The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 10, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, AL'GLST 0 iv, Till: DAILY -riOXEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. STATE NEWS. ceipt ol the necretary oi l ti til i'kirre for the pa'at Th te i Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver trim shows uu increase of THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE I two vi-ar .:; ( inn i i tel III. vr tlif previous two year Established 188S. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. I & Will (live Correct Result-, of Both ana Silver For 50 Cents. A LI. it ROl'GHT TO THE OFFICE. Gold ON Seebick announces an expose of Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. For real millinery magnificence, for correct mode and precept. Dead wood's exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of , M. H. Lyon a Co. Agents for the Bliekensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, ST - I 1 M.Ui.cll will 1 old a com palace ex i.ibition tlie latter part of .September. Mny other towns in the state are ; paring for .street fairs or carnivals i I one Kind an 1 .'nether, (iroton is in.' king, an especial effort in this line i hi.-- year and Huron will hold an elaborate cue for the benefit of the college a t that place. f1lbank expects to repeat the experiment ot a year ago. and S.oux Falls is agitating a base ball carnival and street fahejnbinerl. Tlic new iuocivoir to replace the on.- which rolUipfed in the heavy niml at the Ins-ane hospital smeral , cks ago. is completed. The pontoon bridge acre ,h the Mis Miari river whit li is to connect Yank ton with (V' county, Nebraska, and i ther portions of that state, will be in place and open for business lat ' fllis Week, IPisiness Malinger' lit 'Hi ot th" re-puhht an. w.-nt over to Huron via til-o.nah.i road t attend a meeting of tie da:l newspapers of the state, the ijet t ol which is to form an as-o ia-fon to handle the foreign ;nh erfsing MINES AND MINING. Deadwood a mllltntrv morchandlsin thiaweek will be an attractive arrray of "flint hats" and imall haU for strwta and .hoping at popular prices SATURDAY AUGUST 11 Copper SiriKe On Virgin Bay. SKA I' Wash.. Aim. !'.- lAon-tited Press. I Tin- sti-;i inf Berth; ill -rivci iiom Cucik ( ri 1 -1 ami Coppei river toilay. Her officers report that Captain Alien iiimliie. in charge of the I'nitui States no eminent work in tTiat Bertion. lias conipb't'-'l Inn miles or military road rcachinu iM the iutei ior from I'ort Valdes. ,. While the Itertha u;is in that port, two soldiers of Aliet el limbic s 1 1 1 inand were drowned liy the c'lpsizmi; of ; boat. Their names were ice learned. A copper strike is leported in haf been niiide on Virgin bay. thirty mile. aire ONI.Y we w ill give i mi our cnti re line of I'EClAi SALE, l or ONE HAY -lit of all the protit.- In a ns aia run r t hi' n it i - . 1 ll. .-X el ill d tile-, in stairway leading to the cabin when the ha be jn the mot tiers arms died, amid sea, away from land the mothers fear that the lifeless babe would he taken from her ami buried in the sea did not make this her first ocean rid'1 ii pleasant one, Again on the evening of the ::d lie isited the New York theatre, loi ated in the llth story of ti.e blllMlllg. w hile tin; perform ilirc was progress-inn In an appreciative andii'iiee to the number of about Hire."' thousand souls the i ry of the v;i-mhiimWmI and there in plain sight of Ih' iiudb'tii e the Mage si -enery on tiro. Maine shooting up, the sight of which' i onstei nation to those asseiu-'led and the cries of women and children and the scramble foi io lire c---eape by a surging crowd made the in tat" -o- Ribbons, Laces Embroidery Arnold An Embezzler. SAN KKANVISCO. Aug. : .Special. t niti d State, Commissioner I'.a-t ot k today ord -red that Julian 'I". Hid l olph Arnold i ft ond son of Sir Kd- i win Arnold, t!' extradited to Eng and Handkerchiefs prices, but will guarantee th.V. these gools wiil be so'd from Will be pleased to show you them. Come one rui'i aal For w.tilt of -p i. e we lauui.' quote 25 to 35 per cent less than regulai price, our bargain-; land for trial irn a charge of embezzle-iih nt Arnold, wlio is a lawyer of London was arf'ste 1 here several months ago on the ehi'ge of defrauding a t lient. CHASES l V Where They Sell Cheap. aa.BLXxx street, ijoadwoo Mining Renew Special iition. The special ( anion of th Bhe k liilla Mining K"'iew will be iv. ie1 m yionday. Augj-it 20, and anyor. want Highest Ever Reached. WASHINGTON. I). ('.. Aug. Special A summary of the condition of all the national banks in the Cnit-t d States at the ( lose of business. June L'!i, l!0!i. has just been compiled by the comptroller of the currency. The aggregate assets of