The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 4, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1900
Page 2
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SATURDAY, Al GL'ST 4, REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. an Investigation, that "we can find no language sufficiently strong in which to condi ran the whole pro. eed-mn" The case of the I'oneas was cer THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE Sj 1874. The republicans of South Dakota, In state convention assembled, reaffirm and renew our allegiance to the republican party and iu principles, and particularly as expressed in the party platform of tne party adopted in lbiti. every pledge of which has been fulfilled. We endorse tb. administration of I resident McKinl. y and the republican party, .ui J congratulate the country on the reviv-Val of Industrial, agricultural and 1 umiiier-ouil oi: Mi'triddj ; uoi)v.!i'i'li; tiit ; ' i'-- " eial prosperity. iTC'M'it at-mit us 1 : !. Geo. V. Ayres & Co. tainly a bard f'ne, and of th- Si.O .eii j THE BLACK HILLSTIMESj - ho had !' n living on well Itill.-d larm- )ii omfortalde- houses : v. ithin im ;!.- ati-r tliey i Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware lornrany. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. l, 1 11 Iran: I'M' d tr. !' 1 c- ol rnusni irtATFD MAY 13. 1897. , ,i.. 1 1 !.. Indian t.-i -e.-ut admit t-Tx .,':.. . ,,.,i, .,t 111 , .1.1 iii.-:i:'-u:- ;' 'I PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. i.o.m. vv. ih truth . ; . . ' I !n 11 ?:i.iI- .-'..Lurz and the suVordina :t-';-.-I- ! v, ,th t;:- r-R IM!lt1lllM(.i;)r!i:;:i;ti:, II.:: T . . 1 , . . It 1 i:u:: - h : THE DAILY riOXEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. Calomel fir Quality l mm o x 1 powder : ralnst L!m ly rccr !e T IF 1 naravr" JAi !. rll .'. 1 . . 'il 111 V ana Mining Supplies.. 1 nt- Uii 1. 1.1! : . . i: ,i Ill .: 1 1.- ' it' -111..; i.luaK aifll :t , f mi. u In -iv t he Im.'i oft and I In di.-h" v lii'giils. Certait. I;i . : I 1, i 1 . !l til ll'-ti-f! ni t In- ( in- ii a ' ti of tin- dill 11 .1 1 In ' at III. In gin ' - -. atel , t'u! !y In cnrie-.t-- w 1! h :i - in 1 In III. 1 : kt ' - ef 1 hi-i.-iiailis nf 1 apital. li.u im.' as d.- hi lii- .1 l,v''th.-tin- ad-.-ali' has ml as thf I .ii.iM I 1.-I..: 1 u-.ii 1 o-. wo! I I Cell REPUBLICAN TICKET. For I'rcsideul WILLIAM Mi KlNI.El-. For Vice President THE.ODUK12 ROOSEVELT. :! I'.'IKM -nan- .-tali-: mints for 1 1 1 : 1 kmail. : llllilllllllllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIIIMMlUI 1 1 i.-mi- i t or ittei t the unit red of tin pro- tin ir .,1 j b. . II In Id lo I iriiini'ilitK's. or the markets itlli-t 1 III of I lotn-er Times has no desire to go ;'.un.t I lie courts or place itself in tl.i-ir power at the present time, it de dined to a cept the ash Main St. Dead.wood, S. D, -o- Members of Cougresa EUEN W. MARTIN, of I,ariuie. CHARLES II. Ul'KKK, of Hughes Governor C. N. HKKKIEU, of Mcl'Iitraon. Lieutenant Governor GKO. W. SNOW, of lion Uomuie. Secretary of State O. C. BERU. of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMUEU. of Hutubinson. Auditor J. D. REEVES, of Browu. Attorney General JOHN L. 1'YLE, of Beadle. Supt. of Public Instruction E. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and Public Lands DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Commissioner FRANK LBCOCQ, of Douglas. MR5. NOTT Mitchell Republican : The Armour Herald says that Tommy Ay res may be disappointed because of his defeat for the nomination to congress, but he will be found on the firing line through th campaign. Of course Tommy will be there; he has a candidate for congress on his bands and there are some speeches that will have to be written and then again there is private secretaryship in the future if Gov. Lee can be elected to the lower house of congress. Tommy 1 as every reason to be heard in the campaign. ASKS THAT YOU WATCH statesman who advoca'es the payment ol a hundred cents' worth of debt with lift v-three cents' woith of cash is not svu:uloii'dy careful ol his honor. Certainly an individual who ( I pects to the. j reservation of law and order by the authority of the courts or of the executive is not far removed hum the riote;- inmself, who lays no claim to distention because ii. is honest. Certaibly a man who advocates the ratification of an agrei ment between two parties and then vituperates one of me parties thereto for doing so is not in the strict sense of the word a sincerely honest individual Certainly a man who for his own ad vancement, public or private, raises a cry which he knows to bo false cannot be considered of spotless integ rity. Certainly a man who after dictating with all the strenuous vigor of a despot a ce tain policy pretends that another policy is paramount, and that the thin he has fought tooth rnd nail to get is comparatively tin Imporant. is not a person of whom we can confidently say that he is honest. Certainly a man who panders to the lowest passions of the people in a lime when the are much in need of steadying cannot be classed among the men who are wholly honorable. It Is undoub'ei dly true that Mr. Bry-ar. would not under any circumstances nrke away with a hat or an overcoat, i.r an umbrella, or a gevern-1. 