The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 12, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THir"DAILT PIONEEE-UMES, SATUBDAY MOBNING, AUGUST 12, 1899. MtSSS MllHWIMMIWIIIlWIMtMtMMIIIIMWtMWIWWWIMWIIl'MMWIMWWllllllMllMl" "" I Be Prepared! The bearing of r 1 LEAD'S I LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. i . cnuaren is not inch a very serious ordeal to the woman who is prepared. If 1V1AMIV1U 1 hi UHrAK 1 IVIUJN 1 C3 I AUUUil l, LcAU J. U. 1077. : ! , Mother's LEAD S. D. 1899. Friend I ANNOUNCEMENT! f . . QAAlvn m v.. . . . f i x wft nl n . rk V. 4. .11 jM 1 1 T that wonderful ('-IMTL, OFFERED me scenery duck irom me coaai ih boioj ly soothing and relaxing 1 i n i- A tllf f IT h r ,rf ICIKKHIO .-!, "nal "lo""""'us' la"e UC "trKri uui o buurva a,i a uuw iumpicitj o.xj.ul iuh 111 till jjgp of Jungles and rushing rivers. been made thru rolonel L C Twombl ',-i:t, l)o faith-i.'y listd dur- One ut the finest bits is the Kaieteui hy Mew York parties to ouie into Lead t ins: the period f preerancv. Falls, which fall over a sheer preci eight hundred feet. there will be little morning sickness or nervousness, the critical hour u-ill he re The cliti.ate on the tessenuibo river Invest in various properties, and ti in-utall several movements. Thin ofTnr In u i only a cash offer, but It is an ff r. wherein the cann is available lmmeli;itlj. II reasonable terms can In- agreed upon. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, lieved of much pain, and labor will he brief. Recuperation will be ranid. and where Mr. Dunn is stationed, is some what trying. The nit an temperature i: Dry Goods. Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets. Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. ail aftcr-dargers wif! he avoided SJ degrees, while in the hot season the FrovidiDg the prnpei ties, desire I eau be Sold hy druegisu for J bottle. S1NU FCK OIK UltH B'K,K ON T'l M B I TT. mercury runs up to 130 or K!2 degrees In TH2 B8ADFIZLD RXGU1AT0K CO.. Atlanta. 6a the sun. Added to the intense heat, is the excessive moisture, which combination of Mine and Mill Suppiiei bought at fair terms, work ran be begun t once, without tw "H 'our murs o-'ay. Just bow much such an oiler as this means, it is difficult to appreciate, (or if, the project Is carried thru, there will be rouie results in malaria. Died At 10:30 a. ru.. Friday, of eholefa- infantum. the infant child of (Jua Itina. Mr. Dunn has an excellent position, but The funeral will be held at 2 o elock Sun is glad of a glimpse of the I'nited States millions of dollars ready to follow the day afternoon. J. L. Marcoux. funeral di He will remain in Lead for a couple of rector. months. Died In Lead, at 2:30, Friday morning, With unequalled facilities for bavin and selling we your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. of spinal meiiiuEitis. John Dalest. azed first six hundred thousand. This will necessitate the introduction ' many enterprises which will employ scores of men and pay out housands of dollars every mouth; It will develop many fine, but at present latent properties near here, end it will double the valuation o' the entire mineral belt, and especially of Lead City. seven and a half months, the son of Char R. 0. Robinson of Nemo was In Lead. Frank Oschner of Deadwood was in Lead. Dick Bullock left for a business trip to ley Marehenendo. The funeral will be held at 2 p. m. Sunday, Father Redmou officiating. Kunerul arrangements are 1 the hands of iHikinson & Moore. ft Is very much to be hoped that the Piedomnt. W. E. Adams of Deadwood was a Lead visitor. S. M. Houghton, the traveling man, :s in Lead. ('. A. Crilfith of Dciulu'ood as .how citizen of Lead with their usual public in a number of mends thru ill,- mills of spirit will take hold of this project and Lead yestertl.iv. 