the banks is shown io be :44,965.62:J. the highest eer reai lied in tne history of the national system. o The Best Remedy for Diarrhoea. Mr. V. M. Cross, a prominent and influential citizen of Coryell county, I ing space in tint issue or extri copies, will please leave word at the !'io-iii er office th'.t week. The pac r v ill ii ntain an ar'i'le on the "Geology of the Ulack liiHs." by Prof. FranU ( leme.s Smit'i, one on "'','aniile 1 rot-esses," by Mr. ('. W. Merrill; ' Some Experiments in ('."uuding." GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. IHGEBS0LL-SEBGE1NT DRILL CO, Lidgerwood Manuf: : during Co. Hoists Texas, says, "I never had such pains in my life as I suffered when diarrhoea from Vahhs. the ore giving t. 1':c -ton. Sol Star Returns Home. Our reporter called on the genial gentleman at his office, seated in front of a stack of billet-doux and other official acumttlation matter, besides preparing for the opening of court, and being requested to submit to an interview and render an acount of what he has been doing and where he had ben, etc., he very politely in-fciniecl the reporter that while ho had no objection to stating where he had been, that he was unalterably averse to publishing to the world what he had ben doing, while it cannot In any man-ner compromise him yet he believes It to be in strict violation ot the rules of the gang of batchelors of which he Is at this time a distinguished and honored member. Having flnishedhls business at Atlantic City, N. J., where he was in attendance at a meting of the National Grand Ixxlge of Elkdoni. he passed on to New York City, arriving there on the morning of the 16th of July, 1900, or Just twenty-one years four days and two hours since he was there last. He believes that some improvements have ben made in that village since then, he is of the opinion, however, that the town did not grow larger but higher, judging from the endles num. ber of 25 and 30 stories In height of business blocks. The newspaper 'ia-tnrnlty seem to haj taken the lead in such "How is that for High" buildings. They also understan 1 the nerc-sily cf advertising their business which they do, not in their newspapersbut in the construction of their press rooms. most of these are on the ground floor, behind plate glass openings or fronts, in ful view of the passersby, and that this novel plan is a success is daily evidenced by the large crowd of people blocking the sidewalks to witness the workings within. attacked me. I have tried many medl cines, but non3 give me such relief as Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and 0, F. PUiiNELL ! Deadwood, S. D. Aarent for South Dak. : scene pitiful to behold, and it was at this time that my nerves were tested to their fullest capacity, with Mr. Whitbaek standing amid the fleeing crowd attempting to pacify them with the cry that the fire was out, etc., help-, ed somewjiat to lessen the fear, but the building was soon cloired oi mi ho desired so to do. Whit and myself were among those that remained. At this tire Mr. Star was given a grand opportunity to see the workings of th" New York fire lads. As compared with the Dead wood department he desires to say anil be undrstood as saying, that at that particular fire that he has seen the Dead wood boys would have scored as proficient in a contest !9 out of a possible 100, it was iu the opinion of the ex-mayor the poorest managed and awkward fire fights that he has ever seen. From the 17th to i!2d his evenings were passed at what is called Long Island, being about ut'o long, several thousand miles wide, on wnich aie located several small large cities or as the natives call them watering places, where the citizens of the ne'ghljorhoc of New York fi-d a resting place for and during the heated term, where the days are passed in eating, washing feet and sleeping. This is repeated from day to day, beaming a searly as May or June and ending about September, and whilu this kind of life may seem to be monotonous, yet these pcop'e are so thoioly infatuated with that kind of summer lecreation, that there is a prevailing doubt whether any one of thlse visitors would wash their pedals under any other circumstances during those hot months. The island, so called Long Island has a population all the way from 100,000 to 1,000,000 during the season and all having but the one object in view, eat, sleep and wash their feet. He did not meet many Hillers and assigns as a reason that they possessed good scense in staying at home in a cool climate. Mr. Star has, however, enjoyed this trin and after an absence of 21 years was satisfied with the result. Diarrhoea Remedy." This is unquestionably the best remedy known for diarrhoea. It always cures and is pleasant to take. For