The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 16, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1899
Page 7
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The daily pioneer-times, Wednesday morning, august ic, 1899. (Frawley ft Laftey. Attorneys ) I In the Circuit Court, of the Eighth Jud- Rial Circuit of the State of South Da- lamer ftPMriJp NOTICE OP FORFEITURE. To Patrick j'Urlen: You are informed that 1 have expended In labor and improvements upon the Chance and Chapoe No. 1 lodes or mining . ptJPILS In Vocea beta, within and for Lawrence Ciuuty. L,Z7ie Nare. Plaintiff. PLANTS FOR SALE Having decided to quit the Hot House business, I will Bell about -000 plants of all varielties for that they wi'.l bring. A. DANIELS, , Deadwood Greenhouses. - ienul Mualc at her vs. I.: ! ,1. Na.-o, Defendant. :i: STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA ::i GREETING: To the above named i.datit: Vou are hereby summoned NOTICE OF "tABsL Notice Is hereby given ti the Daketsr Maid Mining company, a oorporatlo-, has leased unto several different parties the southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of the Dakota Maid lode mining claim In Straw-terry gulch, Lawrence county, South Dakota. All nartle furnishing materiel for use upon said Dakota Maid Mlnlse claim or performing labor thereon, am hereby notified that the owner of sssV mining claim will not be responsible ml any material or labor furnished at the ts stance of any of the leseeea. Dated. Strawberry Oulch, La wr seat county. South Dakota, August 11th, 18M. DAKOTA MAID MINING CO., Owner. By JOSEPH KINO, Pres. Deadwood. 8. IX a and required to answ er the complaint of the ibove named plaintiff which will be MP d in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit (Moody. Kellar & Moody, Attorneys.) SHKlilij'F S NOTICE OK SALE ON EXE-Cl TION St..t.- of South l'al-.ola. County of Law-1 1 in-.- ti.: at, -I Wilheltiiy Company. Plaintiff, ' JM.iM'ii Mining Company. Defendant. Notue is hereby given, that by virtue of an ev'titiiiii to me dirccte 1 and deliv-i red and now in niy hands, issued out of :he Clerk's ottne uf thi- c,i,uit Court, Eighth Judicial Ciriuit, Coney of liw-retn e. Stale uf South Dakota, upon a judgment rendered in said coin l in favor or liei tor and Wilbclmy Company, and was dill assigned to the First National It. ink of li.adwoiid. March .nd. IV.i'.i, and against liuunHon Mining Company, on the Pith day of November, A. 1 '. l-vi7. I have bvie.l upon the following desiribed real property of .said defendant, to-wit: The ' i U 1 1 1 1 1 m n Anderson Fraction. Caspian, Caspian Fraction, and Vulcan lodes or mining claims, situated in Whiiewinsl Quartz Seven Day Excursions. VIA BURLINGTON ROUTE. ; To Hot Springs and Custer. Ticket jn j sale every Saturday, good for a wbolt ' ourt of Ijiwteuce County. South Hako- at tile Court House In Deadwood, iu aid County and State; and to serve a copy claims, situated in Carbonate mining district, Lawrence County, South Dakota., at least oue hundred dollars per year upon each of said claims for the years A. D. ISSil, IMC. ISM, 1S'.i4, ISiia. 18K6, 1SS7 and 18y8, all of which was done for the purpose of holding the said claims or lodee under the provisions of section No. 2324, Revised Statutes of the I'mtid States, and acta aim ndatory th .t tu, for the periods eliding I!-e. uil-.-r :tlt, K.'l ; December 31st, lt'.-', Decemlier 31st, lH'.i.'i; lH'cemuer aibl. 1S'-I4; Decciul.r 31st, Ib'Jb; December 31st. lfi'.'i: Dciimbcr 31st, H'.i7, and December 31.