The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on December 15, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1900
Page 7
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DH AD WOOD. R. I). SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1900. uent and advertised for sale, s.nd unless payment shall have been made before, will tie told at public auction on the 31st day ol January, W01. at 2 o'clock p. m of said dy to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising and ex-ptuptv of sale. O V TRYCE. Sretary and Treasurer fK t Merry Chrit. call atP C 18 CrdiaHjr lnvi to street, when in need of anything ln the lino of staple and fancy grLr its and notions. We are JaSTS the United states, but in the world Tours Respectfully, BELT MERCANTILE CO. DOCTOR W. TODD. Physician and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No, 11 Mill Street. LEAD, S. 0 erly and 137 S ft. southwesterly from ths enter of the discovery shaft: and containing an area of 6 .718 acres. MANNING LODE Beginning at Cor. No. 1, -identical , with Cor. No. 1 Haha, Fraction lode, of this survey: whenoe TJ.-S. L. M. No. 14 bears S. 67 6' SO E., 3460 1 ft.; theno N. 20 29' E.. 1447 ft,; them e S. f.7" 10" E S05.1 fL: thence S. 20 27' W.. 1356 ft., to corner No. 4. Identical with Cor No 5 Mongrel and Phoul loda of this survev; thence B. J3 15' W., 61.T ft., thence N. 71" 60' W., 160.1 ft-; thenoa N. 57 10' W . ft., to the place of beginning claiming 1446 5 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line; 1346.S ADDITIONAL BELT. Contractor McDonald tad, men at potting ia catch basins along street crossings on the outer side Ifthe sidewalks. They are made of Jricfc and connected with the main trer e tnat water can pass OD" ft solid substances, which are not Opposed to pass thru the sewere. Thomas Mehan, one of the sales n jn tie dry goods establishment jfjhe Brick Store, received by tele- j, yesterday forenoon Uie news of fj, father's death at Chicago. The : i.m said he had been killed, but Bonk 144. p. 56. Dook 144. p 564. The adjoining claims are on the north Placer So. 3S8; on the eaia. Hurcka lode, unsitrveyed, on the south by Standard No 3 and Standard Fraction lodes. nsurveei. and on live ouU' toy Alton lode, sur. No. 1161. Any and alt pwraoaa data tan adverj-vly any portloD ot aatd mlna or surfaoa greund, ar reqalrad to fU their ad Turns olabns with the Resster of the U. S. Land Offloe, at Rapid City, a D.. daring the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they wUl b barred b7 virtue of ths provisions of the statutes. A. K. GARDNER. Resistor. It ia hereby ordered that th foratolax Dotlc be published for a period of M oontMouUve days ln ths Plooeer-Timea. a dally newspaper published at Deadwood. liKLlNyi KNT SALE NOTICE. Silvt-r yueen MininK company, prlncjpul pl.ue irf busiiiesB. Deadwood, S. D , location of works Bear llulte Mining District. U -miff founly S. 1. NoTH'.B 7ere is delinquent on the fol-lowmi; dnbed stock on account of iis-se- in.-nt No 3. of one-half cent per sha.v. lev in! on the 4lh day of Oclober. 1!MV. the Professional Calls Promptly Attended. For Sale. One high pressure boiler. 60 inches diameter by 14 feet long, comE with front smoke stack and all flt-t.gB but little used and in first class oondiUon. For information address sev. amounts set opposite the name of s 1. 