The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 13, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 13, 1899. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SHOES SHOES SHOES- SH0E8- TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 8B0E8 THECITY. XIPP'B FOR FINE SHOES, avverythlng nsw at ths Hcriinwr. CUT FLOWERS OF ALL KINDS AT MRS MATHERS. 418 WILLIAMS ST, OPPOSITE M. E. CHURCH. Quickly cure constipation and rebuild and invigorate the entire system never gripe or nauseate DeWltt's Little Early Risers. Kirk G. Phillips. Kodak supplies at Wlloox Pharmacy. W. L. Nell, D. D. 8., resident dentist, offlos ever Phillips' pharmacy. J. H. Graham, D. D. 8., dentil parlors over First National bank, Deadvood. Crown and bridge work a specialty. Take your watch work and engraving ts A. F. Snyder, the Jewelec Satisfaction guaranteed. F. M. Gents, D. D. 8. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas adminlsrcJ. Eighteen years' experience. Rosefitfial block. Stamp size photograhs at Locke & Co's. gallery, two doien for 25c, for a few days only. Payable at time of setting. Call at once. Furnished rooms at reasonable rates by Our Shoe Wants See YOU at Bloon 66i Main Street. j f HEBE they are conducting a special Sale com men cleg July 17th. Include! this sale aiethe Celebrated Flar6heim andDoa the day, week or month, at the Holxner. About one month ago my child, which ts fifteen months old, had an attack of dlar rhoea accompanied by vomiting. I gave It such remedies as are usually given in such cases, but aa nothing gae relief, we seut (or a physician and It was under his care for a week. At this time the child had bee sick for about ten days and was hav ing about twenty-five operations of the bowels every twelve hours, and we were convinced that unless It soon obtained e-lief it would not live.. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was reo-coinmended, and I decided to try It. I soon noticed a change for the better; by its continued use a complete cure was brought about and it is now perfectly healthy. C. L. Boggs, Stumptown, Gilmer Co., W. Va. For sale by all Druggists. "I suffered from piles for twenty-five years, and after all so-called cures had failed was permanently cured by one box of DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve," says Ell Hile, of Lumber City, Pa. Be sure you get "DeWltt's." There are injurious and dishonest counterfleiU. Kirk G. Phillips. Pure, clean blood and a hralthy liver result rrom the use of DeWltt's Littls Early Risers, the "famous little pills." They cure constipation, biliousness and sick headache. KIRK 0. PHILLIPS. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF and good to your rrienas. wnen you treat a friend tn whiskey, give him the best. HARPER Whiskey Is the beverage for your friends and for you. Sold by Carr & Berry, Dead- wood, S. D. R; uni tlCKIi. fcJUV no nlnnn until you see the only regular dealer, C E. Hawley, No. 63 by Bullock hotel. UMHJSSK! CHEESE! FINE OLD NEW YORK CREAM CHEESE. FOR WELCH RAREBIT OR MACARONI. THE BEST IN TOWN FOR 120 PER POUND, AL-80 BOMB MILD NEW CHEESE AT 15C. AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE. 48 SHERMAN ST. Shoes, in Up-tc-date shapes. Prices as Quoted Below: $6.00 Shoes at $4.90 $6.00 Shoes at $3.85 $400 Shoes at $3.25 $3.50 Shoes at $2 75 $3.00 Shoes at $2 35 $2.50 Shoes at $2.10 $2 00 Shoes at $1.00 Dark room for camera and Kodaks at Fishers Basaar, with complete equlpmen'. Open to every ons who may desire to use it ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOK IT. If you want a nice lunch at any time, top in and see Cacy at the Lobby. Coffee and rolls for a light lunch in the morning, 15 cents. CHARLES BASSE'S old reliable MEAT MARKET, at 686 Main street. Is now owned and managed by JOLITZ & LYNCH. Fish, game and poultry always In season. Order by telephone. Both 'phones. (tf) J. S. McCllntock. city bill poster. 726 Main street. (tf.) "Our baby was sick for a month with severe cough and catarrhal fever. Altho we tried many remedies she ktpt getting worse until e iused One Minute Cough Cure, it relieved at once and cured her In a few days." B. L. Nance, Prin. Hitfti School, Buffalo, Texas. Kirk G. Phillips. Dr. Bowman has returned Deadwood, to remain permanently and resume bta practice, and will occupy bis old office over Deetken'a drug store. "DeWltt's Little Early Risers did me more good than all blood medicines and other pills." writes Geo. H. Jacobs, of Thompson, Conn. Prompt, pleasant, nevor gripe, they euro constipation, arouse the torpid liver to action and give you clean Diooa, steady nerves, a clear brain and a healthy appetite. IF YOU WANT GUARANTEED PUKE APPLE VINEGAR OF THE HIGHEST TEST, CREAMERY BUTTER OF THE FINEST FLAVOR. AND THE LIGHTEST