The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 1, 1900 · Page 9
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 9

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1900
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

The Daily Pioneer-Times. J4tb YKAK. I)!:A1V(m1), s. I. (I5LACK HILLS). W KDN I OS! . V MOKWINT, IV;'ST 1. FIVE CENTS. I Hospital !(.! il:.- Insane, c... SiLx.l !",r I the Maid is tin- mosi vvortnv ,nd m. : Hi- middle d.-. k .r.rtt i lit cabins, s.ilo, BEY STILL 1 1 :i'h ' iih innati a l St In I'ltt.-hnrg HE SWORE TO A FALSEHOOD i 'ia "' u a I ul ! li-rs The tr ;i THEY FAILED TO MATERIALIZE ' 1 :ai nail ami ci HAVE HOPE upper de. k is on a leVel With (ll '! 'le- hull and is lb.- -c-ii, ,,; ;l, Hi Hi,, I I on ioi sailors. Pen.- i- , , , th. uonous "I in-- Mat.- 1:1 st ;t in ion .- Just Another Straw. ll may bo that n piiidicani-ni ..- a i' ail issiif in tli.' Hill.--. hut it om- may judge from thi- number of enthusiasts who visited Ti-rry last night to be pn-scnt at the formation of the republican club Lhi-n-, it is anything but I as.-, n. ei s i mi during m , w. itl,, '-1 '1 he .iplain and oftlcers have .alius ; i- th. - deck, and ni. e allan s they jai". loo on the Tacoma. built of wal-1 I nut and tnmmeed with poli-hed lua-s Men! UlSpaiCHCS ii um umiia George Weaver Gives Testimony in the Gobel Case. Prove that the Ministers Are Alive. The Boers - Who Surrendered to Lord Roberts Were Not So Numerous. Only One, Not Five Thousand of the Boer Fighters It is about like going down iniu a cellar to descend to the middle or cabin deck on these ocean liners, and it seem.-, like being .-hut in a eilai to ! stay down there, allho 1 am told the ft el in l- wears off On the -ouiul and many mast steamers, like river! Getting Ncjr Water. 1 he .,.:!.!;., n ho a; ,- employ, d by the i ,iv to piespect for water oa Wlutevviioil .nek have dunk a good !low ol Mat, i, and an- now a! a ioss to i now what io ,:o with ii I'li'-y are d' w a . ! i ;;ii, , u , ,.t and t lie Mow i- o -lioni- thai il wall he ,ii, possible I ' work in the ,-haft without the aid of a mod 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 If the intended cross-' 'it lhal I- intended to In- run will provide Hi. in cessar.v waler it will be "lie Of the I'est II V I's" III t U t S that lln City oi Diadwood ha; vet undertaken It is thought l,v the engineer in ihaim that I he water novv coming into the -halt, when , out i olb-d. will, with that whiili is intuitu-, down from Cavville In- sufficient to answer all the lie d- of tile I it y for -IIIUI-I line to i "iiie. The -hail is :, 7 : ,-i m (ho Ii a r, a ml . while only a pro.spe, t .- halt. iiidicniis what may I iecie. when lie- wink i- pursued on a nun Ii larg- lide a bred i ncaiaianoc a corpse. I it-ad wood sent up a large ' ntingent and Lead also responded h; ndsomely, whil" , erravilln and Of ntral came to the front in great .shape. Some of the t,est public speakers of the city made the trip and that their eloquence was not wasted i.s the fact that Terry starts out with b republican club which numbers the most of any yet organized in this section Over one hundred members are f -trolled in the new club, and as they are all working men it is just another indication that the laboring men this Did Not Even See the' Shooting That He Testified To. Against the Chinese Troops. Gave Up. steamers, the cabins are superimposed ! above the upper line of the hull, ami appt ai like lloating liou.