-1. lXtiS, and there Is due from you thereon, to-wit: On the said Chance lode or mining claim the sum of four hundred (fl""'"i) dollars, on the said Chance lode or mining claim No. 1 the sum of four hut'-iied i$4uo.oo) dollars, or eight hundred ivniion dollars in all. You are hereby notilied that If within f your answer upon the subscribers at their otllce In the Smith block in the City of l'. adwood, Lawrence County. Souih Da- Itd 33AR. ota. within 30 days after the serving of week. Only oue fare for the round trr. You should, by all means, take the 1.10 train as it is the only oik arrives at the above resorts I ..-fore J -ti: ;n time far the evening gaieties- this summons on you. exclulslve of the lav of service; and if you fail to answer lid complaint within that time, the plain flr" n.,ini,l. SuulA Pntoio. tiff will apply to the Court for the roller In said complaint demanded. Paled at Dear; wood. South Dakota, the " :) ; : the ' b u:n!. -nd L;ned, n, lei In b.lio. and! o ti v;!t' tid.'in lode -,1 a !i;t!c euith of ,! mi tit, south by claim, at I-ast one all per year for the which was done for NOTICE ') 1 To Cliaibs Mix Vou are notified : , -- owners, ha . -tut provetlli nl s i, t - M mining ct.iiin. -:' Ciltdeti Cltv, in, mi, It tile "Fdtia ' mining bun, in -1 ijluo on) del years Pin", and I S' ; LEGAL NOTICES. Sth day of July. 'SS1 ninety C'i' days from the service of this FR WVLEY tv-. . 1 I'FI . ;toi;:-- t.,r li.DiiUtT To the above named defendant lake notice you fail to contribute your portion Mining listtici, l.uwretne county, So. 1 I'.ik. and that 1 shall on Saturday, the j '.oh day of September, A. D 1V9, at the' loon of In o'clock a. m. of said day, at the j from door of the court house in the City , ef in a-luood. in said coun,ty and state, of said expenditure as co-owner with the notice that t tie piainuu s couipiaim in mis ,i,. tifhiraf o undersigned during twit of the years above he purpi -e of in. Phi, g -at 1 , laim under ictiou was tiled In the office of the Clerk the prniisjiitis of Stttii'ii L::J1 Revised nientioinil. your interest in said lodes or mining dainn will become the property of the above named Court, at Pi adwood. Statutes C S. for tile perie Is eliding Pe- in said County and State, on the lmti ilay Forme' v; - o t Meals in the City, rn Da, and Night. of the subscrilii r. your co-owner, who haa inber "1, IVi', and lu-ceu: ',er 31. 1S97. You are furihir notified ;hat if within of July 1S!i. made the required expenditures as required by said Bcction No. 2324 of the Revised FRAWLEY & LAr l tl. Attorneys for Plaintiff. (Frist Publication July 15, lS'.Hl) Statutes of the United States. KOI1ERT NUGENT. (First Pub. May 17. 18!9.) ninety I'.iOl days from the service of this notice you fail to contribute your portion of said expendlloies as co-owner with the undersigned during each of the yeare above mentioned, ycur Interest In said claim will become property of the subscribers according to the provisions of said section 2324. (Martin ii Mason. A I loin.'.s NOTICE TO c:F.IHToi:S i .Hinl to sell all the right, title and In-'-icM of the above named (iuiniison n-iog Company in and to the above described piopei-iy i satisfy said Judgment, and costs, amounting to eight thousand six hundred thirty-two ISti:!'.') dollars and thirty I .'Hi) cents, together with all accruing costs of sale and interest on the from the loth day of November, 1S1I7, at ibe rate of 7 per cent per annum, at public auction, to the highest bidder for i ash. M ATT I'LI NKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County, liy .MMES H HAKHIS, Deputy. Moody. Kellar & Moody. Plaint iff's Attorneys i First I'ub. Aug. S. lS'.i'i.) oECKLER BROS- LEADINC (Granville G. Bennett. Atfy ) Estate of Emily M. Dodge, deceased. SUMMONS. FOR RELIEF, COMPLAINT Notice Is hereby given by Ihe under signed Administrator of the hstate of NOTICK OF A li'LIc TION nil: LCI -TEKS OF (;i..tilA.HIi In the County Court of the (''y i Lawreiin . Stnie of South Pakoia In the Matter of tin- Ivi-ii. aid F.-at, f Arthur IMwarl CouP-it.