'l'l . . r; , consisted of give It every encouragement and assist a nee. I ex-Ooveruor l-'urulss, of Nebraska; Conn Steele, wife and daughter, of Nebraska Mrs. I'oyntcr, wife of (Jovernor I'oyuter George Beemer Is expected home from bis visit in tbe east. George A. Silsby, the national bank - aminer, was In Lead. Dr. Zerfing returned from a short vacation spent at Sand creek. of Nebraska: Miss I'oyntcr. Mr. and M s. Humphrey. In Ueeritiff, and Miss The famous Hot. Springs water costs 75 RETURNS KROM BRITISH OL'IANA. Mr. Dunn has Just returned from British Guiana, where he has been, with the exception of a former visit to his family three years ago, for the past six years. Mr. Dunn holds the responsible position of sup-ertntendent of the German Kvnriin.t cents a carboy; the pure Crystal Springs S. R. SMITH, Dealer in Piedmont water. fn cents: the celebrated ' The ball game thai was to have been Mrs. Charles Spauldlng or Deanwi.oj Kidney Springs water, 25 tents; fresn plaved on Sunday afternoon between tho is visiting Lead friends. every day, delivered to any part of the picked nines of the Horaestake and High Frank Bryant of Carbonate was doing mine, about one hundred and eighty miles land mines, has been called off and indefl city. Call American Express office. Harrison, 166; rflack Hills, 111 irom tha coast, and he has many interest nltely postponed. A ball game will he business In Lead. Mrs. Johnny Russell of Spearflsh Is vis iting friends In Lead. ing things to tell concerning the country, , Mining In British Guiana is confined a! Carpets, Crockery, Carriages, wagons BLACK HILLS MAPS. Wall Map showing geology and topo fresh cut roses and carnations for sale. Pianos, Organs, Etc. present largely to placer mining, the gold ' Seine; found almost entirely in tha free graphy at Black HOls of Snath Daketa Mac, the Saddler's, Lead. (ti ) Tbe Pioneer-Time is on Bale at L. D, and Wyoming; It colors. Pries $1.50 forthcoming, however, for the Lead and Deadwood nines will cross bats at the ball grounds Sunday afternoon, and an interesting game is promised. o MRS. LIKBMANN. Choice Cut Flowers and Potted Plant, always on hand. Orders for funerals aa4 society emblems promptly filled. . atate.A couple of Frailer and ChaUner ytamp mills have been put up, but they H SEWJNG MACHI Pocket Map showing geology same Jacobs' Bazar, where you can also get above, containing a complete description For the best Make I sell of the mineral and otbr resources of the Blsck Hills; cloth cover. Priee $1.25. Singer for $32. 50. I sell a 60(1 Pocket Map of Black Hills, plain, con 4um not been successes, owing to the fact hat, the country being 10 little developed, there la not ore enough to keep them supplied. The present indications are that the ore bodies lie, for the most part, near the surface, and that deep mining will ot prove profitable.- The gold-bearing ock Is chiefly gnbbro, and In the quart ."which Is one of its constituents, the na ING MACHINE like cut the finest smoke In town. (tt) Mrs. Captain Gardner of Piedmont li visiting her husband in Lead. Miss Allle JewelL wall known in Lead, passed the day In that city. Mrs. Calloway of Terry pjassed thru Lead on her way to Deadwood. W. B. Wardman of Deadwood made aa tainlng a description of mineral and other resources of the Black Hills, paper cover. Price 4 cents. fm TIE TABLE for ten years for $25.50. I mm f Msp of the Black Hills. Price 25 centa. For sale at the office of THE PIONEER-TIMES. Undertaking a Sped' DEADWOOD, tive gold is found. Oabbro is a heavy rock early morning business trip to Lead. and takes a fine palish. Lincoln. Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure LE SATURDAY EXCCRSIOONS TO HOT S. R. SMITH. Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, tbat conga, or we reruna ins ""-"v-U P. Jenkins, druggie. (tt) Denver, Helena, Butte, Portland, Salt LakeCltyy 8an Francisco and all polaie west Kansas City, Miss Rowena Everett, ot Aledo, Illinois, SPRINGS VIA "NORTHWESTERN LINE." Te Het Springs and return at one fare, St. Louis and a(l and C. W. Cassily. of 8t. Louis, are reg aoints east and istered at the Campbell noose. south. Tie DickiasoQ-May Farniture Co G. W. Bullock, clerk at Henry Mon- $B.20, for the round trip. Tickets good to return seven days from data of sale. .The helm's, returned from a n uuuS. Elkher tram leaving Deadwoes at ( p. i A. K. Gardner, register of the land of m. is the popular train to Hot Springs, fice at Rapid City, was a Lead visitor. DEALERS IN aa It leaves after the close of ho si The labor Is performed entirely by nc- crocs, natives Of South America and of the Adjacent Islands. They are good fellows for the moat pert, but tremenduously laiy, and addicted to petty thieving, but rs-tialned ty their tear of the law from grand larceny. The wages are fixed by the government, and run from thirty-two to forty-el,ht ctats a Uy. ! Qf course tbe men who has a charitable or extravagant ' Jmpnlse ran pay more, but even he do-s ov'payaver" slxtjr cents, or JWo guilders, ' aa it, lis cortmonly kuown, .Awhile there I aeWaEy teat tabor difficulty1; yet the con-HU' .n at affairs Is very unsatisfactory, as ' hc daifcle are poor woikeri, the work of .-four being "equal io tUat oi one white , ansa. An4ni , dlfllcutij Isthst the work ts all dcue under;. the men usually le'.r.j engaged fjr tea' months at a -' tin-, but refusing ta i up in the huh Mrs. George V. Ayres waa snowing) the sights of Lead to hr friends. Mrs. Aah- Furniture, Crockery I Glassy bel Patterson and Mrs. Captaia t-naries Bennett. Train Leave as follows: n'o. : U buled Express, daily. Hot Springe. Lincoln, Omaha Chicago and ail points East. South aad Weat Z:Mns Ms. 210. Local, dally except Su-vday Bald Mountain and Spear- Bsh l:tf pa t? tot. freights daily exoept Sua-day. Hill City. Custer and and EMgsmons 7:60 as Sundays this fftght leaveV at.srOOam Trains arrive as toUews: No. ML Eastern Paaa'aTr, Daily. 12:20 p No. 101. Spearflsh Train, Daily, except Sunday U:06 a a Vo 201 Preight. Daily, except Sunday .11:00 am Sundays this freight arrives.. i:S2 p- NOTICE. T hereby give notice tnat alL' school or L. B. Orton Is receiving goods daily and ders Issued and registered prtsr to Jsnu- sry ir is, ny School District No. 8, will be patd oa presentation at- nrv ofOee in baa the finest aeoartmeat ot Jewelry in the city. Don't forget him when In need ot . . 1 TCvArvthinc Sriotlv nn tr rlare? and Drices that cann Central City. Interest on same will cease j j -r r goods In hia fine. : 10 days from this notice. Colonel Dick Bullock haa Just received C K. WEBDONi Dtst. Treaa. Central CltT. lawrenrn mssii a n a Urge assortment of line gum of all kinds July 19th, 18. (T-20-lm) lln, dining ana reclining chair ears free, en all through trains. Railwa to vnl: until at. least $10 of their wages including Winchester's. Smith, shotgun and, many others. Undertakers and Embalmers. JOHN ELMEMK, ..U pa!4 ja, advanc. They have no Incline and atsemshio tickets sold and baggag cheeked to all points. Far Information, time tables, maps The tron plllara. in front of th Cohen- . . A. g. tlon to salke, however, the climate not and tickets caii on or write to J, Hmse Moyer Ml Eepairer. ' " : being conducive to unnecessary exertion FRANCIS, General Passenger Agent, Gumblner store are oeing pui. . and the front of the building begin to too? as It compeKIon wew near. K ste tho a good deal of talking is done, it Omaha, Neb, - I doesn't amount to anything active. An Work Dons TOtfe Pro- rnrtfis snfl fllfipwirHi No. 3 Main, St. Lead, South v , ,0ns of the good characteristics of th James Cuslck.' Judge Moore, Jack Gray. t Maroouz and A- c' Potterjrere am t g HIAWATHA ' PARK. - LEAD. 8. IX ' ' Kitlvea is their strong artlstle bent; they t have a good sense or color, rorm ana prs- the up-gulch people Initiated. Into the Elk Thursday night in Deadwood. .. . v portion, and bit of inventive genius that ' avow of thejTankee. Their,, houses are Rev. Thomas J. Woodcock, pastor ot the W. T. ROBERTSONS " . - Ticket Affsnt. J. L. BENTLET Oomnwrolsl Agent D. C. TRAINS: BETWEEN DEAJPWOOD AND -LEAD. LEAVE DEADWOOD. Daily, except Saaday 1:06 a at Dairy :Maai Daily, except Bandar i.........JO:20aa Daily , :llpa Daily i:00pn Daily, exoept Saaday ............. t:U