-, s. with nuin : 'Hiii- windows and doors This ar i aim. in, nt will not siifllce for the oiean service, however, and the idea! followi-d is to i.'ct everything a-s near I the w it'-r line as possible and minim , i.e the I'lfelioa I il. ( 'oil sequent I.V the, l.-ir--'- Raves dash over the vessel, ra ' '" r t ha n against its side. Light is adui'iled to the cabin staterooms thru July 31 --who swoie CKUIUiKTTDWN, Ky., Special -Ceorge Weaver. Siecial. I navv ut-pm iiurui ji- LONDON. July .11 Special A dbpatch from lird Koberts says that liv.- thousand llot rs who ha I In en . ported surrendered to Oeneral Hunter, ti.ileil to materialize. So far only one thousand have given up tln-ir Taku. July Che Foo. July ;tl. . . .iMafti i , 1'.. ar are doing a little thinking for themselves. Th- new tint, starts out wth one of the most enthusiastic mi mbcrships that has ever been enrolled in a political organization. There is mui h enthusiasm in Terrv. h saw (Joebel shot, but who without a doubt was a hundred miles away 1 1 om Frankfort that (lay, will be pros-ei utiil for perjury. Powers continued to testify in his own behalf today A japan'.'!-' uninuij .muvue i ,-- in a letter dated July 2, reports ... .i, ... ( ir i r I .L ot't-ii lit 'si i ol'imi ill I III- 111. -mall poiihol in the entire Hald Mount 1.:. and continually at- i i,n" m ta t ides of il, d up of k v !, suce J""' Meetmg of Republican Club )n Tliii-dav i veiling, Au-;u t J. at I , I. I e s, Hid liv III'. in- '( L-h!s 111! licked from .iiui'1 Juiy n. i ne Britons Want to Fight LONDON. July ::i. - Spei attack thru 'easeii, inn i uin'-so sin II ain country over the republican ti' kef and the cause which its principles advocate The meeting was one of the largest that has ever been h-ld tlieie ;ni, all who look pa it in it a. ms Royalty in Mourning. LONDON. July .'! I Sin-, ial The Duke of Coburg, si ontl son of Queen Vi.toi i.i died la-t nil' lit of heart fail nn- a::.d .'.a years - u Yesterday's Ball Glees V, w v, in k '.' ( i' am I vv h frrs appai' i" Miiiiiiiiiiiiif,. .-iiAii ial hi od'-i Ick iv.'d ad oiiiiuan a in h 1 1 ' wants in Members a anil a n v one ih" , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . lull and ; te, (0 willing :aui7ing a u'li- .. . I O I .. I . . ! i on. moils. Mini, ni had r e-neral Oailei in th, The v , 111,, 'I i.. ' ' V 1 . if In Cltv ha he pies to iolll, a IMllli ..rni Snopi'ims '' Rii". i'-h-ki .mi hou d the . Ill ot I ! gov '111 , 1 1 1 1 a : n of ;i ilin i ;il v ii '-n a '' 'I M..- -:,:. 3013 tne S'e ' ' 11 ' 11 "i .nan i " of- - '" ' lln U' lit d -J ... . I . . i tilt-Ill' I I lwlv . t ( I md PKSfl I" 1 II pl.-.-l- tak.-ii ! 11)1111 I I III thai troop.- in i Ultilnpl-lte 1 .11 I'ekin TI ' e t I ' d the says Imperial edict statt I I I It U. II : I'l I - idl'llt. I I .1 1 u.i Willi 11 that the w:lh iln- mli i l-I V one . on Hi v ay hi i l.-ie III.. i.ov !!- he::-. : i i ;; various niiinistiT xcept I- !m!it Man. ao- a i live Df-en -';pp.. uell and provis-.t . d ' " ui:i i: ::i ial en " ;i;nc'i 1 .-CLEARING SALE-. 4 ,fl'9'VJ LONDON. Pov Jul natoi lie-" 0 say il. ii ,' h T-:ii, ii day Major Wall. iih i ican manie I . disp.-ii. h dated ,iuh LMsl t'Yi'' f'f.. " in -' V.'i7 : rim ism. Minister i en.- wmS'' s t i ; i i .ial i :e i e I i 1 I. bummer V f-nvnv - ,. -I ul el" : . ir - ' hit i i a nil', 'in; I in hat t.1.. ;o" ;--ic i-s eon!. I i . ,; i Suits Ion. ai i a : i, i ll i. i I n.'i i . ' '.... . r .;.!. ! 111- "! , i I 'i'. a I I ! ' I ...I 1 I iisri ""'5- Bucket Shops Must C'c-, Cilh ACH !M .Inlv ::i so nil hi .1:.; Ii morn ivv I ! . i trade will t to t il l nn pa nie q'lof .1' This 1 I!.'' S A Straw Hats I..I i 'P raid. 3?S-tei?T5i Tile .0 ops today 'hernalKi i jive all l!:. '. -i ot! (if hu-iu. vera! Ihii !.. t : i all tll'-il '.