1 nt bond th e happened to lie handy and to belong to some body else, but tMs is by no means the test of a THIS SPACE. TOMORROW, there if. an lnlrtfui and injurious to the li.-t iiitcicsts of the people. This c-vil should be overthrown without Injury to honest trade. We therefore, favor such additional legis lation, both state and national, as shall establish complete legal control over all trusts and m otiopol i -s . with full power to dissolve the Jam", and mete proper punishment to all ho thus seek to destroy honest competition and prevent the widest possiMe rnu'lov meut of labor, and we favor such amondnK nt to the constitution of the I'r.ited States as will give to con- The development of the state and its resources has been Jargely brought about by the survivors of the war of the rebellion, who were among iu earliest and most active settlers The republican party now, as always, appreciates the fact that they redeemed and saved the nation in its hour of peril, and that to them is due all honor from a free and grateful people. We icint to the part taken by our own South Dakota soldit rs in the war with Spain and the insurrection in the Philippine Islands, and the honor and credit they reflect on our fair state. They proved themselves brave, loyal and patriotic. Their gloricus deeds upon the fleid have given them a name among the brave sons of Anurka, of wllch their state and its people are justly proud. We cnhesitatlnKly indorse and approve the policy and course of the administration and the legislation by congress In reject to our newly Acquired possessions and express our full confidence in the wisdom, integrity and ability of the administration, supported by a republican congress, to deal wisely and Jietly with the questions concerning the same, an they may arise. We favor the extension of the powers of the railroad commission so as to Include the supervision of express, telephone and telegraph companies doing business within this state. We favor the extension, in our state, of the system of rural free delivery cf mail, where practicable, as rapidly as may be done. We decla-e ourselves in favor of the enactment of a ttatute, with proper penalties, providing for the purchase within the state of all printing, blank books and stationery for public use. gress full power to enact such legislation. We congratulate the people of the country on the enactment Into law of the currency bill, which rrovlde-s the gold standard as the n.onetary unit of value. Financial discussions no longer disturb the business conditions of our people. The republican party stands for money laws that benefit all the people alike, the borrower as well a? the lender; laws that tend to reduce and equalize interest rates in all parts of the country., for the benefit of our producers the farmer, the laborer, the manufacturer r.nd the merchant. Kl I r Hll V KlKriMHYa rted. l.,m,vl Mfcnvn 1 v h. - " u w 1 1 11 1 j , r hiii') and Heavj Mm No. 4. North Main St. Belgian Hares" nli't .1 1 r-1- n iieU', 'J Ii Fine?' ut'K is nl ir K;.Uj,;rc i The "Belgian Hare" Makes a Orcat Pet. Visitors to our Babbitry always welcome. W. hac,. it,, m VOK -Al K m . pre For the iaCie.tlii :r!i.i ' i c.n !: bn-iM oi a c-iii. ' :.. GEO & E C1EKIT 8 NO RAINBOWS FOR MR. HANNA. Experience is a more valuable asset to a politician than a mere hopeful s irit that persists in predictions of Wctory until the returns from the last hack county have come in to determine the result of an election. Mr. Kanna, assuming personal direction of the republican campaign about the same time that Chairman Jones begins his arrangements for capturing New York for Bryan and Stevenson, exhibits a very different sort of preliminary notice to that furnished by the sanguine Jones for democratic encouragement. Chairman Hanna absolutely refuses t indulge in rainbow painting. It nay be a sense of responsibility that moves him to decline to "claim" states already checked by