The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on August 12, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, ' SATURDAY HORNING, AUGUST 12, 1899. HIE- DEADWOOD PIONEER WATCHES, fjlAjfe ONE GENT A WORD BSTABUSHSD JUKI U U7I. ' . LIFE IN ASHANTEE. - There are no terrifying extremes of heat and cold, no hardships, nor lack of all things supposed to make life worth the living that will deter men from mining gold. J. G. McVicker, who is spending a Imperialistic leorue" and are preparing to save the nation from the doom which threatens it It is the belief of those ambitious gentlemen that the saving can be eflected by sitting out on the front porch and making faces at Destiny as she pas-sea by. Advertisements under this head ONI THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. CENT A WORD each Insertion, when run less than on month; three lines, $1 00 Fine.., short time with his family at Sturgis, cin T ESTABLISHED APRIL T. U77. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. per month; payable In advance. make you believe that Jife in Ashantee Arnca, is interesting and exciting even Solid Gold Jewelry WANTED HELP. PIONEER-TIMES PTJBLI8HINQ CO WANTED Housework or washing and Black Hills Gold 4 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: while it lacks some of the necejsary "quaj-ifiactions for being comfortable and pleasant. Photographs which be has brought home of the native villages, show the most primitive kind of thatched huts in the midst of glorious tropical ofrests, and the ironing by the day., Enquire at No. 11 Uncle Horace Bolea. of Iowa, is thoroughly convinced that bi-metallism on a paper basis whatever that may be is the only thing that will save the country. Uncle Horace is a genial old quack, who would probably advise the use of a mustard plaster to remove the unsightly spo'.s from the face of the eun. ' Filmore. AJX,T Bvwy Morning, Except Monday Ou Year 11 00 Kx 'Months MO Om Mont LM Sterling silver Nov, WANTED Ten woodchoppers at $1.25 per pictures or tne .natives are so like our nBSKLY Issued Every Thunder. cord by Percy Bros, Two Bit. M Year I.M m ltaUil LOO At Special PriCes for own darkles that one feels sure they can do cake walk steps and play the lianjo. A heavy gold band ring engraved with the signs of the zodiac, shows the wonderful workmanship of the natives. w!io WORK WANTED Competent woman, by the day. No. 8 Water street , rear of at tat Some vigilant reporter in Iondon has made the startling discovery that the South American republics are organizing as Second-Class Matter Peed wood Postoffloe. Next 20 D, Fish & Hunter's Planing Mill. an alliance to withstand the aggressive purposes of the United States. News of "Young men, our catalogue explains how we teach barber tru:!e in iho month and at I A P Alli.J this Important character Is worth any place you in position to earn iW monthly where from four to seven cents a pound. REPUBLICAN TICKET. aViprems Court Judge. DIQHTON CORSON. H. O. FULLER. DICK HANET. Special inducements to applicants from have only the crudest and most primitive1 tools and ways of working. Mr. McVIck-cr also has a tiny silver stool, a copy In miniature of those used altogether by the natives in place of chairs, which was made from ait American -dollar and was hammered out entirely by hand. The natives are expert miners In a primitive way bin Know nothing of the Use of machinery nri Under orders from the proprietor, Hon distance. Mailed free. Moler U.irber Col lege. Minneapolis, Minn. Arthur Pue Gorman, the Maryland demo Main Street. cratic state convention dodged the silver quetlnn entirely. If the Maryland de WANTED- . gixl for, aciiraLho-uaawuik wages $M a month. Mrs. F. R. Carpen INGALL' TWINS. Hon. John James Ingalls, of Kansas and elsewhere, who is always on guard to head mocracy has any convictions as to the up-to-date methods of mining. (laics crushers are unheard of among them anu money question It has evidently been notl fled to keep them to Itself. Oft disasters which imperil the nation ter. WANTED A good second-hand piano. Enquire at this office. 