The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on December 16, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 16, 1900
Page 7
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TIIE DAILY PIONEEIt-TIMES, DZIADWOOD, S. D. Sr.NDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1900. Iworld6.. the lieve i try it' Ann T dn,t tT.,. ' . ryA APPly to William Tonkin, Lead, S. D. 12-5-1 m quent and advertised for aale, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction on the 31st day of January, 1901, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day to pay said delinquent assessment, to-tether with costs of advertising ahd expanses of eale. " O. U. FRYCE, Secretary and Treasurer. DOCTOR W. TODD, Physician and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No, 11 Mill Street, LEAD, S. 0 Book 144, p. 66, Book 144, p. 566. The adjoining claims ars on tbe north Placer So. 11$; on Uvo eaat. Bureka lode, unsuyeyed, on the south by 9taadard No. 3 and Standard Practkn to&m, aiuurveytHi. and on th aouthirmt ty Alton lode, ur. No. 111. Any and all panoaa ttatmhig adrei ! Jy any portion ot takl nlnw or surfae, ground, ar required to 01 tkear adyers clatana with tie Re1tr of tin U. S. Land Offle. at Rapid City. ft. D.. durlnc the sixty days' period of publication h roof, or tliey will b barred by virtue of Ui provisions of the statute. A. K. OAHDNDR, Register. !t ia harvbr ordered that tha forgoio notlos b published far a period of 60 consecutive day in the Pioneer-TlEMa, a dally newspaper publisned at Deadwood. S. D., and nearest mii claim. A. K. GARDNBR. RlrUr. (Kbwt Pb. Oct. M. 100. ADDITIONAL BELT. jjlke Hailoran and family returned Lead and intend to remain. He irent to Butte about one year ago, irhere he has been working for one of the mining companies out there. Mike jjjuXs while Butte may have some advantages, that Lead is a pretty good place fr a workinS man after all and be is illiDK t0 make tnis uis home. Contra' tor McDonald, who is putting iQ 1,1 0 sewer in tne l'lt-y- and has necessarily done a large volume of business in Lead during the last few months, suffering some annoyance because f some spurious checks which' are incirculation. The amount reaches well in the hundreds of dollars and the matter is being investigated. Mr. McDonald feels that busi nessoen should use due discretion before cashing time checks. If Mr. Me- j A Merry Christmas. cal atPn "C iB Crdia InT"J to street whUF Q Upper Mai le ' whe,n ln need of anything ln J SI8 and fancy greyer es and notions. We are agents tor and7Lthe ar8e8t --Sringr ff "b' "ale houses, not only in the United States, but in the world lours Respectfully -" BELT MERCANTILE CO. Winter Pasture. w.nT, "f acres of PaSture d. wu ZT and plenty 0f Erasa- 1 will feed during Btorms. I c DELlNUlENT SALE NOTiCE. Sliver Queen Mining company, principal place of business. Doiidwood, S D , location of -works Bear Dutte Mining District, Law-rfnee county. S. 1. NOTICE There is delinquent on the follow in described stock on account of as-se-.-meni No. 3. of one-half cent por sna.v. levied on the 4th day of October, 1900. lhe several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: Cert Professional Calls Promptly Attended. "Office Specialties" DI8EASE3 OF THE 8KIN AND BLOOD AND ALL DISEA8ES OF MEN AND WOMEN. STRICTURE, RUPTURE, RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COMPLAINTS. Name. Snares. Ann. J P. tlrotihoiiK 200 i 1 00 J. V. Croshong 200 1 00 J V. GroBhoiiK 100 50 Sheri.lan Mcllratney 1 25 Sherhlan McBratney 250 125 Sheridan Mcllratney 2.r.0 125 commodate 100 head of ha. 12. 47. is. winter, at 1.50 per month. A. H. coost.rcv Whiii'wood, S. D. Sheridan McBratney 200 1.00 i:. Sheridan McBratney 200 1.00 .1 Sheridan McBratney 200 1.00 r.