The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1900 · Page 12
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 12

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1900
Page 12
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WEDNESDAY. ALGl'T - A KAZOKJiAi . IHrXT. RO'JNO'N'j UP THE HOGS IS LIVELY AND LXO.T'Vj WOHK. . Seebick annourue- .in expo-e nt Spring Millinery Depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. I Assay 50 Cents Cold and Silver IThe Union assay Office 1 Thf I: t pi-rl-. if unr ltiurbr Hlii. Iiinwiiil ii U.iIiik Hi Uutoh-frlnu "ijl In i In- II 1 1 In. V(lemptt-ti ti linii- Ilia linu ! 'larLrt. Established 1SSS. No 37 Lee Street Deadwood. Will LVrrect Krv-.lN '. Hotlt Gold anc Silver For 50 Cents. .ill Mlilll'll . I il UN . , . . ..I ,lKOI 'HIT TO THK OK I:K. M. H. L yon a, Co. I . .. , - . ' I ' ! v, i ..1 t!,a .. ; .t i i- .I'i-'liMli-S :l is n iii:j j,.. I., il..' If,.- bills .i l ! i at a I4 or reai milliner niticence, for correct 1 T "V 1 .a ii e v Hncai-risclurfer $.i.V'"J ' yp'-wnl'T. mag- moie V xl s .1 1 and :rece!: 10 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD 8. D. r V."",v-r MINES AND MINING. exci usiMst niu.M, u ;n tor-mer years, ieM'r,! upon Air SeeltiYk. 1 i i R-.ltlJ'c ot 1 lU- I'M :l T- Cm 'J, f or the !IJjJ-i.i j t ii ii. a-ii ;i i'"a ': . a ' : 'vh :a vi a:; I : rv hi:; j , r "::r-i- ban' ire'.-. a:iJ shoeing; at j-o".i'.;ir I ! i; T Ii- I ' I :i f.-.. be. i I . - in 1 1 1 1 vi a v tl,.- ,,-e;i.- i i :i i : I- Christ. Tin 'I il ;i ; ALL KINDS OF I , 1 1 1 I . ' "I !h- Mix; SHOES SHOES SHOES I I ti"i tu I . be:,, , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 , !!. -I li li-lll. " "I'H 11. -tt liel.l- .1 f I they and j .hi tin- ' I i Til.- SHOES I'.. Mrs. Ki. c di.l lli.- ; iV.ii .- !. ;ir; 1 ea 1 1 worth I : 1 . 1 : r In fid I Hi. -I " ill -.-- .i. it j ' . i w illi. in I hi 1 .. . -.1 in- that . ' . . i - 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . n mil I. A . . . rlllpl lull ,111.1 . -Ml, I . in r.M .ill hi I: .n il' I leilU lb.-! -. I lit ' 1 1 -1 I I-1 11 .1 1 1 I.I I llli-p lll. geill- pi, V I.IMil. I I m i : 1 1 j it purchase of i opper in I hn- t hey mult i ply WILL BE SOLD AT CHASE'S Hiiiaim hiive evidently been un ery r:i I'i'lly III uMler t.) li. i tin- I. ell. lit nf the in crease In hi -tn.-k. Iineer. It Is nec essiiry fur tin- i.-un-lier to gel bin iiinik on the i'i' A ilys. owing to the a larger scale this year, and the fads .-I'owii in this return, i on espon.l with SATURDAY AUGUST 4: those obtained from other siuir .Mimiitartuerr., tins year ;illow.-il their i roughnev nf the eniuitry and the wild SPECIAL DISCOUNT OF 20 Per Cent Less Our Shoes, an- marked plain. Our former bales is a o-uarantce that we will lo exactly as we atlvi ; Come anil be i ' - -V THAN Regular Prices slocks to run very low in the hope ic forcing a reduction of prices; apparently Ihey have given up this expectation and are now securing sup- ness of I lit- sows, is uu small task. It Is I generally the custom for all the hog I owners In a aiveii section to turn out I together with their dogs and prae-i tioally "round up" the range. Compared with niie of these "box WE ALSO OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF HOSIERY AT SPECIAL PRICES 15c Hose at 10c, 25c Hose at 20c. 40c Hose at 30 money to every 20c Hose at 15c 35c Hose 30c. This means one supplying CHASE'S heir wants at our store. Where They SellCheao. Main Stroet. Doadwood. Hill appeal . i I..- In iii ' : i-i v -U' who heard "i In- I w I Naar In was nun'.