The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 3, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1900
Page 5
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19O0. a rot' st rHlD-W. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. : - ', Lookinj A'te- F.re8 Will Have An Opening. ,Ys Saturday night George Holz I t).i-r reopen the saloon on the. A Worthy Object. r of the Pioneer-Times will Ke the cae of Miss Aurora r;mI who was awarded a state schol-fr0, vrk school of desien iert ov-r rhe B'l.-hug'OL y .--'.-riia'. i.uiiffl- io wo.: at:. .- r.:.- drs that n.iv- bn rar of a:n and Wall streets. He rg:ag :n 'be timbr in th.. v. .n-tv I has had the MiilH-ne- reflft-.-l thru. arsblP in a --p" - Tk litfltv elrl is a criDDle uentiemen.. I - THE THREE POINTS, ni:ne .m i Ke.if,.rn :t. and ha laid in a suoolv of wines rt-rn Give Qomfort lsst 'ar , York Mrs K i.,a in ,nd Straus iueu i" and Mrs. P. D. Smith have - n philliP th- Que, Ho:;-, ti--hav- a'.rv ug-- to 'h-e-. -. ;.-u:i .. 1 i amp.-- ':nt-i : arable in the way of send- '- e:-a.:.-r- an ! iin'J liq'-or.- that t aaaot be excelled by ' ' oaiJ'-rbli- dam- j ar---' house ;u tin- bus-iae.-s. George has 'a t:mh-r :. wa-'-1 reputation tor g-'nmiity and he has : !; . .r!..... a'a--s . ond-i.-te-i h: b".-:m-s.s :n .-,uch ;.. t,. a,u -l ' ' --v.-:-.. ha- done consid. J( while' at school, but i. a.!.- o-' h,.r mone: cannot bear thebur- ( ,i in-- : . L . . t h o V o: . .Aline Uiai ..-."II c-vlielf frrim the .Th-- nllllU' tile .U ft Style u-m 'a- re;H-teif ,ftr- i-e.-a a,-., - ;a:;ro ' i an--! i't. r. a .-h . '.at- he in a re- ...ritablv disposed -hr,tte, will h, Ti :r, I'a'i-T St ! 'tl t.ll' W bile the . u,d j,.,t,.rday. Mis Ford .-ay.-: tr. je.s ; Vet - - "' !:! a::-! us that he i - ::. -to. I: w.:i t..- s':ch that iiv-.'-' -ir.uo.-,.-'i caur.o' help .-a th:r.e !. w - On t:. :.. -, ...... r.. .: the ' Aftel NV-v V. j!;:r.-- ,;-nt ' row r h in,':. -ir..l 1 !)o.!'. -)p':-- i" - re- i u 1 1 ins a jeai iu ..i. j ' , 1 find myself iu a most , at. ,-ondition. Th,- xrhoiar.-.h:p j vis- months was aot s -ifn- ; :.- , tor the many eirl- -er.t 1 ' ::: , to mat- sala!..-- i- , .. worked! hard and ar- -t.:i ,:. i ho..- to si:. a '! .:- .-eon to; th- t:m- .:'.-: " . .,; t S' i.iKj'. V.'. ; n ; : ., ! . :'i ii' a. -i.T:i : : - '- , . ;,. ,.C.-s. .1- I : ' h 53 the W( or Ol'R .5u SHOL. .Zipp Shoe Go. t, liottot'i o u G 3 3 JkLctltt St. I C. H ROBINSON UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. "A ( c i - ...o - i-'.- t. h'dim-. r. :c-. wrc.tth :t:i.l M' - :, ' . or :: :- t -i :: - 1 . . t :! :n t.L 1 iv;' :i 1 ;;i . Telephone 134 Harrison. Parlors 114 Sherman Street. a::- I : . Dr -!. hi '.j,,,!!, i .01 the ,;.,, ul t!..- p..- . ji,. . : i : a i.' iin.ia. n' ! : ,. ; ,,, , , .. to i- ;t that i'ai : i! ' , . ; . . , - ;o. 1 l,eoe o- 1 , 1 1 h' ' ,. , .-lecl., ;u Wat-'! a Inl ! ;e. ,,ol :.. . n for I- biotl:.-,- Wo: - v. ) , a t !..-,, r.tit il ;. ' 'A' ! , i,:m o it ul 1 1:. h" ' ' . v. h ..,,1 1 I I. !! ,, ll'l .1 1 ! I" ' a ll'tr- o Mining Hi jn M( II IN CUV My special . I IScst of At lent ion u iieii to Itoanling Horses, (ict I'ri. m GEO BEllER P 3 - A!h-:t .. D' : ih, -, - :o ... .Feed, Livery and Transfer.... 1:, 1'i-t ii'e.Utii-. ::'lhi c:l ; t j i -run n hii cil ti ti: H:h r'.v -.ii !' I li lt"i - - i n the sin M't i - t .nut k-c. I i Justice C; 5. 