-' Sheridan McBratney 200 1 00 Sheridan McBratney 200 1.00 Donald knows where the guilt lies he is reserving his statement until he has ferreted it all out. 12TH ANNUAL BALL PAINLESS METHOD FOR THE CURE OF PILES,, FI8TULA AND RECTAL DI8EASES. Sheridan McBretne 200 1.00 Sheridan McBratney 100 .50 Sheridan McBratney 100 .50 For Sale. One high-pressure boiler, 60 Inches diameter by ,4 feet long, complete with front smoke stack and all fittings, but little used and in first class ond.tion For information address Price & Daker Co., Ulackhawk, or J "aker. Lead, S. I). 12 11 tf ic Hioofl Poison erly and 1379 .1 ft. southwesterly from the , center of the dleoovery shaft; and containing an area of 6 718 acres. MANNING LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1. Identical with Cor. No, 1 Mahn Fraction lode, of this survey; whence U.9 L. M. No. 14 bears S. 57 53' 50 B., 3480.1 ft ; thence N. 20 29' E., 1447 ft; thence S. R7 10' E. 305.1 ft: thence 8. 20 27' V.. 1356 ft., to corner No. 4. Identical iLh Cor. No. 6 Mongrer and Dhoul lode of this survey; thence 8. 23 15' W.. 51.7 ft.; thence N. 71 50' W.. 150.1 ft.; thenoe N 57 10' W.. 149 8 ft., to the place of beginning; claiming 144B5 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line: 1S46.5 ft. southwesterly and 1O0 ft. northeasterly from the center of discovery shaft, and containing u nrea of 9.840 acres. MONGREL AND DHOUL LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1; whence U. S. U. M. No. 14 bears S. 34 13' 40" E. 34H4.2 ft; thenoe S. 21 11" W. 3.74 4 ft. to Cor. No. 1. Identical with Cor No. 3 Blunderbuss lode. Sur. No. 837. thence S 19 22' W., 932.6 ft.; thence N. 73 16' W., U, ft.; thence N. 53 30' W.. K.2.1 ft., to Cor. No. 5. Identical with Oor No. 4 Manning lode of this survey: thence N. 20- 27' E, , 1356 ft ; thwncs 8. 63 30' E. 294.8 ft. to place of beginning: claiming lSf.6 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line; 1346 ft. running southwesterly and 10 ft running northeasterly from the oenter of dis-overy shaft, and containing an area of 8 fc05 acres. Mitgnelic variation from 14 4V E. to 15 4S' K. Total are.i. 64 670 acres. The locations of these mines are recorded In the office of the Register of Deed of Lawrence County, S. D , in Hook 151, p. 5S2; Book 151, p. 584; Book 151. p. 583' Book 151, p. 58S; Book 151. p. 582; Book 70 p. 47; Book 151. p 581; Book 151, p. 584; Book 70. p. 252. and Book 151. p. 58L The adjoining claims are on tho north, Harrison. Sur. No. 992. Coldon Wedge No. 2. Sur. No. 1396; on the east. Hopkins, Charles Gardner. Ella, Kicking Horse Frac, Sur. No. 12H8: Carrollton Sur. No. 123S; 'We) Fargo No. 2, Sur. No. 946: on the outh. Blunderbuss, survey No. 837; Tredwell Sur. No. 836: New York, Sur. No. 322, and on the west by Uncle Sam, Sur. No. 285, and Harrison, Sur. No. 992. Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said mines or surface ground, are required to file their adverse claims with the Register of the United) States Ijuid Office at Rapid City, S. D., during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of the statutes. A. K. OARDNER, Register. It la hereby ordered that the foregoing notice be published for a period of nln consecutive weeks ln tho Pioneer-Times, a daily newspaper published in Deadwood, 8. D., and nearest said claims, A. K. GARDNBR, Register. (First Pub. Nov. 22. 1900.) Hose Company No. 2 AT THE Miners Union Opera House f.7. J. 73. SI. S'.'. )4. "". S7. 9S. 31. PRIMA EY. AND TIH TI AMY BTAUKb. "Venereal Diseases" In Their Most Malignant Forms. 104. 111. NEW YEAR'S EVE, DECEMBER Tickets, $1.50. COMMITTEES. 12fi. An Important Difference. To make it apparent to thousands who think themselves III, that they are not afflicted with any disease but that the. system simply needs' cleansing, js to bring comfort hom Ur.. ir.7. H. Executive T. M. Brownlee, J. 160. nz. 14. 160. 17. 17!. 1R0. Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bubo, Unnatural Losses, Sexual Weakness and Impotency In ""Young and Middle aged Men. o their hearts, as a costive condition Is easily cured by using Syrup of Hgs, manufactured by the California Hg Syrup Co.. only, and sold by all druggist. 183. E. a. Croshong 1.000 J. S. Iodd 1,000 J. W. CroshnnK 100 John Malmsten 250 Joseph W. Bailey 2350 J. W. OroshonK 100 J. W. (Jnwhong 100 J. C. Johnson 300 Mrs. K. l'ratt 500 E. B. (Jroehon. 100 (ieo. W. Kimble 75 J. S. lodd 150 J. 8. Iod(l 500 .1. S. Ikxld 1,000 J. S. Dodd 1,000 J. S. Dodd 1,000 J. S. Dodd 1.000 neo. W. Kimble 115 E. B. Oroshonjr 250 E. B. C.roshong 250 ON). W. Kimble 200 Harry Flynn 117 J. 0. Johnson 700 W'm. Llnd 800 Oeo. W. Kimble S00 Oeo. W. Kimble ISO Peter C. Myhren S0 Peter C Myhren 500 Michael Iknovan 500 MIchaH Donovan 500 Michael lonovan 500 Michael Donovan 500 Mrs. A. B. Gibson BOO J. B. OlBon 140 E. O. Mathey 300 H. B. Young 158 Mrs. Emma Pratt 1.000 S. McBratney 6,000 S. McBratney 2,000 All of 1K7. 19H. Irregularities and Diseases Women 201. 206. 207. 208. 211. Wilson, A. Patriquin, L. Brunell and f. Heitler. Floor J. II. Wilson, James Delan-y, John Treweek, H. Brown, William Honey. Door L. Brunell, Charles Lashley md R. Pan coast Reception A. Patriquin. Fred Shackleford, N. Treweek, Sam Patricks, T. M. BrownJee, L. A. Fell, M. Knight, Charles Coolidge. William Lyons, W. E. Smead, J. Daly, R. Pan-wast, M. C. Campbell, H. Harwood, fames Cuslck, William Bartolero, fohn Sheridan, S. R. Smith, J. Conant, , J. Bothwell. F. B. Corum, John lYeweek, A. H. Lundin, O. Cruick-ihank, L. Magnussen, John Zerflng. ANN l' A I. MERTINO. The r.-guhir annual meeting of tho etock-holders of Lhe Mrsl Nationa, Uank of Iadwnod. f(w- thp r)rctIon (t a bo&nu of directors for the ensuing year, will be held tit its banking house on Tuoeeday the 8lh day of Jajiuary. 1901. at 2 o'clock p. m I. A. Mel'HERSON, Cashier 212. 214. 215. 216. 217. DISEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE THROAT, LUNG8, LIVER, STOMACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. DR. TODD'8 SUPPORTER FOR THE RADICAL CURE OF RUPTURE. NA8AL CATARRH. Consultation Free. 6 00 50 1 25 1.25 .50 .50 1.50 2.50 .50 .38 .75 2 50 5 00 5.00 5.00 5 00 .58 1 25 1.25 1 00 .59 3.50 4 00 3 00 .95 2 50 2 60 2.50 2 50 2.50 2 50 2. B0 .70 1.50 .79 R.00 25.00 10.00 5.00 8 00 5.00 6.25 50.00 5 00 3.18 24.6 5 00 5.00 5.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5 on 5.00 .58 5 00 00 NOTICE There will he n h..j i. 225. EOUISK MININCt COMPANY. NOTICK The stockholders' meeting of tho Eclipse meeting Mining Co. will be hold at tho onVe of II. P. Young, Lee St., Deadwood. S. IV. at 8:30 p. m Wednesday. leo. 19, 1900, for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may come before the meeting J. GOLDBERG. See. (Martin & Mason. Attorneys. M. A. NO. 1M2. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT U. S. I.and Office. Rapid City, South Dakota. Nov. 19th. 190. NOTICE IS HEREY GIVEN. That the Golden Gate Mining and Milling Co. a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state of West VlreinlH. with principal place of btislnesi and poet-office address at Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota, and Matthew Carroll, residence and postofflce address Central City. lAwrence County. S. D , have this day filed their application for a patent for the Maggie Fraction, Valet Chief. Blacktall Chlof, Maine Fraction, Levi I'. Morton, Mills. Egan Fraction, Mahn Fraction, Manning and Mongrel and Dhoul lode mining claims, bearing gold, with surface ground as hereinafter shown, situated In Whltewood Mining District, Lawrence County, S. D., and designated by the field notes and official plat on file In this ofnoe as Mineral Survey No. 1439, In Township 5 N. Range 3 E.. B. H. M. Said M. S No. 1439 if described as follows: MAOOTE FRACTION LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1, S. E. Cor., on