The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 18, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 18, 1899. ZOECKLER BROS ( LEADING MEAT MARKET. t a Joanaoa st Hill City. S. D., Is z-clualre Mrt end hMdqaartan for th rick vertical tree mlllinc gold mloea ud oo per properties of the Southern Hills. Several prospects aa promising as the Holy Terror was are for sale on reasonable terms. Telephone or write for particulars. You Can BlackHills TelephoneNo 69 h k, Mi ' i uia-lr tssaring 50; Can and Silver The Union Assay Office. NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADWOOD, S. D. WLLL Give Correct lie suits of qJol On, A.LI Samples rljroagi 'it to the Ojjtce. EaUbllshed In 1889. TV If TJ T . t. (jet Awav (Harrison Telephone No. 3. Cil. M H. Day, Captain Mcform Hutis, Mr. I.owry ami JihIc.. uMm theirip out to the (Jilt Edge St i a tivri Kuli h. yi -iUT.lay, anil - linif in looking out tlie kiou i i-anie hM-k in tiiiu- to lakt m. Uaiii for Kapi.l Cny. an) a buxiir -inn is to be held there today. ! ll III Tli. I NO. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD UIOJ TH.K FCAT th - i't meet-1 IS J Trr. If T1L t.i A ,. . I'vei F ,.-: maiiue Warner lacrueinup e '1 ratling ritlt Ketner that the result of this m. -;;iik ;l Le the Htartlug up ot thf mine a u 1 pioba tiy the mill at Rapid. ..The east-: k.-iiI yoil teeter ( (jlccll, j or eject c Lly -7i at yozia re Will receive PUPILS In Vocal and Infltruunental Music at her. residence. No. 20 Denver Ave.. Deadwood. 3. D. men in the party have become interested 1V1. 11. iVUN CV Agents for the Blickenderfer $35 00 Typewriter the Best ""tying. In the enterprise, and it m statnLthal ev We try to make cut cones t Machine Made. erytniiiK is favorable for the resumption of work and continued operation-.. the b "yep come bad so tJictt to US. m. Hj. i inney and fc.. r . Thorpi eame to iJeadwood on the late Burlington traiu MARY A. DOWNER M. D. Practice Limited to the Medical and 9urgu-al Treatment qf the BYE AjTI 11 VR. MINES AND MINING Wednesday, after a new cable for the Golden Slipper mine, the old cable having commented to break Its strands. They soured one of H. V. Ellington, of Ragged Top, and Mr. Thorpe left for Hill City L Our -Prices Are All Rigut, Big ?Utc?ied ( j;m IIIIHIIIIMHIMaiuMtMIMIIIMMMI IIIMMIIMMIMM IMI millMMIIIIIIiiiiilliiia Glaua Pitted. Office Hour from 9 a. m. It? 1 p m. OIKce Olympic Block - Deadwoc-l. South Dakota. again last night. Mr. Pinney, however. PLAOBR MINING AT PACTOLA in the tunnel; is almost white, laminated, and not like anything else found in thjs part of the country. Mr. Lawson sent J. C. Sherman of Pactola expects to start L,. c . ... cc cue wag yu nnd A sill ( 7, 7. H Tito Mmh Restaurant ast some time next week to purchase ma some of It down to be assayed, but the le suit has not yet been learned. chinery with which to work the bedrock Formerly the Chicago of Rapid creek near his place for placer remained here to see that ll was shipped ajl right. The Golden Slipper Is now getting down so far that a 500-foot cable becomes necessary. The mine Is still looking finely, and the men at work upon it feel very much encouraged. Mr Thorpe, by the way, Is an old-time Black Hills man, altho for the last number of years he haa been located at Nebraska City, having returned to the Hills the first part of June of this year, to go to work on the Best Meals in the City, THE CLEOPATRA GROUP. Last Thursday the following party ac Open Da and Night. .gold. He will buy a 50 -horse power boiler .