The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 13, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEEE-TIMES,7 SUNDAY MORNINO, AUGUST 13, 1899. Man bath establishments this aids of CbU cago. Careful and painstaking attendants tm MONEtR-TIMES. ! are alwaya present to wait upon and antl LEAD'S clpate the wants of customers in this ds- partment, and, as in the plain baths, there Is always a constant, ever-flowing supply f Mammoth Department S : j of clear, pure soft water, the only such LEAD S. D. 1899. J AUGUST !3 supply In the city. The plunge is a fea I ture of the bathing part of this elegant es ANNOUNCEMENT! tahlishment, and as its source of supply ' is a living spring and ever-flowing, there I can be no danger from bathing in in lim Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Department Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund the money. L. P. Jenkins, druggist. (tf.) The Wasp property at Yellow creek, is shipping ore steadily. They have some pid depths. An excellent corps of barbers tine sand of a good grade that they are CEIjBSTI A L OIFFICTLTIES. The exi ilernent iu Iead Friday morning u not of a terrestlal lul rather of a celestial nature, inasmuih as i( Involved but the happiness ami lemporar personal liberty of some nine China boys There a-e some distinct diaadvantuKee In hailing from the "Flowery KintUm," and one of (he most conspicuous of ihem m lhat I'nc'le Sam, belnf? a formal old fellow, wants a' personal letter of introduction from every Chlqa boy landing on our shores. It seems sacking to prevent waste. Dry Goods Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Carpets. hold down the chairs, and everyone is ed upon just the same, and any complaint is taken .immediate cognizance of by the manager.' The bath depart men t is open at all hours of the nifrht and day. and any gentleman of family may l- perfectly safe in bringing his wife and children to enjoy the pleasures of the plum;e. as care Jack Gregory, well known to up-gulch Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Graini Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill o uits, people as former representative of the I'lo-neer-Times. haa gone to the Pacific coast for an extended trip is taken to provide suitable battling suits L. B. Orton Is receiving goods dally and Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings and while In the bath they will be free that these Lead Chinese were minus th.-se i has the finest asoertment of Jewelry in the from molestation of any sort. The ft cliy. Don"t forget him when In need of privilege of the plunge is accorded every letters, or In other words, had never had, or lost their certificates. So the mighty arm, of the law spread Its protecting arm goods In his line. (tf.) With uaequalled facilities for buying and selling we asK patron of the piin baths. Miss Smith, former proprietress of the about the unfortunate Celestials. They were taken to Ieadwood some of them i Corset Parlors and agency on Main streer. THE APPETITE OF A GOAT Is envied by all poor dyspeptlces whose new-coraeri In the country, some of them ol4-tlmcrs and Dead wood air stimulated stomach and liver are out of order. All them to the extent that some of them such should know that Dr. King's New has sold out. She left yesterday afternoon for the Pacific coast, where she will locate. There will be no regular preaching services at the Baptist church. Sunday school will be held as usual at 10 a. m , and the regular meettflg of the B. V. P. U. at 7 p. m. Life Pills, the wonderful stomach and liver succeeded In producing the desired artl cles. Others claim that theirs were burn your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and, Lowest Prices. THE Lead. S. XX remedy, gives a splendid appetite, sound digestion and a regular bodily habit that e J In the late fire at Lead. If Buch is the OBe, they will have no difficulty In proving Insures perfect health and great energy. the fact, and can return to their former oc Only 25 cents at K. O. Phillips' drug store. Houses bought and sold, money loaned. - general Insurance and notary public Vic tor T. Jepsen, room No. 1, Cotton ft An I cupations. Those who can produce neither a certlfl-cate nor any evidence of having ever possessed one, must leave for home, and forget America. drews block. Lead, 8. 