The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 19, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. Id DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATUKDAY MdRMNC, Al'SU8T HI, ISiW. FIVE CENTS. BRIGHTER FOR DREYFUS r0 CAMPAIGN -0 0 (J 0 0 0 0 dxly here, charged with the attack upon M. Lubori. It is questionable whether or not the riKht man has been apprehenilei, but the authorities are suing to hob! him until they arc satisfied. Labori's improvement has been marvtl-velous. He is able to walk about today. each. All three rooiiLs of the first sane, will front oti Mam street, and on.' room of that suite will also front on D-adwood street. Each suite will lie provid.s with a lavatory, closet, hot and cold wii.v and bath. The rooms of each suite will be divided by glass partitions. A steam healing plant will u put in lae eellar, an I ,he building will be lighted by electricity. The contract requires the binding to be completed b December 1st, with such ad Department is Going Ccl, Picquart Provts a Stalwart Witness for the Prisoner Crush the Rebels part in anil aiinounee-i that he will lake the trial. hcKiiinintf Monday. Promptly The Ward Liner Saje. NEW YORK. Auk. IV --Sp. c The we'k Ward li ii r. Viixilancia. win for h a jer will Soon Issue He Shows Himself More Than M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following Unheard of reductions in prices fir this wttk, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 16c and 26c each, worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay tor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shire waists, to close out the remainder of our New stock we have mad? a si greater reduction, overdu Havana, and 1 1 . ei i iik whose safety there was considct a Id,. tsnicss ditional time ;ls may be neeessarv to pi I in the foundations. Archt tin,, My the building will be a beauty. The iron columns In the front will have .1,1 stone capitals! and the top will be linNI'ed with cut stone coping. Thi, will ,i. be the case over the .a trance on the Dead wood street side. The rest of tiie building will lie of press, d Hew Voluuteer Regi ments a Match for tha De. factors port d at .Safin hurri-itortn. ami for feveial ilays, has bei n 1 1 sail, ISahiimae. The ves-el nine, but at'ely wjathircd ; the iiassengers are nil safe. trick, and ibe monotony on the Dead wood fcidTON, Aug. is.-speciai. sec I'AHIS. France, Aug. IS. Special. -Colonel I'k quart has made a brilliant wit street side will be broken by blind win L Mid today: "iiie policy 01 dows. The .stairway to the upper floor will nens for Dreyfus today. The climax of his fir depart ni i is now to wind be at the lower side of Main street, with taipplne insurrection, uraemi testimony was reached when with a sensational effect he cried, "1 am convinced a flaring entrance This entrance. a-s we.l li.ilveu al line iroops. suiipits President Reviews' Troops. LAKE I'll AMI'LAIN. Aii. lv -Special. - The pre-ident reviewed the Twenty-sixth riKiiiieiit at the barracks this afternoon, which was the occasion of quilt a demon-Ural ion. Mrs. M Kinley continues to improve, and is in excellent spirits. an use to aeeom ymit mat ne as the eiidraiicc-i to the first floor, will be floored with tiling and marble. tliat K-tterhazy is the guilty man." He then flatly contradicted the test I shortest possible L end In w During the excavations yesterday ihe i mcmy of Koget. Picquart dissected the documents named in the act of accusation authorities at San Fran All Go For 75c ifliltT $1.25 Waist $1.50 Waist $1.35 Waist aim swore tnat tne writing In these was Ljjd tie department today that men came onto two old pine stunus, showing where the original surface of the ground had been. It is believed from this that there will not be any trouble from en toe same as in me letter that colonel Hen truuporu had been secured. Mill take troops to Manila as soon a be loaded. countering old underground Workings, as has been done n excavating for a number Lull of tha rei'ent decision of the The Shamrock Ahead of Time. NEW YORK, Auk IK Special. -The Shamrock, the liritish ci:p challenger, arrived today. The yacht has made a ijulck passage, as she was not expected! to arrive before AuguM JV K'. : y t iii n x about the craft is in pel ft i t i endition, and the captain reports a voyage. of buildings in the city. It has been esti Lfltmeat to retruit teni aauiuonai mated that the cost of pulling In the till be to Kive (ieneral Otis a foundations will be about JSOO, in excess of ry forged. This createda profound senia-tion. Picquart then attacked the secret dossier, which ne claimed contained not a single proof of the prisoner's guilt. Dreyfus looked like a new man as he listened to I'tequart's testimony. The judges took copious times, and the entire audience seemed pleased. Thu session emb-d with the dramatic confrontation of the witness by General Koget and General Mereier, his detractors. te of 62 J.'