The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 19, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1899
Page 3
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Sol sss THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 19, 1899. LEXINGTON r FEMALE COLLEG LEXINGTON. MISSOURI. ' Rue,, STABLE fur UjH, Manager 'Ms Gold gj Saddle Horses Silvern r ;ial Prices snilfH O .KTOA. M " FORTY-FOURTH SESSION. 20 ri 1855 1899 Will III to, N.C WOOD, A. IW.. M. D., President Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, 017 LaSlle Avenue, Chicago, m. (abtablbaed im (ulearo Slaee 1st, IhTh.i The aldet, I art-eat. mon' it liable and a)ucfafal Medical Inatttulluii in tiir Vtrtiiwen' Frivt' room (W nit (tent with Ifci'illtlea fur'anr j i .K'tAva of .. This Institution is or.e of the oldest and most substantial Schools for Girls in the State of Missouri. I s Alumni Association is the largest and most note-worthy of any School for Young Ladies west of the Mississippi River. uma ttMerceacy. Kurl.-al operalloaa perfumed In the SHI aunt MleaUHc ruanm-r. write Tor rirrulain -.n l-eformltU a and Brace, Club Feet, t'urvature n the Si.ine. Illen. Tumors, ('an-er. Catarrh, Bmnehitit, r&rair) Kiiileimy. Kidney, Hlad- (is and Water s ji all Kinds. iStreei ler, tyt, tLr, tskii, iimi hihi i ieates. and all mirtfiral Operations. Best farilMi,. .jiararuti and remedies for the HuccenMul treatment il eicr, lorm jf diaea&e requiring medical or ftn trirai treatment. we aftaolutelT fut! antee ( ear every ease of NerToaa If bflltv and ilintaseM renultlnr from abu Hen Faculty From iil2ilFJHlii5Siliiiliiiiil nd indltw-retlmiH of Youtii and Manhood; Hp4rnwator-rhua, Menlifal Weakaeaa ncnht lo$rn), Im potency o rxmil ptwrt. Varirwvle, Hydrocele, (He-tHre, Phlmoala, tc., etc., 4'aarrt KcaonMble- nt and experience art important No mercury r injurious medicines used -,W tim'r Ut from work or hunm1 t)KB DEAN AND A University Scholarship la given tree each year to the full graduate who has the highest grade, which admits to any of the leading Universities of the United States. ' l.yi'MHMl;W,l I,H.,IWII mmi ,iui,m "No .u Incurable cstae aeoepted. No medi-ine wiit Co I. Failure Is unknown t iin, we cure thousands annually. We have ten thousand testinio ual letters on Die frnni ;HSTE AM PUMPS (rratefui natlentM jtennanently cured. Write i today. raiieni rrom a di-ianoe ireawti oy man .nniictnm mt wrrwhrr frii from onzr mul brrnkni;.- - Stife fu'l history mnrt rsti--t rtyirqitom nf yttr ntm- and ell(i for opinion aud term 'unsultat um . tee and emifliientiai, jKTr."i.lly or tiy letter- I HO pugtf HimL on all 4'rinlo and Aargleal Hleueit end llt uf I ItO iuetia free A Prosperous Yea r Le Berlin Univprisity, Cornell University, C tic g Unver-sity, Missouri a University, Elmhuis ze, Wisconsin State Univ ity William Jewel! ci je Nevi York School ci xrr sion. New York City; huval ''on-servatoy of n ic rJerli i Germany; R' y onserva- kp WILSON 4 key -at-Law, The school opened last fall with a larfet enrollment of boarding pupils than It aa4 ever had. Roojib had to be rented la tfca city to accommodate a number ot tkeav It was an oTerflow; a fact ot which tew schools bare had the privilege ot boasting. GO TO . . . es Lciub Building Oornor FRANK SCHREYER, mil ueauwoou duwu . - bouth Dakota. Fresh and Salt Meats, Han tory of Mu" c. ' uh, Austria; Metrop' ita lege ol Music, New Yo y; Chi No. too Sherman St. Plana were Immediately formed far Ik enlargement of the buildings, and these plans nave had a tuoceaafnl result. Tv valuable and capacious lota hare bee purchased and added to the Campus, almost doubling Its alse. AddtUona trill a made to the bull dines, wtjlch will anises them to accommodate over om baadre boarding pcptla. get ijtfc : j- nniiar-i--i- IliiraWisi'J H. MOORE cago Art Scho- . caKO 11: and Other Le n i institu aoney The Henshaw . . tions smith and European Hotel. us. 1 1VEE3 SOHOOH. F'OFC GIRLS. Electric Lights, Steam Heat, Hot and Cold Water. jpn Maker. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. T. J. O'BRIEN, Prop. $M M QcifRAL RE DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb LEA P NQ LADIES' COLLEGE IN THE WEST ft! Carriage and Wtm rt; klao Carriage "- CO TO : 1RM Street, DeadWOOd, t. P. t Pabst Headquarters E DERBY It Riidqaarten For Liquors and Cigars, For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop (iradriii DEI Ali COUKK! TUIS DEPAKTAIL ' Mist pined to Uo advanced work in the great Eastern Universites. I 'lnssical, Scientific, English and Business. it, rpogmwive. Thorough. A substantial Literary Course is emphasized, winds for THOROUGH SCHOLARSHIP, REFINEMENT, and NOBLE WOMANHOOD. HOMB t i Conservatory of Music. ANNEX OF LEXINGTON FEMALE COLLEGE. kiML m n ninmrn iinn p - w. n. umiLimuu JIIMMHMIMMM AMATEUR J. P. HYMER. PHOTOGRAPHERS pmt and Adjustments. Notary Public. ess ties r, M Imt n Black Hllll for U. I For Camera's' Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapers, Mounting cards and photo supplies send to tat fiumnty Co. All kinds ot ud judicial bond written lUtr. Pleaae get mj raws befor m menda to ilga your bond. aK tor Uto Inaoraaea poJleiea. ink Block. DMdwood. B. D. Mrin. 1M; Black H11U. 101. Lincoln PfiotopapH Sipply Co Lincoln, Neb. . - M. ' .. l j j . . ii. j.1 i i .. .......ijimpmi ii in ian .S,JW mm. - -vfe. ,n" "4 l lfeE IJL wr fe ;;.. j r - - - : 1 ' :j do wd, PRAorrxoJaz. O. C. JEWETT, ichmaker, Jeweler ARCHITECT. u t it: . 1. ISO OTZOXAIT. SJefelen Made to Order. New Waite Block, DXUDWOOD, 8. XX Erasiiier for the F. E. &M. V. a 'aa4 X irlH raar stwattAetiM la work and M9QO o wen !7EBT - OBADWOOD; & IX an or LLTY OF THE MISSOURI CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, Facilities arc Unsurpassed in the West. European Conservatory Scholarship Awarded Each Session Prefer, .re Kradua.e, o, be grot Crv ator. of .he I'cited State, and Europe. aD. . the pupil, of the est teachers of the world. HM h i m ooo ir i to y VhCLsY STATBM.333MTS, oleaaa. kardwra."J !lc7ole and iUW la A aamber ef - TWi The Voice Culture will bo w4ar tfco iv li ir i aeai7 pOs bn itroctloa of a gmdnaU of ta etropon- ot fumc Pre I rrwu the mmrmi A comaodlooa building baa been porcaaMd lor tfca soiiiinodatlo of the Huatoal 0aitt It ae torn orfa-nlla uto a Ceuaemtory. and wUl be ksowa as the -aUawonrt Oooeerratory wt Hualo.- Lextegt n College will thus be Prof. Pdolpb Ric'atec a pupU of the famous Theodora KuHak. wiU ranala a fourth rear aa dlrectof i Vtm Owaarratory cf Uuslo. Ha was formerly director of tbe Kansas City Oonsertatory of Mnala.' Hta connection with the Ooaoerrntofy tnanrea thoroughness and fiotress. He to almost without a peer as manager of a masteal department. tan College of Mnale, of Now Tone W. Ifias Lner M. Marks. Ills Marks to a pupil of Herbert W. Oroom. one of tfce world's greatest specialists la the rolos. T offlolamcr of this department wklek has been very popular la the past will be tor . tbo "r1,,tJ W h- .irlt cLoaea to " wUl tar. a s-araUU onaniMa " Increased atorr t' & home of 1U .iua. a ir'i- iTawiwi r" Bit i -1 T 'iinlOouSMsiHi. prominent T3ep Sv'StfiC ess.15 !v25r i-t and Elocution are HA NEBRASKA. rite to niMiii Cstalocua. sent free to any - afia r" For Irformatloa or tor imuunu iiiim"MMMItt'44' JAMES A. BEAUrMA f Mil . a tUDlNO HOTEL " - OF THE WEST.' AMUIawiVltle- '& LIAKEXi & SON. Besntifnlly Sitnated on t, Beaotlf ol Street TTpalth Record Unsurpassed. l .i-i:irjri.

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