sale by Kirk O. Phillips. l y John M. H'-nton; a comparison of the "Black Hiib and Cripple Creek Fiom the Investotr's Point of v ;cv." by O. U. Pryrr ; special articles by Dr. Franklin .1. Carpenter; a cl- s oti mining in Lawernce, Pennington rnd Custer com ties by Frank C. Bowers, Frank P. Williams ani Samuel Scott; and ft'ier articles of in'erest to men directly cr indrectly interested in mining. It will also contain the. slate mine in -rector's report for the last year, and write-ups of Mc; prominent mining 'ompanies of il.e Hill: Cus Ostenherg one of the machinists in the Honiestake shops, left yesterday for Seittle. for the put pose c f looking over tbnt country. vwwyvWejj We Will Offer Republican Central Committee. The Lawivnte county republican central committee is hereby called t meet at thi City hall, Deadwood. S. D., on Satin day, August 11. at 2 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of naming dale and pace for the republican county conwnrion, and for the transaction of such business as may come beiore the committee. GEO. V. AYRES. Chairman. CONTAINsX NOTHING Calumet Onthe 18th of the month I visited Grants tomb, located at Riverside Extraordinary bargains through month of July on our enUre line of Household Goods Special Crockery Sale every Saturday See Our Bargain Counter. DERsOUTM'S ARK Nos. 70-72 Sherman st. Deadwood. drive and 123d street, N. Y., approach Jng this sacred edifice It is not neces Baking sary to Inform the visitor, that within lie the remains of the nations honored Walter L. Vercoe, M. D. Deadwood. South Dakota. Office in the Waite Block. Oculist and AuristB, & M. Ry Glasses Scientifically Fitted. Practice Limited to Eye & Ear Res. 62 Centennial Ave. dead; the solemn triJ, the prevailing stillness, the ba-id aii.l tin covered beads are sufficient no Ponder noneN so V COOD J , tlce, to the very many dally visitors, that the place wlflln Is sacred. During my stay In New York I have seen much to approve and more to condem. After visiting; Grants tomb and beholding the magnificent structure erected by the state Indians May Go to Mexico. CITY OF MEXICO, Aug. 8 S x full-blooded Indians from the Indian Territory have arrived here. They represent the Shawnees, Dela-wares and Caddos, and are conferring with the Mexican government regarding a concession which will enable them to settle with their respective tribes In Mexico, and become Mexican citizens. Their complaint is that the United States government does not give them land enough to live upon. 6 IDO 3TOXJ JWOW which for beauty and grandeur is not excelled anywhere, these people are cn- : titled to much praise for their devo- O 'tion, hence I forgave and forgot all I may have seen condemnatory to New York. I did intend to say to . you that It was hot in New York, but I will not you may discern the reason, That the heat Is however more oppres sive and the suns rays more fierce la to be attributed to the difference In Blffll altitude. Through the courtesy of our former townsman. Lb F. Whltback, together with my relatives resident there NO HOPE OF RECOVERY. The Doctor Said, But Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Cured Him. "My son was suffering with severe cramps and was given up as beyond hope by my regular physician who stands high in his profession. A neighbor ran in with a bottle of S-i I have been enabled to, hear and see much. The hot sun drove many from land to water, I was numbered among: the watermen. Ia riding from the Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di city to Coney Island, Manhattan Beach. I was compelled to witness arrhoea Remedy and, after administering three doses. of It my son re That tho PHOTOGRAPHS made at the ECLIPSE PHOTO CO '8 RAILRnAh trnniA .v. Hills and t "f" scene that I shall not soon forget. Among the passengers was a mother and her three little .children who. -overcome by the" intense beat, sought protection from the sea breezes, tfley had barely ' reached the steamers than half the usual price. This Is . rare opportunity DO NOT MISS IT. the c7rs Tt once S"m"Tlced that you nerer fore had a chanc to rt snch eleggant work. , PHOTOS, the latest finish, and al photo buttmis7 mSuiloM. etc ETerrthlns up to J Ws are also strletlr In It la tha nkotnmnh k.i. v i v. . . v outioa. meoauions. eic k ieUf gained consciousness .and recovered entirely within twenty-four holrs,,, says Mrs. Mary Haller, ot ML Crawford, -Va. This remedy Is for sale by Kirk O. Phillip. - - ' . v , . . jt ifm uma ujrarieac w nearly rerr lam cltr vest of the Mississippi- wi wi weak ww -a InTited to can. The ECLIPSE PHOTO y" ' m.,-. iumii wn nerer.naa a rooa Clctare are emecUnv rood picture are especlanj Railroad C"'

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