. I men. In addition the price for the building. Wit is projwsed to increase the All Waists toat we sold for $2.00 and $2.60 O-o fXt $1.25 Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost. M. J. Werthheimer & Bro. arp in the I'hillpirines to Z. 000 this uuinber Secretary Hoot and his confidence is based OSTEOPATHS TI RXKH DOWN SIOUX HALLS. S. II.. Aug IX -Special NEW POLITICAL PARTY. km from General Otis, that the The state board of health has refused moulder will have a sufficient certificates to several applicants who Demands Public Ownership of Publi appresa the insurrection during wished to practice osteopathy in South Dakota. The applicants were graduates Utitities Favor Union. Labor It was an exciting moment, but when the session ended Picquart had talked the generals to a standstill. o THE NEW WAITE BUILDING. fell campaign. kjuoent of the ten additional vol- of the schools of osteoimthy located at NEW YORK. Aug. IS. Special. --The 1.. Kirksvllle. Mn, and Minneapolis. The borers who are organizing the new lab( qjneots will make the total vol-'K in service number 30. Ml men, at 1393 men of the 35, DUO authnr- ground of rejecting the certificates was I'Hrty as an outgrowth of the recent strik that the schools mentioned are not regu 1 among the street car employes of the city It Will be One of the Most Attractive larly conducted schools of osteopathy met Inst night and drew- up the platform Beildings in the City. cording to their own published rules, and tor the party. The resolutions demand th for that reason are not schools of osteop by the I municipal ownetship of public utilitit-t the employment of union labor al unio athy in good reputw as recoiled statutes of South Dakota. Mullen A: -Vlunn. the contractors, began iW for and the total strength of f ibout Hi. lino men. vj Root N-els that there is no eeealty for callinK out the 4.."'i'( Bluing, but should the conditions 111 ihow that they cud be ad van-. I employed, be will not hesitate Selr eiillstmunt. The sex retuiy I Ihe war should be prosecuted utmost vigor and he does noi wanes, and the enforcement of the tight work yesterday on the new- building to be hour law. The new organization will be FAIL PIPES! WALL PAPER! "Some times her narrow kitchen walls Stretched away Into stately haiss." Thla happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wail paper make It possible tor It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltrely new and up to date. 1 cannot tell you about the handsome designs. You Sirs especially Invited to see PAINTSI PAINTS! erected by t.harles Waite at the corner o known as the Indt pendent Labor Tarty. DISTRICT CONVENTION. Maiu and Deadwood streets, and a nun: The eleventh annual Black lliils dis ber of men were set at excavalinf. The trict convention of the W. C. T U. will I To Bring the Soidiers Home, ilttle frame building that stands on the be helld in Dead August :!-. -''! and "4 . le leave any none unturned at t JH'KON. S. li.. Aug. Special. -Three A reception will be held at Ihe M K hundred delegates from all parts of the church Tuesday afternoon Addresses of I corner has been sold to Austin Mabbs and he is going lo move it atay anJ make use of it for some of his tenants. The new building will be completed before the stare attended the convention tonight to welcome and responses will be given Tues Now to the time to paint your hsuse. Remember f the line to assure victory for Inn forces. ire nay be no delay in the open-icanpaign by reason of the fail-I tBtirc force to reach Manila, star General Ludington, under day evening, with appropriate music, and formulate a plan for the return to the atate from San Francisco of the First first of the coming year, and will be one a W. C. T. U. symposium. Wednesday of the greatest improvements ever made to South Dakota regiment. the city of Deadwood. It will cjst $14 forenoon and afternoon will be occupied with business, reports of officers, unions my bore is headquarters for all kinds of paints and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer than any paint mads. Com In and fet color cards and study eater effects. The 014 Reliable Drutrlst, It was the seiuse of the gathering that from Secretary Root, la mak- 363, and that amount of money could not the expense of bringing the troops home ron to secure every available be expended at an equal advantage In any should be defrayed by individual subscrip and superintendent, a paper, question box and children's hour. In the evening niuu sic and addresses will fill the time. The l 4m Pacific coast for transport other part of the city. The corner oppo tion or otherwise. site the City ball on Deadwood street baa A committee of sixteen on finance was convention will close Thursday forenoon Deadwood, S.D. KIRK G. PHILLIPS, i needed a building of this class fc- years a recommended by Secretary named, also a reception committee to go with a business session at which officers to San Francisco. This committee Is com and Deadwood people have regretted on occasions too numerous to relate thxt they will be elected and superintendents ap approved by President McKin-the colonels and lie looU for 4 b ten new pointed. In the afternoon, the sights of I posed of the governor, state officers, congressmen and senators, with one other per could not point out a good structure there. the city will be shown the guests. Un M c appointed from among son from each city having a company In It has remained for Mr. Waite to take advantage of this opportunity, and he Is enti ions are urged to send delegates an J l h,. regiment. Each committee man is