line 4-1 Wells Fargo Fraction lode, Sur. No. 940; whence V. S. L. M. No. 14 bears S. 27 28' 20 E. 30(50.8 ft. distant: thence W. 0.01 ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 41 4V W. JOS .1 to Cor. No 3. identical with Cor. No. C Tredwell lode, Sur. 83; thence N. 84 35' W., 35.94 ft; thence N. 41 M' W. 18 68 ft. to Cor. No. 5, Identical with Cor. No. 6 Blacktall Chief lode of this Bur. : thence N. 8 32' 30" W. 491.4 ft.: thenoe E. 0.02 ft.; thence S. 20" 01' E.. 292 ft. to Cor. No. 8, identical with Cor. No. 1 Carrollton lode, Sur. 123S-and Cor. No. 4 Wella Fargo No. 2 lode, Sur. No. 946; thence S. 86 22' E. 293.35 ft.; thence fl. 48 42' W., 89.71 ft.: thence S. 30 17' E. , 202 5 ft. to place of beginning; claiming 819.9 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line; 100 ft. northerly and 719.9 ft. eoutherly from the center of discovery shaft; and containing an area of 1.014 acres; not Including area In conflict with Wells Fargo Fraction lode, Sur. No. 946, to-wit, 0.004 acres, which If not claimed by these applicants. BLACKTAIL CHIEF LODE Beginning at S. W. Cor. for Cor. No. 1: whenc IT. S. I,. M. No. 11 bears S. 34 13' 40 E. 3464.2 ft. dlit ; thence N. 4 40' V . 1197 6 ft. to Cor. No. 2. Identical with Cor. No. , Valet Chief lode, of tMs 'Sur. ; thrvnee N. 70 49' E., 196.8 ft.; thence S. K 2' K. "! ft., to Cor. No. 4. Identical with Cor. No. 1, Kicking Horse Frnc. lode, Sur No. 126S: thence S. 8 4V K. 217. S ft.; thence S. S 32' 30" E. 491.5 ft.; thence S. 70 4't' W . L'ici S ft. to Cor No 1. the plllce of beginning; claiming 1497.6 ft. along the presumed direction of tbe lode line; 1372 ft. northerly and 125 ft. southerly from tho center of discovery cut, and containing an nrea of 8 255 acTes VALET CHIEF LODE Beginning at E. Cor., corner No. 1. whence V. 3. D M No. 14 bears S. 34" 13' 40 E., 3464 2 ft thence N. 6. 30' W. 294.8 ft.; thence N 13 56' W. 6.13.1 ft.; thence N. 1 35' E 6S6.2 ft., to Cor. No. 4. Identical with Cor No. 9. Golden Wedge No. 2 lode Sur. No 1396; thenoe N. 2 11' V. in ft .h... nary let. 1901. J4.7S0.0O permanent school inA upon Rood Improved farm landn and school bonds. ll-27-6w tit . ,,., County Auditor. 231. 232. 233. 247. 253. 250. 262. 263. 264. 5. McBratney 1.000 LEGAL NOTICES (John R. WilBon, Attorney.) NOTICE OF FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS S. McBratney 1.000 McBratnev 1.000 Mrs. Emma Pratt 1.250 Mrs. A. ,T. Wood 10.000 Mrs. A. J. Woo4 6,000 Mrs. A. J. Wood 1.000 Mrs. A. J. Wood 636 B. O. Kimball 0.... 4.919. W. H. Wright 1.000 Needham & Eccles 1,000 Need ham & Eccles 1.000 279. 280. 2X3. 29. 296. The Carbon: Studio, of uLi: 0 THE HIGH PRICED J ) PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO 9 9 OF THE BLACK HILLS. m 297. 29V 29". 31"'. .'I' ' . II. S. I'olk II. S. I'olk II. S. I'olk II. S. I'olk II. S. I'olk II. S. I'olk... II. S. I'olk II. S. I'olk . . . . II. S. Polk 'Not the Cheapest, but the Best.' 5,000 5,000 5.000 1.000 l.OOfl 1.000 1.000 1,000 116 trustee 1.000 trusteo 1.000 tnislee 1.000 1.000 500 In the District Court oX the United States for the Western Division of the District of South Dakota. In the matter of Henry Rosenkranz, Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy. To the creidtors of Henry Rosenkranz, of Central City, in the County of Lawrence, and district aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given the.t on tbe 10th day of December, A. D. 1900, the said Henry Itosenkranz, was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at the office of Granville G. Bennett, Referee in Bankruptcy, In Dead-wood, South Dakota, on the 22nd day Studio in the second story, next to Monheini's, Main St., LEAD. ::ii7. i . r 3i'::. 31'".. 31'fi. 317. BnRK.iley Bn.frK.iley DaRpalcv r. I'olk. Morse. . . . . John John John f'hu. J. I.. It !' 5 00 5.00 2 50 (W S. Elder, Attorney.) M. A. NO. 1261. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. U. S. Lnd Office. Rapid City, So.. Dak., Nov. 19th, 1900. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that W. 8. Elder, , whose poetofflce address Is Dead-wood, S. D.; Frank Blackman, whose poetofflce' address is Rochelle,. III., and R. B. Plnney, whose postofflce addrese Is Keystone, S. I)., have this day filed their application for a patent for 1413.2. 1269.7, 110S nnd 10S7.2 linear feet respectively of the Newport, Freeport. .1. C, and R. O. mine or veins, bealng gold, with surface ground 300 feet In width, situated ln Ida (!rny Mining District. County of lawrenee, and State of South Dakota, and designated l.y the field notes and otllclnl plat on file in thlH olllce as lot number 1425, said lot No. lllTi being described as follows, to-wlti NEWPORT I. ODE Beginning at Cor. No 1 a pine post scribed IN-IK-1425. Whence Cor. sections 13, 2418 and 19. Township 5 N. between Ranges 2 and 3 E. B. II M. bears P 68 53' W. 6162.7 ft.; thence P. 23 OS' R. 339.6 to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 3 29' E 270 1 ft. to Cor. No. S; thence N. 57 26' E. 648 7 to Cor. No. 4.; thence N. 20 19' E. 432 1 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence N. 23 08' W. 51.1 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence N. 45 54' W. 282.7 ft to Cor. No. 7; thence S. 19 40' V. 4S0.3 ft. to Cor. No. 8; thence P. 57 44' W. 603 ft. to Cor. No. 9; thence S. 36 41' W. 169.9 ft to Cor. No. 1: and plice of beginning: claiming 6K3.2 ft.-Easterly and 750 0 ft Westerly from ftS' covery. fJeneral course of the lode line being' N. 36 3.'.' E. 224 5 ft. N. 57 35' E. 525.6 ft. to discovery: thence N. 57 35' E. 100. 3 ft.: thence N. 20 19' E. 432 1 ft. S. Bacon 300 1 50 And in accordance with the law and an onlcr (tf the board of directors made on tho 4th day of October. 1900, bo many shares of each parcel of stock as may be ntwessary will be sold at pnbllc auction at the Anierimn National Bank, on Main street. Deadwood. 8. J)., on the 20th dav of December, 1900. at 2:30 p. m. of said (lay to pay said delinquent assessment, to gether with the.-Cflpta of advertising and the expenses of sale. SHERIDAN McBRATNEY, Sec. 5 of December, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. WHEN LOOKING FOR S. B2 -0' R. . 200.8 ft ; thence S. 4 40' V. . ft., to place of beelnnlnir- claiming Office at Rapid City, S. D.. Nov. 20th. Holiday Goods GRANVILLE G. BENNETT, Referee In Bankruptcy. Dated at Dead wood. South Dakota this 10th day of December, 1900. (First Pub. Dec. 11. 1900.) FOR CHRISTMAS, & Don't forget that you can find most 8 anything you need at S. R. Smith's, 1900. Nctice is hereby given that the following-named settler has tiled notice of hM Intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that eald proof will be made before Clerk of Circuit Court for Lawrence County. S. D., at Deadwood, S. D . om Dec. 27th, 1900, viz.: Edwin J. Eastwood, II. E. 504fi, for the E'fe SE'i SW'4 SK'4 and SE4 SW Sec. 17, Tp. 5 N. U. 4 E. B. H. M. He names the following witn(ses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, vlr.: Robert James, of Deadwood, P. R. Edgar Bishop, of Deadwood, S. D. Samuel Story, of Deadwood, R. D. Cbarlee Case, of Dendwood, S. D. A. K. GARDNER, Register. (First Tub. Nov. 22, 1900.) ASSESSMENT NOTICE. The Minna Mining company, principal place of buslmws, Doadwood, Jyawrence county. South akola; location of minee. Dear Hutto mining district. Notice is hereby given that at a special trusting of the board of directors of tbe above corporation, held at Deadwood, South Dakota, on the 19th day of Novem- 1484 7 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line; 1314.7 ft. northerly and 110 ft. southerly from the center of the discovery cut. and containing an area of i 437 acres. BLAIVR FRACTION LODRneglnnine at Cor No. 1. on line 2-.1 Vnlet Chief lode of thl survey; whence 1'. fl J, VI No 14 bears S. 35 43' E., 3713.8 ft.; thence S '4.'