The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 16, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 16, 1899 . . i Assaying 50s Gold and Silver of rice on s certain field, which was attended with elaborate ceremonies. The people understand irrigation thoroughly, and Prof. Kerr speaks of one stream larger than the Spearflsh down whose bed a man could walk dry shod during the time the crops Were growing, while at other yeasons of the year it contained enough water to run a boat. The valleys are cut u I , with ditches and Humes, and the in- the skins and remnants of fishes that hav been caught and tried of their oil. Another fertilizer much used is night soil, which the farmers obtain In the towns and cities and carry out to their places. The fertilizer la spread ovxer the soil often to the thickness of two Inches every year, as otherwise It would be out of the question to obtain any products. I'rof. Kerr wan stationed j()0 mile from he Union Assay Office, You Can't Qet Away rmnoji Tin-: factum , S PI mi P rPt"'f I fl i i n -if-i7. NO. 37 LEE STREET, DEADW0OD, S. D. IWill Give Correct Results of ffoth produce crops in some places that impossible. The saoil is naturally ives :et 111 any other while person while he was in the school, and h often went months without seeing a single English speaking pi i -son from outside of the students in Ms school. He was. therefore, permitted to .,tc us gets a On All Samples (Tjrought to the Office you square deal, for- lre exactly wJtat you are biiyllxgi mujm. M. H. Lyon & Co j very or. and it is only rendered produ:--j live by the most persistent and scientific I system of fertilization. The fertilizer most I generally used is taken from the seashore. ould try it. but I had to say somethii.V an, I I thought I would be out of the country before they could see the result." I'nif. Kerr says he saw some fine look-' in quailz w hile in Japan, and upon being pounded up a fine string of gold could he obtained. The natives knew nothing of gold mi n Lng at the time I was there, and no effort was being made to save the gold. "I do not doubt but that her are profitable gold mines in that country, and prob .Agents for the Blickenderfer $35.00 Typewriter the Best Machine Made. study the people in ull their pristine char- j acterislics. lie mastered the lauKu.iKC fairly well to speak it, altho he never attempted to learn to read and write it. and has now forgotten almost all he ever i quired of It. The people have good meni- ories and make apt students. He (aught geography, grammar, history and analytl-j cal geometry for seventteen months in the school he was connected with. His stu- ( dents made good headway In English, and , became so proficient that they could con- j verse with him on almost any topic la- j telllgently. The boys would frequently banter him to go out with them and scale j some of the mountain peaks, and while out ' j ' We try to ntctk.e an f to nest profit so that the buyer jreety come back to us. Our Prices Are All Right, MMllmMMMMlMmMMIIIIIMIllMllllllliMMlimillMlllilllllllHnMlHHIIIIIIHmiiHiHHHMHMJ if n MINES AND MINING ; ably they are being worked to some ex tent now," Prof. Kerr stated. iniNMiiiHiiiiiiMiiiMniiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiitnmiiiiniiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nmmuK Prof. Kerr started yesterday for Brookings, announcing that It had ben a very pleasant visit to him. He is an old friend J Interests, Including the railroad and wa .THS) MANCHESTER PROPERTY, jjcy racues ratcnea to UttU prices. That's the way you find it all through out luisinpasscd stock on jaunts of that description they would ; ter works. It Is said that Weber, former frequently relate to him whole volumes of It Is confidently asserted now that the ! reoefit purpchaaera of this property, altu-.ated on Squaw creek, bare matured plana . tot the erection of a cyanide plant and on Japanese folk-lore. The Japanese he found a racec of people almost parallel to ' superintendent or tne De Hmet, now superintendent of the Consolidated Rands mines of South Africa, will be general manager of m I of the consolidated concern. jstack of a smelter on the ground. P. N. . Hanson, the resident representative of the J. B. Taylor came up Sunday from Roch- the French In point of politeness, but be says they are not as reliable as the rni-nese. Where honesty is a chief charac- j terlstlc ofthe Chinese, fickleness la a nota- , ble feature withhe Japanese. The mer and room mate of G. G. Dennis of this city and E. F. Erwin of Lead, and he has divided his time between them since he has been here He is the grand worthy patron of the Order of Eastern Star for th district of South Dakota, and a reception was given him in his honor. . -ffsafzva.n was given in his honor last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs A. V. Coe. on Ingle-side. While the teachers from the eastern part of the state were on their wa up the SpearfLsh canyon a week ago last ; (Turehssers, left Sunday for Minneapolis, .accompanied by his wife. Mr. Hanson ford, bringing with him a number of samples from a new ledge of copper that be has recently uncovered on the property of chants In Japan are the lowest class, and they are notoriously dishonest. Asked the the Black Hills Copper company. The will then remain In that city, while her husband will return to the Hills to conduct operations. He has a force of men at weik, running cross-cut for purpose of ledge 1b Ave feet wide, and the ore that Mr. Taylor brought up with him is a mala Men's and Boy's Clothing, Hats and Gents Furnishings. Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas. ZOELLNER BROS. The Pioneers of 1876. price of an article of their wares and they will set a figure fully twice what It should be, and about the first words of tneir Sunday a number of them v hn ivc .' mom- ' . ventilation, and doing general sBcmt work. There is a large amount of chlte. There have not been any assays made on the samples, but copper men who language that are acquired by foreigners CO. have seen them place an average of from re In sight, much of it of sufficiently high . srade to ship with profit, but it Is not 12 to 15 per cent metal, are "Come down," and no one goes shaping there without "Jewing down" the different merchants with whom he makes transactions. Prof. Kerr cites an exam ; llkaljr that any more shipping) will be done, t as Mr. Hanson intends to wait until he has James Vickers, who returned to Sturgis i bers of the Eastern Star got out of the train in one of the most picturesque localities and had a group photograph taken, of which the professor was the central ' figure. ' During the time he has been in th ' Black Hills Prof. Kerr has. been at work In the Interest of the Agricultural olleg?. and has secured a number of prorpeetive students for the coming term, which opens several weeks ago and has since been visiting his family. Intends to leave again ple of the necessity of this that occurred shortly after his arrival there. He pur this week for Asuantee, on the west coast of Africa, where he will resume charge of the direction of mining operations for a Tfcls swd plant running before attempting Co extract any more cold. Mr. Hanson has certainly been attended r x remarkably good fortune In bis mining enterprises I'laoe he came to the Hills, and I Ji experience is not paralleled by that of mer rthar extensWa operator in the coun-, try. Shortly after he cam here he se-vcared a bond and leas upon the Manches TOMBSTONES. IRON FENCIN large English company. He dons sot know up September 18. The courses at the col how long it will be before he can visit his lege that are of advantage to younj nen home again, but he will probably not see from this part of the state are in mechan the United States again in several years. chased a pretty piece of lacquer ware and took it home. He had paid $1.25 for it, but as soon as his servant, who was a faithful fellow, saw It he Immediately informed his master that he had paid too much, and taking the article back to the shopkeeper he compelled him to return ' 60 cents to his master. "If a Chinaman Is your friend once he will be your friend always; but it is different with a Jap," said Prof. Kerr, In speaking of th people. "The people where I was stationed treated me like a prince of the blood. They were all politeness, aad ical and electrical engineering. At the college are given the theoretical as well as the practical training, and when they I The little cyanide plant that has been MONUMENTS Foreign and American Marble and Granit take their diplomas they are qualified tt built by Messrs. Allen, Small, Souley and States, in Calamity gulch, near Ragged Top, was expected to begin crushing ore yesterday morning. The plant has been complete for a number of daya, and steam was turned on the latter aprt of last week. The whistle has sounded regularly every Olceat K.Mian m Ham St. i. H. C ALE. Am! mr a nwnm-i a. t. ' o i there was nothing too good for me. They seemed to think everything of met be ter! i roup, of eight claims, belonging; to XTT. tnilmore, Martin aV Mason, Charlotte 19. Hennessey, and others, and six claims sHUolnlng, belonging to P. A. Gushurat of " Ueas, and John Wolimuth of Spearflsb. "Tbe two properties ware in process of lit-savrtlon at the time lie took them, and he rarat performing a valuable office In dissolr-'tmg the lawsuit if he did nothing further, . Cor It was evident that they would other- wise have Iain r Idle '.for a long time, '.'SiotwUhsUndlflg thati. there was good -ere In sight on the around, and shipments rase bee amade, with god results. Ho lm-:aae01ste1y set a force of men at work and .