'Office Specialties i ft south west rly and 100 ft- northeasterly I from the center of discovery shaft, and j containing an area of 840 acres. MONGREL AND MHOl'L IXWE Begln-I nine at Cor. No. 1: whence V. S. L. M. No. 14 bears S. 34 13" 40" E. 34R4 2 ft.; I thenoe S 21 12' W 374 4 ft. to Cor. No. X. I identical with Cor. No. S Blunderbuss lode, i Sur No. 837: thence P 19 22' W., 932.6 asd nearest said claims. A. K. GAHDNBR, Re1W. (Klmt I-ab (VI 10. 1W0. r.p.-tive shareholders as follows Am' Name .snares . particulars were given Mr. Me tin left on last evening's Burlington i,jg father's home. The show windows of Berger "s big me are nicely decorated with th. Crr r. i F. Oroshontt. 200 L'Uli K. r,nshont; wi.ii'sk minim; company NOTICK The stockholders" meetint; of B. Baker, Lead, S. P F. Croshong 1(X 12 11 tf DISEASES OF THE SKIN AND BLOOD AND ALL DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. STRICTURE, RUPTURE, RHEUMATISM, GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COMPLAINTS. Meliratn.y be ft.; theme N. 72 ir W , 150 ft.; thence Lee I v rl3. jo' W . 152 I ll. to Cor No. I. i i mi 1 IK 1 25 1 25 1 2'. 1 00 1 OH 1 00 2:. (I LT.V .'.'.() the Eclipse nu'ilut; MiniiiK Co. will held at the offlee of II H Young. . iuuU.n.1 s I nt S 30 i m V d- Mcllnatuey . Meltratncy . . McHratney . . Sherlan SheridaD Sheridan Sheridan Slieridan Sheridan ptristmas presents for young and old. w4 tbey aro arranged so that it is 4 decided pleasure to gare upon them. One can make a siutable election jfOB the 'wo windows to fill almost any requirement for a present. ThiB McBratney . nesdav. I U' l'""1. f'T the election of i board of dirw-.tors and such other busi nees a-s inav come V-fore the meeting J. U'(LJBEIt:. Sec. McBratney 200 PAINLESS METHOD FOR THE CURE OF PILES,, FISTULA AND RECTAL DISEA8E3. 1 no j 1.00 1 00 ; ",0 i Martin 4- Ma.son. Attorneys. M. A. NO. 122. MTLICATION rllH A I'ATENT S. laiHl Office . Rapid City, pVsth D.i- v Poison Sheridan McBratney 1'tKt Sherlilan Mcllratney 200 Sheridan McHratlve 2iKi Sherifiiin McBratney HKl .sMierulan McBratney . .. 100 B. II. (iroRhonK l.(KK .1. S Hodil l.(KKI J. W. OroKhong 100 John Malmwen 250 Joseph W. Itailcy 2350 J. W. CroshonK 100 J W. vlnhontt 100 J. C. Johnson 300 Mrs K I'ratt f,00 K. II. (iroehong 100 Ceo W Kimlile 75 J. S lol: 150 J. S. lNxld Mid J. S. Iod(l 1.000 12TH ANNUAL BALL Hose Company No. 2 AT THE Miiers Union Opera House NEW YEAR'S EVE, DECEMBER 31. Tickets, $1.50. COMMITTEES. Executive T. M. Brownlee, J. H Wilson, A. Patriquin, L. Bmn'ell and F. Heitler. Floor-J. H. Wilson. James Delan-ey. John Treweek. H. Brown, William Honey. Door L. Brunei!, Charles Lashley and R. Pancoast. Reception A. Patriquin. Fred Shackleford, N. Treweek, Sam Patricks. T. M. Brownlee T. A Foil i 00 50 1.25 1.25 .50 .50 1 50 2 50 PKIMAHY, 60ONDAB"i AND TEH TI ART STAQEU. "Venereal Diseases" In Their Most Malignant Forms. ,tore is Mrietly prepared in tfie line fl holiday goods and you can make ,o mistake by visiting that store before purchasing your holiday pres. ts. Gregor Cruickshank had an expert dice i" horsemanship yesterday afternoon that he does not care to have (or dally pastime. He was returing fcome rom a tr'p out at tne Quarries and when at the head of Main street, the horse which he was riding be-une frightened and started down the itreet on a run, Mr. Cruickshank being nnable to stop him. After the animal had run about 300 yards he kota, Nov. lth. 1!00 NOTICE 19 HBRKV OIVEN. That the Golden Oate Mining and Milling Co . a corporation organized and existing under tbe laws of the state of West Virginia, with principal place of business and post-office address at Mead wood, Lawrence County, South Ihvkotn. and Matthew (lar-roll. rellcni ' and postotni e address Central City. lAwrence County. S M. have this day filed ihelr application for a pat cut for the Mugple Fraction. Valet Chief. Ulacktall Chief. Hlalne Fraction. Ivl I'. Morton. Mills. Euan Fraction. Mahn Fraction. Manning anil Mongrel and Mhoul lode mining claims. U-arlng gold with surface 4: ' I: !.: (:. (.. r: n U'. in ! Ii". 