Mr. Jones for democratic occupation, or it may bo from a delicate sense of politeness cultivated by service in the senate, l.ut at all events he starts out In ad-r.'onishlng nis friends and assistant managers that they have work ahead, und that they must be up and doing, and that it will tie time enough three lacnths later to "claim things." There is plenty of good sense in Mr. Hanna's advice. We have little doubt that he w ill find abundant reason for satisfaction after he and his party have devoted the time at their disposal to eirg-inizing the opposition to Bryan with system and thoroness. Iitit premature congratulation, the indulgence in effervescent prediction v ill bring neither material aid to the uorking committees nor voters to the polls. The acknowledgement of the im 1 iin'in s intrinsic honesty. It is plain Mrs. Sarah Amanda Cottrell, a lady whose patience will evidently not ensure forever, has raised a very interceding question concerning wifely duty, by appealing to the courts for a divorce Twenty-two years ago Mr. Cottrell. upon leaving his home one day. said to his wife: 'Be good until I letuin." Mrs. Cottrell has been good ever since, nut as Mr. Cottrell has shown no inclination to come back, i-he has begun to wonder whether the obligation imposed upon her extends for a longer period than has already ( Insped. and in her perplexity has submitted the question to a legal tribunal !oi decision. o IN HIS OWN DEFENSE. Spcarfish Mail: In his zeal to sit down" on the 1 ditor of the Mail, the l-ioneer Times has called to its aid J. W. Jones, a torn'T Black Hills newspaper man. Jones has a grievance. He was a candidate for chief co rk of the last house of re prehi nta-t,e.-. 1...1 tailed to connect. The place was given to . ('. Bower of Lead, v ho performed the duties of that position in a vet y satisfactory manner, and with civ.ut to himself and those who supported htm. The writer hereof assisted in seeming the place for How -er. and is glad of it. Hence Jone.-,' ; i i value, .lotus say- in a letter to The. that he never committed any overt act of dishonesty in his life, but lor so long a time as he chooses to stand as the advocate of vicious political I t inciples, atjhe very incarnation of repudiation, not only in matters of finance, but in respect to the administration of law and the preservation 01 order. Xeit'ier he nor his followers may justifiably complain if politic ally bis inti grity lYUs under suspicion. FAMILY LIQUOR STORE Fine nlil California Wim- - Sherry, Angelica, Port, Muscatel At $1.50 Per Gallon or 50c a quart. File I Pm Wey ami Rraidr fran 111 Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. I the I'ioneer-1 imes: It is not conceivable that an ind; :ilual holding tie- views on questions! of public imnorf that Mr. Bryan holds ; has not some v here in his natute a streak not of 111, morality, but of tin-'. (.rality. We tii't.-t admit that in Mr. i Bryan'.- 1 a-.- i' is a di.-ea-e rather tl an a ice. i; that is a sad fact which makes him till the more dan terous in th' ptesent -emergency. A low moral tone is a good thing to ! 1 ep c'i; of power in a country like 1 our own. Vi-'ws that might be e- I ected of a politician of the Croker j stamp are unworthy of a man who j a' 1 ires to sit in the chair of Washing- i ton ar.d Lincoln. I 635 Main Street Deadwood. 'Warren spent all his time '.-and bagging'' in th; interest of an appro-P nation for a dormitorj at the Spcar- TALKING. MACHINES DO YOU WANT ONE AS A GIFT. THEN READ THIS r lish normal, everything els was by hr.ii made sulist r i nt to that on.-1 1 opo.-ition. and ewry vote he "cast or. matters of legislation was cast win. the view of securing votes for ills pet measure." Admitting i'or the sake of argument FIRST NATIONAL Bill DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Lincoln News: The Hon. John Me len 1 hurston is billed to deliver a portame and even necessity of work ing instead of predieting is made by the republican congressional committee as well as by Mr. Hanna. Chairman Babcock deprecates overconfident predictions that the next house of representatives will be republican. He expects to be able to report a republican membership In the Forty-reventh congress larger than that in the Fifty-sixth, but he knows that the republicans must fight to win it, and that if the presidential contest is carried on in the spirit Indicated as Important by Mr. Hanna, the victory for both presidential and congressional tickets will be the more decisive. Of course when Mr. Jones has found out that his sanguine predictions do hot convince voters that 16 to 1 is any more sensible or safe or hon number of campaign speeches during that Jones is right it ought to be evident that as a "tandbagger" this man Warren was a pretty fair sin : when a unanimous vote was given that n easure in th'j house, and only three out of forty-five votes in the senate recorded against it. Up to the present time, however, Warren has never t 4JNITED STATES DEPOSITORY the campaign in Illinois and Indiana We are giving away to every pat-ion of our store with every 23 cent purchase, one Ticket on Improved Graphophones Why is Nebraska to be slighted? Is it because the Hon. John M. has not DIRECTORS: T. i. GRIER. P. K- SFARKSP A GV had time to get up any' new speeche and ne .