1. (tf.) The Famous Black Hills Died At Nemo on Friday afternoon congestive chill, William McCall, Hcd A. Mochon of Dead wood was in Lead. The famous Hot Springs mater costs 75. 85 years. The funeral took place yesterday at Piedmont. S. R. Smith was the funen I Mr. William Dunn went to Sturgis for a nts a rarboy; the pure Crystal Springs Summer Resort 5. R. SMITH, Dealer in Ifdniont wafT. fi" i"--rits: thp celebrated 'day. J. W. Lead. Westphaling of Dead wood was In Kidney Springs water, 25 tents; fresh every day. delivered to any part of the city. Call American Express office. Harrison, 166;' Black Hills, 111 Sylvan Lab Mel. Elevation 6,200 feet Dry air. Hot B. E. Salmon of Lead was doing business director. Miss Shepherdson, of Riverton, Neb., is visiting in Lead with Miss Minnie Peterson. Miss Sheperdson has been for some time a student at the Frohruan. Dramatic school In New York City. ' eTHEO B. QE3KEY Real Estate, loan In Deadwood. Lute Early of Deadwood was doing bus Iness In Lead. Carpets, Crockery, Carriages, wagons, weather unknown. Mountain scenery un surpassed. Harney Peak by donkeys BLACK HILLS HAPS. Wall Map showing geology and topography of Black Hills of Soeta Dakota Pianos, Organs, Etc and Insurance, all kinds of Legal writing the Dead wood postmaster, Boating on the Lake. . John Baker, was in Lead. House is new and modern in appoint done. General Agent of the Union Savings As.'n. Good live men wanted as and Wyoming; 13 colors. Price $1.60 ments. was In Lead William Scott of Spearflsh on business. Pocket Map showing geology same SEWING MACHIN o'tcltors. The ball game to be played at 2:30 this above, containing a complete description of the mineral and othr resources of the Send for souvenir views. F. B. COLES. Manager. Custer, 8. D. Mrs. Thomas Healy of Ruby Basin was For the best Make I sell afternoon at the Lead grounds between the Black Hills; cloth cover. Price 11.25. hopping in Lead. . Miss Myra Ball Is spending today Lead and Deadwood nines, bida fair to be Singer for $32.50. I sell a G001 rtth Pocket Hap of Black Hills, plain, con one of the most interesting games of the talning a description of mineral and other ING MACHINE like cut Ti friends at Ragged Top. Mr. Elmo Oirarri nt Tn-.tni. . season. resources of the Black Hills, paper cower. Bfl TIE TABLE Work on the custom cyanide plant at for ten years for $25.50. Price 40 cents. Central Is progressing satisfactorily. A Map of the Black Hills. Price 26 cents. 1 'iDE 1 DEADWOOD. Undertaking a Special large force of men is constantly employed and the plant will be in running order in For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES. reasonable length of time. Rev. J. W. Barron, pastor of the Congre SATURDAY EXCURSIOONS TO HOT S. R. SMITH. Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, 8t. Joseph, Kansas City, gational church of Deadwood, will preach for Rev. Woodcock tonight Rev. Wood Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and all points west SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." To Hot Springs mat return at one fare. St. Loulaand all points oast and cock was recently called to Iowa on account of the death of bis wife's father. - - maun it short visit in Terrarllle. 