-. Frai.k Jain-n Goulette, Walter Li-roy Goulicic and Edna Coiii Goulette, minor ihildriti nf August Manning, pc-casul. Notice is hereby given that Peter Gnl-frey has filed with the i-lerk of this Court, a pcutiun, praying 'hai letters of Guardianship of the por-inns and estate of Anhur Edward (Joulotte. Frank J. inn-? Goiiletfe. Walter I.e Kny (ioulette and Edna Cora Goulette. minor children of ugusia Man-ning, deecastd, he issued to Frederick A. Haines, and that Friday. the 1Mb (lay of August. A. It. IV.i'.i. a; in o'clock a. in. of said day. being a day of a regular term of this Court, to-wit: of the July term, 1S99, at the Court room thereof at the coin t tiourt house in Deadwood, in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition. when and where any person interested may appi-ar and show Emilv M Dodge, deceased, to the creditors EHEV W. MARTIN,. NtnlMAN T MASON, Prailwood. S P. July 25. 1899. (First Publlcalion. July 27, 1899 ) of. and all persons having claims against EAT MARKET. FILED State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence, as. Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. Florence M. Dangler, Plaintiff. vs. Clarence S. Dangler, Defendant. the said deceased to exhibit thetn wnn tne necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator, at his residence Hill-TelephoneNo- 69 Centennial lYairle, or to his attorneys. The Rtat of South Dakota to the above Martin & Mason, at their office in Dead- named Defendant: trrlson Telephone No. 3. wood. In the County of Iyawn iue. S. D. You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled action, which will lK MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD be filial in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial Clr cult, in and for the County of Iawrence Dated July 29, 1M9. CON F. HOOD. Admlslstrator of Emily M. Podge deceased. (First Publication July 30, 18!i9 ) (Edwin Van Cise. Attorney.) SHERIFF'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That by and State of South Dakota, and to serve cause why the "aid petition should not hi , B. M. AIKINS, a copy of your answer to the said com Martin k Mason, Attorneys) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Iawrence, 8tale of South Dakota. In the Matter of Ihe Estate of Edmund Ciirnow, deceased. Notice Is hereby given that Henry Cur-now has filed with the Clerk of this Court, a petition, praying for Letters of Administration of the Estate of Edmund Curnow, deceased, and that Tuesday, the 22nd day of August. A P. 1899, at 1(1 o'clock A. M of mid day being a day of a regular term of this Court, to-wit: of the July lerm. 1899. at the Court Room thereof, at the Court House, in Deadwood, in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, when and where any pcrton interested may appear an! show cause why the said petition should not lie granted. Pat ,! ,.g. 10th . P.. 1899. FRW'K J WASH M1AUGH. Judge of tho County Court. ( Flrsl I'uli. Aug. 11-99.) JTORNEY AT LAW plaint on the subscriber, at his office in Deadwood. In said County and State, within thirty days after the service of this summons uKin you exclusive of the day granted. Dated Aw net "oh A. I'. 1 -''' FRANK 1 W SH All ll'i'ill. Judge of th- Coin. tv ''oil" I Fit -! I'll!'- Ug- I State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss. IN COl'NTY COI RT. In the matter of the estate of Mrs. Ida Itaer. Moceased. OltDlCK TO SHOW C.U'SK ON APPLICA- ordor to Show Cause on Applical ion of Guardian for Order of Siile of Keal Kstate. It appearing to this court from the petition this day presentiM and flliil by Hen Baer. gniardian of the persons and estate of Ira Hen Haer. Helen O Daer. Jerome Itaer. Firnaml liner and Fdwin liacr. Mil. ols. ptaing for an order of sale of te.-il .