6t the ore is all ground by the women. The dangers of living among these mi has discovered a new one. In fact, there re two of I hem, and twlna at that. One la "the tyranny of the trusts," the other civilied tribes is illustrated by the story Senator Stewart, of Nevada. Is having new scenery painted for "The Crime of of a young man. who was an acocuntant for '73," which he will start out on the road FOR SALE. the company by whom Mr. McV'Ickers was early next spring. All signs, as far as Mr. A Big Cut on is "the despotism of the labor unions," nd between the two, as Mr. Ingalli views the situation, "the United States is approaching a crisis of extreme gravity." Hera Is bis case briefly stated: - FOR SALE By William Riley, jr., a fine employed. There are no ferocious wild beasts in the forests and it Is only man that is dangerous. This young man," 'n Stewart can read them. Indicate that next year will be a good one ofr the show family horse, and a team of draft horses, business. weighing 1450 rbs.The team will be addition to his other work, had charge of hitched to J. J. Feldhausen's dray fo Cook Stoves some of the work away from tho camp "Trusts an.l labor unions are Insepar able evils. They are twin relics of bar barlsm." general Inspection. and was last seen out on a tramway sev eral miles away. Diligent search discov Mr. Ingalls is a serious man, and it la only fair to assume that he believes just Hon. J. Sterling Morton, of Nebraska, is out against "imperalism" with all his voice and a stuffed club. Mr. Morton may make a satisfactory understudy to Mr. Atkinson, but he can never equal the latter' portrayal of the howling dervish. ered no trace of him whatever. It wis necessary, one of the priests who v. also LOTS FOR SALE Howards Addition His addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining a chief of one of the tribes, told the white men afterwards, when any man intercfero;! the Dudley spring, in the First ward is now open for settlement; see plat and with their fetish, to kill him or offer him prices at office of EDWIN VAN CISBJ. up as a sacrifice. I he young man ac II countant had, without guessing the dread 1 SALS Desiraele residence lota ful consequences, disturbed a fetish of Guild addition. Enquire Baggaley's . Why Buy a Second Hand Stove When You can get a New one for the same money, .COINIE AND SEE US. & f ariaD Hardware Go. one of the tribes. One of the ablest barbers in the state of Missouri announces that if the republican party declares for the gold standard It will be badly defeated next year. George Fred Williams, of Boston, must have got his political Information from this man. what he says. But the chances are that be will have greater difficulty in convincing others than he has had in convincing himself. It has not ' vet been proved to the satisfaction of the common mind that trusts and labor unions are evils at all, much less that they are Inseparable evils. Nor has it been demonstrated Ibat they are relics of anything, anij least of all that they are twins and rell n of barbarism, On the contrary, the general belief la that the trust la the closely concentrated form of organized capital, ind that the labor union Is the most closely concentrated form of organized labor, - and consequently that both directly re- DESIRABLE building lots on Lincoln 1v. CHANGE OK RED CROSS FLAG. There is a movemeut afoot to change enue, Ingleslde; lumber furnished to build. EDWIN VAN CISE ,. (tf.) the Red Cross flag. The Red Cross society is known far ad wide for its magnifi Ayres FOR SALE The Pioneer Meat Market, at cent work. It seems a pity to change the slgnum which stands for as much good to Plngree was the only man at the Alger reception In Detroit who went out of his way to abuse the administration. Mr. Pingree can always be counted upon to do soniethirfg ridiculous on such an occasion. Terry, S. D. For further Information enquire of C. W. Ronan, Prop. (lm.) humanity in another way as the name, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. it strikes FOR SALE A 3V6 H. P. Otto Gasoline at the root o falmoet all illness the stomach making it strong and hearty. A engine, tank and reservoir complete. Pioneer-Times. Hri healthy stomach invariably means health. If you have constipation, Indigestion, dys A DIRTY JOB. Vermillion Republican: "At last have the obligations been settled which were the price of the election of the governor last year by means of fusion. The govern FOR SALE 2 H. P. Kerosene engine and blower, nearly new, In perfect condl tion, ho further use for same, will sell cheap. Exactly suited to ventilating Shoes With a Reputation or was able to appoint a board of charities and corrections, which would do the bidding of the. state administration, regard small mine. W. M. Barker, Deadwood. less whether a competent official would re FOR SALE A 4 room house in Hidden Treasure Gulch. Cheap for cash or in supplanted by another of inexperience. "The State penitentiary and the reform pasia, nervouBneaa, insomnia, or liver and kidney troubles, try Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It has cured these ills for half a century. See that a private Revenue Stamp covers the neck of the bottle. o FAMOUS MIDWAY SHOW. Coming, at the Opera house, Freeman Bros.' Fens&ns