104. 111. lil u,;. if.:. He it;: M m. 167 17H. 1R0. 1R3 1ST 1HS. 2(11. 2116. 207. 20 211 212 214. 2ir,. 21 r.. 217. 22r. 2:n 5 no 5.H0 5 00 r, on .55 Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Bubo, Unnatural Losses, Sexual Weakness and Impotency In '"Young and Middle aged Men. identical with Cor No 4 Manning lode of this survey: thence N 20 27' E., 1358 ft : thence S. 53 3d' E 2M 8 ft Vo place of beginning-, claiming 1S5S ft along the presumed direction of the lode line; 1346 ft running southwesterly and 10 ft. running northeasterly from the center of dls-overy shaft, and containing an area of 8 ii5 acres. Magnetic variation from 14' 45' K to 15 45' K. Total area. 64 670 acres The locations of these mince arc recorded in the office of the RvglBler of Deeda of Ijiwrence County, S. IX, in Book 151. p. f.82; Pik 151, p. 5S4; Book 151. p. 583; Book 151. p. 5S3; Book 161, P- 682; Book 70 -p. 47: Book 161. P F81: Book 151. p. 684; Book 70. p. 252. and nook 161. p. 681. The adjoining claims are on the north, Harrison. Sur No. 9!2. Oold n Wedge No. I. Sur No 13!ifi: on the east. Hopkins. Charles Oardnnr. Ella. Kicking Horse Fin. . Sur. No 126S; Camnllton Sur. No. 123S. Wells Furgo No. 2, Sur. No. 946: on the south. Hlunderbuss, survey No. 837; Tr.dwell Hur. No 836: New York, Sur. No 322. anil on the west by Uncle Sara, Sur. No 285. and Harrison, Sur. No. 992. Anv and all persons claiming adversely any irtlon of said mines or surface ground, are required to file their adverse ihilnis with the Register of the United Stal.w Ijuid OfhVe at Rapid City, S. D-, during the sixty days' period of publication hereof, or they will he txirred by virtue of tho provisions of the etrttutee. A K. OMtMNKR. Register. It Is hereby ordered that tho fore-polnp notice be published for a period of nine consecutive weeks in tho Pioneer Times, a daily newspaper published In Deadwood, S. D , and nearest aid claims. A K C, ,R DNFJR. Resistor. (Kirist Puli. Nov. 22, 1000.1 1.000 1.000 1 000 . 115 . 250 . 250 . 200 . 117 , 700 son J. S. Hodd J. S. Ihxlfl J S. lkxlfl ;. W. E. n. CroshonK . . E. II. (Iros-hong. . iUvt. W Kimble. Harry Flynn J. C. Jffhnson. . . . Wm. Unit All of Irregularities and Diseases Women. 1.25 I ground as horeinaf ter shown, situated Jn 1-"-r' Whltewood Mining Mlstrtct. Lawrence 1 on County. S M . and designated by the field j notes and official plat on file In this ofhee 3 -R" i ns Miueml Purvey No. in Towthlp 4 "n 1 5 N. Range 3 E . 11 II M 5 " I Said M S. No 14SS Is described as fol-S5 i 0.s; Kim Me COO Knight, Charles Coolldge. William Lyons, W. E. Smead, J. Daly, R. Pan-coast, M. C. Campbell, If. Harwood. James Cuslck, William Bartolero! John Sheridan, S. R. Smith, J. Conant! G. J. Bothwell, F. B. Corum, John Treweek, A. H. Lundin, G. Cruickshank, L. Magnussen, John Zerflng. 4!eo. W C,eo. W. I'elcr C l''t r C Mh Jia 1 MACCIE FH CTlfiN LOME Beginning Kimble M y h ren M ybren I onovan .Ml, I 1U Cfr No 1. S. E Cor . on line 4-1 Wells jtumbled and fell, throwing Cruick-ihank violently to tho ground, but he was not much injured. One leg upon Which the horse fell will probably be pretty sore, otherwise Mr Cmick-jhank was very fortunate in not receiving serious injuries. The horse made no attempt to run farther, being apparently being too much bewildered at tho sudden termination of bis rim. I have a salve that will beat the world for piles, 'and if you don't be-Ueve it try it. Apply to. William Tonkin, Lead, S. V. ?U f. 1m Furgo Fraction lode. Sur. No. 1M6; whence 1!0 .'