-state belonging to said wards, and it ap pealing lo the Court that su, h lea' , Valid I e sold. !' :- 'ereby ordered. ibat the next of km of said ward.-, and all persons in ton sled in said sale, appear before this virtue of an Execution to me directed ana lelivered and now In my hands, issued out of such service and if you fail to answer ,,r the Clerk s office of the Circuit Court, the said complaint within the lime afore said, the plaintiff in this action will ap tcli-hiti Judicial Cii-cult. County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. olv to the court for the relief demanded upon a judgment renueni m lain Court In favor of Slyvester C. in tlie complaint. Dated June L'-llh. ivcc Git NV1I.LIC G HF.N'N'ETT Fargo, et al . and against Clint Potson on tin. -tTih dav of October. 181.4. and after Plaintiff's Attorney. Deadwood, So. Dak wards transferred bv the sheriff's bill of The defendant in the above entitled le (o Edwin Van Clue, trustic. 1 hae Court on Tuesday, the T.lh day of Septem Room 1 Syndicate Block. DWOOD, - - SOUTH DAKOTA I BRITISH-AMERICAN COLO t AND COPPER MINING CO. issay Office. ; m a, HOVT, Manager und Asuayer. lBBrodwj, I eadwood, B. U. 1st N''l Ban l,o.crtaltiaiuourjt of custom orE. laSUnu: Ai-ssyii Of Copper ore'by electro action will please take notice that the ber. A D l.v.i'i, at ten o'clock a. in. at complaint in said action was duly filed in the ollice of the Clerk of said court. In Uie ioui-1 t room of said court at Nii'l'K 'i: To I'llEI 'I'l i i!tS Kslate of John Gila: li I e.ii-.l Notice is hi li l y gi' en tiy 'in --r-l'-i -ir:i ed, Minnie li.rurde. innt:i. of b. .,.-t will and l- ':"! nt Joliti Go a: !-. '. ceased, to I in- i tvd!tol of. .11, -I -ill pel -sons having . I.iims aaaiu-i i lie ?,nd -leased, loevbili' them -Mill ;lie i.. . . sary vouchers, within ten tumuli- after in- firs; publication of this notice, to tin -aid Minnie Cenirdo. at tin oll'n e of Hi, A- Pulley In tile Syii.ti, ate bio, I-:, in the City of Deadwood. ;" 'In- t'oui.'y "' !.awreii,i. State of So., ill I lakota. Datisl at ! , adwixid, August ". ' li - Iv'"' MINN1F. GIRARDE. Exi'ciitrix of ibe lint will an 1 t i silent of John (iitarile. -leeeased. t First l'ub, August i levied upon the following descrllieil real property of said defendant. t o-wlt: That part of Mineral Survey No. 12(18, as entered for patent at the U. S. Land Office the ('ilv of Deadwood. S.1 P., on the 28th day of June, lhilfi. GRANVILLE G. BENNETT Rapid City. S P . April 1". mm. Known ihe Potson Placer and described as fol Attorney for 'Plaintiff. lows: Beginning at the SE Corner or me (First Pub. June 27.) la I in for corner No. 1. whence tne hw cor ner of section 19. To 5 N., R. 4 E., B. H. ns awn uij ,,....... M bears S 2:1 dec fi9 mln 30 sec li.. 4UJ1.3 NOTICE Notiif Is heo by given that I have leased to the Dakota Mining and Milling company an undivided one-half Interest In the following named mining claims: The Lucy. Mono. Lucy 1 radlim, O-Z, Uell penohstot and Pnv Fraction lodes, situated near Green Mountain, in Whltewood guartz mining dlstii.-t. Lawrence County. South I lakota. and that nollher the undersigned nor the said properties will be liable for any oibor. materials, machinery, (C. E Davis, Attorney.) SUMMONS. ft distant: thence S 8i deg lit mm i . K72.2 ft to corner No. 2; thence N 32 deg tin- on it House in the 'iiy of 1 lead wood, in s.nd ltwrence bounty, then and there to siiie-'. i ause w hy an order should not !,e gratitid for the sale of such real estate. And it is ben by furtlier ordered, that a ci, lev of this order be puhlishis! at least litre, -,.1, ,-,-iii' ,-i-ks before the day of hearing in the Daily Pioneer-Times, a in wspaper printed and published in the City of Deadwood. in said Lawrence oumv. !'!; K J V A S 1 1 A it A It; H . Judge of County Court. Date! a' licadwoo.1. Sou 111 Dab-Ma. An !.