Midway show arrived yesterday an d are going to give an entertainment this week. This waa one of the chief attractions of the exposition that drew thousands to the Midway the" moving picture machine showing Dewey's. victory at Manila, destruction of Cervera'i fleet, battle of Santiago, bombardment of Matan-zai, and almost an endless variety of com stalments. Enquire of the owner, James ' present the dominant tendencies of modern civilization. The trusts and the labor . unions are evolutions rather than survlv-a; they are transitions, not permanent!' lea, and they reflect the vital forces which control the development of commerce and Industry throughout the world. The "supporters of trusts are not yet i prepared to say that' labor unions are evil, nor the are the leaders of organized labor prepared to say that trusts are wrong. , Conclusive results ars lacking on both sides. The light of labor to organise Implies the right, of capital to do likewise. The tendency of both la toward concentration aot lor the purpose of warring against each other, but to estblsh mors effective competition In the fields of enterprise. OrgDld'( capital sad organized labor are moving forward along . parallel lines; '.; there '.to no suggestion of barbarism about either, as Mr. Ingalls would have the world believe; each serves as a check and balance wheel to the other, and when It la shown, as U will be one of these days, that tbelr real Interests are Identical, aha vast mechanism of our finan schools have both been supplied with new Dahl. Our Boys SeahSkin Seamless head officers, snd there wasn't so much FOR SALE Household furniture, cheap trouble in disturbing this patronage, but the superlntettdency of the Yankton insane I for cash. Enquire at No. 13 Filmore Stt SHOES asylum was not so easy of adjudication. ,Jtwa understood that he place waa to be FOR RENT. t Are noted ior their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. Main FOR RENT 2 Now houses, upper St Enquire of Otto Grants. ic scenes, comprising 10,000 feet of moving pictures, valued at. the enormous sum of reserved or Jfr ,Warne, of this city, when heshould return from the Philippines with the South Dakota regiment, but evidently something has happened to disarrange the plan, altho Dr. Warns had started a plan to leave his regiment, when his services were moat needed, before it was mustered L. C. VERPLAST. FOR RENT 7 room house, with all mod $5000. All explosions brilliantly colored. Watch for the date and don't miss It. o NpTICK TO CONTRACTORS. CTo. OO Herman St. out. The board of charjtles and correc ,m..1 tions met at Yankton last wtek to carry cial ana industrial 'system win move smoothly, steadily and ' always, for the Sealed proposal will be received at 'be ern improvements, furnished or unfurnished. Apply to Ploneer-Tlmes. FOR RENT o room house with bath complete, new paper and paint $12 per mo. 67 Centennial Ave. tut the injunctions of their chief. . Dr. common good. : office of the city engineer, ia the T. D. Smith building. Deadwood. S. D., until Mead was removed and Dr. 8. Ross was appointed to his place, the - change . to noon of August It. 1899, for the necessary m The trouble with Mr. Ingalls la that he cannot see that labor and . capital aj-e lowly but surely getting together. Hr believes that organization Is barbarism. Occur August SO. No charges of any kind were preferred against Dr. Mead, and It Is FULLER BROS & MeCUMSE understood that jClngsbury was not In fa Furnished rooms at the White House, Bath ana Electrle lights. Rant $10 per month per room. Fine view from every whereas it Is the first principal .of civilisation. - The gentleman from Kansas Is grading and bridging for the opening - of North Williams street from the present northerly end of the street to Volln street,- aweordlng to plans and profile aow on file In city, engineer's office. Proposals must be made on blanks furnished by city engineer. ", , rer of a change In the asylum, and, his righteous indignation got the better of his (GEDDES OLD BARN.) almost an anarchist without knowing tt- room, " populism, .,; Other .changes" were the f- He should discover himself before It la toe' New Carriajres Biita. Best Dmi and Saliie m . late. . ' ' . NICELY furnished rooms at rsssnnsMs Boarding Horses by the day week or month a -peu,, rate at Noble block, 711 Mala street. moval of the two assistant physicians who go September 1. O. L. Parks, who waa established as foreman c! the new buildings by Mr, Kingsbury, v"h the understanding that he was to remaltf there, was removed. MRS. QARR, Adventurers from Klondike and Alaska continue to bring conflicting reports as to the richneea of the mines of that country; but a glance at the condition of the treat For several months the populist members FOR RENT Two rooms opposite the Bul lock..