. 21' t . 0.1 ft.; thence N. 57 10' V. r,".7 fi ft.; thence NTs 21' E 444 4 ft., to Cor. No 4. Identical with Oor. No. 3 Valet Chief Ixxle. nf this survey; thence S 13' K fiS3 ft. to place of beginning: claiming r.r.J S ft. along the presumed direction of lhe lode line; 1T.3 S ft. norwpsterly and 400 ff. southeasterly front the center of discovery shart; and containing nn area of 2 778 acres. LEVI P. MORTON LODE-neglnMng at, Oer. No. 1. Identical wlffi C6r. No. 1. Egan Fraction lode, end Cor Vn 1 um. as he carries useful articles, Includ- Ing anything in the FURNITURE j. line... He has a beautiful lot of FOLD j$ ING BEDS, SIDE BOARDS, CHIF- j- 55 07' 130 8 ft. FREEPOUT !X)DK Beginning at Cor. No 1, whence sections 13, 24, IS. and 19, T. 5 N. between ranees 2 and 3 E. B. H. M. bears S. 68 53' W. 616L' 7 ft.; thence N. 23 OS' W. ft. to Cor. No. 2.; thence N. 36 35' F 60 7 ft. to Cor. No. 3; thenre N. T,V 33' E. .".62 ft. to Cor. No. 4; thence N. 20 11' K. 4S2.4 ft. lo Cor. No. 6; thence P. 48 57' E. 299.3 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence S 23'' OS' K. 8 3 ft to Cor. No. 7: thence S. 19 40' W. 480.3 ft. to Cor. No. 8; thence P. 37 44' W. 603 ff. to Cor. No, 9; thence P. 36 41' W. 169.9 ft. to Cor No. 1. and. place nf beginning: claiming 571.9 ft. Easterly aijd 68 fit Westerly from the discovery. (iencraJ course of the lode line being N. 36 38' E N 57 3S' E. 19 FONNIERS, FANCY DRESSERS and j-DRESSING TABLES, BEAUTIFUL j; OF jr rer, 1900, an assessment, No. 17, of one mill per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable Immediately to the treasurer, John Baggaley, at his oflce in Deadwood, South Dakota. Any sjpok upon which this assajsmeat shall remain unpaid on the 27th day of De-camber, A. D. 1900. will beWne delinquent and will be advertised for saje, and unless payment shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction on the 17th day of January. 1901, at 2 o'clock p. m., of safd dav to pay said delinquent assessment. jj nuv, iu u n to a VERY LATEST DESIGNS, besides a 8 a complete line of CHINA nd LAMPg -j GOODS. " SS jj He carries a nice line of PIANOS S8 gj and ORGANS, and sells them on very SS a easy terms, at 8 per cent interest. S3 both of LhU survey, and with Cor. No 2 Harrison lode. Rur. 902. whence V. S J, (Martin & Mason, lAttornys.) M. A. NO. 125. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. United States Land Office, Rapid City South Dakota, October 80, 1900. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That the Rookery Gold Mining Co- a corpora S. R. 5HITH, to SS SS together with costs of advertising and ex penses of Bale. JOHN BAGGALBY, Secretary and Treasurer. LEAD. SS 8 SSSS?S.?S'SSS!S?2SSSS?SSS!3a 40' E. P. 6K 59' E. J. C. I)DE-Beginning at Cor. No. 1, whence Cor. Sec. 13, 24. IS and 19 T. 5 N. between ranges 2 and 3 E B. H. M. bears P. 71 40' W. 5093 8 ft.; thence N. 23 08' W. 77 3 ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 46 48" E. 857.9 ft. to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 57 Of E. 2S1 5 ft. to Cor. No. 4: thence S. 23 08' E. 297.2 ft. to Cor. 5; thence S. 5T 17' W. 283 5 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence S. 61 $2 W. 807.1 ft. to Cor. No. l. and place of beginning, claiming 858.2 ft. Easterly and 750 0 ft. Westerly from discovery. Course of lode line N. 53 59' E. N. 57 06' B. R. O. IODB Beginning at Cor. No. 1. whence Cor. Sec. 13, 24. 18, and 19, T. 6 N. between ranges 2 and 3 E. B. H. bears S. 71 40' W. 6093.8 ft: thence S. 23 OS W. 236.7 ft to Cor. No 2; thence N. 66 07f E. 808.7 ft to Cor. No. 3; theoce N. 57 17 E. 283.5 ft to Cor. No. 4; thence N. 23 (W W. 300 ft, to Cor. No.5; thence S. 67 17 W. 283. 