The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 17, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. thYEAB. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TIIUKSDAY .MOHXlNd, Al'CUST 17, 18i). FIVE CENTS. WITH THE BOERS PREJUDICE APPARENT race, and John I'ruikshank was second. Robert Cruikshank was given first prize in tin' .-Vottish reel for boys;. Donald ("rulkshai'k second, and Walter McDou a vigorous denial to tbe reporie.1 intervnu with biro. In which he criticised General Otis and hia administration of the Filipino campaign. He hits made a demand that a correction be made immediately, and says been construtd as a reflection upon ibc been construed as a reflection upon t Ij - commander of the American troops in aid third. I ations That Hostilities in ije Transvaal Cannot be Avoided, Court Refuses to Continue the Dreyfus Trial on Labori's Account. In the sec mil inn. yard race, J. Bennish was the winner of the first place, and Frank ;:avt. the cidund sprinter 'rum Rapid, -ci Mid. In th, hup-sicp-and-leap Al Stiger lock first pla, .'. ' with :ti; feet, r, inches: Wil Porto Rican Sufferers. I'ONCK. P. R., Auk. lti.-Siwial.- tweeu two and three, thousand I'urto cans have died of starvation v itbin Ik Former Minister of Colonies M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BRO. Offer the Following Unheard of reductions in prices fcr ibis week, all new and Seasonable Goods Children's Hats and Bonnets at 10c, 1 Be and 26c each, -worth from 25c to $1 each, and that is what you have to pay lor the same things elsewhere. Ladies' Shirt waists, to close out the remainder of our New stock we have made a still greater reduction, last few das, anil unless aid lues scjor. Governments are Making tjye Preperations to Begin Fighting, liam Hi.i-s sc., ml. f,,., L inches The Highland Kling in costume was participated in ,y Robert Cruikshank and Robert D i'ruikshank. Ihe former winning first ptize, a gold medal, and the latter second prize, a gold piece. David Dow mi ihe shul 37 ftet, ii,ih"s, and look first prize; K. I'. Hall put it many more will bo added t litis 'lumber Tells why Dreyfus Underwent Such Suffering. as people are dying by the score every day. The people will be without fool lor comes several months unless awsistan soon from external sources. 3a feet, a 'a inches, and took second F. I Hall was declared the inner In CON, Aug. 16. Special. It is be-ijH ar i inevitable between tbe luid the Boers, as the latter are itubborD, and refuse to recede from ani The British are hurrying H the Tansvaal border, and now i number of strong positions. $1.25 Waist Labori May Get Well LAHOKI MAY (JET WELL. RENNES, France, Aug. lij. --Special M. Iabori, counsel for Dreyfus, who was shot by an assassin Monday morning, is sutler l tin from a slight fever, as a result of the operation by physicians with the X-rays to locale the bullet. The latter will be removed tomorrow. His recovery now seems assured, and it is thought he may be able to lake pan in the final Vtderick Walker has been placed In RENNKS, France Aug. lij. Special. Tiie request of M. Demange for an adjournment of the Dreyfus trial until the recovery of Labori, who was shot Monday in the back, was refused today by the court. The chief witness at today's session was M. Leboti, who was minister of colonies at the time Dreyfus was conline-l on Isle du Diable. The witness was accused of being responsible for the torture to which the prisoner was subjects 1 while on the island, and he was questioned regarding these charges. He said no nveJless severity had been shown Dreyfus, but Jie said he had been obliged to resort to ex I raoriKpary means in keeping him, because of the danger of the prisoner's being, res il of the British troops at Cape the wheelbarrow race, J. E. Hennish second, and Henry Hanson, third. Honors were divided between Will Parker and William Ross in the running high jump, which resulted in a ti . The pi Lie was divided between them. One of the most interesting contests on Ihe program was Ihe Irish ji, which was won by Joneph Haggerly, William Waugh being s.'cond Mr. Haggerty was 77 years old, and nis ha!r and bea-! we're as white as snow, yet his activity on his feet, and iiis execution, completely eclipsed his younger opponents, and his feats were a.j-plauded furiously. The sack race was won by Harry Wright. All Go For T5c unseeding Sir William Francis But- $1.50 Waist J. t-4 r TTT j li stated in diplomatic circles that 5i. waist titulir significance la to be placed lit, but it has nevertheless created (wave of excitement, particularly llilmown that orders have been i from England to shove 3M.U00 Into South Africa Immediately Dan I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 being second, and Robert ss teen received from Durban, in All Waists ttat we sold for $2.00 and $2.60 O-o at $l.QO Here is a chance to get Shirt waists for less than the Material would cost M. J. Werthheiraer & Bro. Dewey Stays in His Cabin. LEGHORN. Italy. Aug IS.