-! 'ill. A. D. ls'.n (First Pub. Aug. Mil. IK'.iS.j NOTICE OK ANNUAL MEETING The State of South Dakota. Eighth Ju lfi in in W. 1 IS. 1 ft to comer No. S; thence dlclal Circuit, ss. N 42 deg 17 mln E, 745.8 ft to corner No In Ihe Circuit Court in and for Lawreno. 4; thence N 15 ib'g 01 mln W, 980.6 ft to IT!.!,' TIoN ''"!'. !-ET i,i'- admin:sti: 'l Ion. u Court of Mi. I'-mnty of State of Soli' I. I ' o-.ol I. o! tl,. list a I ',: Ai!gll-la NOTICE OF TK.itS In I he Com, Law ri-ti'',. In the Man county. Jacob Goldberg. Flaliftlff, orner. No :.; thence S (,: deg 44 mln fc. GOO ft to corner No. 6, thence S 6 deg 3S vs. c in the working or saia liiiulwooil. S. P. June 12. JOHN II. I.l'CY, Owner. tools, or snppl mines piited 1899. A J. Molain. whose Christian name Is tc Maoniiip de, ease. I. min 30 sec E, 1H44.9 to corner No. 1. the plaintiff unknown. Defendant. The State of South Dakota sends greet place of beginning. Also all lhat portion of Ixit No. 77ti lo: Ings to the above named defendant: vi s Nn 77f,i known as the Cop Placer You are hereby summoned and required The annual meeting of the stockholders situated between corners No 1 and No to answer the complaint of Jacob Gold of same IvlnK west of Smith reek in of the Golden Reward Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling Company, for the pur berg, plaintiff, a copy of which is hereby Smith's Gubh. all in Whltewood Mining furkisb Powder! m to Arabic as "THE DELIGHT OB REM." A scientific discovery; pre-ptloo obtained from the Sultan's own itdaa. The secret of the Intense sex-Titalltj of the men of the eastern . Prevents premature organam an! mil the pleasures of life. U Is not if taken Internally but Is applyed ex-llj, with an effect truly remarkable. FOE MEN ONLt nSEPTIC; perfectly harmless; cor-i land cures sectual weakness. Once I you will not be without them, pit sent prepaid 25c & 'or $1-00; 12 B.0O. TURKISH POWDER CO., , Box 694. Denver, Colo. served upon you. and serve a copy of your Notice i- lo-reby given tha ' -er Godfrey has Hbil with the clerk of thi- court, a petition, praying that Uttcis of Ad-ministratiorj of the Estate of Augusta Manning, deceased, bo grained lo himself and T. G. Carter, and that Friday, the ISth day of Augusi A. D. lv.H'. at lo o'cliK-k a. in., of said day. bting a day of a regular term of this court, lo-wii: of the July term. 1SW. at the court room thereof, at the court house in Deadwood. In the said County of Lawrence, has been ..- k....,:,. usiia oelition when and answer thereto upou the subscriber at my District. Lawrence County, s. L. Ann that I shall on WedneBday. the 16th pose of electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing year, and the transaction of such other business as may come before NOTICE OF LE.'.Si;. . To ail-antes p. i furn.lng labor or furnishing material upon the Toledo and Penver Lodes of the Omaha group of mining claims near Squaw Creek: TAKE NOTICE. That said claims are being worked under lease, and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon aid pieuilses. T. TAYLOR, E. C. SMITH, Owner. day of August, A. I). 1899, at the hour of 10 office In the Post Office building In city of Deadwood. Lawrence county, Soutb said meeting, will ne held at the office of o'clock, a. m.. of said day. at me iroin Dakota, within thirty days after the ser the Company In the City of Deadwood Lawrence County, South Dakota, on Tues vice of this summons, exclusive of tb door of the Court House In Deadwood In snlrt Cnuntv and State, proceed to sell all day, August 1, 1899, at eleven o'clock In day of service, or the plaintiff will tak Judgment against you for the sum of Set lOI uw"'h i where any jxrson interested may appear $310.92, with Interest at 7 per cent pet the right, title and Interest or tne aoove