The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on December 15, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1900
Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. 25th YEAR. LEAD, S. D. (BLACK LULLS), Saturday. December is, 1900 hour tracing the report down, found that it was not Harry Tier at all, but Hairy Stair, who returned from Pennsylvania. The friends of Harry Tier have had no word from him either di ''' My or indirectly. On Sale. Saturday afternoon, December 15th, the balance of our best 7c and 8c Dres3 Prints and Apron Ginghams, at 3c. Ten yard limit to each buyer. At the Henry Monlieim closing out sale. td Christmas In Every Goods. . Department The Greatest Reduction GOODS MUST BE SOLD. In Winter Merchandise Ottered T. , ...... .. The prices we make are without This T . reqjrd to cost. Season. Aldeman C. F. Dutton. Today ('. K. Dutton will be for mally elected ;,s alderman from til" Fourth ward of Lead to fill the vacancy caused by the death of I. '. Putnam. There1 is no contest. Mr liiMiin bein tle only nominee, Mtc election wiil' only lie a matter i,i form. In the selection of Mr. iMitton "i" I" ople of lii.-, ward have chose: a ' representative and on - !' i llionily i oriipei. , ,t io j til ol li' e. This great store is emphatically Holiday headquarters and prices (quality considered) are absolutely the very lowest Neyei, before have our stocks been so complete and vane.. , j Jr variety JULIUS' RESORT. i Julius Rebsamen's beer hall is con-' ventently located in the basement beneath J. K. Searle's meat market, ' Main street. Lead. Business mens lunch at noon served every day. Here you can always get the host of hot soups and the ciokiriR Is "just as -:oih1 as mother used to ook." The fa. n. ous Anli. user Itusi h beer .(instantly mi tap. A 'uief. orderly, up-to .late ilerriiiiii In r hall Visitors from the ..'irroini'lin country, as well as citi jur strong earn YOU WILL FIND. In M;ll:nery Dept, Any Lady's or Cliilil.-, J.c ket in our store at half mjrked price. Any I-:nI ".- or Mi-Cape at one half marked price. Our line of Trimmed Hats for Ladies, Misses and Children is absolutely up-to date, not an old piece of goods in the store. It all goes at half marked price. Ladies' Silk, Satin, French Flannels, Brilliantine; and all classes of Fall and Winter Waists in great variety, at one-third less than regular prices.. . Our entire line, of Percale and Flannelette Wrappers, one-third off marked price. Our line of Furs is still complete. . .One-third off on all fur goods zens ivr -Tally or i..-a, ai" :nvie.t to call. In Dry Goods depi. Dress and aWist Interns a m At the Opera. Car presented "A (V. e" at the Lead Open evening to a ood sizel Th" iierformance save Ll-.yd K lirat.-d ca, house last a ml ienre Holiday Presents. Kink, the leading jeweler U'oilT Heady-made Dresses, Dressing Sacks, Capes, Jackets, Wrappers, Infants' Wear, Trimmed Hats, Waists, Mackintoshes, Ladies', Misses' and Child's Furs, Shawls, Knit Goods. I food satisfaction, and jinUintr from j Lead, has this year made greater tile applause was much :ilihr.'i-inti.l I tii'.'inirnliitn for tho holi.Piv trftil.i by the audience They present "Romeo and .Juliet" this evening. and than ever before, and has a large stock of the finest jewelry. His line jCHASESi WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP In clothing Dept,, ,iuu an kinds of fan cy goods. Hugs, curtains pets. Table Silverware. CelluloTj and silver novelties. Toilet Cases, Albums. Fam:y i30xe3 1 an endless variety of articles both useful and ornamental. ' In Hardwar Dept. Carving Sets. Carpet Sweeperj, Fine Cutlery and Sclssora, Coot ing Utensils, Enameled and Gran-lto Ware. No. 5 East Main Street, Fine Neckwear, Men's Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, TJm-brellas, Jewelry, Suits for Men and Boys, Hats, Overcoats, and Shoes of all kind3 for M"n Women and Children. also give a matinee in the afternoon. 0 Frank Ankeny was in Lead yester-djiiir,iisiting friends, before leaving tne.VHHIs for his eastern borne for the winter. 