53MainSt. Old Phone 171 Harrison Phone 1 e.v . a 1 1 li MU : h Miss nuhrt Miss Spring and Summer 1900 spc y 1 s m Ntws o 1 ;.. ! a: a:.: u a- .o Ki.. - II -'1 '"I' ta .In v i all, 1 1,).. o! t la- pari a - to II li: -t : - t Monila e lo I. re l,is honor v-ier.Ia .. ,.ral .: iiioU. .i that lie ha. I i I i . I 1 1 '.''! ' C t.iLc e-ivat jilc.isuic in IT -r i ri tliis sea--.n's jiiircliasi-I'up yuiiP insjirct ion, lirin fully aw. lie nf the ('del lihll il exceeds ."ill otir I'PCViolK '-llol'ls. N )T I'll IS'I'A M I Till: 1 1 IK TO N'T ;i:i-;at advance in .merchandise in nci; lint:, we have not advanced our run es in any instance. (Mir .Men's Department is replete tli ,,.e: at a. n i .. :. : Iho - -,-.; - r . 1- III. I o ; p.,;i fight ati'l the jiulp-. in "ti App- : ho - I of th.- ta. t that lie plead noil') t- n. ... him to thirty days in the tl,, n: -a I op- ,o: ;da n .'. I 'A el: I , fio to A it. ! : I -.1. 1 t tie- . lo.-i O! po-- h .ihd lie. at tempi to hoi th- . ,1 Iit!i;t tin re ' , 1 1 i - o .: I f h i j ' ; ' . : t ..' tli--:!! C( in. :ii it ' . ! ' 1 -1 1 , i i putting the e - on the a rra n cement -en- pur. Iiaso l enough ollll K.ith ..i; . tv jail and added the u.-ual tiro' f.n- and venteii.-e liowe- . ' Sne and .-"lit. ti. c w ere -u-p. tided tl.- lU.'-ra w , i i li'l-.-. I: 1. I - h I llg I 1 tli'"' on i ill i - -.i i lnn,.;. r on , onriilion that the l.dlow i-ave tl t : and lie n -tH'-n ,. i : ., I i I, a hie- telle i. of . - : and : p' ' h ' '-' -!!;. tome ' . a ' ra iaa i do I .- .,, ., pi, Well I a l.egiiii hi- apple , . . Il- la .:':.. ' i ,1 , o -,- -i't Ii barrel-. Ho -ay-i h i . v .ar'.- ci op wi I bo t he ';tfget ho I'.P harr- 1 He tilels a r-Mdv for th" elltil-e I top. e W II I'oa-l re,.-iv.d two t ebb t hot we. k to he placed a, tl,.. I :pis cial . h r. h tine is iu-- r:be,i ' In m- nioi y of Oeorgo C. fa ..uii' . I'roiii nioi 1,..- and w lfe. I s.;j i sap ' Tl,,. ot her bear- this in-.--. t pt ton ' St Ague- Ihiihh To the gh ry of Cod I s''P " A reprceiitative of lie paper met ,i alge I'lowman at II. lie four, he last Sun-'ay. He is dving on bis St Onge ' i. nch this year and his physi. al ap- ' ,. ;i!jno. shows that it agrees with dun. The judge says he is out of ooil - to -upplv an iirnn . rndn-tand that should h- r--tui a the . if the ho V .-. (io I!"t '.-It'll tl- fine till went and would - intln t.-d H. nine tie- ju.lK'e hi prome to n.ake hiiiiM-lf srar.e and wa-, r-itaseil froiu i vi.-tody o A Good Meeting. Pui-Miant to call of the l)eadoud ' i lie 'ery Intest for men's wear. .Men's Spi'in Overcoats, in all tlie newest sh.ides ,ind styles, nintiine; in price from 7.r.o to f-'i'.txi. 'I'he li;in(lsomet line nf Men's Spring Suit wo liave ever shown; the very latest designs in hili rade tailnnu;, rangiog from i.o0 to 2.).0(). Fullv ciii."il to tailor-made, at just one half the cost of made-to -order goods. Otir Hoy's Department consists of every thine; necessary for a boy's complete outfit reliable goods, and low prices being oaf ONLY AIM. ' . ' 1 ii'.' go h ' ngn In the English Army. l.'tt.-i re, ei wd ft i. ill S. .in h A I'l i. a a I', v il.n.- ago .h'tail- tin- fa. t that Walter Ileal- who w.i. w.-ll known In . the Hills and epe, tally in Deadnamd. is now following the union ia.d; nn-J dor I. ord Kol.ei-t- He has 1,,.,'n in several engagements hut has came out of them unsci-at.-lied Walter wasj in the newspaper business for a titncj at Hot Sprinirs and so ha- a very wide Hepublii an eluh a good crowd no't at! City hall. The president. Colonel thornhy. called the club to order and ! ii the plans formed for man-hint: : , ... , ,, ,'. A a - I " h' I !''!. h x Ho! : . 1 1 1 i . , i ' : ' 1 . - - ! ., u.i !.,;."