6 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence S. 61 Sff W. 807.1 ft. to Oor. No. 1, and place of beginning; claiming 337 2" ft. Easterly and ' (Martin & Mason, Attys.) SUMMONS RELIEF, COMPLAINT. oears a. at 41' 40" R 4542 8 ft. distant: thence N. 45" 23' 30" E 719 ft to Cor. No. 2. Identical with Cor. No. S Harrison lode. Sur. W2; thenee'N 1 44' E. 675.1 ft ; thenoe S. 52 03' fJ 200 6 ft thencfl g. l 35' w. 686.2 ft.: thence S 45 21' W. 711 ft.; thence N. 52 03' W. 300 1 ft to place of beginning; claiming 1394.1 ft. along tbe presumed direction of the lode line; 180 ft southwesterly and 1214 1 ft. northeasterly from renter of discovery cut: and containing- an arsa of 5S4 acres MILLS LODE Beginning at Cor. No 1 N. B. Cor., identical with Cor. No. 2 Harrison lode, Sur. No. 992; whence TJ. 8 L M. No. 14 bears S. 42 41' 40" B. 4542.1 ft.; thence S. 10 06' E. 650 ft.; thence S 1 13' 30 R, 849.7 ft; thenoe N 56 27' W 294.5 ft; thence N. 5 13' 30" W 1498 4 ft. to Cor. No. 5, Identical wrlth Cor. No 1 Harrison lode, Sur. No. 992; thence 8. 66 27' B. 299 9 ft., to. Diace of beirlnnlnr: FILED. 1 State of South Dakota, County of Law tion organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the state of South Dakota, with postoffloe address. Rookery Building, Chicago Ills., has this day filed Its application for a patent for the "Chipmunk" and "Oilman" lode mining claims, beating gold, with surface (round as hereinafter shown, situated ln Bear Butte Mining District, Lawrence County, S. D. , and designated by tbe field notes and official plat on file ln this office as Mineral Survey No. 1482, ln Sections 30 and II, Township 6. N. Range 4 D. B. H. M. Said M. 8. 1402 beLag described as follows: CHIPMUNK LODB Berlnnlne; at Cor. No. 1, whence the corner of sections 26-34 and 30-31 T. S N. Rg. S-4 E. B. H. M., bears S. V 57' BC W. 17J3.4 ft; thence S. 74 25' W. 402 ft.; theoce 8. f If W. 614 g ft; theooe S. 04' B. 710.7 ft; theno. N. 74 ' B. 429 ft to Cor. No. 5 Identical with Cor. No. 3 Oilman lode of this Mr.; theooe N. M 48' W. 1130.1 ft. rence, ss. Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit Raomus Nelson and Peter Godfrey, plain tiffs, vs. Edwin 8. Thayer, Defendant. The State of South Dakota' to the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to anrwer the complaint of the plaintiff In " . ... . I" the above entitled action, which was filed ADJUSTABLE elalmlng 1498.4 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode Mnet 25 ft. northerly and 1473.4 ft. southerly from center of dls-coery shaft; and containing an area of 6.481 acre. Not including area ln conflict wltht Uncle Sam lode, Ssr. No. 285, 2.464 acres not claimed. EXJAN FRACTION LODE Beginning at Oor. No. I, Identical with Cor. No, 1 Levi in tbe ofnoe of the clerk of the circuit court, of the Eighth Judicial circuit, in and for the county of LawTence and state of South Dakota, on November 27th, 1900, and to serve a copy of your answer to the eald complaint, on the eubscriberst at 7500 rt wewteriy from discovery. Course of lede line N. 60 02' J3. for 750 ft.; thenoe N. 66 Of E. 53 7 ft; thence N. 57 17' B. 2S3.5 ft AREA. Newport Lode 8 33 acre Eroeport Lode 7 930 acres J. C. Lode 5 347 acres R. O. Lode 6.876 acres ft to place of beginning; claiming 1320.2 ft along the presumed direct loo of tbe or me vein; sis.z rt. northerly and 717 ft their office in Deadwood, ln said county and state, within thirty days after the souioeny rrom center or d scoverr rat: P. Morton lode and Cor. No. 1 Mills lode. aenrlce: and if you fail to answer the said and oootaintaiK aa area of 12.178 acres both Of this Sur and with Cor Vn Total Area ..28.986 complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff ln this action will apply to the Harrison lode. Sur. No. 992; whence U. S. Area, in oonniot with Zlnk lode (0.001 acres) sot claimed; area In conflict with Ths locatioo of thsss mines are fwesreV U M . No. 14 bears 8. 