The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 3, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1900
Page 2
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1 THE DAILY HCVNEEK TIMES, DEAmVOOD S. D. FRIDAY, AUGUST 1900. REPUBLICAN CWirunm. REPUBLICAN i The renubl cans or soum u&r.ow-, 1 Tht- republicans of South Dakota, in that pave 18,000 plurality against 10 to 1. Indiana is not to bn caught with 'naff The re-aflirmation of the old mtio at Kansas ; was a seltier for JJoosier opinion. Food Prepared With ' Calumet" is Free from RcctitUe tu.ifi, Alum, Liinu arice Mmrrior.iu, ""Cii's-" met" i9 ihe .-ic jeewitc'a Fn." r.cj. Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co. THE DEADW00D PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. fAiisyp f Baking rit I..-CL Ii'U"-; populist t-r a- iiha' k-r. who f,i alway Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. rowder ! tiy a .;n i old d" n in Silver.' s w h i s- g 'Tavor or' tfot- !'r.-- otcago ot I dial sin ' 'cd 'i in hiding b: j krs when te pot on the saw i . ; h iiiovr ' J v t 1 ;i n (I MOKE SO COOD. PIONEER TIMES PUBLISHING CO. I THE V TRUST. state convection assembled, reaffirm and renew our allegiance to the republican j party and it principles, and particularly I as expressed iu the party platform of the party adopted in lM'ti. c.ery pledge cf j .Wis h has be-r. fulfilled. i( erdi.rM' the ailnuni-tra'ion of I'resl-debt .M'Kmliy av.i the republican party. ,ii,d . r uiaa'.iilate lhe country on the revi val of industrial, agricultural and cotnmer-uud ot!J!'pndj jo uoue.i;d'J m jii.hj i .al prosperity, brought atut as a direct lplei and policlel of government during 1,.- present administration. W e commend the- ;eal an 1 distinguished jliVv "ith whiih cur; rcpresentativ eJ in, .i:Ki"ss hav .servid :he state and nation.! V, e ' .-xti'i.d to Hon. James V. Kyii. the1 I States m :u',ur, our unstinted prune' oi bi io,.l and patriotic s'.ipi ort of the' r.i -tr'ioti of Pn-idei.t M.-Kinb-y on i h.;is!i-Anierii an war an t legUlation I : . iiiig i i j t 1 s ;ai mca.-urrs. 'A- 1 the of the free, ho-i -s till as. a .-in. pie , t of justice 10 The j ,-!. rs of the northwest, thus redeeming ', the pledge of the republican platform of, iv.'ti ri-lahve to this measure, and we note with pride the Iiut that the passage of this act was largely d-je to the untiring ef- j biiiiimiiiiMiiHiiMiiiiiiiMiiii,:niiiii ;..:'-t;.ry tingf it-mark- tb.i i.O' k gold L'-ld by a Lata ms Its niont' y has in t TERMS OF SI BSCRli'TlON: LiAlLY--Kv-iy M"i iiiufc'. Except Mun- .:i that mi' of pen .'. tr. as- aay, On.- Year HW v,.,,. tell Mouths j , ul th I'i.i 1-- Saiu .s a man of i- $ lHO.OO'i.OOu gold :n th -ion ai-'niL-t eru' fcV.V.V.VV.V.V.V.V.V.-.'.'.V. Too Rich for Hilis Horses. r t- Letnley came in un y-stii morning's tram from Indiana, where he went atxjut thre' weeks ago with a car load of horses. lie says they are ii r is ,i stroiii: prov W m les. One Month . i-uu WEEKLY lned Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Bii Months 100 Hardware and Mining Supplies.. republican congressmen Ironi enjoying fine weather there, and the ) forts of the l. . . . l ,. I Kl r..n.l,lQ and RlirlA I Win-li-ss telegraphy is now e-(,ib-!:. hid lu'lwnn two Hawaiian islands 100 mil' s apart, and will soon lie applied in th'' group over a distance of : 00 miles. Old ideas about "contiguous territory'' continue to be revived. a'nttrtd as tecuuu-Class Matter at Lhe bead wood Postofflce. , . A . , , , ... , irMIUUi 1'dnu; A, .iiwsu. uoiiiuit . .. uuise hj.ukci is iairei good, aitnougr. ' Jhf, unU..An party rwognlz.-s that le-there are plenty of horses there He ' gitimate busines. fairly capitali7ed and P'd with the looks of j hg1vertlUiUesr,rnX that country, and says the corn is as , mi nt to labor at the highest wages, and REPUBLICAN TICKET- For President WILLIAM McKlNLEY. For Vice President THEODORE ROOSEVELT. , . .'enabled u-i successfully to compete wuo long as ,ntrw. in t he markets of the tall as a house, with ears as world. Con binatlcns of capital, having as llimilfllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIItlUllrlHIII their object or effect the ontrol of the pro- Arizona offers in case of war with China eight fully equipped companies and thrt-e troops of rough riders. The American volunteer maintains his rep-mation of readiness for all emerg"n- ;es. ducii.