-Special. -Admiral Dewey keeps close to his cabin, and is unable to receive vsitors. owing to his altack of the fever He hopes to re sumo his Journey homeward next Monday 'ruikfaliank third. There was a tine exhibition of pole vaulting between W. II. Il( tilling and Rod Mur cued. His testimony ended in a string ot excuses and lame apologies for the part he had borne in the keeping of the prisoner. During the examinatin of this witness Dreyfus said, when aslted if he wished to ask him any questions: "I do not tare 10 question this witness, who for live years has helped make my sufferings agoni.lng and barbarous. 1 am no! here to complain Middle of the Road Forecast. BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. lf Special. Wharton Barker, the presidential ciiult-date for the middle of the road populist, is here. He predicts the defeat of both McKinley and Bryan in lliftu ray. II was difficult ror a long time to say who would win out. but Murray developed remai kalile ability In gelling over the bar for a man of his size. Hennlng was the winner after a hard contest, his record being something over 8 feet, while Murray was a close second. In the potato race Donald Cruikshank was winner of the first prize, and Hacy Wright second. The t-KK and spoon race for ladies was an exciiing fealuie of the program. M:s. Murrlsh wen tirsl prize, Mrs. Alex. Crui-sliank second, ami Mrs .M (ircgor third. ni of Natal that a train has been g, with armor plates and loopholes, lacked to the Transvaal border. II ku also been ordered out froirj spFree State, to occupy Van Reft meutive council at Pretoria has srders for the old Martinl-Hen-inbe turned In and exchanged for iitd a large number of troops tabled to receive the new arm Hire being well equipped In ev-wd are not acting in a way tb.n; liicite a desire to avoid war. It iHj understood that the reply to iuin'i demand will be anything ictory, and will not in any wa :V situation. It Is believed ihat Hill be the means of breaking WUitlons. The Transvaal gov- I srrsrsfssj atjuiaj frjrjsrjsirvssxj iaj iunr.Airf TIT ii T mnnni ni i t i ninnni S of my keeper, but to defend my honor." Tbe court then read the government re ports of Ihe prisoner while on the island, giving I lie delails of his HIik-m and sufferings. Women 111 Ihe audience wept while these reports were being read. Dreyfus listened with a drawu lace. Threatens Pingree s Life. DETROIT, Aug. IB. Special. (Joveriior I'ingree has received a letter from a New York man threatening to take his life un rr ALL mm WALL WW. Some times) her narrow kitchen wall Stretched away Into stately halls." This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make It possible for It to happen to everybody. My stock Is entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about tbe handsome designs. Tou are especially Invited bo sea A half mile fool race ".as v. on by 11 D. Haven, Morris Liebmniiu, taking second prize. The Highland Kling for boys was carried less the state settles a debt that he claims is due him. i purchasing a large number THE CLAN STUART PICNIC. Two Thousand People Participated in the Festivities at Sturgis. them. W Bales, and Is taking active A Chicago Man's Luck. IwpwiDg for war. It Is general! M Pretoria and Johannesburg 16 Special. oft by Donald Cruikshank, Walter McDonald taking second money, aud Robert Cruikshank third. The foot race for boys under 14 years old was won by C Blllyeu; Clarence Parker was second. VANCOUVER. B. ('., Aug J. C. Rockwell, of Chicago, mm be avoided, and the Uihab returned day from the Klondike on tbe steamer Several hundred people plunging off tbe ! great state of anxiety Wff i Chances Good. Cutch, with a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Rockwell was the Holiest nun ou coabes of the Elkhom traiL as it pulled n to the Deadwood depot last night and PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la tbe tlma to paint your house. Renumber tbaC my store la headquarters for all kinds of paints and paintera' suppUea, especially for tbe NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last kmcer than any paint made. Come In and get color cards n4 study eotor stats. Ths OM Reliable Drngglat, Main Street 17TD17 C DUII I IDC At dancing the Highland Scottish Alex. Cruikshank was the winner, Robert making a wild race for the Deadwood Cen Neb.. Aug. 16: Special the ship. o Cruikshank being second. mr la Improving, and a Is Running high leap Will Parker, first, 15 feet. 1014 Inches; F. C. Ball, second, Former Secretary of State. announced that if his pre tral depot, in a frantic endeavor 0 avoid the discomforts of standing in the aisles of the ltitle coaches on the road to Lead, was a spectacle that was witnessed last MBUnuea uatll tomorrow 15 feet. r"w. He waa In a very dan Dancing the Scottish reel Alex. Cruik I Deadwood, S.D. iviiviv u. 1 O. night, upon the return of each train from tbe Clan Stuart picnic at Sturgis. There shank, first; Dan McDonald, second. for ten how, vid Mi despaired of. He is in I. Wrestling Catch-as-catch-can J. C. fWy, Ud the effects of the Ball, first; F. Rinebart, second. Fmitpldly wearing off, Tossing the cable David Dow, first were always dlsapiointed onus, not only as to securing seats, but ae to getting aboard the Deadwood Central cars, for tbe space was limited in the narrow gauge coaches, and there were people enough to Col. M. H. Day arrived In the city yesterday, accompanied by Captain M. L. Mc-Cormick, of Grand Forks, North Dakota; W. B. Lowry and wife, and Miss Fallett, of Minneapolis, and M. W. Bates. f Du-luth, who are making a tour of tbe Black Hills. Tbe colonel and Mr. and Mrs. Lowry went over to Spear-fish in the afternoon and will return this forenoon. Captain McCormlck and Mr. Bates remained over night iu this city, as the former desired to visit a large number of old friends. He was at Gus McGllvary, second. iContinued on Page S.) 1 r , gan Rebels Routed. tan. load half a dozen coaches ot tbe standard THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK) ft .J -A A a asa s Aag. W. Special.