named Clint Dotson. or such right, title or Interest as he may have had on October 27, 1X94, or at any time since. In and to the forenoon. E. H. HARRIMAN, Pres t W.M. LETSON, Ass't Sec'y. (First Publication Julv 1J. 1899.) the above described property to sattsiy and show cause wny ine sain (jci... should not be gTanted. Dated Aufrst 5th A. D. 189S. FRANK J. V ASH A B A UGH . Judge of the County Court (First Pub. Aug. 6-99.) annum from date hereof, besides costs. Dated, June 26th, 1899. -.. E. DAVIS, Plaintiff's Attorney. To the defendant abovs named: said Judgment, and costs, amounting to Two Hundred and Seventy-four Dollars .nd Ninetv-five Cents, together with all PROPOSALS FOR BONDS. The auditor of Lawrence county You will please take notice, that lh summons and complaint in the above en South Dakota. Invites sealed proposals up us i titled act' were filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court at Deadwood, to Aug. 10, 1899, for the purchase of 112 000 of Its bonds described as follows: NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals ill be received at he office of the city engineer, In the K. D. Smith building, Deadwood, S. D., until noon of August 16, 1899, for the necessary grading and bridging for the opening of North Williams street from the present northerly end of (he street to Volla street, according to plans and profile now on file In city engineer's office. Proposal must be made on blanks furnished by city engineer. Lawrence county South Dakota, at Dead I "CUPIDENE" Date July 1. 1899. payable in 20 years wood, on the 6th day of July, 1899. C. E. DAVIS, with privilege of paying after ten years Denominations $1",000 each. Interest II Der cent per annum, semi-annually, prin MANHUUU ntolUKtU::-:?--v Mono? 2 lamous French BhyricUa, will quickly cure you 'of all nr-Tr dJwHM of the generative ureaui, such as lost Itabood, tom or 41fM 0,," k Hminl Imiaslons. Uervoos Debility, 7?l2lTn7inthTBB5mtoal fciilons, Uervoos Debility. Plaintiffs Attorney. Deadwood, South Da cipal and interest payable lo New York. kota. (First Pub. July 7th, 1899.) NOTICE iiVTT-rTT Tf n nun. to Harry. Kxasnsung Drains, totti.. tTtoMiSilosi. by day or night Prevent, qutrk- Object of Issue, to refund the balance remaining outstanding of an Issue of $375.-000 10 per cent bonds due July 1, 1899 The county having heretofore retired $263,-000 of said issue. These bonds are issued strictly In ac KrORC asie ArTCB fld,S.rSLSii.ols4iUnporiU.s. nrnnatn atMnatham and reatoras small weak orRana. tranbled with Work on the property of the Ella Eldon Gold Mining Co. is now being done under accruing costs of sale and interest on the same from the 27th day of October. 1894, at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, at Public Auction to the highest bidder for eaDated, Deadwood. S. D.. July 12. 1899. MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. EDWIN VAN CISE, Attorney for Transferee. (Edwin Van Cise, Attorney.) NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE. BY VIRTUE of an order and decree of the County Court of Lawrence County, South Dakota, made on the petition of the undersigned Matilda Hooper, guardian of the persons and estate of Leslie B. Hooper. Verue L. Hooper and Wynne Margie Hooper, minors, for an order to sell the Real Estate of said minors at the regular May Term, A. D. 1899. of said Court, to-wit: on the 29th day of June 1899, I shall, on or after the 16th day of August, 1899, sell at private sale the real property situate in Lawrence County. South Dakota, described as follows, to-wit: The Bouth.wesL-.guer- contract by A. C. Tipple. Henry Branch The ream sufferers an not sored by o "SJT wTiot aVoptraUon. SOOOtwUmonl-twtatlll CCPIDKWIBUtheODiy kown remedy tocuriioom . pwmaaeatsur and J. F. Gurley, who are solely responsl