6eoTge Morthland. millwright for the' Homjestake, found a watch In Lead which he will surrender to the owner by proving property and paying; litr. this notice. 'Tv'l'ay, December lath, from 'J to 10 o'clock a. m.. we will sell all of our of diamonds, watches, jewelry, hand-painted chinaware. cut glass and silverware has no equal In the city, and his prices are the lowest for the best material. He offers as a present a ladies' gold w&tch and a diamond ring. With every $1 purchase he gives a ticket whfjch entitles the purchaser to a chance In the above presents. His store is at tho old stand, on Mill street, and he invites all to come and see his stock before purchasing. N'o trouhlo to show goods. tf Evidently a Mistake . Additional evidence continues to Grocery Dept. Tho finest and best of canned goods, puro spices, teas and and extracts; all kinds of table delicacies and everythlne Isted in taking into the order a class of some sixty new applicants. The work required quite a length of time to finish, but everyone was pleased the old members at having so many new members, and those who were just admitted that they hail become members, and thus taken a step that would provide lor those dependent upon them should they he culled from this earth early in life. Aftur the PAR I. a AN come to light that hears a favorablo light upon the case of Harry Tier, going to nhow that ;i mistake has been made in the arrest of Mr. Tier, upon tho charge of murder. Mrs. 11. Miller of Lead, stated yesterday that at tho time of tho killing for which Tier is now in custody, herself and husband were residents of Hilliard, and that her husband was acquainted' needed for the Xmas dinner. best 10c outing flannels at uc, limit: 7 yards to each purchaser, at Mon j heim's closing out sale " Kank Emo, who is now in New Mx Ico. where be went for his health. sent word to friends In Lead that lie i DRESSMAKING PARLORS Over J. K. Searle's Store. THE. business had been completed ijht rresnments were served and all en Joyed a couple of hours fH visiting Headquarters for fine Dressmaking of all kinds, at right prices FURS MACE OVE?. " Everything First Class. MAIN s'l'KL'LT LEAD. expected to lie back to this city by : the 20th of this month, and again become a resident. Henry .Monlieim is making rapid strides in his (losing oat sale. The, people seem to know a good thing : with Harry Lyons, and she also knew him by sight, who was then re-Biding at Hilliard and was a sort of professional horseman and Jockey. Mrs. Miller says she afterwards understood that he came to Deadwood. .but that Harry Lyons and Harry Tier Bre two different persons entirely. The Harry Lyons she knew bore Big Brick Store LEAD, S. D and they ;eep the store crowded j very day. They come from all over Onrl UonrJ Cl sa and smoking With the class initialed last evening it gives Hope lodge a membership of about 02-,. and makes it the second lodge In the state of the A O. V. W. order. Mr Smith was very complimentary in his remarks on the advancement and general healthy condition of Hope Lodge. 0 the Hills. You can see them from! wmic :!:!:S:!i:!:!:&:!i:8i:i.:&i:8.:Si:!:8i::Ji:ji:;S.::!.:-,.- V?. V S". Smith & Roney will pay the highest price for Second- -fand Furniture, Etc, When you are buying and want bargains call at their place of business, Mill street. Lead, South Dakota Deadwood in large numbers; from Central. Terraville, Spearfish, White-wood, Helle Fouia be, Sturgis, and on down the line. They will have a treat in store for the people today, by haying special music. They are making big preparations for the holiday trade next week to close out everything they have in that line. Henry Schnitzel's assay office and laboratory is located in the basement of Faust's new block. Lead, and he is prepared to fill all orders in his something of a resemblance, inasmuch as they were about the same Bite and complexion. However, the horse Jockey had a peculiar nose that was either a deformity or had been diBftgured. Emil Faust, too, who was there and furnished the coffin for the dead man, is positive that a mistake has been made, and he calls to mind when several