-: I ; Hon. Just CHICAdo. Mis -a A Rumor. . July ::i polit n n I i- i i ll sensation, rumor ha- ...1. H .! I i! I -i ni.a- it H y Low f I P. .na! THE KANSAS CITY OSTRICH CONCEALS ITSELF. Wched the n mihlican h. ad'iiai-l. r. hai lovv.-i - he 1-, ,, s,js that Gorernor Shaw lias had himself ap ll plana! i Well . 1 an io-, mam M'll 1 II - Hinted to suci eed the late Senator fcir. Governor Shaw, so the report es. will leave the state ami then tave the lieutenant governor make ttf ippointnient. ROSENTH ALS PALACE 5 TAKING ON CARGO. i:,-ka look- when 1 wi I w ill have -e. i. ln-l O, e i I, I "f V O'l -' It ROY L -ii Hi'i: Deadwood, S. I). does in this low aliunde, hut -till the men who work lle-re have a great r-sped for the lights of labor and hold, above everything else us most saci'd th. in-i i-i 1 e,'i s of lii-iiiL- an nieiic.-in Will Not Enforce the Tax. WCiORIA. H. (.'., July 31. --Special. ! ..!.(,,. so on,, is not to be suniriseil i A A A AA j- A tfc.AA..-.....-'.-,-.-'.' A Afr The Dominion governnieuth vs ''''"! that the town is intensely republican. 'pq to ahohsh the royal tax on gold ! tktU .. c I I V Hargotjd was made president THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK I of the club. A .1 Oliver was selected Mil suosuiute lnsteatl a three f efnt export tax. as first vice president, and (1. 1'. son was named to act as his r, nt V U' Oiiillian was made soc- Oeadvood, South Dakota. ,.A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. Emanuel III. Will Return to Mexico. Mrs George Wardman. and daughter, vvho have been visiting with their parents and grandparents in tHs city. Mr. and Mrs. John Wring-rose, will leave for their southern home today. Mrs. Wardman lives in Aqua C'aliente. Old Mexico, where her husband has provided a delightful home. Aqua Taliente i.s on the line of the Mexican Central railroad, and is really in the temperate zone, so hieh is it above the level of the sea. It is really a delghtful place in which to live altho it is almost under the "OME. July 3i. SptM ial The mln-i rt tarv and Fred S Doten the treas- uier Tin- meeting was all that could have been desired by the strongest - uas issued an edict calling on People to rally to the support of wew king, Emnauel HI. ! republican in the lilack Hills and all ciTsr. coxjntst and state, Drafts and Letters of Credit - 0 I thoe who attended it were well sat- oklng After the Unfortunates. isfied with the work done. An exec j Issued, Good in All Parts of the World, t ft legislative act esUblishing a school for the blind makes it aty of county superintendents of to look tip all the blind chil-"ei1 Of school utive committee, consisting of Fred S. Doten. James McDonald. William (iienfield and James Oirardi was then appointed Several people of prominence in the I equator. Mrs. Wardman will bo ac-j rmpanicd as far as Omaha by her Pister. Miss Ethel Wringrose. who will visit in the Gate City with firends j for two or three weeks. Miss Bertha I v.ill till the place of Miss Ft he! dur I ing her absence in the east. Mrs. Wardman daring her stay in j COT.T.F.CTTOXTS to Promptly and fad repbrt all the facts regarding! r publican ranks addressed the meet Attended Intelligently. Ir.teresting Des.criptin of How a Ship Is Loaded. SKATTLK. Wash.. July Ju -Spe cial. The Tacoma clears at noon to-i'.a and I will go aboard at 1 o'clock. She has been sailing for the two days, but this is the first time anything is to be done towards clearing. She has been at the dock here since Sunday. Night before last she began t ) take on cargo. All