-and engine, and will put In a swivel pump : and link conveyors, with which to handle ' the gravel. Owing to the great number of ' boulders along bedrock he Is of the opln- cepted an Invitation from Messrs. Bart iett and Hughes to spend the day at the B. M. AIKINS. ' Ion that a dredge cannot be used to ad vantage at present, and he will shovel tt'9 ATTORNEY AT LAW Golden Slipper. He was In partnershi here with Mr. Pinney in the early clays. gravel Into the conveyors by hand. Large McnVand Boy's Clothing, Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. The Pioneers of 1876. Cleopatra camp, on Squaw creek: Mis. Bartlett and daughter, Oertrul", MUs Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Warron and daughter Nellie, Messrs. Lawson and Irwin. The trip la made via the B. . M. to Maurice, then over a mounta'n trail to camp. It is doubtful whether there is any handsomer scenery in the world than Room 1 Syndicate Block, sluice boxes will be put in, and In these the gravel will be washed out. It will require quite an outlay, but Mr. Sherman DEADWOOD, - - SOUTH DAKOTA AUCTION. Goods will pLitively be sold for CO what they will bringat the auction sale. I HE BRIT1SH-AMER CAN COLO one will observe on this brief trip up Mouth's Ark, Saturday afternoon SpearfUh canyon and into Squaw creek evening. canyon. If one could exist on scenery and AND COPPER MINING CO. Assay OITloe, LEI U, BOir, Uanigu ud Asaajsr. deer tracks, surely this would be sn Ideal spot in which to cast anchor; but Mr. and feels satisfied that It will prove profitable. -The bars and gulches along Us creek above water have proven very rich In numerous places, and there Is every reason to believe the bed rock will prove .equally rich. The creek cuts the forma-rtion at almost right angles, and. it 1j -therefore impossible to drain the bedrock, , as It has ao uniform depth. That Is cne ;reson there has never been any work Jone '.in that direction, aa the handling of the water would have proven a costly item. RELIGION LOSING GROUND. The country is becoming agitated over Mrs. W. V. Duncan a.-e apparently not much given to a scenic diet, and are al No. SI Broadway, I ssdwood, 8. D. lit Nst'l Bank WIU do a certain amoant of custom work. 8palaItlM: i'HTt of Copper ors'by eltctro-o of portMS. Wet tBd dry tasting. ways prepared to get cp a meal which religion. Periodically some one arise a; d declares that it Is decaying. This results would cause a hungry person to look pleasant. Without previous notice, they prepared a dinner for the visitors which FIRST NATIONAL BANI There has been considerable mining done along the creek In years past, and a large amount of gold; has been taken out above the water level. But there Is not sufficient tall to the stream to alls In countless discussions until the agitation runs Its course, and still religion flourishes. It always will, for it Is something the world needs. One of the fines recommendations ot Hosts ter's Stomach Bitters, the great American stomach strengthener, lies In the fact that It has lived for fifty years in spite of hundreds DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. UiNir-o States depository: could not be excelled at any hotel In the Black Hills. And there are not a few pretty good hotels in this hundred miles square. fj The Cleopatra group Is lathe heart of th richest mineral section of the Northern Hills. R. B. Hughes of Rapid City jf this, as it 'becomes necessary to go too CASH PAID IN 8I00.O00 - SURPLUS 8I60.001 Aetna Powder Go. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. L ADAMS COMPANY of Imitations, and Is renovaed for Its DIRECTORS: cur of constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, o. J. G-RIiflR,B: B. SPARKS, P. A. GUBHTJBSl SALISBURY, T. J. D. Mcpherson. fever and ague, malaria, and sees to It that th life-giving elements of the food are assimilated with th blood. There s nothing ''just as good." Se that a private Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the OFFICERS: PraM4ent....O. J. SALISBURY Cashier ....1). A. MoPHERSOl AasiAL avabter...J. & VStnUS VtcyrMnt T. J. ORlhJR Is superintendent of the property. An engine and hoist is already