.00 500 5o0 500 5oo 500 mm no :'oo DIEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOMACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. DR. TODD'S SUPPORTEK FOR THE RADICAL CURE OF RUPTURE. NASAL CATARRH. Consultation Free. Michinl Itnv'an Michael Iwtnovan Michnel Pft-Tnivan Mrs A II ?;i(so .1 II OiKf.M K. C. Maihey II. Ii You nt' N(TICI Them will bo on hand Jan Uiu-y 11. IIMIl, J4.7SO.OO permanent school fund ti liin upon i;IK).l improved farm lands find c( UhI loiids. 11-27-(w w A 71 vK County Audi lui . j 1' S' I. M. Nil 1 1 bears S. 27 2S' 20" K .!IM".0 r. ft dMtant: thence W. 0.01 ft. to Cor i Vo 2; thence N. 41" 45' W. S0 2 to Cor ! Nn 5 blenllcul with Cor No fl Trod well !.Ie Sn r vf,, th. nce N St" 35' V. 35 !i4 ft ill. Tire 41' 5V W 1 1S ft to Cur N". r. Identical Willi Cor No f. llbiek'all ! ci,i..f lode of ihls sur Ihenee N f" 3?' i :.i" W". 4'.fl 4 fl th.iire I'. 0 02 'I.' thence E . ft to Cor No S.! ' -.t! v t'li Cor No I Cirrolltoti lode. Si:- ' '' alol for N'.. 1 U . Ii ";.ii'o No " I.Nle S:ir No ''4'. I hence "" E ... " . - I ' i Y .'i7l f 1 1 . 247. Men hmnia l'f S Mcllriilii. y . S Vcllritliiev S Mellriltnev . S M i r.n.tiu i S Mi H'.f f..- LEGAL NOTICES rt-i-'.i M Mr' ' ,.r. Attorni N'i l.''.l l'"i: I' K..; ;.! fin S F.I M A vri'c; I 'l'i I "1'FNT. i...!n: l; .M )''K i: i ' Wood . V. . 1 l'i l.l' OF W iUnij. Athirnry.i 'iN's r .m ; ; i : i im; RLDI TOF.S. Dak., Sic The Carbon Studio, of u-iui i b v. 1 'Hill ' ' 1 ! 1 I""' Cl T I iffl ;. i l . ,ri Mi T!' "I. I h I W. S. i- lieil'l-li., .; postal,'! i: K. i. I" ii' i i- .. ii. hi -i ill H PRICED t ' ; I : C S r !.' n ! ' i:i ll I o e 1, Iii -s i-i Kcy-:;. I iln'l' np-i it:: L'. 1'J'"'.'.7, re. l . lively 'I . TUT UN I'HCTO', c r h t. N . t IPC C u St',.! . i n tli. to .Muiiiu j 1 1 j ' i ii nit y I ' .. . ,-. , i f ,,,,,1 It CJ. ( ' ( 1 1 I II z il " I'll I , ,,,,'- gold v Mil toirfaee I In w i.Uli. h it 1 1 ;i t i d in Ida 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 i . in r... trl, i Ci, ui,i v of iinvrrni-H, I l, M i '1 d i - I in t a fun ,-;:iul , a ! :'l Veil tlii'.t (Hi ' ll ci)il".". A. It 1 ; . m i. Hp: isciiKi anz, va ; duly "1 l.awi'i'i: i ' . l.;i ii 1. 1 ,il Nntrc is lie Mlh fifty of !' s:iid n-iiry .1 e of r.ollMl 1 Ui :v mi'i deslgnni-ti, Id not."- i'H'1 olti'i'il plat on hie ,(!,,, as I"' nuniber I '-"'. snl'l lot i i iv n i. 1 1. . I'oik '.. Ct'.i' ft 7('' I I - .'. L Mo'-.. . ".'i" 7 11 F iKi.-.m "I' v 1 1 I i'i ;h -of 'I i ri'i- v.ill li.. law :ir- 1 7 r, f; a lour 111. ml judifiiti il 1 1 : i n k r u i t ; ami that tin lir.-t liit'i tin of his ereditors will in held at the oftii e of (Iranvillo G. Bi n nett. lli'foree in ll.'iiiKniity, in Uiad 1 I'. Ml.. " ulr.c ... s , l lierlv bide Hi.. ' i n d ft n-. ll... , I n r a- ft o'l f tl. rl i f I i .'. i tv i-iit and eoiitain aire?. r Of ,.:i ea of f : -!.T of Ihe bo.tril of .1 1 -"-I '..r" ni.i.Ic on e 4 1 ll day of. October. 1!imi. so niaiiv .hi s of e.ieh parcel of slink a rrtav be , .