- I'iiii : hero M i.i . I Htription. The wood In- ha. I -I'-'h i r humanity ami III-- iullut'iic tl u !u -lift' had upon thf civilization of which we now boast, was her theme To he sure it was a suhjfct upon .viicli an t rator could for many (iomi-.s have din-toursfd, hut slii' did not. Iit' only told of what she thought of Christ and His teachings. It was in'fTPiitinn; from tho .start to the finin'i. and all those who had listened to th preaeh-er, who calls herself an Jjtylcjitfendcnt KvongtTlst, went away prepared to give a little mori' thousht t. the teachings which have Tffr se many jears been the coiafort and hope of us all. The work nndertakt :i by Mr. and Mrs. Rice is not for the .sake of F.ain, but is given in th hoi i that it. will beentlt luimafllty. ' 'I m crowd that surrounded their outsid ; meeting was very attentive and paid close at-Hention to everythi:ix that v;t. said. .Mr. Itice is a good sincer. at Ii :ist he has a strong ,'n I n usical vo whV the happy m iu r in which !i - wife puts things tt :ii'iM' w ho lis'e i to her will always draw- and holt) a crowd Tney nay that thev have' nti ri ject in jireachng the iloctrines they o only that of doing good for hiimanity's sakt- They will stay in Deadwood for several days and during t'.at time will preach the teachings w ii h they believe are those which c-eryone Receipt for Ice Making. Any housewife by following the receipt just discovered will be able to make it easily. This new ice Is cheap and quickly prepared being composel of a kind of ammonia salt. With it. ice cream may be frozen in a few minutes. So many wonderful improvements are being discovered that it brings into prominence any institution that remains unchanged. Hostetter'-; Stomach Hitters, the well known remedy for weak stomachs. Fifty year.-t has seen no change in it. While many imitations have risen and fallen, this excellent medicine has remained unchangedand as a cure for indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia, and biliousness, it is unequalled. See that our private revenue stamp covers th : LIVERY FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. v GEDDKS OLD BARN.) New Carriages and Baggies. Best Mmi and Saddle to Bmtmtmg Man' Wg. The fact that otheis shirk Is a poor reason for negleet to earn one's wages. The Young People's Weekly prints the following anerdote abntii a bov who was an honest worker One day. aftet a severe storm, a large numbei of men and boys were out on the roads of a country town to shovel out ttm drift. Each workman was pm; a qua ler of a dollar an hour, ar.d as may be supposed, there was no very strict watch kept upon them; but oue little fellow seeme.'. to be working with all his might, and hi" comrades laughed at him. "Why Tim. sr.- von frer the job of highway sarveyor or de 6u expect Boinlinff Hotses by the Dav week or Month a Specialty. hunts" a cattle "round up" In a tiuit't and commonplace affair. On the morning appoiuted the tings are turned loose and started nut on a bog trail, and the men ride after them just as on a wolf chase. As the pigs cannot holti out very long, one of them Is soon caught, and his squeals bring back the rest of the bunch tu his aid As soon as the pig Is fne 1 be sows form a circle around the pigs, from which they now and then bh out at their tormentors and all the while -uniting like the rattling of a hundred old wagons. By the time the uproar has reached its full height the hunters ride up and bias the dogs 011 in seize the sows. When on is caught, twn men go to the assistance of the dog, one with a club to lieat off the other uocs. the other with a bit of rope to tif Hie one seized When all of theui have thus been put out of the way of liirbuug the pics are caught .nil 111:1 1 Led Then the snws are given their llbeiiy. mid the dogs start out in a new ira l. When