The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on December 16, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 16, 1900
Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tines. LEAD, S. D. (BLACK LULLS ), SUN 1AY, DIX'KMBHU Hi, 11)00. 25th YEAR. In Every Department Christmas Goods. . . their offices by special dispensation at the firt meeting in January. The following were installed by Mrs. jGar-rie Gibhs. installing officer, and Mrs. Alice Wilkie as marshal: Home twelve or fifteen couples of the friends of Miss Kate Pohlzon met Friday evening and proceeded to the home of that young lady and tendered her a surprise. The evening was delightfully spent with music and games ami later refreshments were served. The Greatest Reduction " GOODS MUST BE SOLD. In Winter Merchandise Offered The prices we make are without This regard to cost. Season. Al Rose haa a fine line of flowers and will be well stocked for1 the holiday trade. Parties wishing flowers leave orders at S. Gilbert's, or call at Greenhouse, next to Episcopal church. 12-13-2W o JULIUS' RESORT. Julius Rebsamen's beer hall is conveniently located in the basement beneath J. K. Searle's meat market, Main street, Lead. Business men's ! ,nch at noon served every day. ilere you can always get the best of l.ot soups and the ciokiug is "just as nod as mother used to cook." The fa i. his Auheuser-Bws. h beer lon.-'tantly m tap. A qui. t, orderly, up tn date . ! man b.-r ball. Visitors fiom the irro'.imling country, as well as c;ti , ii , rcncrallv of Lead ai e in Red c Is emphatically Holiday headquart This great store rs. and our prices (quality considered) are absolutely the very ,., before have, our stocks been so complete and varied, o:ir arlet; s -troni; card. jur Y OU WILL FIND. I ...lily's or C'hil'l J;uKet in our store at one-half marked Any Miss Pohlzon had been made aware of the intentions of the party and t;is prepared to n t it ;i i n all 1U a mo. ' hospitable manner. The blanch of tin- We-dcrn Federation of Labor wlii'-li was organized in Lead about one car ;u:o has nade iapid strides and now lias a membership of five hundred or over. In this order is included all branches of labor, but as the miners have tin ii own union, that brain h is not represented very strongly, it is composed mo.-.l ly I In Dry Coods (k'pi. fill . Dress ami aU'i. t I'a pri.-f. Any l.iil. 's or MiastM Cape at one-half marked price. Our line of Trimmed Hats for Ladies, Misses and Children is absolutely up-todate, not an old piece of goods in the store. It all goes at half marked price. Ladies' Silk, Satin, French Flannels, Brillianti ne, and all classes of Fall and Winter Waists in great variety, at one-third less than regular prices. ..Our entire line of Percale and Flannelette Wrappers, one-third off marked price. Our line of Furs is still complete.. .One-third off on all fur goods in Silk and Wool, Cloves, IIamlkerrl,i, Holiday Presents. In M 11 nery Ifept, Ready made I).-esses, Dressing Sacks, Capes, Jackets, Wrappers, Infants' Wear, Trimmed Hats, Waists, Mackintoshes, Ladies', Misses' and Child's Furs, Shawls, Knit Goods. Belts, Fans, ami all kinds c; fan' cy goods. Rugs. Curtains, Car pets, Table Sil verw.i, e, Celluloid and silver nowliies. Tniw Wolff Fink, the hading jeweler of I Lead, has this year made greater; preparations for the holiday trade! than ever before, and has a large i Cases, Albums, Fan. y Doses and ICHASES nn euuicss variety or articles both useful and ornamental. WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP In clothing Dept. Fine Neckwear, Men's Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Umbrellas, Jewelry, Suits for Men and Eoys, Hats, Overcoats, and Shoes of all kinds for Men Women and Children,. No. 5 East Main Street, In Hardwar Dept. Carving Sets, Carpet Sweepers, Fine Cutlery and Si Issora, Cook' Ing Utensils, Enameled and Granite Ware. stock of the finest jewelry. His line of diamonds, watches, jewelry, hand-painted chinaware, cut glass and silverware has no equal in the city, and his prices aro the lowest for the best material. He aiso offers as a present a ladies' gold w&tch and a diamond ring. With every $1 purchase he gives a ticket which entitles the purchaser to a chance In the above presents. Ills store Is at the old stand, on Mill street, and he invites all to come and see his stock before purchasing. No trouble to show goods. tf of labor on the outside, cl'.'rk;r etc., and the size to which they have grown numerically Is evidence sufficient to prove that Lead is a strictly union city. Mrs. 1. B. Sweatman, Worthy Matron; Mr. Thomas L. Kedlon, Worthy Patron; Mrs. Carrie Van Horn, con ductress; Mrs. Cora Cooper, associate Conductress; Mrs. Anna Rice, treasurer; Miss Maud