to other visitors will be welcome. tled to the thanks of the emlre munici ,71 pality. It is really the best corner in the THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK city, and the new bundling will be of a type appropriate to the locality. O. C. Jewett, the architect, designed tl-e of the regular army. 1 of the officers appointed lo to sw regimen ta will be nn-ooo ai the appointment are firt la of the opinion that all ntssr regiments now organised Philippines before Novem-lt i bis Intention to land the Hs In the islands during the 'otember and December. Ux nlletment of the troops is building, and it will be complete in all ta details. The Deadwood street elevation bear its own expenses. The certificate plan is likely to be adopted by the finance committee in raising $25,000, depending upon reimbursement by the state at the next sitting of the legislature. Three thousand dollars will be provided as a hospital fund. The committee on transportation is: F. A. North, of Watertown; Charles N. Her-rled, of Eureka; Senator Pettlgrew, of Sioux Falls; Congressman Gamble, of Yankton, and Alexander Kirkpalrick. of will be 99 feet, 9 Inches in length, ano he Main street elevation will be -A .feet. Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 6 Indhes. There will be two stories, and the first floor will be utilized fo,- a slore room or rooms, as the renters may deslr?. It will be a nominal matter to partition off bla room, but for the present the plans are Wessington. HoveraJ soeecbee were made. to make one large room of It. There will R. W. be six iron columns down the center of the room lengthwise, supporting a steel eve All aoubt U expressed in offlolal ability of the department to men required for the prorata aa quickly as was done " the thirteen volunteer regi-i organised. The work of re-I bt done under direction of ral Corbln by Colonel Thorn -adjutant jreneral. whoe ctioo wHh the regiments Jum been a matter of high com- Stewart, of Pierre, was chairman; George Schlosser, of Siotre FalU. and E. T. Sheldon, of Watertown. secretaries. Branches of Banking Business Transacted, beam which will not be exposed, as such beams usually are. but will be entirely ob scured from view. The main entran.-es GEN. PILAR DANGEROUSLY HURT- be from the Main street siJ. thru two DRAFTS ISSUED oldine doors, one on either side or tne in China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rice, Germany ansl nil Parts of the World, sit iron columns. The front will be of Iron Airiest, Knsjmnfl, r rancs, Acts gently on the A Filinino Leader Lvina Four Miles lowest ..iSrkmt rales. loliimns and nlale glass, and will make tha ftntt show window in the city. The East of San Isadora in a Ban State, COLLECTIONS made carefully ansl accounted lor promptly. Kidneys, Liver plate glass will extend a.otind the Dead mvii.A 18 Special -There U no We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable iret corner, and that part o! the and Bowels Rates or Interest to any extent warranted by borrowers j building will consequently be espcially longer any doubt tha Rio De Pilar, one of the most active of the insurgent generals, is lying dangerously wounded at an responsibility orcollaterals- adnnted to the display of goods. There will the army to the coming " be supplemented by regl-'es, which 111 be organ lied result of it conference be-Oeoeral Otis and Rear Afl- an agreement has been '"tag, to Information received effect Chat the marines under 1 Colonel P. C, Pope, shall lTs province and clear prae-' province of insurgents. MANSES THE $YSTEM f be another entrance to the building from lnureent hospital, four miles ea-st of San IS DISTINOTIVFIjY j tho eadwood street side, near the rear pnd of the building, and another plate glass window, and if It becomes desirable. the first floor may really be divided into Accounts of Banks, Corporations and Individuals lsadro. The latter point was captured by General Lawton, but was afterwards abandoned try the Americani. Captain Muscate. a brother of the famous rebel general Muscate, and sever 1 rebels were killed today (by a scouting force under Colonel Bell. OVERCOMES ' rr&) C I three rooms, by running a pa titiop down the length of the building to obof. 2.1 feet solicited. Oorreapond enoe Xxa xritocl. h4Bm,a,NST-PAT.0N from the rear end, and then another par nrniiiu runv tition across that end, which woull make ;yHai Recovered. 1 Italy. Aug. it. Special. "T haa entirely recovered Indisposition, and la ready tane. . He will reach New EffECT& DIRECTORS; E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. MN ro ey Buy Txe fctNviNt the third room 25x55 feet, or nearly that. The height of the celling of the first story will be It feet The second story win be divkled Into office rooms, and these will be the finest in Deadwood. Tbey will be built in suites, and there will be six suites of three rooms HARRIS FRANKLIN, Marine Guard Ordered Home. HAVANA. Aug. 18. Special-The United. State Marine guards at the wharves bera have been ordered home for fear of yellow fever. Immune will taka their places. . . BEN BAER, Vice PrsaJdont ; 1 for Shwtin, Lthorl, An 18. gpedal.- arrested and to to eos- SELBIE, CesMsr. ( hesw a siwiwwvw irw

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