- Enquire at Ploneer-Tlmes. majority who are returning should sat-!0 bord nr end-avered to puP. L. -t f: NOTICE TO BUILDERS. Sealed proposals are Invited until :00 a. m., August 14th. 1899, at the office of the undersigned, In the' Deadwood street Waite building, for Us furnishing of ail materials and performing all labor required in the construction of a TWO-STORY BRICK AND STONE, STORE AND OFFICE BUILDING, 56x100 feet, to be built Isfy anyone that the chances forsaking Wiri, a Black Hills man, to work at sup. 2 pp IS SELLING jUTi a sudden fortune are no better than tby j srlntendent ef construction, even after the are In the mining regions of the United . buildings were nearly completed, and he States. A large amount of gold ,. " MlJ.llm.tUplw omrki fhltt Ing from the north. It Is true' but It -e-iNlsaen was appointed aa steward, In the FOR RENT Four nicely furnished rooms. Rooms will have privilege of parlor, hot and cold baths and every convenience of a homo. Apply to No. T Filmore St- . ' . . f .-- ;-t: ir Xds for Charles Waite. Esq., at Deadwood, 8. D. Said proposals to cover the cost of all excavations, foundations, brick, stone, presents a vast amount of labor, harshlp, ' PUc f Wank .Wyman. removed, -f -;"'C privation and death, and the most of It' Steere, one of the' republican belong to the transportation companies.; members of the board, who was In the el'y having been taken by themt their atortt ! Saturday on his way home to Wessington and offices for supplies sold, and for tra;is-1 Springs from bis atendar.; on the stormy WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. steel,- Iron, plats glass, lumber, plumbing, team heating, and all skilled and common labor, as required, to construct and WANTED eeeond Hand Goods at No. SS setston, and gave us some of the Inside Ms Sherman St. 8. I Conaat. - complete said building. , portal ion. Where the names of Individuals appear ss possessing large amounts In gold, these statements sre nearly all gros nans ana specifications can b seen at ffAn i iii boy nu the second hand . Shoes for Almpst Nothing. ZIPP, tha pioneer shoe dealer of Deadwood it lomtv out of the business. Never before have you how" Boas, "food shoes- at tha prloea he wlU sell them out Nothing will be reeerved, everything must, go. Sale commences August lit and continues until last pair u old. . . ..." - : This U ao take sale, for Iwlll surely get out ot th ;aaoa buslnsaa this tan, fai mr lost wlU be your gai-Cona early before tha stock la broken. , sly evaggerated. One statement was ob the hove named office.:.' ' i ' ''. ? Proposals, unless accompanied by a cer furniture la town, also to paint roofs. served that a miner packed $60,000 In nug sell roof palnta and loan mousy. Ane- session, and gave us some of the InsiJe history of the transactions. After VL w 4 11 over and the iqji t had adjourned Kingsbury . and Steer walked euof the room together, and It waa evident thit'tbe former whj pret y lndl(,nt eve.' the ae-Kingsbury turned to Mra and said: Well, I am glad the dirty business I thru with. tified cheek of at least I per cent of the gets on his back over the mountaina." This uon evwy Beturaay. Hllderbraad A Hardlnf, fireproof, opposiU Ayers ' tk amount of placer gold would weigh more mount of.(tha. bid. will not be considered. All checks to be returned after the than 250 pounds, and there are few men Wardmaav. .Partner vaated. signing of he contract T - who ran lift It, to say nothing of carrying The right to reject any, or sit ijds Is it. Many of the returned, stamped ers LOOT And these ara the words of the man won helped -the other tWQ rppulists ta'aitem-plieh the'dirty bus'lncse." It must j be grea satjsfaflpn to, the populist, dns'n-latratlon of the state that on ot Its LOST August I, 489.- between Spearftah C. E. ZIPP, reserved, ? " i f . V r , - JBWETT, Architect., ', . T ' ".Representing Charles Walt. yxr - ' f- ; , ' ' 1t CITT 8UBSCBJBERS-ssm leport lata or Irregular delivery to the effloe. pay ao money to the carriers." -" - " ' are "broke" but would rather have It appear that they are the possessors of considerable wealth for1" obvious reasons. o . . V -j i : Six or eight of the most highly cultured r ersons of Chicago have formed an ntl- ' r i -.ft. . Deadrmnrl " ; - South Dakota- strongest . supporters must apologises !for and the Cliff houM, the skirt part of a ladles' lljht' browa brakes check eloU mackintosh. Finder win pteasa leave at this office and receive reward. - I aL.iiv:---- - , the' action taken

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