night, all day vestenlay. and all last night, she was rtieiving freight, and at 7 this morning she pulled over tothe ooal bunkers to take on TbO tons of coal for the trip. The loading of one of these Id; boats is a monster job. Carload alter onrload goes into the hold, and still ou could not find it without a guide Most of the loading is done w ith th--:. id of cranes, built to the main mast A dozen barrels are put into a rope b.'sket and lifted at one load, by steam power. The load is piled on the basket, which is spread out to receive it. and is then folden up much a- you would fold your bandana handkerchief owr your lunch. Kv-erytliing imaginable goes into a ship fanned goods, barrel goods. box goods, vegetables, articles of furni ture. hardware, glassware, lumber. Ii quors, and an almost' endless variety of stock merchandise for stores, in addition to the ship's stores, which in dude everything eatable, drinkable and capable of wear, besides a carload or so of hemp in various forms ropes, cables, mats, nets and junk. After all the freight has been taken cn, the baggage Is loaded, then it is time for coal. All freight goes onto the main deck, which, so far as I can estimate. Is about on, or below, the itch ph,M . ! im i.nd their talks were listened to LIOITET FT7R1TZSHES 1 1 borrowers c any extent or w.-irranlol by oil laterals .meu io either the governor Printendent of the school for W Gary. So far as the Pioneer- can learn. Miss Kate Murrin, Jrence county, Is the only sup-tendent who haa complietl with iBiii M'88 Murrin ha3 not onlv Wliarized herself vlth the duties office in this, as well as other b"t she has interested her- the6e uufortunates and sent in the Hills enjoyed her visit exceedingly and was a welcome gust with all her early companions who have known no other home than Deadwood. and when she leaves she will carry with her the best of wishes and the varni'-st tokens of friendship Accounts Solicited and Correspondence Invited. Our long experience in the Black Hills is at he service of intendininvestors. with profit and pleasure by all those v ho attended the miseting. Hon. K. W, Martin was one of the speakers who addressed the audience, and. it is n edless to sav . that his speech w as one of those that were listened to with wrapt attention This speech of Mr. Martin's was really the first one that he hastiiade in this campaig, but so good was it that it took with every man who heard it last night, and was a vote-getter from beginning to end. Mr. Martin has the knack of saying the right thing at the right time, and his Terry audience last itight discovered that fact, and when he makes a statement, he Is able, always to back It up with facts. Several othar speakers from Deadwood addressed the meeting, but none of them received a wanner reception than did Mr. Martin. Tie chool was established and is 1 !r . ed the state for the Picnic Today. All members and friends . the Congregational Sunday sch . i ar.- cordially invited to the picnic to be given today at Spruce gulch. Hicks w;!l be- at the church from 9 o'clock to 10 30. and a charge of 25c each ay will be made. It is hoped that a large number of thoee interested In the TOik of the school will ottix2. MR. VAN CIBE. Su,.t: DZEECTOHS wwcatloii of these Uttle ones deprived of the rreateet JT of life. They are not only T6 t the school, but taught Z . es Industrie thai are bUni Parents of thee Jrr hooW hare ao herita-aJl"In ot the T the achool. Kxt to th JOHN TEXBEA. w. e. adam a BAKRIS FRAKKUN, Pre BEN BAKU. Tit Pre W1L BKLBIK, Caahler. i

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