WHITEST FLOUR ON THE MARKET AT THE LOWEST PRICKS, GO TO THE STANDARD CASH STORE, 48 SHERMAN ST. Irritating stings. bites, scratches, wounds and cuts soothed and healed l.y DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve, a sure and safe application for tortured flesh. Howare of counterfteits. Kirk G. Phillips. DR. A. Fr. NAULTEUS, PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND GYNAE COLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street. Dr. Gluthe's Celebrated Trusses on band. w. E A Fine Display of these Shoes will beom hibit in our show window. BLOOMS 03 to u w o o x a CO CO 661 IVEsTXlIl St, ..SrTfVRS SHOES SHOES SHOES-4 An expert custom cutter from Edward E. Strauss & Co., fashionable tailor of Chicago, will be at Sol Bloom's on the lth. with the latest novelties for (all and winter wear. Full length samples to se lect from. An expert will take your meas ure scientifically. Don't forget ' the date the 16th. Dinner at the Delmonlco toda'. For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. Rooms to let at the Holzner. Everything new and neat at the Hols ner. WE GUARANTEE FIRST CLASS WORK AT THE LOWEST PRICES. CHARLIE & RAMSEY. The Delmonlco has been newly reno rated, and under the new management promises to be the most popular place in town. Ford's roof paint on the Sister's hospi tal. Look at It. Have your eyes examined far Classes free of charge by A. F. Snyder, the op- tlclan, (ree of charge. Ford's roof paint Is guaranteed to last longer on smokestacks and boilers than any other paint. MIXED FRENCH MUSTARD. HOME MADE TOMATO KETCHUP, SWEET AND SOUR PICKLES BY THE QUART OR GALLON, NEW CROP JAPAN, ENG LISH BREAKFAST AND GUNPOWDER TEAS, PORTO RICO, JAVA AND MOCHA COFFEES OF THE PUREST ESSENCE. AT STANDARD CASH STORE, 48 SHBB MAN ST. T7 STEY PIANO, both stylish and good. Z to bs bad only at Hawley's, No. (39, by Bullock hotel. Ford is In the second band business and buys and sells second band furniture. For an elegant lunch, go to Frank Dark, at the Derby. See Dr. Collier, Osteopath Physician, who treats successfully all acute diseases and most chrcnlc diseases. Office 41 Lee street Miss Durfee will sing a solo at the Con gregational church on Sunday morning. Miss Durfee has spent much time and money in the training and culture of her voice, and all who have heard her sicg speak In the highest praise of her ability aa a soloist. Philadelphia, via Northwestern Line (Fremont Elkhorn & Missouri Valley R. R.) August 31st, September 1 and 2; fare 850.00 for the round trip. Tickets good until Sept. 30. Bear In mind this the only quick and most direct line to Philadelphia. Train leaves Deadwood daily at 6 p. m. V. A. Hampton .Ticket Agent. Lecture by Dr. Fank Woods at Opera house, Thursday August 17th, the only wo man lecturer in tbs United 8tates who has boon thro tbs war In ths Philippines. Those who heard Dr. Woods lecture In Lead at ths dedication of Woman's dubs, three years age, will be charmed to know they will again have the pleasurs of hearing Dr. Woods, and on a subject so Inter. sstlng to svsryone. Tbs visiting Elks are seeing all this pan of ths state that is not covered up, and will go back to Sioux Falls with a good conception of what there is contained u the Black Hills. They went away in varl ous directions yesterday, after seeing all there was In Deadwood and Lead, part tt them going to Spearflsh, part of them to Sylvan Lake and part to Hot Springs again. A number of them went to Spear JJsh on the Burlington In the afternoon, beaded by Charles Alloway, while still others went over by teams. Pastor Kirk of the Baptist church will give the first of a series of three sermons tomorrow nlghton the all-Important sub ject, "Does Death End All?" Ths sermons have been requested by several who wish to know the teachings of the Scriptures concerning this subject, aad ths sermons will bs a simple Scriptural presentation of the following topics: 1st "Is there a sep- atlon of the soul from ths body at death?" Jnd. "Is the existence of the soul apart from ths body after death a conscious ex istence?" : 3rd. "If the soul has a conscious existence apart from the body after death, where does the soul rest during ths inter val between death and the resurrection?" cordial Invitation is extended to all to come sod hear these sermons TO CLE ANSIS THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, when eosUvs or bilious, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaken tbs kidneys and Uvsr to a healthy activity, without Irrttat-Ing or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, ass 8yrup oMIga, mads by ths California rig Syrup Co. . , ,' . AUCTION. , t ' As ws desire to cut down our mammoth stock, ws have decided to. hold aa ssctton sale, commencing Wednesday