cordance with the law and there is abso ble for labor, materials, machinery, tools lutely no Question as to their validity. aa,six!urss.,yniu. ou .o. - . r.1 ForliaUbv and supplies employed thereon, and nelth Sealed proposals for these bonds or for cr the said company nor the said proper South Dakota, ITUNKLIN'8 P ALACK PHARMACY. Deadwood. any part of them will be received at tne office of the county auditor up to noon ties are liable for any part thereof. THE ELLA ELDON GOLD MINING CO Auaust 10th. 1899. No bids will be con BY E. W. MILLER, PRES National Encampment G. A. R. PHILADELPHIA, PA., SEP. 4-S. For this occasion the Burlington Route will sell tickets on August 31, September 1 end 2. Good to September 30, at one fare for the round trip. This Is tho only train that runs into the Union Depots at Chicago, avoiding all omnibus transfers. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent- eidered unless accompanied by a certified check for two per cent of the amount of the bid, payable to the order of l reasui er NOTICE OF LEASE To all parties performing labor or fu Lawrence County, to be returned lmmeni aiely If bid Is not accented. nishlog material upon the Mormon Chlei Right is reserved to reject any or all )oqk Remedy Co. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR Lode. 139: TAKE NOTICE: That said claim Is De ie worked under lease and that the under bids. For further Information address W. A. ZINK. Auditor Lawrence County Deadwood, S. D signed owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished Third upon said premises. hugh McCaffrey, henry sussenbach. Owner. PRIMARY. SECONDARY u TERTIARY BLOOD POISO PERMANENTLY CURED 1 15 TXT 35 DAYS. Yon em b ternated at borne (or the POD POISON . sHHIHHssHK ssWsssssBbBbbBbsbssssBssssssssssHbssI ter of south east quarter of section twenty-three (23) and northwest quarter of northeast quarter and north half of northwest quarter of section twenty-six (26) containing 160 acres. Also, northwest quarter of southeast quarter west half of northeast quarter, northeast quarter of northeast quarter and northeast quarter of northwest quarter of section twenty-eigl.t (28). also southeast quarter of southwest quarter and west half of southeast quarter of section twenty-one (21). All of sail land being In Township seven (7) north, of range one (1) east B. H. M.. in Lawrence County, South Dakota, on the following terms, to-wit: Cash, or part cash and part time with approved security. Bids ( Martin A Mason, Attorneys.) SUMMONS MONET DEMAND COM PLAINT FILED. Proposals For Deadwood City Bonds Proposals are hereby invited by the audi State of South Dakota, County of Law J : tt T) i xittt if mi nrfer to come here ww wV tor of the cfcv of Deadwood. South Dako ta, for the purchase of twenty thousand ($20,000.00) dollars of the bonds of the said Annual Picnic nd Gamses CLAN STEWART No. 140 0. S. C. ot Lead Will be held at Beatty s Park, r" Sturgls, S. D. city. Rate of Interest, lx per eeut per annum, payable in 20 years; option to pay after ten yesrs. from September 1st, isi's or offers must be in writing and may be Principal and interest, latter semi-annual left at the office of Edwin Van CUe on Iv. parable In New oik. Lee street. Deadwood. S. D-, or filed In the office of the County Judge, or delivered to The proceeds of the bonds to be expended in the enlargement and extension of the water mains ta the city, and in the in the undersigned personally. Dated, this 27th day of July. A. D. 1SV9. MATILDA HOOPER, creasing of the storage capacity for water. This indebtedness Is autnoruea oy sec Guardian of the Persons and Estate of tion 4, article 13, of the state constitution, and by an act, of the legislature approved the Minors aforesaid. (First Publication July 28. 