The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1900 · Page 11
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 11

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1900
Page 11
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vrCU'riT 1. 1900. DA 5 Till: 1AII.V IMoNKEK T1.MI.S. .m)i S 1). JENT A WORD THi: BILL Or' FAKK W. H. MOOHE 35 I.O.ST 11 1 ' ' ' truii. . ont.-iintng BE SURE I.O.ST la-ad . . V T ,,M uwler thi.s headONE Blacksmith and " . Til I. I i r i t . ..' . ; each insertion, when " '"""- i- -n- New oimbi:i:itHi:i-. in tlu- 1. 1 tost 'losiyn nil I m vOKl . ...rt, )ir lin.-Q' ' 1 -u I lolio. lill!le .ir VV:..i bun oue , ban ( payable in aavau.-e - ' " junta Wagon Maker ; t, - :ii r.r- p o' th Wall Paper -n . : .,. s ... HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE- r.m-i:i- 5 5' iV.V.v. v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v-. PAIRINU UUNE UN SHORT NOTICE. A ""' 1-"ST ' "o odd h..:lt;.u . ...... ANTED HELP. , , ,,. ; ; ,. ...... v;: a, ..i !'.) younis ,' t.i- h-t wiiii a ..m '. v.-t :;,!. . .... 1 board. $1 per w.i.i the pi.-tur- of a lad-. ; i.' , ' .t. Williams ; where on the bulkhead ba.-k ot th" ,;...,! ..uImt, .st.-a.iv work Uulleak hotel. A liberal levari ! 1 1 uist : , v at Calhoun Bros- Ail kinds of Parnate an I W ag on Woo. I Wot K . also Carriage 13 EC Is ouo ot the oldest j and most popular plae- ; n tn tho city. A full I aiol lOtnplete .stork of : the nioit hoi' e Wines, l.iipiurs and Clears . on-tantly rarried. M. ,; i 'i.e tie new pr i ; : i.-tor. ha.- serur"d ). Mil" ag nry for i ;!.: Saratoga Sp!.nhi w.,t,r and i- fA p: .-par-.! to serve t with this :;.''. ! :;;. i i hover-" " in ar" always 'v. ' at 'IT i K 1F.KBV. i ::ri!.f.'.:i.?.- j 11 and 1J i':i.e M . lvnlwn.1 S D I L'DB ii . .. m nt ( 'aa r a I :. ; .i n l lamiilry c',v. . ,. . $) .-r v-k K MAX FISH EL'S .-T to '., Shoe Co. .-tor" Th" -,.i!t: dl.lll keep- t a: i ! w i v - v. .-- !.v , N Ar I ir- 1 '.. ; . , I f : 1:1 -: r . k .a '. ) Vy t!i ;a H ' 'i Bcche & Cleveland THE CROCERS 13 a: n o L I DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU That ) ra ..,.;! . . ,i . Jl .-'I' as ', -.1 .' ; : proa.; ' .. i . 1 a.- or l r--1 l'iM)ii W.IL'e.-i atl'l , k 1 1 ills Coal Com- 1'lA.N'l T! ,ia I ::: ! litati S! i i I ! pt.o:;.. : ; i - a I ; 'I v ;. 1 ! ;n '. r ! i :. Aetna Powder Go, M. .1. PLACE:, Prop. '.' i 5 ' -ot. Dead -voo i. laaii I'o.ip !. ..t' W 1 1 The Lasi Clin nee ri-wori. M M N Ti-t li r :l !::. Ml 'rn; i. B. L BEAU, C. ti'rn! Cif, , S. C I' ' ! i U J .up ivJSiauam 1 1 1 fi i lid ii? if'',1 a 11 ''il1 , li.'L! A .: ii .; i M M II. i S 1 rl hi:.' '., . piano--.' saf atrh. "iidriirr ry i i ' , f a ; ' li I t. ' t wit:. - :y ni 1 (!.-1 H ,. I e t bus- o;n.-.- I'hoi:.- i:. I . In Die i uanti y, a; 'i t'e !y f in,;- !, ! Ii"t and , . M h ati r a t, 1 . "; W. C SPINDLER. Prop l... d l .11 I I'M Co.- I I. 1 Open 'I iv ati'l i;: ,!,;. S! spe laity. at a f.iiiiil a; tii:iu "li Ir i- ta!,!r-. inn nwatly done. Hani;- TllO JL.X'CiVClO COTO FRANK SCHREYER II, , , . . , , V . . I ... . 