-in of torn mod i ties or the markets. his arm. "Ihit for all that,'' said Mr. Iemley, "my horses got poorer every day I staid there. I turned them into a fine pasture. Large trees, fine running stream and tall blue grass. Some way they weren't used to that kind of style and high living and lost right thereof, are hu::fui and injurious to the -best interests of the people. This evil i should be overthrown without injury to; hone-;t trade. We therefore, faor such additional legis latum, both s'.ite and national, as chall est.iilish .onij !. '.' ! c,.i;:m I over all Main St. Deadwood, S. D. nil power 10 proper pun-, along. What they wanted was som tru-t- and monopoli' s. with . , , . , . , .dissolve lhe .an;-. ..i J " - -tt Hryan is running on three tickets, and in case of deafeat for president eypects to be senator from Nebraska, iiryarj and Allen in the senate together would be a" heavy do.-e of populism tioni oni' state. MuLtera ol Congress EBEN V.'. MARTIN, of Lawrence. CHA-KLES H. BURKE, of Hughes Governor C. N. HERR1ED, of Mcl'herson. !.j ulenaut (governor GEO. W. SNOW, of Boa Homme, teerttary of Slate O C. BEKti. of .Spiok. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBER, of Hulcblosoo. A jdjlor J. D. REEVES, of Browu. Attorney General JOHN L. I'VLE. of Beadle. upt of Public Instruction E. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and Public Lands DAVID EABTMAN, of Roberts, liailroad Commissioner FRANK LECOCtJ. of Douglas. sweei uuiiaio grass ana y urins or water from some faraway water hole and they would stay fat." Rapid City Journal. The Ladies Bazaar Do Your Feet Ache and Burn? JOEY'S EXPLANATION. The following is Agtiinaldo Joe's e.vplanation that don t explain, writ-fen for a local paper. It is a good thing to keep before the voters: "Dear Sir: Will you kindly grant me spai e in your valuable columns to i.-hrneiii to all who snk to destroy j hone; competi'icn .ire! prevent ;h. w:d- --! jiis-nde mpl'i n;eii' id la tor. and e favor sin h amerdn:i r.t :. 'he cout:t J".on ' of the I ritis) Stat.--! lUi ujil gie to con- lhe di velopn.i i.' .' 'he -tat- ar.d Its re-i sir.,.! has t-.-n l..rg-!y trejght about by he survivors of 'he war of the rebellion., who were among its earliest ar.d men a.-! the et tiers. The republican party r.o, as always a ppr -i iiiti s the ft. t that they, redi iiii'-d and -,i'd 'h' lt i' .on :n i's hour if peril, and thai to hem :s d'le ill r.cnor 'ioin a f:-ee and giutef;;! We , . j ut to 'h.- par; taker, iy our own South Dakota -oiiiHis :n '!te war with Spain and the in-i-m- tion in th I'h:!lp-pir.e islands, and 'he honor and credit they relict on c"ir fair slat- They proved; ihems-Ives trave. loyal and patriotic. 1 Their glorious deeds upon the field have given ihem a name among th brave rols . Shake into your shoes Mien s . t-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cools the feet that irakes tight or new shoes feel easy. Cures Coins, rtnt.iniis. SUk WaiStS for this week .it a ..r:. r. New Dress Patterns for rir.o Summer Goods in iVrcaics, MtreYriz-rf Gi. brims, act! all fa-hiorable rabric ' r -i;mmer urcsso and hirt .va-.-t-. plainly state just exa' ly what I said I Swollen, Smarting. Hot, Callous tr-' and Sweating Keet. Allen's Foot-Ease releaves all pain and gives rest and comfrt. We have over CO, 000 testimonials. It cures while you wa'.k Len'.c v-j Tailor Suits in the Yankton convention in reference to the Filipino war'.' If so 1 desire to say that I turned to the press respondents, and believing they to be as fair as Black Hills journalists generally are. I said: At the time Governor Lee demanded that the pres- !ir cvtrv' All druggists and shoe ef Ami rn-a, of wti.h their state Bnd its j Try t to-day g Mrs. Ml - - Main St. Deadwood stores sell it. 25c. Sample sent FREE Address Allen S. Olmstead. I.eRov. N ie'ent allow our soldier beys to return y to their homes, after the treaty of , A Marvelous Tour. .ivci peace was entered into, I wrote a , letter in which I said: I