-almoit from the outset paid tor his work -'from the returns of the or removed. A . greater portion of this or was shipped t t Kaasas City, to the smelter, while t Urge amount lias bees sent to the cyanide plant boys in my department of the school par- ticualarly, and they regretted my leaving there. For several months a number of FIRST NATIONAL BANK the boys corresponded with me, but they soon became as deeply attached to my successor as they had been to me, aad I waa take tip their work In all Its phases. The institution has a plant that has been fitted up at a cost of approximately tlSO.OOO, and while not so extensive as the Home-stake machine shops, it Is fully as complete, and students are given a large amount of experience with turning lath planers, drills, dies, tc. Domestic science Is also proving profitable course and a large number of students are admitted to that course yearly. The attendance last year was about 375. The professor was presented yesterday wtlh a sample of a new variety of gooseberry that was raised her In Dead wood bj H. L. Sanderson. It is larger than a pigeon's egg and has much the same shape, altho it Is a goseberry in every other particular. The professor hi not a horticulturist, but h took the berry witl. him, intending; to present It to Prof. Hanson, th horticulturallst at the college, intending to hsv him pronounce upon R. morning and evening for several days, and It gives a tone of activity to the camp. The 6 unset Mining company has run In the neighborhood of BOO feet of drifts from the station at the bottom of the shaft. There is one drift running to the west and another to th east, and it is believed that ore will soon be reached. It Is known that the or Is la the property, and there Is only th question of time until it is reached. Willis Lytlo Is In from Boar gulch. DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. entirely forgotten. That is a characteris tic of th Jap. He 1 your .friend today and entirely at your disposal, while tomorrow he has forgot tea you and Is Just CA8H PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS SI6O.O00 as potlt t soato os else. I praams thor have been many Improvement!, and un DIRECTORS. a j. salisbury, t. j. ged9b.f. b. bpairks, p. a. oubhubst d. a. Mcpherson. wher he has beta prospecting during th spring an summer month. H says th greatest activity In tnat section is In th doubtedly many strides hav bees mad In civilisation aad enlightenment, but I SaBSBtpeaxnim. waere it aaa been aemonstrat-ekl fait much of It is amenable to that Vfjrocest. The result of the runs on the ore haMttrteli are what fear induced Mr. iUr.icn to lay the plans for a cyanide jsatrt of his own. C.'.'-; -, 1 .'A tlaw amount of capital la aow back of atr. iHaoeea. and he will be enabled to am positive that fat th Interior there ar wood camp. Tier 1 being a larg amount of timber out, for ties, mine Una- still thousands of people who follow thrtr primitive methods. Th system of civili OFFICERS: President.... 0. J. 8ALISBUKT I Cashier . ...D. A. MoPHERO Vloa-prMttait T. J. ORIHR I Assist aahar...J. ft DBNUAII bar, and fuel. This xtnds as far over th ground owned by th Horsssho out Ills plans In full. The property company. sation ta Japan I just th opposite to what it Is her. Th Japanese are beiag reclaimed by th percolation of the germ of civilisation aad education from th sur- Aetna Powder Go. i been extensively opened up, and thtr Wmtam Faust and Joseph Kellar are operating th Garden City cyanide plant faoe, whll her In the United Stats th wxw la all oved 200 feet of tunnels, drifts juUcros-cuts, exposing the ore shoota in i in places: There Is In the neigh- system begins at th bottom and works upward. In th coast cities of Japan near upon ths old dump of tallngs at the mine, with good results. They hay eaUbllshed an assay offloa at th plant and are doing Dynamite and Black Powder, Joseph R. Lehmer 1212 Farnam SI Omaha. Neb. 'aialmil of 140 acres of ground In the Janiii. and or enough already in eight to ly allth people wear th English dress, all of their own sampling. for years. . . cost, trousers, hats and shoes, althq their clothe never seem to fit them properly. D. C. Boley an Frank Shannon, who have a leas on th Cherry gulch property, near Nevada gulch, bar recently discov Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, , . Battery Supplies, ... Bxoavatlons are under way at Oayrille t&aythe additional ten stamps to be put in is xbe Baltimore Deawood company's ered a shoot of good ore, and hop to b. Milling General Supplies gin shipments; within a' short time, ; r saint, aad It la expected, thai hey ,wll be arcady to start up by the first of November, W. F. Kirk and Mr. O'Nell. of Chicago, Th eomoanr is steadily developing tbe W. E. ADAMS COMPANY spent yesterday at Hot 8prlngs, after