-ssary will sold at pul-lii nu'-tion at I- A merii an National Hank, on Main 31 I wood, South Dakota, on the 2-nd day J ! of Docembor, A. D. 1UO0, at 10 o'clock j in tbe forenoon, at which time the 'J said creditors may attend, prove their ll . I claims, appoint a trustee, examine tne bankrupt, and transact such other j. s a s s s s r. & r. r. r r. 1 1 business as may properly come be fore said meeting. WHEN LOOKING FOR Holiday Goods GRANVILLE G. BENNETT, Referee in at Deadwood, South Dakota, V, this 10th day of December, 1900. ss (First Pub. Dec. , 1900.) FOR CHRISTMAS, ' si'i-ct. 1 'e.olwoisl, S 1) . on the 201 h dav of I iii ml. or. i'.ioo. nt 2 ::ii p. m. of said dav to pay said delinquent Assessment. tf g.'iher with the costs of advertising and the i cnsc of sale. SIIKK1DAN MillRATNKY. See. Lifii Ofliee at Rald City. S It. Nov. 20th. 1900. Notice is hereiy given that the following-named settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof In eupport of his claim, and that said proof will be made before Clerk of Circuit Court for Urii( County, S D , at Deadwood, S. P., on Doe 27th. 1900. vli. : Edwin J. Kast-wood, 11. B. 6046. for the EH SB SW"4 SKLj and HWVi See. 17, Tp. 6 N. R. i E R. H. M. He names the following witnesee to prove his continuous rtstdenoe upon and cultivation of said land v!.: RoU rt James, of Demi wood, R D FdgHT Hisiop, of neailwood, S. D Samuel Story, of Ifcedwood, S. D Cbarlee Case, ' Dwd.siri, S l. A. K. ('. Mil iN DR. Register. (First I'ut). N -. r.', 1900 ) . jg Don't forget that you can find most 88 anything you need at S. R. Smith's, as he carries useful articles, includ ,, 1 -, I,. Inr ,,.T ; l""t N"KV I'lUtT l,(Hil r.. i:iniiiiig at Cor. Nil 'l .. Jdne .o ... Ul.e.l IN IK-142R. v"lo nee Cor s-tlon 13. 21. 1 and IB, Tom nhip N l.elweon Itaiiues and 3 E. II II M. boirs S .V r.S' V Cl2.7 ft.; tlV liee S. 23' "' K. " '!'' ; r'l,r No- i-tliem e N. 3(1 21' K 271 1 ft to Cor. No. 3; thence N. f.7c 2d' K. (14 H 7 to Cor No. 4.; thence N. 2(1 1' R 432.1 ft. to Cor. No. 6; thence N 23" OX' W. r.1.1 ft to Cor. No. : tin nn- N 4.". f.4' W. 2V2 7 ft to Cor. No. 7; thence S. 11 4(1' W 40.3 ft to Cor. No. .; thence P 57 44' W. fins ft. to Cor No. 9; thence H. 26 41' W. ir,11 fl to Cor No. 1; and plaee of beginning: claiming 0(53.2 ft Easterly and "f.n.O ft Westerly from dls-covery (leneral rourse of the lode line beinc' N Sfi" ' E- 2I4.S ft N. .r.7 3a' E. r,?f, fi ft to dlsi-overy: thence N n7 3B' E. inn.3 ft . theme N 20 1'"' K. 422 1 ft. S. .r,5" (17' 130 X ft. KIIKKI'ORT LODK Higlnning at Cor. No. 1. whence sections 13. 24, 18, and 19, T. f. N. bi'twiM'n ranges 2 and 3 E. Tt. H. M. Isnrs S. (IS 53' W f.162.7 ft.; thence N. 23 Oft' V. 33!l 2 ft. to Cor. No. 5.; thenre N. 3(1 3a' K f," 7 ft. to Cor. No. 3; thence N. F,7" 33' K r.fi2 ft. to' Cor. No. 4; thence N 20 14' K. 4N2.4 ft. to Cor. No. 5; them e S. 4KC r.7' K. 2'i!.3 ft. to Cor. No. 6: thence S 2S'' (IS' R S 3 ft. to Cor. No. 7: thence S l'i" 40' W 4sn 3 ft. to Cor. No. 2: thrnie S. 37" 44' V. 03 ft to Cor. No. 0; thenc S 3fi 41' W 1l.iH'ft. to Cor No. 1, and place of beginning: elnlmlng f71.9 ft Ivnterlv and f.!i? ft Westerly from the ili-eov-err Ce.neral reiirw of the lode line belng.N 3d" ?' E N a7 38' E. 19 40' t; i r.i tu'' K -. . ' , .! C I,OIE Hegin.ning at Cor No. 1, whence Cnr. K 13, 21. IS and 1M T. 5 N. Iietwem ranges 2 and .1 E II II M. beara P. 71 40' W. f.093 ft.: thence N. 23 08' VV. 77 3 ft. to Cor No 2: thence N. 4 48' E. tr.1.9 ft. to Cor. No. 3' thence N. 67 04' E -1 f, ft. to Cor. No. 4; thence 9. 22 0V E 297 2 ft. to Cor .r.; thence a 67 17' W. 2d'3.S ft. to Cor No. 6; thence 8. 61 22 W. S07.1 ft. to Cor. No. 1. and place of beginning, claiming 858.2 ft Easterly and 7f,0 0 ft. Westerly from discovery. Course of lode line N. 53 E9' E. N. 57 0(7 B. It. O. LODB Beginning at Cor. No. 1. ing anything in the FURNITURE line... He has a beautiful lot of FOLD j VM.PT nilFP I.niip: ni-giiminr a- V. Cor . corner No. 1 whence tT S 1, M No M bear-.