it Imp pens that there are hogs belonging to several different men. the pit: are -im ply divided While the work of "111:11 k ini:" is mine like sport than labor it is not less ex cltinir than that of getting flic hoits ready tor market, for as 11 is imp.ixi ble to drive them any distance- even 1.1 the corrals at the rant lic.v it is neei -i sary simply lo butcher them nut in the bills. So In tin- early part of I fie winter, al'er the new mast hits fallen and the hugs are as fat as they .vdl get, the lancliers load their wagons with salt. grub, kciiles ami lard ean. take their dues jm,! in,-hesieis ami strike out for tin- hills. Thiv make camp near point- spring or water- hul.. 5 I io gei more ihju the re ()f ni fa should follow. 1 GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO. INGEHSOLL SERGEANT DRILL CO. Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists Detroit and Deadwcod. neck of the bottle. i Ertt of C(iuntirrflt lftllir. Six counterfeit dollar- inic inm ih j possession of the -.upeiii-o' of a .-,111.1 ii j province on the Rhine u iiniun o.g 1 of the htate anilnu ita-s what in 'lo with them lie s 1 :isl 1 n, te.l to tnrr them over to 1 he stale's anoint ,1, the judicial district. 1 11 ,-nni p 1 1 , :i , -e I with this order lie .uni-d tin- ,oun ' terfeits to the postoftu e mi.l 1 1 1 1 - n-,. ' that they be prut to 'he di-ni,t aii.e . The post iiiast-;- tool, il.t, ' (hem into his mnney-ili aw it an. I sent ' a postal order for the sane. X" ih attorney has no pro if an t n- spufnT- money again is in .-ii-cn; n ..n I'roilufrt of lh Sii'l.n. There is already la t U. in Himlar. I of developing the natural resi.-r. c ..t 1 the Sudan through scieniili. txp.u.i , tion. Immense forests line lie hal. of tb-? Hlue Nile along it- 11 j i t . reaches, extending to the Abyssinian, frontier. The ebony tree is nn-i wnh puttlng iu so?" "l.ei's pal him on'; h Is shortening our job, iwon t, last nil night, at this rate, laughed another. "I am getting man s pay for the firpt (lme I.t my life, and I mean to farn It." said Jim. "I don't suppos 'I,,- i.m-ti tarss. nor that I shall get nn more money at night; but .' shall fe a big alfht better myself " "Yon've begun right, Jim." jald tt surveyor who was not v7 strict lp hhalf of the town. Serhaps, but bad a business of ow n, where b appreclid workmen wi;b a enicUnce. DIPLOMATIC" REPAflTEH. D. A. Wales of the rt-troit and Deadwood company was in the city yesterday, and says that 'he new cyanide plant that the oiiany has in course of erection wilt le ready for business lv the latter ,iai't of this week, and they expect to stnrt it up 0, F. PURNELL f on Sunday next This plant is one of the most complete that h i -i ever been built in the Hills and t attention that has been given It le those in 1 Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. and then begin t lie work of "killing." Which includes the rendering of the j "w r""" Ab..aor 1. lard ami sallii.- of (he meal. It is like ; M,r", Ktild' a L-reai hum Whenever a wa.til tha Due de Guynes represented grea I charge of the work warrar.ts the as Franre at the court of Frederick the load of lard am) meat bits been pin up sertion that a better one I as not yet been built. The wort that has been done on the company s gicnul in the pant has placed it in such :'ood shape i lid Along that river and also near the1 it is taken to the nearest run. Custom Ore that the (piestion of an 'v supply will never bother the management Eobat. On the White Nile the india-rubber creeper, a valuable soiinc nf rubber, abounds. There are large forests in the Bahr-cl-(',hazal province Gold was once mined in some of the mountains of the Sudan. Search will b tde for