!, to the l,o-p;hll este ,hn -': If. ' I- - w , 1 1. a . . u: : ; i a a ' :"n ' ''' Mi-- I.,l:.., W,i.a ,.i, li.-.- M 1 1 , i , I , I , : , , i:i - i lame. I h ;', lend.-- .,1 I., ad la.-t .'iiing and also aiteii.leh a .lain mg pa i ty in that . ily While the 111. h p. mli i'l oaiig. li-t-i,. re holding forth hist owning a i.-l-low made a niiisau. of himself he fore the .rowd that had gathered to I listen, and is now m the city jail. He will have a In-aung hefoi e Judge liarly this morning. .Mr.- Lieutenant Chapman, who has l.iany friends 111 Dead w uoli, lett oil1 the Hurliugton yesterday tor Helena,! outana, where she will be met I by her husband, who is stationed at ! Fort Assinnaboine. The lietenant is n command of the post, and Mis.! t .apman will make bei home theie j loi time to COllle The i -paiis thai hae la-en under v ay in the M elhodi.-t chinch liuu all, litt-u completed and tioj building will 'lnb; also exhibited a Koosevolt hat j politic-, and is attending strictly to; l,,s own private bus ness, Ivl Ca.helln i-f tinned last week j lioin Montana, where he has been since last spring looking after proper f.nd suit whieli the club decided to tmy anil organize a marching club. Hon. C, C. lienuett was called upon to make some remarks abou' Copyright 1W7 b 'ill. .St-eln Rloi li ' !he national convention at . Philadrl- I ariiuaintaii. e. all of who will he pleased to learn that lie is doing well and that his i ban, ''- for beinn more than a mere privat a non-commissioned officer are v,-rv Initrht Walter struck .lohnnashiirg about two years phla. The judge responded in a w ay j that pleased all present and his speech would do credit to an audience j ot thousands. His comparison of the , two platforms was a telling argument i favor of loyalty to the principle of 1 trne Americanism. Committees were appointed to oli tit members to the club and a rousing meeting will be held August Ulth. This season we have paid particular attention to the ; LITTLE FOLKS. Three-piece uits from .5 years up with vest just like Tapa's, from 2.00 to 6.50. Shirt and collars just like I'apa wears, agea year and upwards. ''JSflJ OUK CENTS' FURNISHINd DEPARTMENT, com plete in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fact, ev-ervthini: that is new and novel worn by men. HATS of the celebrated Dunlap and Stetson makes, worn by all good dressers, in all the new shapes and shades and shades for spring wear. The best line of Fancy Caps we have ever shown, io h 1 1 the new style Plaids and Checks. Our Shoe stock is now complete with the very latest in Men's Shoes. Every pair guaranteed to give satis faction. Over fifty new names were added to ty that he is interested in. He says that a lack of water has seriously retarded placer mining up In that ecuntry. He has rented the John Ktanci- ranch, northeast of town. John will go to Denver, where he has a plai e awaiting him in a machine -hop The Speai-fi.-h hotel is enjoying a tun of toi.ri -t trade w hi h. Is very gratify ing' to Landlord Knickerbock- : .-:. I'robahly the most pleasing fea-j t oe is the fact that the tourists all ! lew a good word to sa about Spear- j till a ml it - had i n g Intel ad n ted lo th.'ni that it ha- "Mi" he-t ' o . onil iatai'i- - ' II'- . - ,:,:.' ;!. I i- Hi'- plea-aiit.--i phi - 'o -nip 1. ;. ii a V oi a w eei, in t ,. Ho, 1 11:11- TO CHICAGO. j Cue Fare for the Round Ti.p via the' ,1 Burlington Route. 'i I.,- I '.in Imcton ha - ..:!' i , on.- I'ai ' to; Mo : c oi n (1 tr;p $ .; : i oin 1 i.