- P 34" 1?.' 40" R.. 34fi4 2 ft : Ihenee N r.3 30' W. 2K4 ft.: thence N. 13 far W. f.33 ft.: thence N 1" 3.V K. INfi 2 ft to Cnr No 4 Identical with Cor No . C.,l.len Wedge No. 2 lode Sur No nfifi: th.-iu-e N 2 II' K . 1!'1.4 ft : theme R r.1" 3d' R . 211 S t thence S. 4" 4(1' K 14!7fi ft . to (dare of beginning:: claiming 14M 7 ft. along the presumed direction of the lode line: 1344 7 ft. northerly and 140 ft smrtherlv from the renter of the discovery cut. and containing an area of 1 437 acres. Ill, A INK FRACTION l.OnE-Rrglnnlni; at for. No 1 on line 2-3 Valet Chief lode of this Kiirvrv whence tT. S. I,. M No It hoars S 3f,' 43' R . 3743 ft.; thence S 4r," 2'' W. 0 1 ft ; thenre N. R7C 10' W f,r,7.B ft.: thence N 4r7 21' R 444 4 ft., to Cor. No. 4. identical with Cor. No .3 Valet Chief Ixvle. of this survey: thenre S 13' r.l' K 133 ft to place of beginning: i lalrn-Ing f.r,3 S ft. along the preeumed dlre tlin of the lode line: lf.3 S ft norwesterlv and 400 ft southeasterly from the center of discovery shaft: and containing nn ares of ?.?-. acres LEVI P MORTON I.OOR neglnnlnc af Cnr. No. 1. Identical with Cor No 1. Rt-in Fraction lode, and Cor No 1 Mills lode loth of this survey, and -with Cnr No 2 Ilirrlsrvn lode. Siir ft whence V. S I. M. No. 14' hears P. 42 41' 40" F. 4M? ? ft distant: thence N. 4r. ?3' 3d- E 7In ft to Cor No 2. Identical with Cor. No 3 Harrlwn lode. Sur. 192: thence N 1 41' R (T7S.1 ft: thenoe S 52" 03' E. 290 f t thenee S 1 3r' W. (fir, 2 ft.: thence S 4.1 21' W. 711 ft : thence N. f.2' 03' W. ?tV 1 t to place of beslnnlnir: claiming 13"! 1 n rinng Ihe nrosumnd direction of the lode Hoe: ISO ft, southwesterly and 1214 1 ft northeasterly from center of discovery cut: and oorrtn1n1ni an area of tv.4 seres MILLS LODE BeslnniTir at Cor No 1 ASSBSSMBNT NOTICK. The Minna Mining company, principal plat-e of himinoss, I)eailwH, Lawrence county, iuth Imkola; hx-ation of ininiw. Bear Hut to miniiiK district. Notice is horeliy given that at a ttpecial meeting of the hoard of diroctors of the above corporalion, helil at Deadwood, South Iaki)ta, on the l!uh day of November, 1!X10, an atsessmeiit, No. 17, of one mill per share was levied upon the capital stork of iho corporation, payable immediately to the treasurer, John ltat'ealiy, at his oftice in I vi(i wood , South Dakota. Any stock upon which thi assessment shall remain unpaid on the 27th day of De 48 ING BEDS, SIDE BOARDS, CHIF-aFONNIERS, FANCY DRESSERS and 88 DRESSING TABLES, BEAUTIFUL 2 ROCKERS, COUCHES OF THE besides besides VERY LATEST DESIGNS, a g complete line of CHINA and LAMP cember. A. 1. I'm" will heftirne delinquent ' and will rl' advi riipeU f(Jr'Tale. ntl unle i 'M.irrVi iC- M,?,fn -Aitornvs ) - M, A. N . . AJ'PMC TK1N Fdft IMTBNT. United States L,and 'line. Kapid City South Dakota. Octobur 30, 1900. -j GOODS. . jj He carries amce line oT! PIANOS i 2j and ORGANS- and sells them on very f 83 easy terms, at 8 per cent interest. i favmeni Roan n:ivo been made before, will he sold at public auction on the 17th dav of January. 1'fOl, at 2 o'clock p. m.. of said dar to pay eaiii delinquent assessment, together with cits of advertising and peniw of sole JOHN RAGOAL.EY. Secretary and Treasurer . S. R. SH ITH.:: LEAD. i? NdTICK- IS MEREHV HIVEN: That the !! okery Gold Mining Co.. a corporation organized and enisling under and bv virtue of the la" of the state of Bouth Dakota, wtth poatoffloe address. Rookery Iiulldiug, Chicago Ills., -his day fllvd Its application for a pateni for the 'Chipmunk" and "Oilman" l.le mining claims, bearing gold, with surfs. i round as hereinafter shown, situated in bear ilutfe Mining District, Lawionee County, a Di, and designated by the field notes and official plat on file in th i n! e as Minsral Survey No. 1462. in ' .ns "0 and 31, (Martin A Mason, Aftvs.) SUMMONS RELIHP, COMPLAINT. FILED. 