-San .tate that the government '"Msd the rebels In a severe the Utter have been m- Deadwood, South Dakota. gauge. Three trains were run on the Kikr-horn, going and coming, and they were all loaded. The company sold eight hundred round tripe to Sturgis. The picnic was largely attended, the weather was favorable, '.hi ;;;o;;j. !; in i lite the interior. The en- s o a massacre, and there one time secretary of the Territory of Dakota, and he has taken a prominent pan " on the rebel side. A KtptrtBa- a fillh.i.torfn good condition, tbe program earned out RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 In the making of Dakota. He was appointed secretary under Governor Pieice, and is exceedingly aid when the latter resigned Captain Mc to the letter and to everyone -at I sf action, and a belter dUpo:ition.'.l crowd returning from a picnic was never obseiv-ed. The Knights of Pythias band cf Lead went down on the middle train In Cormlck became tbe acting governor until Governor Church wsb confirmed. Dukuti tbe forenoon, and remained until ths mid has been his home for twenty-nine years, and he assisted In laying out what Is now the present city of Grand Forks. He was die train In the evening. The Clansmen. Branches of Banking Business wrter with Filipinos. A" 1.-Bpeclal.-The ""wntered a force ot .JT.ear Angeles. The victorious afte- some the Filipinos were sent . ht0 mountain. They the Americans lost m fceWa wounded. in the steamboat business at the time along in their kilts and plaids, with their glis IP' S f" Transacted, the Red river, and was running supplies teniug medals, formed the chief feature ot down the river in boats and b.irgei. That was at the time of the Indian revolt, and" the crowd, and they carried their outing to a degree of success far in advaore of any other ever given. It is estimate 1 that fully two thousand people were on the It was almost out of the question to trans port provisions In any other manner. Acts gently on the Seized in Cuba. Au- Special i-Oen I"! that the Amerl DRAFTS ISSUED en China. Manila, Havana, Parte Rica, Africa, England, Frassee, Germany and all Paris af the World at lesreat -irfcet rates. COLLECTIONS asada carefully and accounted far promptly. Wo are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility or collaterals. Kidneys, Liver! grounds, and everyone who went from Lead and Deadwood returned sup"?mely satisfied. The picnic was no less a success from a financial standpoint, for ev eryone paid an admission fee of 25 cent 10 15 cents for the grand stand privilege! get into tbe grounds, and as many paid '"Braco. hat. Mixed a and Bowels ' t James J. Hill, now the famous railroad magnate, was at the head of the concern, and It proved highly profitable. Mr. Hill stepped from that into the control ol the St. Paul and Pacific railroad, after making a number of men rich who had been .ith him. Captain McCormick served a number of terms In the territorial senaw . and la eonseouentlr acaainted with a large arms ni ...i.i .1 muiuuiikIUU Dominican rebels, and are r.LEAN&ES THE YSTEM IS ?D I8TINCTIVELY A .EFFECTUALLY the 15 cents for the grand stand privileges as could be accommodated. to prerent fill ttrik. Ended. l-8petf alTtio br,ck. number of Black Hills men who were In The amusements were varied and exceedingly Interesting, taking up tbe en- Accounts - of Ba.iks, Corporations and fndlviduaien tlriafternoon. Many of them were rar the legislature at the same time. He bas nerer llred outside of Dakota since he first struck the territory, and he bas n-rer OVERCOMES . " been settled. exhibitions of athletics, as the records will solicited. Correspondence Xxixrltecl. voted In any other state or territory, notwithstanding that to is a man of middle 'warned to work. An im" th""ufctur. " ,or arbitration in all age. Captain McCormlck succeeded Secretary DIRECTORS: s - JOHN TREBEIt, show., ' . Duncan Cruickshank was the only participant in the playing of the bagpipes, snd was accordingly awarded the prize. In throwing ths hammer. Darfd Dow woo the Irst prise, his record being S3 feet, (inches; Harry Hanson waa second, feet, C Indies. David Dow won the first 100-yard foot Teller, brother of ths Colorado senator. la the office of secretary of state, and he waa la turn succeeded by Secretary Pich- BVf THE wCNVINt - MaNT O by ..v hahkis FRANKUM, Praslaastf. BEN BAEJL 1ft Presidsnt, Zander's Denial . -erejr 8u John. Um. Peacock, eaters era. art stir ---- ardson, who was the last secretary unler territorial government. ! WvwnMawwMM

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