8amuel Clemens of Centennial was doing "business In Lead. Mr. and Oreen and Mr. Nichols of Terry were visiting in Lead. Joseph Savage of Central was doing business In Deadwood. .stress: Out roses and cars at loos for sale. Mao. the Saddler's, Lead. (tf.) H. W. Vlets of Minneapolis. Is registered at the Campbell house. A. Holmes and HI Blltngton of Ragged Top were doing business In Lead. William Nelk. .the well known clerk at Burger's, has returned froni a two weeks Sai"- I Miss May Hitt of Deadwood was visiting ' south. Owing to the absence of the pastor, there 16.20. for the round trip. Tickets good to TIB Dicmson Furniture will be no services at the Congregational Train ! vv follows : return seven days from date of sale. The church at Lead this morning. In the even ing the Christian Endeavor society will utiuleu Express, dally, Hot Springs. UnoolL. Omaha Chicago and all points East South and West 2:30 p m Je. 2lo. booai. dally except Su-vday Hall Mountain and SDear Elkhorn train leering Dead word at I p. m. Is the popular train to Hot Springs, as it leaves after the close of business hours. -DEALERS IN conduct the service and hold a temperance meeting. . ' Ernest May is tearing down part of his Furniture, Crockery I Glassw residence, in order to make room for a NOTICE. I hereby sclve notice tost all u-hnni in Teriavtlle with her cousin, MUs Alice Mcatan. ? ,, -i fine new house to be built on the site of the present one. The contract has not yet been let, hut work on the foundation has been begun. 4 , ders lsi-tipd and registered prior to January 1, 189, by School District No. 8. will s r ( i be paid on presentation at mr nfflc in Everything Strictly up to date and prices that cannot Central City. Interest on ssme will cease 10 days from this notice. P. N. Hanson of Minneapolis, accom G. K. WEBDON, Diet Tress. Central Citr. Lawranr. panied by his wife and Mrs. Glllmore of Deadwood. took In the sights of Lead and July 19th, 189.' (7-20-lm) ' nr. uurm,-fep;e:cnjt!nl the U. 8. Supply, ciirpany of Omaha' was" doing business la Lead. - -v . . ' . , - Eugene Wright, representing Rector Wll Vlrey of Omaha, was visiting his Lead customer, .- ...v. .., i, ... . Thomat Davis of Piedmont has accepted the position cj clerk in the company store at Terravllls. s " : fish l:S5pm 104. Freight, dally except Sunday. Hill City. Custer and and BdgemoDt 7:60 am Sundays this f- tght leaver at. 1: 00 a m Train arrive as follows: lo. SOL Eastern Pass'ng'r, Daily. U:M p m No. to. Spearflsh Train, rally, except Sunday 11 05 a m ;o 20.1 Freight. Daily, except Sunday 11:00 am , Sundays this freight arrives.. (:tl p Sleeping, dining aakreclining chair ears eats free, on all through trains. Rallwa and steamshto tickets sold sod baggag beeked to all points. For Information, time tables, maps and tickets call on or write to J. FRANCIS, General Passengr Acent, Omatia, Neb. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent J. L. BENTLET Commercial Agent went on to his mining property on Squaw Undertakers Embalmers. creek. Mrs. Hanson will return to Minne JOHN ELMEUK, apolis tonight . The families of George Northern and Jonse Hover - ana Repairer. Homer Mullen, with Mrs. H. H. Duncan, are engaged In berrying outing on upper Spearflsh creek. . The latest news from AH Work Dons Wlta Promptness and dlpaich HIAWATHA PARK, - LEAD. 8. D. Lead South D No. 3 Mam St. them reports berries very plentiful and (lne, and the weather delightful. R. M. McLeod has accepted a position In PA-'Oushurst's store, and will' go to work on Monday. - The funeral of the infant child of Ous RIva will occur from the family residence 'today at 3 p. m. '.i' , 1' -. . ' Mrs. Johnny Beemer leave today for Chicago, where she will visit for a month d; C. TRAINS BETWEEN DEADWOOD AND LEAD. LEAVE DElDWnnn. Daily, except Sunday Dally , . S:06aza . I:m .10:JOan Gates' Rock ancl Ore Cpu; or six weeks,"' -:-r;: ;- n ; X ' Mr. George Krwln of Aberdeen, repre Daily, except Sunday .....U:ltpm 1:00 pm Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Moody entertained a few of their friends Friday evening at their home In South Lead. After playing whist for some time, refreshments were served and the company departed at a late hour, after a most pleasant evening. - Mr. and Mrs. H. 8. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Salmon, Miss Salmon, Mr. Robert Tackabury and his mother. Mrs. R. M. Tackabury. Miss Valentine and Mr. George Reeves of Deadwood, composed a "Jollr party that went down to Bylvan Lake to spend Sunday. ., '' senting the Washington Life Insurance Dally .."....!."."""! Dally, except Sunday GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON - EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co company, was in Lead. ........... s:ia p za uaily, except Sunday :0i Mrs, Woiesamer of Terry, who has been Folly Described in oar No. 1, Catalogue. t 111 ,ftK ' I- - . . rapidly and will soon be ont again. SPECIAL FII1E I.1USHE , , r . . m . ' Remington Standard typewriter, was tak- Im. mmIam I. T A . LL. V. A new lodge, Apollo Wo.- Is, of the Uni wuma IH all guv all IDKOIDI. Mr. Henry Monhetm. with his two chil J dren, leaves today tor a short business and ' ' Our New Design will interest you. ' l! Qi l r " NQ OTHEE3 EQUAL THEM- pleasure' trip to Custer and Sylvaa take. Miss Katherln Dtirfes) of Detroit, who is form Rank of the Knights of Pythias, will be instituted in Terry. The uniforms are expected to arrive about the twentieth of this month, and Immediately ,spon their arrival, the Diamond company. No. 1, of Lead, will go to Terry to Institute the lodge. There la much enthusiasm over the new lodge, and groat suoeess is predicted for It i '1 " ' visiting in Deadwood with her sister Mrs. FUntenpan, spent yesterday in Lead. Batesr tommi Vasnsrs. mtmM mm ' Miss Klrchoff has returned to her work In the Lead poetofflce, after having suffered Pr I:B Daily, except Sunday T:$0 p m Dally, except Sunday :00pta r :0pm Dally, except Sunday 10:Mnto LEAVE LEAD CITT. -Dally, except 8unday :8Sam DuHr .. t:6 a a Dally, except Sunday ......... ...11:00 m Dal y ..U:Mpm Dally, connects with Tssleia Pwssjager l:Upm Dallly. except Sunday ........... 1:40 pm Daily, exeept Saaaar ............ 4:46 p sa Dally ;u p m Dally, except Banday f:ttpm Daily, sx---- aaday :zlpm Dally .., IHpa Dally, exeept Sunday U:U p as F. li sVat JL . . THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. DEPOT: Betweea Deadwood aad Pla Streets. . : .;. Arrives. Departs. Through trains ts Omaha Chicago. St FaaL Mla-aes polls, wlua close coa-aecUoas for all points west aavl sowta. ax Fremont aed Omaha ..... 11 a as fp . DEPOT: Lower Mala Street. Whitswood, Stnrgtet Rap-Id, Chadroa aad later. mediate points i:tt a at t: a a Belle Fourche t:K a m 11:M a m White wood only T:M a ta i:it p at Except 8un day. Oatos, aHos a,jxZ Tl& Adopted by the flrwiestake Mining .Co few days from a slight indisposition. Mrs. Jennie Cook, sister of Mia Mettles, ha returned from a six months' visit In Fremont, and Is with her brother In Ter- Trcmaln Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frkna. ' . Founeen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. raville. Mr. Crook of Crook City has Just had a OTTO F- PURNELL Sole Agt , fl n -7E- tin Alii Mf successful operation performed upon him A SWIMMING POOL. . The barber shop sad bath rooms under Carr Berry's building. Mala street, has recently changed hands, sad Is bow . la charge and under the management of L. J. Hire a, formerly of Kansas City,' Mo. Shaving and, hair-cut ting are lot the only thing by which a well-conducted barber shop achieves fame and a reputation-People like to be clean, and connected with the establishment is one of the best Tur- 0(11(5 For the Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock hotel at the Homes take hospital, and will t oil again in two weeks. The Pioneer-Times U on sale at L, D. Jacobs Baxar. where yon can also get the finest smoke in town, (tf.) CHfCAGO. ILLS ELSTON AVE. a 'mm t1 hi' i ill n1 I'll r " ir

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