1899) 1 March 3d, 1899. Also by a vote 01 tne electors held on the 18th day of April. 1899. which resulted in favor of the bonds 387 against 170. Bociled indebtedness of the city: rence, ss. In Circuit Court. Eighth Judicial Circuit. James A. Ogden. Plaintiff. vs. Electric Gold Mining A Milling Company, Defendant. The State of South Dakota Sends Greeting to the Above Named Defendant: You are heivby summoned and required to answer the complaint of the above named Plaintiff, which will be filed la the office of the Clerk of the above entitled Court at Deadwood, South Dakota, and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers, at their office. In the Martin A Mason Block, in Deadwood. South Dakota, withla thirty days after the service of this amnions, exclusive of the day of service, or the Plaintiff will take Judgment against you for Twenty-four Hundred Elghty-aeTen Dollars and Fifty Cents, with interest at the rate, of 1 per centum per annum, from the 1st day of June. UM. besides the costs of this action. Dated at Deadwood. $. D.. this Jrd day of June, A. D. ISM. VoteHcx Plalnure Attorneys To defendant abore earned : Complaint la abovs actios was filed la the office of the Clerk of the abore ea-tltled Court at Deadweed. S. D ea June iota, ISM. V2CL?HXAxuPlalnUrs Attoraeya. (First PabUoaUea. Joae SL UM.) i f rice unuer sauna uu"'"1" ' . . ot to pay railroad to s4 hoibHl. and oo cbr. 1 WJUI t OBSTINATB CASES aod MiNOJ THI WORLD WC"1 WOT CURB. This dlswaM kM twwyw BAFFLED THE S1ULL, w 1M T IMINENT PHTSICIAMa. Beversi ai mm nest IlimilwWst pabHa men. Kings sjid Empmrt to"U JtmUait.4 wwsUth sX MtloM msjM could sroploy. bnt we hj DT know, ooly to eanelTasv Darts WUEIHN J"" twee M kM the treat sTUertrt eooeernsi hav. started p to IttUtot. r '""t. simpM by m miiiliitrfi; totter oot om ef these iw- buasaeee.-y-"; v- Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor. TH3 COOK REMEDY CO. hms permanently cared thoaesvnde end revataOrn tor ipMdjr ewee, hooeety aad littocrKy. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. vMce and ABSOLUTS) PROOFS OP CURES AND UNBROKEN PLE K welert Id ... r kaijet oa application. NO BRANCH OJTICBB CE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. -J CODIIREIEDT CGXPilT. 1928 Inttic ITeniilfi Clicaio. 1. .-. . City hall bonds 22.500 Sewer bonds 38,000 fMartln A Mason, Attorneys,) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Wlllard O. Dodge, deceased. Notice Is ' hereby given by the undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Wlllard. C. Dodge, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persona having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four month after the first publication of this notice, to the said Administrator, at his residence Assessed valuation t.ovu.ww Music by K. of P. Band, Fort Meade Or-, chestra snd Highland Bagpipe. Trains leave Deadwood at 7:00, 9:30, and 12 a. m.! returning at 6:00. 7:30 and 10:00 p. m. ROUND TRIP 65 CENTS. The D. C. train will run to and from Lead to connect, round trip 35c. One Real valuation (est'd) 5.000.000 Population -;I,5S2 Am't authorised by the election.! 50.000 Of which the above oner is tne nrsx issue, rwionilnatton of bonds. $50 each. Bids on Centennial prairie, or to hie attorney. will be considered for amounts of $500 and over. . dm. will tu received until II. a Satur train from Terry and Central to connect at Deadwood. Leaving Terry at :09 a m.. day,, August 19, and moat be accompanied Martin Mason, at their ocnee ta veaa-wood. la the County of Lawrenee. 8. D. Dated July . UM. COlf T. HOOD, Administrator of Wlllard O, Dodge, deceased. (First PttbUcatloa July SO, UM.) and returning, leave Deadwood at s:w p. . by a certified caeca tor are per cent the amount of the bid. i W. A. lUHBa, City .Auditor.

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