trust t,he j God of Battles will sustain Agulnaldo i and his brave compatriots until the i DI IPy UlilV blDQirDV Iniixirted, OeiMKtJ o. 4. North Main St. . F. I Belgian Hares' . '. v.tI l ;t r kMibcry . at The "Belgian Hare" Nuke ft Cn-m Pet. ' Visiters to our Kaubilry-aiwavs elc,.,rpe. ii people are jvsiiy proud. , We i nhesitatlrigly trdorse and approve the policy and course rf the and the legdsla'ion hv nngrei n -espiwt lo pur niwly acquir'd ;oss'ssior.s ml ee - ; press our full .onhdenie in the uit-dom.i integrity and ability of the administration, : supported tiy a republican longresfi. to j deal wisely and Ji etly with the questions ' concerning the same, an they may arises We favor the extension of the powers of the railroad commission so as to include the supervision of express, telephone and telegraph iomuilc doing bus mess within this state. Wp favor the eTteosion, in our I state, of tae system of rural free deliyery of mail, where practicable, aj rapidly as may lie done. We declare ourselves in favor of the enactment of a statute, with proper penalties, providing for the purchase within the state of all printing, blank books and stationery- for public use. gress full power to enact such ifglsl.vion. We congratulate the people of the cun-try on the enactment Into law of the current y bill, which provide the gold standard as the n.onetary unit of value. Financial discussions no longer disturb the business conditions of our people. The republican pie-ty stands for money laws that benefit all 'he people alike, the borrower as well the lender; laws that tend to I redu.-e and equalize int rest rates in al! I Parts of the country . 'or the benefit of our I producer the farmer, the laborer, the Wfl u t '. tii' rn K.'K .-A f K It i. Prrf Kor tlitnal .e.ihe-r tt' n-.- pKlatabie Uaefti bre-i of a i L. -f u GEO a K CXLJLbll v Five U'ading Sunday school workers, representing various denominations, haw just made a tour of the gnat northwest under the auspices of the International Sunday School committee". They have held conventions in eleven states and provinces, tiaveling in all about 800 miles each. The members of the party, except the international general secertary, contributed their services voluntarily during this eight weeks' tourThis is orly one of the ways in which the In-tc rnational Sunday school work is helping the work of all denominations everywhere. The expenses of the tour were provided for by general contribution before the party started. I ft tails concerning the work of the International Sunday school may be l ad by applying to the general secretary. Mr. Marion Lawrence. Toledo Ohio. American people compel this administration to give the Filipinos independence. I stand here today and reiterate those same words and ask you to take them down just as I said them. "I further said: I have another prayer.' because a good populist can pray twice in one day, and that is this, and I want you to take down every word I utrer. I pray the God of Nations" will sustain Paul Kruger and his brave compatriots tjntil the nations of the world compel England to remove her bloody hands from the liberty loving throats of the Boers.' "And it seems that the C.od of Nations has sustained Aguinaldo and his brave compatriots, and if he only will sustain them until March -Ith. lltOl. William Jennings Brvan. the The. PASSING OF WEBSTER DAVIS. The et lipsing of Mr. Webster Davis, wticb was no more sudden than it was necessary will occasion sorrowful comment only from Mr. Davis himself, and he Is fortunately no longer in a position to be beard. Mr. Davis, who it ft the republican party and declared his intention of supporting Mr. Bryan, because it suited his self advertising purposes to do bo, will not be allowed to make campaign speeches under the auspices of the national democratic committee. This final rejection of his Hervices by the two great political organizations nothing for Mr. Davis to do but to form a pa-ty of kin own in which he may be --.!