lne deed to an undivided one-third TRY ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. Vour feet swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Cure swollen, sweating feet, ingrowing Interest in the Illinois lode and 1 1 1 i a great reputation. At inai time wie Marquardt for some years in the city lrom winch he comes, and of which he has been a resident for more than twenty-two years and can recommend him very highly as a gentleman whose word can be explicitly relied upon, and one who is well up in his nois No. 2 and Illinois No. 3 ledes Rock and Antioch lodes at head o uusMsr ana caiious spots. Relieves transportation charges were too great to permit the shipping of the less valuable mica and after the largest books had been worked out, most of Yellow creek in Bear Butte distri Ellsworth Bowker to Deadwood and Bear Gulch Mining company, mining the mines shut down. deed to McKinley lodes Nos. 2. 3, and At the present time the mining of Iowa lode No. 6. A. J. Johnson to Deadwood and Bear mica Is receiving a great Impetus from F. C. Gordon, general manager of the wruB ana ounions of an pain and gives rest and comfort Try It today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25 cents. Trial package FREE. Address Allen S Olmsted, 1 Roy. N. Y. There will be a house full to hear the Wesleyan's Tuesday night. They have been under training for several months, getting ready for a tour thru j the east. They were good enough before but are better than ever now. Gulch Mining company, mining deed See Our Bargain Counter. DEMOUTM'S ARK Nos. 70-72 Sherman st. Deadwood. Chicago Mi HI Company, and this com "Hunger Is the best sauce." Yet some people are never hungry, and they get weak and slcic. Hood's Sar-saparllla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive power and makes the ,,whole body strong. Sick headache Is cured by Hood's Pills. 25c. to an undivided one-half interest in pany will take all the mica the county can produce. Already a car load per the Iowa No. 2 lode. Homestake Mining company to week Is beistf shipped to the com Downing Ind, deed to ground in Lead pany's works at Valporalso, Ind. This R. M. Pen do to Downing Ind, quit company will handle one car load per claim deed to lots 1, 9 and 10, block DO 3rTOXJ KKTOW 15, Lead City; consideration, $100. Ernest May to Henry Schnitzel day and the price paid tor it will ; . average about $50 per Ion delivered on board the cars at Custer. Mr. Gordon quit claim deell to real estate in Lead Joseph B. Kelly to J. M. Hymer and la. acting fair on all purchases and the , Custer mining men are commencing to realize, the value of all the old mica Ernest May. mining deed, three- fourths interest in Alta and Good Hope lodes. Charles Lafferty to James P. Hymer, prospects. Mr. Gordon ia willing to ' give a written contract to any mica mine owner in the county to take at a - liberal figure the product of the mine mining deed to an undivided half of the May fraction No. 1, near Galena. for a term of three years. Nine location certificates were filed on property in Ida Gray Mining dis London ia the world's market Tor mica. Every large company using trict, also ten in Rochford district mica has one or more agents in Lon Minnie Hanschka et al to E. C. Smith et aL, mining deed to an undl don, who buy in the open market The shipping ot mica from Custer county Tided one-quarter one-fourth interest in and to the Black Hills lode on , mine opens a new field for the users In the United States. The tests made Squaw creek; consideration, $200. on the mica here show It to be su Joseph Amer et al. to E. C Smith et al., mining deed, same description perior In some ways to any other la the world, not excepting the best from at above; consideration, I90tj. India, " ; - . , John Shannon et aL to Stearns com There are a great many mica pros pany, shennri deed to a lot in Port - " , . ess are the finest ever made In the Hills and a land . with . house; consideration than i That t3 PHOTOGRAPHS mad e at the ECUPSE PHOTO CO.'S RAILROAD STumn n. half usual price, This ; Is 0 rar. opportunity. DO NOT MISS T TWt S J . had .;chanc. tot such eleggant PHOTSSVaw''!?1.?! ZZ dw, a t nance ram sucn eieg grant work.- PHOTn t.. ... . , . - ne" - 1 1238.10. : V ! once and yon will be convinced that you wm us wu.uv- for iimw Jonas Lawrence and wife to Asa C jits. , W. are also strictly la It !n the ,k5Si?tJLw hoto h eta Everything pects throughout Custer county, and the southern part of Pennington county, which could soon be made Into valuable, producers with a small expenditure cf capital. The Chicago Mica las undertaken to open up Darts, Quit claim deed, lot In East ered promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. Tho. -ZZ. V., nwiJ rtr7 west ot the Mississippi- 1 1 1 - Thos? wh0. MT k4 ood picture are especially Invited to can. The ECLIPSE PHOTO CO. Washington Addition to Lead City: consideration, f tOO. " x '':- -- -a--t r -'.0m. . Railroad

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