1 . SING YOU Prop. . r I a a i t h.n .niim- wall paper special- x '..! v. ill coiivin I 1 , 1 ! . I I.' Il.. AI', 1 li'l ( ( , , M ( t Hi- ti ' s of tho ;-!ini;.an and f: !. irt.,on t;uaranteed. W. .1 le r tahl" wi rrison T'hone No 14. in . t fa tidi I'll I. .".it ;. Ii uhi-ri' yoa'cit l.'i. it di'llclous 'Plak lireowi tiircutiii' itif rmiiitiy m Aniiaui--M "" ,,,:"lvl . pr llusfh-you .now-bnT. Hire lun n riiiistanlly on tho Imr ...... r :"';'id 0:1 tli- mat 1., He; Spe.-ialty I . P.- a.r. lor i; , -i -, . I p..t ai We Will Offer mal 'i li" I'.-t t ' II T m t nf '!: Ink-' 111'! fin ill a .1") i tiand la .. r-i t. li.M ! .M..d V;.n and wife without i woi k on a ran h. In iiiii"-i '1'iiiH S or Will"' .1. ;i.:i-. S. IV t on. r, r. ) men. Tin 1 in i d ."0 expri irliri -1 on- " In WOI k Itl I leal' TIE TABLE DEADWOOD ill HarriEon Ph .no 92, i Extraordinary bargains through month of July on our entire line of J. P. HYMER coL'.zcri-jvs )j ;rif:r;- ) L i n r a I n MONEY- lOJNt'l t Pa'tida. St. ad;. Qmaha Denver Heleni) . Butte Portland a'ie-.-t waes. Apply in Chicago, a Idl e.,-, .loin 0:1 ,V St. Joseph FIDELITY BONDS, on collateral i it v ai 1 i w f .1 : i ' i "la, S. 1 . ,, R.ansasity. Salt Lake c itv, St. Louisancl all c c.i,. .!! kin li or mi,!' wrl'inr Appeal points east and and pomt9 ' 'iniPi.l . ropl.-vl:.. iw.i.J. ' '" Hasinas Miirlly i a u. li Init ial. Will ; Household Goods : Special Crockery I Sale every Saturday. south a.imii.i8iiuMii. j i i iHiiiiiB , -all at your residence if reiju. aste. I. west culrtl wunoiu uomy. onu l nun ynui fvO.iirl tr, Mlkn for vnn until TnU 4,t OUT & JACOBS. FOR SALE. A ood gentle. us , :. a t. Apply to No rati-. Iod oln.t-rg, treiuureri. aa4 ottti lal t.onda peeialty Cigaf Sliil':1 Ccpr.;!!' Wl T'-.ln I a- fallo,' - N". II. V.Miiil.-. Kp--! ! at. . Hot Sp; :ro's. I In alii. ( llaah.i. ' 'hir.U'o s nd all poi nt i I'ast. Soul h rind nlyninlc Plix k. Dailworxl. t I !.ons llarrlnon. 1.1S; Hla.-k HUN. 101 4 Phone In ronldeti'-e. Harrison. 88 WW VV A l T" l . Illl.-I S III fl'' I .W"I join mi : lei I f . a.-h . . 1 1 1 I y lo U M. Mi 1 ii ; 'o i, ,'iiiei . I a nd lhat we are mi See Our Bareain Counter. DERIOUTH'3 ARK W'rSt. " lii p m . .. V . . I.." ai .l.o'v ". . : T I". II" I M 'in'ir " I f I jl I .; r Mr.ail i pen e and i an do le tter 1 v wri on MEATS of all hinds than Spi :i r'i-h 1'i.ildiiiK lots on l.iiiroin Nos. 70 72 Shei'nian st. Deadwcod. l.l stnr fl I:' a -le 'I , inn en. '"I'lMit fl' '- " ! ! any of nur com pet iters, (iive us a ' l.aii' .- to pro', e our a.- n t am, by i;iv-;:: us a trial f.r 1 -r. in. I i: Wholesale Hardware Bicycles and J ! side, lumber furnish'-d 'WIN VAN CI SIC. itfi LOTS In Inn at Hid I '. "iirl; Look at lie ni. -' I :. i:, .