- his peculiar talents will be appreciated in acordance with the value he hnn self places upon them. Mr. Da -'n has been on more hides of more dii'e cni Hiestlons in a thorter period of time thang any man who has succeeded In drawing attention to himself. He ourts publicity with eagerness and is disappointed when he finds- publv tention is ti.ning in another eliiec- lon. Mis tiugiin therefore, .it f.n 1-Ing the dcnn c ruii averse to using lhe powers ot oratny he hastened to pi; t o at their disposal can only be excei'i'.ed ny he general satisfaction which in i s t be experienced at the result of his suppression. Davis Is one of ihose ndix i'luals w ho sees in every public movement only an opportunity io increase his o i importance, (if has changed his political coat so i ict; in'ii t -ly that few can remember wha the firs; i be was like. Until the present instance his rapid shifting of con nations has tyeen attended with some measure of gain and it is therefore nxre satisfying to find that he has finally been estimated at his true value. He has now but one political refuge left him. He can join the third party and have himself nominated for tie presidency. o By the adoption of the gold stand pa f Family Liquor Storei posse honditi Fine e,d Ca'ifcrr'a W-r.t- -' ;" manufacturer Ld the merchant. TH Sherrv. Angelica. Port. Muscatel 1 1 thi 'tea - 0 , - 0 , At $1.50 Per Gallon or 50c a quart. wot, ci o I win , PASSION PLAY. Finn oil Pure listo and Mil fn M TALKING. MACHINES then president of the I'nited Stag's. ! will promptly appoint a peace com- ' mission to go to the Philippine isl- ! aials and say to those people: Voti liiive misunderstood us; we have come j t" save, and not to concjuer. an. I vv- Case Beer Delivered to the House Free. 635 Main Street Deadwood. To ! requ IHiOW t The Original Oberammergau. I'nileT the management of Dr. John H. Scherer, and the lec tures of the ' two professors, Ja ob Willig and Charles H. Brey, will be given at the , Opera house at Deadwood, S. I).. hursday night. August 9. and Friday. : August 10th. evenings, at 8 o'clock. 1 This is the original Oberammergan ; ccoun DO YOU WANT ONE Vlo iv ill give you liberty, independence and a government of your own as soon as you a-e capable of maintaining a stable government just as we promised Cuba, and the nionn ni this is done, the Filipinos will lay down their arms and greet us as p'ends aid allies." ! iluttln FIRST NATIONAL BJW Passion Play, in moving, living pic ! well DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. HOIST WITH HIS OWN PETARD. Minneapolis Tribune: Judge Moore, the tire-eating rongi esic nrl thi 'Oruer ard the republican party has taken AS A GIFT. READ THIS We are giving away to every patron of our store with every 25 cent purchase, one Ticket on Improved Graphophones United States Depository rigs Pari Ke 'D tures, 400 and 500 persons on one picture, copied from the scenery at Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany, by two renowned photographers, by order ot the King of Bavaria. This scenery was afterwards subjected to Edison's scientific manipulation and by him made into living, moving pictures, reproducing the realistic features of the great original passion play, which ii tne astonishment and admiration of the most learned and cultured people of Europe and America, consisting of 175 pictures of the life of Christ, his miracles, sufferings and death, togeth DIRECTORS: GPSfiVtfl'l T. J 0. 1. MXISVCBY, DRIER. sP. t SF... " D. A. McPHKRK'N. nominee, Is having all sorts of trouble just now. Since., his return heme he has been busy explaining away the radical utterances of his speeches in Yankton and trying to make it .appear that he was misquoted by the reporters who took down his words verbatim. Meanwhile the organ of former Congressman Knowles in the Black Hills is calling Moore to make good an anti-convention promise: to resign his judgeship, and the (C E Oi OFFICERS: n A.. This is to introduce them. We have secured the agency for the O J AU9BCRT I CasMer..-.'