-uaies about trying the old one 0. J. SUJSBtRY. claimed any particular credit for securing the dormitory appropriation. d. a. Mcpherson on us? We do not think so. The old one was a good one, and grows better w.... repitltion. We were sore afraid This Is to introduce them: We have secured the agency for the but Jones and the Pioneer-Times Feem disposed to accuse him of doing the ' deed and Insist on proving it. OFFICERS: PTMidtot 0. J. 8AXJ9BURT I Cashier... ; Vtos-PMUsat T. J. OBUR I As8i8t C"hlM The bill was Introduced by Hon. John L COLOMBIA N. Hawgood and he was quite as active in securing its passage as other Hills members. For that matter every senator and representative from the Hills that it would not be well received, because new to them, by the delegates to the national convention, but we had our fears for nothing. John M. got "cm going early and he didn't let loose of 'em untu the end. The state committee should insist on the senator's coming out and throwing a few thousand language u. the voters. est than it was four years ago, that an income tax is not a more potent issue now than It was in 1S96, and that few persons are distressed with the dream of empire except himself and Bryan, he will get down to work, too The party that gets at work first is pretty apt to mnke the best impression No, I Am Not in Business For My Health . i- if GRAPEOPflONE I am like all others in it for the money there 1 voted and worked for it. As to Warren's record on other matters of legislation, "he is rcrfectly willing that it should be fully investigated. As a I REALIZE that to make the moeny i m""- B" . tW 1 I get the trade I must keep it, and there is d0"1.tHER)IA atd to hold it. ueep ii oeuer man luw rnito. t a little money off a large number of customers ,0t off a few; hence I have marked my god co per cent below all competitors. 0f mJ rLatter of fact, the Mall feels under obligations to the Pioneer-Times for puoncly proclaiming that this writer had sufficient cense and ability to successfully look lifter the interests of st least one of the best educational "in--tiuticr.s in South Dakota. A trial order will convince you of the tnnmu. - and have now on hand an assortment of instruments S5. SIO and S25 Alto a large Assortment of Late UP-TO-DATE RECORDS. containing the latest musical novelties. the instruments are a sensation, don't fail to hear them. Every family should have one for home amusement. Remember, One Ticket free with, .every 25 cent purchase at the a. . . rt t-t-Xt Vn t L " Lilt? II l J. A . I irt.r. fL. , In response to Mr. Carl Schurzs challenge for those whom he calls "the imperialists" to instance an act Of perfidy committed by any republic, xaore Infamous than President McKin-ley's treatment of the Filipinos, the Washington correspondent of the Boston Journal rakes up the story of the removal, under , the orders of Mr. BRYAN'S HONESTY. Java and Mocha Scaur himself as secretary of the Intel lor, of the Pcnca Indians from their homes in South Dakota, The circum (COFFEE FULLER & BROWN, PPpS ( GEDDES OLD BARN-1 Harpers' Weekly: Up to a certain limit we must ourselves be classed among those who believe Mr. Bryan to be what the world considers an honest nan persoaally. We do not for a moment entertain the suspicion that the populist candidate would appropriate to his own use and profit, a material object that belonged to somebody else. W would trust Mr. Bryan with any number of silver dollars that we hap- Palace Plianacy You get the best I 5K stances of thlj removal .were characterized at the time 1880 by Mr, John IX Long; tljea governor of Massachusetts, as terming "a flagrant dishonor," and tha senate committee on Indian affairs, of which Henry L. Caves was chairman, reports, after m mm ana unifies. m mmi - . thaSp Boarding Horses by the Day week or Moc W. L. FAUST, Hit. Proprietor. Deadwood, JjattenW & Bro .So. Dak.

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