set up at the mouth of an eighty-foot shaft, and matar lal Is being hauled from Carbonate to erect a shaft house. Numerous tunnels have been run into the hill, in which oro bodies of great slxe are encountered, and from which several hundred tons t ore ranging in value from It to $30 per ten have been taken out. Th shaft is ia th bottom of the gulch, and Is being sunk, to roach th quartxlt. Th character of the or discovered oa th lower contact will determine the aharaotar ot tba trsatawat and plant necessary to successfully handle it. Tber Is sufficient or In sight ia Uw IRON FENCINO TOMBSTONES. "far up the creek to take out the wator. 'The best pressure that was ever obtained there was 75 feet, and that was very expensive. If Mr. Sherman's venture becomes a success, and It becomes evident that a dredge wiir wort. 'one will be put In. Mr. Sherman Is Interested with eastern men in the enterprise.. He was in Deadwood yesterday and the .day before, accompanied by his wife, re-r turning bom yesterday afternoon. He t says' the engineers are still cross-section-lng for the new road wsst from Rapid City, and there Is every reason to bellovs lit will be put thru, this fall. Mr. Crouch, whs has the contract for building the i road, announced to Mr. Sherman that be bad purchased his supplies, and he Is now Ma Iks vast, arranging to ship them out t bar. Ibis is very encouraging to tba men who have held mlnlnz ground along th creek for th past twaty yearn or more, aa they see a way aow to secure the development of their properties. Yss Cook Remedy Co MONUMENTS Foreign and American tunnels to keep a plant ia constant opera HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR Marble and Granite tion at a good profit for an Indefinite length of Urn. It Is conceded by al practical mining men who have sou PRIMARY, SECOND the workings that th owner ot this TERTIARY BLOOD Otto at I. CobMi'1 EEIaliSt J. H. CALE, Agent. DXASWOOD, S. ZX o)L00D POISOQ PERMANENTLY CUK property have the best prospects In that 15 TO 35 DAYS. Yoa sntlr section. Adjoining the Cleopatra tereated at home for tM group ii th Ironsides group,, consisting of 0 . ' MORS ORB ON CITY CREEK. eighteen' claim, which frank Bryant fea rl undar mum GUARANTY . If you prefer to come hert recently bonded to a Colorado syndicate Joseph R. Lehmer 1212 Farnam St, Omaba, Neb. Tba Detroit and Deadwood has recently encountered soma ors in the City creek rtunnel that Is richer and better th nny ooBtmet to par railroad Bar ana) total bUU and bo chart 7.7. for 175.000. , ".- Near the shaft on U Cleopatra groaad previously found. It ass reached Wednes row hay takao MBRCURT. IODtHB POTASH, and atlM haja "Jg1 MT7CUOC8 PATCHES in month. WOBM THROAT, PIMPLES. COPP ""M TO SPOTS, ULCERS Oft any paH of tk body. HAIR or EYEBROWS TM OUT. tt ia thia BLOOD POISON ttat w GUARANTEE to cure. Wt ctt OBSTINATE CASES ao4 OHALLENOB THE WORLD FpB W. E. Sharpe Is putting up a battery of day morning, and U similar to that in which the company has been running 'or cyanide tank. H will treat a, class or L. A IN IN ITl CHHR Tllla " k. DiFri.KI) Ttlfll bo." I aoft or which Is abundant there. some time past, axcept that It has mow MOST EMINENT PHTUOUHaV Mining s General Supplies which some aetonlanlng aaasya have been i . Imnl aat m solidity and ll less broken.. It la a pyriw .and is so bard that It Is almost Impossible pawuai low, wui r . obtained. If bis plant Is a succssa and when under the treatnamt UaOf kn Mooumbad Matit mnUnlUd WMtth tt Mil oould employ, but we n - to break It with a bammsf, or to drill it Utr is no reason to believe It will be otherwise a larger vlent wiU be pat up In REMEDY knows only to Kiatane M Um tbaa twt Superintendent Lawson announces bis be tha tame place. . . ' today doc oa " OMtatBt. pmpUd by lief that the tunnel baa beea running al PACKINQ Rainbow