who had been at Hilliard at the time and afterwards came to the Hills, had made an Investigation and notified the sheriff of Uintah county that they suspected Harry Tier, who then was known as Lyons, but upon an investigation it T life and. iLccident New Business Firm. Anderson & Raber is the name of a new business firm in Lead, altlio tho parties are botl old timers. They have entered -into business for tho purpose, of conducting a secondhand business in this city and will occupy the buildinowned by Mr. Anderson on Main street back of the First National bank. Mr. Raber was for years in the butcher business In this city, and Mr. Charles Anderson conducted a blacksmith shop, and both are well known and bear a good line. tf Piano Kingsbury, good as new, for sale very cheap. Call at B. Main street, No. 1246, close to D. C. depot, or P. O. Box 675. 12-11-lw Al Rose has a fine line of flowers ..Insurance.. GESKEY & MONAHAN Lead, Soutli JDrvliota was found that he was not the man. Mr. Faust is also acquainted with parties who knew Harry Lyons, and they all agree that Harry Tier is not the man who did the killing reptuation in the business world of Lead. They are both works and we feel safe in predicting tho success of their undertaking. Steve Zerega Wants to see you when you are in search of WINES. LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And if yoa knew his price on these goods, you would wai t to lee him. 've Got It! You want It Let's Get Together. Yours for business, STEVE. and will be well stocked for the holiday trade. Parties wishing' flowers leave orders at S. Gilbert's, or call at Greenhouse, next to Episcopal church. 12-13-2w .fo.r...2.2. Meeting of A. O. U. W. The spacious lodgo rooms of Hope Lodge No. GO, A. O. U. V was taxed last evening to accommodate the large number who wore present. Grand Master Workman Smith, of this state, was present, and ho as Not Harry Tier. Tho report was current yesterday In Load to the effect that Harry Tier had returned to this city, and the evening papers published the same. This reporter could get no track of him, and after spending about an L. D. Bailor, M. D. J. L. Esch, M. D. DRS. BAILOR & "SCH. Diseases of tie- Me. Ur. Ne Throat a .ui'i i:i It Glasses an' I !. Office No. 11? h'.i"' St ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUM and Steam Rtter LEAD, Su. DAK On Sale, Saturday all day December loth on Suits nnd Jackets from $7' up. $1 less than cost, at the Henry Monlieim closing sale. td "'"g-VVVVVVVVgj: " ' . -....i...... um.c. p .o,. . -j .7a t.. . w . w . -- -!-, .0..,. .,-. . . . . : : : : .' f. l - " ' - . -r. . .:'-.'.'. ','.',',',','t',' V.'. ' -L-l-- j Going: Out a a a in liil of a Selling at Private Sale and Auction a Business!! 81 r , 33. a a a La a have carried away loLndoLso- w3. aad Nye intend to keep it warm anb froian- until everv vfio-ei. nh. The ixonle is tM,t.7I j..,. - ; : , out a stock so larffe as ours can't be sold inadav. nnrl ti,,,, f T., r . , - . .'rt. ,irt- aic 1US ucpiemisnea rapidly, and we advise all to get around. u..CiuWmw tooice dus icit m .u. wM try . is M' a"d C'keryware; also a nice assprtmeit of Holiday Goods (hat will please you. No Such Sale Ever Held in the Blac k Hills. 3 '88 BU I hare made business arrange- wmanta tn trn njj . . .2 omenta to to 3 88 go Colorado and I mustt to All goods sold at private sale at cost,jf jiand on many goods cost has been lost if slght of to sell them quickly. V A Dollar 8aved la a Dollar Eamed.if is 2 a Auction erery day at 2:00 and 7:00 5 p. m. EntertalnmenU ery Satur- j 0 lay at 8:00 p. m. J. H. Richardson, jf J the Iowa salesman, and auctioneer, J conducts the sale. , j V A U.l..lf. . - . -V uv vuuis nere as soon aa2 possible. . , f Go to Monheim's llrat and get whatV '5 you want - ' W i lis y T r,i win iw mi uoi na UUT zu w is is Bids asked from the trade for th HENRY Make me an offer on my residence Mi stock In whole or In lots to salt, 1to fixtures and teasew -" - MONHEIM, LEAD, S, D. I and High LH three lots In Hiawatha rar- i'- ".then, rZ-

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