Faust, Adah; Mis Edline Redlon. Ruth; Mrs. Annfi Cruickshank. Esther; Mrs. Grace Staple, Martha; Mrs. Kate Peterson, Electa; Mrs. Emma Bartlett. chaplain; Mrs. Alice Wilkie. marshal: Mr. Thomas R. Moore, sentinel. George W. Dorrance has resign., I his position with S. K. Smith and will enter business upon his own accord. It. T. Potter of Red Cloud, Neb., arrived in Lead for a few days' visit with his brother, A. C. Potter of the Call. Grocery Dept. The finest and best of canned goods, pure spices, teas and cot-fees, and extracts; all kinds of table delicacies anl everything needed for the Xnias dinner. ' i j i I l I w i.e fc i e ijel'J TAR IS I AN DRESSMAKING Henry Schnitzel has addd to his PARLORS Store. How Doten Became Sheriff. Bald Mountain News: Fred Doten has about shaped Ins affairs in Terry to take up his residence in Dead wood to asHume the duties of sheriff of Lawrence county, a po.sition to which he "was elected in November with such a magnificent majority. There is a bit Of history relative to Mr. Doten becoming a candidate for sheriff that has never been published, which will be of Interest at this time. Hon. W. S. O'Brien first suggested to Mr. Doten over a year a so the Men of announcing himself for lihcibT. and the News man was the seronil person to whom Frank S. Bryant was in Lead yc.-'- ( imnnv nfflr. n vnru finr. inicrni'nni Over J. K. Searle's terday from Spearflsh. Mr. Br. ant Store of high magnifying power, which adds largely to his already fine equipments. Mr. Schnitzel is constantly adding new and improved apparatus for the thoi o performance of his assaying, and there is probably no better equipped office of the kind than this one in tho country. oxpe: ts to leave for Cuba shortly afier the holidays. Miss Mabel Livingstone, of the I.loy i Gay company, will render an offertory solo at Christ church this evening, "A Song of Triumph." Bir Brick Headquarters for fine Dressmaking of all kinds, at right prices. FURS MADE OVE. Everything First Class. .MAIN STREET LEAD. 2nd Hand Store Smith & Roney will pay the highest price for LEAD, s. d U:U:t:Z:St:Si:ti-.ti-.i:S:U:ti:U:U:U:ti-. Anumber of Honiestake carpenters left yesterday morning for the pump-ins station, out on the nev; water ditch, for the purpose of building several small houses. The only police court item yesterday was that Messiclc Perry Is again in the hands of the law for leing drunk and disorderly with the vesvlt of tho u.mal fine, which Per.-y v;1l ha i e to t r i out. Yesterday was a busy day in Lead. It was the 15th and a large number Mr. O Brien mentioned the name of fyr. Doten for sheriff. The suggestion at once met with popular favor And at the congressional primaries held early last spring the Terry people formally placed Fred Doten in the race for sheriff, ana so ably did he conduct the preliminary work that when the county convention was held tne several factions had come together In harmonious unanimity and Mr. Doten was nominated for sheriff by acclamation rind the result of the polls should the wisdom of Billy O'Brien In bringing the name of nn honored Terry citizen to the surface for the important office of sheriff. May the shadow of Fred Doten never jgrow less.- Secondhand Furniture, Etc When you are buying and want bargains call at their place of business. Mill street, Lead, South Dakota etxid Accident of men were paid their month's wages ?! Si SS ss sis' is ss a SS is ss is is is Henry Schnitzel's assay office and laboratory is located in the basement of Faust's new block, Lead, and he is prepared to fill all orders in his line. tf Piano Kingsbury, good as new, for sale very cheap. Call at E. Main street, No. 1244, close to D. C. depot, Or P. Q. Box 675. 12-11-lw o TO THE AFFLICTED. Doctor Todd, 11 Mill Street, Lead. If you have been deceived by the alluring notices of medical syndicates in Chicago or elsewhere "green fields are always far away" or have failed to obtain relief from your regular family physician, give me a call. If your case Is curable, I will tell you so. I take no incurable cases. My treatment stands unrivaled. My cures are permanent no experiments or failures My practice is conducted upon a s-trictly professional, honorable and business basis. I contract to cure all case I undertake and furnish medicines for a certain amount, and by this method, patients know exactly the total expense and secrecy is secured. I am here to stay. 12-lG-lw W. Tonn, M. 11 ..Insurance.. GESKE Y & MONAHAN DaKota Lead, Soutli Steve Zerega Wants to sec you when you are in search of WINES. LIQUORS. ORCICARS And If yon knew ais price on these goods, you would wai t to see him 've Got It! You want It Let's Get Together. Yours for business, STEVE. and In accordance, everybody was happy and the business houses were kept busy all day. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L.. Nichols, who reside on Sawyer street, died late Friday night from diphtheria. The family has had its share of affliction, there having beer scarlet fever and pneumonia recently in the family, but this was the. only death, however. Lead Chapter No. 18, 0. E. S., held their annual installation' of ofncri Thursday evening In Masonic hall. Owing to sickness, four of the officers were not Installed, but they will take :S::!i:K:8:S: WW- ' ' 5 L. D. Bailor, M. D. J. L. Esch, M. D. DRS. BAILOR & ESCH. m i i'ir j;e and Diseases of the . Throat a fpo. iaity. Glasses a- eurately f"c ! ANTHONY TSAlir PRACTICAL PLUIBRR and Steam, Rtter LEAD. SO. "DAP St. Office No. 1 '.9 f.lJ-n HOLIDAY GOODS In All DEPARTMENTS 'Of -The-- i Jfcv muffin Vioyd & Gay at the Op ra House. The great Shakespearean play of "Romeo and Juliet was presented at the Lead Opera house last evening to a fairly good sized house. The piece was handled In a manner by ach and every one in their respective parts that was beyond criticism, and makes this company rank as one of the best theatrical troupes that has Visited Lead of late years. The au-. dience; last evening wa san apprecla-t tive one, and was earnest in oft-repeated applause. The management .;' of the Lead Opera house is endeavoring to secure dates with a elass of troupes that have never before consented to come Into this section of the tue country, and it a just encouragement Is accorded by the public, so that the management would feel safe In making a reasonable guarantee, It Is J likely that we can have theatrical ; troupes here that rank among the flrCv The troupes" -that hare .been at 'the Opera house the past several , months, with probably one or two exceptions, have been a credit and have been, made up of the best talent. . , o Still Improving. "Work has been commenced upon a tunnel that will run from the tram- : way level of the Terrarille hoist and connect wth a tramway that ia to be tmllV to the Caledonia mill. The tramway will run into the top of the mill in similar manner to the tram- s way into the Lead mills, and will be "t supired with compressed air engines, , so the report goes. In this way.. this mill will be in a position to receive ores from either the Old Abe or the To waville' hoist, the tramway from , the Old Abe baring been completed a short time ago. The amount of work that has been done upon this mill the M out. WW am Olosin out Sale, At Cost-Thing of it. I HlilBblllJlP What we have got for a Holiday (lift see and help you. Wouldn't a nice Fur Cape, Collarette or Muff just please you cost? " 5 5 SS SS , OUR ECONOMY BASEMENT OFFERS TOYS AND FANCY GOODS ' AT COST AUCTION Every Day Or a nice Suit, Jacket or Cape for wii'e. cr daughter and at cost? ss , ' is ' SS AT 2:00 AND 7:00 P. M. Table Or a nice Wool or Silk Dress Pattern, Linen and Napkins and at cost? Did you ever hare such an opportunity? TTiU year you rare it to your heart's content. But b lively. They are going fast past few months has been great and the resemblance to the old mill ia slight for there has been built sereral additions to be used for the concentrates and engine and fire rooms. Everything is bustle in the little town and the activity of a few years ago is .- and Or a nice pair of Portieres or Lace Curtain-" Our Stocks are being depleat d very fast. Come to the 8ALE for your HOLIDAY SHOPPING. ' Money 8aved Is Money Earned. SS SS SS " All goods sold at prlrate sale at cost, and on many goods cost has been lost sight of to sell them quickly. H again returning. , Day SPECIAL FOR Music Every SATURDAY. A bOiUAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR EARNED. Will Stanley is In Lead from Hot at cost and less? Or a nice Velvet-Brussels or Ingrain Carpet, nothing better and at cost? Then, we hire Olores, Handkerchiefs. Ties, an. a great many fancy novelties, Hats and Bonnets and at cost? Or one of the Original J. M. Richardson l3 at the Auction Stand, at your own price. Bids asked from the trad for the Ten Beautiful PRIZES to b given away 8ATURDAY, DECEMBER 22. See that you get a ticket with every purchase. . '. - . stock la lrhol or la lota to nit. also fixture and lease. Springs. ; , : . ' W. A. Dacy and wife left yesterday morning for Lakeside7, Neb, to be absent sereral. days. '- "'- ' . . Li P. Jenkins-has secured the ser-rices of Miss Katharine Pierce tn his pharmacy during the holiday. . WUIls Malksoa and wife left on yesterday's Burlington for Omaha, where they will rlslt until after Christmas. 7 HENRY MONHEIM, tEAD, s, d. -Make me an offer on my residence and three lota In Hiawatha Highest bidder gets them.

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