42 41' 40 F. 4542 8 " " - ' . L,TY . . i,rt jf . Well -i Anon lode (l.f04 acres) not claim sd: rt. distant; thence S. 62 03' E. 300 1 ft; area ln conflict with Old Republican lode thenee S. 4 84' 30 W. 1809.1 ft; thence court for the. relief demanded in tne com. plaint Dated November 27. 1900 MARTIN MASON. Plaintiffs' Attorneys. Deadwood, S. D. (First Pub. Nov. 28. 1900.) v t, r. oi- ej- w. s;i rt to Cor. No. 4. identical with Oor. No. S Mills lode of this urvey; thenee N. 1 18' SO W. 849.7 ft.; thenee N. 10 06' W., 660 ft to place of ed In tbe Recorder's office of Lewrenoe County In Books 134 and 120 pages 001 and 23 of Quarts Locations. The adjoining claimants are: On the east. Son Net 1409, St Clair; on tbe South, unknown; west, unknown, and north, nn knows, Any and nil persona claiming adversely any portion of said Newport, Freeport, J. C. and R. O. mines or surface ground, are VmmUhI a SI. M.-J- - - (0.035 acres) not claimed, and area in conflict with Placer 331 (.116 acres) claimed. GILMAN LODE Beginning at Got. No. 1; whence the corner of section 15-16 and 30-11' T. 5 N., R. 1-4, B. B. H. M bears 8. 75 02' 60 W. 1898 7 ft; thence 8 47 28' W. , 190.1 ft; thence S 00 41' E.. 1330.1 ft. to Cor. No. 1. identical with beginning: elalmlng 1401.5 ft along the Oor. No. 5 Chipmunk lode, of thin sur.: presumed direction or the lode nne; 661.5 ft northerly and 740 ft. southerly from oenter of discovery shaft,' and eontalnbig an area of 2-788 acres. MAHN FRACTION LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1. Identical with Cor. No. 1, Man-nlnglodsofthissurrey; whence U. 8. L- M. No. 14 bears N. 87 63' 60 BL 3480.1 ft dhrt; thenee N. IT" lfr W.. 0.1 ft: thenee N. 4 s . . . . - . T- . . . w- ... . l. 1. r. - . ! r ! 1 the Register of the United States Land Office at Rapid City, ln tbe Ooenty ed Pennington. 8.. D., during ths sixty days period ef publication hereof, or they will be barred by ths virtue to ths proviskssi thence 8. 7Z- & is. 4ZS.0 ft; thence N. 2 ft? W., 1406.7 ft; (hence tL 71 U W 246.8 ft- to place of beglnnlBr; claiming of ths Btatate. 1406.7 ft, along the presumed direction of ASSESSMENT NOTICE. The Trent Mining company, principal place of business Deadwood, awrenee county, South Dakota; location of mines. Carbonate mining district 1 Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors of the above corporation held at Deadwood, South Dakota, on tbe 6th day of December, ltOO, an assessment. No. S, of one and one-half (1H) mills per share was levied npoo the capites' stock oc the corporation, payable immediately to the treasurer; O. U. Pryce, at Us office In Deadwood, Sooth Dakota. Any stock npon which this assessment shall remain unpaid m the 1Kb day of January, A. D. 101. will become elia- A. K. GARDNER, Register. It Is hereby ordered, that ths followln the lode Ilsei 710 ft southerly Mid 671.7 ft northerly from carat er of dl scoverr eat: 34' SO B. 1309.1 ft, to earner No. 8. Identical wtth Cor. Now 8. Cgan FVactlon lode, and Cor. Nov 6. Levi P. Morton lode hoth containing aa are of 13. 1 acres. Notice ef Appliestioa for Patent be MBit bed for ths period of 60 days (nine eas AacwTmtrfr Ttttad NOSE AND THROAT. VarraOoa nt all ooraere IS IT K Total nrea, 14.171 seentire weeks), In ths Pioneer-TIbms. daily Wiiwe pmhUshsfl stt Dssdvte-TL of this for.: thenee N. 45 21' 166.7 ft.; thenee & If 10 ., 25 tf ft: these g. M tT W.. 144T ft. to place ef seginning; caalnrlng 1499.1 ft along the) nrssautsd sl- Tbe locations of these mines are re n, - aaa " Md. Socth Dakota. ClUMITEDTOEYE.EAR, J . t " ptekMuoa'i Dree S T . ' ' ' '. . A. TC OAKDNITR, ililil. Fhrst MivMthM Mot. IX. " corded ln the office of the register of deeds of Lawrenee ooanty, 6otb Dakata, la reeuon Of was isoe Has; ut tt

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