coal. for many years to come. The De !, the' We arc now tu t oared to treat cu-stmii troit and Dead wood is go:ig to make left there until 1 lie killing' season is over: then ii Is loaded again and freightetl to ihe nearest railroad poiot. w here It is sold m the market price. It Is said that only oue mini in that country ever tried driving bis lii,; to market. That wax "I n, Ii" B,-u Pepper, who lives H fen miles nbne .June-Hon City, mi i be Smiib I.laun river. He bad. he supposed, about .''i he-id of fat bogs, and the idea of Hun "killing' worried him So be hired all t ho lueu a paying proposition of Its property and to Its advantage is every consid eintion of location and sit.- oundings. Great in Prussia he made a thorough study of the Pnis.n army against the wishes of the Prussian officers. Their hints to that effect did cot dissuade the I'ren, b ambassador, so tbey got a little satisfaction by having Mi letters opened and copied In the Prussian poat-offli e. The Due de Guynea soon dla-ioered these tactics and posted hi next letter t welve hours before the Una the mall for Paris closed. Accompanying i; wit- the following memorandum: "I am sending the annexed dispatch to the post at 7 o'clock in the morning, instead of waiting until the usual time of departuie, 7 o'clock in the eeulng, so as to give the director of the Uerlln postoflke time to copy ',i arid still send it on this evening. I takt this course because the dispa;, h L- verv urgent and Cyanide process at reasonable rati. Golden Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward. Deadwood S. D. alni-al tp. Near As "ic 'I in British Columbia, is a number small lakes, whose I In Itin ..niinlM' .r..i oil rli., ,I...t.i in U'ini. shores and bottuaia are covered with a crust contain. t.r b: rax and soda in ble and Kdv. snU counties and "round- .c-f - ru up tin uie inc.: to nt? iinimi. II YOU WANT MONEY? such quantities and proportions w i ,i i,a-ti', ine- when cut out it verves as a washing compound. The emit Is cut Into blocks and handled in the same manner as- ire, and it is estimated that one of the lakes contains 20,000 tons of this Improved Methods. A gentleman who has just returned from Keystone tells the Pioneer-Times that Superintendent Trengove the Holy. Terror has made at number of changes In the operation of the mine and mill that will materially reduce the expenpes and Increase the output. I'nder Mr. Trengove's matt-Rgement there will be no gophering for rich pockets. Kverything that will pay a profit, however small, will be mtlledi The prospects of the ramp are brightening. hl I lie 111 " Important, and I would consequently : was. of course, impossible to keep the ' herd together, .ft.l as it s, altered Beu i ordered Ins men to separuie a little 1 and keep !n.i in.,' toward lv'rn ille. ' At noon on lb" fniiriit day the liii" ' was within t:alf n mile of the loupe rivi r. !.e i. - n w re hall' n mile ajiart and n : .i dog .nit. Thou I'.cD decided he vrmild like to 1 kmnv bow many hogs he had, as after , paspiu the i 1 1 1 v. I a 1. 1 1 1 i ic it wnuhl he ! inip.i.ssllile t., s,.,. theui iu the . p -u again. So he or.lci,,; tin- ,-ii,s ,.f th,. P y,.u want Jewel') I c get ' ' ' will e go' :: - DsadwooJ L .i i Ho. 21 L - 5',c,t' Small! I lirrrnt f iiin lo Tnroe. The smallest cun-eni nun in I'urope at the present tune ami the on.- ha', -n" the least value is trie lir.