1 State of Mouth Dakota, County of Lawrence, SB. Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit RsMroua Netomi and Peter Godfrey, plaintiffs, vs. Rdwln 8. Thayer, Defendant. V. B. Cor.. Identical with Cor. No 2 Harrison lode. Rnr. No. Bf; wftence 11 R. L. MNo. 14 bear? fl. 4!' 41' 40" ft 4f,42 ft : thence R. ! oft' Fl (M ft.: thence S iownnip 6. N. Hinge 4 m rt M. M. Raid H. S. 1462 boinx decurihed as follows: CHIPMOWK 1XIDE Becrinnina; at Cor. Tbe 8 late of Sooth Dakota to tha store No 1. whsBos the corner of sections 2S-M wbonee Cor. Sec. 13. 24. 18. and 19, T. 6 N. between ranges 2 and 3 E B. H. beara P. 71 40' W. fiOPJ 8 ft ; thence S. 23 08' W. 23 7 ft to Cor No 2; thence N. 6f Or E. mO.O 7 ft. to Cot. No. 3; thence N. f7 VT E. 23 5 ft. to Cor. No. 4, thence N. 22 W W. S00 ft to Cor. No. 5; thence 8. 67 17 W. 283.S' ft. to Oor. No. ; thenoe B. XT W. 807.1 ft. to Oor. No. 1, and place of be-Klnninx; claiming 337.2 ft. Easterly and 760.0 ft Westerly from discovery. Course of lode line N. W Of H for 750 ft; thence N. 66 02' E. 63 7 ft ; tbeoee N. 57 IT' B. 283.6 ft AREA. Newport IxxVe 8.833 acrea sd 30-31 T. 6 N. Rg 3-4 K R. H. M.. jasoned defendaat: Yon are hereby ennrrooned and required to ans-wer the eomplaiikt of the plaoDtiff in tbe above entitled action, which warn file! la tbe offloe of the clerk of the circuit court, of tbe Eighth Judicial olrault. in baars S. 77 67' Pft V. 1723 4 ft.; thenoe 8. 74' 26' W. Ml ft.; thce 9. 1 If W. fill a rt (huiiw s e" . j- w tui i . thenc N. 74 25' K. C9 ft to Cor. No. o ad tor the eoanty at Iswreaoa aavd state levlesUcal with Oor. No. a Oilman lode of tula aw.; tbenoe N. 00 4' W. 1330.2 ft. 1" ir 30' H.. 249 7 fit: thence N 5 27' W. 214. IS ft-; thence N. B 13' SO" W. 14SS 4 ft. to Oor. No. 6, Identical with Cor. No. 1 FT srrtsoa lode. Bur. No. 292; thence 8. BO 27' a 299 ft. to place of beplnnlnr: cJalmlnar 14M.4 ft alonx be presumed direction of the lode line I 26 ft. northerly and 1473.4 ft. somberly from eenter of dls-eo-ery nhaft; and contain) njr an area of m aeres. Not Including area in conflict wftM Uncle 8am lode, 8ar. No. 2S5. 2 4 ?4 a ores not claimed. BO AN FRACTION LODE Beginning at Oor. No. 1, Identical wtth Oor. No. 1 Levi P. Morton lode and Oor. No. 1 Mills lode, bet of this Sur.. atid with Cor. No. 2 Harriaon lode. Sur. Ma M2r wttenee V. 8. U M. No. 14 bear 8. 42 41' 40 K .. 4t ft distant; fflenea 0. If M H. 200.1 ft; thence fl. 4" 84' W. 1M.1 ft; thenee N. 12 2 W. .l ft. to Oor. No. 4. Iden-Hesl wdth Oor. No. Mills lode of thkt ft. to piaoe of beinaiHit: claiming 130 J rt aloe tne preeumeJ direction of the :-vr;,v .Cry- . ;aVk: Frwwport Lode 7.920 i J. C. Lode 5.24T i or the vein: Wlt.2 ft. Bortherly and 717 ft southerly from center of discovery eat; R. G. Lode 4.874 i ana aooaaiaaaf aa arva of : 2.171 aei Total Ana .22-886 of Bouts Dakota, on November 7Ui, 1900. and to serve a copy of yoar aasver to tbe eaid eompladiit, on the rabscribera, at their ofioa in Deadwood. In aaM eoanty and state, wlttrin thirty days ater tbe serrlee; and if yoti fall to answer the said eompWnt wHhrli tbe time aforesaid, the plaiatMMn this action will apply to the eonrt for reUef aawaad44 a imm-plaiat Dated November tf. I. MARTIN