tand fuB Hne manufactured by the Peerless IB "Messrs. Lawson and Irwin who reud most parallel to this ledge for some .s tance. and was i reality In the slates a at Aberdeen, are stockholders In th Cleo Rubber Manufacturing Co. - ' We Stand one Without A Single Successful Compef patra, and ar Uklng a lively interest In BELTING Rubber and Leather Belt, Dressing and Lace Leather Joining th vela, which were mtxri with or. He is of th opinion that th agrr- th work ot development They fully THE COOK REMEDY CO. hma permanently cured Uwwsanda to realtf th immensity ot the work la open in.v.u. t wariona veins of or HOSE RuMr Steam and Water. gate luiinuua. v. - i. Mveral bundred feet, wbll there U aa ing and developing- a mining proposlUoa, erecting mills tor or reduction, ate. In BOILES AND PIPE COVEEINGr--Ma'vule8,''Magnesia world-wide repotattoa for spMdy enraa, honesty and integrum- , ' NO DECEPTION, WO FREE SAMPLE CATCH ftOR C. O. D. METHODS. occasional vein of baa saostano lying be- wmm tna or veins. Th tunnel baa. been region where until very recently ovary hoard, nail, utensil, tool. etc.. had to b packd in' on msn'a backs. Mr.. Hughe baa built a good road Into th camp, and , Jn or for about 80 teet. altho tt baa no all .been ot a goodjuallty. At Urns th w thru which th tunnel was passing would aeaar aa blgb as I4 to th too, end thB MfUm ad ABSOLUTS PROCTB OF CURES AND UNBRO0g OES mm sesii u v, , f-um oa sppiiostlon. NO BRANCH U""J Asbestos, and Sheep Wool Cement, Hair Felt, Mineral WooL WASTE White and Colored Cotton. 'X'-T. ' ROPE4"BoeblinSsn SteeI nd Iroo Wire, Muul and Sisal, v POWDER "Ltffin & Rands' Black Blasting, Dynamite, Fuse, vV Caps, Etc v,.-- . . . " !'- . teams can now get la and out with heavy ' '. ONE UILLIOM DOlLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE loads, so that work can henceforth b pushed much more rapidly and satUCactor- It would drop down to a trace. Until th Jast two or three days the formatloa this -which tha tunnel was running has bees oft and easily worked, but It baa under- Uy. A telephone lin will aeon be extended Ujresi COOKEEEDT CSIPiHT. 1928 Iconic -Temple Mi N AIL9MPear8onw Cement coated. ,J , . . v ? A the namn. thereby to soma degree fa ROOFING TIN "Taylors Old Style" and other; guaranteed n. a radical change. Mr. Lawaoa think clHtatlng work and permitting th men to keep la touch with th ontsld world. - MalL - v ' the greater part of th vela U to. th letl ' ' brands. J . , and In front of th tunnel yet. uaaeKinr 'All of Above in Stock at Omaha. Jha tar. of HambUTSL IOWS, OB M Work was started Tuesday ot this week th bottom of tba shaft, which la on the viii .w. th tunnel. It was sunk to tta "AIIIIOOPESTOREU .depth of some 50 feet sessml months ago, TRAITS Steel of every description. BOILERS Engines Automatic Stokers- . MINING And shop tools, bolts, Corrugated Iron, Etc . -rk was then abandoned. The con th principal owners In th BI Four attains company. I la th Black H1U this wek. looking .orr th country. H ha never been her before, but h is getting cqusinted rapidly. J. W. DsJby Is th superintendent for th Big Four, and a ..n.n nrp of men 1 employed oa the -act has now been Vet to sink t ten feet farther, and then to run a drift ten feet tvmmwm tUmtmOmmmaa raatoraaamall w oraPa.. -mtaW g, For shipments direct from factory Best from the bottom. The first day's work opened up a vein of ore. and th Indication, J A wrUtHi iroarutM ira and noacy ratoraad II 1a po?Jr tLCO a box, aiz Jor J6.0U. bj mmii. Wrod tor Wfi dronUf and ""T,; w Rutabaga guich. Quality Guaranteed Special Prices Orders company's ircperty in - , h men bar broken into a Dig mHinauKuin,r,uiiwi-"r mU ,Ci V - Is different from that ! opening It up. l-n4 iLCAiiries Solicited. o( it Tbe or .Mi-iva.A.iijt b rAlACB PHARMACT, DesdwooQ. .

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