-a.l uiio.i to Chicago A'.g'i-" Jh -I. 1 ago and when the war started between the Transvaal republic and the Kng- lish Co ve i n ui 't 1 1 he volunteered his: se-v does tii the latter and was ac.-ep- -t,, ),. hUe, soldiering when tlierej is something to do and his l-ttersj fi oni th" front w hich a-e i eeeive.l . I,,,,-,, , pletc with interesting l ,to,i,- II- i- ' hroth'-r-in-law- of; Charles and !, L.ic "f this . i'v wh,o hear fiom ' -i-n.1y From Frost Bros, to The Cornwall Co. - Th" fin:: hrov. : a- l'in-t Hlus.. loci i, ,i a' N" i "' She-man -tre. t. is more. Cln W. dn- .-dav. An trust 1. the l.-isi, lA.r.l.a-e.! l,y S. X -.n.l dohn Cornwa::. two rnt-rpriMiic ,,W; men who will to'.hov m the foot- j s'eps of their pt'ed. '- 'n Pushing j he 111 leadlUe.-s lor S.'IW'.'S by m-xt Sunday . The i uniting and Jecorat :ng aic tine .-pef-iuieiis ot the painteiV art and the iiiiiioc.i aiipeai aiice of the 'Inn. n will appeal to the fancy and taste ot every on.- of its member-. .-( l u, e- will h, l esuiie ' '. ,u the li'i : id in- ui'it Sunda;. . Tlcj little laiu-toiiii that visit, d the yesterday d,u niiieli to make th, atmosphere agreeable and bearable. It is said that it one time durimr the day the mercury ran up a- iSgh as 111 'He list la.-t night anil several hundred more wiil he added within the Beit two weeks. The foUowinn re-o-Intion was adopted: "Resolved. That the members of Ms dub appreciate the earnestness ad enthusiasm of our president. Colonel Thornhy. and that we will assist y otir loyal support and co-operation ! W' Plans to carry out to success the wk for which this club was formed kHeving w-e are In the right and sure ttt we will win in this very import- ' campaign." " o ' Liquor Licenses. Dead wood thla Tear haa nnid into it was hot in the mi ad i - i a, on no n iiii of lb.- aun ,ai .-u.anir 7 . i ;.' of the (ii ami A I tl..' lie- Ke Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes' Our Shoes are better in Quality And More Stylish in appear ance. And Lowest in Price than any other House in Town. a J e: oueh a.- it wa-, but the thermometer thai registered that heat must haw been in clo-e proximity to an cil stove. At the court house, where Tchn Wringrose keeps a pretty good tiack of the weather conditions, It registered at least 104 In the shade, and John says that It was hot enough to suit him. The rain which followed In the evening also contributed to reducing the temperature,' and Tast night was really comfortable. the business to a financ:a. sn.-cess. S. N. Cornwall. the senior member of'the firm, i-- well known In this section, having been in the employ of W. K. Adams & Co. for some three years rast, and will have not a little to do with the building up of a "big business. The new firm branches out under the firm name of The Cornwall compaar, and will handle a complete stock of hay, grain and fuel, as did their predecessors. pi., .In. The retain limit on tin ta k'-ts is September 1. subje. t u extension to September Zo. The nearest agent of the liurlington r.oute will be pleased to give you additional information about rates, dates, taggage and train service, with its upto-date wide vestibule cars. The crly line giving this service. ' ' county treasuury $18,800 in liquor set. Of this amount t$l county 01 receive $7,030. Dead wood alone twenty-two saloons and Lead , next with fourteen. Central ; JJ three, Terry two, Portland one JJ ne. Spearflgh two and Terra- Deadwood. S, BLOOM

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