-i-.i ie,;ei. be much annoyed if ii were kept over ntitil the following mail, as has been (jone on several previous occasions." Ills departure from Heilin. which oc-t in red shortly af:er that. was not mourned deeply. Colon Hit In Until. ll would appear fi um iung oi - , tion t hut soldiers are hit Uur.t g : grtim'iing to the color of their !,- :l the f-i. mwing order: K--.1 is th- ... : faial ,oior; Austrian gray js tM, ,. ,.; illi HUO IU SWillg ill HIM Close up lOU. -11 II The leptoii Is. .ii-i-ord.Uti I" the u monet.ny system, curi' iit iu all the river, l! w i: s nearly sunset w hen tries 1 Inngins In !lv I : n 'ii, m. j Some idea nf this mode.! little ,, . of copper may b" gatliere.l iin-.r, ti-.e. fact that the b pton is Hie oi. -I an- BABBY PARROTS.. i: ai',r ovcrstuck,-.. -i, ,a,:f ' i- '' rme luiainb r--. He ''' - " tl,A:,a:i 11 ! 1 ic.c : - 7- M.-iean lit.iii.le . !! I!'--'-:a t,,t- w.irl.l reac-.l f-,.T-i l- -i.i i.v Gennine imti-lr,i!s. ! I'a' - l-rvt-i ;hss c, ,ii, 1 1' i.iti H'i-1 I',:- W-- yive a wrati-n j-iuriiMt, w -i;.iil tniki r. s,,i,, p,,rr,.t i .i. - : the circle was cutupletcil. and he din:1. i;l into ;i tall so as to get .1 !' ter view i f the lings when tln-y .-Imui'd come swarming out into the river, lie watched iiitetitlv until night was fall lng: then he saw a lean, old sow emerge from lb" bushes and go down to drink, .".ml a iii.niiciit later the tlriv Figures. on Copper. The copper imported into Great Brltan for the first half of the current year shows a large Increase over 1S99. The total given by the Hoard of trade returns for the six months Included ' 62.189 long tons of ore, 43,096 tons of matte and precipitate and 37.338 tons of metalic copper; the total being equivalent approximately 65,106 long tons of line copper. Th's shows an increase this year over last of 12,- 255 tons, or 23.2 per cent The Unit fill a i h proportions are: I; . ri!i- g-.t n. 7; brown. C; Austrian lab glAV. 5. dredth part of a .trachma. The lii k I drachma, usually passes for the s i'iie j t. i I 111 ' I'iirriilsitt.n t'ia.-. tw preiav Keiler' lliril More Oiiiali.i. N ' ' Impiirters Wli.ilca.-ile li.-.c- :- "' era began coining; nut. He uoaily fill out tif the tree. lie lias never tried driving- since. Kansas City Journal Cnii . -jt As- "Calumet" Does Not Belong to a Baking Powder Trust, but Consumer are Rapidly Learning to Place Their Trust In "Calumet." value that a franc piece does; that is, it fs" about equal to L''1 cents of our money. s If a Way th Irish Bm Once in the course of the bome-ruls Irritation an orator, addressing a meeting in Dublin, exclaimed, "The cup of Ireland's misery has been overflowing for ages, and Is not yet full." ed State furnished 42.1 per cent of Dr. Bismarck w WoJsWuJ Or. George S. vopWeJelsW O. E. 8. No. 23. DEADWOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Mon days at 7:30. All members cordially n-Tlted. AN'NIE I. PHILLIPS. W. M. LILLIAN O. HATCH. Sec CALU M IT po wdW ... alrU" the metallic eoppe rimported, or 26.9 per cent of the total calculated In line trpper. Our exports to Great Britain and Indeed to all foreign countries, are chiefly In the form of fine copper, our ores and matte being refined and treated at home. ka British refiners Special attention y-- and micros. opi-.l B0"V tl OFFICE-Olyaipic Block. oPP .. FDepot. Telephone PH ., i . m . ! to 4 OOERATtN ( 1 V PRICE J SlMf) Vc with .Tight Hta, 61plns with the hair pinned sf tightly is not only bad for the circa- NONESO GOOD. "The American Porter" possesses a mellow flavor peculiarly Its own and is) unlike any other brew on the market, whether of foreign or domestic production. SECOND-HAND TYPE. ' Bourgeois, Brerler, Nonpareil, tied up and la antltletrto suit purchaser, t ten cents per pound. Ploneer-Timea. this year drew the greater part of the Lmttoau but it U said to erereat thi HUUKa iv i" - reek- p. m ore .they treated from Chb; Spain, and J uir from growing. V; r Residence CUT w

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