p m Congregational church at Lead, left fur " one example or weir ingenuity:, mey r 't 1-a ith nalm lum. which are Iowa Springs. Iowa. In response to a tele gram from his wife, announcing the oeatn enduring that lr wen prepared mo pus in, and Dpc Brush HOGlr they form a satisfactory roofing for U.i or of her father. s. ; . little Jay Hoyt of Nemo ha the mis twelve years. Many of these houses are built without a nail, the poles, leave and "-"ether materials being Joins J. together by fortune to. tail otf hls father's barn and GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake MCo ,7 X Fully Detcrlbed in par No. 1, Catalogue. J Daily, exoept Bnaday . 4:20 pss Dally, ; S:S0a fracture his arm. Dr. Black ot the Home Daily, except Snnday ....... 7:Mpaa stake hospital went out and reduced the uaiiy, sxcewi ounaay S:SSs m fracture.. - W k .. bush-rope, a native .vine so strong as to serve all the orfiisaryiwpeaea H ropes ? and light chelae- The houses are unique in another resiect. that of "having no windows Daily. t:ep Dally, exeept 8enday lS:3pss UP-EGSAL'iFltlE ''CCIISH -- UAVS IjSAD CXTT. Dally, eaeept Buaday :S6am Dairy :Uam f or , doors, but being so construe! jlhht anvooa who dealres to enter, Just goes 'A Oar keW Denim wifl iflUtfCSt yoo.!- Daily, except 8unday ku, U:Hin Dairy tta,12UeSB BS right In. . .'..,..,.... i : vaiiy, connects ..wita r asl am Georgetown, the pnniwil city ot British Honsw bought n4wId, wmt Io. gsneral tnauranoa and notary pnu tor t- Jepeea, room No. V Cotton Andrews block. Lead. S. V. - W the Lead City amateur played Uxa "Cn-. known" in Deadwood laat evening to a email ' hot appreciative , nudtenos. Tha parts werw'well east and the entiro pro-ductlon wery eredltable. Mesdames Hatch. Maloney and FUhel passaagsc t:Mss Dallly, exoept Saaday ........... :40 p at Dairy, exoept tajaosr ............ 4:4s p sa Gates' High QrddeRf VUlh. " WoDTltteRS EQUAL THEM- Guiana. Is a ana old town of about SOO. 0 population. Jt ki. on , tUe. 'aea-soast, te feet below the water at his, tide, and Daily :56 pm Dally, exoept Saaday 7:22 pm Dally, ex " Saaday :22pm Daily ., t:22pm protected from the ravages of the waves fiates' injroTBil Vanusrs. Mm n by sea walla. Aa a result of tnls situa Daily, exoept Bondap 10:56 1 tlon. the town has most excellent sanitary conditions. It contains many fle build V Adopted by the flcnestake; Mining W . logs and beautiful avenues, shaded by rowa : F. L 4k M. K JU ' THB NORTHWESTERN LINE. . DEPOT: Between Deadwood aad Pta Streets. -- . of Dalm or other tropical trees. Toe la Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's FritDd. babitanU are 'principally English. BcoicS, Arrives. Departs. and Portuguese, with sprinkling Americans. P I ;TT0 III '. v r ouneen catalogues describe our. Mining Sole Aflt I ft n -PIT ft IftftRI lM and Mian Cos atUnded tho meeting ot the Baatern Star In Lead. In honor ot the Worthy Grand Patron, Prof. Kerr, ot the Brooking Agricultural college. THEO OBSKKT B-oal Bstato. Loan and Insurance, all kind ot Legal writing done. Gontral Aeot ot tho Union Barings An.n. ' Good live men wanted as qitcltora. " . . About fifty of the Elks descended upon Lead yesterday under the guidance ot Sol Star and Mike Donovan, of Deadwood. and with their many Lead friends, took In the sights. - The principal industries-arc augar cane OR Through trains ta Omaha Chicago, St Peat, Mln -neapolia. with close ooa- -sections for all . points ' west ana eonth. at Fremont and Oinaha Ham Ip DEPOT: Lower Main Street. . Whitewood, 8torg1a, Rap- v : Id, Chadroa and later- For fhe Blacfc Hills. I Ell 111 CV 1 1 f 1 1 1 J hJ and lumber. The lumber exported Is the greenhart lumber, which la ver lire and UIM I EJ IIIUIV I bard. It la so heavy that It weigns aooui 1 1 5 pounds to the cubic foot, and win not anedlaU poinU ........ 1:46 a m l:2Saa ELSTON AVE., CHICAQOJ Tk. Uveroool docks are built si Belle Fonrehe ....... 3:2Sam 11:00am Whitewood only ...... 7:20am :t5pm most eniiieiy of It.

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