ICAJWM, Haintiffs' Attorneya. Deadwood, a D. irint Pub. Not. 38, lfK.) Area in oonlliot with Ziuk lode (0.001 aona)- not rlaitmad; area In coafllct with Tbe location of these mines arw reeord- Alaana Jooe (V.904 aereaO not elafBMd: area in eonfllct with Old Republkan lode (0.035 acres) not ci alined, and area ia ad la tbe RerarxJar's ' office of Lawranea ' fJoaatr la Banks 124 and 12 pagai 001 and 22 of QnarU Locations. The adjoin-In elatmanta are: On the cast, San No. 140. St cutr; on'4t South, unknown nrvey: thence N. 1' IS' 10 W. 249.7 ft thraes N. 1 (XT W., (B ft to plaoa of bejrmrnnjr: clarmlna- 1401.6 ft along- the presumed direction of tne lode fine: ."! S oonfllct wlta Flacer 2ig ( lgl aerei) ol aimed. OILMAN LODE Beerlnnlnir at Oor. No. 1; whence the comer of sections i-3S and 0-31 T. ( N.. R. i-4. H. B. H. M. kean S. 76 W fO" W. 1899 7 ft;.tbaooe 8 47 It' W. lM.t ft; tbeaes I f IT E., 1330 1 M. to Cor. No 2. Identical vita Oor. No. i Cblptnusk loda. of tUa aur.: thanes 8. 72 U' U. 42s 0 fU; tbaoea N. 3 W W., 0t.T ft; OieDce 3. 72 54' W.. ASSESSMBNT NOTICB. The Trent MiaJnc oompaay, prtDoraal ft aortherly and 744) ft southerly from aeotar of dlaeorery abaft, and containing aa area of 2.722 aerea. place of business Destdwood. Lawrence MAFrV Tt ACTION lODB-Beclnahwr at Cor. No. 1. identical with Cor. No. 1. Man at or lode of tklesurrey; wtenev U. S L. at. wam, iiffwwa, aaa aorta, un Knows, Any and all persona claiming; adveraely any portion of said Newport, Freeport J. . C. and ft. O. aaines or surface ground, ara required to file their adrersa chaima with tba Rattster of the United State Lan4 Offloa at Rapid City, ln tbe County af Penmlnfrton. s.- T).r dnrlng- -fta amy day' period of pabUeatioa hereof, or they win be barred by the virtue to tba fXwVMoaai of tba Statute. . " " A. K. GARBNBR, Banlataf.- - It la hereby ordered, that tba foUowtaf Notiea of Application for Patent ha pua-Hahad for tbe period of (0 flaya (nine eoa-seiwitlva weeks), ta tba Ploaaar Tliuaa. a eafly newspaper pnbiUhed at TanlaiaaL M. IX " A. K. OATtDNTSR, lUcaaaT. no. 14 bears N. t7 6rtfH.24n.lft diet: eoanty. Sou Lb Daiota; locanon or mines. Oarbonate mining distrfct Notloe ki beret) y (riven that at a meeting of the board of airsetora of tba aow sor-po ration held at Deadwood, Booth Dakota, on the tth day of Deoeaiber, ISoO, aa as-eeament. No. 5, of ono and on-half mills per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corpora Uoa. payable in-ned lately to the treasurer. O, U. Pryea, at 1441 ft to plaee of brilnnlngr rlatmfnr 1401.7 ft aloBf the presumed dlraxrDoa af tba lode llaai 730 ft southerly and f7l7 ft northerly from santer of diacorery aut; oontalnlnc aa area of 12 ft2 aersa. fJienca H. 67 If W.. 4.1 ft; tbaoea M. f 24 20" It. 1J0J.1 ft. to corner No. I. Iden tical wtth Oor. Na. t. Bean fraction lode. and Oor. No. I. Levi P. Morton loda, both aVecnraterr VtttaS NOSE AND TMHOAT. Vaiiatiaa at all eomera lftfR Toaal area, H 271 acrea. af thla Bar.: themes N. 46' 21' a.. 2M.T ft: his offloe in Deadwood. South Dakota., - UlfWW& M - thence 8. 17 IP H-. 261.4 ft; thence a 2 tT W.. 1447 ft. ta place of botrbnfnr: clainnnaT 14t9.t ft along tba profaned ft i raetloa of the lada Una; 1241 ft northeast- 1 TCi locations e' te mines are recorded la the office of tb ne?vstr nf dead of Lawrence county, South Dakwta. la ZJffCB LIMITED TO EYE, EAR, J . m. to 4 p. ML Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 19th day of Jaowary, A. D. 1901, -will beeocaa delln- IW Publication Var. tX

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