ba But go back Into th Interior and th people wear robes Just as they wor a thousand years ago, and a Jap will wear one of these robes until it literally drops from hi body. They are as unkempt a ths American Indiana, and cleanliness Is unknown to them. , They ar naturally very Inquisitive, and anxious to know about everything. "Th students under me looked to me a great deal for Information upon all topics, and realising thst no little depended span say ability to answer their ques :nine. on top of the hill above the mil PAOKINCKRaiabow and fuU line manufactured by the Peerietf lng looked over soma mining property in which they ar Interested .near Hill wand by the time the additional stamps ere City. :' ' . ' ; Rubber Manufacturing Co. : . I BELTING-Rubber and Leather Belt, Dressing and Lace Leather real there will undoubtedly be Urge j,aouat of ore in sight. The mill will not ;tart tip until theee stamps ar set In, and TWO XFAK8 m Ari. -r ; r . ... ... r 4 k.. HOSE Rubber, Steam and Water. .Oen the company will bo enabled to work '-.mrpea a much more economical system. It 1 pected thai a numWr'of the ptnpl Prof. Kerr of Brooking Relate Bom of tions correctly, I endeavor to post myself as well as I. could. j Th boys would receive letters la Freach sad Spanish and BOILEHAND PIl GOVEBlN(-ManviDes,"Pf i. .HI Observations In that Country- . IS GOOD LI GAR FOR ' , rateelhoiaera of' the company' Win arrlre -l Tieaawood today. ' Mr. Ororerman, th bring tbesa to m ta translate for them. iy. . . Frot Ksrr, of th 8 tat Agricultural col-leg a Brookings, wan JnsUrcUr la the I . Asbestos, and , Sheep , Wr ttinent, Bair Felt, Mineral wooi. WASTE White and Colored Cotton. i "! 1 tO?!!l In order to do this 1 had ta nakt a study of those liigingoa, but 1 got over tt fairly -aoperlntendent". has been "hac from CM a and "directing operations for eon department of English In on of th state nOPEMlbimCTwSte 'aid . Iron Wire,' Manila and Sisal . t schools In Japan' twenty yeara ago, aad welll. i To tall them that I didn't know itfane now, and ha been making goo tead P0WDER-fLffirir&: Rands'?' Blacl: Blasting, Dynamite, he nays th far weeks he has spent In cho Black Hills kar recalled much of when they: earn to m with their questions would hare forfeited their eonfldeae mm TT. F. Crosby, of Colorado Springs, sen- what h saw whlls In Japan. Thar I i; Cap8, Etc.;--: :,.;-4y -y, V HAITif! ,PearanB, flpmnr rnnt ta me. , t looked np almost everything yen r member of th Crosby-Eliiick Srndl strong resemblance between th physical - rate, and O. F. Amatory, of Victor, wist can eonoslv of. In order to provid the necessary Information. I had an encyclo characteristic of th two regions, except . .inlvals in the city yesterday, and will th mountains ar more rugged an th valleys ar wider Is Japan than here. ' The s HiUn for a day or two, looking over their pedia, besides text book too numerous to mention.' I was force to Inform myself xwux xitlx . Tlxi "xayiora Via style" ana u' r. i . brands. . ';; ,,?:, ..vv ; a ":U All of Above in Stock at Omaha. r sroperty her. They are at th head of bases of th mountains there ar os th upon nearly all Industrial matters, for iS combination that baa all the mining level of th sta, an many of them rise to had frequently to tell them how different -r-ound situated to the south of th Home- a height of more than a mil. Th valleys article were manufactured. Th Japs In SATISFIES THE HOST CRITICAL AT ALL DEALERS A-DAVI5S0MS A CO. MAKERS ' ,Jte lode, and it is thought their ouI- ar of such aa extent that thsy ar devoted wholly to agriculture, and In that re r.n here at the present time Is for th sist on knowing how verythlng is made, and 'I never deceive them but 'one. .purpose of inaugurating operations. ' RAILS Steel of every description. BOILERS Engines Automati: ; Stokers. . miUNGr And shop tools, bolQjrrugated Iron, Etc. . c Tor sWrnnenta rlfrarlr frnm factory-8 spect ths Spearflsb. valley Is an excellent counterpart of some of th valley ta be seen there. Rice Is th principal crop The Utoet report fin minings circles Is JOHN C.W00DVWRD fJtCOJ - ,;iat the Harriman-Belmoot-Fish-Morgan . --jtidicate, principal owners of the Oolden Bom boys earn to ma at on time and desired to know how to make oilcloth. I did not know, but I told them it consisted of pouring a mixture of oil and lampblack on th oil 'on the cloth and allowing it to season for a coupl of years. I knew they there, and has been so for centuries. While Prof. Kerr was In Japan he witnessed the WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTERS - COUNCIL BLUFFS.IOWA51 Quality GuarraAteed-ipeciai Prices-Orders r eward and D. & D. smelter, will absoro v" KiUonan and the entire Homestake celebration of the thousandth aouual crop nni uxiixxtes solicited.

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