-t p Sporting Cocas. JOLITZ & fcYNCH Cook Remedy Co I'".. MIA n i ; N i. s : o. c. ji v:n HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR J. C. CARSON, A-ent. I icad wood ()!!1- Syn.l, APf.HIThTT i 3 iiMMAKV. SLCo.NHAllT ; i.i: i i .; lii.i uj 1-olSON d. K v. ' a t , S vVJ tj I &a . New Wdte Block. llJUg OR RENT. li ' loom i .tla: . a. o: li r .1 :. . -...!-. In. , i. . A modcr a n li ! i ; "ii. lu-;l".-id". Apidj ai I i. . Sherman stiaa t S,x rnnni house, S"'.' I p-n.rt Apply to John -.1 ; ..; aril' . .1 I : e IS i , i N'.h l ; .in:': ; si i. "' i .,t - I . . . - I . .S . I.i (. I'KI-.U in 1 in. ! i.'.VS You can b r ' i an- for t he. sam an line we will s.iii." M I ' A I! A NT V . I f ).u p; - '. r i i . i . u ml" i T. J. DO WD, WatclimaRer, Optition, Jeweltr I THE FINEST MPATS 'oliti.K! In jav fa'"' and llolrl :i. hi, I an ih.ei- .' " fail lo cure. If vim I'm. lake" MmtiTCY. h'l'IMa POT ll --I -'.i: ' - iu aii.l pains, Mi riTS I'A'M'HKS in ni'i'iili Smdli: IM'cmT i ii"M--s ,v,ei.T.;K ciU)h-' SI'dTS ri.e.;i(S n nv part of ire l,v llti: m K V L I1IK i VS FA I.LINQ '- i u. i Ns jii: ru i;i.'. ; i ami i.i: i I.K K Hi: L "' I' Iv . . f ' sal.d i v AT OCT t M ttin ll"i:. I'llsl 'hat I . I' A I! A Ml' la til elir.- 'U'e solicit tn 1 ipo-t' OHSTIV ATI' sKS a,:,l r 1 1 A I d ,K V ' . K T 1 1 ! V I U .1 ' I 'O K A i S K YVB CAN -New live-room hnu-e. p.,jiv ave.. Inirleside. iMily "Pi ""I'1 " a n. '' '" a m p. .'.ii a nj I .' lip in 2 n(i p m il : 1 .' p m Gus Keller's Market 42 MaJn Straot. Dadwotf. NOT ri'RK Thla rtN.. h.p ha alway H ! 'I'l .LI ' Till: SKILL K TDK MOST KMINKN'i' PUVFIflANS. Several of our most prominent public m-i.. K i n s and Linperori of forelarn lands Pa e u riimt.e.1 tn t!d dUea--even when under the trestment or the bet talent unliniite.1 wealth of nations could employ, lot we have a SEOKKT RKMEDY knows - . I 'ail . - Five or six room house, iailv m housekeeping. John I)a"' N. 9 Citv CrftPk. ,'"h , v ;!ll!'-"' 4 .'0 p ID t mini'iTH Diirlnn KOPHTEEV A LA lis of our existence no lean loss D.iilv P ' VVtVTtv'"i twenty different conrerns have etarted up m Imitate our trnatment, prompted by out pTPcedented euceens; today not one nf ih" remains In business. -7 and 8 -room houses, rjaily 7:m p. in ply to B. Mullen. .,ii. ,.v. ,.,.t !.- s:ihi p m " - . Ti ially ;('0 i. m -rour-room house with Black Hills Jewelry to Order, Watch lvxaminer fur tlu- Klk hi. rn K. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed, Let- St . Dead wikhI. lite Gillmore house. Imore house. j. Daily, except bundiiy m n p m I.K VK I.K A t TITV. 1 p.iilv p: Sunday 8 35 a m We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competlter, THE COOK RKMEDY CO. has per manently rureil thousands and has -world-wid reputation for speedy cureg. hor.esty and InteKrity. NO DECEPTION NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and AIISOI lTE PROOFS OF PLRKS AND UNBROKEN PLED-OPS sent sealed in plain packages on nj.pli. ata.n. NO P. RANCH OFFICES ONE MILLION DO-LARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. t; r: i:tu s e.r a m l..New live room Mji v. ,.. 0l, a D bath. tiS Denver Av. . . 1 - CO p ni WHO? WHO? WHO ! ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. ED HEALEY. 15 LEE STRcET. 15 LEE STREET. 15 LEC STREET. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER BUSCH. ANHAUSER EUSCH. 5 CENTS). 5 CENT:;,. 5 CEJTS. Ii1v !,. I. a j turap, oue, iwu, ioui, pv,a 9 furnished or unfurnlsa- 1a i '' " 2a p m t ; "! " ni You Should Go to- I I . p IT: ma Street i i ' Dai!-.' J t ; n. : -: p n. Anna A. Leuhrs s FT-' ''2 PARKER' i-r HAIR 13 A LS BALSAM a. No. 74 Sherman street. " ho- your drrssinaKlng. A line " read' made ladies garmi tds kept r. Fta.aLy in sti-k, at v as- : : . pi.; ..I ..ys w, eae. PATCH JOHN SOHN ' The Onq boarding In;:,-luma, 18 rooms in pood Apply to O. I-'. Ons. : ,-' ')w Hand hoii I, siierm..!. ' l.v plasterr.. : h ; u" ;i . .ts strain lea: .- m; to ; l' l i oi ii..- !i -. ; -room and kKi ;. :. P.aKWley, Afji r.t LiFTON HOUSr.. . . Pprlns, S II. :hy cleared ant rii. ua-. 1 he public patroDagc. wit!) u, '': '.'t'v ',"''' 'try rooms in close t-rnin a:' !r,,,-sl" linnekahta bath house, 'he s '- ' a in lodations, reasonatde ral.'J ar a day or Ave dollars a J. N. CORUIY!!Cf'r f 1:,, L()l:r' S.M.OOX i LEU . - K"-9a ,5,,!,t tr i',u-e w:'' msi-mol' ' Don't Be Fool edi n,1(n.,no( pllt,n ,0:11:. -irlJ a. m. n-.any dirrerenf linear amusement and 1 .i.t th, u,-,. r,fcin:d gJVSDb iS.a lUIC respectfully 6(.lkP.a a share f your A ROCK V MOUNTA'N TEA . J .1 Arr..., iH-par. patronage. Vail fo TI D 111 1 'V lade or h l-, Mad.---, M.vt - UlQCStS W IUI V'OU Cdl. me CO., Mai'i-ein. V 1.. It ... . , 7.0 p w 3: Ma m. ' V.'.V.V.V.V.V .V.V.'.'.'.'.'.V.'. 1UU Wall UalllV.. .1 C'JK) K,-r h. our uJ Ir;,;'.:, ..; . .s t i L-o and recon- HENRIETTE CLOUSE. Proorletor V1 .(. wood onlv '7:"0 a. m. 4:.".n p. m Francis C. Tucker. J. H. Mickox, . r-' ?T U. S .Dep. Mm. City Engineer. en getting the best in the MI: ''A' IXi'S riubhtruettnoi xlia-lsted .li' in hulk- Accept no substf jcstive or- L'uns. It 1- t lie ai est discovered difreefc cCftci ... lute. Ask your druetist. i:ns if you pet it of ater Consumers. Surveyor, CIVIL ; MINING ENGINEERS ed not to crinkle lawns T-J RlC HARDOSN, water to run all night, ; low water In White-; RESIOENT iona of this will cause j m A M ft TII1MPP. ant and tunic. No other preparation can approach it in efficiency. It ln Rtantly relieves a nd pemianentlycnres Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence. Sour Stomach, Nausea Sick neadacbe,GMtralgla,Ciranipe,anc all other results of imperfect digestion. Praporrd by C CMWltt 4Co. Cfelcog- , ror Sale cr K. Q. PHIUiPS, They always have a neat fresh stock to select from and you can always get Justwhat you want LEE STREET, - - DEAPWOOD. III 4H hmm (oarrh rxn. sirT-ti t'V Snl-1 Midy PnvS. of AU. J'rntfKifK TUCKER & H1CK0X, , Surveyors. Rooms 301 and SOS Adams Block. to I imisw ... No. 28 City Creek. LeT orders at Fishela BxxMaln off ot the entire house P. BLACKBURN, Pt City Water Works. or r, u.. hoi 'jns lor tort

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