-' Prsaldset 'tie fJist Assist uaeniej .T. J. GRIB& 1 'or tlie l:: t of er with pictures of the holy places made sacred thereby. Admision: Re COLUMBIA r5 tie hiatt. the first step to lay broad and deep the foundations for a sound currency system. The completion of lis treat -ork work can be safely en-tiusted only to the party of sound money. The Philadelphia platform. In recognizing the importance of legislation favorable to low interest rates i another step in the right direction. The producers of the country the laborer, the laborer and the manufacturer should be protected; the lenders o' money can protect themselves. o Before deciding to support Joe Moore for congress the labor unions should investigate his dealings with laboring men and the manner of conducting his, rat print shop in Lead. They should compare the payrolls of the Tribune and Pioneer-Times with that of the Call; look into the accusation mad that for $300 worth of labor honestly performed on a claim for Moore, all the miner ever got was A railroad pass to Omaha and return. . 0 No, I Am Not in Business For .My Health organ of former State Chairman Kidd. in Aberdeen, is demanding that ha get off the ticket altogether because he is not eligible, according to hl& own opinion in the case of Judge Plowman. At this time Plowman is 'the cred served seats, $1; general, 60c; children, 35c. Tickets on sale at Fish-el's Bazaar. Crowds always attend this play, so secure tickets in tim and come early. A rare opoprtunity. sltion to a successful climax. GRAPHOPflUNE is is 1 am like all others in it for the money there ood. ad th 1 REALIZE that to make the moeny I m Hit I get the trade I must keep it. and there is ""iTHEr digging furrows a mile deep acrosfc Moore's pathway to congress, which he keep It better than LOW PRICES. I wOLLu of , a little money off a large number of customers 1( lrads the impulsive member of the Mate judiciary to realize that a can Bark, er off a few; hence I have marked my pood cc per cent below all comnetitors. xS didate's lot is not a happy one. and A trial order will convince you of the truthful 1 Loi Charles AN APPREVAT.E PAPCP Minima, :iis -lotunnl' The Even ur ment J. A. GREEN, No. Pioneers' Quarterly Meeting. In accordance with resolutions passed at the last meeting, the Pioneers are hereby called to meet at the City hall, Deadwood, on Wednesday, August 8. at 8 p. m., and in addition to all pioneers, every person who was in the Black Hills during or prior to 1876, is hereby cordially invited to and have now on hand an assortment of instruments S5. $10 and S25 Also a large Assortment of Late UP-TO-DATE RECORDS. containing the latest musical novelties. the instruments are a sensation, don't fail to hear them. Every family should have one for borne amusement. Remember, One Ticket free -with, .every 25 cent purchase at the . . . at Ing Independent of Deadwood is a v." Ul 'ci( great admirer of the Journal. We have the best evidence of that i.i trie ' Frank N. Potter, who formerly g .1 I rwiAoroUX'S the worked on Joe Moore's paper and 1 Proy. fifXTevJlU'ndertalBins ?arlor iCttlr, . No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Neatest and most corr.pK' fect that its entire editorial matter of the 28th inst was taken Ixlily from the Journal. The first article contained aredir7 to the Journal in the body of the matter, but a half column, of paragraphs following was used with- equal confidence In the validity of their statements tn l the undoes of the views expressed without th sign of a credit Una. The be present. The object of these quarterly meetings is to promote a fraternal, sociable spirit in the society, and a more frequent opportunity o meet together than the annual meetings afforded. Everyone interested in the life and progress of the society is earnestly requested to comes Speeches, songs and stories will be in ordei Entertainment free. JAXE3 CONZETT. President quit because he could not get his pay. is in Sioux City rustling lor a Job. Had his place on the Call not been taken by a scab he would have leen able to force payment. These re matters, that should be taken sp by labor unions. ; 7, i - i S Mrv Bryan think his Journey to Indiana to meet the notification committee wUl reverse the' vote vof a state All Embalming done by a:: c T? - -jjlj. uniy Funeral Car in ineo- W. Calls answered promptly Teleph0116 1 L. FAUST, Pn. G, Proprietor. 1ay or Kiffht. Independent I. bright paper a 1 at times has a good editorial rj?n Deadwood, Dak.

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