afternoon, August 1 189. Goods from vsry lias SH0ES- Try the Delmonlco, under the postofflce. JOLITZ 4k LYNCH, successors to Charles ease, 68 Main street, dealers In fresh Md salt MEATS, FISH and GAME In sea ma. Send roar orders (or prorirpt dellv err. Both 'phones. I hare a second hand store doing an Immense business (or sale. Apply to Joseph Ford. 6t THE FINEST LINE OF FAXiL AND WINTER SUITINGS AND PANTS GOODS JUST RECEIVED AT CHARLIE & RAM SEY'S, LEE STREET. Ford's roof paint on the Slater's hospi tal. Look at it. Auction at DeMouthn Ark Wednesday afternoon, August 16. Miss Pauline Jones will sing at the M. E. church today as a soloist. Miss Jones Is attracting attention. We are showing the very latest novelties for early fallw aer, at Ackermann's. 673 Main street. The discovery of fossil remains in Wyoming of great antiquity, suggests the loss Of a number of well known Black Hitlers. All our Sailors now 50c were 11.25 and 12.60. Everything goes at greatly reduced prices. Cull and see us. Ackermann's 673 Main street. Your last chance! In order to make room for our fall stock, we are olferlng an elegant line of trimmed hats at $2.50 and $3.00, worth from $5 to $15. A new coat of paint has lately been applied to the First Baptist church of this city. The building certainly has 1m proved Its appearance, and it Is the Inten tion to renovate the Interior In the spring C. M. Leedy, sheriff of 1'etlnlngton coun ty, passed thru the city yesterday on his way to Spearflsh, where he expected to ar rest a man named Gentry, Mrs. Mary Toms and Nellie Foutz, on the charge of larceny. It Is stated that Mrs. Toms got away with tome live Stock that belonged to her divorced husband. Dr. Dearing, Mr. Steele and one or two other Nebraskans left last night for Long Pine, where they will stop off today to attend the Chautauqua assembly, which Is now In progress there. Governor Furnas remained over in the city, and will leave (or horns after he has made the trip to Spearflsh and back. By resolution adopted by the board of trustees of the Black Hills college, December 18, 1895, I am able to offer to the young people of Deadwood two full schol arshlps In Black Hills college for one year la aoademio or college department, tuition tree. Enquire of Dr. C. B. Clarke, pastor M. E. church. Wm. J. Pyle, Pledmoot. Tbs Rev. W. B. CosUey, of Btockbrldge, Ga., while Attending to his pastoral duties t Ellenwood, that stats, was attacked cholera morbus. Hs says: "By cbanes I happened to get hold of a bottle of Cham berlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I think It was the means of saving my life. It relieved me at once." For sals by all Druggists. 4 T.'E, Calvert, general superintendent for the Burlington, arrived In Deadwood last Friday evening, In bis private car, accompanied by W. F. Kirk, the million--airs soap man, and Mr. O'Nell, superin tendent of the city elevated tracks, of Chicago, They remained in the city over alght and left yesterday afternoon on the regular train (or Hill City, accompanied by H, II. Malonoy, Mr. Carr and W. D. Park-- er, intending to go out to the Blue Lead mine. Mr. Calvert stated that bis com pany had not yet begun work on the Key stone extension rrem Miir city, but was still working on the right-of-way. WHEN QTHCWS FAIL CONSULT SEAftLES & SEARLES Main Office l?k Lincoln, Ksb. SPECIALISTS IN Nsrrena, Chrsmle aad frivate Pissssss. r? lire a V lira 5 f IbAIt D1U1 ally. 1 All private diseases snddls. " ArciaMi of ,n bii Tn,li,wt by mail ; eonraltstloa ft . Hvphllis enred for life. All forms of female weak ness and Diseases of Wo men, . Electricity Wttfi Medietas. Xnshlca as to msnntee to ears all esses earable -( Uu Door, tbro .t. cbest stomach, liver, blood, Skin and kidney (Ureases, Lost Manhood, Night ninumf, UMinxvie. vmthwobio, othhtdn, fcieet, Hie. I l.rnls and Km-tal Ulcers, Diabetes end BrU-ht Din-e, tMoo.OO w a ew of CAT I. H.I, l I1KI MAT18A1, DYSPaUatA f SlftHLlH we cannot care. HIS UHUHIUUOI 9 'IIMIIMIOf Lin ny om ciiiimiii r" resent us la Deadwood or tbs Hills, as we have a representative away frorri . the house or main office. . , .,.,, i' ' Direct all letters, Ac. to Dra. Searln, Searles. Si A LOWE GOING AWAY! Retiring From Business Basinesj arrangements elsewhere necessitates the Selling of the Entire Stock of the Great Depart-. ment Store of the Bee Hive Deadwood. Consising of about $100,000 worth of the Best Merchandise made, In Dry Goods, Carpets, Millinery, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Cloaks, Notions, Etc SALE BEGINS TO-DAY GOODS MUST BE SOLD the greatest Bargain sale. miles ,to attend. c IMs U " ft .. W. Ton should come -BEE HIVE' Deadwood, South Dak. i l i F I flWF lasl L.U UU Im 'Y trrn sii" (1 Ai

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